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1. Pardon Kristian Saucier

Whereas during your 2016 campaign you cited the clear injustice and obvious inequality of Naval Submariner Kristian Saucier and Hillary Clinton in the mishandling of classified information,

Whereas Saucier who admitted to his error that was done when he was 22 years old and has proudly served our country for 11 years with the hope of making the Navy a career,

Whereas Saucier was repeatedly given excellent reviews by his supervisors and had risen in rank to US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer (E-6),

Whereas two other Navy men who did the same thing in mishandling "confidential information" a low level classification, remain in the military pursuing their naval careers. Their punishment fit the infraction, and did not include any prison time or dishonorable discharge and loss of benefits. Their military careers went forward, while Saucier's reputation and career was derailed,

Whereas Saucier did not face a military court though he was sill in the Navy at the time, but his case was taken up in a civilian court,

Whereas, as Saucier says in his own words, "I served my country for 11 years, I did two tours in the Middle East, and I would like to have my good name back, that's what's most important to me," he said. "Nothing can give me back the year I lost with my daughter and wife in prison, but a pardon would definitely restore my good name."

Whereas the consequences of what most would consider a "rookie error" without malice and in face of what some elites, politicians, and generals by comparison have done, we the undersigned, petition our Commander In Chief to consider this matter as you said you would during the 2016 campaign. We humbly request that you right this wrong, pardon Kristian Saucier, US Navy 1st Class Petty Officer for his eleven years of exemplary service in the Navy, Honorably Discharge him with all associated benefits.

Thank you for your consideration,

2. Free Porro

Porro is a beautiful friendly placid dog whom has been seized by Newquay police for allegedly nipping a PCSO of which no evidence has been seen, their were witnesses to this alleged incident whom also state their was no such occurrence. I have rung 101 every day to enquire as to my dogs welfare the response I get is "the officer in question will call you and update you" this is all the information I get. Today when I rang they informed me the officer is now on rest day's so will not be back until the 9th August which will take us to nearly 2 weeks of my dog being in kennels somewhere. Porro has never bitten anyone and has never shown signs of aggression to anyone. I am concerned that this will go to court without me being notified which then means I cannot present my evidence to protect my dog from being put to sleep......

3. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


4. Save Old Man Boro's Dog

Old Man Boro has his best friend Linda who is an 18 Month old Kelpie and they both desperately require your help! Most people who live in the Glen Eira City Council areas will know Boro and his companion Linda as they spend most days walking from Caufield to Carnegie with Linda on her leash. Linda is a lovely, friendly and well behaved dog, Linda is usually smothered with love and affection from locals when seen in the streets and when tied up outside shops. Linda loves being patted by adults and especially children and has never harmed anyone. Boro is an elderly man who lives alone with his Kelpie. His dog is all he has now and his young Kelpie provides him with that sense of safety, security and comfort, especially at night. On Friday the 10th of March whilst walking Linda as he does every day, near the Caulfield race track heading towards the dog park. Linda accidentally got loose from her lead due to pulling to hard from excitement and snuck through a big gap in a fence at the Caulfield racetrack. Boro did his best to run after her but being an old man with a young dog this was difficult for him. Boro eventually caught up to Linda where she had stopped to roll around in horse poo. The council though were concerned that Boro could have harmed a horse even though this was not the case and sadly Linda the young Kelpie was confiscated by the Glen Eira City Council and sent to the RSPCA to decide on a day to put this innocent young Kelpie down. Boro doesn't drive so the following day he used all his pensioner money to be able to get a taxi to Burwood's RSPCA to try and get his dog back only to find out when he arrived that he was not allowed to see his dog. This poor old man has been sitting at the council office every single day with a sign begging to get his dog back but they have shown no interest. Please sign this petition and share it around to stop the Glen Eira City Council from putting down innocent Linda who was only having fun and causing no harm. Help us to reunite Boro with Linda, as she is his only family and friend and Boro is lost without him.

5. Justice for Muslims in Burma

This petition is about the unlawful and inhumane killings of Muslims in Burma. Also their rights are being snacthed and they are brutally treated like they do not have a right to exist.

6. Stop the death of innocent people

Innocent people are being killed by extremists groups for religious reasons.

7. End Child Labor in South Sudan

There are 13 million (8.8%) of children in child labour in Latin America and the Caribbean and in the Middle East and North Africa there are 9.2 million (8.4%).

Agriculture remains by far the most important sector where child labourers can be found (98 million, or 59%).

8. Stop Air France from Shipping Primates to Labs

We have all heard the horror stories of what happens to animals in laboratories. But I bet you didn't know where and when this torture happens. I bet you didn't know that while children play, or you are hard at work doing your job, or just living your ordinary life, horrific experiments are being done on innocent animals. Perhaps in your city, even. Or perhaps, it's your city, or country that supplies these animals to the labs.

Air France is currently the ONLY air line left in the WORLD that still rips animals from their homes in the wild, and ships them to their inhumane deaths. Many, if not most people know that this is WRONG.

Lots of people see that this is torture, and that it must stop. But un-fortunately, everybody does not. If they did, primates would be able to live peacefully in the wild where they belong, without being captured, imported to labs, tested on and finally, meet their end after many terrible years in captivity.

9. Justice For Mohamed Faraj & Fouad Faraj

They lost faith in “a lot of things,” they said after these allegations. they already lost so much. Now everything else would be taken from us. ~Fouad & Mohamed farad stated.

“I’m about to lose my son, … my freedom.” ~ Mohamed Faraj

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.

It isn't fair when innocent people are criminalized by false accusations on behalf of people that are just trying to save themselves from persecution. There is no evidence and they are no harm to the community, & we as a community know that. Throughout all of the negativity going on in the City of Detroit most blame is put on these innocent men. The indictment refers to false accusations!

There are so many more Innocent People incarcerated in prison and in jail .Then their are Guilty people..And this is all due to lack of evidence supporting the supposive crime

So with so little hope left, I'll make a last-ditch effort to convince the judge, the people and the government that he is an innocent man who deserves time with his son an innocent man that deserves his freedom.

“Sooner or later, the truth will come out,” and this nightmare will be over.
I pray that the government keeps an open mind. It is no
sin to admit a mistake… I don’t know what else to say except, ‘I swear to God, that they are NOT the people they claim them to be. Please, don’t take away my brothers, too.’” - Mohamed Faraj

10. Turkish Government - Free the Innocent

People who have shared news about Redhack on social media sites have been arrested and remanded in prison.

Prosecutors are demanding 24 years for them and the only intention of this case is to stop the support for Redhack who have surfaced lies and deceits of the government.

11. Free Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabagh

Reyhaneh Haj Ebranim Dabagh is an Iranian citizen who has never been involved in political activities.


On December 27, 2009, the day of ‘Ashura,’ Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabagh was arrested at the home of her friend, Motahareh Bahrami Haghighi. Also arrested were her friend Motahareh and her husband, Mohsen Daneshpour Moghadam, and their son Ahmad Daneshpour Moghadam. On this day people in Iran were holding rallies in protest of the disputed 2009 presidential election results. Reyhaneh was arrested because she happened to be at her friend’s house on that day, and she was transferred to solitary confinement in Evin prison.

Trial and Sentence

Reyhaneh was accused of taking part in demonstrations and “sending pictures and videos of the demonstrations to foreign countries and the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO) organization.” The Revolutionary Court sentenced her and all the people she had been arrested with, to death. This death sentence was handed down even though the only reason she had been detained was that she happened to be at her friend’s house on the day of the arrest. Her sentence was later commuted by branch 54 of the Tehran Appeals court, to 15 year in jail and exile to Rajai Shahr prison in the city of Karaj.


Reyhaneh Haj Ebrahim Dabagh was initially held in solitary confinement in ward 209 in Evin prison, and after that, she was transferred to the public women’s ward of the prison. On November 10, 2010, she was transferred to Rajai Shahr prison in the city of Karaj, where she is now serving her sentence.

ریحانه حاج ابراهیم دباغ شهروند ایرانی است که هیچ‌گونه فعالیت سیاسی نداشته است.


ریحانه حاج ابراهیم دباغ در روز عاشورا، ششم دی‌ماه ۱۳۸۸ همراه با مطهره بهرامی و شوهر و فرزندش محسن دانش‏پور مقدم و احمد دانش‏پور مقدم در منزل آنان بازداشت شد. در این روز که مردم ایران به تظاهرات اعتراضی نسبت به نتایج انتخابات ریاست جمهوری در ایران پرداخته بودند، حضور وی در منزل نزدیکانش منجر به بازداشت وی شد. وی بعد از بازداشت به زندان اوین و سلول‌های انفرادی بند ۲۰۹ آن منتقل شد.

اتهامات و حکم

ریحانه حاج ابراهیم به خاطر اتهاماتی همچون شرکت در تظاهرات‌های اعتراضی و و«ارسال عکس و فلیم از راه‌پیمایی‌های اعتراضی به خارج از کشور و سازمان مجاهدین» در دادگاه انقلاب ابتدا به اعدام محکوم شد. این حکم در حالی صادر شده بود که هم‌پرونده‌های وی نیز به چنین حکمی محکوم شدند و او صرفا به دلیل حضور در خانه‌ی آنان بازداشت شده بود. اما اینحکم در شعبه ۵۳ دادگاه تجدید نظر استان تهران به ۱۵ سال زندان با تبعید به زندان رجایی‌شهر تبدیل شد.
ابراهیم دباغ که در دوران بازداشت در سلول‌های انفرادی بند ۲۰۹ زندان اوین و پس از آن به بند عمومی زنان زندان اوین به سر می‌برد، در آبان ۱۳۸۹ از زندان اوین برای اجرای حکم تبعیدش به زندان رجایی‌شهر کرج منتقل شد.

12. Immediate release of nineteen innocent activists of the Bahrain

This letter will be sent to the King of Bahrain.

You can add your signature to letter through this petition.

Sign and share widely! Thanks!

13. Celebrate Lives of 9/11

Nearly 2,800 innocent men, women and children died September 11, 2001. Many fire fighters and policemen serving their country sacrificed their own lives to save others. Since then, war has erupted and even more death befell upon our country.

The horrendous act of terrorism has changed the United States forever and on its anniversary our district should take a day off to celebrate the lives of those who had lost them.

14. Boycott China Until Murderers Are Held Accountable

On Monday, a picture became circulated of a helpless infant dieing in water in a red bucket in a HOSPITAL in China. After the Chinese Birth Control Office injected poison into the pregnant woman to make her deliver the baby dead, it actually came out alive and started to cry.

The people responsible ripped the baby from its mother and threw it in a bucket, with water in it, to die. This is not going away and harm will come upon our world for this kind of atrocity continuing. Shame on the Chinese government for allowing this, and anyone else who condones this criminal, terrorist activity upon helpless infants.

I ask, and hold and hear by that those involved need to be held responsible, and put in a courtroom where they will be judged for their crimes by the great citizens of the common world. Thank you. Justice and the common man's concern for human life will prevail!

15. Review Illegal Treatment to Ansar Imam Al Mahdi

To all respected news media and Human Rights organizations,

Three years ago, in the month of Muharram 2008, the Iraqi Government forces along with American and British forces attacked a group of followers of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan in the cities of Basra and Al-Nasiriyah. The Iraqi government admitted that they killed 400 in the attack. When they arrested the rest of the Ansar in Basra and sent them to Baghdad, they let them loose after it was made known through interrogation that they did not commit any crimes.

So what is the difference in the events of Al Nasiriyah?

Those that were attacked in Al Nasiriyah by some scholars and the higher council group, were tortured with the worse kind of torture in the governor's house. We ask the question... are there prisoners that are transferred to the house of the governor and tortured at the hands of some scholars?

By what law is that?

Then they arranged for them a trial and with false confessions that they wrote, and they judged them with execution. And when this case turned into discrimination, it remained for two years after the discrimination court decided to counter the judgment, but there are political pressures upon the discrimination court to validate the judgments.

Finally some of the Scholars and the Higher council took advantage of the crimes of Al Qaeda and the people's demands to prosecute them and execute them to pass the execution of 24 of the followers of Imam Ahmad Al-Hassan and life imprisonment to 15 of the Ansar with them.

The Matter of validating the judgment of executing the Ansar is a political execution 100 percent, as there are political forces who wish to execute the Ansar along with the wave of Al Qaeda criminal executions, which in no way relate.

The Iraqi government has confessed to the crime of killing 400, only due to their religious beliefs, and we ask, is this the new democracy that is being built in Iraq? As you read this, they are in the process of executing another 24, who have committed no crime, and imprisoning another 15 to life sentences, due to their religious beliefs.

Accompanied Files:

The Martyr Mujtava who was shot and left to bleed to death while being beat in the incidents that took place in the infamous month of Muharram.

See how the big scholars are inciting violence against the Ansar simply because of their belief.

Al Fayad is here clearly asking the government to obliterate and bury the Ansar of Imam Mahdi a.s. in their place: ... icle&id=41

The burning of the Library of the Ansar in Basra

Archive of photos of the destruction of the Husseiniya and Mosque of the Ansar of Imam Mahdi a.s.

EVERY NIGHT AT 9pm Mecca Time - the show- by what law is this? concerning what is happening against the Ansar, so join in the paltalk room

16. Free the Spearman Siblings

Two, black, siblings, Reginald and Jennifer Spearman, of Pike County, Pennsylvania, are seeking help from their community; Civil Rights Leader, Reverend Jesse Jackson of The Rainbow Push Coalition; and Benjamin Jealous, President of The NAACP.

Reginald and Jennifer are asking all fair and sincere people throughout the United States to sign a Petition for a Hearing to be granted by the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons.

The Spearman Siblings have served 6 of their 25 years sentence for charges of Aggravated Assault in their alleged involvement in a 2003 New Year’s Party Brawl in Birchwood, a community located in Milford, Pennsylvania.

During their time in prison, Jennifer has completed numerous programs in college focusing on Business, Fiber Optic systems and becoming a Network Cable Specialist. Jennifer has also earned a Certification in Paralegal studies in less than two years and is now preparing to take a test in July of 2011 for her license in the field of Cosmetology. Unfortunately, due to Reginald’s minimum time served, he was deprived of the chance to enroll in programs offered by the State. However, Reginald was determined to better his life, and has since already completed one year of college level Business courses and has also maintained an average of 97% on his requirements to become a Certified Paralegal by June of 2011.

17. Justice for the Butt Brothers

ON Aug 15 two brothers, Hafiz Moghees (aged 17) and Muneeb (aged 15) from a very respectable and pious family. One of the brothers was in fact a Hafiz - i - Quran, who was leading Taraawi prayers at a local mosque were beaten continuously to death for hours by the disorderly local and uneducated locals.

This issue shows another kind of law and order where everything happened was watched by Sialkot Police the police made a round circle and supported the others to continue the assault the bodies then these bodies were hunged on the head quarters of the so, called rescue 1122. This such incident is a violation of the international human rights.

The peoples responsible should be Prosecuted and should be subjected to the hardest punishment so, that no such incident can take place in the future.

18. Chris Benoit is Innocent

I have over 7 pages of evidence that prove Chris Benoit is innocent and was framed. There were tons of police errors and the case was over looked at.

I can not post all the facts on here, due to the fact a few names are mentioned, but I can post them in a document. Please, take a look. Justice for Benoit!

19. Stop Punishing Innocent Collegiate Players and Fans

The NCAA is placed in the difficult position of having to punish collegiate athletic programs for rules violations occurring in the past. One tool commonly used is to ban a program from post-season play and/or take away player scholarships.

Schools often self-impose sanctions, hoping it will lessen the wrath should the NCAA act on its own. The most recent situation involves the men's basketball team at USC. The school has sanctioned itself by removing itself from post-season play. This only harms the current players and coaching staff - both of which had nothing to do with the rules violations.

Punishment should be better directed at the people with responsibility for the violations, including the athletic director and designed to affect the schools as a whole to better encourage the prevention of future violations.

20. Shaukathullah Ghori is Innocent

Shock over arrest of Riyadh-based Indian muezzin in Hyderabad
By Shahid Ali Khan

RIYADH – News of the arrest of a Riyadh-based Indian muezzin on his arrival in the Indian city of Hyderabad, Saturday, has raised many eyebrows here.
Many regular worshippers at a mosque in Al-Wazarat district here where muezzin Shaukatullah Ghouri used to call the faithful to prayer five times a day, and sometimes lead obligatory prayers, were shocked by Indian news reports of Ghouri’s arrest.

Ghouri was arrested at Rajiv Gandhi International (RGI) airport at Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad upon his arrival from Jeddah. He is said to have left for Hyderabad for his wife’s medical treatment.

Personnel of the Organization for Counter-Terrorist Operations (OCTOPUS) reportedly arrested Ghouri, his wife and their four children soon after they landed at RGI airport.

The muezzin is accused of involvement in a terror attack in Gujarat on Sept. 24, 2002 which left 30 dead and over a 100 injured.

“Shaukatullah and his brother, Farhatullah, are both involved in the Akshardham temple attack,” DNA newspaper quoted a senior Intelligence officer as saying. “Both the brothers were initially trained by Jaish-e-Mohammad after which they worked in Ahmedabad. When their names figured in the list of suspects in the Akshardham attack case in 2002, both fled to Saudi Arabia.” Farhatullah Ghouri is still absconding, the paper said.

However, few among the worshippers at Hai Al-Wazarat Mosque in Riyadh believe the allegations against Ghouri, a Hafizul Qur’an (memorizer of Qur’an), who has been serving at the mosque for the past two decades.
Hussain Al-Wadani, the Saudi imam of Masjid Al-Salwa, where Ghouri worked, felt that Ghouri would be absolved of the charges.
“God willing, Ghouri will come clean because he is an innocent man,” the imam told a group of Indian Muslims at the mosque, trying to ally their concerns over news of the arrest.
Ghouri is a professional muezzin and well known for his good character, voice and skills of recitation of the Qur’an and for the azan (prayer call), one of the Indians in the group told Saudi Gazette, asking not to be identified.

“It seems Ghouri is being framed,” he said. “We have been reading media reports and watching news channels on how the police have been victimizing innocent people, and strangely enough some were even killed in fake encounters.”
The Imam said he would do his best to support Ghouri in whatever paperwork he might require from Riyadh.
Others who frequent the mosque said they would sign a petition for submission to Indian Ambassador M.O.H. Farooq seeking his intervention for the safe release of Ghouri.

Rashid Abdul Qayoom, a regular worshipper at the mosque, said he has know Ghouri since he arrived in Saudi Arabia. “Ghouri is a legal resident of Saudi Arabia. He arrived in Riyadh on a “free visa” sometime in 1989, and since 1991 he has been working as a muezzin at Masjid Al-Salwa, Qayoom said.
Many students of the Qur’an memorization madrasa that Ghouri ran at his house were also shocked by news of the arrest. All of Ghouri’s children are Hafiz (who have memorized the Holy Qur’an).

Ghouri’s neighbor told Saudi Gazette that Ghouri was drawing a monthly salary package of around SR2,100 which was hardly enough for his six-member family’s monthly expenses. “The muezzin sahib very often spoke about financial hardship, particularly when it came to payment of annual housing rent,” the neighbor said. Ghouri managed by running the Qur’an memorization school which has an enrolment of around 20 students, he said.

To travel to India, Ghouri chose to fly Oman Air for its comparatively cheaper fares, the neighbor added, speaking on condition of anonymity.
According to Indian news reports, Ghouri was taken to an undisclosed location where he was interrogated by officials of OCTOPUS and the local police. His wife and children were taken to a farmhouse where their baggage was searched and their passports and some educational certificates were seized. His wife and children were later released.

Ghouri was handed over to the Gujarat police on Sunday morning as a non-bailable arrest warrant is pending against him in the Akshardham case, reports said. – SG

21. Release and Acquitt James Mills

Many innocent Americans are held in jails across the country for crimes they did not commit. Some are released but many are forced to spend years, if not their entire lives, behind bars for someone else's crimes.

Most are convicted as a result of mistaken identity and/or botched investigations. Our mission is to prevent such an outcome in this situation.

22. Stop the abusive powers of the courts of the State of Washington

As with the brochure, "A guide on When and How to challenge, Seal, vacate or expunge" in regards to criminal court records. "There is currently no statute that would allow for destruction of a court record from a proceeding involving a criminal action against an adult." - State of Washington, June 2008

This means that a person who is charged with a crime, yet is found not guilty will have that charge on his record and will negatively affect employment, rental and educational opportunities in the State of Washington and the United States of America.

Judges are not allowing citizens that have been accused of a crime, yet found not guilty, to have their records destroyed or expunged. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

23. Do Not Execute Charles Raby

Charles Raby is an innocent man on death row. Even if he wasn't innocent, it is not the government's place to decide who lives and who dies.

Please help save Charles Raby from execution by signing this petition.

24. Free Clinton Young

Clinton Young is a youngman currently waiting to be killed by the state of Texas. He was sent to death row 7 years ago while he is innocent of the crime he got convicted of.

There is forensics, statements and other very serious evidence that prove his innocence. In order to save his life we must act now!

Please sign the petition and check his website for more information and updates. You can also contact

25. Do not execute Larry Swearingen

Texas Death Row Inmate, Larry Swearingen #999361 Gets Execution Date on January 27, 2009.

An INNOCENT MAN on death row in Texas.

26. Free Elsa Newman

Elsa Newman. Please remember that name. Please google that name for information about this mother, unjustly imprisoned at Maryland Correctional Institution for women.

The exact details of the circumstances that have led to this injustice cannot be divulged here for legal reasons. But further information can be obtained from my blog located at

27. Stop the Porygon ban

In 1997, there was a Pokemon episode titled 'Denno Senshi Porygon' ('Electric Soldier Porygon'). Over 700 children had seizures and the episode was banned worldwide.


28. No to Drink Driving Petition

This petition is to try and make the English government change their laws and make harsher punishments and jail sentences for people who drink and drive or drug drive and injure or kill an innocent person.

Whether your from the UK or not, PLEASE help bring justice to all the families who feel cheated because they have lost loved ones. If you had a friend or family member killed you'd want some sort of justice wouldn't you?

PLEASE sign this and get idiots who think it's clever to be drunk behind the wheel to stay sober behind bars.

29. Bloodshed of Men, Women & Children BY General Musharraf

It's not hidden to any one that Musharraf is responsible or cause of (directly or indirectly) bloodshed of thousands of innocent Men, Women & Children.

It might have happened in the incidents or war or action against our brothers in tribal areas or in Islamabad (Lal Masjid) or Bajoor agency or blasts in any polictial gathering, every one is political intelligent to assess the beneficial party out of it.

Action against the tribes & Islamic fundamentals is helping him in gaining US-Europe support.

Gripping the people in suicide attack philosophy is to create a fear in every pakistanis mind & also threating the political forces to avoid such processions & ultimately all these suicide attacks were basis to his action for Emergency.


30. Justice For Douglas! If You could make a difference in a life, Would You? Now you can! God will Bless

What if you were convicted of a crime, but there wasn't one? They all say "I'm Innocent" This Man really is! You decide!

Douglas was convicted of first degree murder in 1995. He has always pledged his innocence. The scientific evidence also backs up the Truth, that he has been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for a term of life!

There is so much new evidence to prove his innocence that this goes to the injustices against him if he is not granted a new trial. Douglas wasn't convicted of just any crime, but the worst of all crimes, the murder of a child. Her name was Nicole and she wasn't quite two. Her Mother had taken her to the Doctor ten days before she died because she had unexplained bruising all over her body, the Doctor diagnosed Nicole with a blood disorder which causes the blood vessels to hemorrhage without trauma. The Doctor gave her mom a prescription, that was that, but sadly it wasn't, it was just the beginning. Nicole's mom never filled that prescription, and ten days later baby Nicole died of a bleed in her brain. Because Nicole was bruised and had the hemorrhaging in her brain, they assumed she had been beaten, AKA shaken baby, and never concerned themselves with her diagnosis just ten days earlier.

Now lets skip ahead 1999, Doug was convicted and sitting in prison when he finds out that, the baby's parents are suing the Doctor for misdiagnosis of their child saying that if the Doctor had diagnosed their daughter correctly she would have lived, but because he had said it was a blood disorder not child abuse as Doug had been convicted of, she died.

So the Doctor having the financial ability to defend himself and get to the truth in what really happened to baby Nicole, he hired experts to review all the contents of the case, pathology, everything, and then A BOMB SHELL! In the same court house where Doug was convicted of the first degree murder of this child, it was determined that it was truly, the blood disorder that caused Nicole to die. Based on expert medical testimony, and all the evidence, the court determined that Baby Nicole had in fact died of the blood disorder, and that she had in fact been correctly diagnosed. Now this is just the tip of the iceberg and yet given this alone, Doesn't Doug deserve a trial where all the facts of the case surrounding this child's death are known? Medical testimony, as to the diagnosis of the deceased child.

Doug was provided what I consider to be no defense. His public defender, didn't even file the appeals that were mandatory after his conviction in this case.

So many have dropped the ball in this case, that I don't even know where to begin, and yet the Lord has put it on my heart to do something about this injustice.

Please sign this petition if you also feel the new evidence needs to be looked at, to ask that Doug will be given the fair trial that he deserves and we expect. Thank You for your time and God Bless, Family & Friends of Douglas