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1. Hurricane Matthew Relief Bahamas

Hurricane Matthew is currently a strong tropical cyclone that impacted Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, and the United States. It was the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Felix in 2007. The fourteenth tropical cyclone, thirteenth storm, fifth hurricane and second major hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Matthew formed from a vigorous tropical wave that moved off the African coast on September 22, progressing on a westward track until it developed into a tropical storm while it was situated just to the east of the Leeward Islands on September 28. A day later, it became a hurricane while west of the Leeward Islands, and rapidly strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane for a brief period.

Between October 4-6. 016. The storm ravaged the islands of our Nation leaving a wake of devastation!

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2. Consulate services in Suffolk County to facilitate the Haitian community

Haitian Americans United for Change, H.A.U.C. Inc., has been in existence since 2008, serving the Haitian and Haitian American community in Suffolk County.

We are a credited organization that work with state and local elected officials to improve the quality of life for our residents. Immigration has been a top priority for our organization.

We have partnered with various organizations to address the needs of immigrants.

3. Save Tecumseh Annex 2016-2017

Tecumseh Annex is a vibrant K-3 elementary school in Vancouver. Along with a group of other schools, it is facing potential closure due to a budget shortfall caused by the chronic under-funding of BC schools. In fact, several annexes seem to be targeted in this school closure proposal.

Tecumseh Annex is an example of a primary school that puts the needs of its' students, and their families, first. This school provides excellent education support for all of its' students, regardless of their learning needs. The small size of the school creates a nurturing environment for primary students, who are all known by name. As students age out of the school quickly, they are given a chance to lead from a young age, building confidence and citizenship.

The school acts as a meeting point for diverse cultural groups and allows families to make essential connections. Annexes, and Tecumseh Annex in particular, are essential components of our neighborhoods, and ideal places for our smallest students to belong.

The Tecumseh Annex school community is passionate about keeping our doors open. Please sign this petition to support this cause.

4. Change Ashmeade Park to SW Bricktown Park

Several residents of the SW Bricktown neighborhood have done research regarding the name Ashmeade and the history behind the park.

Having found no history behind the name, the residents would like Ashmeade changed to SW Bricktown.

5. Petition for an All Abilities Bicycle & Go Kart Track

Everyone loves to ride a bike, especially in the great outdoors and in a pictures spot; like close to Perth’s beautiful Swan River.

If though you have a disability and require a specialized, awkward to carry, and difficult to transport bicycle, then cycling isn’t as easy and accessible as it should be. Finding ideal bike tracks to ride in Perth isn’t easy either.

6. MAFIA 3: CZ dabing: support cz players

CZ Dabing was in Mafia I and Mafia II , and we want cz dabing in Mafia III too.
Please do it. Please Support CZ/SK Players.

7. Roads for Kenya's Olympic Gold Medalists

Kenyan athletes, through individual sacrifice and strife, unite us in our moments of political and tribal divisions. They have brought us honour, glory and made Kenya shine in the family of the world's nations. We have not always given them the honour they deserve & at times treated them less than they deserve, so as a token of our appreciation why not name some of our roads and streets after them?

We can start with our multiple Olympic Gold medalists! Please support this petition to the Government of Kenya to honour our GOLD MEDALISTS.
Kipchoge Keino
David Rudisha
Vivian Cheruyoit
Just to mention three.

8. Support Lidl in Hythe

Lidl have exchanged contracts to purchase the St John's Street car park and PC Building Supplies yard in Hythe, subject to grant of planning permission. We are delighted to be in a position to commence consultation with the local community on Lidl’s proposed development of a new neighbourhood discount foodstore.

The proposed Lidl site is just under 1.7 acres and lies at the eastern edge of Hythe town centre and is currently a public car park and builders merchants yard. The current occupier of the builders merchants, PC Building Supplies, will be applying to relocate to new premises on Hardley Industrial Estate to allow continued expansion of their successful local business. PC Builders intend on selling the remaining part of their land to Churchill Retirement Living for 36 retirement apartments. The Lidl, Churchill and PC Builders proposals are dependent on each other, meaning that all three planning applications need to be granted permission for any of the developments to proceed.

Lidl’s proposal is for the construction of a bespoke two storey building to accommodate a 2,202m² Lidl foodstore with a net sales area of 1,377m². The proposed development will benefit from 105 parking spaces situated to the front and side of the store including 6 disabled spaces and 3 parent and child spaces. Free parking will be offered to customers for a period of 90 minutes.

The St John’s Street car park was identified in the Local Plan adopted in 2014 as a Town Centre Opportunity Site (HYD4), being suitable for additional retail development to ensure the continued viability and vitality of the town centre.

A typical Lidl sells 95% own-brand products with a limited range of circa 1,800 lines. This is a small fraction of the 30,000+ product lines sold by the major multiple supermarkets. Lidl stores do not have an in-store butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger, pharmacy or cafe. We do not sell tobacco, stationery, hot food, permanent ranges of clothing, video games, greetings cards, nor a large number of newspapers and magazines. Lidl do not have concessions such as film processing, dry cleaning, shoe repair nor Post Office services. This allows Lidl foodstores to complement the product range of smaller independent retailers and promote mutually beneficial linked trips.

We will shortly be publishing a full set of development plans on our development website ( as part of our comprehensive public consultation exercise.

9. Charity Day #Edhi

#Edhi is a name of love for every one...... If you are non-Muslim dont be afraid Edhi loves you......... Edhi is a name of Justice name of kind name of hope name of Law name of humanity name of charity name of help......Edhi is Kind and justice with every one....When u become ill and your family didn't get any help then your family know who help you #Edhi - Then your family call Edhi Ambulance.... In Pakistan when ever some thing happened Edhi took plasce as a first person..... I dont have any words for such a great person.
May ALLAH Rest In Peace
You can check more about Edhi

10. Keep Surbiton Crescent Open

Kingston Council plan to close off Surbiton Crescent to cars in order to make space for cyclists.

This will make it difficult for parents to get their children to school and divert hundreds of cars down roads like Uxbridge Road where young children live and play.

Please sign this petition and ask Kingston Council to reconsider the closure.

We only need 500 signatures to get the council to review the closure.

Thank you for your support.

11. Internet Purge for one Week

Social media and or media in general have gotten out of hand.

We need to purge the Internet out of our lives for at least a week. I think people need to go back to the days when we actually talked to each other.

We have become so disconnected with no human interaction it's no wonder we can't live in harmony with each other. We plug in and check out and never unplug!

We are addicted and the government is our enabler! Shut it down! I need to purge the Internet for at least a week! I want to step out and get to know my neighbor, my community, my city, my people with whom I need to be in good harmony with.

Shut it down! Purge it out!

12. Change State of Origin Referees

From 2011 up to 2016, there have been three distinctive referees for the state of origin games. Shayne Hayne, Ben Cummins and Gerard Sutton. All three referees have throughout their careers shown a favourable demeanour towards the Queensland Team, giving off the impression that they are in fact maroon sympathisers.

Queensland Rugby League chairman Peter Betros himself admitted that they had been given some favourable calls from the referees during the game.

In the last two years in Origin, the Maroons have won five of the six penalty counts.
Captain Cameron Smith is a master manipulator of the referees, has on several occasions been filmed asking for a penalty every single tackle.

In order for QLD to win a game, they use cheap tricks to favour their odds (such as contesting Semi Radradra playing for NSW).

The referees blatantly ignore Qld actions that should be penalised.

Inglis punched a NSW player in the face when he was tackled, which was ignored completely by referees and players combined. The referees awarded QLD 4 penalties in a row for what can only be seen as soft penalties.

I call for the NRL to change referees in the hope that we can have fair games, where both sides are penalised for their actions.

As Gerard Sutton and Ben Cummins are seen as being biased, this increases the chance of the games being rigged from the start just by the referee choices.

13. Les odeurs des égouts d'Huntingdon, Québec / Sewage odours from Huntingdon, Québec

Depuis mai 2015, la ville de Huntingdon, Québec éprouve des difficultés avec son usine de traitement des eaux usées. Les résidents de la municipalité de Godmanchester, Hinchinbrooke, ainsi que de la ville d'Huntingdon sont affectés par ces odeurs dégoûtantes et répulsives.

As of May 2015, the town of Huntingdon, Québec has been experiencing difficulties with their sewage treatment facility. The residents of the municipalities of Godmanchester, Hinchinbrooke, as well as the town of Huntingdon, have been affected by this disgusting and repulsive smell.

14. Call for a transparent, non anonymous digital voting system

We the people are entitled to a transparent paper trail of those elected into power.
The days of paper sheets signed anonymously, to be counted by the few behind closed doors should cease.

There should be no shame in our right to vote.

Any attempt to attack our right to vote freely should punishable with the utmost discipline.

15. Demand an end to Horror commercials while watching Y/G/PG/PG-13 television or movies!

Hi! My name is Aliya Kasabian and I am 12 years old. I have always been sensitive to scary images, even when I know they aren't real. My real HATE for horror commercials started when I was watching a group called Studio C (A totally family friendly group) on my Kindle Fire in my living room. There is always an ad before Youtube commercials and I had never had a problem with them until then. A "The Visit" (A horror movie) ad showed up and I FREAKED OUT! I literally THREW my kindle to the floor and started having a break down. From then on I wondered why anyone would be allowed to expose such horrid images and sounds to a lower rated channel/show.

I was able to live with horror commercials, I was just ready to close my eyes whenever an ad started. I figured it would do until June 8th of 2016. I was catching up on the latest America's got Talent episode (It is TV PG) and an R rated horror commercial came on.

Some commercials I can just look away, but I had to turn around and plug my ears in pure fear and frustration. At dinner that night I wasn't even scared, I was angry. I was tired of having to worry every time I watched something. Angry at the people who made it possible to show that ad on that show. I thought I was too young to make a change, but then I figured out you can be any age to start a petition, you just have to have adults sign it.

Please help out and sign for a good cause. How would you feel if your little girl was watching My Little Pony on any website and was exposed to such content? That's what I thought.

16. Five Year Term Limit for Kenya's Electoral Commissioners

Calls for overhauling of the electoral body in Kenya have become almost a compulsory "campaign agenda" every time we approach general elections. Our politicians forget about the most important issues (like food security, health, infrastructure, education etc) that need to be addressed urgently to improve the impoverishing socio-economic status of the common tax payer and instead spend months on end arguing about an issue that can be resolved with a stroke of the pen in our constitution.

The best solution is to reduce the tenure period for all commissioners to five years, consequently limiting them to overseeing only a single general election. The Electoral body commissioners should be selected at least two years before the date of election to enable them take over, settle and prepare adequately for forthcoming elections. Two years after the general election (in their fifth year of service), the sitting commissioners interested in continuing with the job should re-apply alongside any other qualified and interested citizens for fresh vetting.

This will result in less polarized, more issue-based campaigns. Our politicians will stop wasting time on discussing a few people who are only employed to oversee the process involving Kenyans exercising their democratic right of electing their leaders in a free and fair manner. It will also ensure that every general election is conducted by non-partisan individuals of high integrity, accepted by majority of Kenyans as able to conduct free and fair elections.

17. Opposition to Xcel's Plan for Substation and High Voltage Power Lines bordering Savannah Neighborhood, Plymouth MN

The residents of the Savannah neighborhood and other affected neighborhoods believe Xcel Energy has failed to provide just cause for the addition of a Substation and High-Voltage power lines in the Pomerleau Lake region. There has been a lack of transparency in planning and a significant amount of information and quantitative data is missing from the posted engineering report. We are also concerned that a full and complete risk assessment, both as to environmental and human impacts, was not performed. The substation and power lines will negatively impact area neighborhoods both in aesthetics but more importantly with a negative impact on our property values.

Xcel Energy appears to be rushing to present a plan without fully and adequately considering the impacts on Plymouth residents, particularly as it concerns environmental and economic impacts. Certainly, Xcel as it did with the ill-fated Hollydale Project appears to be rushing headlong into a decision without supplying adequate information supporting their proposals of three alternatives (A, B, and C). Data is also not provided to show why the twelve other alternatives were ruled out.

By way of example, the engineering report fails to answer the following questions:

1) The posted Xcel report does not provide details or comparisons for how the proposed plans will improve power reliability;

2) The posted Xcel report identifies the Transmission Area of Concern but does not adequately explain why distribution and substation upgrades and modification cannot be made within this area versus impacting communities outside of the Transmission Area of Concern;

3) The posted Xcel report does not provide detailed maps showing the path of power lines (which side of the road) and specific positioning of substations. Indeed, when asked by the Savannah HOA, Xcel representatives stated that these plans and the concurrent costs are not yet available;

4) The posted Xcel report does not provide environmental risk or wetland impact assessments;

5) The posted Xcel report does not adequately provide results of details from public outreach reports to area residents or surveys and responses regarding their thoughts and the impacts;

6) The posted Xcel report fails to provide sufficient sub component detail for each option and does not provide confidence levels associated with far term projections, skewing the implied option comparisons;

7) The posted Xcel report fails to supply sufficient responses to concerns raised by landowners, parties and other stakeholders about Hollydale preferred routs and plans that resulted in termination of the proposed project;

8) The posted Xcel report fails to explain why our neighborhood should shoulder the burden for power generated to western Plymouth developments and that there are no alternative options in the area of need;

9) The posted Xcel report does not explain why one or more of the 7 substations in the Transmission Area of Concern cannot be upgraded or modified to meet distribution needs and improve margin for overload conditions instead of building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from an existing substation;

10) The posted Xcel report does not provide a comparison of performance between adding a capacitor bank to the Gleason Lake Substation and Parkers Lake Substation vs building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from the existing Plymouth Substation;

11) Page 47 of the posted Xcel report incorrectly asserts that Option C is the only option that supports re-energizing the Hollydale 69kv line but it is clear that Opt B also allows this the line to be energized using the existing Plymouth Substation;

12) The possible solutions identified in Section 6.4.2 in the posted Xcel report are not sufficiently addressed in the proposed options and does not compare and contrast the the options of creating load transfers at Parks Lake vs building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from an existing substation;

13) The posted Xcel report does not provide sufficient detail for the impact of transferring distribution to 34.5 kV facilities;

14) Section 7.2 of the posted Xcel report only mentions three solutions to the demand issues however the summary states 15 options were identified. Please provide comparisons and selection criteria for down selecting from the 15 options.

15) Figure 1.2, Evaluation and Comparison of System Alternatives, fails to illustrate impacts of building a substation in close proximity to a prized Plymouth wetland, park and playground.

16) The posted Xcel report does not include discussion about long term plans for use of the substation, including whether there are future plans to implement additional distribution lines along Schmidlt Lake Road and/or Fernbrook?

18. Petition to Stop KFC from Occupying Buddy Hoagies' Signature Venue

Capitalism is on the rise and KFC has set a higher bid on the venue that used to occupy my beloved Buddy Hoagies.

A place that holds many memories for us Northerners.
A place where students study for their Olevels is now being replaced with a fast food restaurant that is bound to bring a lot of noise to the public.
A place that sells reasonably healthy food that is now, sadly gonna be replaced by deep fried unhealthy chicken.
A place that provides jobs for full time students, elderly people and housewives.
A place that allows kids to play while their parents dine.
A place where the kitchen staff and service staff are like family.

Stop capitalism now by pledging against Lee Bee Wah's support of Fast food chain, KFC.

Dear Lee Bee Wah. Step down, because ever since you proposed for cyclers to get a bicycle license, I laughed. Just because you don't like smokers, doesn't mean you can shut down the place they hang out at.

19. Create an off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington

The purpose of this petition is to gather signatures from residents who support the creation of an fenced off-leash dog park within Orchard Community Park in Burlington.

20. North Carolina to Secede from the United States of America

We the People of North Carolina, in Order to form a more perfect State, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this petition for the United State of North Carolina.

21. Neighbors Against Corporate Subsidies for Stadiums and Billionaire Team Owners

For more than a decade, the former Bus Barn site in the Midway neighborhood has been “considered among the premier commercial development opportunities in the Twin Cities” and “in terms of prime, re-developable property, near the top of the city of St. Paul's list.”

Yet during that time, the Met Council has done little to market or develop the site, choosing instead to keep the land vacant and more recently using it as a staging area for Light Rail construction. At the same time, the city of St. Paul completed a Snelling Avenue Station Plan but otherwise did little to promote redevelopment of the site.

However, four years ago city of St. Paul pursued a $27 million grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to help fund what became a $65 million ballpark for the St. Paul Saints—absorbing nearly $7 million in cost overruns to clean up the polluted former Gillette Building site. The city has also, through the St. Paul Port Authority, granted $11.2 million in tax increment financing for redevelopment of the vacant former Macy’s building downtown so that the Minnesota Wild can have a new practice facility.

And now the city is poised to obligate taxpayers for another $18.4 million of infrastructure improvements primarily designed to benefit the proposed soccer stadium for the Midway—including up to $6 million in cleanup costs to make the site “shovel ready” for soccer.

That’s nearly $100 million devoted to professional sports facilities while St. Paul’s streets, bridges, and sewer infrastructure remain in a serious state of disrepair and several rec centers have been demolished or privatized. At what point do we as a community say “enough is enough?”

There is no question that soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and its growing popularity in the U.S. is not in dispute. However, there is a major difference between providing recreational opportunities for those who wish to play soccer versus promoting the professional game to potential ticket-buying fans.

What does the community really get from a $150 million tax-exempt soccer stadium in the Midway beyond more traffic, parking headaches, and noise on game nights?

Will our quality of life best be improved if one day we might be able to pay on average $28 for a ticket to a professional soccer game—or by promoting redevelopment that will create living wage jobs and broaden the property tax base, thus helping to relieve the burden of continuing to subsidize tax-exempt properties like the Bus Barn site?

The vacant Midway site is unquestionably an eyesore in the community—but an eyesore that elected officials have permitted to remain that way for nearly 20 years. Why are we now prepared to clean-up this prime piece of real estate for a tax-exempt soccer stadium—but unwilling to do so in order to maximize its revenue potential as part of a competitive bid process?

If professional soccer is to come to the Midway, it must be accompanied by specific improvements that will clearly benefit the neighborhood—not merely soccer fans and the billionaire owners of Minnesota United.

22. End Child Trafficking

Every minute there is a woman or child sold as a part of some type of commercial gain whether it be money, organ trade, etc. Today I will tell you the story of one.

There was a 4-year old girl by the name of Pranitha who was sold to a broker by her mother. Before rescued Pranitha was raped by 3 grown men. To keep cases like Prunitha's from occurring we must stand together to advocate for change.

23. Save This Mother Owl's Home!

Help save an owl mom's home from being torn down to build houses here in Commerce City, Colorado.

The trees have been there for decades and provide homes for many different birds in the refuge. However, the trees are located just outside of the fence on the homesite property.

When I went to the refuge today, I saw the mother and three owlets sitting in the tree. This is their home and a nesting site for several species of birds and also a perching place for hunting birds such as the Red Tailed Hawk, Bald Eagle, Owl, Magpie, and other local Colorado native birds.

Please sign this petition to save the three trees.

24. Ban the Use of Styrofoam in Jamaica

Styrofoam litter is one of the most common types marine litter found in coastal areas. Foam occupies a significant space in our dumps and when disposed of improperly it is easily blown or washed into storm drains and bodies of water. This product does not decompose and takes hundreds of years to photo degrade, (breaking into smaller pieces over time when exposed to light and wave action)

In addition to being unsightly it is an extremely dangerous threat to human health and the wider environment, Toxic chemicals stick to the surface of foam particles and once they become micro litter Birds, fish, and other wildlife may ingest the foam particles, causing the polystyrene and other toxins to enter the food chain. Once in the food chain, these chemicals may impact human health. In 2011 styrene was classified as carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. People unwittingly put EPS containers in microwaves, in wood stoves and on top of campfires which may result in the product leaching into food and drink.

The containers also serve as breeding sites for vectors such as mosquitoes.

The improper disposal of single use items pose an economic issue also as millions of state funds are spent on clean up and disposal activities. Costs that can be reduced by investing in the use of recyclable and compostable alternatives,

We consider this ban to be a necessary step towards encouraging sustainable waste management practices. Specifically, reducing the use of one use consumables items. This petition seeks to amass support for the comprehensive reduction in our nations solid waste production and carbon footprint.

25. Return Pride to Montrose

Montrose in Houston is where the LGBT community began in Houston.

The Pride parade and festival were moved to downtown Houston further stripping away at Montrose history and the history of the LGBT community.

This petition supports moving Pride to where it was born - Montrose.

26. Keep Mr. Shafer in Shelby City Schools

Ryan Shafer's contract is not up for renewal due to lack of progression, However, his summative evaluations show steady progression each year. Final summative scores are developing in 2014 and skilled in 2015, Which clearly shows progression within the Shelby School District. This growth also occurred while transitioning from 8th grade to 6th grade teaching.

Student growth measures have been above average or most effective in all cases. Proficiency Standards have been rated by only one individual per year.

Results are below:
2014 yearly evaluation was developing and above average results.
2015 yearly evaluation was developing and most effective.
2016 Results pending.

Wrestling competencies as a coach. When Ryan Shafer came to Shelby in 2013, the existing wrestling program was underdevolped. Ryan Shafer's first year here was a growth year for the wrestling program. In 2014, 2 district qualifiers and 1 state alternate. The team also tied the record for most wins in the season as a team. The Biddy Program also grew that year and had several team placements at tournaments.

in 2015, 2 NOL champions, 2 district qualifiers and this was a young team (no seniors). Biddy wrestling placed in top 3 at most tournaments. Ryan Shafer also started a Shelby Biddy Tournament, which has been successful 3 years in a row, bringing revenue to the school and community. Ryan also recruited National caliber talent to assist in coaching and training at the summer wrestling camps for 2 years in a row.

Ryan Shafer has devoted time to the community through volunteer efforts such as car wash, athletic booster drive, and church activities to ensure support of the wrestling program.

27. Stop Litter Bugs and Save our Environment

Recycle or Die-cyle?

The purpose of this petition is to create meaningful connection between human interactions, the environment, and animals that are affected by littering.

We desire changes in laws and littering management that are conducive in developing a stricter law against littering in Texas, and in other states.

28. We Urge YouTube to reconsider its approach toward copyrighting videos produced by Iranian TV

Youtube take down videos which are a part of Iranian history such as: "Remembering late Shah of Iran on 27 July the day he passed away " which is a video slide show produced by myself from photos of the late Shah in which a small footage of recorded from BBC is included .

Most obvious case is allowing Account holder[ G1mena ] who claim having power of attorney from IRIB (Islamic Republic broadcasting ) to protect IRIB rights ,

The funniest point is that the [G1mena] claim only advertisement income of the videos , but allows the video to be online , for the sake of the huge amount of money he earns in expense of other account holders.

According to Youtube, [G1mena] is member of a certified network of You Tube named as Gold1 Network and use the credibility of that network for its copyright operation.

You Tube have to answer following points:

• while Iranian TV do not respect any kind of copyright law and use copyrighted pictures and music on its several satellite and Internet network such as ( all archives and live broadcast of Iranian TV are here :

• How You Tube protect interests of an organization such as IRIB which its general manager is in the list of human right abusers
according European court of human right :


• If Youtube believes that [G1mena] have a power from IRIB ( Iranian broadcasting TV) , how Youtube is certain of legality of the presented power of attorney of IRIB ? Have he any documents which prove that the signatory is eligible to sign on behalf of government of Iran ?

• Have Youtube verified who is eligible to sign on behalf of state run Iranian TV , with over 10 live channels ?

• Why circular 38 of the United States copyright offic regarding International copyright relation of United States with Iran which clearly say , there is no copyright relation with Iran , is denied by You Tube ?

I urge You Tube to reconsider its approach toward copyrighting videos produced by Iranian TV and release all claims made before on Iranian videos.

Respectfully Yours
Manuchehr Honarmand
User :agaahi - ( You Tube prevent me to I access my own account [agaahi] to dispute a claim )
User : Manuchehr lenziran -


Breaking barriers and statistics Twann V. Oakley should have a chance with our home team the Memphis Grizzlies. Standing 6'4 195 pounds Shooting Guard he displays characters and capabilities that would ensure assistance to a winning team. As a member of Alcorn State Men's Basketball Team he led his team to numerous victories. With above averages in true shooting, rebounds, assists and free throws combined with ability to be team member as well as leader. Participating in many local and nation recognized conferences gives proof his ability and agility as a player.

Twann is a pillar in the OrangeMound community, Twann spends his time mentoring and tutoring youth and well as adults. Reminding them its not so much about where you been but the future ahead.

Growing up in a community where crime is a constant occurrence and the thoughts of being condemned to his surrounding of low income housing, uneducated struggles, being damned by a drug stricken streets, and being involved in an accident leaving him injured both physically and emotionally Twann made a commitment to himself. He would defy all odds and set the example ensuring others that not only is graduation possible but so is success.

The Alcorn State graduate used his basketball as his key and education as the door to success. Now his next platform is to show that you can be educated and still love out your dreams. The striving ball player is an unrestricted free agent who if given a chance could display his God given talents to already established team.

30. Horse Trails for the Louisville Loop - Medora/JMF Corridor

Kentucky is the Horse Capital of the World, and Louisville is the Home of the Kentucky Derby. The horse industry, at large, brings millions of dollars into our state's economy annually. Yet the number of trail miles available for horse riders in the Louisville Metro area is so miniscule that's it's shameful.

The original plan for the Louisville Loop included many miles of soft surface horse trails that linked many of the parks. However, with much of the Louisville Loop completed, there are currently ZERO miles of horse trails. We were recently informed at a meeting with the Metro Parks Board that cyclists had successfully lobbied to have the horse trails converted to bike trails, despite the fact they have a right to ride on the roads.

This decision was made without consulting the horse riding community and giving us an opportunity to speak up. What we thought was a solid plan for horse trails, slipped away, without our knowledge. As planning for one of the last phases of the Louisville Loop is being done, we horse riders are unifying to insist that the horse trails planned on this part of the Louisville Loop become a reality and are not taken away from us!

Help us ensure that horse trails are included in the Medora/JMF corridor of the Louisville Loop. We must make sure that in then next few years, decades, and generations, there are horse trails for us, our children and our grandchildren to ride. We must protect these resources for future generations!