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1. Vote of confidence in Bercow

The House of Commons is attempting to organise a vote of no confidence in John Bercow, MP, and House Speaker. This vote is, I believe, undemocratic, tantamount to harassment. It is a continuation of the illegitimate use of the media to smear politicians, dignitaries, and other civic representatives, in pursuit of a nationalistic agenda driven by racism, xenophobia, and fear mongering.

The House Speaker is legally entitled to decide who can speak in Westminster Hall. Bercow's statement regarding Trump was a clear exercise of his entitled right as Speaker of the House. The issue of etiquette, one raised by many, is separate to the law - the two should not be muddled.

Therefore, this petition shows support for Bercow and demands the protestors, the right wing Tories clamouring for his resignation, should provide clear legal evidence to support their challenge. Without that, they should offer a statement of apology to the House Speaker.

2. Stop Trudeau's Erratic Spending

Justin Trudeau promised a modest deficit when he was trying to get your vote. Now that he is in office not only is he not delivering on many of his campaign promises to help Canadians he also tripled his projected deficit. This is called lying to get your vote and then doing whatever suits his agenda while in office. This is not what Canadians voted for. His reckless spending includes 10 vacations in his first year alone, 1300 per person meals, a personal nanny for the kids, various donations to foreign countries.. etc. All on your hard earned dime. How many vacations did you take last year? If you had taken ten and only shown up for work half of the time do you think you would still have your job? When was the last time you took the family out for a 1300 per plate meal? Why is our prime minister using our tax money to do these things for himself and to benefit foreign interests but he cannot deliver on campaign promises like 18 month maternity leave and keeping a modest deficit? The projections have blown the roof off of the original spending plan. Put a stop to Trudeau using your tax money as a personal spending account.

3. No Confidence in the Prime Minister of Australia.

It is Legally unchallengeable that the party system of Government exists and operates ONLY because the Australian people have been DELIBERATELY MISLED into believing that, other than by dictatorship, there is no other way that Parliament could function effectively and efficiently; that despite its MANY FAULTS the party system is the only effective and efficient democratic way of governing this country. THIS IS CONSTITUTIONALLY AND LEGALLY FALSE.
The only true Constitutional and legal reason for the existence, and the only true legal purpose of the Parliament, the institution of the Monarchy, and the offices o the Governor-General and State Governors IS TO GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THE PEOPLE ASK FOR, NOT WHAT OTHERS THINK PEOPLE OUGHT TO HAVE.
The Queen, Her Governor-General and State Governors are directly responsible, NOT TO THE HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT NOR POLITICAL PARTIES, but to the people in the respective Constitutional areas.
The Constitutions of the Commonwealth and States give the Queen and Her appropriate representatives, the sole power and authority, at any time of their choosing, to dissolve the so-called Lower House and send those Members back to the electorate. If directed by the written WILL of the people the Queen or Her Representative, MUST dissolve the Lower House.
This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading. Please sign the petition and forward a letter of your WILL to the Governor-General. THIS MAY VERY WELL BE OUR LAST OPPORTUNITY TO FIX THE DAMAGE BEING DONE BY THIS GOVERNMENT AND PREVIOUS GOVERNMENTS AND TO REGAIN OUR LAWFUL FREEDOMS.

4. The Constitution in Australia - DEMAND YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

It is legally unchallengeable that the party system, with it's direct and indirect powers of manipulating politicians and people, has quite unlawfully striven to drive a wedge between the people and the final source of all their Constitutional and legal powers, i.e., the institution of the Monarchy, as a prelude to transferring the unlimited power of that Monarchy into the hands of the controllers and manipulators of political parties, including the final party political control over the Armed Forces of a nation; a control which, at present, is legally vested in the Queen to ensure that, where directly expressed to Her, THE WILL of the people shall at all times prevail.

This very important paragraph is taken from the work of Arthur.J.Cresby who spent 53 years studying and researching Constitutional Law.. His work entitled" YOUR WILL BE DONE" is available on the internet in pdf form and well worth reading.

THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, Please use this letter attached and Forward to the Governor General,


5. Royal Commission into institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

I am asking the New Zealand parliament to vote for and hold a Royal Commission into institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. What I am asking for is the same module as what the Australian Royal Commission have. New Zealand is the only Commonwealth Country that has not held a RC and who is refusing to hold one.

The only way forward for New Zealand is in cleaning up the past. What is happening right now to our children in institutions is not constructive.So we have to listen to those who have gone through it, so the same mistakes are not made into the future regarding our care of children.

A Royal Commission will hold all institutions accountable for any and all child sexual abuse that has been or is still being committed within that institution (places that care for children, from sporting clubs, soccer clubs, swimming clubs, netball clubs as well as institutions like the Scouts, girl guides, boy's brigade and the girls brigade as well as others).

The RC will also be looking into all religions, Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church, Salvation Army, and all other religious Churches.

The RC will also cover State run Homes for children and all care givers that have abused children in their care.

With the calling of a RC this will hear from both Survivors and victims as well as the parents and relatives of those who are not longer with us but we're also abused as children.

After listening to survivors tell their stories the RC can then call upon those institutions involved and find out why they allowed the sexual abuse of children to continue within their institution. And to why it was not properly dealt with when it was first brought to light. And if those institutions covered up any form of abuse to a child. Then the RC can then make a recommendation that the institution and any individuals within that institution be brought before the court system, by recommending that the police take action against those involved.

After this has happened we are then asking that the RC to put in place recommendations to prevent this from happening again to any child.

I am asking for mandatory reporting of a sexual abuse crimes against children to be reported directly to the police, so that the institutions can no longer cover it up within their own institution.

Mandatory education within every school in New Zealand. To teach children about their own body and to whom can touch them. And to what inappropriate touching is. And to let them know that if anyone does touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable then they can go to a councillor at school or to their per ants straight away. And to have councillors in all schools so children can go to them and talk openly about things that are affecting their lives. Like sexual abuse, physical abuse, family violence and issues that are affecting them both in school and at home. I would also like to see councillors within every community at least once a week to be there for the people of the community that are affected by the full affects of child sexual abuse against children. Because the abuse of a child in the community doesn't just affect that child and the immediate family. There is always someone out there that knows a family that this has happened to. And the affect that it has on that person affects every part of their lives from their work and relationships. So we need to support the community in processing the affects of child sexual abuse within that community.

Another aspect that I am asking for is he statue of limitations on child sexual abuse claims within the courts and to making a claim for compensation be lifted completely. There should not be any statue of limitations on child sexual abuse cases. There are a lot of other points that I want to come out of the RC but just to give everyone more of an idea of what and why I am asking for a RC to be held. Also by having a RC it is transparent and open to the public.

6. Jamaican Politicians - Declare Your Assets, Income, and Tax Returns Now

The history of corruption in Jamaica has caused great harm to Jamaica's reputation. Decent Jamaicans are of the view that our elected and appointed leaders (politicians) have been very ineffective in putting adequate legislation and mechanisms in place to reduce corruption. We also believe that our politicians should lead from the front, and by example, in all efforts to be transparent and accountable.

Based on the foregoing, we believe that ALL Jamaican elected and appointed politicians must, on an annual basis, make a FULL public declaration of all their assets (and related expenses), income, and income tax returns (income tax returns when legally required to file).

Therefore, this petition is meant to force them to make those annual public declarations. Failure to make said declarations shall result in hefty fines (penalties and interest) with a minimum of US$50,000, and prison time (minimum of 36 months in prison). It shall also result in them being barred from any future public office (elected or appointed).

7. Equal rights for all Greek citizens

Οι Έλληνες ζητούν ισότητα ενώπιον του νόμου. Το Μ.Ε.Σ.Α. ("Μαζι Εναντια Στην Αδικια", βλ. ιστοσελιδα) συντάσσεται και ως εκ τούτου απαιτεί μαζί τους, να αρθεί η ασυλία των μελών της κυβέρνησης και κατ’ επέκταση να καταργηθεί το άρθρο 86 του Συντάγματος.

According to art. 1 of the Greek constitution, all governmental powers come from the people and exist because of the people. Art. 4 of the Greek constitution specifically states that all Greeks have the same rights, and art 120 states that the enforcement of the Greek constitution is at the end in the hands of the people.

Nonetheless, art 86 of the Greek constitution states that the members of the Greek government, if and when they commit a crime, can only be accused after a petition of at least 30 parliament members (i.e. members of the Greek government). This is not the case for the average Greek (i.e. you are not only to be accused after a petition from 30 of your family members).

Thus, the existence of art. 86 is a monstrosity and also is in direct violation of the aforementioned articles.

8. Enough is Enough: Petition for harsher punishment for crimes of RAPE and MURDER in SA

Every week there are newspaper and police reports of children being brutally raped and murdered at the hands of ruthless savages. The attacks are becoming more and more violent in nature and more frequent.

We stand together with the mothers, sisters, and daughters of South Africa, in a desperate call for an end to the current deaths and rape of our children. Minor jail sentences have no meaning to these killers and rapist.

Crime does not effect any particular race or creed rather we are all effected and victims of crime. It's time something is done to solve this problem.

9. David Cameron should resign now!

Over the last six years this nation has had to suffer the wrath of the rich, the ignorant, and the just plain evil. 13million families are living in poverty with 60% in work, so many of those people have had to rely on food banks just to stay alive.

Thousands of disabled people have died after having their support taken away and have been sanctioned for utterly heartless reasons including having to go to hospital. The NHS is at breaking point, the arts funding has been cut to shreds and homelessness and depression have gone through the roof.

Yet the Conservatives have continued to steal from the poor to line their own pockets by 11%. They have continued to vilify the sick, the poor and the most vulnerable in the country. The bedroom tax has caused untold misery. Students and junior doctors are being taken advantage of. And now it has been revealed that Cameron himself, after giving the public an entirely false spiel about how tax dodging is immoral, has been found to have owned shares in his father's offshore account.

We saw recently the impact the public's voice has had in Iceland where their Prime Minister has recently resigned. The time for the people of Britain to follow was yesterday, but now we have the biggest push of all David Cameron must resign as prime minister now.

10. Retailers and Consumers against TFG Bill

The Tasmanian Parliament is considering a law that would make it illegal to sell tobacco products to anybody born after the year 2000.

This would not apply to retailers outside Tasmania (including online sales) and would not restrict criminal gangs selling illicit product.

This Bill would have a major impact on locally owned businesses. Not only to the owners and their families, but to the people employed by these businesses.

The Bill WILL:
• Prevent the sale of tobacco products to persons born since the year
2000, that is, members of the tobacco-free generation.
• Prevent the supply of tobacco products by licensed tobacco sellers, or
their agents, to members of the tobacco-free generation.
• Provide that members of the tobacco-free generation must not give
false identification to tobacco sellers and there would be a penalty for
doing so.
• NOT prevent members of the tobacco-free generation from smoking, or
attempting to purchase tobacco products. Members of the tobacco-free
generation would not incur any penalties for smoking.
• NOT prevent friends and family from giving tobacco products, such as
cigarettes, to members of the tobacco-free generation, however, they
must not SELL tobacco products to the tobacco-free generation.
• NOT prevent “botting” of cigarettes by members of the tobacco-free
generation. They would be able to acquire cigarettes from another
person other than a retailer or agent and would not incur any penalties
for doing so.

Do these adults not have a right to make their own choices?

11. Stop Injustice and Unfairness in Taxation Law! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!


The CRA Causes More Bankruptcies than anything else in Canada!

Every day in Canada people are subject to a unfair rules of Law that can Destroy them and their family's! And it is Responsible for Homelessness', Suicides , immeasurable Pain & Suffering ! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!

Revenue Canada, uses the 90 Day Rule to reply to a reassessment. The Rule is if you where sent a assessment it is classified as received regardless to the facts of if you actually received the Documents! And the Time Starts from the Day Revenue Canada sends Notice .

This puts thousands and thousands of Canadians at a serious disadvantage! The CRA Knows this!

After 90 days, you cannot Appeal to the Federal Tax Court and have your Day in Court because of the 90 Day rule! Countless Canadians have Appeals Denied because Parliament has Not protected Canadians Charter of Rights and Freedom's!

Revenue Canada use's this totally unjust and unfair Law every day against Canadians to extort people for Taxes even if they don't owe any money .

Then Revenue Canada issues a R T P, or Requirement To Pay And can and will take Everything you have!

Your Bank accounts, Cars, Home, Farm, RRSPs, Everything! Even if you can prove beyond Any Doubt you do NOT owe $ and CRA Auditors Failed in Duty of Care! your Life is completely Ruined by a Bad Audit and there is NO Protection By Law!

This a huge Collateral Attack on thousands of people who can least afford it , and there are currently thousands of Canadians having their lives Destroyed! It is complete disregard to Due Process and Justice to put people at a complete disadvantage in protecting their Rights and Freedom's! Total Injustice!

All the people in Canada are subject to this and Parliament should be strongly Petitioned to stop this financial attack by Revenue Canada on Thousands of Canadians!

12. الطعن بقانون تمديد ولاية المجلس النيابي للمرّة الثانية

لهذه الأسباب نطعن أمام الرأي العام ولا ننتظر قرار إبطال

جمعيات ومنظمات غير حكومية وأفراد يوقعون طعنا بقانون التمديد لعدم دستوريته
ويرفعونه للرأي العام لتعذّر قبول المجلس الدستوري طعنهم شكلا.
الصفة: مواطنات ومواطنون مناصرون للحق ومتمسّكون بحقهم في الإنتخاب
المصلحة: قيام دولة الحق وسيادة الدستور وتداول السلطة ديمقراطيا

13. Stop Amendments to the Migration Act of 1958

The Australian Government says that it wishes to stop "people trafficking" and consequently the number of deaths that have occurred at sea, due to this illegal practice. But in fact the Government seems more intent on punishing those who have fled persecution in the face of torture and death, in what more and more evidence is pointing at, modern concentration camps under the guise of detention centers.

The Government still continues to deny the inhuman conditions, the torture, beatings, threats, sexual abuse and deaths. The long term consequences of depression, mental break downs, self harm, attempted suicide and the slow suffocation of the human spirit. That is why they have no concern in sending toddler Ferouz Myuddin or 300 others waiting for the same fate, back...into what has been recorded as a condemned environment.

Scott Morrison says HIS amendments to the Migration Act will make it easier to send Asylum Seekers to other countries. If Cambodia, one of the recorded highest raking inhumane countries is not good enough, then Asylum Seekers with only a 49% chance of torture or death, should be sent back to face the consequences. He wants to raise the bar from 10% to 50% and no matter that our legal system is based on the premise "innocent until proven guilty", Asylum Seekers will now have to prove, NOT TO AUSTRALIA but to the Immigration Minister him or her self, AND TO THAT PERSONS OWN DISCRETION, that the Asylum seeker is in fact "who he says he is", a refugee. This is of cause without legal assistance. The changes will also see the removal of some procedural safeguards designed to promote certainty, consistency and fairness in protection status determinations.

These changes will apply to All Asylum Seekers processed in Australia whether they arrive by boat or Plane. The changes to the Bill will also remove provisions for family reunions for asylum seekers who have previously arrived in Australia by boat, this is aimed at discouraging family members of protection Visa holders from arriving in Australia. Scott Morrison thinks that he has the answer.

The Human Right Lawyers, the Law Council of Australia, the United Nations, International options and several thousand Australians are all under miners of his own self righteousness. Do not pass this inhumane and dangerous Bill, especially into the hands of some one who does not have the ability to hear.

Please sign not only this petition but contact your own Federal Member to vote against this Bill.

You can also contact the Prime Minister on Thank you

14. English MP's for English Issues

Now that Scotland is to be given more powers to govern itself should, England be given similar consideration by allowing MP's of English only constituencies to vote on English only issues.

15. حملة "درّجا واعترض" لتفعيل آلية الشكاوى والعرائض في مجلس النواب

يطلق "المركز اللبناني للتربية المدنية" حملة" درّجا واعترض" بهدف دعم اصلاح وتفعيل آلية العرائض والشكاوى. اذ يقّر الدستور اللبناني منذ عام 1926 في المادة 47 للمواطنين بحق تقديم العرائض الخطية مباشرة الى المجلس النيابي. ووفقا لاحكام الفصل الثامن من النظام الداخلي لمجلس النواب، تتولى هيئة مكتب المجلس النيابي، المؤلفة من رئيس المجلس ونائبه واميني السر وثلاثة مفوضين، دراسة العرائض والشكاوى المقدمة، ولها في هذه الخصوص صلاحية اما حفظها أو احالتها الى اللجان النيابية المختصة لمزيد من الدراسة أو احالتها الى الوزير المختص للجواب عليها ولها ان تعرضها مباشرة على المجلس بهيئته العامة ليتخذ موقفا منها. وعلى الرغم من تكريس هذا الحق المباشر للمواطنين في مخاطبة السلطة التشريعية عبر العرائض والشكاوى دون وساطة الحكومة او اعضاء البرلمان، الا ان النظام الداخلي لمجلس النواب لم يحدد التفاصيل المتعلقة بالجهة التي يحق لها تقديم الشكاوى والعرائض وموضوعها ونطاقها وكيفية تسجيلها في قلم المجلس والمهل التي تخضع لها وآلية متابعة نتائجها

تهدف الحملة الى
توسيع موضوع الشكاوى لتشمل اضافة الى الاعمال التشريعية والتنظيمية والقرارات غير التنظيمية الصادرة عن الحكومة والوزارات
والهيئات والادارات والمؤسسات الرسمية والتي تقع ضمن دائرة رقابة البرلمان على اعمال السلطة التنفيذية

إدراج نص يلزم هيئة مكتب المجلس واللجان النيابية في بت الشكاوى والعرائض المحالة اليها في مهلة محددة تحت طائلة احالتها تلقائياً الى اول جلسة عامة تشريعية او رقابية للمجلس النيابي

اقرار هذه الاصلاحات يمكن المواطنين والمواطنات في لبنان من استعمال حقهم المكرس في الدستور وفي القوانين النافذة للوصول مباشرة الى اروقة المجلس النيابي وطرح مطالبهم وإعتراضاتهم بشكل واضح، علني ومكتوب ومسجل امام اللجان النيابية والهيئة العامة للمجلس

استخدام آلية العرائض والشكاوى كاسلوب للضغط لتفعيل الاصلاحات المطلوبة وكوسيلة للدعوة وكسب التأييد والمناصرة للقضايا المحقة

16. Reinstate the Queensland Legislative Council now

In 1922, the Queensland politicians of the day decided to disband the Legislative Council. The Upper House. The House of Review. It was not a decision of The People of Queensland, nor was it their will.

It was a political expedient to remove barriers to dictatorial control of the State of Queensland for the benefit of political parties and those who controlled them, i.e. companies, now more expressively known as corporations.

The passage of draconian laws recently by the Legislative Assembly, where one coalition of parties holds a huge percentage of the seats in that house, demonstrates that we need the Legislative Council as a House of Review to prevent further introduction of laws that remove the rights of The People.

The current "government" of Queensland is out of the control of The People and needs to be reined in and that can only be properly be done by a Legislative Council.


The SADC WE WANT Campaign is solemnly undertaken without party political or narrow sectional interests.

The Campaign calls for Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Justice, People-Centred Economic Integration and Social Cohesion of the people in the Region. It seeks to emphasise Equality and Freedom which reside in the fundamental sovereignty which all of us must enjoy over our circumstances and choices. Hence the people’s organisations call on you to support the core demands of the SADC We Want Campaign:

1. A call for an Establishment of a SADC Parliament to allow the citizens of SADC to determine what form of parliamentary rule should come into existence and give effect to their voices in the governance of the Region.

2. A call for a Regional Court of Justice to guarantee to all, without fear or favour, access to justice and protection of their human rights.

3. A call for the full and complete Ratification of the Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of the People in the Region to enable the peoples and citizens of the Region to move between borders, to trade and exchange, to work and live in harmony as brothers and sisters of Africa- the free movement of free people in a free and prosperous region.

18. Julia Gillard, Legalise same sex marriage

Can you believe that in 2013 we don’t allow same-sex couples to get married? It happens in countries all around the world. Not just where’d you expect like Holland and Sweden. But places like Spain and South Africa. It makes Australia look a little behind.

As president Obama said when referring to the American people "Its time that our brothers and sisters of this nation are all treated equally"

It's time to show Australian parliament that the majority of Australians want to legalise same-sex marriage.

19. No more hefty payrises and pensions for polititians

For far too long now, our political members have been giving themselves EXTREME and UNJUSTIFIED payrises every year while the rest of Australians suffer undignified financial losses in all sectors.

Nor do they need the pension on top of their superannuation payout.

This is pure greed and nothing more.

20. Support Motion 312


The definition of "human being" is of fundamental importance to the governing of Canadian society and the functioning of the Canadian judicial system. The definition present in the Canadian Criminal Code (under section 223(1)) is potentially outdated, and should be revised in light of more recent medical evidence.

The purpose of Motion 312 is to update this definition, and then petition Parliament to make all necessary legal changes in light of revision, if there are any.

Canadian residents of any age may sign.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982):
Section (1) "...guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."

If the unborn are persons, abortion reform is a "reasonable limit" to guarantee "rights and freedoms" of all human beings.

Section (7) "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice."

If the unborn are persons, they must be granted "the right to life", and abortion reform would be necessary to reach such "fundamental justice".

The Canadian Human Rights Act (1985):
Section (2) "...that all individuals should have an opportunity equal with other individuals to make for themselves the lives that they are able and wish to have and to have their needs accommodated, consistent with their duties and obligations as members of society, without being hindered in or prevented from doing so by discriminatory principles...."

If the unborn are human beings, they must be granted "opportunity equal with others to make for themselves...lives". Abortion reform would not be part of "discriminatory principles" against women, but part of ensuring equality in opportunity to live.

If the unborn are persons, then Parliament has the moral duty to give the unborn the right to life. Parliament must, then, also grant pregnant women more federal support, by any just means, so that the child(ren) may be born, and that she does not suffer financially or otherwise.

21. Support a NSW Animal Cruelty Register

There is a significant and undeniable link in society between animal cruelty and general criminal behaviour.

The introduction of an animal cruelty register in New South Wales would be a first in Australia and a benefit to law-enforcement agencies across the state.

Effectively, the introduction of a register would protect both animals and people.

Establishing an Animal Cruelty Register – which operates successfully in a number of states in the USA, including three county's in New York – would require every person convicted of an act of cruelty against an animal within New South Wales to record their names and personal details.

That person would be automatically banned from owning pets for a period of time and their name would be available to law enforcement agencies, animal welfare organisations and shelters, and pet stores.

Offenders would be responsible for ensuring their most up-to-date details and identifiable information is recorded, failing to do so would result in a fine.

Each offender will also be fined for the offence committed and this money would directly support the operation of the register.

The establishment of an animal cruelty register would benefit both humans and animals and would allow the fight against animal cruelty to shift to being more proactive.

Studies show that a person who commit acts of serious crime such as murder, sexual and indecent assaults, domestic violence, and arson, often have a history involving some degree of animal abuse.

Rather than consistently fighting cruelty in a reactive manner, the register would allow authorities to keep an eye on offenders and to, potentially, prevent future abuse occurring.

It would also prevent convicted animal abusers from having access to purchasing or adopting another animal.

The register would also enable law-enforcement bodies to search for potential offenders when an animal cruelty offence, or linked criminal offence, takes place in a certain region.

Please support, sign and share this petition. This will then be taken to NSW Parliament with all the signatures to show the government that members of the voting community want to see the establishment of an animal abuse register.

Thanks for supporting the animals.

22. No Confidence in Harper

The Harper government has proven time and time again, by act and word, that they do NOT have the best interests at heart for Canada, her people, her economy, and her environment.

Please sign this petition if you disagree with Harper's habit of passing laws in secret, the blatant disregard he has for the Canadian people and country, or if you're just had enough of Harper's despotism.

Here is a very small collection of some crimes performed by the Harper government to the Canadian people:

* The Harper government has used voter suppression techniques and overspending to control the elections from 2005-2012. The latest being the Robocall scandal, which is currently under investigation.

* The Harper government passed crime Bill C-10 at night, despite strongly voiced opposition from the People. This bill will unjustly send many people to prison, at an conservative estimated cost Canadians $108,000 / prisoner per year. Avenues of crime and poverty reduction, diverting young offenders from adult prison systems, and offering more services to the mentally ill, while proving very effective, have been neglected or cut.

* The Harper government requested the Governor General to dissolve/prorogue the Parliament to AVOID THREE separate votes of No Confidence by the minority parties.

* The Harper government has cut funding to a number of charities and organizations over the years simply based on ideological or policy reasons, including: Rights and Democracy; International aid group Kairos; research and advocacy work funded by the women's program at Status of Women Canada; and the NRTEE (National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy). CBC and Radio One, the only national not-for-profit news organization is under going massive cuts over the next 3 years for disagreeing with the Harper Government's policies.

*If passed, online spying bill C-30 will have the Canadian people paying for a range of authorities to invasively access your private online information, at any time, without a warrant, which is a breach of UN's Declaration of Human Rights - Article 12

*Broke UN's Declaration of Human Rights - Article 9 - No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. - During the G20 and the Quebec student protests

*Ignoring and mistreating of the First Nations reserves including education and housing cuts, and lack of clean drinking water available to over 50% of the reserves.

*Unwanted privatization of areas of international ecological significance, such as Brewsters Jasper National Park walkway, and the prime grizzly bear habitat of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Ski development.

*Broken UN's Declaration of Human rights - Article 27 - Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author - by stifling information and scientists on Climate change.

23. Petition for a vote of non-confidence in the current Government

We, Canadian people, have lost confidence in the ability of Stephen Harper's Conservative Government to democratically govern Canada and to respect the foundational democratic structures and institutions of our country and the democratic aspirations of the Canadian people.

THAT we have lost confidence in the ability of Stephen Harper's Conservative Government to democratically govern Canada and to respect the foundational democratic structures and institutions of our country and the democratic aspirations of the Canadian people;

THAT the following actions of the Government and its ministers have added to a growing loss of confidence in the Government by the people of Canada and we the undersigned believe their occurrence is cause for the dissolution of Parliament and the calling of a new, democratically-monitored election:

-There is growing evidence exposing massive, intentional, structured vote-suppression of non-Conservative votes in the last federal election.

-The Government of Canada, through its Minister of Agriculture, has publicly stated it need not heed a ruling of a Canadian court of law with regard to the need to consult with prairie farmers via a plebiscite before dismantling the Canadian Wheat Board's single desk monopoly over sale of wheat on the prairies.

The Conservative Party of Canada during the last federal election, along with the Minister of Defence of the current Conservative Government, has consistently misled both the Canadian public and Parliament about the true cost of purchasing F-35 fighter jets, in addition to not opening these contracts to competition.

-The intervention and biasing by the Minister of Natural Resources of a federal Joint Review process of the Northern Gateway Project before the process had even begun, along with the Minister's contempt for Canadians expressing divergent opinions from that of the project's proponent, whose side the Government has chosen to take.

24. Table the HIV/AIDS Bill in the Indian Parliament

As members of civil society and representatives of People Living with HIV (PLHIV), Men who have Sex with Men, Sex Workers and Injecting Drug Users -

We note that the HIV/AIDS Bill, which was finalized by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) in July 2006, continues to be pending with the government and has not been tabled in the Parliament till date.

Constant delay in bringing the Bill to Parliament is a cause of great concern.

25. Polytechnic Students Should NOT Pay Adult Travel Fares - SINGAPORE

Currently, students from polytechnics and universities pay twice as much in bus fares compared to their peers in junior colleges (JCs) and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), who are classified as post-secondary-level.

Polytechnic students, who in all technicalities are doing their post secondary studies, are considered tertiary education students. We end up paying adult fare! Our counterparts in junior colleges get to enjoy the subsidies while we are denied the subsidies.

"With the comparison of MRT concession pass between JCs and Polytechnics, JC student pay about $25 while Polytechnic student pay about $45 per month for the same service." Quoted from Edison Lim's Speech, titled : Student Rate For All Polytechnic Students.

Even as a soon to be polytechnic student, he/she would too have started paying adult fares even before entering a polytechnic. He/she is no longer given student subsidies, even though their age is clearly below that of an adult.

What is most absurd is that, when queried by MP for Nee Soon GRC about student concessions on trains and public buses, the Transport Minister Mr. Lui Tuck Yew, response was that it would cost transport operators $28 million more per year.

Can’t the government fork out the $28 million dollar per year, to provide subsidies for polytechnic students who are doing post-secondary studies? Isn’t the job of the government to provide for the welfare of its people? And would a $28 million pay cut from SMRT’s $895.1 million, or SBS’s $720 Million, affect them? I think not.

26. Saving Owain Glyndŵr's 'Old Dolgellau Parliament House for the Nation

Plas Cwrt yn Dre, also known as Owain Glyndwr’s Old Parliament House was moved from Dolgellau to the Dolerw Park, Newtown in 1886.

The Quakers, who currently own it can no longer afford to maintain it and are selling it for £55,000. It is undoubtedly a national treasure and we think it should be purchased by the Welsh Government for the nation.

27. Save Our Streatham

The Boundary Commission plan to abolish the current Streatham constituency, tearing Streatham itself into three parts in the process.

The Boundary Commission's own guidelines state that they will aim to preserve existing historical and geographical links when proposing changes to constituency boundaries.

Streatham is a vibrant town with a strong sense of identity, evidenced by a broad variety of clubs, events and organisations, from The Friends of Streatham Common and the historical Streatham Society, to the online community Streatham Pulse, the Streatham Redskins ice hockey team and the hugely successful annual Streatham Festival at which both local and global acts perform.

The uniqueness of Streatham has been recognised by Lambeth Council which has agreed a Streatham Town Masterplan Strategy to give overall direction to regeneration and development in the area.

It is no surprise that the current MP put significant emphasis on the fact that he was born and raised in Streatham at the last election and that undoubtedly contributed to his success in a tight campaign.

The existing Streatham constituency is only marginally larger than the upper size limit of 80,473 electors by just a few hundred people.

But rather than trim some of the wards from Brixton, Tulse Hill, or Clapham that are attached to the Streatham constituency, the Boundary Commission's proposals rip the existing constituency into four different constituencies, tearing Streatham itself into three in the process.

The proposal to bolt the Streatham South ward onto the Mitcham constituency shows a complete lack of understanding of the area. Streatham Common is the focus of the community's leisure activities and home to the Streatham Festival. The Mitcham MP, not to mention the residents of Mitcham and Morden themselves, will naturally be focused on their own needs and are unlikely to have any interest in or understanding of the needs of Streatham’s residents. Residents from Norwood or Norbury are more likely to use Streatham Common than those from Mitcham.

And to call one of the newly proposed constituencies 'Streatham and Tooting' is completely misleading considering that it will include less than half of Streatham town itself.

Streatham faces on-going issues, such as the Streatham Hub development, that require dedicated representation in Parliament. To make Streatham's issues the marginal concerns of three different MPs will seriously damage our community.

In a perfect world the existing historic constituency of Streatham would continue to exist in its current form. We do however understand the difficulties the Boundary Commission faces in trying to implement Parliament’s wishes to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600, and to ensure that constituencies have a similar number of voters so that everyone’s vote counts equally. We are not protesting against that, just the implications of the way it is being proposed.

We feel strongly that a constituency with Streatham in its name should continue to exist and should include all four Streatham wards (St. Leonards, Streatham Hill, Streatham Wells and Streatham South), regardless of which other neighbouring wards are added to it to create a constituency that meets the Boundary Commission's criteria.

28. Allow Petitioning all levels of Australian Government using online methods

As it currently stands, petitioning Federal Parliament, and most state parliaments, must be done on paper.

This petition is to have the relevant levels of government make online petitioning and submissions an acceptable form.

29. Oppose the abolition of the Chief Coroner

Please join CRY’s campaign for justice for families of fit and healthy young people who are dying from undiagnosed but inherited heart conditions.

Every week in the UK, 12 young people (under 35 years) die from undiagnosed heart conditions and CRY believe there are hundreds more ‘broken hearts’ which are not being sent to heart specialists for proper examination due to short-comings in the coroners’ system.

This means other family members are at risk if a genetic heart defect is present; and bereaved families suffer even more heartache from not knowing the true cause of death.

To stop these short-comings, a Chief Coroner must be at the heart of the coroners’ system.

A Bill is going through Parliament NOW which proposes to abolish the role of Chief Coroner for England and Wales and this needs to be stopped.

30. Cycle tax for safety's sake

The cyclist free lunch needs to come to an end.
I want to send this idea and my reasons to the sleepy heads in parliament.

I would really appreciate your support on this as these pious Cyclists constantly flout the highway code and then complain about the people who pay an ever increasing amount of money for the roads that they ride for free.

So please help me end this discrimination and make things fair, right safer, and equal for everyone.