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1. All swimming pools should be fenced



A new report has revealed a 30 per cent national increase in drownings of children aged under five last year, reversing a historic downward trend.

The Royal Life Saving Society's annual (14/15) drowning report recorded 271 deaths due to drowning last financial year, with 26 of those of preschool-aged.

From data from Royal Life Savings Society Annual Report

"Children under five are actually the age group that is most at risk of drowning and the majority occur in and around the home — commonly in home swimming pools."

Ms Peden said it was a tragic reminder for parents to be vigilant around water by remembering a number of simple rules.

"Active adult supervision, watching children whenever you're in or around the water, restricting their access to water and — this is most pertinent with the home swimming pool — and making sure that it's properly fenced," she said.

Her last point......making sure the pool is properly fenced!!!

Ok, so lets look at the laws in the Northern Territory?

In a section dedicated to properties over 1.8 ha (just less than 5 acres)

It's call just that!

Requirements for pool safety barriers for properties 1.8 hectares or larger

"The rules and standards for pool safety barriers are not compulsory for residential properties 1.8 hectares and larger but you can choose to get certification or acknowledgement for a barrier.

On a residential property 1.8 hectares and larger you can choose which standard you want your pool safety barrier to meet."

Ok in the Northern Territory if your property is over 5 acres (which the majority of properties past Palmerston are) can choose to NOT fence your pool

"Beyond Palmerston, over 20,400 people live on acreage in the sprawling Litchfield Council region, also known as Outer Darwin" - Australia Bureau of Statistics (11-12)

Keep in mind that was 2011-2012 statistics and from a recent ABC article the population of Rural Darwin is quickly increasing.

If the trend is increased childhood drownings in swimming pools, why is the NT Government or the Northern Territory Pool Fencing Unit doing nothing to change this to prevent future drownings of Terriorians.

And its not just people who own the property who are putting their children at risk. It is also your family, who visit their property. Hoping for some good territorian fun, a swim, a barbecue, all the while putting your child or anyone who visits their house at risk of drowning. That's death of your child. Not a injury. DEATH that you cannot take back.

Come on NT government and Pool Fencing Unit. Lets have the lives of our children in the NT held as important as the rest of Australia!

2. Keep Kandanga Pool Open Longer During School Holidays

Lets face it. The Kandanga pool is all we have - but its hardly ever open!

Those of us that live in a small rural town understand the pitfalls that come with it. Generally those are:
- lack of infrastructure
- poorly build roads
- lack of transport for all
- inadequate sporting and exercise facilities for children to keep motivated
- minimal shopping accessibility
- limited activities for teens/youth outside of the family home
- attractions for families to attend and enjoy as a family
- lacking council owned facilities for community groups to attend/flourish

However, those 'typical' rural towns have not also been slugged with:
- a flailing tourism trade
- a dam coming and then going over a 10+ year process
- a local school pool closed to the public
- a weekend market struggling to attract new visitors
- a large caravan and camping park dedicated to tourism removed from the area

However, what is more frustrating, is that locals have access to only ONE community pool between Kenilworth and Gympie (an area more than 55KMs in distance) where locals, visitors and families can meet up and escape the searing heat during summer. It is a family atmosphere, where alcohol is prohibited and kids are welcome!

The local youth can meet their friends and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment, especially with the typical heat that is dealt to these towns during the summer months.

The pool is central to the only RV friendly towns in the Valley. We see a tremendous amount of transient visitors that would continue to use the facilities daily, contributing to our already small economy.

All we ask, is that Gympie Council thinks about the opportunities the Kandanga Pool offers to ALL residents and visitors and reconsiders it opening hours over the school holiday period.

3. Instant loss of license for mobile phone use whilst driving - NSW

Currently NSW, and Australia as a whole, is seeing an increase in deaths on our roads and other minor crashes. A significant portion of these are caused by reckless individuals illegally using their mobile phones whilst driving.

Heavy penalties are already in place for individuals who use their mobile phones whilst driving, however there is not sufficient NSW Police Force resources to catch them all.

I believe an instant, on-the-spot, loss of license for anyone caught by NSW Police Force Officers, for 30 days should be applied to those individuals who are compelled to illegally use their mobile phones whilst driving.

I also believe people using dash cam footage or passengers in the vehicle should be able to capture evidence on individuals who illegally use their mobiles whilst driving and should have a platform to turn them in for the same aforementioned penalty - a 30 day loss of license. Great success was seen when a similar technique was applied to littering.

This petition may just save the life of your family or friends.

4. Homeless kids to fill the Toy Show audience

Fill the Toy Show audience with homeless children.

5. Johnston Parents Help Protect Our Children

The threat to our children that began on Monday, Oct. 2 involving Johnston schools is still ongoing. A direct threat of violence towards our children has not been addressed to an acceptable level. There has not been enough clear information passed on to the parents of Johnston and there has been far from enough done to make us feel like it is safe to send our children back to a school that has been targeted with the threats by this sick individual!

The safety of our children is not something any of us would ever want to risk. This is not a matter to be taken lightly!

Signing this petition today will show that not enough has been done to assure us that our children will be safe.

6. تثبيت الزواج

تطرح هذه العريضة موضوع الأشخاص اللبنانيين المتزوجين فعليا دون تسجيل زواجهم أصولا لدى المحاكم الشرعية والدوائر المختصة في مدينة طرابلس .والمقصود بعبارة المتزوج فعليا في الزواج غير المسجل أصولا كل عقد أجري بين شخصين دون الحصول على إذن من المحكمة الشرعية وفقا للقانون. وُضعت هذه العريضة لتسليط الضوء على مشكلة إنسانية لطالما بقيت في الكتمان بعيدا عن المعالجة القانونية السريعة والإدارية، فباتت معضلة إجتماعية تعتريها اشكاليات
قانونية وإدارية على حد سواء

من جهة أولى فإن الزواج غير المسجل ينعكس سلبا على حقوق المرأة الزوجية والإرثية والمجتمعية. ومن جهة ثانية،فإن الزواج غير المسجل يؤثر بشكل مباشر على الأسرة والمجتمع وتبرز مشكلة جديدة وهي مشكلة الأطفال اللبنانيين المكتومي القيد وإثبات تابعيتهم اللبنانية وصعوبة تسجيلهم قبل تسجيل الزواج الغير المسجل

7. Acceptance of refugee children into the Malaysian Government Education System

According to the UNHCR, as of the end of April 2017, more than 150000 refugees have been accepted for asylum by the Malaysian Government. About 40000 of these are under the age of 18. Since then, there has been another surge of refugees due to the conflict occurring in Myanmar against the Rohingya people thus, the number has increased substantially. In Malaysia, many of these refugees still face deportation as they are often undifferentiated from the millions of illegal migrants that have crossed into Malaysia from neighboring countries and further abroad. More over, children who have been impacted first hand and who have been forced to seek refuge do not have access to a formal education in Malaysia. This hinders the growth process of these children and increases the risk of radicalization in the long term. Malaysia, in recent times has accepted refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and Palestine. The progress of these refugees that have resided in Malaysia for many years is unknown to the general public and the Malaysian government should make efforts to increase awareness on the refugee situation in its country. Most importantly, we believe that the Malaysian Government should increase its efforts to ensure that refugees are assimilated well into our community so that they do not pose a threat to our co-existence in the future. In order to eradicate the possibility of extremism and radicalization of youths as a result of dire desperation and lack of understanding, we wish that the Ministry of Education, Malaysia opens its doors to those children who have been affected by the refugee crisis. Malaysia is fully capable of providing a state sponsored education system that encompasses the full syllabus of Malaysian teaching to 40000 or so children. We trust that the Malaysian Government will make the necessary steps to improving the refugee situation in our country and take this bold step that will hopefully be seen by our youths in the future as a decision on the right side of history.


The goal is to end homework in Hopewell, Virginia and give those evening hours back to families to learn other critical areas of life as well as to develop stronger family bonds. It's no secret that research concludes school children from K-12 are getting more than their fair share of after school assignments stressing out children and their parents. A few causes of concern, according to Levy, due to homework are "headaches, upset stomach, migraines ( all stress related symptoms), lack of life balance, physical health issues, and alienation from peers/society." We want our children to learn to the best of their ability but studies show that too much homework can actually work against your child's testing ability and grades instead of for them (Wallace).
Our children should be spending time with us, not arguing over homework that has proven to be of little or no difference when it comes to grades. The benefits of NOT doing homework massively eclipses the pros of doing after school work. Less child/family stress, more time to invest in other areas of development not offered at school, more teaching time for basic life skills, less arguing, happier demeanor overall, more time to talk with your child to build positive outlooks for school, etc. Included are references and links if you would like a more indepth look into the research.
Please, if you agree with the research and your personal view is in accordance sign this petition. The faster we reach our goal the faster we can take back time with our kids! This petition will be presented to the Hopewell, Virginia School Board on its last meeting of October 2017 if it has reached its goal of 500 signatures by October 15th, 2017

Levy, S. (2017, April). Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids' Health?
Wallace, K. (2015).

Additional Links:

9. End heavy bookbags in our schools

Primary school students are generally required to carry all of their books to school every day. The short term effects of which are shoulder, head, neck and backaches, and general discomfort which can snowball into irreversible spine and nerve damage, not to mention resultantly high medical bills and insurmountable emotional costs.
Medical experts agree that our children's  still developing spines can only safely endure 10-15% of their body weight and personal  research has revealed  that what our children carry by far exceeds that figure.
We must end this NOW.

Please refer to the links below :

10. Petition for Increased Street Safety for Children in Mountain View

The neighborhood of Mountain View is a community where families enjoy spending time outdoors, in yards, or on neighborhood sidewalks and streets. Students ride their bicycles and children are constantly running down the sidewalks and across the streets to play with friends. We are a bustling neighborhood, full of life... until one of those children gets struck.

Although we encourage our children to follow the rules of the road and to be aware of vehicles/drivers, we all know when a child is playing, they can forget, or not look carefully, and find themselves in danger.

This summer, there have been several close calls between children and vehicles, and two students have been struck by cars while riding bicycles; different days, but at the same intersection. Thankfully, both only suffered severe bruising and a few minor cuts (one was transported by ambulance for suspected breaks or internal injuries, but he was treated and sent home). The families of our community are concerned that drivers are not driving cautiously and driving faster than the residential speed limit.

Mountain View Hope Covenant Church recently hosted a bicycle safety booth on National Night Out, hosted by the Mountain View Boys and Girls Club (BGC). In partnership with the Alaska Injury Prevention Center and the William Tyson Elementary PTA, we were able to hand out bicycle safety items (reflective gear, bicycle safety pamphlets, coloring books, etc.). Through the AIPC and generous donations, we were able to provide helmets for both families whose children had been struck and held a drawing for two kids who received a bicycle safety set: helmet, safety pads (knee, elbow, and wrist), wheel lights, bike lock, and reflective gear. Mountain View Hope will continue to partner with the Tyson PTA to educate students about their role in keeping themselves safe. We have been encouraging families to follow five safety rules: Always Wear a Helmet, See and Be Seen, Obey All Traffic Laws, Be Predictable, and Stay Alert at All Times.

While we can encourage our neighbors, we are also asking for intervention from the Mountain View Community Council and the Municipality to take a look at the streets in Mountain View, and to help drivers to be more cautious when driving through the neighborhood, specifically while driving down Price Street. When drivers pass the last stop sign on Price Street (Price St./Peterkin Ave., the Boys and Girls Club intersection), many find themselves speeding up through the Price Street/Richmond Avenue intersection in an effort to make the green light at the intersection of Price Street and Mountain View Drive. In addition, once drivers pass the stop sign by the Boys and Girls Club, they drive less cautiously because they expect children to be near the Club., and seem to forget that they still need to be cautious of children, even though the intersection in question is only a block away from the Boys and Girls Club.

We are proposing that the intersection of Price Street and Richmond Avenue be changed from a 2-way stop to a 4-way stop. Currently, there are stop signs driving down Richmond Avenue crossing Price Street, but we would like to see the addition of stop signs driving down Price Street crossing Richmond Avenue. We are also proposing the addition of several speed bumps down Price Street between Thompson and Mountain View Drive, and one on Richmond Avenue between Bragaw Street at Price Street.

Whether they are riding their bicycles or skateboards down the street or running across the street to visit a friend or play in a sprinkler, the children of Mountain View need to be protected. As adults, we can educate them, but we can also help each other keep the children safe by increasing ways to cause drivers to become more cautious when it comes to driving down our neighborhood streets.

11. Effective Penalties comparative to risk or injuries sustained within the NRL and CRL

mother of 3 boys who have played NRL since age 4/5.
Over the years have witnessed variable degrees of injuries where penalties awarded were inconsistent or comparable to the severity of the misconduct.
I want to make the NRL ,CRL enable a system by grading relevance and severity of the misconduct to a guide by which Referees can deliver the appropriate penalty.
At the moment it is up to the Referees discretion on how to deliver a penalty allowing for a huge inconsistency of varying degrees of penalties to the same misconduct. If there is some sort of guideline or grading as to what the NRL and CRL would recommend for certain misconduct not only would it ensure consistency but make the entire filed of play safer,

12. Cancel Homeless Shelter Construction in our Community

The City of San Jose is looking to open and maintain numerous homeless shelters to support the rising amount of homeless people in our city. The representative for district 2 in San Jose, Sergio Jimenez is supporting a temporary homeless shelter to be opened and maintained in the open lot of the corner of Monterey Road & Branham Lane. This homeless shelter is currently listed as temporary however might become a permanent shelter in time. Numerous homeless people will have an opportunity to reside in our community without any plan from the City in place on how to reduce the crime that comes along with a homeless community. Research shows that crime exponentially increases within 500 feet (approximately 1/10th of a mile) of a homeless shelter.

13. Hold Parents, Legal Guardians and Minors Responsible For Sex Trafficking, Lying About Their Legal Age Rather In Person Or Any Other Means Of Communication, Prostitution And Sexting.

Sex trafficking and Prostitution victims up to roughly 25 years old most often started as young as 14. Children are trafficked or begin prostitution out of, into or in the United States from all regions of the world and represent a variety of different races, ethnic groups and religions. Children are vulnerable to kidnappers, pimps, and professional brokers. Some children are even sold to traffickers, kidnappers, pimps or professional brokers by their families. It is estimated that 76 percent of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the internet with no parental supervision. 2 million children are subjected to prostitution in the global sex trade (UNICEF). 1.5 Million victims in the United States.

14. We need traffic lights for the safety of our Children

In need traffic lights on the corner of French's Road and Beeville Road Petrie QLD 4502, i have witnessed kids almost being hit at this intersection on their way to school, and the amount of traffic that flows through there, the locals can wait up to 15 minutes to get an all clear to get onto the main road. traffic lights need to be installed for the safety of our children and any person travelling on these roads.

15. Bird's Eye Bring Potato Waffles back to Australia

Birds Eye Potato Waffles are slowly disappearing off supermarket shelves in Australia ... already confirmed as discontinued in Victoria. These family favourites are sorely missed by all generations in households across the country. We'd love to have them back, especially for our little munchkins that ask for them everyday!! Bring back Birds Eye Potato Waffles!!!!

16. Provide Bus Transportation To All Elementary Students

The majority of parents hold full time jobs and are not able to personally transport their children to and from school; these parents may heavily rely on bus transportation. Currently within Mansfield ISD, busses are not an option for students that reside within "walking distance" from the school. These children are assumed to be able to walk to school even when the school may be several blocks away. The safety of our students, specifically elementary students, is at stake; the majority of parents are forced to consider expensive alternatives for this reason.

17. Help GymCity Find a New Home

GymCity urgently needs to find a new home and we desperately need community support to help this happen. Due to the urgent need for affordable housing in Auckland the land our building is on is earmarked for housing. In 2011 we were told that we would have to move. Between then and now we have been unable to find a suitable venue, despite looking into every possible alternative that could accommodate us. The land our building sits on is now going up for sale, and we are running out of time.

For the past 6 years we have being working with the Papatoetoe/Otara Local board who is very supportive and is trying hard to get the local council and Panuku Developments to help find us either a piece of land to build on or a building that we can move too. So far no luck. Unfortunately we have no lease at present and the redevelopment of Old Papatoetoe is moving forward fast. With more new housing in the area, this will bring in more children.

We cannot afford to pay a commercial lease because then our fees would be too expensive for our families in the area. At present we cannot apply for any funding from local or national funders to help with a building as we do not have land or a site that we can say will be ours.

We had over 20,000 participants last year and work with the local schools and preschools. We are open 6 days a week, 50 weeks of the year and are a non-profit organization. We run gymnastic & active movement classes for babies to teens, adapted gymnastics for preschoolers and school aged children with disabilities, a competitive programme, plus we run an affordable Oscar & WINZ approved holiday programme every holidays and Fit 4Life class for adults. GymCity is mobile as well and goes into the local schools, to run gymnastic programmes for them with the support of CMSport and Kiwisport funding.

We have grown so much in the last 6 years that we are running at capacity and need to be relocated to a larger building. It is frustrating that a great service like ours may end. Please help us to get our message out that we need the community's support to ensure our service for the children & families continues for many years to come.

18. Safe crossing for Plaistow Hill School

Crossing the road outside Plaistow Hill is dangerous; every school should have safe access for the children, but Plaistow Hill Infant & Nursery School does not. The 'traffic calming chicanes' do NOT constitute a safe crossing; drivers become impatient when they have to go single-file, and pedestrians have no right-of-way here, which is a recipe for disaster. Add to this, the pollution being caused by all the waiting traffic, which is clearly not good for the children or local residents.

19. Make WWCC's a requirement for all jobs where children are present

Currently, there are no requirements by law for any person under 18 working with children to hold a valid WWCC. There is also no legal requirement to hold a WWCC if working at local shows(eg: royal Easter show).
I truly believe that all persons working with minors in any capacity should be required by Australian Law to hold a valid Working With Children's Check and Criminal Check.
Help me make Australia a safer place for the future.

20. Save Whyalla Kindergym

As of 7th July 2017 the doors of Whyalla Kindergym will be closed!
This will be a huge loss to the community, especially the young children of Whyalla.
Kindergym is one of the very few age appropriate activities available in Whyalla for toddlers and babies and the benefits are invaluable:
- Fosters child-carer relationships, trust and communication.
- Assists with social skills
- Provides a safe place to explore and discover
- Assists with gross motor skills, coordination and balance
- Develops self confidence

Whyalla Kindergym needs to be saved!!

21. Our Kids Matter

I am a concerned parent of JG Johnson Elementary School as well as a part of the Parent Action Committee here in Pahrump, Nevada.
We found out just last week that our Principal, Mr. Gabrylczyk, has been put on administrative leave (today 05/29/2017 I heard that he has been fired). We have tried to contact the Board of Trustees here in Pahrump and have been given the runaround. Everyone is passing the buck to the superintendent, Mr. Norton, who has not been returning our emails or calls for a special board meeting.

You see, Mr. Gabrylczyk was approved for a grant called SB-92 by the state of Nevada based on a series of interviews and applications he submitted for JG Johnson Elementary School. His background as a teacher and principal were verified and cleared, otherwise, the state would not award him this grant. SB-92 would give Mr. Gabrylczyk full autonomy in hiring staff, verifying curriculum, completing scheduling etc., to get the school up to a higher level than it's been. We were happy to find out he was awarded the grant.

This is the bad news: If he leaves then so does the grant that the State has awarded JG Johnson. This is specifically because of the scores he, as a principal, received during the interviewing process and the work he has done so far at the school. Grades have gone up at JG Johnson since Mr. Gabrylczyk has been there this year and the state had full trust that Mr. Gabrylczyk would ensure funds were used wisely at the school. Needless to say, the staff, the children and the parents love Mr. G.

He is the 4th Principal in the span of 2 years that has been called to leave. Soon after the decision was made by the state to award Mr. G the grant, he was put on administrative leave by the Board Superintendent. We want to know why this decision was made. Mr. G had a vision for the school which we feel now is being obstructed by the Board of Trustees. The school needs upgrades and support like those which other schools in the area have received.

We will be taking this to the furthest extent of our power in hopes of a positive outcome. We are protesting this disservice to our community and we want answers! It doesn't stand right with us as parents, teachers or students. It does the school no good to see so many principals come and go within a 2 year time span, without the Board even blinking an eye at us, the people who put them in their seats.

We have vowed to do everything in our power to get answers and to have Mr. G stay at JG Johnson! We need your help now to hold the Board of Trustees accountable and stop running around the fact that this is no good for our children. Please help us achieve our goal!

Alicia Wells

22. One Too Many

As an organisation that continues to fight against the gross violation of human rights and violence perpetrated towards women and girls, and together with organisations nationally, we are deeply concerned with these countrywide increase in incidents of violence against women and the girl child. As an organisation we believe that we cannot sit back whilst our young women are abducted, raped and murdered at pandemic rates. As we are grateful for the use of social media to showcase these incidents we still fear the number of vulnerable women and children in our communities who have no means of communicating to the outside world the very real danger that they face on everyday basis, this includes people living in the urban and rural setting, where the threat of death lingers over them constantly.

With the recent outbreak of cases of rape, murder and burning of girls, young women and women particularly in our society, were the life of a black woman and/or a girl child is not valued, Ilitha Labantu is leading a national campaign aimed at raising awareness about the gruesome killings of women and children in our communities that have paralysed the entire country. The country had previously faced incidents of murder, femicide and rape (including child rape) in the past years, however since January 2017 we have been overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of young women and girls that have been abducted, disappeared, raped, and murdered in horrific and dubious ways

23. Help Pass "The Internet Pornography Age Verification Act"

Help Pass The Internet Pornography Age Verification Act. Currently children have complete and unrestricted access to internet pornography. Parents and educators have the obligation to install filters to try and protect children from what they are seeing. But it is not working. It is about time that we hold these websites accountable for what children are accessing. Currently it is a felony for an adult to send a nude photo to a child via email or text. These websites are sending photos to millions of children, with no consequences. This is hurting our children and it needs to stop now! Promise Land Men's Ministries has figured out a way to almost completely eliminate access of internet pornography to children. We need your help to get this to Congress so they can create legislation.

24. Dangerous crossing Carlton high

recently pontefracts Carlton high school lolly pop lady is no longer needed due to Wakefield councils funding, in my opinion this road due to the small round about and heavy traffic is a danger to our children , in the past two week it's been witnessed that two cars have had a bump on the round about and many near misses of children running across the road , I believe it won't be long till something serious happens

25. Children’s right to have two loving parents after their separation

This petition is for our daughters, for all children missing their fathers, and the sad dads (and mothers) who are suffering from the socially perpetuated uncritical assumption that mothers would be naturally and culturally predestined to be the sole caregiver for a couple's child. Although a family's benefit from father's involvement in child rearing has been demonstrated, mothers who are trying to fulfill social expectations to be a single mom and even "maternal gate-keeping" have persisted to be a controlling practice hindering the participation of the children's fathers. Children and fathers in many cases/societies don’t have a legal voice at all. Countries are still failing to uphold a UN convention setting out children's rights to maintain relationships with both parents.

Separation or divorce is the result of problems between parents. It is not the children's fault. But it does affect children a lot. Therefore it is about protecting the rights of children to have two loving parents fully involved in their lives wherever possible, to the benefit of the children, their families, and wider society. Children have the right to meaningful contact with both parents. Although 50/50 time share enforcement may be unpractical, to maintain an emotionally close relationship a dad’s involvement in every-day activities and bedtime rituals are required that go beyond a couple of hours of playtime once or twice a week.

Without fathers having done something wrong, the socio-cultural environment and some mothers themselves can be non-supportive regarding equality in parenting, even where mutual parenting would be logistically feasible. For children at any age, anger, anxiety, and sadness can carry the risk to lead to depression and developmental problems.

But still, there is a "motherhood mystique" and a related one-sided pressure on single mothers to deprive their children of their loving father. It is important to strengthen all involved parties in the acknowledgment of facts against the established misinformation that is still guiding public opinion and policies occurring children losing their father's care.

With your signature, you help to address the problematic to policy makers around the world. Thank you very much!

26. Snack during recess for all children

According to Castellari (2016), 80% of teachers in survey for public school teachers reported that children come to school hungry one or more times a week. Most depend on school lunches for their primary source of nutrition. Most schools don’t have an obligation to provide a snack between breakfast and lunch. So some children don’t have their first meal for the day until lunch. These children that are not given any kind of meal or snack until lunch, may suffer because of the negative implications this can have on their school performance.

This program we want started will stem from the National School Lunch Program that is already placed in public and non-profit schools. This is a federally funded program.

Castellari, E., & Berning, J.P. (2016). Can providing a morning healthy snack help to reduce hunger during school time? Experimental Evidence from an Elementary School in Connecticut. Appetite, 10670-77. Doi:10.1016/j.appet.2016.0, 2.157

27. Support the Amendments to the Solo Parent Law

On November 2000, the Solo Parents' Welfare Act of 2000 (RA8972) was passed to provide benefits for solo parents and their children in the Philippines. After almost 17 years, the law has seen lackluster implementation to say the least.

With a growing number of solo parents that is estimated to be anywhere from 15 to 20 million, this is the first time that relevant legislature is being pushed to amend the antiquated law. HB 3398 seeks to push for amendments to make the law more relevant to the needs of solo parents and their children today.

It is also a way of ensuring that national implementation is achieved for all solo parents. To date, the solo parent sector remains as one of the biggest yet widely neglected in Philippines society.

However, we face renewed hope with the unparalleled support extended by current DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo who took office upon the assumption of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to the presidency.

We take this opportunity to encourage you to support this campaign to help solo parents and their children in the Philippines.

- Kuya Ernest

28. The impeachment of President Trump

President Trump openly attacked Syria killing and injuring thousand of families and civilians. Some of which were innocent woman and children, who had there lives ripped away for no reason.

29. Help Stop the Mistreatment of Women in Prison

We, the concerned citizens of the DC area, strongly advocate for reform in the health care system of female prisons. We demand that greater attention be devoted to the mental and physical well-being of incarcerated women and their newborns. All men and women deserve proper access to both mental and physical health care; and in our objective of evoking government reform, we aim to expose the injustice that incarcerated women face in accessing the help they need. If the objective of prison is to reform members of society, then they should be given the tools and support they need to thrive after their incarceration.

30. Adelaide Aquatic Centre Closure

There is meeting to be held Saturday 8th April between the Lord Mayor & Councillors to discuss the future of all council-owned assets including the Adelaide Aquatic Centre towards a possible closure.