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1. Keep Kandanga Pool Open Longer During School Holidays

Lets face it. The Kandanga pool is all we have - but its hardly ever open!

Those of us that live in a small rural town understand the pitfalls that come with it. Generally those are:
- lack of infrastructure
- poorly build roads
- lack of transport for all
- inadequate sporting and exercise facilities for children to keep motivated
- minimal shopping accessibility
- limited activities for teens/youth outside of the family home
- attractions for families to attend and enjoy as a family
- lacking council owned facilities for community groups to attend/flourish

However, those 'typical' rural towns have not also been slugged with:
- a flailing tourism trade
- a dam coming and then going over a 10+ year process
- a local school pool closed to the public
- a weekend market struggling to attract new visitors
- a large caravan and camping park dedicated to tourism removed from the area

However, what is more frustrating, is that locals have access to only ONE community pool between Kenilworth and Gympie (an area more than 55KMs in distance) where locals, visitors and families can meet up and escape the searing heat during summer. It is a family atmosphere, where alcohol is prohibited and kids are welcome!

The local youth can meet their friends and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment, especially with the typical heat that is dealt to these towns during the summer months.

The pool is central to the only RV friendly towns in the Valley. We see a tremendous amount of transient visitors that would continue to use the facilities daily, contributing to our already small economy.

All we ask, is that Gympie Council thinks about the opportunities the Kandanga Pool offers to ALL residents and visitors and reconsiders it opening hours over the school holiday period.

2. Spring Dance for Lely High School

This petition is an attempt to have a spring dance for Lely High School. Many schools have multiple dances, where Lely only holds two. And one of them is only for juniors and seniors. My home use to be in Alaska, where the high schools had homecoming, a winter dance, a spring dance, and a prom. These are the years that we are suppose to have the most fun in. School dances are a fun time for the students and is fairly cheap since we keep homecoming in our school vacinity. We don’t need a 5 course meal and a fancy hotel for these dances- prom excluded -, but these small, fun, dances should be more common for the youth of Lely High School. Our goal is give the lower classman multiple dances by the next school year, 2018-2019, as well as get at least a spring dance extension for the school year of 2017-2018.

3. Youth Integrity Pledge

Please sign our Anti-Corruption Pledge Today ! for better Sri Lanka

4. Vacantland4all

We as the youth and young adults of the West Rand are pleading with the Government to provide vacant land for us to build houses four our families. Many of us cant afford home loans and most of the time we don't qualify hence we move from one place to another renting out rooms. The Government has assisted squatters with houses and vacant land because they break the law and protest endlessly. Just because we don't protest and we don't occupy the land illegally does that mean we will go noticed for ever? Is this a form of Criticism? or Is just another was of the government to motivate us to turn to violence in order for our voices to be heard? Let join each other and raise our voices for our sake and the sake of our families and kids. My own sister is now 45 years old, she grew up in Kagiso and even now she is still on the waiting list for an RDP but to my surprise people who have not being here longer that us now have houses... what is the selection criteria? All we asking for now is for the lil piece of land for us to build homes for our kids. I believe our voices will be heard even if we don't resort to violence or Illegal activities to voice out.

5. Redcliffe Skatepark Upgrade

Residents have generously tried to provide/build/add previously unavailable rails/ledges/obstacles to their local Redcliffe Skatepark for their community, at no cost to the tax payer.

279 hand-written signatures from supporters for this cause were collected on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of June 2017 (3 days only). We are hoping to gain some more from this online version, now available at your disposal.

6. Save Our Swim Team

Whidbey Island's only competitive swim team, "NWAC" or the North Whidbey Aquatic Club (a program of the North Whidbey Park and Recreation District, NWPRD) is under threat of being "dissolved" by a motion of one board member who has decided that this community should not have this athletic option for our children.
The NWAC team has served many hundreds of children in our community over its 3 decade history as a path to health, fitness, focus, success and friendship with other fitness focussed children in the community. The families who have been enrolled in the program in the last year have repeatedly asked the board to provide a financial target to make the team "revenue neutral" to the district, as that had been the board's stated goal. The board rejected a recent plan to do just that, and without engaging the voters of the district any further, moved to "dissolve" the team regardless of whether it can be continued at zero cost to the district's other members.

7. Netflix's 13 Reasons Why is deadly

Just got an email from the school system about the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.... please do not let your kids watch this. My goal is to get my degree in psychology..... when the creators of this show did research they were warned by mental health professionals not to create a show that glamorizes suicide. A lot of suicides are caused from the thought that when they're dead, they will be remembered and loved as opposed to being "ignored" and "hated" now. Which we are always loved by someone. I have talks with my son now, at the age of six, that he is loved by many between our two family's (mine and his mothers). As well as to always tell me the truth or if he feels someone is doing something wrong to him that he wont be in trouble and i will always protect him. (GOD help anyone that forces me to prove that. I have no mercy!) Many of us have contemplated suicide, and I have attempted it twice in my youth. Ive felt the emptiness and hate of myself that i thought i deserved. PLEASE BOYCOTT THAT SHOW! Don't watch it, don't let your kid's watch it, it should be removed......... I've lost good friends, childhood friends, people I love. Don't add to the list. If you read all this, thank you!

8. Lower the voting age to 16

The youth of this country are also the future of this country. Why are older people voting for a future that they're most likely not going to experience? Lowering the voting age to 16 would get the youth into a habit of voting- we should get a say in how our lives turn out. At 14 we are technically counted as adults, prices for everything raise once we hit this age so why shouldn't we be allowed the opportunity to make a difference in our own future?

9. Keep The Black Knights in there Gym

Mush Emmanuel is a non-for profit organization that offer Mentoring to our young men in East Orange NJ that prepares them for life. that have partner with Organization such as COPE that help teach the young men about conflict resolution.
Faithfully a nutrition education program that educates them on healthy food choices.
Mush Emmanuel was using the Gym at Langston Hughes Elementary. We had agreement with the East Orange Broad of Education to house the program up until May 30th.
They are now being force out of the gym with nowhere to go many of these young men are at risk young. Please Help us stay in our gym.

10. We Bleed Red and Black

Due to the recent suicides in our community, (Coatesville,PA) , a group of Coatesville Senior High School alumni have started a support group and have offered to bring a presentation and programs to the schools of CASD . This group of people are trained in Mental Health First Aid and would just like to offer a helping hand and letting these students know that they are not alone. But they have been placed on hold for whatever reason. Coatesville Area School District is bringing in counselors and Crisis Interventions Teams despite the help offered from this group of people. So, we need your help. By signing this petition, you are giving this support group a chance to tell these kids in the school district, real stories and scenarios from people they see and live around on a daily basis and people they can relate to. A group that went to Coatesville HS and know first hand what these students are going through. As opposed to the Crisis Intervention Team and counselors provided that have no relation or connection what so ever to these Coatesville students Please help give us a voice. We want to better our community.

11. Revo Must Stay at Roundwood Youth Centre

We delivered Brent's, youth services for 3 years, whilst Brent Council had no services and want to continue delivering from Roundwood Youth Centre, supporting services the youth and organisations.

Brent Council reduced its services, so we thought it would be smart to continue to run services:-
by reducing youth getting into gangs, raising the self-esteem of young girls, providing sports courses, introducing youth business, supporting music development, mentoring and advising NCS attendees, providing work experience for youth, to get into youth work, by employing youth to deliver projects and put on events etc... by providing office space and advice to youth organisations and volunteering residents..

We provide workshop in partnership with schools, afterschool school provisions between 16.00-18.00, half & end of term provisions, as well as provisions for the summer holidays for 3-12 and 13-19-year-olds

Organisations who have benefited directly from our services are Red Tower, Zest of Mind, EP Global, Residents Running Projects, Catalyst Housing, Diamond Kid

We want to continue our great work at the Roundwood Youth Centre to provide the service that the youth of Brent need.

12. Support the GSA Club at Omni Middle

Principal Gerald Riopelle has failed to support students in the creation of the Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA). It is vital that this club exists at Omni Middle to spread awareness of equality and social justice while constructing a supportive atmosphere for all students. It is against the Federal Equal Access Act and the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution for Omni Middle to ban GSA over its controversiality, while other non-curricular student clubs remain without objection.

13. Free access to public facilities

Berwyn Blazers

14. Scooter Park in St. Charles Parish

St. Charles Parish has many young skaters, bmxers and scooter riders that are lacking the equipment and support they need to fine tune their skill and progress in their sports to the fullest. This petition is to show support and to prove that there is a genuine local need for a concrete skatepark in St. Charles Parish.


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16. Introduce “Jake’s Law” for Driver's Ed in our schools & Mandatory Defensive Driving Courses for Learners

With a continued increase to young lives lost on our roads, my 22 year old son is included in these statistics. Youth drivers need to know how to control their cars and bikes on all road surfaces and all conditions and unexpected situations.

This petition proposes Defensive Driving Simulator courses and testing, and Driver Education Courses in Senior years at school.

Reasons being:
 In AUSTRALIA, 16 - 25 year old males are 3 TIMES as likely to die on the roads as their female counterparts.
 33% of Australian young drivers will have a car crash within the first 12 months of driving. As solo drivers (P Platers).
 40% of people who die on Australian road are under the age of 25.
 Car accidents are responsible for over 60% of deaths among Australian 17-20 years old. Motorcyclists' risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car.
 Fatalities Rate for 2015 in QUEENSLAND was 243 which was an increase of 7.6% to the previous year.
 According to Road Deaths Australia, there were 1,273 road deaths in the country during the 12 months ending on September 30 2016. An increase of 7.2% to September 30 2015.
 No parent should have to bury their child. No one should have to lose a friend.

17. Better Public Libraries in Islamabad

Islamabad is a beautiful city, in fact it's ranked as the second most beautiful capital city on the planet.

We have lush, green parks, majestic mountains, a beautiful natural landscape, iconic buildings and infrastructure, and an amazing diversity of people in this city.

All that's missing is a network of libraries to make this city one of the best in the world. Join me in campaigning for this goal by signing this petition and lend a hand in educating, entertaining and enriching the young, promising population of Islamabad with the knowledge and literary resources it needs to keep striving forward.

18. St. Louis Park Fastpitch Association - Youth softball facility equality

SUBJECT: Softball Fields in SLP – Need for Equity

How does the City advertise St Louis Park?? What do your promotional materials say???

Experience LIFE in the Park -- Celebrate Your Events in St Louis Park -- Parks & Recreation - Enriching Life, Inspiring Community – Founder of Children First and the 40 Assets
Asset #7 – Community Values Youth
Asset #16 – High Expectations
Asset #27 – Equitable & Social Justice
SLP Public Schools - Achieving Success, One Student at a Time!

These are lines we are all familiar with and can recite when asked why you live in St Louis Park. But what are our actions??

Let’s take a line from a SLP brochure - Experience Parks and Rec in the Park – but let’s do that as you take your daughter to softball practice. You may drive past, Skippy, Northside Park, Dakota, Aquila, Carlson, Freedom/Paul Frank, or Dale Petit Fields, conveniently located throughout the city on your way to Aquila Field #4, the Middle School, or Pennsylvania Park. That is right, you have passed by 9 baseball fields and 7 adult softball and kickball fields to get to one of 4 fields your daughter can play on.

If you were paying attention your saw nicely groomed fields with storage sheds, parking lots, lights, scoreboards, covered dugouts, and other amenities. Most, if not all, of those things are lacking or of lower quality at the 4 fields your daughter is now practicing at.

If you were paying attention to construction activity the last 5 years, you observed over $1,000,000 in City paid improvements to baseball fields and $19,200 to one softball field at Pennsylvania Park.

Then one day your daughter plays a game in a neighboring community and their fields look like Northside or Skippy. On the way home your daughter comments on how nice it was to play there and asks why don’t our fields look like that? Or one day she comes home from school very excited to tell you she finally chose the topic for her 5th or 8th grade IB project. This is the project that culminates a student’s experience and global learning at the end of Elementary and again at the end of Middle School. It needs to be a topic they consider worthy of change and they have to design action steps to reverse the problem. You anxiously ask – What did you decide on??? She says – “Inequity in girls vs boys sports”.

How do you as a parent answer these questions and still try to support the City and their priorities?? The parents signing this letter have all had to come up with answers – what would yours be??

We appreciate your time and attention to this issue of fairness. Please work with us to bring about positive change and equity for the Fastpitch girls of St Louis Park.

19. Support the Teen Dating Violence Policy Petition

Teen dating violence is a serious issue that affects us all. As friends and relatives of victims, we cope with the loss of our dearest ones. As classmates of victims, we feel unsafe and have a hard time performing our best at school. As observers of teen dating violence, we watch as violence becomes a normalized component of our culture. As victims, we are impacted in the most gruesome way possible. Teen dating violence needs to be addressed immediately.

On September 30th, 2011, Cindi Santana, a 17 year-old student at South East High School in South Gate, California was stabbed to death on school grounds by her former boyfriend, Abraham Lopez. Prior to the incident, Lopez was arrested and subsequently released on bail after threatening Cindi. Santana’s mother notified her daughter’s school of Lopez’s threatening behavior and presented a restraining order regarding Santana’s safety. However, the school did not undertake the proper measures to follow it, and on September 30th, Lopez approached Cindi at the school courtyard during lunch and stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.

Before the Cindi Santana case, the violence prevention non-profit, Peace Over Violence and other youth-groups and community partners, had been working with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for ten years to implement a policy advocating healthy relationships and teen dating violence prevention. In previous years, when POV presented the policy to the LAUSD board, it was repudiated, but in light of Cindi’s death, the policy was passed on October 11th, 2011 with an unanimous vote.

However, it still has not been effectuated by LAUSD due to a clause concerning funds. The clause allows the policy to be delayed as long as funds are not sufficient to support said policy. Many more acts of violence have occurred since then, and still, the policy has not been implemented.

The best way to prevent further acts of teen dating violence is by effectuating this policy which will:
- Establish a Prevention Coordinator and Prevention Liaisons to coordinate the dissemination of prevention methods, intervention techniques, and curricula addressing adolescent dating abuse.
- Provide prevention education to students on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Provide ongoing professional development to school staff on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Provide parent/caregiver engagement opportunities to educate parents on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Coordinate appropriate intervention and response to incidents or complaints of dating abuse.
- Establish ongoing tools to monitor and assess dating abuse prevention activities and intervention techniques.
- Provide annual written notice to parents/caregivers and students of the school teen dating violence policy.

We must implement this policy to prevent another serious tragedy. Violence not only affects the victim physically and mentally, but also his/her ability to perform well in school, live a healthy lifestyle, and his/her family and friends. To support this policy, please sign below.

20. Give more attention to stopping Online Sex Exploitation of Children (OSEC)

966 women, 165 minors, and 89 males were victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment in 98 incidents (26 local; 72 overseas) in the Philippines in January-December 2010 - a TUCP compilation of trafficking newspaper and media reports show.

Governments in the Philippines are doing their best but its operations are not given more attention. Filipinos are aware but not given much information.


Please check this video out if you have time.

21. Quit Tobacco For Good

Hi All,

Every year we tell each other that this is gonna be my last smoke/cigarette but then we all know what's the same routine after a few years.

It's surprising to know that the passive smokers are the ones who get affected more than ever.

So why not 2016, because one of our non smoker relative falls prey to it. Stop the use of tobacco products. Persuasion can do wonders. If each one ofus tries to persuade a single person, a big difference can take place.

Health problems - the common one being Cancer can be prevented & this is your chance.

Sign this petition and try to persuade the people around you.
No more tobacco products.
We want a smoke free environment.

22. Protect our Youth: No to Drama on Television

I have created this petition in the hopes of protecting the minds of our youth that are being corrupted by what they are watching everyday in the television.

So many television series are openly showcasing immorality, crime, adultery, homosexuality, addiction, young ones placed in love teams and many other things that are unhealthy for the minds of our youth today.

What are these television series teaching us? What is the moral of the story?

23. We support the First Amendment of the Constitution

The Constitution in the First Amendment gives every American the right to petition the federal government for redress of grievances.

24. Child and Youth Mental Health Matters

You'd think in a developed nation such as Canada, that mental illness awaremess and treatment would have the coverage deserved, but unfortunately that is not the case. The facts are...

"- 1 in 5 youth (aged 9 to 19) have a mental health problem or illness
- 3 out of 4 children and youth with a mental health problem or illness will not receive treatment and those that do can wait as long as a year to get an appointment
- Suicide is the #1 cause of non-accidental death for Canadian youth
- Three times as many youth (15-24) die by suicide than by all forms of cancer combined."

Partners for Mental Health
With staggering facts like these, it is time to take action and address the lack of support for Canadian children and youth. All minds matter and it is time to make a difference. For more information on mental health or how to get involved check out these links:

25. Help Us Get Back Our Communities

The 13th District in Baltimore City needs a community center for the youth.


26. Grant Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh

In written response to TDP MP Muttamshetti Srinivasa Rao;
Union minister of state for Finance, Jayanth Sinha not only made it clear that the state of Andhra Pradesh would not get the special category status (SCS) but there was no proposal to change or relax the norms to benefit it.

27. Fairbanks Community Indoor Park

Flyzone Alaska is the dream of Sheldon and Rebecca Thompson. Sheldon and Rebecca are both lifelong Alaskans, parents of nine children, and business owners in Fairbanks. Many years ago they saw that there was a need in Interior Alaska for a place where youth sports, health and fitness classes, and many other athletic activities could go when there is snow and cold temperatures. In early 2016, Flyzone Alaska was created with the vision of making an indoor athletic facility a reality.

The Fairbanks Community Indoor Park will be the hub for athletics for Interior Alaska providing space for youth basketball, soccer, and volleyball. The space will be ideal for tournaments, league play, camps, clinics, open play and any other programs devoted to youth health and fitness.

The 45,000 square foot, heated facility will feature two (2) state-of-the art floating hard wood floors that will be able to be configured to play basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. There will also be one (1) indoor green court for playing indoor soccer. Above the courts is a large loft area that will be sectioned to host 3-4 large classroom spaces for health and fitness classes. There will be a large lobby space that will house comfortable seating, concession stand and viewing areas for both parents and spectators.

28. Stop Government Assaults on Music

(To keep the petition short and concise we have posted our fully referenced, extended Preamble on our website )

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We are a group of Australian Residents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family Members, Organisers, Promoters, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists and Young People who are opposed to the alienation and marginalisation of youth in Australia, in the form of Government 'crackdowns' on music events.

The petition of the undersigned shows:

The current attack on Electronic Dance Music events (specifically) has caused community wide witch-hunts to shut down anything and everything that youth find even remotely entertaining or interesting - thus driving them further towards unfulfilling and deeply depressing lives where drugs and/or alcohol fill the void.

Fuelling community vexation, NSW Premier Mike Baird, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant and numerous Police Commanders and Commissioners have all repeatedly impressed on the public that the 'nature of the entertainment [EDM] is intrinsically linked to illicit drug use', commonly labelling EDM events as 'a breeding ground for wild behaviour, sexual assaults, violence and underage drinking' among other derogatory and Ad Hominem attacks.

As any loving family member well knows, consistent negative dialogue can only serve to CAUSE anger, resentment and mental health issues in young adults, as does reducing quality of life and choices of entertainment.

Additionally, Australians are being prevented from privacy and undisturbed use of their own homes and many tax-payers (promoters, organisers and venues) are loosing business and/or going bankrupt due to forced closures for no other reason than hosting dance parties for youth.

Hence, we beg the Honourable President and members of the Senate to recall, throughout history it has been proved time and again that assaults on entertainment and music are ineffective in addressing drug-culture. And to please also consider those who are being adversely affected, some to devastating degrees, by the current assault.

29. Save Sandwich Skate Park

The Sandwich Selectmen have voted to demolish the Sandwich Skate Park. While we understand their concerns about the park, we want to work together to find a solution.

This park is an important part of our community, especially since Sandwich does not have a lot of recreational areas for youth. The park is used by kids, teens and adults and we want to keep it!

30. No place to go : Let's stop the homeless youth epidemic

It is estimated that there are at least 10,000 homeless youth in Toronto during any given year and as many as 2,000 on a given night. This is an unseen epidemic that often goes under the radar.

Did you know that 30 percent of homeless youth have been involved in some form of the sex trade? That about half of street youth surveyed said they had stolen food and eaten food that had been thrown out. That 23 percent of the young women and 11 percent of the young men said they’d resort to trading sex for food. these youth have no voice, we need to be this voice for them.

We want to and need to change this. Please help us in signing this petition that will go directly to Toronto Mayor John Tory and his council.