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1. Same same but different Marriage in Sydney

We as a people have had human rights for millions of years... black people have only recently had their rights and even now women. However when it comes to religion and the communion ceremony, only that of a woman and man are able. No matter the race or sexuality we as a people should be able to determine equal rights, not a religion or tribal vows. We write this Partien to enable rights of all to marry in Australia. Sydney is the gay capital of the world and it has also progressed by apologising to the aboriginal owners. If we can grow as a multicultural country, can we not do it as a family too?

2. Necessary Change to the Current State of Transgender Bathroom Rights

For many transgender individuals freely using a bathroom without nasty glaring or obscene and snappy remarks is something they view as a privilege.Recently, the topic of which bathroom transgender individuals should be allowed to use has received more nation wide spotlight because of North Carolina's new HB2 law and Gavin Grimm a high school transgender student whom has been using the bathroom of his choice until school officials were forced to make him use one bathroom by government officials and lawmakers. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, a federal law, states that "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” Beyond this, there are many transgender people that are not in an education program (public schools, universities, etc) that struggle with the bathroom or locker room they are currently being assigned to use. Recent interpretations of the federal law by the federal government requires trans individuals to use the bathroom that associates with the gender assigned at birth rather than the gender each individual identifies with. But, many transgender individuals are non-binary which means they do not identify with one specific gender or identify with both genders so you can see the obvious problem in the most recent interpretation of the law.

3. Transgender Student Rights

A transgender student at Kent island high school is facing the issue of having to walk with the girls at graduation when he identifies as a male. This is totally and utterly unfair to him and should not even be an issue.

4. Stop "Self Identified Target employee" discrimination

We are seeking Target to give equal treatment to ALL "Identity disorder" sufferers, by either allowing "Self Identified Target employees" to receive the 10% employee discount WITHOUT proof of employment or to start asking "Gender identity disorder" sufferers to show proof for using the bathrooms that does not match their actual gender and identity, as we feel this is only fair and equal. Favoritism to one identity disorder while ignoring the other identity disorders is very wrong and is called discrimination. We are asking everyone to sign this petition to help us fight for equal treatment in this matter.

Currently Target employees receive 20% wellness discount and 10% team member discount, however currently "Self Identified Target employees" do not receive any of these discounts without showing "Proof" of emploement. Yet they allow "Self Identified women" to use the Women's bathroom without question, without "proof". We feel this shows discrimination to customers which "self identify" as a "Target Employees" or could be seen as discrimination towards "Dissociative Identity disorder".

Many target customers suffer from "Dissociative Identity Disorder" which can cause them to "self Identify" as a "Target Employee"...just as "Gender identity disorder" can cause customers to "self identify" as the opposite sex, yet Target clearly shows favoritism toward "Gender identity disorder" while looking down upon OTHER "Identity disorders". Both disorder sufferers can receive "proof" from a local doctor's office yet Target does NOT require this proof for "Gender identity disorder" even though people have had safety concerns over this and there is no one standing at the bathroom asking for proof, yet "Dissociative Identity Disorder" sufferers are met with ridicule and embarrassment while other customers stand behind them watching, all because Target wishes to save 10% rather than give EQUAL treatment toward "Dissociative Identity Disorder" sufferers, 10% of 10 dollars is 1 dollar, 10% of 20 dollars is only 2 dollars yet the Target corp makes around 38 BILLION dollars in sales, many people with "Dissociative Identity Disorder" receive disability income due to the disorder which puts a financial hardship on them.

Dissociative identity disorder. This type of dissociative disorder is formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Individuals with this disorder often feel there are different people living inside their head and may switch into these alternate identities in times of stress. Each identity is different in personal history and characteristics, including physical qualities.

The multiple personalities may be one or many, and are usually severely different from each other. These different personalities usually have different names, gender, mannerisms, personal stories, memories, and even different physical attributes, such as one personality needing eye glasses and another not.

5. Stop St. Albert catholic school from firing a Transgender teacher

The greater St. Albert school board has spent over 376000 taxpayer dollars to try to fire a teacher for being Transgender. Jan Buterman was fired from a teaching position in 2008 for being Transgender. Since then Jan has rightfully fought in court for his rights to still teach in catholic school. The 376 thousand dollars of taxpayer money the greater St. Albert school board had spent, has been on legal fees trying to win their right to discrimate against teachers due to their gender identity. Even though that decision is directly against the Alberta teachers associations declaration of rights and responsibilities for teachers, which I will now take a quote from:

Teachers have the right to be protected against discrimination on the basis of prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, disability, marital status, family status, age, ancestry, place of origin, place of residence, socioeconomic background or linguistic background and have the responsibility to refrain from practicing these forms of discrimination in their professional duties.

Note, that it clearly states gender identity.

6. Support Target and their stand on inclusion and equality

As most have heard, The American Family Association, a conservative Christian group started a petition to boycott Target stores. The petition has over 700,000 signatures as of early Tuesday, April 26th.

Let's show Target our support and send a message that we appreciate their commitment to provide an inclusive environment for both their customers and employees.

7. Don't allow our children to be put in danger in restrooms

I feel if we allow transgender folks to legally use whichever restroom they choose, this will leave the door open for those who want to cheat the law to gain access to women and children.

Not saying transgender folks will do this but there are those who will skirt this law...

8. Change The Curriculum

Our current curriculum is not inclusive to all sexual orientations and only educates using the example of heterosexual couples.

Planning 10 includes a unit on defining a healthy relationship and safe sex however; it does not provide a fair education for everyone.

In Planning 10 we need to be inclusive to everyone so we are all given a fair education, this will create a tolerance and awareness around the LGBTQ+ community early on in schools with all students instead of the select few in Social Justice 12.

During the unit important topics like bullying and homophobia also need to be covered to create a safe school environment for all students.

This is the only way heterosexual students will understand the struggle and empathize with what LGBTQ+ students go through on a daily basis due to a lack of education.

9. Stop Facebook's Legal Name Requirment

Recently, Facebook began flagging and locking out certain member's accounts and requiring legal verification of the profile name used before Facebook would unlock said account.

This petition was started to stop this account lock. There are numerous Facebook account holders who identify with and answer to a name that is not their legal name.

While this issue has an impact on many people, this petition has been tagged as a gender issue for a very important reason:

Facebook claims the verification is to ensure that people are able to find you on Facebook and know they're connecting with the right person. The issue here is that many transgender, agender and genderfluid account holders cannot afford to legally change their name. Furthermore, many have been using their preferred name for so long that no one would even know their birth name. For example:

Sally was born a male and named "Fred" but Sally is male-to-female transgender and only answers to the name Sally. Other than Human Resources, none of Sally's work colleagues know that she is transgender or that her legal name is "Fred". When a work colleague asks to add Sally on Facebook, is it fair for Sally to have to say, "My name is Fred Smith."; should Sally be forced to out herself just to connect with friends on Facebook?

For anyone who does not feel safe using their legal name; this account lock is unjust.

10. Transgender Freedom of Gender Identification On College Applications

On college applications there are just the two genders to chose from. Male, or Female, but for those who are Transgender there is not an option for them to declare as "gender neutral" or the gender that they identify as (not what they are legally documented to be).

It is important to give the Transgender community this option to put on a college application the gender that they identify as in order for them to feel safe and accepted in a college setting, having that trust in the university and community starting with the application.

11. Save Hassinah Bukenya, a Ugandan lesbian from deportation

A 22 year old lesbian, Hassinah Bukenya fled her country Uganda to seek refugee in The Netherlands. On 3rd September 2014, Hassinah's request for asylum was turned down.

She was then detained and sent to prison by the Dutch immigration officials where she will be tried to see that she is forcifully sent back to Uganda, a country which is homophobic.

Hassinah lives an open life as a lesbian, participates is gay events and she likes to live a free life. See her facebook:!/hassinah.bukenya for her pictures

This kind of life is a traumatic experience for someone who left her country to seek protection in a safe country like Netherlands.

12. San Francisco Pride Board: Reinstate Bradley Manning as Grand Marshal!

Whereas Bradley Manning has “Come Out” on behalf of all of us, and is a hero the LBGTQ community is proud of;

Whereas Bradley Manning has performed a service on behalf of the 99% everywhere by exposing the truth behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the US government’s criminal wars, occupations, rendition, torture, murder, rape, and collaboration with the crimes of governments and corporations worldwide; and

Whereas San Francisco Pride Board has abused its own process for choosing a Grand Marshal as they officially confirmed Bradley Manning’s election and then unilaterally removed him. (See A Chronology )

13. Allow Gender X for Passport identification

The current policies in the United States oppresses the Transgender Population by not allowing a Gender X option.

14. A Call for the Resignation of Richard Littlejohn

In December, 2012, Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn wrote an article attacking the personal choice of Mr Upton, a primary school teacher from Accrington, to undergo a gender change and become a female - Miss Meadows.

Littlejohn's article made no effort to hide its hateful and mocking tone, and was deleted from the Daily Mail website upon the announcement of Miss Meadow's sudden death.

In March of this year, Miss Meadows was found dead at her home - likely from suicide. Nobody is under the illusion that the press coverage of her gender change was of no effect on this, and neither could anybody be in doubt that Littlejohn's article was a primary catalyst.

Littlejohn has repeatedly used his twice-weekly column in the Daily Mail to attack, with relentless and unashamed hatred, minorities, homosexuals, disabled people and others who have done little to provoke him. This is not journalism, it is hate speech. There is no other term for it.

This petition does not seek to remove Littlejohn's freedom of speech; it seeks to remove him from the position of influence which he continually abuses. The livelihood of many innocent individuals depend upon his resignation.


The reporting of Miss Meadows' death:

15. Enhance LGBT Cultural Competence Among Health Care Workers

In recent years, health care policy makers and providers have taken steps to develop initiatives that will advance cultural competence in the medical field.

Evidence that cultural competency improves quality of care and eliminates racial, ethnic, and religious disparities has given health care providers and policy makers the impetus to be more culturally attuned.

Research has shown that a successful provider-patient encounter bolsters patient satisfaction, increases the likelihood that medical instructions will be adhered to, and can be linked to a positive health outcome. As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, it is important that all workers who come into contact with patients are prepared to encounter myriad perspectives regarding medicine and health.

The provider-patient relationship is of such prognostic importance that several states have either proposed or passed legislation mandating that physicians and medical students take courses that increase their sensitivity towards and make them more responsive to the needs of minority patients. In 2005, New Jersey made this training compulsory for physicians who wish to obtain or renew a medical license.

While these measures have undoubtedly been instrumental in fostering positive attitudes towards patient differences, awareness of the unique issues pertinent to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population is scant. In particular, the transgender population is the most likely to experience mistreatment, harassment, and bias in a health care setting. Even in the progressive state of California, the Transgender Law Center reports that its clients encounter discriminatory conduct. Across the country, transgender people are asked inappropriate and unnecessary questions about their genitals, endure slurs and name calling, and are denied the request to be addressed by their preferred name and gender. Some medical providers will even condemn their transgender patients and openly express disgust and hostility.

According to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, the largest compilation of data concerning transgender people to date, 28% of respondents reported being verbally harassed in a medical setting, and 2% reported being physically attacked. Half of all respondents found that their doctors are ignorant of basic tenets of transgender health. Finally, 19% of respondents have been denied treatment altogether, even though fourteen states, including New Jersey, have laws in place that prohibit health care discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming patients. High profile cases include that of Robert Eads, a female to male transgender with ovarian cancer who died after he was denied treatment by over twenty doctors, and that of Tyra Hunter, a pre-operative transgender woman who died at the scene of a car accident after emergency medical technicians uttered derogatory slurs in references to her genitalia and withdrew medical care.

The impact of marginalization is so powerful that it has ostracized transgender individuals from the medical community entirely. One fourth of survey respondents reported that they postpone care due to the disrespect that they anticipate from providers.

Additionally, it has come to the recent attention of this petition's author that certain NJ medical facilities are in dire need of culturally competent care that caters to the LGBT community, especially the transgender population. In particular, anecdotal evidence concerning the misconduct demonstrated by workers in the psychiatric department of a New Jersey hospital has elucidated the need for reform as soon as possible. Unacceptable behavior reported includes: refusal to comply with a patient's desire to be addressed by a preferred gender, consistently unsympathetic attitudes towards related requests, the denial of medically necessary and previously prescribed hormonal treatments during inpatient hospital stays, the heavy reliance of the staff on psychotropic drugs to treat gender dysphoria, the fabrication of sexual abuse incidents during a patient's childhood to rationalize gender dysphoria, hostility towards patients who revealed their homosexual or gender nonconforming status, and threats to hospitalize a patient indefinitely because it was believed that their gender non-conforming status was indicative of mental illness. The transgender population is disproportionately represented among suicide statistics.

The 41% suicide rate among transgender people is more than 25 times the rate of the general population, which is 1.6%. Thus, it is imperative that psychiatric facilities be equipped to assist the transgender people that come to them in a state of crisis. The treatment of transgender people in doctor's offices, hospitals, and psychiatric wards is reprehensible. Oftentimes, the treatment of lesbian, gay, and bisexual patients is not much better.

16. Equal Marriage

This is a petition by the Equality Network in support of our campaign for equal marriage in Scotland.

Please sign this petition if you agree that same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership should be legalised in Scotland.

This petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to:

1) Change the law to allow same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership.

2) Protect and extend freedom of religion and belief by allowing, but not requiring, religious and Humanist bodies to conduct same-sex marriages and/or register civil partnerships.

3) End the requirement for married transgender people to divorce before a full Gender Recognition Certificate can be issued.

For more information about the Equality Network campaign please visit:

17. End transgender discrimination

Transgender people are defined as people who feel they are a different gender than the sex they were born as. Job Corps is a job training facility where the students must live for 5 days a week day and night. At job corps the dormitories are separated by gender.

The current Job corps policy concerning transgender individuals is to place them in the dormitories that match their body parts.

This policy singles out transgender individuals and makes them a target for violence, bullying, and increases the likelihood of Suicide. It must be changed.

18. Stop Violation of Transgender's Rights

The decision of the High court judge, Datuk Yazid Mustafa, in dismissing Aleesha Farhana Abdul Aziz’s application to have her name and gender altered in her identity card.

The ruling is inconsistent with the precedence established in 2005 when a mak nyah from Kuala Lumpur made the same application. Justice James Foong, in the case of JG v Pengarah Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara 2005, had then held in favour of the mak nyah in question (refer to URL).

Aleesha has expressed desires to further her studies and it is for this reason she wishes to change her name and gender on her official documents. Just like everyone else, Aleesha and many like us are striving to better ourselves and contribute to society. Aleesha and all Malaysian trans people deserve the same opportunities as others to improve the quality of our lives and pursue our dreams.

The court must allow Aleesha to change her name and gender. Her rights and the court’s duty must not be held hostage by the sensitivities of those who are ignorant about transsexualism. By denying her her right, the court is perpetuating an environment of discrimination within which she will never find the justice due her.

Trans people like Aleesha face extreme levels of stigma and discrimination in Malaysia. The discrimination is often perpetuated by biased, negative reporting from the media and endorsed by state mouthpieces, fueling the public to further hate, marginalise and abuse an already vulnerable group of people. These abuses, ranging from physical violence to mental torture to sexual assault, happen from when we are still children right into our adulthood. Lack of attempts to understand us have resulted in many being kicked out of families, schools and work. We are often prevented from accessing health services, housing, education, employment, and other basic rights enjoyed by all Malaysians. Without the law on our side, we are left without legal recourse to redress any injustice and abuse we suffered.

The unwillingness of the Malaysian government to recognise trans people as equal before the law facilitates this ugly persistence in violating us. Official recognition has in fact been granted by both Asian and Islamic nations. These include Singapore which recognises male-to-female transpeople and female-to-male transpeople; Nepal and Pakistan which recognise trans people as “third gender”; Iran, Egypt, Thailand, India and Pakistan, where sex reassignment surgeries are allowed and conducted.

These policies are justified by many scientific studies that have documented transsexualism as a condition resulting from many varied biological causes. Forcing trans people to behave in accordance to external sexual organs have been counterproductive to mental and physical health. However, through a variety of remedy now available, including hormonal therapy and sex reassignment surgeries, many trans people have been able to live happily and productively according to the gender identity with which we identify.

We urge the relevant authorities to take necessary measures and immediately act to create an enabling and safer environment for Malaysian trans people. This includes the repeal of laws that criminalise trans people for our identity, dressing and mannerisms. The government must set up a nationwide consultation with the trans community as soon as possible in order to better understand our issues. It is about time we have policies, programmes, services and legal remedies that meet trans people’s needs as defined by us.

We request that all concerned work to realising the spirit and intent of Article 5(1) of the Federal Constitution which clearly states that no person shall be deprived of his/her life or personal liberty save in accordance with the law. This article is strongly aligned to Principle 17 of the Yogjakarta Principles, which emphasises that:

“Everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, without discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Sexual and reproductive health is a fundamental aspect of this right.”

In June 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) passed a resolution to document discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and to study how to end human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The international community stands with all of us in Malaysia whose rights have been violated for our gender identity. We therefore remind the Malaysian government of the pledges it made to become a member of the UN Human Rights Council, and as a member of the UN Human Rights Council, Malaysia is obliged to respect and uphold the human rights of all, equally and unconditionally.


19. Save Inside Out and Evolve

The services for same-sex attracted youth (Evolve and Inside Out) offered at the Adelaide Youth Health Service The Second Story (TSS) may soon be cut due to restructuring and reallocations of funding.

These services provide important support, education and a crucial opportunity for same-sex attracted youth to meet other young people and 'belong' within a confidential and safe space. The services have been running for over twenty years and there are no other similar services in Adelaide.

The cutting of the services seems to treat queer young people as if they are not an 'at-risk' group. However, queer youth are greatly overrepresented in suicide and homelessness statistics (1 & 2). A recent Australian report shows the importance of social support groups on the health and wellbeing of same-sex attracted young people (3).

South Australia's Youth Strategy for 2010-2014 already acknowledges that 'targeted responses are often required to meet the specific needs of different groups of young people, in particular those who... are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (GLBTIQ)' (4).

South Australia's "Strategic Plan for 2020 and beyond" further lists state visions and goals to
'educate young people about healthy living'
'advocate for and protect vulnerable people'
‘[foster a] a sense of place, identity, belonging and purpose'
and have the government 'work[ing] to protect and support those who are most vulnerable in our community' (5).

Cutting the Evolve and ISO services for same-sex attracted young people would directly undermine these goals.

The petition supports the ongoing survival of the groups and the highly important and positive impact they have on the lives and health of same-sex attracted young people in South Australia.






20. Save the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. It is one of the largest and most successful film festivals in the UK, with annual attendances of 28,000, and one of the UK’s most significant LGBT cultural events.

During this time the festival has played a vital cultural role, bringing audiences together to debate and discuss an extraordinary diversity of important work. It provides a space and platform for emerging talent, for provocative and political films, for innovation. Very little of this filmmaking can be seen in the UK outside of the festival. The BFI is to be congratulated for 25 years of commitment.

However, this year’s festival will be a shadow of its former self, with a radically cut-down programme of 6 days, rather than 14 and a substantial reduction of the activities and facilities that have made it an internationally acclaimed event. Of particular concern is the loss of the annual tour of festival highlights that ensured that the festival was enjoyed by audiences across the UK.

With 15% cuts to funding as a result of the government’s spending review, the BFI is necessarily having to tighten its belt. As such it’s understandable that some cuts need to be made to its activities. However, we are deeply concerned that the substantial cuts WELL ABOVE 15% to the 2011 festival will hinder this year's success and are a move towards the BFI severing its responsibilities for the event. Few festivals thrive - or indeed survive - without the support and commitment of a major cultural body. If the BFI was to drop the LLGFF we fear for its future.

Furthermore, we understand that the BFI will reviewing the future of the festival in April after the 2011 event and we urge Amanda Nevill ( Greg Dyke ( and Board of Governors at BFI, Ed Vaizey ( and Boris Johnson ( to ensure that:

The BFI commits to organising and hosting the annual LLGFF as an integral part of its cultural programme.

The BFI commits to ensure that the festival reaches out to audiences across the UK through a tour of cinemas or by making films available through its online platforms.

The BFI explores ways to reduce expenditure while maintaining the integrity of the festival’s programme, and in particular safeguards such vital elements as length of programme, pay for the festival curators, some industry services, and a budget to help filmmakers attend the Festival to present their work.

The BFI explores new avenues for support from individual donors.

The BFI considers the impact on its own membership base (25% of BFI members book tickets for the LLGFF) if it was to drop the festival.

21. Help get the Government to pay for sex-changes!!

I have made this petition because of my best friend, who is transgender. He is having a hard time, his parents don't know yet because he's scared of what they will say. He was born a girl, and needs to save up thousands of dollars to pay for the sex-change. So far, he has a bit over $1000 saved up. I think that the government should pay for part of the change. Thank you for your help!

22. Stop Gender Identity Bill C-389

Bill C-389 Gender Identity Bill – 389 Will Allow Men (self identifying as women) Into Girls' Bathrooms and Showers.

Private Member’s Bill C-389 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) is on the verge of becoming law. If passed, it will add these terms to the list of identifiable groups listed in sections 318 and 718.2(a)(i) of the criminal code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. The new criminal code would make it a crime to speak or discriminate against gender identity and gender expression. These two conditions are self identified with no proof so anyone at any time can claim to be another gender.

Somehow this ridiculous Bill C-389 has succeeded through two votes in Parliament and has now passed a 30 minute committee hearing. If it passes third reading and the Senate our children will be exposed to men (self identifying as women) entering girls bathrooms, change rooms and even showers claiming transgender discrimination. The penalty for “discriminating” against them will be up to two years in prison. We are working with leaders across Canada and vow to protect our children.

In addition this Bill would make gender identity and gender expression mandatory teaching in all schools in Canada under the principle that the law is a teacher. Earlier this year Premier McGuinty scrapped such teaching in the Ontario Sex Education Curriculum but now the federal parliament is attempting to re-insert this onerous material by law.

I don’t understand how a Conservative Government would allow this to happen under its watch.

23. Recognize Trans People as "Human" - Petition to Support Bill C-389

URGENT PLEASE HELP: In Canada, Trans People are not explicitly recognized as humans. We are NOT in the Human Rights Code... We are NOT protected by Hate Crime legislation.

This electronic petition in support of Bill C-389 will be sent to the Federal Government. (The Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice)

Bill C-389, would ensure basic human rights protections for trans people. By adding "Gender Identity" to the Human Rights Code of Canada, and to Hate Crime Legislation.

It has passed 2nd Reading but is now stuck "in committee". Without popular support - YOUR support, Bill C-389 will stay stuck.

The opposition has stated this is "Useless" and "Unnecessary" legislation. They would be happy to let this "die in committee" and never become law.

Your support is absolutely critical to keep the pressure on. Please, please help us and please, please spread the word.

24. Raising awareness of depression in at-risk groups

We're very concerned at the high suicide rate in young gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) people and are very keen to see them gain a strong representation in the mental health arena. In short, we want to make sure that we look after these young people.

According to the rough stats we have at hand, people in the GLBTI community are four times more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to fall victim to mental illness, including depression and suicide.

The problem is that we don't really know the actual percentage of GLBTI people who suffer, because we suspect that many of these young people don't ever get the chance to seek help. We are determined to change that.

Beyond Blue (the national depression initiative) in conjunction with Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (part of The University of Adelaide) have produced a draft paper entitled, 'Clinical Practical Guidelines: Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults.'

We would like to have the GLBTI community represented in these guidelines as a group of young people who are at very high risk of mental illness.

25. Represent LGBT people in mainstream advertising

LGBT people are continually mis- or under-represented in the media. As found in GLAAD's 2008 study (see link 1) only 1.1% of all regular characters in the 2007-08 broadcast television schedule were LGBT.

Advertising (especially in the prime time 'advert breaks') reaches a massive audience (an average of about 9 million viewers) and can help to present a very positive message to those who need/would benefit from it.

IKEA have had lots of adverts featuring LGB&T people, both on TV and in print. Their catalogues also feature gay couples and families. In 2007, IKEA ran an ad campaign titled 'Living Room,' which aired across Europe and America. The ad featured a series of families in different living rooms, ending with a bi-racial gay male couple and their daughter, and the voiceover: 'Why shouldn't sofas come in flavours, just like families?' The ad won an award in America from the Commercial Closet Association, a charity which campaigns for positive LGB recognition in advertising. (Link 2)

DFS adverts famously centre around a 'living area' with a family, couple or person in them (Link 3). None of these have ever featured an LGBT family or couple and could quite easily do so.

The 'Pink Pound' (the LGBT market) is worth an estimated £70 million per year in the UK (Link 4).

Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:
Link 4:

26. Support Gender Neutral Bathrooms Pasadena City College - 2009

We, the undersigned, ask Pasadena Area Community College District Board of Trustees and the Pasadena City College Administration to create a safe environment for all students regardless of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

For all Disabled persons and their opposite gender caretakers and parents accompanied by opposite gender children by creating and providing gender neutral restrooms on campus.

The Following was documented October 27, 2007 and to my knowledge has not been carried out.

We request the following:

1. Immediate conversion of at least two current restrooms (one on each side of campus) from gender specific to gender neutral and for those restrooms to be located in a safe and highly visible areas.

2. All future construction, including those currently in progress include gender neutral restrooms.

3. Mandatory sensitivity training for all Faculty, Classified and Management Employees.

27. Form A Gay-Straight Alliance at Robert E. Lee High School

Robert E. Lee High School is a public school located in Montgomery, Alabama. They have been given a bad reputation over the past few years but the school itself is wonderful and has many great people. Though, they do not have a Gay-Straight Alliance [GSA].

This petition is encouraging a GSA in the school to help those who must hide who they are, and those who have no one to turn to.

A GSA would create a safe and welcoming environment for students to go and be accepted openly regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It would also give students the chance to participate in LGBT community events such as the Day of Silence, National Coming Out Day, and No Name Calling Week.

The group itself doesn't even have to be named "Gay-Straight Alliance," due to the misconceptiont that this is only a dating service for LGBT teens.
Many other names are avaliable, such as "Project Rainbow," "Pride Alliance," "Common Ground," "Coexist", "Spectrum," or even the "Straight-Gay Alliance." It is possible to come up with other creative names, but these are simply suggestions.

As a sophmore attending Lee High School, and an LGBT teen myself, I personally feel there is no where to turn within the school for advice or solace. I feel alone and constantly question if maybe there are others like me? The idea for a GSA came to me because there might jsut be other students who seek help, or agree [even if they are straight] that LGBT people are equal and there should be no violence towards them. I am a member of the Lee P.A.W.S. Club which is all about animals, so I do have experience with clubs.

My ultimate goals for the GSA would be to promote acceptance throughout the school, prevent violence against other LGBT students, promote and encourage participation in fun and active events, notice those straight people who do accept LGBT people for who they are,and to give a safe place to LGBT students where they can come together for help, advice, and community activities.

28. Make SRS Available on Medicare

At present neither of the major parties running for the 2007 Election have any policy relating to been committed to continuing and/or extending the Medicare benefits available to transgender people undergoing gender re-assignment.

The only political party that supports this are the Greens. As much as this is majorly supported it however makes no difference unless they hold a balance of power.

It's up to groups such as the Greens along with affiliated groups to try to implement change by having these changes supported by the government of the day. Neither major party has any concrete policies in place to address GLBT issues such as SRS and its time they did.

This Petition is to support the right for TG people to undergo SRS through the Medicare sytem.

In alot of cases TG's go through life unable to afford the cost of correcting a genetic error and rarely get the support they need. It's time this changed.

29. No Laughing Matter

From: The Windy City Times

Last week, during a short debate on the House floor regarding a bill that would make it easier for transgender individuals to obtain a new birth certificate, three Illinois representatives decided to make a mockery of the issue.

Rep. Bill Black, R-Danville; Rep. Chapin Rose, R-Mohamet; and Rep. Art Turner, D-Chicago, joked and made comments, such as Black comparing non-surgical sex changes to voodoo and comparing transgender people to animals ( the debate following an item about neutering deer for population control ) . The Associated Press reported that Black’s remarks were greeted by hoots from colleagues.

In an e-mail to Windy City Times, John Peller of AIDS Foundation of Chicago said, “The debate on this bill yesterday was one of the most offensive I have ever seen in the state Capitol.”

The bill, HB 1732, failed by a vote of 78-32 on April 17. The bill’s sponsor was Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, D-Chicago, who expressed to the media afterwards that she was ashamed of her colleagues.

The legislation would have amended the Vital Records Act so a new birth certificate could be obtained by an individual after receiving an affidavit by a physician that states he or she has undergone medical treatment ( surgery or hormonal ) . This would make it easier for those who have received treatment outside the U.S. Current Illinois law requires an affidavit by a U.S. doctor who performed the treatment.
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