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1. Spectrum Service to Talbert Rd and Subdivisions Mooresville, NC 28117

Based on a recent discussion on, it has come to my attention that most of the homeowners that live on Talbert Rd (Mooresville, NC 28117) and the aforementioned subdivisions would subscribe to Time Warner Cable/Spectrum services if they were offered to us. Given the conservative estimate that 50% of residents would subscribe to Spectrum over Mi-Connection or Windstream, it would be a sound business decision to offer their services to over 500 households including the apartment complex at Colonial Ridge Circle, the residents on Talbert Rd and Terrace Rd/Mcadam Ln. Talbert Rd between W Plaza Dr and Brawley School Rd is less than one mile in length. It seems to us that the end would justify the means, for our benefit and for Spectrum's benefit.

2. Consumer Protection Against Big Tech Astroturfing

Astroturfing is a billion dollar industry that affects and manipulates consumers and that American people negatively funds terrorism create and spread fake news while astroturfing political lobbyist groups such as the MIC coalition attempt to garner the people's support to pass legislation that would, in essence, cut off much-needed revenue from songwriters and the independent publisher.

3. Instagram following block

We made this petition to stop the following or unfollowing block (most for business accounts) or for adding advertisments about how many likes, comments or follows can you give more before being blocked.

4. Social Media Responsibilities and Romance Scams

The information noted on romance scams are based distinctly on one victim. From the multiple falsified accounts based on this one victim’s photographs and military standing, hundreds of women have been scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars by just “his” account alone. There is a desperate need for social media responsibility when it comes to the building of duplicated accounts and detection of accounts deleted due to falsifying another’s identity. There are options such as facial recognition technology and the ability to recognize IPN addresses used by past fraudulent offenders. Are you aware that Facebook’s facial recognition program, Deep Face, is able to recognize faces accurately 98 percent of the time, where as the FBI’s face recognition program, Next Generation Identification, only has an 85 percent success rate? We are limited judicially to prosecute the scammers since the majority of these immoral beings are located in other countries. Those social media companies located within the United States will need to help protect their clients further by improving their security along with making the scamming process impossible or far more difficult when trying to pursue their prey.

5. Fix our Internet problems !

For the past several years, internet services in Carmanville and Noggin Cove, Newfoundland Is becoming more and more of a problem. There is little to no effort being made by Bell Aliant to fix these issues and customers are still having to having their monthly fees for services which are suppose to be "Ultra High Speed", is no better or worse than " Dial-up". The unlimited phone calls being made on a weekly basis is to Bell Aliant is not helping the paying customers and replacing of a modem each time a technician visits will not fix our problem. These phone lines are old and have never been replaced. We deserve better services than this from Bell Aliant!

6. Ultra-fast Broadband for All of Durham Drive, Havelock North, NZ

The New Zealand Government has mandate to roll-out of Ultra-Fast Broadband throughout New Zealand. This is currently well underway with many locations in Hastings now having ultra-fast broadband in their streets.

At the beginning of March 2017 the installation of Ultra-fast Broadband began in Durham Drive, this was very well received. However upon further investigation the roll-out will stop at the bottom of Durham Drive and not go up the road to the top.

This leaves at least 54 houses, with approximately 200 people without ulta-fast Broadband.

7. High speed internet for oak point campground

Bell Aliant high speed internet stops just before turning the corner to come to Oak Point Campground.
The cervesa just ruled that it is a right of all Canadians to have access to affordable high speed internet.
There are year long residents in the area for expansion, as well as many seasonal residents.
All singors of this petition will be active customers of the service if high speed is expanded further into Oak Point.

8. Regulations To Protect Consumers Against Unfair Cable & Internet Companies

We request the KY legislature to help consumers against unfair business practices from cable and internet providers. Consumers are powerless when dealing with complex contracts, termination fees, service issues, switching costs and limited provider choices.

(1) Contracts are complex, difficult to read and are unilaterally in favor of the service provider;
(2) Termination fees are unreasonable especially when the provider fails to deliver service or the quality is poor, and fees are often placed on consumer even after the contract term is completed;
(3) Providers use switching cost and termination fees against consumers;
(4) Rate increases are significant and are often well in excess of the CPI;
(5) Most of Kentucky has only two choices for cable and internet providers and in some cases consumers have only one choice. Oligopolies like AT&T control market share, set pricing and consumers are powerless to resolve issues through the bureaucratic system.

The costs to obtain cable and internet by the average consumer are quite significant and often exceeds a families the cost to feed a family of 4 for a week. We respectfully request that the KY legislature step-in on behalf of consumers that are being treated unfairly and establish regulations that provide a level of protection against unfair business practices and unreasonable price increases.


The NCC, as a regulator, should be directing that GSM firms reduce and not increase tariffs!

In my opinion, rather than direct GSM firms to hike rates, NCC should invest in free public wifi for the advancement of knowledge in Nigeria.

It is very unjust for people whose fuel, power and GSM plans are paid for by the people to increase fuel, power and GSM plans for the people without increasing the minimum wage! If the government is desperate for money then they should tax something that mainly the rich enjoy.

10. Improve Internet Speeds in Australia

Improve Internet Speeds in Australia.

11. Expand internet down Highway 162 east and Tri-County Airport Road Bonifay FL to Residents

Residents on highway 162 east and Tri-County Airport Road Bonifay, FL would like to see the expansion of high speed internet. This list includes residents that are being affected for several different reasons to include:
-no DSL service area exhausted
-slow speed up to 3mbps
-overpriced for quality of internet provided
- other issues will follow in signing comments

Run fiber optic cable to residents in this growing area to increase speeds, availability to residents, and quality.

12. Digital Rights for all Communist Influenced Nations

Some cities that are under extreme Communist Party rule like, Korea, Vietnam, China, and Cuba do not have extended digital rights because the countries are not allowing such rights.

13. Bandera Electric Bring High-Speed Internet to Medina Lake Communities

The property owners of the communities surrounding Medina Lake have had limited options for internet access since the inception of these neighborhoods. The choices are limited to satellite (Exede, HughesNet, etc) or line of sight RF providers (Rock Solid Internet).

While these options are better than nothing, they all offer inadequate capacity, limited reliability, and high costs. This, combined with weather (precipitation, wind), peak usage times, and hardware / software problems contribute to a less than optimal situation to our residents.

Because of reliability and bandwidth issues, we cannot take advantage of Netflix, HULU, and other emerging sources of information and entertainment. We are captives of DirecTV and Dish. Our children have limited prospects to take advantage of all the scholastic opportunities accessible via high capacity internet connections. Many employers offer workers the option of telecommuting. That, however, is not viable for those who require reliable, high speed internet connectivity.

Our property values are also impacted in a negative way. New residents today expect high speed internet as a matter of course, and the lack of that in our neighborhoods reduces the pool of interested buyers.

14. REAL Fast Unlimited Data Plans

We Nigerians are yet to get REAL unlimited data plans.

We are being extorted in our country. ISP's "unlimited" data plans are either capped or accessible only at midnight when 99% of the population is asleep. Even then, the speed is also capped as well. Yes, I'm looking at you Spectranet, Swift and Smile communication Ltd.

15. Bring Comcast to Cypress Cove Lane in Rincon Georgia

For over 4 years our precious Cypress Cove neighborhood has been subjected to below average internet and television services with 0-1 options to change providers. Are you tired of over-paying for services that are low quality? Are you tired of unexplained outages due to neglected ‘aged’ equipment?

Are you tired of the same excused that our neighborhood connections will be upgraded to the latest and greatest, just to spend another year with the same old problems?!

Well it’s time! Let Comcast Communications know we want them and we’re willing to do what is necessary to bring them to cypress cove by signing this petition.

16. Petition to Telstra to enable ADSL to Zimin Drive and Stuart Estate Cossack NT

To Chief Executive Officer of Telstra

Katherine residents are paying differing prices in wireless plans ranging from $20.00 per gig to $5.50 per gig. The cost is very expensive.

Many Katherine people use wireless as their primary and only choice due to ADSL / cable / NBN not being available at their location. This includes many remote / rural residents. While satellite is an alternative, it is not a viable option due to cost and stability of connection.

ADSL have been rolled out in some rural areas of Katherine but Zimin Drive area and Stuart Estate have been left out. These areas already have fibre optics carrying the telephone lines which will reduce the cost of installation to these areas.

17. Suddenlink Internet Northern Smith County

Petition to have Suddenlink high speed internet extended further in Northern Smith County Texas. Approximate location starts at Highway 69 after you take a right onto Hoard Road (FM 1804). Approximately 3 to 3.5 miles down Hoard Road would be needed to adequately supply residents with high speed internet.

The only option for residents of this area is satellite internet that does not allow proper streaming ability or for those that work from home. This area is growing in population and would greatly benefit from Suddenlink extending their coverage area.

18. Holmes County Florida petition to extend cable Internet in rural areas, not allowing the option for DSL provider to state the area is exhausted, and lower the cost of inadequate Internet

Several Holmes County Residents are being deprived of Internet. Residents are either overpaying for low quality DSL Internet or being told the area is exhausted and service is not available. Several are resorting to satellite internet which is not capable of providing a decent signal to even steam video or allow internet browsing and at high cost.

Millions in grant dollars have been issued to the area of Holmes County to expand Internet service into the rural area. I ask that leaders in the community look into the grant money already issued and where it was used and also to look at applying for more grants.

Working from home is a not an option with inadequate Internet. Children are deprived of a valuable required educational resource. The community is lacking the opportunity to attend college online or work on their studies from home internet. After much research it has been determined that the best course of action to address this concern is to have all residents affected to sigh the petition and get Holmes County noticed for the need of these funds that have been already issued to be spent in our community.

Several residents are overpaying for low quality Internet. They are told the speed will be up to 10mbps or will be up to 3mbps and is rarely above at 1.5mbps. They are paying high rate for this, where other areas in the country that are provided DSL, cable, or higher speed internet are paying the same speed or less then Holmes County. It's not right to charge the same or more for less quality Internet.

Working from home in a rural area is a great way for a family to bring in needed income, however that's not an option without proper DSL or cable internet. The Holmes County Area could grow with new Internet options and expand so people would want to build a business or home.

Grant funds are available to help our community and we need our leaders to seek these. In 2013 Holmes County Internet providers were given $24 million dollars to improve broadband access to rural communities. Centurylink was also given in 2013 $500 million dollars a year for 6 years to expand rural areas broadband access.

I'd like to see the community pull together sign this petition so Holmes County residents can create an atmosphere for opportunities to install better Internet that residents deserve.

19. Internet Purge for one Week

Social media and or media in general have gotten out of hand.

We need to purge the Internet out of our lives for at least a week. I think people need to go back to the days when we actually talked to each other.

We have become so disconnected with no human interaction it's no wonder we can't live in harmony with each other. We plug in and check out and never unplug!

We are addicted and the government is our enabler! Shut it down! I need to purge the Internet for at least a week! I want to step out and get to know my neighbor, my community, my city, my people with whom I need to be in good harmony with.

Shut it down! Purge it out!

20. Rise Broadband Bring Back Unlimited

Rise Broadband had done away with unlimited internet. For those of us who stream Netflix, Hulu and have children who play online video games 200-300 G is simply not enough.

In some places Rise is the only alternative for Internet and is already more expensive than larger companies available in metro areas.

Please sign this petition to inform Rise that we want unlimited internet at an affordable price.

21. Bring Charter Spectrum to Transylvania County

We are an authorized retailer for Charter communications located in Rosman, NC and we are tired of seeing us help everyone in WNC with internet- except in our own community!

Charter offers an internet option that has 60 mbps download speed and only costs 40.00 per month! they also have a triple play option which includes tv phone and internet for 90 per month!

We want to offer these services to our friends, family, and neighbors. With your help, we may be able to do that!

22. Looking to get Charter in my area

I've been trying to get Charter out to my location since I started living in this area 3 years ago. I've had a couple techs come out and survey but they said I was too far for service.

Now there is service a mile from my house and I was told if I could get the signatures that they would come install it for everyone around me (100+ houses and a high school).

I'm currently working on signatures around my area but I'd also like this as a back up to show there are a lot more people that want Charter than just me.

23. Big River Estates / Big River Hills wants High Speed Internet from Charter Communications

Residents of Big River Estates and Big River Hills are coming together to show we need efficient, reliable, high speed internet, phone, and television service and we are giving Charter Communications the opportunity to become our service provider of choice.

These large, growing communities are located less than 3 miles North of Bonne Terre, Mo. and are in need of reliable communications for our kids and their studies, in home businesses, and everyday recreation.

24. Flow We Need Better Internet

In 2008 columbus communications acquired what was then "Grenada cable vision" and became the only major competitor of "bmobile" the only ISP in grenada at the time.

For the First time Grenadians were able to truly experience truly fast internet as well as high quality digital television services, from the get go they offered basic packages that offered speeds of up to 1 megabits per second which meant users were able to download files at speeds of 256kb per second! four times faster than "bmobiles" basic package at the time it was truly a marvelous time to be an owner of an internet connection from Flow.

In an attempt to respond to the competition Bmobile upped their speeds but it was nothing compared to what flow was doing they too upped their speeds and never raised their prices giving basic users as much as 4 megabits per second where lime only managed to raise their basic packages to 1Mbps.

As the Years went by prices increased from both providers unexpectedly most in part due to the ongoing global recession however Flow never gave up on proving not only faster speeds but at far better prices with far stabler connections and better prices!

To take us into the future but not quite the present flow has continued to consistently give Grenadians better service, faster speeds and better prices that has without a doubt made Grenada into the growing IT Focused and powerful Country that it is.

I Personally use both Services why? well see it works like this i have flow at my office and that's fine because I need a really fast and stable connection at work However at home i have a landline which i don't really need but which is rather convenient so to put it simply at work i pay $79.00 a month for internet at home i pay just about $130. plus my phone service an overall bill of $159.27, my internet download speed at work 1200Kbps, my internet at home ...256kbps catch my drift?

Why do I pay so much at home well lime basically bullies you into taking a telephone service how? well if you want to get internet through lime they make you take a telephone line which is just about $45 their internet is also $79.00 same as Flows' ...however you "MUST!" take a telephone line to get internet service and i may be wrong on the exact figures but lets make a rough calculation, 45 + 79 = 124 that's $124 just for an internet service that's 5 times slower than the next guys so we pretty much won if we chose flow, .....

Lime is Owned by Cable and Wireless Communications and as I type this so is Flow so here's the deal if they are owned by the same company why are Lime Customers being given such horrible service?

Hence my petition.

One Owner one standard

25. Stop Porn in Ontario Schools!

There is increasing evidence that children across Ontario are accessing pornographic materials at school using their school's internet service, school computers and/or mobile devices.

Please share this petition link widely by email and social media.

26. No to FLOW Grenada Internet Price Increase

Please see the below letter which indicates a price increase. This petition is against such an increase.


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your continued patronage as a FLOW Broadband customer. As your preferred telecommunications provider, we strive to deliver the highest level of service at the most competitive price.

To ensure we continue to offer an enhanced level of service and the best Broadband experience to you, effective November 1st, 2015, there will be a price adjustment in your FLOW residential broadband package. The new package prices are as follows:-

Turbo 12 - EC$99.99 (Vat inclusive)

Turbo 20 - EC$149.00 (Vat inclusive)

With this adjustment, our broadband speeds continue to be the fastest on the island, at the best rate.

27. Code Tags For Facebook

As a programming enthusiast I am connected to several programming Facebook pages as are hundreds of thousands of others. The benefits these pages provide for the people using them is a social programming experience that is a place to share and learn new code.

Simply paste your code, ask your question and get a reply in minutes. The only problem with this is Facebook does not provide us with any formatting ability. By giving us the ability to add [code] [/code] tags around our code significantly improves the readability of our programs and allows people to provide help at a much faster rate.

If you're a professional programmer, a beginner or even a hobbyist then I urge you to sign this petition to let Facebook know that programmers want code formatting!

How popular is programming on social media? Take a look for yourselves. [738,000 members]* [561,000 members]* [48,000 members]* [33,000 members]*

*figures correct and accurate at date of posting [08/13/2015]

Only your name is required to sign the petition. All other information is optional and not required.


I, Steven Stevenson, have been co-anchor of the internet news channel, What Kids Say for 5 years. I recently had an altercation with a reporter who filled in for me when I was late, and they assumed I was not going to show up. I was later fired and condemned to 26 anger management sessions.

My name has now been blacklisted and I have been unable to obtain any lead anchor positions at other news channels.

I want my job back. I need my job back. I am the lead anchor!

29. We want more options on internet and cable in Watertown TN.

Homes less than a mile away are being provided with better internet and cable options.

They pay a lesser premium for services and can enjoy better connectivity, they are constantly constructing new homes in the area.

30. Comcast Internet Cable TV Service for Penholloway Estates, Jesup Georgia

We're petitioning Comcast Cable providers for dependable Internet, Television and Phone services to our neighborhood in Penholloway Estates, and the surrounding area.

The last cable junction is at the intersection of Whaley and Penholloway roads.

We're asking Comcast/Xfinity to run services down Penholloway Road, to offer services to Penholloway, Plank, Boat Ramp, and Martin's Landing Roads.