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1. LGBT Equality

It has come to my attention that the Judicial Branch is exceeding their authority when it comes to the fourteenth Amendment.

The fourteenth Amendment clearly states that all people born or naturalized in the United States are due to equal protection under the law and no state shall deny any person this right. However, the Judicial Branch seems to think that LGBT citizens who were born or naturalized in the United States should not be protected under equally under the law as stated in the fourteenth Amendment.

2. Stop the Immoral LGBT Agenda

As followers of Jesus Christ and believers in the Word of God, we reject and entirely oppose the agenda of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and gender-delusional (LGBT) community that attempts to impose an immoral, Anti-God lifestyle on the people of the United States of America.

When the LGBT community changes the definition of our marriages that has existed since the creation of man (Genesis 2:18-25); when it turns the detestable sin of gay sex into the blasphemy of homosexual "marriage"; when it attempts to force Christians to provide services for that blasphemy; and when the LGBT community demands that grown men be given the "right" to use public Ladies Rooms with our wives, mothers, and daughters; We, as followers of Jesus Christ and believers in the Word of God, MUST STAND AND FIGHT!

We will not accept the homosexual lifestyle as anything other than the sin which it is repeatedly and unequivocally declared to be by the Word of God. (Genesis Chapter 19; Leviticus 18:22; Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1Corinthians 6:9-10; Jude7)

We will not accept homosexual pseudo-marriage as anything other than a blasphemous perversion of God's sacred institution of the union of one man and one woman.

We will never be forced to provide services for that blasphemous perversion of God's sacred institution.

We will never allow grown men to use the ladies room with our wives, mothers, and daughters.

And we boldly proclaim the Eternal Truth of the Word of God - out loud and in the public square - as is our right under the Constitution of the United States of America.

"Congress shall pass no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion." (U.S. Constitution; First Amendment)

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil." -- The Word of God (Isaiah 5:20)

3. Change The Curriculum

Our current curriculum is not inclusive to all sexual orientations and only educates using the example of heterosexual couples.

Planning 10 includes a unit on defining a healthy relationship and safe sex however; it does not provide a fair education for everyone.

In Planning 10 we need to be inclusive to everyone so we are all given a fair education, this will create a tolerance and awareness around the LGBTQ+ community early on in schools with all students instead of the select few in Social Justice 12.

During the unit important topics like bullying and homophobia also need to be covered to create a safe school environment for all students.

This is the only way heterosexual students will understand the struggle and empathize with what LGBTQ+ students go through on a daily basis due to a lack of education.

4. Legalise Gay Marriage

Tony Abbott lacks diversity as a white, christian, cisgender, straight male.

Everyone would appreciate if he used his platform and power to do things other than wear budgee smugglers and try to arrest people for illegally downloading Game of Thrones.

5. Reevaluate U.S. FDA Blood Donation Deferral Policy

Currently, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) excludes men who have had sex with another man anytime since 1977, the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, from donating blood. This policy has been in place since 1992, when it was revised from a lifetime ban.

In December of 2014, the FDA released a statement that the policy will be reevaluated for the ban on men who have sex with other men (MSM) leaning toward a one year deferral period. This is, however, far longer than the period of 23 days after infection when HIV tests can detect the virus.

In the best interest of avoiding blood supply contamination, the FDA should consider the addition of deferrals for high-risk behaviors; such as lack of safe sex practices or high number of sexual partners. Maintaining a ban on MSM while ignoring others at high risk for HIV is discriminatory and excluding a social group as opposed to a high-risk behavior.

6. Save Hassinah Bukenya, a Ugandan lesbian from deportation

A 22 year old lesbian, Hassinah Bukenya fled her country Uganda to seek refugee in The Netherlands. On 3rd September 2014, Hassinah's request for asylum was turned down.

She was then detained and sent to prison by the Dutch immigration officials where she will be tried to see that she is forcifully sent back to Uganda, a country which is homophobic.

Hassinah lives an open life as a lesbian, participates is gay events and she likes to live a free life. See her facebook:!/hassinah.bukenya for her pictures

This kind of life is a traumatic experience for someone who left her country to seek protection in a safe country like Netherlands.

7. Freedom For Derrick Muhanguzi

Derrick is a gay man from Uganda; a country where homophobia is at the highest peak. Everyday, newspapers oust members of the LGBT community, many have lost their homes and many linger on without a single sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

Derrick was detained by UK Immigration Officers and placed at their mercy at Harmondsworth Prison. He was quickly rushed into subsequent interviews with no consideration of his health.

His claim for asylum in the United Kingdom was refused and further appeals dismissed. Derrick had established a private family life and has a partner who is British. With no legal representative (assigned representative broke off all contact with him), he has struggled to produce all forms of evidence to support his claim whilst in detention. However, he has instead been issued with removal directions and his submissions not regarded by the officials.

He is numbering his days because he is a a high risk of being killed upon his forceful return to Uganda.

8. I Support Professor Bain

Support University of the West Indies Professor Brendan Bain as gay rights groups had him FIRED for statements concerning HIV prevalence in gay men.

From the Jamaica Observer:

The 33 lobby groups, from a number of Caribbean islands, are also demanding that Professor Bain be removed from all positions of representation of the UWI on HIV and AIDS issues. They are, as well, insisting that the university drafts and implements a "policy which protects lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex staff and students from discrimination".

However, the groups and the UWI administration, which appears to wilting under the pressure, are on a collision course with the church as the Jamaica Association of Evangelicals has expressed support for Professor Bain and has asked the UWI to resist the demand to sack him.

The Medical Association of Jamaica also supports Professor Bain.

9. Ontario Catholic Teachers' Union Must Withdraw from Pride Parade

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) announced plans to march in the World Pride Parade in Toronto on June 29, 2014, to “show its support for Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) and its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited and queer (LGBTTQ) members.”

WHEREAS: This decision appears to reflect an attempt to disregard, publicly, Church teaching on the practice of homosexuality. The parade exists to celebrate homosexual practices, (as distinct from homosexual inclinations) which are contrary to the Catechism’s authoritative teaching.

WHEREAS: Those who teach opinions opposed to the teachings of the Magisterium are entitled to receive a just punishment from their bishop according to Canon 1371.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to willfully mislead the views of the children entrusted to the care of Catholic teachers, and sets the example that dissent can and should be openly practiced.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to support Catholic students in sexual activity outside of marriage, contrary again to authoritative Church teaching.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to mislead the public in terms of what Catholics generally, and Catholic teachers specifically, hold true.

WHEREAS: Giving the impression that the Catholic Church condones participation in gay-activist events scandalizes the faithful.

WHEREAS: This decision makes Catholic teachers appear complicit with the number of unlawful activities (public nudity, lewd behavior, etc…) which take place at every parade.

WHEREAS: This decision appears to further erode the legitimate distinction between the Catholic and public school systems.

10. Restore the HPB's original "FAQ on Sexuality"

1) Sexuality is identity, not illness. The scientific community agrees on this point almost as much as they agree that climate change is actually a thing.

2) Sexuality is experience, and for many LGB youth this experience is not pleasant, and includes - health screening in an environment that stigmatises and demonises their existence; or fear and anxiety in learning environments that treat their identities as a mere contestable point.

3) Because of this, LGB youth suffer poorer health and higher suicide rates than their heterosexual counterparts. The HPB should provide -literally- life-saving information; and direct LGB youth and their families to resources equipped to address their physical and mental health concerns.

4) The health, safety, and wellbeing of LGB youth should not be battleground for the homophobic to advance their agenda, especially not to the HPB. Opponents can ride their moral high horse elsewhere.


Yanvar ayının 24-ü tarixinə Azərbaycanda 24 gəncin intiharı qeydə alınmışdır. Onların əksəriyyəti cinsi azlıq üzvləridir. LGBT aktivist İsa Şahmarlı tərəfindən baş tutan intihar isə cəmiyyətdə rezonans doğurdu. Bu intihar hadisəsi cəmiyyətə simvolik protest və mesaj idi. Cinsi azlıqlara qarşı azərbaycan cəmiyyətində tüğyan edən nifrət səbəbi ilə cinsi azlıqların psixoloji durumu getdikcə kədərli nəticələrə gətirib çıxarır.

*** *** ***

During 24 days of January, 2014, 24 young people committed suicide in Azerbaijan. Most of them are sexual minorities. A suicide committed by, LGBT activist, Isa Shahmarli was a symbolic protest and a message to the society. Hatred of Azerbaijani society against sexual minorities worsens psychological situations of the sexual minorities which leads to sad consequences.

12. Australia cancels gay marriage law: petition cancelling the wearing of pants by women.

Australia's high court has overturned the country's first law allowing same-sex marriage, less than a week after it came into force.

So, in the book of Deuteronomy (23:17) it says that gays are an abomination. That's all very well, we respect Jews, Muslims and Christians and their rules, as stipulated in their Holy Books.

It also says, just before that (22:5), that women are not to wear pants. I hereby call on the Australian government to ban women from wearing pants.

13. Protect the Gay Village, Manchester

The internationally famous 'Gay Village' in Manchester is facing many difficulties as an area and its legacy is under threat.

Respondents are encouraged to sign this petition and state their concerns about the famous 'gay area' and to suggest the support that they believe it needs.

Supporting this petition is to request support from leaders and organizations that can help the LGBTQ community evolve and overcome difficulties faced within this area.

The infamous headline in Manchester Evening News in April 2013 prophesied the death of the Gay Village 'within five years', was made. Yet this ongoing struggle has been years in the making and is a sign of a long term lack of investment or strategy.

Notably there has been an absence of an online consultation of LGBTQ residents of Manchester, despite these requests for a think tank and inclusive public dialogue

Signing this petition is to agree that somehow LGBTQ is disempowered in being self-defining and changes for the safety and evolution of the Gay Village are needed to protect its future.

In signing the petition also add your areas of concern and your voice to what the Village needs to become.

Your primary concerns might include:

• The overall demise and decline of the area which concerns you for the Gay Villages future
• The lack of investment into the Gay Village, despite it being an area that needs support, funding and consideration of improving the area with Heritage and Arts and Culture funding and representation
• The failure of the Pride model to put reasonable or fair investment back into the Gay Village, recent years 'donations' to charity barely exceeding 5%
• A desire to see more ‘alternatives’ to a drinking culture in terms of possible community space, arts centre, museum, performance space, market, encouraging community and activities, markets and support for small businesses
• The licensing concerns of takeaways, irresponsible bar and door policies, taxis and the restrictions put upon bars wishing to individuate their businesses
• Concerns of safety and crime within the Village, though a challenge for the whole city centre, consideration of safety is needed to prevent hate crimes, becoming the victim of crime, to make a realistic and 'safe' drug policy, to keep all people safe and reduce the exploitation of homeless, sex workers and vulnerable people
• Poor Leadership and evidenced strategies from an individual in the Council's LGBT Lead, e.g. after the EMRO debate and its procedural homophobia
• Wasteland and unoccupied buildings that could be of cultural benefit. Business rents that exclude pioneering enterprise and penalize business and free enterprise
• An absence of a Community Model for business and improving the Village
• Representation needs to be enhanced to be inclusive of the many voices of the LGBTQ and community projects and premises that are used to benefit the Village and are unrelated to alcohol

For those who wish to go into detail please share this online questionnaire designed to gather more detail upon LGBTQ Manchester's opinions in the absence of such official research -

14. EPSB Students need Comprehensive Sex Education not shame and misinformation!

On Twitter #EPSBsexed

In violation of the curriculum requirements (the CALM Guide to Implementation and the Education Act), students at an Edmonton public high school were recently taught gender stereotypes, inaccurate, incomplete, and biased information about sexuality in a Career and Life Management (CALM) class.

Sexually active students were shamed, non-traditional families were disparaged and LGBTQ questions were not answered. Parents were not informed of the presenter's identity or the specific content.

In response to letters, the Ministry of Education appears unwilling to intervene and the Edmonton Public School Board is not acting to change its policies around parental notification or to ensure that only quality comprehensive sex education is taught in public schools as per curriculum requirements.

Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre is a Christ-centred anti-choice ministry that is not a medical facility. They present the “Wait! Let’s Talk Sex!” (Abstinence only program) to 60 Edmonton Public Schools (that includes students in grades 7, 8, 9 and CALM 20). Edmonton Public Schools is fully aware of the content of these presentations and continues to allow teachers to select this “ministry” to indoctrinate vulnerable youth. Edmonton Public Schools is refusing to mandate that parents be informed about presenters and content as part of the parental consent procedure for sexual health education. Only 18 schools bring in comprehensive sex education presenters.

The presenter I saw in 2013 appeared to focus on abstinent, heterosexual teens while misrepresenting and omitting sexuality information. The following is a partial list of fundamentalist anti-choice, anti-feminist, anti-male, anti-birth control, anti-gay, medically inaccurate and biased doctrine I heard:
-refused to answer questions relating to LGBTQ
-scientifically inaccurate information about fetal development, abortion and emergency contraception
-misused research on oxytocin bonding
-misled youth about contact with babies surrendered for open adoption
-misled youth about birth control and condom effectiveness
-presented a divorce rate at 70%
-provided inflammatory and misleading information about Planned Parenthood
-misrepresented the effectiveness of over the counter pregnancy tests
-presented gender stereotypes that were sexist to all genders
-misrepresented boys as HPV (human papillomavirus) carriers-stated 60% have it under their finger nails

This presenter claimed that she could look students in the eye and know if they were having sex. With this amazing ability perhaps she could redirect her efforts into referring those students to someone that will give them medically accurate information on birth control and protection.

Laci Green in her video A is for Abstinence summarizes the problems with Abstinence only Education:

For a Comparison of Comprehensive versus Abstinence Only see the chart at see

Paula Simons - Edmonton Journal Article with more statistics and information:

December 12, 2013 update: The school board has not changed their policy or their consent forms. They have "advised" only the high schools (not the middle schools) but will not provide specifics. They have provided no evidence of informed consent being given to the parents. Abstinence presenters continue to be promoted in the classrooms without parental knowledge or consent. Trustees are refusing to answer questions about sexual health education. STD/STI rates in Alberta are increasing.

March 16, 2014 update: Board Policy AEBB.BP - Wellness of Students and Staff rescinds GIAA.BP Health Instruction Materials and envelops it in a policy that promotes emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual wellness. Stakeholder input is allowed until April 6, 2014 - new policy is vague and does not even mention sexual health education.

UPDATE: Join the stakeholder group website to discuss sexual health education in Edmonton :

UPDATE 06/17/2014 EPSB school board has passed the new Wellness policy that refers (but does not mandate) teachers to Canadian Sexual Health Guidelines and the Alberta Health/Alberta Education website. The board has promised to strengthen the policy with Administrative Regulations this fall. These regulations are expected to ensure that parents are informed of presenters for controversial topics. The stakeholder group was unable to get faith-based anti-choice groups blocked from presenting in public classes. Superintendent's response at 11:08 of the below video denies religious content:

Watch the final comments and reading of the new policy here 33:46 to 56:20 :

This policy change is a move in the right direction and could not have been done without your support. THANK YOU!

This petition will be closed, another one will be started to change the Alberta Education Act so that no youth is denied accurate, inclusive, comprehensive sexual health education ever again in Alberta Public School sexual health classes. The fight to have secular rights accommodated continues. Updates will be provided on #EPSBsexed on Twitter.

15. Pledge Not to Watch the Sochi Olympics

The Russian Government has declared open war on the LGBT community.

Russian gays have been forced back into the closet by Vladimir Putin and his fascist policies.

16. Parenting Equality for Children

Each child has the God-ordained right to know and be parented by both their biological parents. Genesis 2:18-24 Ephesians 6:4

1. Each child has the right to be parented by his/her biological parents, unless this threatens the safety of the child. [Articles 7, 9 – United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child]

2. Each biological parent has the right and obligation to parent his/her biological child, unless this threatens the safety of the child. [Articles 7, 9, 18]

3. The above two rights override the lifestyle choices of the biological parents. [Article 18]

4. Where circumstances dictate that either of the biological parents cannot fulfill their parenting duties, the child has a right to a positive role model based on that biological parent. [Articles 20, 21]

17. No eliminen el nombre del certamen Miss Puerto Rico Gay Universe

Este certamen esta creado para demostrar la belleza y el talendo de las transexuales y transfirmistas de nuestro país. Es muy lamentable que quieran hacer daño y con esto afectar lo que seria un movimiento mas en la lucha de derechos de nuestra comunidad.

18. San Francisco Pride Board: Reinstate Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal!

Whereas Bradley Manning has “Come Out” on behalf of all of us, and is a hero the LBGTQ community is proud of;

Whereas Bradley Manning has performed a service on behalf of the 99% everywhere by exposing the truth behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the US government’s criminal wars, occupations, rendition, torture, murder, rape, and collaboration with the crimes of governments and corporations worldwide; and

Whereas San Francisco Pride Board has abused its own process for choosing a Grand Marshal as they officially confirmed Bradley Manning’s election and then unilaterally removed him. (See A Chronology )

19. Legalise Same Sex Marriage in Australia

This is a petition to help push through te bill to legalise same sex marriage in Australia.

20. Julia Gillard, Legalise same sex marriage

Can you believe that in 2013 we don’t allow same-sex couples to get married? It happens in countries all around the world. Not just where’d you expect like Holland and Sweden. But places like Spain and South Africa. It makes Australia look a little behind.

As president Obama said when referring to the American people "Its time that our brothers and sisters of this nation are all treated equally"

It's time to show Australian parliament that the majority of Australians want to legalise same-sex marriage.

21. STOP the deportation of MR Orashia Glenroy Edwards

We have documented proof of MR Orashia Glenroy Edwards bi-sexual orientation from his family and friends also his minister and also from the gay and
lesbian support group he attends regularly backed up with photo support.

The UK government does not believe MR Orishia Glenroy Edwards is bi-sexual when it is clear to everyone around that he is.

22. Vote "yes" to Toronto Catholic Ban on Gay Straight Alliances

WHEREAS: The provincial government is breaking the law by violating s. 93 of the Constitution, which enshrines the denominational rights of the Catholic schools.

AND WHEREAS: Decisions from the Privy Council all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada have affirmed the responsibility of Catholic officials to provide Catholic teachings in Catholic schools.

AND WHEREAS: Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs promote a positive view of homosexual activity, which undermines Catholic teaching on chastity and marriage.

AND WHEREAS: The Church’s solution to bullying is being ignored and Church teaching is being undermined by these clubs. Cardinal Thomas Collins put it this way: “So the key issue is not just the [GSA] name itself, but the content connected with the name” (“Observations on a recent change in government policy re: proposed anti-bullying legislation,” May 28, 2012 [press release]).

AND WHEREAS: Trustees must protect Catholic school principals from being forced to betray their Catholic values.

AND WHEREAS: Defining the terms of reference of the anti-bullying clubs in the Toronto Catholic District School Board is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees and is currently being left to front line administrators. This is compromising these administrators’ conscience rights.

23. Legalise Gay Marriage in South Australia

Gay Marriage should be legalised within South Australia because:

Our culture has changed from what it used to be. What is defined as wrong or right has changed over the years. 110 years ago Oscar Wilde was sentence to hard labour on the treadmill until he died because he was gay. Only about 110 years ago, the English judicial system did this to Oscar Wilde because the culture and times were conductive to this mentality, because it was normal. Today the English judicial system would behave very differently.

Gay/Lesbian couples can raise children just as well as heterosexual couples. In recent studies in 2010, children adopted by Gay/Lesbian couples develop just as well as children raised by heterosexual couples. Studies by developmental psychologists have demonstrated that for a child to thrive emotionally, physically and be attached securely to their parents, they need emotionally responsive and attuned carers. In no way does Gender come into the picture.

Religion does not own marriage as it pre-dates modern religion. Should we ban Atheists from getting married? Or infertile couples, do we deny them marriage too? Opposition to Gay Marriage is rooted to homophobia; there is no need to try pretending it is anything else. As long as marriage is equated as ‘true love and happiness’ in our culture, then denying it to two people in love is cruel.

Laws are meant to benefit people and not legalising gay marriage doesn’t help anyone, if anything it hinders us from moving forward. A law against murder and theft is pro-life and pro-respect and ensue that people are protected from harm. But a law against gay marriage isn’t pro-anything.

24. Christians against Homosexual Marriage

Romans:1-26 & 27,

26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

25. Support Gay Rights

Note the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. Everyone has a road to happiness. Many people who can't marry aren't happy.

26. Να κοπεί η βέβηλη, ανήθικη,ομοφυλοφιλική τηλεοπτική σειρά "DOWNTON ABBEY" απο την ΝΕΤ

Να 'ναι καλά ο κύριος Σπυρόπουλος και οι υπόλοιποι που αποφάσισαν να κοπεί τουλάχιστον το gay φιλί γιατί με κείνα και με τούτα τα παιδιά μας παίρνουν τη κάτω βόλτα και γίνονται gay(ew!!).

Ακούς εκεί gay φιλιά στη τηλεόραση τι άλλο θα δούμε δηλαδή? Στρατιώτες που προδίδουν την πατρίδα? Μαμμές να ξεγεννάνε και να υπονοούν ότι κάτω απο τα σεντόνια οι γυναίκες δείχνουν τα γεννητικά τους όργανα φάτσα φορά(Θου Κυριε...)?

Τα ύστερα τα κόσμου...

27. Gay Marriage for Missouri

Love is love. Sure it says in the bible "marriage is between a man and a women" but, god loves ALL his children whether skinny or fat, black or white, gay or straight. People believe if it's approved it will make more people gay..WRONG! It's a chance to let millions of people be happy to feel wanted. To live their life instead of hiding in the shadows. Sure there are people who will always be against it. A lot of children nowadays like me have grown up with gays and we see them as friends not a piece of scum. Black and whites have the same rights thanks to Martin Luther King JR. Why can't the gays?

When a same sex couple adopts its 2 people that want children it can't accidentally happen. No that doesn't mean they will raise gay children. Their children will have a choice in what they want. Straight people don't always do what their straight parents do so why do people think their children will be gay.

The world will be a better place because younger children will understand that they can love anybody or be anything without being judged. If you're afraid of being hit on or being surrounded by gays, not all of them are going to hit on you. Women who get hit on by men tell them no. Men who get hit on by women they tell them no as well. If you get hit on just tell them I'm straight and they will back down. Love is love, you shouldn't be judged by who you give your heart to.

28. Stop Youtube From Gay Discrimination

my name is dylan and i have been "traumatically brain-injured" since 1990. i feel i am being discriminated against because youtube has cancelled my account. i am also gay and i feel that this has something to do with youtube's intolerance of me.

i have been getting messages from youtube saying that different videos were deemed "inappropriate" and had been taken from my account. just now, my account was canceled - the last "inappropriate" message that i got from youtube was about a video featuring the words "i hit a prius...and rear-ended the".

all of my newer videos on youtube feature the nasal laugh of nanny fine (from the show "the nanny") and some text (with web addresses at the bottom, i have a bunch of web addresses that i use). the older videos (2005-2006) are videos of me lip-synching or singing, which i know are fine because of the plethora of videos on youtube of normal people lip-synching or singing along with popular songs.

i feel that my homosexual lifestyle is being targeted, since a lot of my newer videos feature text which brings forth questions that my homosexual life has posed to me regarding the necessity of and the righteousness of and the gender-dysfunction related to homosexuality...i even question the reality of the "a woman can do anything a man can do" mantra. i feel i am being discriminated against because people are offended when their prides are shattered by my questioning homosexuality and feminism.

my offensive videos of text (and a nasal laugh) are still available online, in case you'd want to review them and determine whether or not youtube is being discriminatory. they are accessible from any of my sites - being the main site - just by clicking the logo of "the nanny" at the bottom of the screen.

i am most annoyed that my lip-synch videos cannot be seen, being that youtube teemed with videos of everyday people lip-synching with popular music and youtube seems to be the only place that allows that kind of thing.

i would like to sue youtube for deleting my account. please respond with some guidance on who to contact.

thank you
dylan terreri, i

29. Stop blood discrimination

The UK government has lifted the ban on sexually active men who have sex with me from donating blood. However, they have put in its place a 12 month celibacy period which effectively acts as a ban.

There are people who can donate blood whilst taking fewer precautions than some men who have sex with men.

We believe that this is discrimination based on outdated information. If heterosexual couples can donate then why can't homosexual couples.

30. Enhance LGBT Cultural Competence Among Health Care Workers

In recent years, health care policy makers and providers have taken steps to develop initiatives that will advance cultural competence in the medical field.

Evidence that cultural competency improves quality of care and eliminates racial, ethnic, and religious disparities has given health care providers and policy makers the impetus to be more culturally attuned.

Research has shown that a successful provider-patient encounter bolsters patient satisfaction, increases the likelihood that medical instructions will be adhered to, and can be linked to a positive health outcome. As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, it is important that all workers who come into contact with patients are prepared to encounter myriad perspectives regarding medicine and health.

The provider-patient relationship is of such prognostic importance that several states have either proposed or passed legislation mandating that physicians and medical students take courses that increase their sensitivity towards and make them more responsive to the needs of minority patients. In 2005, New Jersey made this training compulsory for physicians who wish to obtain or renew a medical license.

While these measures have undoubtedly been instrumental in fostering positive attitudes towards patient differences, awareness of the unique issues pertinent to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population is scant. In particular, the transgender population is the most likely to experience mistreatment, harassment, and bias in a health care setting. Even in the progressive state of California, the Transgender Law Center reports that its clients encounter discriminatory conduct. Across the country, transgender people are asked inappropriate and unnecessary questions about their genitals, endure slurs and name calling, and are denied the request to be addressed by their preferred name and gender. Some medical providers will even condemn their transgender patients and openly express disgust and hostility.

According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, the largest compilation of data concerning transgender people to date, 28% of respondents reported being verbally harassed in a medical setting, and 2% reported being physically attacked. Half of all respondents found that their doctors are ignorant of basic tenets of transgender health. Finally, 19% of respondents have been denied treatment altogether, even though fourteen states, including New Jersey, have laws in place that prohibit health care discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming patients. High profile cases include that of Robert Eads, a female to male transgender with ovarian cancer who died after he was denied treatment by over twenty doctors, and that of Tyra Hunter, a pre-operative transgender woman who died at the scene of a car accident after emergency medical technicians uttered derogatory slurs in references to her genitalia and withdrew medical care.

The impact of marginalization is so powerful that it has ostracized transgender individuals from the medical community entirely. One fourth of survey respondents reported that they postpone care due to the disrespect that they anticipate from providers.

Additionally, it has come to the recent attention of this petition's author that certain NJ medical facilities are in dire need of culturally competent care that caters to the LGBT community, especially the transgender population. In particular, anecdotal evidence concerning the misconduct demonstrated by workers in the psychiatric department of a New Jersey hospital has elucidated the need for reform as soon as possible. Unacceptable behavior reported includes: refusal to comply with a patient's desire to be addressed by a preferred gender, consistently unsympathetic attitudes towards related requests, the denial of medically necessary and previously prescribed hormonal treatments during inpatient hospital stays, the heavy reliance of the staff on psychotropic drugs to treat gender dysphoria, the fabrication of sexual abuse incidents during a patient's childhood to rationalize gender dysphoria, hostility towards patients who revealed their homosexual or gender nonconforming status, and threats to hospitalize a patient indefinitely because it was believed that their gender non-conforming status was indicative of mental illness. The transgender population is disproportionately represented among suicide statistics.

The 41% suicide rate among transgender people is more than 25 times the rate of the general population, which is 1.6%. Thus, it is imperative that psychiatric facilities be equipped to assist the transgender people that come to them in a state of crisis. The treatment of transgender people in doctor's offices, hospitals, and psychiatric wards is reprehensible. Oftentimes, the treatment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual patients is not much better.