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1. John's Law

John was attacked 2.5yrs ago he sustained life changing injuries and waited 2.5 yrs to get justice. By the time it got to court his health had deteriorated so much that he was unable to give good evidence. two of his attackers were found not guilty and one guilty and the one who was found guilty was only sentenced to 2ys 9 mths. We would like the justice system to rethink their sentencing on such life changing injuries. John has said if the system changed its sentencing and made it stiffer then perhaps this would set a president and send out a message that the the uk is not a place to be messed with. Come on UK enough is enough lets get this sentencing sorted out once and for all and save someone else going through this ordeal.

2. Help Assault Victims in Chesterfield

Virginia's Chesterfield County has NO Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Programs within their hospital system. What does this mean? Sexual assault victims in Chesterfield are not being provided with the support and care they deserve.

Driving distances of up to one hour are prohibiting assault victims from getting the treatment they need. In addition, valuable evidence is being lost due to this void in Chesterfield.

We are calling on community-centered and caring individuals to sign our petition and urge Chesterfield to provide for the need missing in our community.

3. Irish Department of Health should compensate vaccine victims

My son was injured by H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine, as were many others, encephalomyelitis, resulting in many side effects, movement disorders, sleep & Breathing disorders, muscle disorder, and more. He is now 17.

He wants to go to college, he wants to work. But Irish Dept of Health who administered vaccine refuse assistance and compensation.

Medical costs are in the thousands per year.

4. Support Childhood sexual abuse victims: Amend the Limitations Act 1969

Limitations Act 1969 18A Personal injury
An action on a cause of action to which this section applies is not maintainable if brought after the expiration of a limitation period of 3 years running from the date on which the cause of action first accrues to the plaintiff or to a person through whom the plaintiff claims.

Childhood sexual abuse

For victims of childhood sexual abuse their life is irrevocably changed forever, for some; they will live their entire lives without disclosing to anyone, others will find the strength and courage to disclose to someone at some point in their lives.

Statistics and Figures

It is commonly accepted that:
•1 in 6 boys is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•1 in 4 girls is sexually abused before the age of 18.
•This is equivalent to 332,516 Queensland men having experienced child sexual abuse.
•Over 30% of confirmed reports of child sexual abuse involve male victims.
•Between 70-90% of men who have experienced child sexual abuse haven’t told anyone!
•In on study of 40 boys who experienced child sexual abuse and attended an adolescent medical facility, none had ever told their primary care giver.
•Men are one and a half times less likely than women to report rape to police. This makes for an extremely small figure, given that only between 5–10% of women report rape to police.
•There appear to be some particularly powerful forces preventing adult men from telling. From their experience of men's groups, counsellors say that many men do not disclose until they are in their thirties and some never disclose.

Some personal prospective?

I was sexually abused as a child, the perpetrator was a scout leader, I never told anyone about it until I was 21 at which point I told my parents that I had been abused but no more details as I was unable to deal with it. At the age of 36 I realized that I needed to do something about it because it was destroying my life. I went to the police and for the first time ever I told the detective in great detail what had happened to me. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

During the course of the investigation it was revealed that the scout association not only knew who this person was and what he had done but failed to report it to the authorities. One report from the scouts advised that the boys were told to “remember their scout’s code of honour and never talk about it again”. As I told my parents at age 21 I was unable to legally hold the scouts accountable becuase I disclosed at 21. The following links shows that this organisation has done this more than once.

What do we want?

We request that the limitations act 1969 section 18a be amended to allow for victims of childhood sexual abuse the time required reporting the crime and seeking compensation from the organisations’ that cover up or hide perpetrators to protect their organisations’ name.

5. Petition to give justice to Delhi rape victim

This is to urge the government of India to give rapid justice to the Delhi gang rape victim who died on 29/12/2012 succumbing to multiple injuries.

6. Bullies to Bootcamp (Victims have rights)

In memory of Amanda Todd & all others. After a 15 year old female, was victimized and made her commited suicide after being bullied by many teenagers.

Help prevent & end Bullying now.

7. Morgan's Law - Victim's Rights for Protection Orders

Morgan Myers was a vibrant young woman, who at the age of 30 had her life and the life of her unborn child taken from her.

She left behind four young children, three sisters, two brothers and many family members and friends who feel her loss keenly. Morgan was granted a permanent protection order from an ex-boyfriend just six days before she was brutally stabbed to death in the busy parking lot of a Walmart store. If the assailant’s relevant history had been shared with Morgan or if she had been offered the protection of location devices, she would very likely still be with us.

The aim of Morgan’s law would be two-fold: mandate release of pertinent and valuable information to individuals filing protective orders and allow, at the Court’s discretion, wearing of location-detecting devices to facilitate a higher level of protection.

The release of pertinent and valuable information to individuals filing protective orders is essential to their safety and facilitates smart decision-making on the part of the victim. This information should include the following, at a minimum:

• Any previous protection orders filed against the same individual
• Any previously violated protection orders
• Previous convictions for domestic violence, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, battery, property destruction, harassment, stalking etc.

Every day in the US, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends. A woman is assaulted or beaten every 9 seconds. Protection orders can provide a false sense of security. Nearly 20% of all domestic homicides occur during a time where the victim had a restraining order against the killer. In 2008 a study noted that one-fifth of female intimate partner homicide victims who had a restraining order were killed within two days of the order being issued; about one-third were killed within a month.

Morgan’s Law would like the Court to determine cases where an electronic monitoring device would likely deter a subject from seeking to kill, injure, stalk or otherwise threaten the person requesting the order. These devices would alert authorities when the attacker is within proximity of off-limit locations. These devices could have a profound impact on the safety and security of victims. They would allow police the ability to monitor and notify victims as well as prosecute repeat violators of protection order requirements. The expense involved for both equipment and monitoring is minimal, between $10 and $25 per day, certainly a valid expense when the alternative is the loss of life. In many states the system is set up so the aggressor pays the cost. If he cannot afford the device, it is typically covered by witness protection funds; the burden does not fall on the victim or the taxpayers. Similar laws currently exist in 12 states.

8. Support Bill 310 and Stop Legal Prostitution to prevent further Human trafficking

1) In response to the recent legalization of prostitution ALLOWED in Bawdy houses, and victimizers and traffickers who can now disguise themselves as Body guards, phone operators and drivers to continue Exploiting women and Children and living off their avails. I have created a petition and expect to acquire 1000 signatures and Postal codes to help create awareness to appeal the Ontario court of Appeal decision and the consequences of it. Just because it can be taxed and legal does not make it immoral.

I have sent a copy to Human Trafficking Advocates and a copy to the Supreme Court Of Canada and The Prime Minister, Premier of Ontario and Members of Parliament regarding this urgent matter.

Article 1:
Prostitution laws struck down Article 2: Court ruling won't help protect most vulnerable prostitutes





Explanation/Concerns If the law for prostitution legalized is not appealed:

Ontario is probably the next landmark for human trafficking there is no law or prohibition in preventing men and women from driving the girls, bringing them to and from brothels or their home in peoples family neighborhoods and no way to tell if they are being "manipulated exploited" by others.

Employment rates are down already, men and women who would be owners of escort agencies will exploit them, they have to perform acts even if they do not want to,RUNAWAYS, ABUSED, vulnerable younger girls/boys wanting to make fast money and dropping out of school unless they have morals, or a good family and a stable income. Now perpetrators will be fueled and have a reason to exploit them it’s legal to transport them, and if they live together how do you prove they are living off the avails, there is no enforcement of these big factors not to mention Ontario will be a port of trafficking now worse than before.

I feel afraid for the new generation, the message that humans can be bought, IT doesn’t make it right to legalize something immoral as long as they can tax it?

I also am worried about my nieces and friends children. Also our young generation, this message is saying that it is ok for a guy to buy sex and/or females it is vs. Education and Morality and Employment Once again, I am calling for your support and immediate action to criminalize prostitution and bawdy houses, and to abolish the “support staff permitted aka pimps” and protect the minors and new immigrants from human trafficking, as Ontario will be a hub for prostitution for minors as there is no way to completely enforce protection for them. THEREFORE WE MUST STAND UP FOR CANADA AND SAY NO WE WONT ALLOW FURTHER EXPLOITATION

MP wrote the petition for me and I am posting it below
WE THE UNDERSIGNED CITIZENS OF CANADA, draw attention to the House to the following:

WHEREAS it is internationally acknowledged that the median age of entry into prostitution is 12-14 years of age;

WHEREAS 92% of prostitutes would leave prostitution if they could;

WHEREAS the demand for commercial sex with women and children is the root cause for prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes;

WHEREAS child prostitution and violence towards women have increased in countries where prostitution has been legalized;

THEREFORE your petitioners request that Parliament amend the Criminal Code to decriminalize the selling of sexual services and criminalize the purchasing of sexual services and provide support to those who desire to leave prostitution.

We are asking for tougher laws to be proactive against crime. The legalization of bawdy houses will not help the victims but cause more trafficked children and women and victims.


Josy Chafoya LOG1B0

9. We Need a National Database to identify and rescue victims of child sexual abuse!

We Need a National Database. Delays in introducing a national paedophile database are hindering Britain's ability to identify and rescue victims.

Delays in introducing a national paedophile database are hindering Britain's ability to identify and rescue victims.

The UK's Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (Ceop) says a central database of all images of abuse which appear on the web is necessary. However, it said it could be another 18 months before it is introduced.

In the UK different police forces currently have various systems and different databases. Some have their own victim identification units. Although millions of images of child sex abuse have been collected only 47 cases were passed on to Ceop by the UK's 52 police forces in 2010 - less than one per force. In the cases which were passed to them Ceop helped rescue 22 victims.

We need this database implementing now not 18 months. We don't need children to be subjected to another 18 months of abuse we need it to be available now.

10. Parliamentary Inquiry into White Collar Crimes

Victims of white collar crimes have been attending meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies in the Houses of Westminster since 1998. More recently, their cases and stories were recounted on video, in one-page summaries and published on three websites, with links to many others:

Two outstanding stories have been turned into a book:

Furthermore, thanks to our most popular petition to Free Norman Scarth, our online petitions have gathered nearly 6,000 signatures, next to 70,000 page views and remarkable comments illustrating the general dissatisfaction.

The global web movement AVAAZ demands "clean lists" (listas limpias) of politicians to be elected. We are appealing to the Justice and the Treasury Select Committees in the spirit of the Bank of England Act 1694. It was written with the intention NOT to oppress Their Majesties' subjects, but at the very latest, the financial "crisis" has made it apparent how dishonest money or the Money Scam create greed and corruption, most unfortunately also in "respectable" institutions and professions, resulting in exactly what was to be avoided: the serious oppression of Their Majesties' subjects.

When Council lawyers write their own "injunction orders", against "The Media & Others", with their own "terms of service", pretending they have had a hearing with an "independent" judge, they violate basic human and family rights and bloggers' Freedom of Expression and Information. The untold story of gagging orders, published by The Independent, reveals that 69 gags relate to celebrities and 264 to children and young adults.

When Law and Order have turned into Crime and Disorder, we need to appeal to the Lord Chancellor and the Business Minister who are very aware of our 'representative' cases.

When the Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Money, our appeal has to go also to our elected politicians in the Justice and the Treasury Select Committee, to check on the unaccountable financial and legal industry aka HM Partnership, with a view to Financial Fairness for voters and taxpayers.

Victims do NOT have an effective remedy before national authorities nor do they have a chance for a fair trial. They are neither protected by this fundamental European Human Right nor by the Universal Declaration of the United Nations. Instead, they are fodder for the "mangle" of an adversarial system that milks the public purse.

Related Petitions:

The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW!

Abolish the Ban on recording Court Proceedings

Stop the Oppression of the British People!

11. Justice & Support For Child Abuse Victims

Child abusers get such small sentences in the UK and their victims along with their parents/carers get no or minimal support. This needs to change.

Please help us make a stand and change the law so that abusers get longer sentences and victims get more help along with their families on how to cope post abuse.

12. Mandatory jail sentencing of those who assualt the elderly

Violence against the elderly is becoming more and more common. The current sentencing laws are failing and these scumbags are getting away with these horrific crimes with little or no jail time.

• Police are investigating another vicious attack on an elderly man who was bashed and robbed after going to the aid of a distressed woman in Carlton, Victoria.

• In the same weekend police described as violent, despicable and horrendous attack on a 91-year-old stroke victim in a bungled home burglary.

• Late November, a 72-year-old man was bashed in an unprovoked assault as he left a late-night Melbourne tram.

• Also in November a 78-year-old woman was rushed to Wollongong Hospital after being found lying on the ground in November after being robbed of her handbag and groceries.

• Police appealed to the public in October to help find a teenager suspected of bashing a 75-year-old woman in Cairns. The woman was approached from behind and struck to the ground.

• In September, a 78 year old grandfather of eight was bashed repeatedly and ended up on life support.

• Again in September, a 99 year old great grandmother spent a week in hospital after she was molested, robbed and fought off an attempted rape in her own home.

• In August a TAXI driver bashed and robbed an 81-year-old woman in Melbourne.

This is disgusting, cowardly behaviour and these individuals deserve to be dealt with by the courts in the harshest manner possible! These thugs need to be locked up!!

A BRISBANE bus driver has been jailed, but released immediately, for causing horrific injuries to a 79-year-old passenger he assaulted for coming up 60 cents short on his fare. Dennis Chow, 40, was sentenced to 12-months jail, to be served by way of intensive corrections order. The victim, Mr Plazino was rushed to hospital where he was treated for the skull and facial fractures, lacerations to his face, hand and leg and various bruises. Doesn't sound like justice I hear you say!

A couple in their 70s were terrorised in the early hours of the morning by Brodie Hutchin. Hutchin was charged with assault in November 2010. He was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined a total of $1000. The poor man and woman will probably live in fear for the rest of their lives. How would you be feeling if this was your mum and dad?

In June 2010, Grant Brown 31 of Mornington pleaded guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to John Lane aged in his seventies. Brown was jailed for two years with a non-parole period of 18 months. Sound fair?

Its about time Julia Gillard and the Australian Government introduced tougher sentencing laws to help stop the assault of our elderly.

13. Reduction of Prison Sentence for Robert Graham

In 1981, Robert Graham was convicted of a murder crime in his hometown of Lake Providence, La. He was given a life sentence and is still serving time in the Angola State Prison System in the state of Louisiana. The evidence was shabby, but Robert was arrested and convicted, because he and the victim were in a previous altercation the night of the victim's death, at a local night club.

In addition, Robert pleaded guilty, because he believed that he might have stabbed the victim during the public altercation in the night club. He presented the weapon to the police.

Law enforcement accepted his word and therefore no investigation was done. Robert Graham's mother is requesting his release for time served or a transfer to a minimum security facility, closer to home. His mother is a senior citizen and no longer able to travel to visit him in his present location.

14. Take action against Police Chief for molesting teenage girl

I have read this incident in BBC News and in several Indian websites. informs about the entire incident how the teenager was molested and committed suicide due to police harassment.

This video shows the interview with victim's father

15. Stop Unfair justice

My 22 year old black american son had a new years eve's party, had a few of his friends come over, they brought others. Everyone was viedo taping, rapping, drinking, druging etc. as the night went on they was wasted and my son had consented sex with a 15 year old white girl, there were several people in the room looking at this sexual act, someone was even video taping it, when it was brought to federal court they charge him with child pornography, and the the white girl who is now 19 went to court and testify in his defence and said she was not a victim, she felt my son was because they gave him 27 years and the judge thought he was being nice for just that many, he said if the young white girl had not wrote him a letter, my son would have got 30 to 50 years the punishment is too harsh and severe for what happen, a murderer gets less years or the same, there's no victim in my sons case, it's more like prejutive to me, A mother's cry please help chance this

16. Safer Community Against Registered SexOffenders (SCARS)

A loophole in the law allows for Registered Sex Offenders to volunteer in your child's class if he/she has a child enrolled in the classroom without you or staff from ever knowing and in another loophole a Registered Sex Offender's backyard can line up to a schools playground leaving your child at undue risk.

Registered Sex Offenders are not monitored tightly, fight to require stricter laws. Sign this petition to make a Safer Community Against Registered SexOffenders (SCARS) and prevent a lifetime of scars.

17. Moratorium against the use of tasers

-Moratorium against the use of tasers by the police and the transit security;

-the use of tasers by transit police is far outside guidelines that say they should be used only if someone is suicidal, violent or about to injure himself or someone else;

-Translink police are Canada's only armed transit police force;

-60 more people have died since Robert Dziekanski after being Tasered by police, including five Canadians;

-At least 286 people in North America have died since 2001 after being stunned by the TASER's 50,000 volt discharge

-There is no way of knowing whether individual Taser weapons meet the manufacturer's specifications;

-There are no Canadian safety testing standards of any kind for the devices;

-It is entirely possible that some weapons discharge much more electrical energy than they are supposed to, and that police officers are unwittingly killing people as a result;

-TASER and the law enforcement community often point to other factors that they say actually cause death;

-such as drug or alcohol use or a phenomenon they have coined "excited delirium", which is not a recognized medical condition;

-TASER International says so-called "excited delirium" is a potentially fatal condition.

-Here are some questions: How many people have died of "excited delirium" in the last five years in situations that did not involve law enforcement? Do people only reach potentially lethal levels of excitement or delirium when they are accosted by peace officers?

-Tasers are arguably being overused by police;

-They have reportedly been used to shock children as young as six (in Florida) and an 82 year old woman was recently shocked in Chicago;

-Amnesty International studied 271 fatalities and found that the victim was unarmed in all but 22 of the cases. Most of these victims were no risk to anyone.

18. Say NO to Gang style Attacks by Teens!

Recently a video was aired nationally showing 6 girls taking turns beating a helpless victim unconscious, waking her up and beating her again while 2 boys stood lookout. The incident happened on or about March 30th. This was a cold, calculated crime that was premeditated and thought out.

No parents were present at the time of the attack which was 8:30PM on a Sunday night. The attackers never showed any remorse for these crimes. They were observed laughing and joking that they would miss cheerleading and not be able to go to the beach the following weekend.

The incident was videotaped with the intent to broadcast it online. The mother of the girl in whose home the assault took place blamed the victim and not her daughter. Also, neither mother or daughter, nor any of the other attackers show remorse at this time, one even proclaiming on their myspace page that "I'd do it again"!

19. Justice for Soon Hwa Hong

On January 13, 2007, in Staten Island, NY, a convenience store clerk named Soon Hwa Hong, after fighting with an alleged shoplifter and being punched repeatedly in the head, hit the alleged shoplifter with the 40 ounce beer bottle he was trying to steal.

The alleged shoplifter faces some misdemeanor charges, but clerk Soon Hwa Hong is charged with second-degree assault, a felony punishable by a maximum of seven years in prison.

This petition will be sent to Congressman Vito Fossella, to bring his attention to what seems to be a twisted sort of justice.

20. No to Drink Driving Petition

This petition is to try and make the English government change their laws and make harsher punishments and jail sentences for people who drink and drive or drug drive and injure or kill an innocent person.

Whether your from the UK or not, PLEASE help bring justice to all the families who feel cheated because they have lost loved ones. If you had a friend or family member killed you'd want some sort of justice wouldn't you?

PLEASE sign this and get idiots who think it's clever to be drunk behind the wheel to stay sober behind bars.

21. Scrap the Human Rights Act

For years the British Legal System has operated effectively without intervention from Europe and without the interference of the Human Rights Act.

The Human Rights Act has inflicted more harm than good on the British Public. In recent months it has dictated that prisoners must be given the vote, prisoners are allowed to sue prisons for taking them off heroin to early and more recently murderers and rapists have been released early because not giving them a proper parole hearing infringed their human rights.

What about the law-abiding tax payer who has to stand by and see criminals walk free and their taxes used to pay out record sums of compensation to people who are in prison because they have no regard for the rights of others?

It is time to scrap the Human Rights Act and get back to 'our' system of law which has worked for hundreds of years and provided a model to other countries around the World.

22. Domestic Violence Victim, to be notified of the offender's Parole Hearing

The current law states that a victim of Domestic Violence, is only notified of the offender's hearing, if requested, and the crime must be a felony.

23. I, too, "am fearfully and wonderfully made"

At the close of the year 2006, there were 689 reported and confirmed cases of severe child abuse and neglect in York County, South Carolina. This includes only this one county, and doesn't account for the multitude of cases that likely went unreported.

Not a single one of these cases resulted in a prison sentence for the perpetrator greater than 11 years. More significant sentences have been granted for the abuse of animals, which is demonstrated by the attached documentation.

Child abuse and neglect is an epidemic in our country, and one that must be stopped. Most of us have heard the phrase "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (Exodus 21:23-27). This idea represents exact retribution, insisting that the perpetrator should suffer exactly what the victim has suffered.

As we present this petition before the court and its people, we argue for exact retribution for all victims of child abuse. The effects of such abuse do not go away; they may be nummed, but follow an individual throughout the rest of their lives.

Thus, since the victim will suffer until their life ends, so should the offender. We insist that a fair sentence for such a crime should last for a lifetime as well.

24. Investigate the Violent assault with a deadly weapon against a 16 year old in Northridge

16 year old Granada Hills resident was assaulted by 12-15 individuals on August 12, 2006. Assailants used a knife to slash the victim's foot almolst to amputation, permenantly maiming him.

Police failed to investigate the assault, interview known suspects and wittnesses, deal truthfully with or cooperate with victim for three months.

25. Cancel Rego Plates Involved in a Fatality

June 26, 2006

Lee Charles McIntyre 5/1/74 - 26/11/04 beautiful son, brother, grandson, partner, adoring daddy, workmate and friend. Lee was the innocent victim of a careless driver who failed to give way at traffic lights.

Three months after the major crash this insensitive driver advertised his personalised plates for sale for the amount of $3,000 which at the time coincided with the Clipsal 500 weekend.

This added further to the pain and suffering of the victim's heartbroken family. No thought was given to the victim's family, nor did the offender reveal the history of the plates to the unsuspecting buyer.

26. Remove Vermont Judge Cashman

January 26, 2006

Rapist's 60 DAY Prison Sentence Triggers Outrage

Burlington, Vermont -- January 4, 2005

There was outrage Wednesday when a Vermont judge handed out a 60-day jail sentence to a man who raped a little girl many, many times over a four-year span starting when she was seven.

The judge said he no longer believes in punishment and is more concerned about rehabilitation.

Prosecutors argued that confessed child-rapist Mark Hulett, 34, of Williston deserved at least eight years behind bars for repeatedly raping a littler girl countless times starting when she was seven.

But Judge Edward Cashman disagreed explaining that he no longer believes that punishment works.

"The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul," said Judge Edward Cashman speaking to a packed Burlington courtroom. Most of the on-lookers were related to a young girl who was repeatedly raped by Mark Hulett who was in court to be sentenced.

The sex abuse started when the girl was seven and ended when she was ten. Prosecutors were seeking a sentence of eight to twenty years in prison, in part, as punishment.

"Punishment is a valid purpose," Chittenden Deputy Prosecutor Nicole Andreson argued to Judge Edward Cashman.

"The state recognizes that the court may not agree or subscribe to that method of sentencing but the state does. The state thinks that it is a very important factor for the court to consider," Andreson added.

But Judge Cashman explained that he is more concerned that Hulett receive sex offender treatment as rehabilitation. But under Department of Corrections classification, Hulett is considered a low-risk for re-offense so he does not qualify for in-prison treatment. So the judge sentenced him to just 60 days in prison and then Hulett must complete sex treatment when he gets out or face a possible life sentence.

Judge Cashman also also revealed that he once handed down stiff sentences when he first got on the bench 25 years ago, but he no longer believes in punishment.

"I discovered it accomplishes nothing of value;it doesn't make anything better;it costs us a lot of money; we create a lot of expectation, and we feed on anger," Cashman explained to the people in the court.

The sentence outraged the victim's family who asked not to be identified.

"I don't like it," the victim's mother,in tears, told Channel 3. "He should pay for what he did to my baby and stop it here. She's not even home with me and he can be home for all this time, and do what he did in my house," she added.

Hulett -- who had been out on bail-- was taken away to start his sentence immediately.

After issuing the original sentence, Cashman was attacked by commentators on TV and on the Internet. On Fox News, Bill O'Reilly told viewers as video of Cashman rolled: "You may be looking at the worst judge in the USA." Gov. James Douglas called on the judge to resign, and several lawmakers demanded his impeachment.

27. Help introduce a new charge of 'Driving Without Due Care Causing Death'

January 17, 2006

Lee (pictured), was killed instantly from multiple injuries when a driver failed to give way at traffic lights colliding with him head on. Lee was riding through a green light on his motorbike. The driver exercised his full rights, declined a police interview and was not asked to submit to a blood test. Lee, his victim, had no rights, infact his name was not even mentioned in the charge.

We are calling for an urgent overhaul of the motoring offences system, with tougher sentences and higher fines.

The current law of driving 'without due care' is a very good reflection of how unimportant road traffic death is considered. At present drivers are charged more often with careless driving, over dangerous driving, as it is easier to obtain a conviction.

The current penalties incurred by drivers involved in a major crash which is a clear-cut case of negligence do not reflect the enormity of the offence.

We want the victim to be the central issue of the charge. The current system fails to acknowledge the senseless loss of life or the trauma suffered by the victim's families. When making the decision to sign this petition please put yourself in the position of the victim's family. What would you consider justice?

28. Justice for the victim

Steven Ivester was sentenced to 8 years minimum and 10 years maximum, for murdering my father. His name was Rodney Martin. Steven Iverster has not even served 3 years in prison. They want him to have work release and family visits.

Why should he be allowed to see his family when my threee sisters and I can not see our dad? It is not fair on my family's behalf for him to be allowed to leave the prison for any reason what so every, until he as served his full amount of time.

Rodney Martin was a loveing father, a great husband,and a wonderful son. He did not dersver what happened to him and nether did his family. He was a great person and had many friends. He was a long time resident of Gaston County, and was loved by almost everybody.


29. Free James R. Hathcock

James R. Hathcock, born March 5, 1967 is a son, husband, father, family man, good provider, gainfully full time employed, and considered to be a hard working individual... that is, until being raped by a failed judicial system, wrongly convicted of incest and sentenced to spend six years in prison forcing him to become a victim for a crime that he did not, could not, would not, and is not capable of having committed.

He is accused of a crime that never happened. A crime that is physically and humanly impossible for him to have committed.

Rather than justice having been performed on behalf of the victim, Shana, a grave injustice has been done to James Hathcock, his wife, son, family, and his childhood dream career (which he had accomplished) all of which have been made to become victims by a failed judicial system.

After a jury trial lasting 5 days, three (3) of his witnesses were allowed to testify on his behalf, false testimony was given by some of the State witnesses, no DNA evidence, no physical evidence, witnesses and evidence on his behalf were withheld, one state witness has come forward.

In a letter written willingly on October 5, 2004, a state witness has admitted that she knows the victim was lying and that she (state witness) did not like getting up there (witness stand) and talking about s_ _ _ that did not happen.

30. Justice for Tyler James, age 7

Although seven-year-old Tyler James was a victim of two criminal acts, the authorities in Lake County California founded it appropriate to blame him for causing his own death. The two criminals who committed crimes that caused his death were not even questioned by police. It is an absurd miscarriage of justice to conclude that a seven-year-old child should be blamed for causing his own death.