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1. We want a Wales flag emoji!

We want a Wales flag emoji! No representation for Wales emoji wise! Not good enough!

2. Aaron Ramsey Yellow Card Appeal

Wales v Belgium Euro 2016 Aaron Ramsey received a yellow card for a handball which does not look deliberate!

The referee of the evening Damir Skomina was liberally chucking needless yellow cards at Wales which could spoil their future in this tournament!

Luckily for us supporters Wales' passion and heart pulled them through to victory in this game. However, looking at what's to come I can't help thinking that this yellowcard for Ramsey was extremely unfair and should be revoked!

Please sign and share this petition.


Many other people and I think that Wales should have their flag represented in the flag options in the emoji's section on IOS and android devices! Why it's not there, is ridiculous!

(One of the best and beautiful countries in Europe should have their flag next to Mrs jones' selfie!)

4. Non-residents of Wales ask for S4C funding to be maintained

We are a group of people learning, re-learning or teaching Cymraeg (Welsh) the language of Cymru (Wales) via the internet. The only TV channel in the world in this language is S4C (Sianel 4 Cymru). The language was the one spoken in Britain when the Romans invaded, and for centuries before.

The total population of Wales is about 3 million and not all speak the language (in fact many have moved in from England and other lands). Finance of the channel came from the British Government in Westminster and a little advertising. Recently, the Treasury changed this so that S4C is financed via the BBC License Fee and the amount given to S4C was cut by 30%. There are plans to cut it by a further 20%. It would not be sustainable to provide a proper menu of programs for the suggested budget.

There are a number of cultural events in Cymru (Wales) covered only by S4C, notably the National Eisteddfod, a festival of poetry, prose, song and dance, art and design held annually.

The UK Government uses audience figures gathered in Wales to judge numbers watching. We use Sky and the Internet, so are not counted. We cannot all see some programs and would subscribe if we could.

5. Keep Jobs at HMRC Porthmadog & North Wales

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced plans to close all tax offices in the UK & replace them with 13 regional centres. Just one centre will remain in Wales-in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales are expected to move to Liverpool.

We call on HMRC & the UK Government to re-consider their plans & keep a regional centre in the North whilst maintaining the Welsh-language call centre in Porthmadog.


Mae HMRC wedi cyhoeddi eu bwriad i gau holl swyddfeydd treth y DU a chreu 13 o ganolfannau rhanbarthol. Dim ond un canolfan fydd yng Nghymru-yng Nghaerdydd. Mae disgwyl i staff y Gogledd symud i Lerpwl i weithio.

Galwn ar HMRC a Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig i ail-ystyried a chadw canolfan rhanbarthol yn y Gogledd a chynnal y gwasanaeth Cymraeg ym Mhorthmadog.

6. Cefnogi Llanffest / Supporting Llanffest

Helpwch alleogi Llanffest i parhau a tyfu!

Help Llanffest continue and thrive!

7. Addysg Gymraeg yn Wrecsam / Welsh-medium education in Wrexham

Mae galw cynnyddol am addysg Gymraeg yn Wrecsam a galwn ar y Cyngor i asesu'r galw at y dyfodol drwy gynnal arolwg tebyg i un yn 2007, pan holwyd rhieni plant dwyflwydd oedd yn y sir. Dangosodd hyn y byddai 44% yn danfon eu plant i ysgol Gymraeg pe bai o fewn dwy filltir i'r cartref. O ganlyniad codwyd Ysgol Bro Alun er mwyn ateb y galw ond bellach mae hwn yn llawn.

There is growing demand for Welsh-medium education in Wrexham and we call on the Council to assess future demand by conducting a survey similar to that in 2007, when parents of two-year-old children in the county were questioned. This showed that 44% of parents would send their children to a Welsh-medium school if it was within two miles of their home. As a result Ysgol Bro Alun was built to accommodate the demand but it is now already oversubscribed.

8. Welsh for Duolingo

Siaradir y Gymraeg gan hyd at tri-chwarter miliwn o bobl trwy’r byd. Ar yr un pryd mae dros chwe miliwn o Gymry di-Gymraeg a phobl o dras Cymreig sydd heb cael cyfle i feistroli’r iaith.

Welsh is spoken by up to three quarter million people throughout the world. At the same time there are over six million inhabitants of Wales and of Welsh descent overseas who have not had the opportunity of learning the language.

9. Gwrthwynebwch doriadau i gyllideb Mudiad Meithrin/Oppose the cuts to Mudiad Meithrin budgets

Mae Mudiad Meithrin yn darparu gwasanaethau addysg Cymraeg i blant blynyddoedd cynnar yn Sir Wrecsam. Mae y Cyngor am dorri £23,000 o'i cyfraniad i'r Meithrin fydd yn dolc sylweddol i rieni sydd am i blant dderbyn ei haddysg trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. Mae torri y gyllideb yma yn gwahaniaethu rhwn y ddarpariaeth twy gyfrwng y Gymraeg ar Saesneg trwy drin yr iaith Gymraeg yn llai ffafriol.

Mudiad Meithrin is an organisation that provides educational support to early years children in Wrecsam County. The Council intend to cut the £23,000 budget to Mudiad Meithrin as part of their cuts agenda. This will have a significant negative effect on the ability of parents to access Welsh Medium nursery education.

This proposed cut discriminates between the Welsh medium nursery sector and the English medium sector who have not suffered an equitable reduction in funding. Through this unequal practise services through the medium of Welsh have been treated less favourably.

10. STOP the Ysgol Llanbedr Consultation

Ysgol Llanbedr is an English Medium, Church School in a Safe Rural Setting.

Denbighshire County Council School review in the Ruthin area aims to:-

1. Ensure the sustainability of high quality education provision;
2. Improve the quality of school buildings and facilities;
3. Provide the right number of places, of the right type in the right location.

Ysgol Llanbedr Facts:

1. The quality of education at Ysgol Llanbedr is very high, with results always exceeding the Denbighshire and Wales average;
2. The school buildings and facilities are one of the best in the review;
3. Ysgol Llanbedr is a fast growing school attracting many new families in a fabulous location.

The flawed proposal has not taken into account the rapidly growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr in the coming years.

The proposal is to close Ysgol Llanbedr and transfer the pupils to Ysgol Borthyn (the other English medium Church in Wales school in the area) This proposal has not taken into account the growing number of pupils registered to attend Ysgol Llanbedr. The proposal is to sacrifice Ysgol Llanbedr, The Jewel in the Crown, to draw down funding for other Educational Projects in the County.

Ysgol Borthyn uses a mobile (portakabin) classroom and does not have off road parking for the safe transport of children to school. Ysgol Borthyn would also be at risk of closure in a couple of years should a new school be built in Ruthin. The majority of pupils who go to Ysgol Borthyn live very close to the likely site of this new school. The disruption of two school closures for primary school children should not be underestimated.

The Local Development Plan has 70 new houses proposed for Llanbedr. Once these houses have been built the demand from the village for the local village school will further increase.

11. Demand for the Four Lion Rampant Flag to be the Logo on Car Licences in Wales

Baner Tywysogaeth Gwynedd oedd baner y Pedwar Llew yn wreiddiol ond yn dilyn cwymp y Dywysogaeth yn 1283, mabwysiadwyd y faner, yn wreiddiol, gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna gan Owain Glyndŵr. Roedd y ddau yn ddisgynyddion i dywysogion Gwynedd gyda'r hawl i fabwysiadu'r faner. Newidiwyd y llewod i fod yn rhai 'rampiant' gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna defnyddiwyd y fersiwn yna o'r faner gan Owain Glyndŵr yn ystod ei Rhyfel fawr Dros Annibyniaeth.

O dan y faner yma bu Cymru'n annibynnol o tua 1403 hyd at tua 1410 a gan mai baner Harri Tudur oedd un y ddraig goch ar gefndir gwyrdd a gwyn, wedi ei hatgyfodi yn 1958, rydym, fel gwladgarwyr, ond yn cydnabod baner y Pedwar Llew Rampiant fel gwir faner genedlaethol Cymru a gan fod cynlluniau ar y gweill gan David Cameron a Llywodraeth Lloegr i osod Jac yr Undeb ar drwyddedau gyrru ym Mhrydain, rydym yn mynnu ein hawliau dinesig i gael Pedwar Llew Rampiant Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr ar drwyddedau gyrru yng Nghymru.

The Four Lions Rampant was, originally, the Four Lions Passive flag of The Royal House of Gwynedd in Snowdonia, North Wales. Following the fall of the Royal House of Gwynedd, it was adoped by the rightful heir, the great warrior Prince, Owain Glyndŵr during his war of Independence 1400 - 1421ish and the 'passive lions' were changed into 'rampant lions' to illustrate that the Cymru (Welsh) were up in arms.

Under this flag, Cymru (Wales) was independent between 1403 - 1410ish and, as the red dragon on a green and white background was the standard of Henry Tudor King of England and was only resurrected in 1958, we as Welsh patriots only recognise the Four Lions Rampant as the true flag of Cymru and as plans are being drawn up by David Cameron to have the Union flag or Crest to appear on "British" driving licences, we demand our civil right to have the Four Lion Rampant flag of the Cymric people's Prince, Prince Owain Glyndŵr on Cymric (Welsh) driving licences.

12. Western Mail i ymddiheurio a chefnogi dwyieithrwydd / Western Mail to apologise and support bilingualism

Mae'r Western Mail, papur sy'n honni bod yn bapur cenedlaethol Cymru, wedi sarhau holl bobl Cymru trwy ddweud fod cyfieithu cofnodion y Cynulliad "yn foethusrwydd na allwn ni ei fforddio". Rhaid i'r Western Mail ymddiheuro am y sarhad yma a dangos eu cefnogaeth lwyr i Gymru ddwyieithog.

The Western Mail, a paper claiming to be the National Newspaper of Wales, has insulted the people of Wales by saying that the translation of the written record of the National Assembly is "a luxury we cannot afford". The Western Mail must apologise for this insult and declare its full support for a bi-lingual Wales.

13. Support a Land Act For Wales

Following the complete occupation of Wales by the Anglo Normans in 1282 - 4 and again, in the 1420's following the War of Independence led by the great Welsh Prince Owain Glyndwr, great areas of Welsh land was either taken by the English Crown or 'given' as rewards to English barons for fighting for England in the Welsh Wars.

Ironically this was repeated by the Tudors in the 16th, who were of 'Welsh Descent', One such example being the Dukes of Somerset being given Mynydd y Gwair and much else throughout Southern Wales. This Mountain is now the centre of a major local issue and national campaign as the Somerset Trust intends to establish a Wind Mill Plantation on it.

Apart from the above, much of Welsh land was common land - which meant that the peasantry had the right to build a smallholding on it as well as hunt and fish but, increasingly over the centuries and up to the present, the Gentry and incoming 'New Conquistadores, such as Iron and Slate Masters began to seize this Common Land by means of Enclosure Acts. The issue of Anglican Church ownership was very much addressed in the Welsh Tithe Wars of 1886 - 88 by a National Land League but there is still much unfinished business to be taken care of.

Today, the aforementioned land is still occupied by the English Crown and the descendents of the English barons and, increasingly, by outside 'Utiliy Companies as in the case of the Vyrnwy Estate, It is being extensively plundered of its natural resources, such as water and timber, and is being savagely destroyed by gigantic windfarms. It is our Welsh herital land and we want it returned to the communities and people of Wales through this Wales Land Act.

14. Saving Owain Glyndŵr's 'Old Dolgellau Parliament House for the Nation

Plas Cwrt yn Dre, also known as Owain Glyndwr’s Old Parliament House was moved from Dolgellau to the Dolerw Park, Newtown in 1886.

The Quakers, who currently own it can no longer afford to maintain it and are selling it for £55,000. It is undoubtedly a national treasure and we think it should be purchased by the Welsh Government for the nation.

15. Get AVON to add WELSH as a LANGUAGE!

Ar y we-fan AVON Connects, lle rydw i yn aelod ac hefyd yn gweithio i AVON mae yna lle ar eich proffil i dewis pa iaith hoffech chi siarad. Mae yna pop iaith OND Cymraeg. Rydw i wedi bod mewn cyswllt a AVON dros y wythnos dwethaf yn ofyn yddyn nhw adio Cymraeg at y tab ac hefyd yn rhoi gwybod yddyn nhw fod yna Deddf yr Iaith Cymraeg sydd yn rhoi ein iaith ni ar hawliau cyfartal yn Prydain. Serch hynny mae AVON newydd anfon e-bost atai yn dweud eu fod nhw methu helpu fi rhagor ac eu fod nhw yn WRTHOD newyd yr tab i adio Cymraeg at eu we-fan.

Helpwch fi i ddangos AVON fod Cymraeg yn Iaith Cymru ac yn Iaith swyddogol ym Mrhydain, ac i adio Cymraeg at eu we-fan.


On the AVON connects website, of which I am a Member and also work for AVON, under the preferred spoken language bar in members profile there is no tab for WELSH. I have been in contact with AVON over the last week or so stating that Welsh is an official language in the UK and that there is a Welsh Language Act . However I have recently received an e-mail from there administration team stating that they can NOT help me further and will not add Welsh to the language tab.

Please join me in showing AVON that Welsh is an official language and get them to add it to there language bar.

Thank You.

16. Save Swansea Slipbridge

Swansea City Council is proposing to extinguish the right of way which is still in existence at the site of the former Swansea slipbridge at OystermouthRoad (and thereafter demolish the abutments on which the bridge span was supported.)

This matter has now been referred to The Welsh Assembly for a decision on 22nd June 2010. The bridge has been an important part of Swansea since its completion in 1915 and had been well used, as of need, by the public until the bridge span was removed in 2004. The Council originally stated that such removal was to be for repair and/or reinstatement with a similar span. Such action has never been taken.

The span was removed to Swansea promenade by the Council at a cost of some £308K, where it is now not able to serve its rightful purpose. A Consultation exercise by the Council costing £35K was deliberately ignored as the outcome stated that the bridge should have been put back. It is also a historic landmark in Swansea and has been a focal point for tourists visiting the area due to the wonderful views over Swansea and Mumbles. The Swansea Slip Bridge Civic Society and its supporters are challenging the right of way extinguishment order.

We want the right of way to remain and the bridge reinstated. This bridge provided a safe way to cross a very busy road and we want it reinstated at public expense.

17. Dic Penderyn: The Welsh Martyr's body should be exhumed and reburied in Merthyr Tydfil.

In 1831 Dic Penderyn/Richard Lewis the leader of the Merthyr Uprising was accused, tried, and executed in Cardiff Prison for a crime that he did not commit. He was then buried by the authorities at a secret Welsh location in order to prevent his grave becoming a shrine to the cause of freedom.

We would like to see his body exhumed then reburied in Merthyr Tydfil, the town that loved him.

18. Give the Welsh Assembly further powers, away from London

The Welsh Assembly is increasingly important to secure Wales' identity. It is not a part of England as many would happen to believe.

More powers should be given to the Welsh Assembly to work for Welsh people.

19. Save BBC Wales on Saturday

After 20 years, the BBC is proposing to end Wales on Saturday which covers domestic sports results in the principality, including football.

20. A category 2B school for the Gwendraeth Valley

Carmarthenshire County Council is proposing merging Ysgol Y Gwendraeth and Maes Yr Yrfa schools.

We, the undersigned, back the 2B option. We believe a Category 2B school offers pupils in the area an opportunity for a TRULY BILINGUAL education.

A Category 2B school means that school pupils get a CHOICE of Welsh OR English for their education. The other options presented by the Council only cater to those wanting a Welsh-medium education.


Further information

The options offered by the council are as follows:
1. A Category 2A school on two sites. [80% of subjects must be through Welsh, meaning that science and maths may be offered in English as well as Welsh.]
2. A Category 1 school on two sites. [This means no English except in English lessons.]
3. A Category 1 OR 2A school pupils on one site.

AS OF FEBRUARY 25TH: A 4th option is offered - a category 2B school on 2 sites. This would mean at least 80% of subjects (excluding Welsh and English) are taught through the medium of Welsh but are also taught through the medium of English. We believe this is the only sensible option for the Gwendraeth Valley.

21. Arise Sir Shaky

Shakin’ Stevens is a musical legend and national treasure who deserves to be honoured and commemorated as thus.

The biggest selling male solo artist of the 1980s, he has entertained music lovers all over the world with his prolific recordings and live performances, not just in the 80s but in a career now spanning over 40 years.

Not many people realise that he paid his dues many times over by tirelessly recording and touring across the UK and Europe throughout the late 60s and 70s before finally getting his break.

His achievements include thirty consecutive UK Top 30 hits in a decade, and four singles in the German chart simultaneously, feats which to this day remain unsurpassed by any other artist.

Only this year he was invited to perform at the iconic Glastonbury Festival where he succeeded in drawing the biggest crowd for an opening artist on the Pyramid Stage, proving that he is still very much in the hearts of the music-loving public across the generations.

As such a successful ambassador for British music, he deserves at least some sort of official recognition for his services.

Arise, Sir Shaky!

22. We Want the FAW to Change to Summer Football

The advantages of summer football.

Warm Weather is so much better for spectators and players. It is much better to play and support in the sun and the dry , nicer than standing in gale force winds and lashing rain.

Light nights mean more midweek matches which are better supported. No more postponed matches due to waterlogged or frozen pitches. The pitches would be flat and have a better playing surface. Much better than playing in mud baths. Safer travelling for fans due to lighter evening.

The English game is killing Welsh soccer and when games in local soccer kick off on a Saturday in Wales , Sky TV is in the middle of showing a live game involving one of the big four.

Clubs qualifying for European football would be better prepared for their matches. Other European Countries have the advantage due to their season being in full swing while most of our players are away.

Our neighbours The Republic of Ireland have summer soccer so it should not be a problem for Wales to follow their blueprint.

We should start in March and finish in November - leaving the sleet, high winds, driving rain behind forever.

Finding places for training in the height of winter is difficult and expensive for clubs. Most teams would not consider training in the winter months when the weather is at its worst.

These are just a few advantages and reasons why soccer in Wales should be moved to the summer. If you agree with me, then please add our name to the petition. Also add a comment on why Wales should be a summer soccer country!

Don't forget to tell your friends! Copy / paste the petition to an email and alert all those who will be interested!

23. Support for Gwent Dragons

June 7, 2006

As a counter measure to the request by 40 Dragons Fans to make the Region the Newport Black and Ambers and provide Newport regional stand alone status.

We, the undersigned, would like to propose a counter measure of the Gwent Dragons actually retaining their title and becoming a real Welsh region with a balanced board of directors containing members of all of the regions member clubs, covering Gwent and the dis-enfranchised region containing Pontypridd and Brigend RFC.

This team will play at a neutral venue and seek to court the support of all regional member clubs. Current Head Coach, Paul Turner, is to remain in charge with the current squad. A new benefactor is to be sought by the new board of directors, and a proposal is to be generated for the development of sports facilities for the region at a central and neutral location, on main transport access routes, for all sports, with a stadium and running track.

This proposal is to be submitted to the Welsh Parliament and National Lottery for funding support, amongst other sources.

The on line link to the original proposal is identified below.

24. Ymgyrch .cw Campaign

The .cw Campaign is calling for a Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) to be created for Wales on the Internet.

What this would mean is that Welsh e-mail, WWW, FTP addresses could be assigned a two letter country code suffix signifying Wales. Many of the obvious choices have already been taken by other countries, we therefore suggest .cw (c representing Cymru & w representing Wales). Currently Welsh addresses end in .uk or one of the general international suffices such as .net, .com or .org. Welsh businesses in particular, rather than having a Welsh address are forced to use either a .uk version, or an international one which might already be in use by a different company elsewhere in the world

We are campaigning on several fronts. Most notably we are lobbying:

* The UK Parliament

* The National Assembly of Wales

* ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers)

*ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

* BSI (British Standards Institute)

* The United Nations

The reasons why we have chosen the above targets is listed here -