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1. Induct Jerry Lee Lewis into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Jerry Lee Lewis, equal in stature to the all time greats, Jimmie Rodgers, Al Jolson, and Hank Williams, and truly deserving of the title "Greatest Living American Song Stylist", is long overdue for induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

The Ameripolitan Music Awards, a grassroots movement, has created this online petition to let the Country Music Association know that Jerry Lee Lewis has one of the most loyal fan bases of any country artist in history, and together we have the opportunity to influence the nominating committee and voting members of the CMA.

We are aware that Jerry Lee already has many advocates within the CMA and the Country Music Hall of Fame, and they need our help to make a strong case for his inclusion on the ballot.

Though he is one of the most successful recording artists of all time, having 54 albums and 77 singles (12 of them being #1), statistics alone cannot describe the unique contribution to country music by Jerry Lee Lewis. Beginning with his first single "Crazy Arms" in 1956, to his million seller "You Win Again" 1957, and through his string of classic country hits in the late 60s and 70s, Jerry Lee has defined and redefined what country music is,

2. Nominate JACK SCOTT for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum

Our Jack Scott RockHall Facebook Page has reached 5,000 "friends" AND we need to keep this flow of support reaching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame uninterrupted and in its entirety.

So why JACK SCOTT? Well, let us tell you...
Jack Scott (born Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr., January 24, 1936, Windsor, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian American singer and songwriter who spent his formative years in Detroit.
JACK SCOTT was the first white rock and roll star to come out of Detroit, Michigan. JACK SCOTT was inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011 and has been called "undeniably the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time."
JACK SCOTT has also been inducted into the Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame AND the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.
Recently JACK was nominated for the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.
JACK SCOTT had 19 US singles in a short period of time, 41 months AND wrote all of his own hits except one: "Burning Bridges." which was written by Walter Scott (no relation).

We the people who sign this petition want to nominate JACK SCOTT for induction into your Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

JACK SCOTT's legacy ranks him with the top legends of rock and roll. Besides Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley, it has been said that no white rock and roller of his generation has ever developed a finer voice than Jack Scott, singing and recording Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Country-Soul, Gospel and Blues.

In 2015 JACK SCOTT released "Way To Survive" his first studio album in over 50 years which has made many JACK SCOTT fans very happy. JACK SCOTT turned 80 this year and he is actively singing and touring today with a voice and energy that still ROCKS and makes you think when you see him on stage, there is no way that guy is 80.

PLEASE - lets get JACK SCOTT nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Let's get him inducted while Jack and his family can enjoy seeing him hit that stage and receive his award in person.

If you are a fan, a friend, or an admirer, PLEASE spread the word and lets get this done for our "The Way I Walk" JACK SCOTT! (thank you)

3. Charity Day #Edhi

#Edhi is a name of love for every one...... If you are non-Muslim dont be afraid Edhi loves you......... Edhi is a name of Justice name of kind name of hope name of Law name of humanity name of charity name of help......Edhi is Kind and justice with every one....When u become ill and your family didn't get any help then your family know who help you #Edhi - Then your family call Edhi Ambulance.... In Pakistan when ever some thing happened Edhi took plasce as a first person..... I dont have any words for such a great person.
May ALLAH Rest In Peace
You can check more about Edhi

4. Farmville Country Escape Complaints

I have played this game Farmville Country Escape for18 months. I play on different tablets now. Also money to buy items in the game. Over this time I have created several Co-ops for other players in the game. Every time there is an update on this game it is causing game crashes, major glitches, games unable to load, missing keys, missing upgraded farm crafting stations that also cost keys to upgrade.

When a player contacts Zynga Customer Support they are not receiving the help they need in a timely manner to fix the problems. Or any support at all. In the past I have created pages to help players.

The company that owns this popular face book game needs to come up with a better solution for us players experiencing the above problems.

5. Cheaper wireless internet for people in rural areas plus higher data cap

G'day I'm starting this to help people that have access to ADSL or other wired means of internet, and where wireless is the only option. I would like the government to make it cheaper and give us a higher data cap.

The highest data cap that we can receive is 25gb a month at around $160, compared with people in town this is insane how much we pay for what we get.

Please help us.

6. Renew Malibu Country for another season

Malibu Country is an amazing show, though it is likely to be cancelled.

Reba and Lily Tomlin are hilarious and we want this show to be on tv next season.

7. Please induct Red Sovine into the Country Hall of Fame!

Red Sovine, born Woodrow Wilson Sovine in July of 1918 was a Country Music singer most noted for his (often sentimental) recitations which earned him the title "The King of Narrations". His most famous example is the heart wrenching 1976 number one hit "Teddy Bear".

Red's talents as a country music artist earned him five top ten singles (3 of which went number 1). He charted 19 songs in the top 100 in the US and Canada and several hits that crossed over to the pop charts. But far greater than his chart performance is that he was a "fan favorite" performer who's career spanned over 40 years.

He had a unique talent that made us laugh, made us cry, and made us stomp our feet! Lets not forget his contribution to this wonderful artform. In an age where the recited songs are nearly gone, I would love to see a renewed interest in Red's wonderful work!

8. Putting Prayer Back in Public Schools

This is simply a request to put prayer back into the public schools for the safety of our country and the welfare of our future.

Prayer is powerful and without it, our schools, children will perish.

9. Mckenzie Comer Showcase

Mckenzie Comer an upcoming singer from Gold Coast.
She has many singles you can find them on iTunes.

Her youtube is

Her twitter is @MckenzieComer

10. Get The Dixie Chicks Back on Radio

During a London concert ten days before the 2003 invasion of Iraq, lead vocalist Maines said "we don't want this war, this violence, and we're ashamed that the President of the United States (George W. Bush) is from Texas".

The statement offended many Americans, who thought it rude and unpatriotic, and the ensuing controversy cost the band half of their concert audience attendance in the United States.

The incident negatively affected their career and led to accusations of the three women being "un-American", as well as hate mail, death threats, and the public destruction of their albums in protest.

11. Hank JR induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Hank Williams Jr is the Pete Rose of getting into country music's hall of fame. He is the most deserving singer/songwriter not in yet. He should have been in decades ago. He is labeled an outlaw and his political views are blinding the association's vision of his true talents.

He is more deserving than half of the already inducted. I need your help to show the association that he belongs. It is not right or fair to the music world and all his fans. He has been in the business since the 50's law starting out very young after his father passed. Do this for me and all his fans. Look at his music not his views.

Vote Hank Williams Jr. Thank you and God bless.

12. Britain Must Leave The European Union

Withdrawal from The European Union is an option that must be offered to the people of Britain.

13. Gram Parsons Wall of Fame (and Petition to Induct Into Rock & Country Halls of Fame)

It is absolutely mind boggling that the late, great Gram Parsons has not been inducted into the Country Music and Rock Halls of Fame, joining his protege Emmylou Harris (who was inducted into the CMHOF in 2008). As much as Hank himself (who is in both Halls), Parsons influenced the form of music he loved most, and created some of its best. Gram has exponentially influenced everyone in many fields of music since his tragic death. It's unimaginable that he not be inducted into these prestigious Halls of Fame.

Cheers, Will James
P.S. And please read this from Austin Bryant:

[NOTE: All info you provide, which is minimal, is entirely safe and secure and will not be given to anyone else (that's why I chose GoPetition). It is safer than putting it on a paper petition. Thanks, Will James]

14. Keep Country On The AIR at EMFM

The country generation radio show is hosted by Nathan Henry aged 17. The show currently airs on a Sunday afternoon providing there is no interruptions such as the local football.

Nathan takes the time in the show to bring you the best music possible from independent country music artists from all around Australia some of them rarely played on mainstream radio. Which makes this show a community asset and a very well respected and loved show with the country music community.

Nathan does interviews on the show including Steve Eales, Dane Sharp and many more. Kicking back on a Sunday has never been so easy what ever your tastes in music we can all relate to Nathan he will bring you some of the great music by some of the best in the industry. Nathan’s show doesn’t just bring you music it brings you a great wealth of information that goes with it and a few laughs along the way. Country Generation is a three hour show of great country music from independent artists some never heard on country radio before Nathan takes the time to play them all big and small.

This show is currently assigned to the local community station Echuca Moama Community Radio better known in the local community as EMFM, this station is a community operated station where Country Generation has been airing since March 2009. Please support the show and sign this petition.

Interested in finding out more? Why not take a look at the facebook dedicated to the show @

15. Bring Chris Young to Decatur IL

Can We Get Chris Young to come to Decatur Civic Center to put on a Concert?

Christopher Alan "Chris" Young (born June 12, 1985 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee) an American country music artist was in 2006 declared the winner of the television program Nashville Star, a singing competition which aired on the USA Network. After winning, he was signed to RCA Records Nashville, releasing his self-titled debut album that year. It produced two chart singles on the Hot Country Songs charts in "Drinkin' Me Lonely" and "You're Gonna Love Me".

A second album, The Man I Want to Be, was released September 1, 2009. It includes the singles "Voices", "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)", and "The Man I Want to Be"; the latter two have reached Number One on the country singles chart.


Reasons are as outlined in the petition.

17. Save the Space Program

NASA and space exploration has been at the forefront of science and education here in the United States since early 1950's.

From the space program has come home computers, Teflon, solar cells, transistors and many other inventions that have saved energy, improved the health of Americans and kept this country in the forefront of science.

NASA is a major purchaser of highly technical equipment which would be affected if the funding is cut.

18. Free Shane

Visit for details.

Dear Alain Vigneault and Mike Gillis,

I was moved to write you this letter in hopes that my words can save a young man from the proverbial doghouse. I never thought of myself as much of a public servant and, truth be told, if somebody told me earlier in the season that I would be starting a campaign to get Shane O'Brien into the lineup I would tell them they are insane. You know, because after all it is Shane O'Brien. Prior to this season Shane was prone to mistakes and bad penalties but I think we can all agree that he has worked hard to improve on his SOBesque behavior on the ice.

However, we all know that it's not because of Shane's play that I want to see him in the lineup because, after all, we are talking about Shane O'Brien. There are bigger issues here. Issues like Aaron Rome and Andrew Alberts gobbling up minutes. This sort of thing is alright in these mean-nothing games down the stretch but I live in horror thinking this could carry over into the playoffs. Horror I say.

Look, I get it. There weren't many options available prior to the trade deadline. Nobody in their right mind would want Dion Phaneuf in their dressing room and the rest of the pickings were slim at best as evident by the fact we were only able to bring in Andrew Alberts. I know you tried to do your best Mike so as a former Canuck great once said, "it is what it is".

However, with the Willie Mitchell health status clouded in a mystery that would make Woodward and Bernstein salivate, we must tread carefully with our defencemen. We are "this close" to having Nolan Baumgartner hit the ice in the playoffs and I for one don't want to see that. I'm sure you guys feel the same way.

I know that the Mathieu Schneider divorce was sudden and over quickly. I understand that there may still be some lingering feelings where you guys feel like you need to flex your muscles and keep your players in line. I get it. But guys, we really need Shane fu#$ing O'Brien in the playoffs. Wow, did I just write that? Shiiiiiiiit........

So I ask you to free Shane O'Brien from the doghouse. I know there were issues. Rumors swirling about him being late for practice and other things. But I ask you guys to put yourself in Shane's shoes. Picture yourself being a 26-year-old athlete in the city, drinks are flowing, the intoxicating sound of country music fills the air. It's easy to get caught up in such an atmosphere. And really, what did Shane really do? Have a little to much to drink and sleep in. Heck, 75% of the workforce would be unemployed if this was such a crime.

Instead of looking at the bad, please look at the good that Shane did. He went on country music night where the worst thing that could happen is a bit too much alchohol getting consumed. If it was hip hop night then somebody could have very well gotten shot. Don't like the black-eye that Shane has brought to the organization? Well things could be worse. As you can see by the last time a Canuck was featured prominently on DeadSpin.

So just chill out guys. Enjoy the last week of the season and the fact that we've made the playoffs. And let Shane O'Brien be Shane O'Brien. Because we really *gulp* need him heading into the playoffs.

19. Kathi McDonald Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Kathi McDonald's landed the vocalist her first big professional gig when she was attending a concert and joined in as part of the audience. McDonald's powerful voice drew Ike Turner's notice in a club called the Winterland, and he invited the aspiring singer to his and Tina Turner's next rehearsal. McDonald had snagged a in the Ikettes, the Turners' backing group. It was a heady and magical beginning for someone who never had any formal lessons.

Born in Washington state in 1948, McDonald performed professionally for the first time around Seattle when she was 12 years old. At the age of 19 she set off for San Francisco and its burgeoning musical climate, where she met the Turners and, through her association with them, took the first step on a career path that would span more than four decades.

Not long after the evening at Winterland, her talent caught the attention of Big Brother & the Holding Company's Sam Andrew. McDonald threw her lot in with the band in 1969, leading to appearances on the albums Can't Go Home Again, How Hard It Is, and Be a Brother. She went on to sing with Mad Dogs & Englishmen for Joe Cocker, and later sang with Leon Russell's Shelter People. Her session work included recordings for such artists as the Rolling Stones, Nils Lofgren, Rita Coolidge, Delaney & Bonnie, and Dave Mason. Her work for other musical artists totals up to appearances on almost 160 albums, more than six dozen of which achieved gold status. In addition, McDonald also launched a solo career in 1974 with the release of the album Insane Asylum. The recording was arranged by Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna and Jefferson Starship.

Insane Asylum featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina, Neil Schon, and Ronnie Montrose. Kathi did not release another solo effort for 20 years, when Save Your Breath appeared. Above and Beyond followed in 1999, featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. McDonald devoted more than two decades to recording and performing in collaboration with Long John Baldry, and the duo scored with their version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" when it was released in Canada. The song reached number 2 in Australia and also made the US charts.

Aside from collaborative efforts Kathi has solo projects of her own: Insane Asylum(1974), David Briggs, producer of the second Alice Cooper album Easy Action and multiple early Neil Young discs is at the helm on Insane Asylum. With arrangements by The Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears, whose formal band associations include Hot Tuna this is a showcase for the chops and musicianship of McDonald. There's a terrific reading of the Bee Gees' "To Love Somebody" and an interesting first track co-written by McDonald and Pete Sears, "Bogart to Bowie," with Nils Lofgren on guitar and Bobbye Hall on percussion. The photos of McDonald on the back cover are chaotic and beautiful, a cartoon caricature of these adorns the cover, the illustration by Seiko Kashihara. With Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Pete Sears on keys for a heavy version of "(Love Is Like A) Heatwave," you basically have Big Brother & the Holding Company/ Montrose/Jefferson Starship covering Martha & the Vandellas. With what may be the best performance on the disc, "Threw Away My Love," the second Sears/McDonald original, Kathi's great, bluesy vocal fights and Journey's Neil Schon on guitar give the track tons of soul! "Freak Lover" features the late Starship violinist Papa John Creach and is appropriately manic for an album about insanity.

Willie Dixon's composition, "Insane Asylum," with Pete Sears and Nils Lofgren, is a blues workout deluxe. Neil Schon and Pete Sears accompany Kathi on a Peter Frampton tune, "All I Want to Be." Lofgren and Sears do a heavy cover of Neil Young's "Down to the Wire" for the singer to display her wonderful voice. There is an abundance of talent here, creating a nice platform for this important singer. Insane Asylum also featured performances by Tower of Power, the Pointer Sisters, Aynsley Dunbar, John Cippolina.

Her next solo project was Save Your Breath (1994), then Above And Beyond (1999) featuring contributions from Lee Oskar on harmonica and Brian Auger on keyboards. She reunited with Big Brother & the Holding Company in California for a concert on New Years Eve, 1997.

Her self-titled Kathi McDonald (2005) is a triumph in a long and prestigious career. This CD showcases the still incredible voice, timing, soulful delivery, and talent that is Kathi McDonald, the musician's choice as singer, the musician's musician, and still the biggest little white girl to ever sing the blues coming out of the West Coast. The main forces behind the CD, Pete Slauson and Ann Pierson (partners for years in the nineties at 2B1 Music, Maritime Hall, San Francisco, CA).

20. Stop Rutland CC closing successful business

Six months ago Emma Cannings started what is now a successful and popular skin care therapy business at the Stamford Garden Centre. Old wooden sheds were pulled down and a new wooden building put up in its place. The Garden Centre now has a cafe, farm shop, gift shop, butchers, florists and vets. The salon is a welcome addition and is a significant improvement on the old sheds.

The parking at the garden centre means that the salon is popular since the centre of Stamford is become increasingly difficult to access by car during the day as more and more residential estates are developed on the outskirts of the town. A large number of people are also able to walk to the garden centre. The salon has also been made fully accessible for the disabled.

The planning application (originally misplaced and un-actioned by the council) had no objections from any members of the public or the local parish council. However, in a shock decision, they have recommended that the building be pulled down. Their reasons seem confusing and inconsistent at best. The large new offices recently built on the outskirts of Uppingham and developments at the Ashwell garden centre make the decision even more confusing.

Their decision will put six people out of work, plunge the owners into financial crisis and damage the other businesses at the garden centre who benefit from the cross trading opportunities. It seems no wonder that the country is one of the last in Europe to pull itself out of economic difficulties if this is how the government treats its entrepreneurs. Rather than spending time promoting and marketing the business we are having to invest all our time into fighting our own local government who want us to spend money tearing down a building that is offending no one (other than local planners and councilors) and benefiting many.

As someone who has lived in Rutland their whole life I feel very passionately about protecting the countryside. Of course we must have strong regulations against buildings that could damage our beautiful county. However, this business was not built on an area of outstanding beauty. It is a one storey, attractive wooden building that was constructed on the site of some older wooden buildings of the same size. It has significantly enhanced the garden centre for the other businesses and for the people that use it.

At no point did we ever envisage that the greatest threat to the business, at a time when we are struggling to get this country out of a bad recession, would come from our own government.

Please help us overturn this decision and show Rutland County Council that, whilst we appreciate their desire to protect our beautiful county, they have got it badly wrong this time.

21. Support a Population Driven Stimulus Package

As you know America is in a huge recession; why don't we allow the American people the opportunity to stimulate the economy?

China's economy is rising exponentially. Why? The people of China are working together to boost their own economy.

We as Americans have become lazy. We look to the government to continuously bail us out; all the while putting us further and further into dept. The more money the government throws into stimulus packages that don't work, the more our national debt goes up.

Americans constantly complain that the President isn't doing enough, or isn't putting money into the right areas. Instead of complaining we should take the initiative and ask to have the right to contribute and decide where the money goes. The solution is very elementary.

Take a look at the size of the adult population in America; if each adult citizen pays just $10.00 a month to a stimulus fund that would equate to approximately $3 billion dollars a month. That money raised could bail this country out quickly without adding to our national deficit.

My suggestion is allocate the funds each month to two areas. The first being the SBA and the second being infrastructure. We've spent enough money on the stock markets, banks and the automobile industry. Small businesses are the meat and potatoes of America. Why are we padding the pockets of the already wealthy CEO's of these big corporations?

This stimulus fund will boost small businesses to grow and expand therefore, creating more jobs. Equally it will create jobs by enabling constant growth in our infrastructure.

So, why don’t we as Americans quit complaining and ask that we contribute into digging ourselves out of this hole.

22. Shaukathullah Ghori is Innocent

Shock over arrest of Riyadh-based Indian muezzin in Hyderabad
By Shahid Ali Khan

RIYADH – News of the arrest of a Riyadh-based Indian muezzin on his arrival in the Indian city of Hyderabad, Saturday, has raised many eyebrows here.
Many regular worshippers at a mosque in Al-Wazarat district here where muezzin Shaukatullah Ghouri used to call the faithful to prayer five times a day, and sometimes lead obligatory prayers, were shocked by Indian news reports of Ghouri’s arrest.

Ghouri was arrested at Rajiv Gandhi International (RGI) airport at Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad upon his arrival from Jeddah. He is said to have left for Hyderabad for his wife’s medical treatment.

Personnel of the Organization for Counter-Terrorist Operations (OCTOPUS) reportedly arrested Ghouri, his wife and their four children soon after they landed at RGI airport.

The muezzin is accused of involvement in a terror attack in Gujarat on Sept. 24, 2002 which left 30 dead and over a 100 injured.

“Shaukatullah and his brother, Farhatullah, are both involved in the Akshardham temple attack,” DNA newspaper quoted a senior Intelligence officer as saying. “Both the brothers were initially trained by Jaish-e-Mohammad after which they worked in Ahmedabad. When their names figured in the list of suspects in the Akshardham attack case in 2002, both fled to Saudi Arabia.” Farhatullah Ghouri is still absconding, the paper said.

However, few among the worshippers at Hai Al-Wazarat Mosque in Riyadh believe the allegations against Ghouri, a Hafizul Qur’an (memorizer of Qur’an), who has been serving at the mosque for the past two decades.
Hussain Al-Wadani, the Saudi imam of Masjid Al-Salwa, where Ghouri worked, felt that Ghouri would be absolved of the charges.
“God willing, Ghouri will come clean because he is an innocent man,” the imam told a group of Indian Muslims at the mosque, trying to ally their concerns over news of the arrest.
Ghouri is a professional muezzin and well known for his good character, voice and skills of recitation of the Qur’an and for the azan (prayer call), one of the Indians in the group told Saudi Gazette, asking not to be identified.

“It seems Ghouri is being framed,” he said. “We have been reading media reports and watching news channels on how the police have been victimizing innocent people, and strangely enough some were even killed in fake encounters.”
The Imam said he would do his best to support Ghouri in whatever paperwork he might require from Riyadh.
Others who frequent the mosque said they would sign a petition for submission to Indian Ambassador M.O.H. Farooq seeking his intervention for the safe release of Ghouri.

Rashid Abdul Qayoom, a regular worshipper at the mosque, said he has know Ghouri since he arrived in Saudi Arabia. “Ghouri is a legal resident of Saudi Arabia. He arrived in Riyadh on a “free visa” sometime in 1989, and since 1991 he has been working as a muezzin at Masjid Al-Salwa, Qayoom said.
Many students of the Qur’an memorization madrasa that Ghouri ran at his house were also shocked by news of the arrest. All of Ghouri’s children are Hafiz (who have memorized the Holy Qur’an).

Ghouri’s neighbor told Saudi Gazette that Ghouri was drawing a monthly salary package of around SR2,100 which was hardly enough for his six-member family’s monthly expenses. “The muezzin sahib very often spoke about financial hardship, particularly when it came to payment of annual housing rent,” the neighbor said. Ghouri managed by running the Qur’an memorization school which has an enrolment of around 20 students, he said.

To travel to India, Ghouri chose to fly Oman Air for its comparatively cheaper fares, the neighbor added, speaking on condition of anonymity.
According to Indian news reports, Ghouri was taken to an undisclosed location where he was interrogated by officials of OCTOPUS and the local police. His wife and children were taken to a farmhouse where their baggage was searched and their passports and some educational certificates were seized. His wife and children were later released.

Ghouri was handed over to the Gujarat police on Sunday morning as a non-bailable arrest warrant is pending against him in the Akshardham case, reports said. – SG

23. "Republic" is Enough

Citizens of The Republic of Macedonia (constitutional name of our country!) are no longer willing to be exposed on further political pressure connected to the UN established "name issue" negotiation process between Republic of Greece and Republic of Macedonia.

So far, it is well known that there is a region with the same name in Greece, and that Macedonia with a reference REPUBLIC is a separate state.

During the years of so far "endless negotiations" our national identity was denied, our language (which is Macedonian!) was called Slavo-macedonian (even in the EP or EU documents!).

Now we are faced with other "creative politician's suggestions" on WHAT ELSE TO ADD to the official name of our country in order not to be offensive to Greece.

So, WE simply WANT to send a very SIMPLE message to all politicians involved in negotiations of both countries, UN special envoy Mr. Mathiew Niemetz, EU, EP, CoE, OSCE and to all other Inernational Community representatives that REPUBLIC IS ENOUGH!

24. Honor Rural America

The hard work of Rural Americans turns the wheels of this country. The Farmer, The Coal Miner, The Truck Driver, and The Factory Worker provide the blood, sweat, and tears to fuel the United States of America. The Gay and Lesbian Community has been awarded the month of June in their honor. Why should America honor and glorify sexual orientation?

Should America not honor the core values, of integrity, constitution, work ethic, and patriotism above alternative lifestyle? Every American DESERVES the right to live life as they see fit. Every American DESERVES equality. But, The Gay and Lesbian Community has been given a license to shove alternative lifestyles down our throats. They don't want equality, they want to be placed up on a pedestal. Don't the values of hard working Americans with scraped knuckles and thick calluses on their hands deserve honor and recognition? Is sexual orientation more important to you than your hard work? This is for you West Virginia coal miner. This is for you Oklahoma Oil Rig Worker. This is for Alaskan Fishermen, Wisconsin Dairy Farmers, Texas Ranchers, and every hard working American man and woman that labors to forge this country by the sweat of their brows in some small town.

Together, we can show Washington and Barack Obama the kind of CHANGE this country really wants. Stand tall Rural America! Stand proud! Stand up and honor the integrity, constitutional values, work ethic, and the patriotism that is small town America! Demand a National Rural American Month!

25. Open Letter to the United Nations

This week Iranians turned out in record numbers not seen since the beginning of the Iranian revolution to change their current President Mahmood Ahmadinejad.

26. Ban DHMO in Australia

Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) is colourless, odourless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of people every year. Most of these deaths are caused by accidental inhalation of DHMO, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there.

Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes severe tissue damage. Symptoms of DHMO ingestion can include excessive sweating and urination, and possibly a bloated feeling, nausea, vomiting and body electrolyte imbalance. For those who have become dependent, DHMO withdrawal means certain death.

Dihydrogen monoxide is the major component of acid rain. It contributes to both the “greenhouse effect” and the erosion of our natural landscape, and may cause severe burns. DHMO accelerates the corrosion and rusting of many metals, may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes, and has been found in excised tumours of terminal cancer patients.

Contamination is reaching epidemic proportions! Quantities of dihydrogen monoxide have been found in almost every stream, lake, and reservoir in Australia today. But the pollution is global, and the contaminant has even been found in Antarctic ice. DHMO has caused millions of dollars of property damage all over the country.

In spite of the danger, dihydrogen monoxide is often used in the production of nuclear power, the manufacture of Styrofoam, and the distribution of pesticides. Even after washing, produce still remains contaminated by this chemical. Dihydrogen monoxide is also used as a fire retardant, and as an industrial solvent and coolant. It is used in many cruel forms of animal research, and has often been taken by athletes to improve their performance. DHMO can also be used as a food additive, and is frequently found in junk food. It even has a tendency to accumulate in dairy products.

Dihydrogen monoxide is found in all municipal water supplies, and there is no filter on the market that is able to remove this hazardous substance from our drinking water. Companies dump waste DHMO into rivers and the ocean, and nothing can be done to stop them because this practice is still legal. The impact on wildlife is extreme, and we cannot afford to ignore it any longer! This horror MUST be stopped!

Despite strong evidence linking DHMO ingestion with cancer, the Australian Government has refused to ban the production, distribution, or use of this damaging chemical due to its supposed “importance to the economic health of the nation.” In fact, the navy and other military organizations are conducting experiments with DHMO, and designing multi-billion dollar devices to control and utilize it during warfare situations. Hundreds of military research facilities receive tons of it through a highly sophisticated underground distribution network. Many store large quantities for later use.

It’s not too late to put an end to the use of DHMO in Australia. By signing this petition, you can help to secure the health and safety of all Australians in the future.

27. Say no to US taxation

Shutterstock have introduced a new taxation scheme. This states that if you are in a country which has a double taxation agreement with the US, you will need to fill in a form, involving private information, and send notarised copies (expensive) of your passports to the US. If this form is not filled in, then 30% of ALL your earnings will be deducted for US tax. If you live in a country without a tax agreement with shutterstock, then you will automatically be leaving 30% of your earnings with the IRS.

Shutterstock is attempting to censor debate on their forums by banning contributors who disagree with their point of view. For an open uncensored debate on the issue of IRS taxation on our earnings, feel free to use this forum. Details such as when the petition will be handed in and negociations with shutterstock will be discussed there too.

For this petition to have the maximum impact with the shutterstock management, we need to get a maximum number of signatures. Because shutterstock is deleting posts from the forum refering to this petition, we need to get the word out as many contributors are unaware of this petition and the potential benefits that it will bring if successful. So please make details of the petition known as widely as possibly. This is for the benefit for every non-US contributor at Shutterstock.

Thank you.

28. Lowering the Voting Age

Students are learning new material everyday and are fully capable of making their own decisions. There are various reasons as to why the voting age should be lowered:

**If 16-year-olds are allowed to drive a vehicle on the road, then they should be able to vote. There is no clear and present danger if a 16-year-old votes. It only gives a greater population the chance to voice their opinion and create a more democratic government.

**Teenagers are given adult responsibilities but are unable to vote like an adult.

**Some teenagers have jobs, which takes taxes out of their paychecks but they have no say as to where that money goes.

**Some teenagers are more intelligent than some of the adults that vote.

29. PLEASE HELP STOP THE HUMAN insult IN HAITI: the people are eating mud to survive

While in the US, we throw away 27% of our meals every day, some neighbours not far from us are destitute of any meal!

"With food prices rising, Haiti's poorest can't afford even a daily plate of rice, and some take desperate measures to fill their bellies."
"When my mother does not cook anything, I have to eat them three times a day," Charlene said. Her baby, named Woodson, lay still across her lap, looking slightly thinner than the slim 6 pounds 3 ounces he weighed at birth." USA TODAY 1/30/2008

In the face of such crisis, humanity's attention is to be ARRESTED. Please help STOP the crisis in the world's poorest country, poorest for obtaining their independence from their colonists 200 years. What a dear price to pay, for what is rightful to every human society today! Should that be and remain?

30. Let Peter Gichura stay in the UK

Petition to give peter the right to stay in this country and being a member in our church for the past 7yrs.