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1. Oppose Domino's Variance in Glover Park

Domino's Pizza Inc. is a large American pizza restaurant chain and one of their local restaurants in Georgetown will be closing due to redevelopment. The Application of Team Washington, Inc. d/b/a Domino's Pizza is filing for a special exception for a variance, to establish their fast food and food delivery establishment in the MU-27 and R-13 zones located at 2330 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, in the Glover Park neighborhood. Domino's is seeking zoning relief for a project or use that is not allowed for the zoning district.

Domino's hours of operation will be from 10am-3am and will potentially cause noise disturbances for residences in this area late into the evening. Also trash that this type of business will bring, aides in the breeding ground for the city’s rat population and would increase this activity and put further strain on our neighborhood’s ability to deter rodents.

A fast food chain such as Domino's Pizza, which operates into the early morning hours with delivery of food located in a highly residential area, not only brings trash, noise and rodents, but safety concerns for its neighbors and children. Delivery drivers bring increased danger entering and exiting the parking lot onto the 2300 block of 37th Street NW and will also add additional traffic on the 2300 block Wisconsin Avenue during the evening hours when their delivery pattern changes.

Their delivery hours are Sunday-Thursday 10:00am-2:00am and Friday-Saturday 10:00am-3:00am which are concerning for all residence and are unsafe, especially reckless delivery drivers who are in a rush to make deliveries. Not only is Glover Park a heavy pedestrian neighborhood, but within 150 feet of this proposed location there are 10+ children under the age of 9 who are often walking to and from school and around the neighborhood daily.

Our neighborhood currently has a handful of local run businesses which makes us unique. Our neighborhood would like to support a retail business that benefits everyone and brings more diversity vs. another fast food chain.

We are asking that you sign this document opposing this special exception variance for Domino's Pizza and stand together to create the change we want to see in the neighborhood.

2. Restore Democracy at Glenorchy Council

For more than two years the Glenorchy City Council has been under a Board of Inquiry. The Minister for Planning and Local Government initiated the Board of Inquiry due to concerns in relation to the governance arrangements at the Council. His concerns over the governance arrangements became so significant that in February 2017 he suspended the Council, and installed a commission for the remainder of the Board of Inquiry.

While the residents of Glenorchy deserve to understand the details of what has occurred within their council; the presentation of the final report of the Inquiry to the Minister has been delayed by ongoing legal challenges by some Aldermen and Senior Staff.

While the BOI remains held up in legal challenges, the residents of Glenorchy go without democratic representation. At present the Minister can only dismiss the Council, and call a new election, by way of considering the BOI report.

It is clear to many within the Glenorchy Community that there were members of the currently suspended Council that were fighting to ensure transparency. While it is clear to many that there were members of of the currently suspended Council that were not fighting to ensure transparency.

The Minister should consider presenting legislation to Parliament to allow an election to be held in Glenorchy; for the community to show that they have judged those that member of the suspended Council for not upholding the community expectations to govern appropriately, and to allow democracy to be re-instated.

3. Ban Plastic Bags in St Lukes Mall Auckland!

Plastic bags don't biodegrade, they photodegrade – breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits. A single plastic bag can take between up to 1,000 years to break down, but as it breaks down, plastic particles contaminate soil and waterways and enter the food web when animals accidentally ingest them. This effects the animals hugely due to the fact that after ingesting plastic it can very easily kill them. Recently there have been large patches of plastic found in the middle of the ocean big enough to gain the title of 'plastic islands'. We have been finding different ways to get rid of plastic so that it is out of sight, but these actions still have a major impact on our environment. This is why we need to go straight to cutting down the amount of plastic we use so that our environment and animals don't face as much of a risk. We can start by removing all plastic bags from a single mall in Auckland, Saint Lukes Mall, Mt Albert. It is our goal to bring attention to this idea and make it happen. We have already done it in our supermarkets, so I'm sure New Zealand can make it happen in our malls too!

4. Getting Rid of Section377 of the Indian Penal Code

I stand with you, and I know, we stand together against discrimination whether it be against women, in the LGBTQ community or against any caste or religion. Up until recently, homosexuality was synonymous with the word ‘abomination’ and to many people, it still is. On 10th december, 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the universal declaration of human rights. It states that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” Yet, forward to 2017, the UN Human Rights Council expresses grave concern at acts of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In 72 countries, same sex relationships are criminalised in violation of basic rights. However, the tide is turning, and since 1990, almost 40 countries have legalised same-sex relationships. Many more have lawfully banned discrimination against LGBTQ people, since more and more countries now recognise the urgency.

Unfortunately, India isn’t one of these countries. The discrimination being faced by the members of the LGBTQ community in India is a serious issue. They are targets of hate and brutal acts of violence. Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code encourages this discrimination by criminalising homosexuality. Section 377 labels innocent citizens as criminals only for having a different sexual orientation. We, as citizens of India, must work towards protecting the basic rights of the LGBT people. Getting rid of a hurdle like Section 377 will be a big step towards achieving this.

No longer should we sit in silence, we must stand for what we know is right, and that is equality and justice for all.

Let’s help bring about the change we want to see in society! You can help by signing this petition.

Contact me:

5. We demand to stop the animal abuse by law NOW

A 14year old boy murdered his dog while his friends filmed all the scene.The boy had no mercy and was having fun torturing the poor creature.They MUST be punished.In Albania there is no law regarding the animal rights,so we DEMAND that every person that harms animals or uses animals for fights,to be punished by law.

6. تثبيت الزواج

تطرح هذه العريضة موضوع الأشخاص اللبنانيين المتزوجين فعليا دون تسجيل زواجهم أصولا لدى المحاكم الشرعية والدوائر المختصة في مدينة طرابلس .والمقصود بعبارة المتزوج فعليا في الزواج غير المسجل أصولا كل عقد أجري بين شخصين دون الحصول على إذن من المحكمة الشرعية وفقا للقانون. وُضعت هذه العريضة لتسليط الضوء على مشكلة إنسانية لطالما بقيت في الكتمان بعيدا عن المعالجة القانونية السريعة والإدارية، فباتت معضلة إجتماعية تعتريها اشكاليات
قانونية وإدارية على حد سواء

من جهة أولى فإن الزواج غير المسجل ينعكس سلبا على حقوق المرأة الزوجية والإرثية والمجتمعية. ومن جهة ثانية،فإن الزواج غير المسجل يؤثر بشكل مباشر على الأسرة والمجتمع وتبرز مشكلة جديدة وهي مشكلة الأطفال اللبنانيين المكتومي القيد وإثبات تابعيتهم اللبنانية وصعوبة تسجيلهم قبل تسجيل الزواج الغير المسجل

7. Keep Whole Foods in Glover Park, Washington DC

Whole Foods has operated at 2323 Wisconsin Ave, NW in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington DC since 1996. The grocery store closed in March 2017 for a major renovation but is now embroiled in a legal dispute with its landlord, Wical LP.

Wical, LP seeks to evict the grocer (sometimes referred to Georgetown Whole Foods) based on a breach of lease terms. As a result, the renovation has stalled, Whole Foods has sued its landlord asking the courts for an injunction to prevent the eviction, and the residents of Glover Park, Georgetown and other neighborhoods suffer. Moreover, there is now a very large empty corner storefront of a commercial strip on a heavily traveled corridor.

Whole Foods has stated it is their intention to complete the renovations and re-open the store as soon as possible.

8. Bring Question Mark Reacts to Facebook

Have you ever seen a comment or post that you just don't understand?? So have I. That's why bringing "?" reacts to Facebook could benefit all of us.


The goal is to end homework in Hopewell, Virginia and give those evening hours back to families to learn other critical areas of life as well as to develop stronger family bonds. It's no secret that research concludes school children from K-12 are getting more than their fair share of after school assignments stressing out children and their parents. A few causes of concern, according to Levy, due to homework are "headaches, upset stomach, migraines ( all stress related symptoms), lack of life balance, physical health issues, and alienation from peers/society." We want our children to learn to the best of their ability but studies show that too much homework can actually work against your child's testing ability and grades instead of for them (Wallace).
Our children should be spending time with us, not arguing over homework that has proven to be of little or no difference when it comes to grades. The benefits of NOT doing homework massively eclipses the pros of doing after school work. Less child/family stress, more time to invest in other areas of development not offered at school, more teaching time for basic life skills, less arguing, happier demeanor overall, more time to talk with your child to build positive outlooks for school, etc. Included are references and links if you would like a more indepth look into the research.
Please, if you agree with the research and your personal view is in accordance sign this petition. The faster we reach our goal the faster we can take back time with our kids! This petition will be presented to the Hopewell, Virginia School Board on its last meeting of October 2017 if it has reached its goal of 500 signatures by October 15th, 2017

Levy, S. (2017, April). Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids' Health?
Wallace, K. (2015).

Additional Links:

10. Vatican apology to atheists for dark ages

Due to the rising tension between anarchists(such as antifa) and Christian extremists (such as unite the right) it is time to make peace before world war three starts and an apology for the dark ages is what would make peace.

This concerns me because of the rising tension between not just anarchists but also outher forms of atheist extremism such as communism are becoming note dangerous. I am referring the the tension between the USA and North Korea.

I thank anyone signing this petition on many sides.

11. s.o.s.> Secure Our Streaming Rates and Royalties 4 Canadian Musicians<

Canadian Musician's are given STREAMING Rates for their music creations of
$.0011 from Spotify, YouTube and the internet.

In 2003, the Superior Court agreed to alter the definition of "STREAMING" to exclude "Broadcast and Transmission". This gave the Corporations of Bell, Rogers, Cogeco and opportunity to charge 2/3's of Canadians $120.00 per month.

*DID YOU KNOW..It takes over 550,000 Streams to make $100.00 on Spotify, youTube, and social media for a Canadian Musician?

Do You Think This is FAIR???.

These corporations make BILLIONS of dollars in STREAMING our Music Creations, and the Canadian Revenue Agency is first in line with it's hands out for the TAXATION associated with the success of Broadcasting our Music.

12. Stop the Hadleigh Quarry Monster

A small quarry at Aldham Mill Hill, Hadleigh, Suffolk has applied to Suffolk County Council for permission to install a huge washing plant, 4 associated silt lagoons and a stockpile. If approved it would totally alter the nature of the site and lead to a massive increase in the range of activities undertaken there, with wide ranging and serious consequences.

This intensification of use has nothing to do with achieving the County’s mineral targets and is completely unnecessary. It would be purely of commercial benefit to the operator, but offer no benefit at all to Hadleigh. In fact the opposite case applies:

• It would mean more trucks on local roads– possibly 40 per day – which would add considerably to the congestion and road safety problems already experienced at the Aldham Mill Hill/A1071 junction.

• The wash plant proposed is a monster piece of equipment – equivalent in length to 3 big buses.
In fact, it is suspiciously large relative to the quarry’s output. So much so that we suspect there is a longer term, hidden agenda to bring in aggregates from far and wide to keep the monster fed. If this were to be the case, it would mean even more trucks clogging the hill and the A1071 junction.

• Apart from the risk of injury to children from falling off the machinery and climbing on unstable stockpiles of gravel, the lagoons would create the additional risk of drowning. These worries are not groundless. Youngsters have been seen playing on the site already, and in one instance the police were called.

• It would need water, lots and lots of it. The quarry intends get this from an on-site borehole. But what effect would this have on the aquifers and the homes nearby that rely solely on bore holes for their domestic water supply?

• The new installation would be noisy, create lots of dust and lead to mud on the road in winter.

If you would like to study full details of the application these can be found at:

13. Get Shane on CBB!

Get Shane on Celebrity Big Brother! Shane is a huge fan, and as a Shane fan, I would LOVE to see him on my favorite show. Please consider signing the petition to get him on the show.

14. Resignation of John McCain

John McCain does not reflect the values of Arizona. We are calling for John McCain to resign from his position as Senator. Arizona voted for President Trump and his promises. One of those promises was to repeal and replace The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Mr. McCain voted against the promises of our President. It is clear that Mr. McCain does not reflect the values of Arizona. Arizona is asking for the resignation of John McCain effective immediately

15. Oppose Township Commissioner Approval of UPS Petition to Amend Zoning

A UPS subsidiary has filed a petition for a zoning amendment that supports UPS plans for a 935,000-square-foot regional hub to be built in the 2100 block of North Union Street in Lower Swatara Township The facility would generate 600+ Tractor Trailers Daily, and equal number or greater number of local delivery vehicles and over 1000 employee vehicles traveling in the Township. This will impact the health and the quality of life for the residents of the Township.

Following are some of the major areas of concern that support our opposition to this development:

1. Increases in vehicle emission particulate pollution and related negative health impacts.
2. Increased sound and light pollution and the related negative impacts.
3. Potential for environmental pollution which is amplified by the site location being in an area that is prone to sinkholes.
4. Increased risk of issues related to flooding
5. Increased traffic congestion and the associated hot spots that concentrate vehicle emissions sound and impact resident’s quality of life.
6. Potential Impact on Property Values.
It is essential that appropriate impact studies be performed prior to the approval of the petition, as Pennsylvania law makes it extremely difficult to overturn a zoning amendment once it has been approved. We believe that there has been a grossly inadequate level of due diligence performed to assess the negative impacts that this development will have on the community. We attempted to support the Planning Commission in their review. Many of the Commissioners totally ignored our requests for information and the research we provided. This included a requests that UPS provide us their emission statistics which are voluntarily provided by many of their competitors to the EPA through the Safeway program. The planning commission did not even pass the request along. In addition it was recommended that a third party analysis should be completed to evaluate the site risk as it relates to sinkhole flood and other geological risks. The commissioners suggested that this could be done internally with the township engineer and once again no action was taken.

In our opinion the Planning Commission provided their approval without 90% of the required impact data they needed to make a prudent decision.
This decision should be made on an educated basis with the impact evaluated prior to the approval.  This information should be published and the position of the citizens confirmed.  Approving prior to the impact analysis will also impair the legal position of the citizens on this issue.   If you agree with the above please support the petition listed below.

16. Stop the over-development of South Duncraig

The City of Joondalup have altered the Zoning for South Duncraig development to include R40/R60 developments. This allows for high density subdivisions and even high rises in certain areas. This was done without consultation with the community. When the option for rezoning was tabled with the community, it was proposed that the zoning when up to R30. We would like to call for a restoration of this original plan. An amendment 88 is currently being drafted, but does not included all the South Duncraig area. Those residence living north of Beach Road and to the West of Davallia Road are not currently included in this amendment.

17. Daddy Yankee in Good Morning America NYC

Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, known by his stage name Daddy Yankee, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer. According to the New York Times, he is known as the "King of Reggaetón" by music critics and fans alike.Daddy Yankee has received various awards and nominations throughout his career. As of April 2017, he has won 82 awards from 270 nominations since his raise to international fame in 2004. This year Daddy Yankee Fan Club (DYMFC) Las Cangris want to see him on the Good Morning America Show just like every known artist in the industry. To us it will be such an honor to have him sharing the same stage as other artist such as JLo, Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias,Shakira, Marc Anthony and others. We are wondering why hasn't he been invited, especially now with the hit Despacito with Luis Fonsi. We are getting together and we are going to petition that Good Morning America will invite him to their show.

18. Lower Veridian Water Bills!

It has come to my attention that several residence of the Veridian Apartments have been experiencing the same outrageous utility bills as I have. Starting from as early as May of 2017 we noticed out water bill steadily climbing, from $110 a month, to $130 a month, $150, and finally in July of 2017 to $175. This is absolutely unacceptable. This is clearly the price WE PAY for outdated meters / facilities. The Veridian Apartments NEED to update their buildings to allow INDIVIDUAL meters for Water/Sewer. It is showing as completely unfair to those whom may conserve water to suffer if others do not do the same in their building. No one to my knowledge has attempted to stand up against this, despite reviews screaming about how Water is extremely overpriced at these apartments. I am hoping that as fellow renters we can come together to show that WE WANT A CHANGE.

19. Bring Back NBC's Passions

Passions debuted on July 5, 1999 on NBC and was created by James Reilly, who’d previously created the long-running soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Set in the fictional New England town of Harmony, Passions featured the dramatic entanglements of several families: the Cranes, the Bennetts, the Russells and the Lopez Fitzgeralds.

Fans were immediately captivated by the supernatural elements that dominated the show’s tone, orchestrated by a witch (played by Juliett Mills) whose spells and other-worldly activities wreaked havoc on the lives of Harmony’s already beleaguered residents.

Over the course of ten years, Passions cultivated a loyal following of millions of fans around the globe, from countries like France, South Africa, Argentina, Norway and the Caribbean Islands, to name but a few. These dedicated fans tuned in day after day and week after week to witness the fate of their favorite couples, whether it was Ethan and Theresa, Sheridan and Luis, Miguel and Charity or Chad and Whitney.

After leaving NBC in 2007, Passions briefly aired on the 101 network in 2007/2008 when live streaming was still a relatively new and unused option. Several years later, live streaming is now the preferred choice for viewing content online.

20. Apology to America for Canada's Prime Minister

An apology to the United States and soldiers both American and Canadian for the actions of our Canadian government and their decision to pay 10.5 million to a convicted combatant against Canada and it's allies. For Canadians who are ashamed of their Prime Ministers actions and the secretive way he went about taking tax dollars to aid a combatant who fought against Canadians and Americans alike.

21. Review of Banned Breeds Regulations in Camp Pendleton

A resolution regarding ‘banned breeds’ aboard United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Whereas, According to that all ‘banned breeds’ with extended waiver must have been removed by September 30th of 2012, and

Whereas, With the stress families of Camp Pendleton are emphasizing the consideration of temperament exam, and

Whereas, If an animal that is considered a ‘banned breed’ may successfully complete and pass a temperament exam annually, then they may be registered aboard Camp Pendleton, and

Whereas, If the animal fails the temperament exam, the owner does not renew it upon the anniversary of the original or the owner does not register the animal on base then they have 30 days to remove animal or receive a DNA test at the owner's expense at the base shelter, and

Whereas, If the animal’s DNA test comes back greater than 50% of a banned breed the owner must either register the animal for a temperament exam or remove the animal from base property. If the DNA test comes back less than 50% all DNA test fees will be refunded and no temperament exam will be necessary, and

Whereas, With these actions it recognizes and promotes proper animal behavior amongst the military community of Camp Pendleton; therefore be it

Resolved, That banned breeds be allowed aboard Camp Pendleton as long as they pass an annual temperament exam, be it further

Resolved, The relationships of banned breeds with not only improved care and good training, but will be a step to lessen the stigma of said breeds, be it further

Resolved, That with the ability of the families of Camp Pendleton and the Command to work together further on a solution to not only on bettering military families life, but also the pets of military families as well, therefore be it resolved.


Brussels municipality management wants to close and destroy two dance hall's / concert areas to construct a park for the new surrounding flat buildings. Lots of bands, music lovers and producers would like to see this changed, as there is enough room for a park, also without destroying these two concert and dance arenas.

23. We Need Sex And The City 3

Many articles have popped up around the internet, getting all of us steamed about the potential production of Sex And The City 3. There is obviously more to tell to the story of our favorite girls, but if you read through the lines, the main concern is whether or not they would still be relevant, and if people would still watch it.

I created this petition to show people that the movie is INDEED still relevant, that we would all just love to see our favorite (formerly single gals) on the screen one more time.

Please sign this, and let's show producers, directors, and most importantly our four beloved actresses that they still matter for us and we would simply adore to see them again.


24. Support Total Terror!

Total Terror Haunted Attraction, located at Pleasant View Farm, is being denied a permit to operate in Chesterfield County VA by the Planning Department. It is up the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors to decide the fate of Total Terror, we ask for your support for the right of our farm to engage in agritourism and provide entertainment.

25. Petition against closure of HDC Customer Services in St Neots.

Huntingdonshire District Council has announced its intention to close its Customer Services Centres at St Neots,. HDC claim that a fall in demand for the Service to 8,000 residents each year is the result of users preferring to use the internet rather than visit the HDC.

Over the same period that resident visits have fallen, HDC has altered and reduced opening hours making use of the remaining Service difficult to access. Many users of the St Neots Customer Services Office pay Council Tax instalments which HDC advise can be paid by Direct Debit. Those residents who are in, or recovering from debt may not have bank accounts or basic bank accounts which do not allow Direct Debit Payments. Moreover, the elderly, vulnerable and poorest members of our community may not have access to, or difficulty using technology based services.

20%-25% of Huntingdonshire residents live in St Neots and Little Paxton area. The bus fare to Huntingdon based Customer Services is £8 per visit and would require many of our poorest residents to lose at least a half days pay.

HDC has a Planning Policy to concentrate new housing at large towns and a further policy to make social and affordable at least 40% of new homes - it is most likely these people will most need Customer Services support.

HDC has recently cut its support for Citizens Advice Bureau and the Disability, Information and Housing Service..The total saving to HDC of closing St Neots Customer Services and two other Offices is £30,000 each year.

26. Fix The Dress Code 2k17

Everyday, girls are sexualized and objectified for wearing clothing that allows them to be comfortable in hot weather. Whether this be shorts or a tank top, no girl should have to be pulled out of class to change their clothing. Classrooms don't have air conditioning in the hot seasons, yet girls are expected to wear full length pants and shirts. "Short must be mid-thigh"- but absolutely no stores sell those kinds of shorts, fashionable or not. Girls deserve as many rights as boys do when it comes to dressing for the weather. Shoulders and thighs should not be considered too sexual for school and we hope this changes.

27. Cartoon Network - Old Is Gold

Growing up was a blast with Cartoon Network in the 90's. We've all read a lot of posts and articles about being a 90's kid and feel like going back to those times and watching those cartoons today. Here's a chance to support and see the change! YOU can bring 'em back and show this generation what they missed!


AMGGRC atau All Malaysian Golden Gate Revival Convocation ialah satu acara keagamaan yang dilangsungkan dengan kerjasama Israel.
Tujuan acara ini adalah untuk meraikan satu perayaan besar menyambut kedatangan era baru serta kebangkitan Agama Kristian yang mempunyai agenda kristianisasi terhadap rakyat Malaysia. Lebih malang upacara ini juga turut mengaitkan dengan gerakan di Juruselam, Israel dimana Israel telah merampas hak orang Palestine.
Orang2 Yahudi juga dikategorikan sebagai musuh Islam yang nyata. Antara ayat ayat promosi mereka adalah mengembalikan tanah tanah dan hak hak kepada orang Israel.
Ini Tanah Melayu, tanah asal usul keturunan Melayu.
Orang2 Islam juga harus ingat ancaman yang dibawa oleh Israel kepada seluruh dunia.
Upacara ini harus dihalang dan dihentikan daripada diadakan di Malaysia serta mempengaruhi minda dan aqidah orang Islam.

29. IL District 14 Town Hall For Health Care

Representative Randy Hultgren voted in favor of the AHCA legislation that originated in the House. Prior to the vote, he did not let his district know what his vote would be. We ask that Mr. Hultgren answers unfiltered questions from constituents at a town hall to address the reasons he voted for the bill prior to the CBO report being released and why he supports a bill that will remove 23 million American's ability to access or afford insurance.

30. Provide for Neurology Patients Left without Care

Dr. A is a well known pediatric neurologist in Kansas City. He is one of a few trained movement disorder specialists treating many rare disorders. Many of his patients came to see him from all around the world. His extremely experienced and effective at programming DBS (deep brain stimulation) regardless of complexity. Additionally, he has greatly improved the outcomes and qualities of life for numerous children with movement disorders by utilizing botox injections, baclofen pumps, and other cutting edge procedures. His compassion, care and skill have been indispensable in the lives of many children who have been labeled as "too difficult to treat" elsewhere.
In mid-May he was suddenly gone from Children's Mercy Hospital. With no other neurologist in the department, much less the region, as talented and effective as he, many of the children he treated are left in precarious and even life-threatening situation.
This petition is to request that patients and/or their replacement neurologists be permitted access to Dr. A to ensure the safety and health of the children