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1. Support Total Terror!

Total Terror Haunted Attraction, located at Pleasant View Farm, is being denied a permit to operate in Chesterfield County VA by the Planning Department. It is up the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors to decide the fate of Total Terror, we ask for your support for the right of our farm to engage in agritourism and provide entertainment.

2. Petition against closure of HDC Customer Services in St Neots.

Huntingdonshire District Council has announced its intention to close its Customer Services Centres at St Neots,. HDC claim that a fall in demand for the Service to 8,000 residents each year is the result of users preferring to use the internet rather than visit the HDC.

Over the same period that resident visits have fallen, HDC has altered and reduced opening hours making use of the remaining Service difficult to access. Many users of the St Neots Customer Services Office pay Council Tax instalments which HDC advise can be paid by Direct Debit. Those residents who are in, or recovering from debt may not have bank accounts or basic bank accounts which do not allow Direct Debit Payments. Moreover, the elderly, vulnerable and poorest members of our community may not have access to, or difficulty using technology based services.

20%-25% of Huntingdonshire residents live in St Neots and Little Paxton area. The bus fare to Huntingdon based Customer Services is £8 per visit and would require many of our poorest residents to lose at least a half days pay.

HDC has a Planning Policy to concentrate new housing at large towns and a further policy to make social and affordable at least 40% of new homes - it is most likely these people will most need Customer Services support.

HDC has recently cut its support for Citizens Advice Bureau and the Disability, Information and Housing Service..The total saving to HDC of closing St Neots Customer Services and two other Offices is £30,000 each year.

3. Fix The Dress Code 2k17

Everyday, girls are sexualized and objectified for wearing clothing that allows them to be comfortable in hot weather. Whether this be shorts or a tank top, no girl should have to be pulled out of class to change their clothing. Classrooms don't have air conditioning in the hot seasons, yet girls are expected to wear full length pants and shirts. "Short must be mid-thigh"- but absolutely no stores sell those kinds of shorts, fashionable or not. Girls deserve as many rights as boys do when it comes to dressing for the weather. Shoulders and thighs should not be considered too sexual for school and we hope this changes.

4. Cartoon Network - Old Is Gold

Growing up was a blast with Cartoon Network in the 90's. We've all read a lot of posts and articles about being a 90's kid and feel like going back to those times and watching those cartoons today. Here's a chance to support and see the change! YOU can bring 'em back and show this generation what they missed!


AMGGRC atau All Malaysian Golden Gate Revival Convocation ialah satu acara keagamaan yang dilangsungkan dengan kerjasama Israel.
Tujuan acara ini adalah untuk meraikan satu perayaan besar menyambut kedatangan era baru serta kebangkitan Agama Kristian yang mempunyai agenda kristianisasi terhadap rakyat Malaysia. Lebih malang upacara ini juga turut mengaitkan dengan gerakan di Juruselam, Israel dimana Israel telah merampas hak orang Palestine.
Orang2 Yahudi juga dikategorikan sebagai musuh Islam yang nyata. Antara ayat ayat promosi mereka adalah mengembalikan tanah tanah dan hak hak kepada orang Israel.
Ini Tanah Melayu, tanah asal usul keturunan Melayu.
Orang2 Islam juga harus ingat ancaman yang dibawa oleh Israel kepada seluruh dunia.
Upacara ini harus dihalang dan dihentikan daripada diadakan di Malaysia serta mempengaruhi minda dan aqidah orang Islam.

6. IL District 14 Town Hall For Health Care

Representative Randy Hultgren voted in favor of the AHCA legislation that originated in the House. Prior to the vote, he did not let his district know what his vote would be. We ask that Mr. Hultgren answers unfiltered questions from constituents at a town hall to address the reasons he voted for the bill prior to the CBO report being released and why he supports a bill that will remove 23 million American's ability to access or afford insurance.

7. Provide for (Aalbers) Patients Left without Care

Dr. Aalbers is a well known pediatric neurologist in Kansas City. He is one of a few trained movement disorder specialists treating many rare disorders. Many of his patients came to see him from all around the world. His extremely experienced and effective at programming DBS (deep brain stimulation) regardless of complexity. Additionally, he has greatly improved the outcomes and qualities of life for numerous children with movement disorders by utilizing botox injections, baclofen pumps, and other cutting edge procedures. His compassion, care and skill have been indispensable in the lives of many children who have been labeled as "too difficult to treat" elsewhere.
In mid-May he was suddenly gone from Children's Mercy Hospital. With no other neurologist in the department, much less the region, as talented and effective as he, many of the children he treated are left in precarious and even life-threatening situation.
This petition is to request that patients and/or their replacement neurologists be permitted access to Dr. Aalbers to ensure the safety and health of the children

8. Lets get Belgium to change Custody laws before its to late

Hello, I have a friend who lives in Belgium and is greatly suffering from a law she cannot change on her own, many of those who live in Belgium may also be suffering from the same fate. She currently has a child with a man she is no longer with and is forced to share custody with this man. But this man is no ordinary man, he has admitted to raping a girl, has had child pornography on his computer, relations with young children even the age of 11, and has done other disgusting acts. The court of course ruled that he still gets to see his child because of the 50/50 law, however to me and i am certain many others this is outrageous. How could u let a child go home with a CHILD MOLESTER, what right mind could u possibly have to approve this. And at this point it seems they wont even put him in jail, saying he just needs some counseling. Why is this guy not in jail already. Why is the laws in Belgium not humane. This is wrong and i want to fight this for my friend and everyone suffering from this insanity.


Governance in Imo state since the inception of the Rochas Okorocha led administration has drastically fallen in standard following the style of governance of the Governor which is characterized by executive recklessness, impunity and non observance of due process and rule of law in government conduct, lack of accountability and transparency just to mention but a few. The people are now under intense hardship, hopelessness and poverty while the governor and his family whom he has used to surround his government are living in opulence.

10. Children’s right to have two loving parents after their separation

This petition is for our daughters, for all children missing their fathers, and the sad dads (and mothers) who are suffering from the socially perpetuated uncritical assumption that mothers would be naturally and culturally predestined to be the sole caregiver for a couple's child. Although a family's benefit from father's involvement in child rearing has been demonstrated, mothers who are trying to fulfill social expectations to be a single mom and even "maternal gate-keeping" have persisted to be a controlling practice hindering the participation of the children's fathers. Children and fathers in many cases/societies don’t have a legal voice at all. Countries are still failing to uphold a UN convention setting out children's rights to maintain relationships with both parents.

Separation or divorce is the result of problems between parents. It is not the children's fault. But it does affect children a lot. Therefore it is about protecting the rights of children to have two loving parents fully involved in their lives wherever possible, to the benefit of the children, their families, and wider society. Children have the right to meaningful contact with both parents. Although 50/50 time share enforcement may be unpractical, to maintain an emotionally close relationship a dad’s involvement in every-day activities and bedtime rituals are required that go beyond a couple of hours of playtime once or twice a week.

Without fathers having done something wrong, the socio-cultural environment and some mothers themselves can be non-supportive regarding equality in parenting, even where mutual parenting would be logistically feasible. For children at any age, anger, anxiety, and sadness can carry the risk to lead to depression and developmental problems.

But still, there is a "motherhood mystique" and a related one-sided pressure on single mothers to deprive their children of their loving father. It is important to strengthen all involved parties in the acknowledgment of facts against the established misinformation that is still guiding public opinion and policies occurring children losing their father's care.

With your signature, you help to address the problematic to policy makers around the world. Thank you very much!

11. Fight for 5!

Americans demand that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) lower the level of nationwide support required to participate in “leading candidate” debates. The current number is 15%, we insist that it be lowered to 5%.

• People across the nation seek a wider variety of political options, especially when it comes the the President of the United States of America.
• Third party presidential candidates always have the odds stacked against them. Their message is smothered by the sheer weight of their competitors’ financial power.
• Lowering the prerequisites to participate in the CPD debates of the general election will help even out the playing field, and open the door for more qualified and innovative candidates that are not held back by the two establishment parties.

12. Investigate news media for Knowling Broadcasting False Information, in accordance with FCC Regulations

Knowingly broadcasting false information concerning a crime or a catastrophe may violate the rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Specifics of the FCC’s Rules

The FCC’s rules prohibit holders of broadcast licenses from broadcasting false information concerning a crime or a catastrophe if:

the licensee knows the information is false; and
the licensee knows beforehand that broadcasting the information will cause substantial “public harm.” The public harm: (1) must begin immediately and cause direct and actual damage to property or the health or safety of the general public; or (2) divert law enforcement or public health and safety authorities from their duties

13. E-Petitions for the City of Cockburn - YES or NO

To E-Petition or not to E-petition

At our last Council meeting 11th May 2017, a petition with around 8000 signatures was rejected by the City for not meeting a number of requirements under Clause 4.6 of the City's Standing Orders, Local Law 2016.

The main reason for rejection was that the City does not accept e-petitions or online petitions.

The Department of Local Government asserts the City of Cokburn has the power to change this local law and allow E-petitions.

I want to know if you would like to see this changed, similar to other cities across Australia and our Australian Parliament?

Does the effort that goes into hand written signatures reinforce a commitment to the issue and heightened sense of importance and/or do most people generally sign a petition because they believe in the cause, whether electronically or handwritten?

Is it time we caught up with the digital age and people's busy lifestyles or do you want to remain with paper?

If you want to go digital vote here?

Lee-Anne Smith
East Ward Councillor
The City of Cockburn

14. Send Ali Khalil as a coach to 2017 World Championships

Unfortunately our Taekwondo governing body Australian Taekwondo have denied Ali Khalil to be a part of the coaching team to the 2017 World Championships.

Given Ali's coaching history;
• 2x Olympic Coach,
• 3x World champ coach,
• Multi high ranked bench mark events coach,
• 2011 Uni Championships Coach (Australia's first ever gold medal at this event -athlete coached by Ali)
• 2013 World Championships (Australia's first ever gold medal at this event -athlete coached by Ali Khalil)
• Only coach in the Oceania region (and 1 out of 30 in the world) to achieve the highest possible coaching status of Olympic Coach Class.

It is a shame that a late application has prevented Ali as being selected to be a part of the coaching staff for the 2017 World Championships.

Unfortunately this now denies our highest ranked athletes the coaching expertise they deserve.

Ali Khalil secured 3 athletes on team and two of those athletes (Olympians Safwan and Hayder) are the only 2 athletes in Australia who are ranked "podium ready", the highest possible ranking within Australia.

The intention of this petition is not to replace Ali with an already appointedited coach, but to also allow Ali a coaching position on the Australian team.

Please support by signing this petition.

15. Galvestonians Request Fair Taxation (GRFT)

1. The residents of Galveston are the city’s largest, and most efficient, economic driver and pay local, state, and federal taxes.
2. The Port of Galveston (PoG) is a municipal entity that pays no local, state, or federal taxes.
3. Galveston voted to buy the PoG in 1945 with the promise, by city leaders and the Daily News, that payments (property taxes) to the city would continue as they had in the past.
4. In 1942, PoG payments to Galveston represented 13.2% of the PoG’s gross revenues.
5. In 2014, the PoG payment to the city represented 0.58% of the PoG’s gross revenues.
6. If PoG payments remained at 13.22% of gross revenues, they would have paid the city $3.7 million in 2015. Actual 2015 PoG payment was $188,076.
7. Since 1975 Galveston taxpayers have had their property taxes increase, on an annualized basis, by over 10%.
8. Since 1975 PoG payments to the city have increased, on an annualized basis, by 0.40%. [Note: Taking inflation into account, the actual rate of increase for PoG payments is negative.]
9. PoG revenues have increased with inflation since 1945.
10. If PoG payments to the city had kept pace with inflation, they would have paid the city $2.7 million in 2015. Actual 2015 PoG payment was $188,076.
11. By Charter, the Wharves Board and the PoG do not answer to Galveston’s City Council. Any lasting, permanent change to the PoG’s payments can only be accomplished through a Charter change.


Eminem has not been in Toronto since 2014!? LETS GET ANOTHER EMINEM CONCERT IN CANADA ONTARIO EVERYONE!! I have to see Eminem live before I die, it's on my bucket-list, I assume I am not alone on that...

Share this petition!!!! WE NEED A CONCERT NOW!!!!!!!

17. Please More Peter Kay's Car Share

Peter Kay's Car Share has taken the UK's TV viewing audiences by storm and thousands of people have fallen in love with John & Kayleigh's story. We all need at least one more special episode or series to see if they become a couple. Please Peter, hear everyone's voices and give us what we all need and wish. This whole tv series was a true gem and to create a series with so many laughs and a few tears was a true masterclass.

18. Texas Lawmakers Please Make UTVs and side by sides legal for off highway use and allow legal registration.

In Texas we are not allowed to register our UTV (utility terrain vehicle) or ROV (recreational off-highway vehicle) for OHU (off-highway use). This includes vehicles such as the American made Polaris RZR and Ranger. There are many types of manufactured vehicles that can and should be allowed to register for Off-highway use once they pass the state mandated inspection and are properly insured to drive on Texas roads. Today you can go to many dealerships in Texas and buy a foreign made moped made in a foreign country for $2500 and have it registered for off-highway use with no problems. Then ride it around with the cheapest insurance available offering the least coverage out there. The Polaris RZR is a high end ($20,000+) four wheeled vehicle with disc brakes, fuel injection, LED headlight and taillights with brake lights. With the addition of turn signal lights and DOT approved tires it is 100 times safer than any moped or other home built vehicle such as a sand rail or dune buggy that the state currently allows to be registered to drive on Texas roads. We are not asking for special treatment or new laws to be passed for the use of UTVs for OHU. We only ask that they be allowed to be inspected and registered for OHU just like the moped or the sand rail or dune buggy that is currently allowed now. Let them be inspected and once found safe for road use, allow us to register them for Off-highway use in and around our neighborhoods and any other road that is not a state highway. Thank you.

19. Απαιτούμε να απομακρυνθεί ο Καλάθης απ'τον Παναθηναϊκό

Ο Νικ Καλάθης δεν μπορεί να αγωνίζεται ως ΑΡΧΗΓΟΣ σε μια απ'τις πιο ιστορικές ομάδες της Ευρώπης... Καλούμε την ΚΑΕ ΠΑΝΑΘΗΝΑΪΚΟΣ να αναλάβει άμεσα τις ευθύνες της.

20. We Bleed Red and Black

Due to the recent suicides in our community, (Coatesville,PA) , a group of Coatesville Senior High School alumni have started a support group and have offered to bring a presentation and programs to the schools of CASD . This group of people are trained in Mental Health First Aid and would just like to offer a helping hand and letting these students know that they are not alone. But they have been placed on hold for whatever reason. Coatesville Area School District is bringing in counselors and Crisis Interventions Teams despite the help offered from this group of people. So, we need your help. By signing this petition, you are giving this support group a chance to tell these kids in the school district, real stories and scenarios from people they see and live around on a daily basis and people they can relate to. A group that went to Coatesville HS and know first hand what these students are going through. As opposed to the Crisis Intervention Team and counselors provided that have no relation or connection what so ever to these Coatesville students Please help give us a voice. We want to better our community.

21. Ban Live Exports

The aim of this petition is to stop the cruel torturing and slaughtering if millions of innocent animals because of live exports. I want the Government to implement a new law or put in some action to stop this horrible trade.

22. Support for Santa Lucia Pizza - Additional Parking

We thank you for your support!

23. AUBG Alumni Petition - Call For Action!

• AUBG alumni are deeply concerned with what is happening at AUBG during the last years and share the opinion that the current situation is unacceptable.
• The time for evolutionary change has long passed. AUBG’s success requires a change of leadership, a change of structure, a change of the academic program and a change of mindset. The only way to achieve this is through a major change in the AUBG Board of Trustees.
• We demand and expect concrete actions by the Board of Trustees, as listed below.

24. AUBG Alumni Petition - Call For Action

• AUBG alumni are deeply concerned with what is happening at AUBG during the last years and share the opinion that the current situation is unacceptable.
• The time for evolutionary change has long passed. AUBG’s success requires a change of leadership, a change of structure, a change of the academic program and a change of mindset. The only way to achieve this is through a major change in the AUBG Board of Trustees.
• We demand and expect concrete actions by the Board of Trustees, as listed below.

25. Keep SD Nuclear Waste Free

DOE is using their 'consent based siting' process on Haakon County to conduct a feasibility borehole to determine if nuclear waste can be stored 5k (3.1 miles) below the surface. 'Consent based siting' is used for repositories and disposal sites. We do not want to open that door. DOE does not require consent from local governments for a research project and, yet, DOE requires RESPEC to solicit approval from the governor, our state representatives, our county commissioners, and our local town boards all without going to the people first!!! This project depends on the Haakon County Commissioners approval. We appreciate your support! Sign the petition and email your commissioners you do not support this project at **IMPORTANT NOTE: Put the county your are registered to vote in the "state, county" box!!!! We accept all SD signatures but need to sort by county! Realize the sponsors of the petition plan to print names and emails to give directly to commissioners so please be respectful in what you write.. If you're unsure of 'anonymous' really means, please read the FAQ page. If you'd rather sign a paper petition, please ask us. If you have been disrespectful, it does allow you to edit. Thank you.

26. Keeping Candy Halko as Store Manager at #8204 Cortana

We are starting this petition because of the changes in this club since Candy Halko has been here. The company's morale has been a total change since she has arrived. This Club has been under so many managers with no care or concern for the employees as well as the customers. Employees are now threatening to walk out if she is replaced. We have seen a total turn around since she has been here, and we feel if another manager comes in again, we will be put back in the same position we were in before Candy came. Sales have been up as well as morale because she cares! We need a leader that cares!

27. Revoke B.B.C license fee.

The B.B.C is a bias organization that has been allowed to go its own way for far too long. Their promotion of organizations that defame and denigrate the United Kingdom is disgusting.. This has to be stopped and if they loose the license fee, they may think again, and people power will have won. Join this petition and go a long way to clean up this country, quite apart from saving money !

28. Help Save Elke's Account

We all know that Elke Seyfried and Beate Seyfried are related. Elke Seyfried has been a Face Book member since 2009 and Beate (her sister) just joined Face Book a few weeks ago. Face Book is Trying to shut down Elke Seyfried's because someone reported her. Elke Seyfried is a very good person that would help anyone and not harm anyone. Please help me in trying to keep Elke Seyfried's account Alive. Thanks for all of your help.

29. Sign Petition to support Yakima as a "Welcoming City for All People"

OneAmerica and community volunteers will continue to support a "Welcoming City" resolution for the people of Yakima. Over 2,000 signatures will accompany this online effort until further announcement. Stand with us and please show your support and help protect our immigrants, refugees and any other undocumented people of Yakima. Thank You.

30. Monarchy status for Catholics

The "Bill of rights" states that a catholic can not become king of England. I do not think this is fair on the members of the catholic faith so would like an amendment to the said "Bill of rights" to allow a Catholic to sit on the throne of England