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1. Reinstate the no. 59 bus (Birmingham)

Many people have been affected by the withdrawal of the number 59 bus service (Birmingham to Kingshurst via South Yardley and Lea Village). The replacement service (99) is unsatisfactory and is not working for the people. After a listening campaign hearing the stories of how people have been impacted by the withdrawal of the 59 bus, a 'Transport in YOUR Community' working group have agreed to campaign for its reinstatement by petition.

2. Higher Education Lower Price

From the humble origins of providing higher education to WWII Veterans to institutions devious use of the Psychology of Money, Americans have found themselves demanding education, but receiving it at a hefty cost. The old adage goes, “you have to spend money to make money”, but at what point is enough money, enough? It is time for Americans to rally together to reduce these costs for the collective and future generations. We must make our voices heard and work with our government to develop effective and efficient solutions for higher education funding.

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State of Hawaii Office of Elections:
802 Lehua Avenue
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Julie Jacobson Co-Chair PO Box 900,
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of Hawaii
Attn: Mark Van Doren Co-Chair PO Box 943
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Green Party of the United States
PO Box 75075,
Washington, DC 20013

*Persons who select to Sing for Presidential Campaign in addition to the Governor Campaign: Those signatures will also be sent to:
Federal Election Commission
999 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463

Please Review Brandon's Full Platform for his Governor and Presidential Race on his website: under the "More" Tab on the homescreen Please select: PLATFORM POTUS or PLATFORM GOVERNOR

Brandon Evans stands with the State of Hawaii and Supports the following:
-Reforestation Act of our Decimated Rainforest
-Protecting our Surf and Stopping Sea Wall Buildings
-Infrastructure Rejuvenation Plan
-Green Power Conversion Plan
-Removal of State Employment tax via:
-Legalization and Taxation of Recreational Marijuana
-Legalization of Gambling

In order to gain the nomination for the Governor race Brandon needs 5% of the vote to pledge to vote for him. =35k Signatures.
In order to gain the nomination for the Presidential race with federal funding and guaranteed ballot access in all 50 states Brandon needs exactly 88ok pledges.

Please sign and share today. Than make a donation and show your pride with your choice of multiple promotional items on his website in the "Shop" which you can find under the "more" tab on the homepage.

Thank You For Your Support.
Brandon Evans

PLEASE NOTE: This Petition MUST BE SIGNED BY LEGAL HAWAII RESIDENTS ONLY. (Only applies to Hawaii Governor Race Petition) If you Support Brandon Evans's Presidential Campaign Please State So in the Optional Comment Box on this Petition if you choose to do so you do not have to sign the other petition. Limit 1 signature per registered voter/citizen/resident.

4. Smartphone indulgence should STOP now!

It’s no secret that smartphones are everywhere these days. It seems like nearly everyone has one, even if they’re not sporting some fancy new model. Mobile phone usage among youth has reached unprecedented levels of use and mobile phones are a fundamental element of children’s lives. Research from the internet showed that approximately 22% of young kids (ages 6-9), 60% of tweens (ages 10-14), and 84 % of teenagers (ages 15-18) possess a mobile phone.

About half of children and younger teens own a smartphone and use it for web browsing, downloading apps, streaming or uploading music/videos, managing social media accounts/chat rooms, or sharing “selfies” because smartphones are convenient and provide them with on-the-go information. Smartphones begin to consume the majority of children and younger teens’ time. As children and younger teens use texting, snapchatting, instagramming and other abbreviated forms of communication a lot, they forget to “talk” and the need to have face-to-face interaction. Many teens act as though their life is in ruins when their phone is taken from them.

Smartphones have changed the way people receive information. Our phones can do so much these days that some people have trouble tearing themselves away long enough to reconnect with the real world. You’ve likely seen them around town, on public transportation, and in stores with their eyes and fingers glued to their mobile device. Instead of interacting with the people around them, they ignore face-to-face conversations for virtual ones. Many believe that children and younger teens are actually less capable of normal socializing because of this. They’ve gotten so little practice that they’re simply not comfortable with chatting with someone they meet out in public. Face-to-face or verbal communication is essential in how we relate to one another. The continuous lack of real life connections may run the risk of becoming a huge problem for society.

Some doctors have identified a series of possible physical side effects of being addicted to smartphone that are a lot more serious than people think and could have long-lasting consequences:

1. Back pain caused by the neck and back muscles being hunched over the smartphone;
2. Eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness, dried eyes, headaches and even migraines can result through centering continuously on a small display screen;
3. Finger cramping, sore hand muscles and digital thumb due to continuous scrolling, texting, typing on tiny buttons and gaming on smartphones; and
4. Anxiousness and feeling upset because the phantom vibration was not real.

Some parents set a contract and think it is a great way to lay out the rules and establish ahead of time what is expected. However, how many of the rules and regulations to using the smartphone are meant to be breached!!!

5. Save the Watermead Crematorium

Watermead Crematorium will :
1. Provide local jobs
2. Provide increased work for local florists, pubs, tea-shops and hotels
3. Substantially reduce road pollution by serving Aylesbury locally rather than sending many thousands of cars to Amersham, Milton Keynes and Watford
4. Enable Aylesbury families to plan funerals for their loved ones much more easily

It will not:
a. Mean ashes being tipped into the lake
b. Have any smoke, fumes or emissions troubling anyone
c. Be an eyesore (nearly every real village in the UK has churches with hearses and graveyards)
d. Cause traffic problems - approximately 95% of services will be between 10am and 4pm.

6. End Presidential Campaigns '16

The 2016 US Presidential race surpasses the usual political nonsense. The candidates are proposing dangerous and impossible platforms. Supporters of various candidates have warned of inciting riots, civil war, and world war if their candidate doesn't win.

There is a growing movement for vacating the vote or writing in "nobody". There are viable third-party candidates but the "establishment" controls the media, voting polls, and even ballot access.

There is even a guy with a boot on his head promising ponies and time-travel, which is more viable than some of the other plans set forth by front-runners. There is no hope for reasonable voices of American people to be heard in this election cycle.

7. Tell Hillary to Drop the Lobbyists From Her Campaign

We are specifically asking Hillary Clinton to drop K Street from her campaign, especially Charles Baker of the Dewey Square Group and Heather Podesta, who formally lobbied for Cigna.

The lobbyists in her circle have fought against the Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank, child obesity issues, and for Keystone XL.

8. Petition Harris Faulker & Hillary Clinton for an interview together

Hillary Clinton has mostly been interviewed at length by news media outlets whose political leanings are along the same lines, as the Democratic National Convention.

As a voter I would like to see both sides of the political aisle interview and speak with, both sides' media favorites. The voting American citizens should be allowed to know as much as possible about each possible candidate, prior to Election Day 2016.

If there is only one conservative who was ever allowed full access for a transparent interview whom Hillary Clinton's campaign would allow, I petition for Harris Faulkner to be given the opportunity.

9. Yarragon Skatepark Campaign

The Yarragon Skatepark Campaign is seeking an all ages, all abilities skatepark in Yarragon. There is a growing number of families in Yarragon seeking facilities beyond playgrounds. There is no skate or BMX facility in Yarragon. Many travel outside of our town to access facilities where they can skate, scoot and ride bikes.

We are calling on Baw Baw Shire to make this a high priority and construct a facility that is:
• well designed, landscaped and caters for a range of ages and abilities, and
• well sited, safe and accessible with high visibility for natural surveillance.

We believe this type of facility will encourage participation by a diverse range of people and become an important social hub for families and youth in our town.

Our campaign needs to demonstrate support from not only the kids in Yarragon but also their parents and the wider community. You can help by signing this petition.

10. RedHanded Campaign

The Redhanded Campaign has put into a publication official documentation that proves law enforcement officials are breaking the law before Grand juries and that prosecutors are aiding & abetting the criminal conduct and that members of the judiciary are covering it up.

11. STOP the closure of the Llanidloes branch of HSBC bank

A bank that prides itself on being the "world's local bank" has revealed it is to close its Llanidloes branch at 3pm on Friday 20 September 2013, serving a body blow to the local community.

HSBC says it will close the branch in the town centre, despite local people and local AM, Russell George, saying it is a busy branch that caters for the whole community.

12. 1 Million Signatures: Sheila Y. Oliver for U.S. Senate

The purpose of this petition is to rally support for Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver to run for U.S. Senate.

Sheila Y. Oliver for U.S. Senate 2014.


Administrator, Essex County


N.J. Legislative Apportionment Commission 2010-11; East Orange Board of Education 1994-2000, President 1999-2000, Vice President 1998-99; Essex County Board of Freeholders 1996-99; N.J. Democratic State Committee 1994-96


General Assembly 2004-present, Assembly Speaker 2010-present, Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore 2008-09, Assistant Majority Leader 2006-07.

13. Save Translation at Imperial

The Imperial College Management Board has informed us that the activities carried out by the Translation Studies Unit (TSU) are not considered core to the College strategy and that, if possible, the Unit should be transferred to another institution.

If this solution proves not to be feasible, consideration will be given to closing the unit by the end of September 2013.

14. Defend Dundee Services

Dundee City Council proposes to cut £14 million from its 2013/14 budget.

In making these cuts Dundee City Council will: -

• Cut 5% from the budget of organisations that provide vital, essential services in our communities, services such as day care, respite care, housing support, outreach services, advocacy services, leisure centres, libraries and museums.

• Close Marchbanks recycling centre making recycling any thing but garden waste almost impossible for those living in the west of the city without their own transport.

• Increase class sizes in our schools

• Cut by almost 50% the staff mileage allowance for those staff who use their cars as part of their jobs. That’s social workers, building safety engineers, support workers and many other essential workers who use their own cars to deliver essential services on a daily basis.

• Reduce, again, the number of people it employs via another round of voluntary retirement/redundancies, losing many experienced members of staff and leaving staff who remain struggling to maintain the service with increased workloads. The job of those who leave via this scheme are not filled and never will be, these posts are deleted, 100’s of jobs removed from Dundee forever.

• And much, much more.

Cuts to services, job losses, redundancies, increased food prices, extortionate heating costs, rocketing travel costs, cuts in benefits, pay freezes and rocketing rents mean that Dundonians need a well funded public service to assist them and their communities survive the months and years to come.

Defend Dundee Services Campaign believes Dundee’s politician should be protecting it’s services and not cutting them to pay for the mistakes of millionaire bankers and to assist the UK Governments in its ideological assault on our public services and our welfare state.

The most vulnerable in society should not be abandoned by those elected to serve them, Dundee Politicians should be protecting and improving services to the sick, old, disabled and the young, and they should be supporting the ever increasing number of unemployed and those on low pay. They should vote No to cuts in essential services and public spending.

For some it may be a tough decision to make but Defend Dundee Services Campaign believes that Dundee City Council should set “needs budgets” that protects services rather than cut budgets and reduce services.

Support our lobbies of the full council meeting at 5.30pm on 11th February at the City
Chambers, and at the Policy & Resources Committee meeting at the City Chambers, at
12:30pm on Thursday 14th February. Before then, lobby your councillors to oppose the

For more information about Defend Dundee Services Campaign, Google us on
Facebook or write to DDSC, c/o Dundee TUC, 141 Yarrow Terrace, Dundee DD2 4DY

******The Defend Dundee Services Campaign was set up in June 2010 following the election of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition at Westminster. We campaign to oppose cuts in our local jobs and services. The proposed cuts in budgets have arisen as a direct result of paying off the deficit created by bailing out the UK banking sector.

We say enough is enough. The council must agree, at the very least, a needs-based budget that will maintain services and jobs.

15. Save North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood

The North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood are a multi-use wild green space between Maryhill and North Kelvin in Glasgow.

It is bounded by Clouston, Sanda and Kelbourne Streets, and used to be football pitches and tennis courts. For 20 years, since the City Council abandoned the land, local residents have been looking after it.

Around 1000 people per month have been using the land at formal events over the last year, and many more use it informally for their children to play in, for dog-walking, and for environmental issues such as growing food and composting. A planning application has been submitted which will level all but a handful of the 480 trees on the site.

We are past the point at which we are allowed to make formal representation to the Planning Department. But we still need your support - this petition will be used in an appeal to the Scottish Government if the planning application is approved by the City Council.

Please follow the links for much more on this issue of the importance of wild green space that is so important to all of us.

16. Universal Healthcare Free at the Point of Use

Currently in Georgia, the healthcare system is largely privatised and people must pay for their care either through medical insurance or by out-of-pocket payments.

The insurance companies often do not pay out people's claims so many must personally pay for their treatment. In fact, 73% of total health expenditure is out-of-pocket payments.

The same insurance companies often run the hospitals and clinics with the aim of maximising their profit. This usually entails lowering medical professionals' salaries and increasing treatment costs. This lowers the overall level of care and makes healthcare inaccessible for a great many people.

Access to healthcare should not be determined by the invisible hand of the market. It is unjust that the market determines who lives and who dies.

We want the government to introduce a universal healthcare system which is free at the point of use, financed by general taxation and provided by a public, nonprofit national health service.

This would mean that there would be universal coverage throughout the country, universal access throughout the population and improved levels of patient care. We believe this is the right thing to do for the people of Georgia.

It is also the right thing to do for the country and the economy. A healthy population is a more productive one. A universal healthcare system would lower crime rates and make the country more politically and economically stable.

Georgia can afford to do this. According to our calculations, such a universal healthcare system would cost in the region of 850 million GEL per year. If the government increased healthcare spending to 11% of the budget, it could afford to implement this system.

If we want to live in a modern, civilised country with people who care for and respect each other, we need to adopt this model of healthcare.

It is simply not just or acceptable to leave people suffering and dying for want of money.


დღეს, საქართველოში ჯანდაცვის სისტემა ძირითადად პრივატიზებულია და მით სარგებლობა საკმაოდ ძვირი ჯდება.

მოსახლეობის იმ მცირე ნაწილს, რომელსაც სამედიცინო დაზღვევა გააჩნია, მაინც უწევს მომსახურებისთვის თანხის გადახდა, რადგან სადაზღვევო კომპანიები უარს აცხადებენ ხარჯების სრულიად დაფარვაზე. 2009 წელს ჯანდაცვაზე დახარჯული 1.8 მილიარდი ლარის 73%-ს მოსახლეობის მიერ ჯიბიდან გადახდილი თანხა წარმოადგენდა.

სადაზღვევო კომპანიები, ხშირ შემთხვევაში ასევე არიან კლინიკებისა და საავადმყოფოების მფლობელნი და მათი მთავარი მიზანია მოგების მაქსიმირება, რაც ერთი მხრივ, ექიმთა ანაზღაურების შემცირებით და მეორე მხრივ, მომსახურების ტარიფების გაზრდით ხორციელდება. ეს მიდგომა აუარესებს ჯანდაცვის ხარისხს და მრავალი ჩვენგანისთვის მიუწვდომელს ხდის მას.

ჯანდაცვით სარგებლობა არ უნდა განისაზღვრებოდეს ბაზრის უხილავი ხელით. უსამართლობაა, როდესაც ბაზარი განსაზღვრავს იმას, თუ ვინ იცოცხლებს და ვინ არა.

ჩვენ გვსურს, რომ მთავრობამ შემოიღოს ჯანდაცვის უნივერსალური სისტემა, რომელიც უფასო იქნება გამოყენების დროს, დაფინანსდება საერთო გადასახადებიდან და უზრუნველყოფილი ჯანმრთელობის ეროვნული სამსახურის მიერ (ორგანიზების ამ სქემას ტრადიციულად უნივერსალური ჯანდაცვის ბევერიჯისეულ (ბრიტანულ) მოდელს უწოდებენ).

მთავრობის მიერ შემოთავაზებული ბისმარკისეული (გერმანული) მოდელი (რომელიც გულისხმობს ჯანდაცვის სისტემის სავალდებულო დაზღვევით თანადაფინანსებას) ჩვენთვის მიუღებელია, რადგან:

პირველი, თუ გავითვალისწინებთ ქართულ გამოცდილებას დაზღვეული მომხმარებელი მაინც არაა დაცული ფინანსური რისკისგან;

მეორე, საჭირო იქნებოდა შუა რგოლის არსებობა - არა მომგებიანი სადაზღვევო კომპანიების სახით, რაც გაცილებით მეტი დაგვიჯდებოდა და გაგვირთულებდა ჯანდაცვის სისტემით სარგებლობას;

მესამე, შრომის ღირებულება დაახლოებით 15%-ით მოიმატებდა, რაც უარყოფითად აისახებოდა უმუშევრობის ისედაც მაღალ დონეზე.

17. The Jay Lindsey Recording Contract Petition

Jay Lindsey is an incredible R&B singer/songwriter who's talent is simply pure genius. He has been in pursuit of a record deal for many years, but in the music industry, more often than not, it's not a matter of what you know, but who you know.

Jay Lindsey has been singing since the tender age of 4, starting in the church with his family gospel group, "God's Chosen," lead by his mother, Reverend Sandra David. This amazing artist later ventured to New York City, where he was noticed by rap legend Big Daddy Kane, who took Jay Lindsey under his wing, and put him in the music video for Kane's single, "Hold It Down." He would go on to be noticed by the likes of fellow R&B artist Tyrese, who calls him "The Truth," Dru-Hill member, Jazz, as well as multi-platinum group 112, who took to twitter to label Jay Lindsey as BOLD, AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE, and HEARTFELT, after they heard his song, "Last Words Before Suicide."

In a way, Jay Lindsey is somewhat reminiscent of the late great R&B legend, Donny Hathaway, because of the pain that he intertwines between his lyrics and melodies. Other songs, such as "4 A Long Time," which is the first cover song Jay Lindsey ever did, showcases some of Jay Lindsey's vocal abilities. This extraordinary talented artist has endured homelessness, slept in abandoned buildings, sung on the streets of Hollywood Blvd in the cold and rain on many occasions, and more... all for his dream of being an official professionally signed recording artist. Jay Lindsey may not have a huge fan base at the moment. Due to limited resources, this artist has not been able to make a professional music video, or promote his music like he would like to, but his talent speaks volumes, and quite simply... the kid is good. He knows his music, and deserves a shot. This talent cannot keep going un-noticed, so today we come to you, the people.

We're asking you to stand with us in our fight to help this talented artist dream of finally securing a record deal, a true reality. Please go to You Tube. Once your there, type in "Jay Lindsey Campaign," and listen to that song. Then type in "Jay Lindsey Last Words Before Suicide," and hear that song as well.

The one thing you'll immediately notice is this artist remarkable talent. You can stand with us today, by signing this petition. It's time for us to love one another. It's time for us to help one another. Let's help Jay Lindsey's dream become a reality. These signatures will be seen by the Interscope Records, and many other "green lighters" in the music industry. We thank you in advance, and may God continue to bless you all.

18. Demand for the Four Lion Rampant Flag to be the Logo on Car Licences in Wales

Baner Tywysogaeth Gwynedd oedd baner y Pedwar Llew yn wreiddiol ond yn dilyn cwymp y Dywysogaeth yn 1283, mabwysiadwyd y faner, yn wreiddiol, gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna gan Owain Glyndŵr. Roedd y ddau yn ddisgynyddion i dywysogion Gwynedd gyda'r hawl i fabwysiadu'r faner. Newidiwyd y llewod i fod yn rhai 'rampiant' gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna defnyddiwyd y fersiwn yna o'r faner gan Owain Glyndŵr yn ystod ei Rhyfel fawr Dros Annibyniaeth.

O dan y faner yma bu Cymru'n annibynnol o tua 1403 hyd at tua 1410 a gan mai baner Harri Tudur oedd un y ddraig goch ar gefndir gwyrdd a gwyn, wedi ei hatgyfodi yn 1958, rydym, fel gwladgarwyr, ond yn cydnabod baner y Pedwar Llew Rampiant fel gwir faner genedlaethol Cymru a gan fod cynlluniau ar y gweill gan David Cameron a Llywodraeth Lloegr i osod Jac yr Undeb ar drwyddedau gyrru ym Mhrydain, rydym yn mynnu ein hawliau dinesig i gael Pedwar Llew Rampiant Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr ar drwyddedau gyrru yng Nghymru.

The Four Lions Rampant was, originally, the Four Lions Passive flag of The Royal House of Gwynedd in Snowdonia, North Wales. Following the fall of the Royal House of Gwynedd, it was adoped by the rightful heir, the great warrior Prince, Owain Glyndŵr during his war of Independence 1400 - 1421ish and the 'passive lions' were changed into 'rampant lions' to illustrate that the Cymru (Welsh) were up in arms.

Under this flag, Cymru (Wales) was independent between 1403 - 1410ish and, as the red dragon on a green and white background was the standard of Henry Tudor King of England and was only resurrected in 1958, we as Welsh patriots only recognise the Four Lions Rampant as the true flag of Cymru and as plans are being drawn up by David Cameron to have the Union flag or Crest to appear on "British" driving licences, we demand our civil right to have the Four Lion Rampant flag of the Cymric people's Prince, Prince Owain Glyndŵr on Cymric (Welsh) driving licences.

19. Ken Clarke should stand down as Justice Secretary

Justice secretary Ken Clarke should step down from his role. His bizarre ideas and notions are putting our children at risk from sexual predators.

THOUSANDS of child sex beasts will be able to hide their horrific crimes under plans put forward by Ken Clarke.

The soft-touch Justice Secretary wants to change the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act to let more serious criminals wipe the slate clean.

Anyone jailed for between 30 months and four years will have their offences struck from their criminal record after seven years.

Those currently jailed for more than 30 months have it on their record until they die. It means they have to alert potential employers when they apply for a job.

Figures seen by The Sun show if Mr Clarke's measures had been in place between 2000 and 2010, 3,794 child sex beasts would have been able to take advantage of it.

It would also have helped 11,684 violent criminals and nearly 1,000 other sex attackers.

Labour, who uncovered the figures, have vowed to fight the controversial change.

Shadow justice minister Andy Slaughter said: "It is proportionate that once non-violent offenders have served their time and kept on the straight and narrow for a few years, they should be redeemed in the eyes of the law and society.

"But Ken Clarke has continually shown he has no idea about public safety and how to deal with dangerous offenders."

Campaigners last night voiced their concerns at the reforms.

Jim Maddan, chairman of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, said: "Everybody has the right to have a fresh start.

"But there comes a time when the public needs protecting, particularly when they have committed these types of offences. It would be wrong for employers not to know about who they are employing, particularly if a job gives access to people's homes."

A Ministry of Justice spokesman insisted public protection was "top priority".

He added: "Anyone applying to work with children and vulnerable people will always have to declare any convictions.

"Anyone who receives more than four years will have to reveal their record to employers.Other offenders will have to declare their record for up to seven years after their sentence ends."

This is wrong we have a right to protect our children and you Mr Clarke are putting them in danger and stopping us from doing our jobs. we are sick of sexual predators having more rights than the victim. NO MORE!

20. Defend Delamere Against Proposed Development

Communities Against Delamere's Destruction (CADD) was formed by local residents following notification of a consultation period received from the Forestry Commission. 

The Forestry Commission, in conjunction with Forest Holidays have published draft proposals for a holiday village in the northern part of Delamere forest. 

The proposals, should they come to fruition, would result in vehicles accessing this part of the forest for the first time ever and would change the way that people are able to enjoy the woodland forevermore. 

The scale of what is proposed and the subsequent devastation of wildlife and landscape has resulted in CADD becoming the hub of the fight against these proposals. Please sign our petition AND write to your councillor and MP. Unless we take a stand and tell them what we think of this plan it will go through!!!You can follow us on Facebook page: or on twitter @DefendDelamere

21. Cyclists For Right Of Way Priority On UK Roads

22. Stop political robo calls

It is time to put an end to political robo calls for Federal and Provincial elections in Canada. What is happening with this latest scandal in our House of Parliament just begins to show the political corruption in this country.

It is very hard to be patriotic and proud to live in a country where our political leaders are pulling stunts like this. I don’t know of a single person that appreciates getting computer generated calls from anyone let alone our politicians.

23. Save local BSL interpreter service for Glos Deaf

(Following written by a Deaf person so shows Deaf/BSL word order and style)

Interpreter service. We want to keep BSL interpreter at GDA for things you need like doctors, appointments ok. But we have a problem, we might lose this service at GDA ok, why? Because NHS Gloucestershire want to put it together with other service like French, spanish translation team. That mean hard get good BSL in Gloucester if they have one big office somewhere else like maybe birmingham, anywhere cos cheaper for them save money.

Please sign this petition if you want to keep this BSL service at GDA and you know that good for us here in Gloucestershire.


GDA = Gloucestershire Deaf Association

24. Get GB Rhythmic Group to London 2012 Olympics

GB Rhythmic Gymnastics Group are a talented and dedicated group of rhythmic gymnasts who have been training hard full time with NO funding to be able to achieve their dream of competing at London 2012.

Even though there is a host country place available for them at the Games, British Gymnastics are choosing NOT to nominate them for this! At the Olympic Test Event, BG/BOA chose to set a benchmark score they wanted the girls to achieve.

Despite being agonisingly short (.273 points) of this target on qualification day and actually exceeding the score during the finals - BG have refused to give them this golden opportunity they have worked so hard for!

Please sign the petition to help get these girls to the Games and promote the beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in the UK!

25. Campaign To Name The A470 Cymru 'Prif Ffordd Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr

Mae’r A470 yn ffordd gefnol sy’n rhedeg o Gaerdydd yn De Cymru i Landudno yn y Gogledd. Bu I Lysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr lansio ymgyrch yn y flwyddyn 2000 i enwi’r ffordd yn ‘Brif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr fel coffâd teilwng i’n harwr cenedlaethol mwyaf ar achlysur 6oomlwyddiant cychwyniad ei Rhyfel Mawr am Annibyniaeth 1400 - 1421. Bu i’r Cynulliad Cymreig anwybyddu’r apêl yn y flwyddyn 2000 ond nawr, gan fod yna alw o gyfeiriad arall i ran o’r ffordd gael ei alw yn “Y Royal Welsh Way” fel cydnabyddiaeth o’r Catrawd Brenhinol sy’n talu llw o deyrngarwch i Frenhiniaeth a Threfn Loegr sy’n parhau i feddiannu Cymru, mae Llysgenhadaeth Glyndŵr wedi penderfynu ail gychwyn yr ymgyrch a lansiwyd gennym yn y flwyddyn 2000.

The A470 is a spine road that runs from Cardiff in South Wales to Llandudno in the North. Embassy Glyndŵr launched a campaign in the year 2000 to name it 'Prif Ffordd Owain Glyndŵr' in memory of the greatest of our national heroes Prince Owain Glyndŵr and his copatriots who fought a great War of Independence from the year 1400 - 1421. The National Assembly of Wales ignored our request then and now, in the light of a campaign being launched to name a part of the road 'The Royal Welsh Way in recognition of the Royal Welsh Regiment who swears allegiance to the English royalty and the English State who still occupies Cymru, Embassy Glyndŵr has decided to re-launch the campaign initiated in the year 2000.

26. Save the Muirhouse shops!

The businesses at the Muirhouse shopping centre are struggling due to the demolition of many homes in the area, and the building of new homes being delayed.

The butcher which has served local people for over thirty years has already closed, and more businesses look set to close as well, unless the Council intervenes to get the rents and business rates for the shops reduced.

We also know that when things get boarded up in this area, they become a target for vandalism and fire-raising, which would be dangerous for the people living above the shops.

Here is a link to the Edinburgh Evening News article on the situation with the Muirhouse shops:

27. Herman Cain, Pay for your own protection!

Herman Cain asked for and has been granted Secret Service protection, according to the agency charged with protecting American officials.

“[Homeland Security] Secretary [Janet] Napolitano, at the request of the Cain campaign, consulted with congressional advisory committee which today authorized protection for Cain,” said George Ogilvy, a Secret Service spokesman.

Ogilvy would not discuss nature or duration of protection. It is also not clear if any other candidates have received Secret Service protection. One law enforcement official would not say which other campaigns might be getting security, but did confirm Cain began getting it today.

Cain’s campaign would not discuss the protection.

28. No Superstores in Ulverston

Ulverston is one of the last market towns in England with a working local economy and an independent character. Now this is under threat from a proposed new superstore.

We want to stop this happening. See for more about our campaign.

29. Moral Declaration of Independence

We are declaring a moral separation from the current ruling administration and the policies it is currently enacting which is diminishing our liberties.

Moral Declaration simply means:

- Declaring our willingness and our ability to no longer support the current administrations decisions.

- Asserting our stance under ‘Redress of Grievances’.

- Affirming that in good faith and trust-

- We are done giving them moral support!

• We are presenting the new Moral Declaration of Independence with grievances in accordance with the United States Constitution and current U.S. Code of Law.

• We openly recognize that we have shared the intent and the spirit of the original Declaration of Independence.

• The original document was a declaration of war; however, at this time that is not the direction that America can withstand.

• Its strength and spirit is as viable today as when first written. (We intentionally utilized much of the original writings.)

• This document, as a petition with signatures will be taken to and registered in Washington D.C.

The cornerstone of our constitutional Republic has been the Declaration of Independence. The men who founded this great nation knew that those who rule must be of the character that recognizes that we will all stand before the God of heaven and be held accountable. These founders also knew that the ruling class often forgets this fact. We have been given the right to reset to the original intent of this founding document.

Now is the time… for all patriotic citizens to stand up and be counted.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

30. Spot The Pot With Motor Boats Monthly

Each year the coastguard deals with 200-300 incidents where propellers or rudders of boats become snagged on floating lines and fishing gear.

Many of these incidents are avoidable, which is why MBM has decided to launch a campaign to introduce mandatory rules regarding the visibility of lobster pots and other fishing gear and to put pressure on authorities to come down harder on those that flout the rules.