Send the amount of signatures to our local MP to make education a law.
United Kingdom

Our hope is that the British Government decides to properly educate its youth about what homosexuality is, and that it is not something to have qualms about - but to embrace as a part of our ever-changing society.

Here are a few facts we had found in regards to improper education of the topic:
 48% of trans people under 26 have attempted suicide, 30% in the past year?
 A disappointing 2 in 5 LGBT pupils state that their schools believe homophobic bulling is wrong.

We will be collecting signatures and sending a link to this petition, as well as data on how many signatures were collected to our local MP through email.

We ask you to spread the word of this petition to any friends, colleagues or family you know will sign, as we actively do out part in our local and distant towns.

We want it to be a law that homosexuality and homophobia will be taught in British schools to reduce the suicides and bullying that happens to people who are ashamed of what people might think of them because of who they are.

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