Prime Ministers and Presidents of the world

Child abuse...Bullying...they aren't the same thing but have the same message: "Innocent children being HURT, scarred FOREVER". Governments MUST take a stand against this.

Me, the creator of this petition, is just 15 years old...Yes, I am young. To most of you adults, I'm just a child. But a child can have VERY strong opinions, and mine goes to this subject.

Even if I was never a victim of child abuse, I have been a victim of bullying for many, many years. In school, I growed up alone, or when I wasn't, I was just being hurt. All this to say...I know the pain it inflicts in people who are at the mercy of the bullies...and I'd do anything for a child not to have to suffer it...

Everyone in the world today is extremely strong but at the same time of an incredible weakness. Everyone in the world today will make mistakes, will lose his way at times. When those times happen... it's support we need... we all need it one day or another... maybe one day, it will be you...

...so today, please sign this petition for a child in who needs support or encouragement. To let know to the government that the world's children are being beaten down before even standing up. To let know to th e government that we all care for the esrth's children and that we want measures to be taken, plans to be made, laws to be created, to stop the young, innocent ones, from becoming heart broken before even learning the true meaning of love....

By signing this petition, we agree that child abuse is HIGHLY overlooked and that bullying and child abuse is not acceptable.

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