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1. Violence against a female professor!

Violence against a female professor in Dhaka University!
We want proper investigation and justice

On June 13, 2017, during a C & D meeting of the Coordination and Development Committee, at the ISWR of Dhaka University, a male professor attempt to physically assault and verbally abused a female colleague. He used indecent and vulgar language while talking to her. His behaviour was abusive, full of threats, and indecent. The female professor became shocked, fearful and distressed.
The United Nations defines violence against women as any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life. According to the definition there is no doubt that such behave of a teacher is a violence and gendered power demonstration to a female colleague.
A written complaint has been submitted to the Pro VC (education) and President of Teachers Association by claiming that a male colleague at a meeting attempted to physical attack, verbally abused and threatened her. According to Daily Janakantha June 14, 2017 and “Dhaka Tribune" June 15, 2017 Nasreen Ahmad, the pro vice-chancellor (education), confirmed the matter that - Mohammad Samad, a professor of the same institute, had behaved indecently and derogatorily with Professor Tania Rahman, director of the Institute of Social Welfare and Research of University of Dhaka (DU) on June 13, 2017.
An anonymous member of the C & D Committee who attended the meeting reported to the journalists that “The meeting was pre-scheduled and Professor Samad did not arrive on time. We had to go on with the meeting while he was absent. But when we were about to finish, he came in and started call on her name and spoke inappropriate things to Professor Tania as she had concluded the meeting without him”.

After this incidence, a month have been passed, however, we do not know about any sign of investigation or intervention. Such incidence and thereafter the silence of Pro VC (education) and gender cell of University of Dhaka, is unacceptable.

Check the published news:



2. One Too Many

As an organisation that continues to fight against the gross violation of human rights and violence perpetrated towards women and girls, and together with organisations nationally, we are deeply concerned with these countrywide increase in incidents of violence against women and the girl child. As an organisation we believe that we cannot sit back whilst our young women are abducted, raped and murdered at pandemic rates. As we are grateful for the use of social media to showcase these incidents we still fear the number of vulnerable women and children in our communities who have no means of communicating to the outside world the very real danger that they face on everyday basis, this includes people living in the urban and rural setting, where the threat of death lingers over them constantly.

With the recent outbreak of cases of rape, murder and burning of girls, young women and women particularly in our society, were the life of a black woman and/or a girl child is not valued, Ilitha Labantu is leading a national campaign aimed at raising awareness about the gruesome killings of women and children in our communities that have paralysed the entire country. The country had previously faced incidents of murder, femicide and rape (including child rape) in the past years, however since January 2017 we have been overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of young women and girls that have been abducted, disappeared, raped, and murdered in horrific and dubious ways

3. FEAR OF A BLACK FEMINIST NATION...Call for transformative change in Black organizing and intellectual communities

Since 2012, we have been working to make our homes and communities in Montreal safer, more accountable, and more love-filled for Black women and our children. Being consistently asked to witness and share platforms and stages with known Black men who rape and harm our sisters, has compelled us to issue this statement. Sadly, even in Black activist and intellectual communities, sexual assault remains the issue that folks are unwilling to challenge.

We ask Black folks and people of African descent who are committed to creating and affirming values and practices within their organizations and learning spaces that resist abuse and oppression, and encourage safety, support and accountability to sign the statement bellow.

We are committed to the ongoing development of all members of our communities, and our varied organizing communities, to transform the conditions that reinforce oppression and violence within these spaces. Please contact us if you want us to assist you in thinking through this statement, and putting together an action plan.

With Love,
Third Eye Collective

4. نعم لقانون عقوبات فلسطيني رادع

الغاء وتجميد العمل بالمادة #99 من قانون العقوبات رقم (16 (لسنة 1960 في قضايا قتل النساء

Stop violence and injustice against Palestinian women.

5. Remove Restricted Hours in Residence Halls

1. Students residing in the residence halls are adults, ranging from 18 to 22+ years of age, therefore capable of adult decisions.

2. Colleges are adult institutions, and the placement of such restrictions on the adults as if they were adolescents (minors) or children goes against the college’s intended purpose, which is to prepare young adults for the real world (College Dorm Curfews ).

3. Even if closed hours still remain in effect, students conduct their lives as they wish to do so, virtually making the rule unproductive, which encourages students to break the honor code.

4. Open hall hours strongly encourage a community of respect between the genders, and the students at Bluffton University are able to carry on this sense of community and respect full time.

6. Get the gender TRANSFORMER added to the Facebook list of genders

For many years I have felt like I was born in the wrong body, something was wrong with me. I was so depressed and lonely, I struggled for answers, I didn't feel like a male or female. Then several years ago I watched the film Transformers and the answer suddenly hit me, I was a Transformer in a human body. For years I have been living as a Transformer male, I often run around making car noises, I have found some happiness in my life.

BUT today I was triggered by facebook, I wanted to change my gender to transformer but it wasn't there. I set up this petition to try and get facebook to add my gender onto there list.

Please help me.

BRUM BRUM (that's "thank you" in my transformer language)

7. Seoul Declaration to Advance Gendered Research, Innovation and Socio-economic Development in the Asia Pacific

The historical inequalities between women and men in research participation and in science knowledge create barriers to achieving the full socio-economic benefits of science-led innovation. With women in a minority and science with more evidence for men than for women, outcomes and opportunities are biased to advantage the needs of men and overlook the needs of women.

But now, extensive evidence shows that gender bias in science knowledge making can negatively impact on the quality of scientific research for both women and men. Whilst we continue building systematic understanding of the underlying causes, we have enough solid knowledge to generate the benefits of gender sensitive and responsive research.

The scientists, gender scholars and policy makers attending the Gender Summit 6 - Asia Pacific 2015 (GS6 – AP) discussed the full complexity and diversity of gender issues in research and innovation in the region. These discussions identified numerous scientific and socio-economic benefits of adopting gendered approaches to research and innovation.

Science and policy leaders in Europe have already taken such actions as a strategy for the EU Horizon 2020 programme, as well as at national level.

We call on science and policy leaders in Asia Pacific to promote gender aware and sensitive research and innovation to improve the quality of science and enhance socio-economic development in the region.

8. Separate Swimming Pool Times By Gender

In North York there are many families which are from observant up to ultra orthodox religious backgrounds.

They do not go to public swimming pools and other recreation which don't have gender separation in certain hours of the week, because it is against their faith.

9. Support Gender Identity Non-Discrimination Legislation in Wisconsin

In 1982, Wisconsin became the first state to pass a non-discrimination law based on sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations. No similar state legislation exists for people of differing gender identities.

Today, 18 states and the District of Columbia have surpassed Wisconsin in the enactment of vital protections for the transgender community.

Sign to show your support in the pursuit of non-discrimination legislation and move Wisconsin forward to equal rights for all.

Feel free to contact the author with any and all questions you may have.

Thank you for your time and support.

10. Stop Female Genital Mutilation; Promote women reproductive rights

Today, more than 20 million people die each year due to inequalities in global health. More tan 150 million people face unaffordable health care costs each year. And more than 100 million people each year are plunged into poverty.

About 140 million girls and women worldwide are currently living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where FGM is concentrated.

If current trends continue, as many as 30 million girls are at risk of being cut before their 15th birthday. It’s no longer enough for any one group or country to take action. What we face is a global crisis that needs a global movement to end Female Genital Mutilation and promote women reproductive health.

The Barefoot Grannies are leading efforts to promote reproductive health, promote girl-child education, end Female Genital Mutilation and fistula. More information and videos here

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is recognized internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women. In some cases, girls bleed to death or die from infections. Later in life, FGM can lead to complications in childbirth and increase the risk of the mother and/or baby dying. The practice also violates women's rights to health, security and physical integrity, the right to be free from torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and the right to life when the procedure results in death. Its our duty to protect and observe women rights, end the social, cultural and political causes of Female Genital Mutilation and promote women’s reproductive rights.

Join us. #InspireChange.
Tell East Africa Governments to promote health equity for all, make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation and hold promoters of this practice accountable.
The Barefoot Grannies works on a completely volunteer basis in order to change their communities. These are the women and grannies on the frontlines of change working to strengthen women’s rights, improve girls education, increase economic opportunity for women, and promote human rights in their communities. Join the by signing the petition and supporting their work and campaign. Copy and paste the following link is your browser

After signing the petition, support the Barefoot Grannies through this link ( ) and share the petition of facebook, twitter and blogs.

Join us on October 25 for the Day of Action: We are running one mile, JUST one Mile to remind our selves, our communities, our governments of their obligations to promote health equity and to make firm commitments to end Female Genital Mutilation. Invite a a couple of friends and Run One Mile for Health Equity , share the campaign on facebook

Please send us feedback, contact us:


Yanvar ayının 24-ü tarixinə Azərbaycanda 24 gəncin intiharı qeydə alınmışdır. Onların əksəriyyəti cinsi azlıq üzvləridir. LGBT aktivist İsa Şahmarlı tərəfindən baş tutan intihar isə cəmiyyətdə rezonans doğurdu. Bu intihar hadisəsi cəmiyyətə simvolik protest və mesaj idi. Cinsi azlıqlara qarşı azərbaycan cəmiyyətində tüğyan edən nifrət səbəbi ilə cinsi azlıqların psixoloji durumu getdikcə kədərli nəticələrə gətirib çıxarır.

*** *** ***

During 24 days of January, 2014, 24 young people committed suicide in Azerbaijan. Most of them are sexual minorities. A suicide committed by, LGBT activist, Isa Shahmarli was a symbolic protest and a message to the society. Hatred of Azerbaijani society against sexual minorities worsens psychological situations of the sexual minorities which leads to sad consequences.

12. عريضة داعمة لحقوق السجينات في لبنان - Petition Supporting the Rights of Women Prisoners

نحن الموقعون/ات أدناه
نؤمن بمبادئ وقيم حقوق الإنسان، وبأن المساواة والعدالة الكرامة حق وبأن حقوق النساء جزءُ اساسيُ لا يتجزأ من حقوق الإنسان،
ونعلن عن تضامننا مع حقوق السجينات في السجون اللبنانية لكون السجون هي حلقة من حلقات العدالة التي لا يمكن أن تتحقق إلا عبر التمتع بابسط الحقوق الإنسانية،
ونطالب الدولة بتعزيز الجهود الوقائية ومعالجة الممارسات والمعايير الاجتماعية التمييزية على أساس النوع الاجتماعي (الجندر)، وبذل الجهود الدؤوبة لضمان معاملة السجينات بما يوافق معايير حقوق الأنسان في جميع مراحل الإعتقال والمحاكمة والحكم والسجن والإنخراط في المجتمع، وإيلاء الاهتمام لخصوصية المرأة من حمل ورضاعة ورعاية الأطفال، من خلال وضع إطار داعم من التشريعات والممارسات.

We, the undersigned below, believe in the principles and values of human rights, and that equality, justice, and dignity are rights, and that women rights are essential and integral part of human rights.

We declare our solidarity with the rights of women prisoners in Lebanese prisons, because prisons are part of justice that cannot be achieved without the application of the simplest human rights.

We call on the state to enhance prevention efforts – to change the gender discriminatory practices and social norms – to make unremitting efforts to ensure the treatment of prisoners, in accordance to human rights standards in all stages of detention, trial, sentence, imprisonment and engagement in the community – and to highly consider the special needs of women from pregnancy, breast-feeding and child care, through the development of a supportive framework of legislation and practices.

13. Please explain, Mr. Langbroek, Minister of Education.

This serious “gender-neutralisation” matter affects ALL Australian citizens.

Although the issue has arisen in Queensland, you can be certain it will soon enough be duplicated by every other state and territory, unless stopped in its tracks.

Please stand with other ordinary, concerned citizens to immediately put an end to what is presenting as yet more political and bureaucratic 'social-engineering' madness.

According to newspaper reports, it would appear that the Queensland Department of Education seeks to 'neutralise' or even eliminate any perceived physical/sexual differences between boys and girls.

The media reports that the department is planning to create a situation that may result in boys and girls at school playing competitive ‘mixed-gender’ sports, sharing the same toilets and sleeping together during camp excursions.

The news appears to be so incredibly insane that we citizens have decided to call for immediate full disclosure from the relevant Minister of Education.

For more complete details, please refer to the original e-mail that was circulated, which can be read HERE That page has a direct link to the newspaper report.

This is not so much a petition as our firmly unequivocal call to the respective politicians and bureaucrats for a detailed explanation as stated below.

Remember, as happened with compulsory voting, today Queensland, tomorrow all of Australia. Which is why ALL Australians are urgently called upon to support this petition so this type of ideology-driven insanity can be stopped in its tracks, ANYWHERE across Australia..

Please do so now by clicking the 'sign the petition' button at the foot of this page.

Note that you can choose to list your name or be anonymous, as you may prefer.

Please encourage every concerned, responsible citizen - and especially parents of school-going children, to also support this action. TALK to people and tell them what's happening!

Thanking you....for the sake of Australia's sanity and well-being.

14. Maimuna Must Stay. Asylum Now, Not FGM!

Maimuna Must Stay!

Grant Asylum Now – FGM is torture – stop deporting women into the hands of their oppressors.

Maimuna Jawo, from The Gambia, is a committed fighter for women’s rights, and a leader in the Movement for Justice. Back home she is the next in line to follow her mother and grandmother in the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) – circumcision - after her mother died prematurely. Maimuna made the bold decision to leave the country because it was the only way she to make sure she could not be forced to carry out FGM on the girls and young women of her village. While Maimuna is gone, the village elders have no one to do FGM, and a long list of girls are being saved from the torture of being blindfolded, and fully conscious, while their gentials are cut away.

Stopped from going to school, she was given no choice about her future. For years she had to assist and witness cutting - it is a torture that she refuses to carry out.

The British government equalities minister speaking in July 2012 stated: 'Female Genital Mutilation is an abhorrent crime and we are very clear that those found to practice it should feel the full force of the law. As a government, we are also working with UK and international agencies to help prevent women and girls being subjected to this horrific practice.'
The Home Office website declares 'In the UK, it is estimated that up to 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are at risk of female genital mutilation.'

YET Maimuna – a would-be practitioner who is preventing FGM by refusing to do it – has been denied asylum, brushed off, and could soon be sent back, at the discretion of the British Home Office, to be forced to cut girls putting more lives at risk.

Maimuna has prevented FGM in the most effective way possible because she has removed the option of FGM and strengthened every woman who did not want FGM for themselves or their daughter. When Maimuna went to the UKBA to claim asylum they immediately detained her, rushed her case through on fast-track in a constant state of vulnerability without any realistic chance to gather evidence, and with no serious attention to the truth about FGM, or how it is done, or the society in which it is carried out, Maimuna’s case was refused in a month. The Judge at appeal referred to the clothes Maimuna wore in her passport photo as being proof against her while a letter of threat from the village elders demanding Maimuna return was dismissed.

The elders – the drivers of FGM are absolutely serious about protecting and continuing the practice in a changing world. For them to get women who have experienced the torture themselves to keep bringing their daughters forward, they must provide a practitioner who belongs and is accountable to the village and tribe, has trained for many years, and is therefore trusted by the mothers. Anything less would provide a reason to refuse FGM. Those who are ambivalent could firmly refuse FGM without invoking the problems they would face by objecting directly. Losing the confidence of the mothers in their practitioner endangers the practice itself.

Maimuna’s absence is a problem the elders have tried to solve by increasing threats of punishment and harassment of her family. If sent back to The Gambia she would have to face the elders again, and no police or state body would protect a defiant woman who has gone against her elders – this would undermine the system. The elders are the source of authority in the villages and tribes, they settle the disputes, they are the law, and if they cannot force her to give in, they could kill her.

15. End all kinds of Violence Against Women




聯合國《消除暴力對待婦女宣言》中指出,國家必須「施行審慎評鑑(due diligence)以防止、調查及按國家立法懲處暴力對待婦女的行為,無論是國家或私人干犯均需一視同仁」。意指國家必須確保人權法所列明的權利在現實生活中得到實踐,一旦權利受到侵犯,國家需要負起挽救及補償的責任。可惜,從諸種案例中均可見到,印度政府不旦沒有負起改變性別不平等的情況,更遲遲未肯制定有效的政策保護女性免受暴力侵犯,甚至意圖將防衛責任推諉女性,要求女性學習自衛術以減低性罪行的發生。

Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities

End all kinds of Violence Against Women---Joint Declaration on Sexual Violence Incidents Against Women In India

Women in India suffer from an extremely low social status and social oppression, and sexual violence against women has never ceased. In early morning on 29th December, the 23-year-old female university student, victim of the New Delhi bus gang rape, passed away as a result of organ exhaustion. Apart from this, a series of incidents of serious violence against women were unveiled in India: for example a teenage gang-rape victim was sexually assaulted by the superintendent who was responsible for the investigation after reporting her case to the police, and the women having extra-marital affairs were murdered in the name of “honour”, so on and so forth. The India public went on street to protest against sexual violence in spite of the curfew and demanded the government to look into the problem of sexual violence.

According to the Indian official figures, last year there were totally 228650 cases of violent crime against women, and every 22 minutes there would be one woman get raped. However many women kept silent towards violence in fear of social pressure, some of them even suffered from heavier pressure and further trauma after reporting to the police. The Indian women face different kinds of violence in society: apart from numerous sexual violence incidents, they are abused by the husband’s family due to insufficient dowry, repeatedly beaten up by the husband due to lower family status, many widows are burnt alive due to the institution of widow immolation system (sati); the level of severity and prevalence has resulted in the death of one Indian women in every six hours due to domestic violence. The Indian police does not look into these violence incidents, instead the police tolerates the assaults and harms the women, and even suppresses the public which is concerned about the incidents and protests. Women turn out to be the target to be blamed: their behavior and dressing are being blamed while the female autonomy is restricted.

The Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women by the United Nations points out that states have an obligation to “exercise due diligence to prevent investigate and, in accordance with national legislation, punish acts of violence against women, whether those acts are perpetrated by the State or by private persons”(Article 4c), which means that states must ensure those rights listed in the human rights’ law should be put into practice in reality; once the rights are violated, states need to take up the responsibility to remedy and compensate. Unfortunately, it is seen from various case laws that the Indian government does not only fail to change gender inequality, but also delaying in enforcing effective policies to protect women from violent assaults.

Worse still, the government even intends to shift the responsibility of defence to the women, and blames the women for being unable to protect themselves in times of sexual violent crimes.

16. Stop Happy Meal Gender Stereotyping

This petition is to change the way that McDonald's employees ask their customers what kind of a toy to put in a Happy Meal. Rather than drive-through workers asking if the toy is for a girl or a boy, employees should simply ask which toy the child would prefer.

For example, the employee may ask "Would your child prefer a doll or a truck?" rather than "Is your child a girl or a boy?" thus reducing gender stereotypes inflicted on children around the world.

17. Remind the USA that Women are still People

It has become apparent that many legislators in various states across the USA are not allowing women to make private and intimate choices about their own bodies. This includes toying with the idea of state sanctioned rape, mandatory ultrasounds, and even equivocating women to cows and hogs on a farm.

One legislator has gone as far to say that being raped is equal to having a flat tire on your car.

18. Urge Canadian Government to End Victim Blaming and Violence Against Women

Society, media, and the judicial system in Canada are constantly reinforcing myths and stereotypes about rape. These myths and stereotypes result in victim blaming and sex shaming rather than placing responsibility on the perpetrators of these crimes.

The goal of this petition is call on the federal government to take this issue seriously, restore funding to feminist initiatives and create a national strategy to end violence against women in collaboration with women's groups.

We invite you to sign this petition calling for the the federal government of Canada to make meaningful change to promote women’s equality.

19. Dismiss UK Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke

On Wednesday 18th May 2011, Kenneth Clarke, the current UK Justice Secretary, remarking on sentencing for rape offenders in a radio show appearance on the BBC5 Live call-in show, voiced his opinion of the distinction between date rape and “serious” rape, which he defines as “forcible”, involving “violence and an unwilling woman”.

"A serious rape, with violence and an unwilling woman, the tariff is much longer than that. I don't think many judges give five years for a forcible rape frankly."

He has shown no remorse for his remarks, suggesting that the mass public outrage at his disgraceful comments is misinformed and self-indulgent.

"People are slightly spinning, loading what I said in order to get what I regard as false indignation.”

The Guardian also reported that he believes campaigners around discounts for early guilty pleas (for all offenses) target rape in particular because it adds "sexual excitement" to into the argument.

Rape is, by definition, always non-consensual – i.e. forced – whether that is by physical violence or coercion. And rape is always sexual violence.

20. Legalize Gay Marriage in South Australia

Recently a bill has been introduced by South Australian Labor MLC Ian Hunter and Greens MLC Tammy Frank to legalise same-sex marriage. This petition aims to support this bill, giving gay couples the rights they deserve.

Many forward thinking countries recognise that the gay community should have the same opportunities to express their love and commitment.

However, Australia only recognises domestic partnerships. With your support, South Australia can lead the way to equality.

21. There is No Honor in Killing - Stop the Honor Killings

Honor killings are an embarrassment to humanity.

Fellow human beings are being assassinated in the most inhumane methods. Daughters and wives are being brutally tortured, stoned, and murdered by their own families, all in the name of "honor." This widespread epidemic of such atrocious acts fueled by fundamentalist thinking—dating back to pagan times—is inexcusable. Honor killings are often supported, overlooked, and undermined by authorities and persons of influence.

These murders are committed not just in Muslim countries but around the world, with alarmingly increasing rates on such continents as Europe and North America, which contain some of the most advanced countries of the 21st Century. It is a shame to all humanity that women (and some men) are subject to such barbaric crimes—threatened, tortured in agony, dying the most gruesome deaths.

Statistics Related to Honor Killing:

- 93% of honor killings worldwide are committed against women
- 91% of honor killings are committed by Muslims
- 81% of honor killings committed in Western civilizations are for being “too Western”
- 81% of female victims of honor killing 25 years or younger are murdered by their family of origin
- 68% of women who are victims of honor killing are gruesomely tortured
- Approximately 50% of honor killings are committed by multiple perpetrators

Data Sources:
Worldwide Trends in Honor Killings, 2010. Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2010.
“Honor Killings on the Rise.”
“Are Honor Killings Simply Domestic Violence?” Middle East Quarterly.

22. Equal Parental Leave in the UK

This is a petition to call for a system that represents the shared responsibilities, care and love involved in raising children. As it stands, most men do not qualify for statutory leave for when their child is born / adopted, and any statutory leave given can only amount to two weeks maximum.

This means that men are taken away from their newborns at a fundamental stage in their development as studies show that the first three months are crucial to a child’s character and interaction.

This also leaves women with the stigma attached to childcare in the workplace. Despite being illegal, it is estimated 30,000 women a year in the UK lose their jobs directly due to pregnancy and it is a well known fact that women of childbearing age (i.e. from puberty to the menopause) are discriminated in interviews for even the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant and therefore taking time off (even though the government reimburses employers for statutory maternity leave).

Introducing Parental Leave will relieve both women and men from their gender stereotypes and from making tough choices. In the case of Iceland, in 2004 Parental Leave was introduced where each parent received 3 months off work at 80% pay and then a further 3 months to divide accordingly. In Sweden, the allowance is 18 months at 80% pay (3 months reserved for the father). In both countries it is common to see fathers pushing prams and taking their children to day care leaving the UK living in the dark ages.

Equal Parental Leave also speaks volumes for economic recovery. For many households it makes sense for the mother to continue working as she may have a more financially viable job, yet as the father is not entitled to paid leave, it is he who must continue working. Financial recovery equates to productivity – and productivity is directly linked to employee morale. It is time politicians see that family is as the heart of our society and our involvement in the economy. Removing the stigma and endemic discrimination from women and childcare will keep their talents and skills within the economy – which will without a doubt, keep the economy healthy and recover faster.

But the main benefactor and most important aim of Parental Leave is the happiness and well being of the child. To have both parents present throughout the child’s first moments on the earth; to nurture the child, to teach the child, and to build a stable family environment for the child is what will make the child most happy and most healthy.

David Cameron and the Coalition Government forever talk to the British public about changing the structures of our society and economy to support and sustain a FAIRER Britain. This will not be achieved until the needs of the family unit as a whole are recognised by a structure that supports it. We advocate the introduction of gender neutral Parental Leave and the abolition of separate and distant maternal and paternal Leave.

23. Equal Pay for Canadian Women

Currently in Canada a woman makes $0.705 for every $1.00 a man makes. This needs to be addressed! We are currently ranked 25th in the world on the gender gap index. Do we want to be known for this?

Steven Harper recently tried to change the Canadian National anthem to be Gender Neutral. This is a lame response to a serious problem. I think it is insulting that Harper has concentrated on such a backward fruitless task. We need to make sure that he does something substantial in its place!

I think it is about time something real was done. The average pay for women in each and every company needs to be on par with the average pay for men of that same company. Also these companies need to be held responsible for this requirement. Any Companies found violating this law should be fined and a portion of the fine paid to each of the effected female employees. Age, ethnicity, and religious background need to be brought into play as well.

As well a regular audit of a company’s payroll should be made to ensure that a company is being compliant. Possibly done once every 2 or 3 years for each company.

For anyone wanting to see articles about this problem I'm including some links below:

Feel free to leave additional web based sources in your comments and I’ll do my best to add them when I have time

24. Time to make O Canada the people's anthem

During the 2010 Olympics and Paralympics, Canadians from all ethnicities and genders sang O Canada to celebrate our athletes and our successes. We are indeed, an "experiment gone right for a change."

The recent Federal Government Throne Speech advocated the need to examine the lyrics of O Canada to make it inclusive of all genders. That goal was prematurely abandoned by the Conservative Government; after only two days of limited dialogue.

Let it be said, all the people of Canada, stand on guard for thee, and not just thy sons command.

The 2010 Olympics were the people's Olympics because we the people of Canada stood in the streets to celebrate our athletes and our country. Now is the time to make O Canada the people's anthem. Now is the time to ensure all Canadian children see themselves as valuable citizens of Canada.

25. Don't change OUR national anthem

On March 3rd 2010 during The Throne Speech,it was said that there is a concern about the gender inequality of Canada’s National Anthem. Which leaves Parliament to assess if a more gender-neutral version should be considered.

26. Legalise Same Sex Marriage in Australia

Same-sex marriages are currently not permitted under Australian federal law. Since 2004, the Marriage Act 1961 has defined marriage as "the union of a man and a woman". In addition, Australian law expressly declares that unions between same-sex couples entered into outside the country are not to be recognised as marriage in Australia.

In all states and territories, cohabiting same-sex couples are recognised as de facto couples, and have the same rights as cohabiting heterosexual couples under state law. Furthermore, same-sex couples have access to domestic partnership registries in Tasmania and Victoria. Civil partnerships are performed in the Australian Capital Territory.

In November 2008, the Australian Parliament passed laws that recognised same-sex couples in federal law, offering them the same rights as unmarried heterosexual couples in areas such as taxation, social security and health, aged care and employment. This means that same-sex couples who can prove they are in a de facto relationship have most of the rights of married couples since 1 July 2009. Nevertheless, despite equality of rights, Australia does not have a national registered partnership or civil union scheme.

In August 2009, a same-sex marriage bill was introduced by a member of the Australian Greens who pleaded with the government to take into mind that the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage and thereby pass such legislation. The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is currently reviewing the bill.

The majority of Australians do support same sex marriage. At the present time, the only argument against same sex marriage is religion which claims that marriage is a sacred union between man and woman. The majority of Australians are no longer married in a church, nor blessed by a religious body, but more often in more contemporary venues by celebrants etc.

27. NO means NO! Zero Tolerance of Date Rape NOW!

There has been recently yet another move to try make women responsible for rape. The BBC aired a debate recently where several (male) presenters discussed whether a woman should takes responsibility in 'certain circumstances' for a man raping her. They even debated whether there comes a point when it it is too late for a woman to say no.

It is never too late for a woman (or a man) to say no. A woman is never responsible for rape. It is insulting to men and dangerous to women to suggest that men are not able to control themselves and worse, that they can absolve themselves of responsibility if they don't.

1 in 4 women are still raped in the UK. Think of 4 women you care about and decide which of them you want it to be?

A woman should be able to dress how she wants, to behave as she likes and to still be able to change her mind.

Young men must not be raised in a society where it acceptable to rape a woman if she 'leads you on'. This is blatant abuse of the entire female population. The trial and conviction rates are criminally low, mainly due to exactly this attitude and the sentence for rape is outrageously short.

Men CAN control themselves and women are NEVER to blame, if she says NO, then it IS RAPE!

28. Rights for Everyone's Safety on the TTC

I was using the TTC on Sunday December 13th to get home. In the evenings (especially when it is this late, when I have bags to carry from work and when roads are slippery), I like to request the bus to pull into a quick stop between bus stops. Not only do I feel safer with my home in sight; I have shaved several minutes of walking. Usually, bus drivers are more than happy to do this, especially during the winter evenings regardless of my gender.

This time, I was abruptly reminded that this request stop was for "women only" and then the bus carried on driving (without stopping and only having one other passenger).

This is only the third time this has happened (the the driver rejected my request); however, I feel that incident should never have happened at all. I am writing to suggest that the "evening stop request" be made availble to all men, women and children travelling in the evening times and that every passenger's safety (especially in the winter time) be considered. The Toronto Transit Corporation has to believe that passengers will not abuse this opportunity; at the same time, should also believe that their employees can us their descretion whether to allow the stop or not (NOT based on gender). Being that Toronto has taken huge strides to become more inclusive and diverse in culture, ethnicity, abilities and sexuality/gender, this should be reflected in the transit system Toronto provides.

Not all women are more vulnerable to danger than men. Female riders do not pay extra fare to have their safety be protected (as people's safety should be protected for everyone). There are many individuals in Toronto who are transgendered as well. Being judged by the clothes we wear, the way we act and who we are should not be a factor in our safety when "Riding the Rocket".

With Toronto winning its bid for World Pride in 2014; I do not concede that we should take this matter lightly. For the days, weeks and months leading up to the event, Toronto will be home to many visitors from across the globe. The last thing I believe should ever happen would be for a man to be in a dire situation that could have been avoided by the opportunity to "request an evening stop".

29. وعود بلا سياسة: يجب على وزارة العمل الوفاء بوعدها حماية العاملات الأجنبيات في لبنان

في آذار/مارس 2009 وعدت وزارة العمل اللبنانية بتطبيق العقد الموحد للعاملات الأجنبيات الذي يستلزم الامتثال لمعايير الحماية المنصوص عليها في العقد الجديد قبل منح تصاريح عمل صادرة عن الوزارة -- لا تسمح/ي لهم بعدم تطبيق هذا القانون بفعالية.

وفقا للعقد الجديد لعاملات المنازل الأجنبيات، لا يجوز أن تتخطى ساعات العمل اليومية العشر ساعات، ويحق لهم بثماني ساعات متواصلة من النوم. يتضمن العقد أيضا يوم عطلة أسبوعياً (24 ساعة)، كما يلزم أرباب العمل بدفع الرواتب شهرياً وتقديم دلائل تثبت ذلك وتحوي تواقيع الطرفين.

إذا فشلت وزارة العمل في تنفيذ العقد الموحد الجديد، وتحسين ظروف عمل النساء بحلول نهاية عام 2009، ستستمر ظاهرة وفاة العاملات الأجنبيات في لبنان بظروف غير طبيعية

30. Implicate the low to stop gender repression.

I am concerned about the paper reports. I want raise my voice against gender discrimination.