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1. Instant loss of license for mobile phone use whilst driving - NSW

Currently NSW, and Australia as a whole, is seeing an increase in deaths on our roads and other minor crashes. A significant portion of these are caused by reckless individuals illegally using their mobile phones whilst driving.

Heavy penalties are already in place for individuals who use their mobile phones whilst driving, however there is not sufficient NSW Police Force resources to catch them all.

I believe an instant, on-the-spot, loss of license for anyone caught by NSW Police Force Officers, for 30 days should be applied to those individuals who are compelled to illegally use their mobile phones whilst driving.

I also believe people using dash cam footage or passengers in the vehicle should be able to capture evidence on individuals who illegally use their mobiles whilst driving and should have a platform to turn them in for the same aforementioned penalty - a 30 day loss of license. Great success was seen when a similar technique was applied to littering.

This petition may just save the life of your family or friends.

2. Wattpad Transparency and Objectivity With Users

As one of many users who have had their content removed from Wattpad, I recognize a trend happening on Wattpad that has happened to similarly failing companies like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. It is the censorship of opinions, facts, advocacy groups, influential individuals, based on extremely subjective and constantly changing Codes of Conduct, subject to the whims of the weakest and loudest users with no respect for individual freedoms. Most people affected by this trend have said very little, if not nothing at all, about how unfair and intolerant this situation is because they feel they have no voice once Wattpad administrators took it from them. However, their voice was not taken from them, and with the signing of this petition users will once again enjoy the freedom of expression that cannot be given or taken away by any corporate/public/private/political entity.

3. Banish alcohol time restriction

Guaranteed reduction of crime and homelessness if granted.

4. Removing graffiti in Essendon

Graffiti is very common making areas look ugly, scaring young children and ruining business for extremely low fines if caught. Graffiti is costing Australia $2.7 Billion a year. This is not on and is the reason for why we are pledging Danny Pearson to sign this petition.

5. Musicians fight for their royalties "Parliament please protect us"


A collective of concerned bodies under the umbrella of the “South African (SA) Copyright Alliance” have written to the parliamentary portfolio committee on trade and industry on the provisions in the proposed Copyright Amendment Bill that, they believe, undermine creators’ copyright.

The organisations – SAMRO, CAPASSO, DALRO, RiSA, SAMPRA, MASA and MPA SA – collectively represent most of the country’s music creators and publishers as well as book authors and publishers.

“While we welcome the DTI’s intent to modernise the copyright regime, as the SA Copyright Alliance we are concerned that certain provisions in the Bill, if passed into law, disadvantage the very creators the Bill aims to protect,” said Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) CEO Nothando Migogo.

She explained that the Copyright Amendment Bill suggests that users (e.g. broadcasters, digital music services) of copyright-protected material should enjoy the same privileges as the creators of that material.

“This would mean that a user is given the right to earn income, royalties, from material that is not theirs. This is in direct conflict with the basic principles of copyright law,” Migogo said. This would naturally dilute the revenue payable to creators in the music and literary industries, pushing them into further financial woes”.

Further, where the state or other organisation commissions a creator to create content, the Bill proposes that such commission triggers an automatic loss of copyright in that content – a proposal that will see composers and authors lose their existing right to earn royalties from SAMRO (performing rights revenue) and CAPASSO (mechanical rights revenue) when, for example, broadcasters use their work. This would also theoretically apply to filmmakers funded by the state, who would lose control of their work should they forfeit their copyright ownership.

Migogo said the SA Copyright Alliance’s final major concern is around the Bill’s insistence on significantly increasing and making blurry the instances where copyrighted material can be used, many times by large multinational organisations, without compensating, or even alerting, the copyright owner.

In the current version of the Act, a creator knows when her song or book can be used (by the media, a school etc) without compensating her for such use.

This Bill essentially says ‘well, you can use it for free as long as a court of law will find the use to be fair’ “

It introduces a very vague concept to the law that will force many songwriters and authors to approach the courts in attempt to protect their copyright. This vague concept of “fair use” is a direct import from the USA, a very litigious society where the court system works much faster than it does here in South Africa.

“It is confusing how we call for stronger systems (legislation and institutions) to work towards ensuring creators live better quality lives and are able to retire and pass on with dignity, yet our legislators are pushing laws that weaken the system that protects them.

How can it be the intention of the lawmaker to put academic writers of prescribed university books in the position where a university buys one copy of the book and makes free copies for its 2000 students, without compensating the author at all?”

Having written to the portfolio committee considering the Bill to articulate its concerns, she said that, “the SA Copyright Alliance is more than willing to engage the committee in a workshop in order to demonstrate how copyright underlies the basis of the music and literary industries”.

For more information, please contact 011 712 8505/8521 or email

6. Help us get authorization for the use of safety amber lights

The Howard Beach Citizens Safety Patrol is a official non-for-profit organization that works on quality of life issues and patrols our Howard Beach community. For three years we have been in contact with the NYPD expressing our need for safety amber lights, to protect the community and our members, we patrol in marked organizational patrol cars and assist all first responders in emergency situations. For example when assisting at a car accident, we need to secure the scene until emergency personnel arrive by using our amber safety lights. We have continuously been denied the use of our amber lights, by the NYPD, even though we have given ample examples of our assistance and meet all qualifications by law in their use.

7. Help Pass "The Internet Pornography Age Verification Act"

Help Pass The Internet Pornography Age Verification Act. Currently children have complete and unrestricted access to internet pornography. Parents and educators have the obligation to install filters to try and protect children from what they are seeing. But it is not working. It is about time that we hold these websites accountable for what children are accessing. Currently it is a felony for an adult to send a nude photo to a child via email or text. These websites are sending photos to millions of children, with no consequences. This is hurting our children and it needs to stop now! Promise Land Men's Ministries has figured out a way to almost completely eliminate access of internet pornography to children. We need your help to get this to Congress so they can create legislation.

8. Harsher Hit and Run Punishments

Indiana's hit and run punishments (leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death) need revised. Why are some of these charges not "involuntary manslaughter?" These incidents have risen by 100%. As it stands, these drivers who flee will only be sentenced with six months to 3 years in jail with a measly misdemeanor charge, and in a lot of cases they only serve half of their sentence. It is widely known that is illegal to leave an accident, especially when someone is hit and dies. If the charge was a felony with couple more years added to their sentencing, perhaps they'd try to stay and help their victims rather than fleeing and letting them die alone, on the side of the road. If only these drivers understood that families and law enforcement are so much more forgiving when you stay and take responsibility.

9. Abolish CRA resolution

The S.J. Resolution 34 would permit any legal entity to purchase the web browser history of citizens from internet service providers. The American Citizens value their privacy and find it incredibly unconstitutional that their government would find it ethical/legal for anyone to purchase their internet activity. What a United States citizen does online, on their own time, is no business of the government, or anyone willing to pay a premium.

Furthermore, We all have all used the internet to determine if we or our loved ones should receive medical attention depending on the symptoms they may be exhibiting; and we find it highly unethical that anyone should be able to access our medical questions. We believe that if this bill is passed, there will be serious conflicts with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (aka HIPAA), which guarantees individuals confidentiality in regards to their health care.

The CRA's resolution is UN-American. We Americans find privacy one of the cornerstones of our great nation and we would be incredibly disappointed (especially during the election cycle) if this bill is approved in the house.

10. John's Law

John was attacked 2.5yrs ago he sustained life changing injuries and waited 2.5 yrs to get justice. By the time it got to court his health had deteriorated so much that he was unable to give good evidence. two of his attackers were found not guilty and one guilty and the one who was found guilty was only sentenced to 2ys 9 mths. We would like the justice system to rethink their sentencing on such life changing injuries. John has said if the system changed its sentencing and made it stiffer then perhaps this would set a president and send out a message that the the uk is not a place to be messed with. Come on UK enough is enough lets get this sentencing sorted out once and for all and save someone else going through this ordeal.


"Nothing is an offence which does not amount to the infliction of... grievous hurt upon a person and which is done (d) by a husband for the purpose of correcting his wife."
-Section 55 (1) (d) of the Penal Code Act, Nigeria

At minimum, every fourth woman in Nigeria has experienced domestic violence.

Nigeria’s Penal Code allows this violence to be legal.

In Nigeria, domestic violence statistics are buried under layers of other data. Attempts to create and enforce laws to assist women suffering from domestic violence tend to be pushed away until they fade into the background. Rapes, acid attacks and fatal wife beatings still do not seem to be enough for people to recognize abuse and suppression of women and take action.

In a country where domestic violence towards women is still legal, full gender equality is a myth. Not only is physical violence socially acceptable towards women, but sexual, emotional and mental abuse are considered acceptable to ‘discipline’ a woman. Common forms of violence are rape, acid attacks, wife beating, and corporal punishment. When a woman is treated without respect like this, she begins to truly believe that she deserves to be treated like she is worthless.

We need to take action immediately to stop this abuse from being legally committed. In fact, this law is a violation of Nigeria’s own constitution. It is essential that we stand up to change these cruel views and actions towards women. By making domestic violence illegal, many citizens will realize how wrong domestic violence actually is. Women will be able to receive help and keep themselves safe from abusive spouses. Lives will be positively impacted, even saved. Help women stand up for themselves, and help stop domestic violence in Nigeria.

*Additionally, we found that these abusive problems were blamed on the country’s religion (ex. “Muslim-majority countries”, “Sikh population”, etc.) while in truth, religion is no excuse for these crimes and most of these religions are known for being very peaceful. The criminals are hiding behind their religion in a way, and religion is no excuse for beating your spouse.


12. Reinstate funding to the Canadian Environmental Network

The Canadian Environmental Network and its provincial affiliate networks need your help!

Historically, the Canadian Environmental Network and its provincial affiliate networks received annual core funding from the Government of Canada. This was used to facilitate networking on environmental issues across the country, coordinate national and provincial issue-based caucuses, coordinate ENGO participation in federal public consultation processes, and maintain open lines of communication between ENGOs and the federal government.

In 2011, as part of the across-the-board cuts to civil society organizations by the previous federal government, all federal funding to the RCEN and its provincial affiliate networks was cut. This left the national network and most of the affiliates with functioning primarily on a voluntary basis with limited capacity to do their work.

There is hope that the current government will provide for renewed funding in its upcoming budget. This funding is crucial for the survival of the national network and many of the provincial affiliate networks. A proposal has been submitted. It now needs strong and immediate support from environmental groups and individuals across the country.

This is where you come in!

Please take a minute to sign the petition to Prime Minister Trudeau, and call or write to your MP telling them why you value the RCEN, your provincial affiliate network, or environmental networking at the national level in general. Every MP's information is available on the website of Parliament at

Let’s show our federal politicians that a strong, well-connected grassroots environmental community is essential to a strong Canada!

13. Stop Fake Baba's Business

"When you stand for nothing, you fall for everything."

​Beautiful Infrastructure, amazing food, the most diverse culture, amazing clothing from malls to bazaars. We have everything in this beautiful nation even then we are called the land of myths!

Is this justifiable? After all the many things, our education facilities, most numbers of doctors and engineers come from India. The top managements of various countries come from India.

It's high time we need to ​Take a Stand​.

This must have happened a number of times that our parents have dragged us to some baba or religious guru saying let's go, and then starts the cycle of never ending money supply and the negativity around us doesn't end either. Let's ​Take a Stand ​to stop the income of all these baba's or guru's or whatever they call themselves. This practice is having in a lot of religions but hinduism is the winner of the race. (me, a hindu myself). My parents used to take me to this baba in Hoshiarpur. He doesn't do any special negative removal. But says he can cure diseases, can find lost things etc and all this not just face to face but over the phone too. As in u are suffering from malaria, typhoid or any other disease there is no need to go to any hospital just call him and the cure is there.

All i want India to do is support! Lets ​Take A Stand! ​The government of ​​India needs to pass a rule, a punishment for all these baba's. A lesson to be taught! These people not only loot the normal Indian citizens but also the government of India. All the lakhs and crores of Income that they get is always spent obviously on them and thanks to our law, "As per Indian Income Tax Act 1961, income of Charitable or religious trust is exempt from tax. ... Any donation made to such notified trust are allowed as deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act."

Lets Take A Stand!

14. Stop Child abuse before children are born

We need to have legislation to protect children being born to unfit families.

Parents need to go through a physical, psychological and financial assessment before being allowed to have children. This will dramatically reduce children being harmed in the wrong hands.

Children are our tomorrow!

So stop people having kids for welfare benefits to support their drug addiction and stop unfit parents abusing children.

15. Resentencing of a Juvenile Life Without Parole

I am writing a petition in regards of my son Donald Williams. He was sentenced under the juvenile lifer law at the age of 16.

My son was charged with 1st degree murder, even though his co-defendant admitted to shooting and killing the victim. The case revolved around the delivery of drugs.

His co-defendant broke his silence before being sentenced and stated: "Mr. Williams had no knowledge of my plans". In addition to the statement my son Donald was also offered a plea deal to serve 6 years. Due to his innocence, he declined the offer because he had no involvement in this matter. In light of this Donald was a High School student with a G.P.A of 3.0 looking towards a bright future.

I believe it was not possible for Donald to receive a fair trial 23 years ago in (1993)... because, first my son is of the Afro-American race, the victim being Caucasian and the son of a Macomb County police officer. The case was widely publicized with my son being a juvenile being tried as an adult for just being guilty by association. He be-friend his co-defendant for only two days, which led him into making an unwise decision! It is also quite evident that my son had poor since of judgment in picking his friends. Nonetheless, he took time to personally apologize to the victim's family.

Additionally, I know I still have a difficult battle to fight. He has now served twenty three years, and fighting for parole. I feel that Donald deserves to be given the opportunity to return to the community. By signing my petition, you will shined light for Mr. Williams, and those who are in similar situations JUVENILE LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration of signing my petition!

Yours Sincerely,
a Mother's Tears


16. Stop cross-border harassment and prosecute offshore harassers

Being harassed by a person who is living in a different country than you means that you just have to live with it.

This petition is to help change the law and get the person who is harassing you or someone close to you to face justice, no matter where they are.

17. Fix Florida's Law to stop Police Corruption

To fix the corruption in the police force and stop abuse.

To stop corruption there should be more support for putting cameras on police cars and the officer, deeper investigations that look at any incident from all angles, and a stronger regulations and punishment for convicted officers.

18. Equal rights for all Greek citizens

Οι Έλληνες ζητούν ισότητα ενώπιον του νόμου. Το Μ.Ε.Σ.Α. ("Μαζι Εναντια Στην Αδικια", βλ. ιστοσελιδα) συντάσσεται και ως εκ τούτου απαιτεί μαζί τους, να αρθεί η ασυλία των μελών της κυβέρνησης και κατ’ επέκταση να καταργηθεί το άρθρο 86 του Συντάγματος.

According to art. 1 of the Greek constitution, all governmental powers come from the people and exist because of the people. Art. 4 of the Greek constitution specifically states that all Greeks have the same rights, and art 120 states that the enforcement of the Greek constitution is at the end in the hands of the people.

Nonetheless, art 86 of the Greek constitution states that the members of the Greek government, if and when they commit a crime, can only be accused after a petition of at least 30 parliament members (i.e. members of the Greek government). This is not the case for the average Greek (i.e. you are not only to be accused after a petition from 30 of your family members).

Thus, the existence of art. 86 is a monstrosity and also is in direct violation of the aforementioned articles.


Way too many recent suicides (one is enough) as a result of relentless bullying, has prompted us to take further action. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

Therefore, Don't Bully are petitioning the Australian Government for harsher and more serious penalties for the BULLIES who TAKE A LIFE, through continual intimidation, harassment and Bullying in all it's forms.

We are asking for Accountability and Responsibility for the Bullies actions through penalties which are serious enough to be a deterrent for their unacceptable behaviour towards others.

*** We need OVER 250,000 Signatures *** So we are taken Seriously. When we receive over 250,000 signatures we will personally take this petition to parliament wearing our Don't Bully Gear ! HELP US TO SAVE A LIFE NOW - If not you? Then Who?


ISIS Stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the goal is to have complete 100% sharia law in every country it infiltrates, world wide. By not standing up for our way of life and allowing sharia law in Australia or any western country, the war in Syria is completely hypocritical as we are then partially allowing the very thing we despise and fight against to flourish at home. We do nothing to prevent sharia law out of fear we are not being politically correct and this needs to change.

While Shari’a already has a foot in our door in the matter of minor disputes like inheritance and domestic violence, it should concern you that Shari’a:

• Commands that drinkers and gamblers should be whipped;
• Allows husbands to hit their wives;
• Allows an injured plaintiff to exact legal revenge – literally an eye for an eye;
• Commands that a thief must have a hand cut off;
• Commands that homosexuals must be executed;
• Orders unmarried fornicators to be whipped and adulterers to be stoned to death;
• Orders death for both Muslim and non-Muslim critics of Mohammad, the Qur’an and even Shari’a itself;
• Orders apostates to be killed;
• Commands offensive, aggressive and unjust Jihad.

As written in the Qur’an, Shari’a is the law of Allah. Any other form of government is a sin. It is the duty of every Muslim to keep striving until all governments have been converted to Shari’a law.

The video below explains what we are dealing with it in more detail

21. Keep My Husband Guy In Australia

I met my now husband Guy in 2010. He had already applied for Australian Residency after completing a $20000 Tafe Course on a student Visa supported by his immediate family, who are all Australian Citizens.

All was well till a glitch in process ruined all our plans for the future. He only received an email letting him know he was an illegal immigrant in 2012. Our world was falling apart, my mother who had been battling cancer since 2010 had to have another operation and my Aunty who was a huge part life was diagnosed with terminal cancer. All the while Guy and I had 3 teenagers (my beautiful children) to try and keep going. Guy was there for me. We were allowed to put in another application and were given options that would could quite possibly been approved but would have involved him having to leave my side. We chose the partner option and have had it refused.

I truly believe it was our age difference that has swayed the decision. Our Appeal goes to the Migration Review Tribunal on the 26th of Oct and I am pleading for SIGNATURES to add to our evidence

22. Abolish Parental Alienation In Australia

We are a group of loving Parents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents & family members of children who cannot stand by any more seeing innocent children being deliberately alienated from their family.

Parents who try to alienate their child from his or her other parent convey a three-part message to the child:

(1) I am the only parent who loves you and you need me to feel good about yourself;

(2) the other parent is dangerous and unavailable,

(3) pursuing a relationship with that parent jeopardises your relationship with me. In essence the child receives the message that s/he is worthless and unloved and only of value for meeting the needs of others.

Research with “adult children” of parental alienation syndrome (that is, adults who believe that when they were children one parent turned them against the other parent) confirms that being exposed to parental alienation represents a form of emotional abuse.

Furthermore, these adults reported that when they succumbed to the pressure and rejected one parent to please the other, the experience was associated with several negative long-term effects including depression, drug abuse, divorce, low self-esteem, problems with trusting, and alienation from their own children when they became parents themselves. In this way the cycle of parental alienation was carried forward through the generations.

Thus, parental alienation is a form of emotional abuse that damages the child’s self esteem in the short run and is associated with life-long damage.

23. "FREEMEE" give convicted felons a real 2nd chance

Employment rights
Many private employers will conduct background checks and choose not to hire felons. They are allowed to discriminate in this way, but it is not a requirement. However, certain public positions bar felons from taking employment. These include employment with the U.S. Armed Forces, law enforcement agencies, teachers, child care professionals and many jobs that require a professional license.

Renting Rights
2. I recently applied for a apartment and was rejected. The reason they gave me was stated in one word: criminal. I have a felony conviction almost 10 years old. Is this a form of discrimination?

24. Rhode Island: Stop the Proposed Ban on Fireworks in Rhode Island

Back in 2010, fireworks were legalized in Rhode Island. They created countless jobs and boosted the economy, which was tanking beforehand. They generated revenue, including tax money from outside of the state, since neighboring states do not have fireworks ordo not have as vast a variety of fireworks as are in Rhode Island. Patriotic Americans were able to celebrate our country's independence with a national pastime.

But now, Corvese has introduced a bill which would overturn the law and make everything illegal once again. He claims he wants to create jobs, but yet, he continues to push H5187, which would demolish a vast market opportunity, demolishing hundreds or even thousands of well-paying and desperately needed jobs. Furthermore, it would decrease tax revenue to the state, making the burden on taxpayers unbearable, as the weight would be shifted to the working class within the state.

Even worse, safety was never an issue brought up by Corvese. His only lame excuse was that he had a petition of a mere 105 residents, complaining that their dogs were whining. Is this cause enough to destroy our state? Stop this insane proposed bill now! Visit for more information.

25. Anti Bullying Law Review! Stop Encouraging Bullies!

Please help stop bullying. Sign the petition!

26. Support No Statute of Limitations for Criminal 1st Degree Sexual Conduct in Michigan

Currently in the state of Michigan there is NOT a statute of limitations on 1st degree criminal sexual conduct UNLESS the abuse or attack took place before the year 2000. If the law recognizes NO limits then that's exactly what it should mean.

So at this time if a sexual abuse/attack took place before the year 2000 the offenders can not be prosecuted even with a written confession.

A survivor should be able to choose when to come forward during the healing process if they choose to prosecute in a year or 30 years from now.

27. Stop Injustice and Unfairness in Taxation Law! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!


The CRA Causes More Bankruptcies than anything else in Canada!

Every day in Canada people are subject to a unfair rules of Law that can Destroy them and their family's! And it is Responsible for Homelessness', Suicides , immeasurable Pain & Suffering ! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!

Revenue Canada, uses the 90 Day Rule to reply to a reassessment. The Rule is if you where sent a assessment it is classified as received regardless to the facts of if you actually received the Documents! And the Time Starts from the Day Revenue Canada sends Notice .

This puts thousands and thousands of Canadians at a serious disadvantage! The CRA Knows this!

After 90 days, you cannot Appeal to the Federal Tax Court and have your Day in Court because of the 90 Day rule! Countless Canadians have Appeals Denied because Parliament has Not protected Canadians Charter of Rights and Freedom's!

Revenue Canada use's this totally unjust and unfair Law every day against Canadians to extort people for Taxes even if they don't owe any money .

Then Revenue Canada issues a R T P, or Requirement To Pay And can and will take Everything you have!

Your Bank accounts, Cars, Home, Farm, RRSPs, Everything! Even if you can prove beyond Any Doubt you do NOT owe $ and CRA Auditors Failed in Duty of Care! your Life is completely Ruined by a Bad Audit and there is NO Protection By Law!

This a huge Collateral Attack on thousands of people who can least afford it , and there are currently thousands of Canadians having their lives Destroyed! It is complete disregard to Due Process and Justice to put people at a complete disadvantage in protecting their Rights and Freedom's! Total Injustice!

All the people in Canada are subject to this and Parliament should be strongly Petitioned to stop this financial attack by Revenue Canada on Thousands of Canadians!

28. Give UK citizens the same rights as Europeans to bring their family in to the UK

Please give UK citizens the same rights as Europeans to bring their family in to the UK.

Most British citizens do not realise that they do not have the same immigration rights (in returning to the UK with a family) as European citizens. Thousands of British people are either forced to leave the UK or prevented from being with their family due to much more stringent rules on families of British citizens.

British Immigration Law explicitly declares British people to be non-European, and thus not protected by European law. A European can enter the UK with a partner (from anywhere in the world) if they have lived with them in Europe for 2 years i.e. durable relationship.

A British citizen has much stricter conditions: (i) minimum income £18.6k (more if they have children) (ii) must be married (iii) must speak English. None of these conditions apply to European citizens entering the UK with partner and/or family.

Thousands of British citizens are either denied their human right to a family life, or forced to leave their own country. The income requirements and the marriage requirements cause particular problems (e.g. inability to get a divorce under foreign laws, and thus impossible to remarry - forever preventing the British citizen from returning).

Please give British people returning to the UK equal rights to Europeans entering the UK and prevent this terrible injustice. This will reunite thousands of families who have been divided for years by an inequitable and unjust law.

29. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds

As it stands the Sexual Offences Act considers consensual sex below the age of 16 to be an offence. The Amendment to the Sexual Offences Act seeks to reduce this age to 12.We consider this amendment to be absurd for the following reasons:

1. Psychologically under 16’s are not mature enough to make sexual decisions or understand the consequences thereof.

2. It exposes under 16’s to the risks of HIV/Aids and other STDs, prostitutions, statutory rape, abortion and child pornography.

3. It places an unfair burden on parents by taking away their rights to restrain their children from sexual activity. Children will be free to make their own decisions regarding sex.

4. School communities will become platforms for sexual activity for learners. Education staff will be unable to contend with sexually unruly and chaotic learners.

5. It will lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies. School drop-out will increase and unemployment and other socio-economic problems in the country will soar.

6. It violates the Child Protection Act because it will be “exposing or subjecting a child to behaviour that may harm the child psychologically or emotionally”.

7. It will encourage the growth of child pornography as an industry and other crimes in South Africa. International black-market demands will be made on SA since sex with under 16’s is illegal in other nations.

8. It will permit under 16’s to undertake abortions without the presence of parents or adult guardians.

Other nations, including the United States, do not promulgate consensual sex for under 16’s. If this amendment is successful it will make South Africa the most liberal nations in the world with regard to the age of sexual consent!

The authority to decide the destiny of minor children should lie with their parents/ guardians. As responsible citizens of South Africa we must prevent laws that expose our children to harm. The rights of our children are cannot be violated. The rights of children must be secured at all costs.

As parents, guardians and responsible citizens I sign this petition and thereby express my disapproval of the amendment to give under 16’s consent to engage in sexual activity.

30. Round The Clock Child Care

In recent studies it has been shown that although there are many childcare providers only a few offer non-standard hour childcare. Now the growing demand of a service-based economy have eaten-away the traditional am-pm, Monday-Friday working week.

Large proportions of the labor force now have to be available beyond the old work pattern. New work patterns such as round the clock work, shift work, and extended hours are now found everywhere,in shops in hospitals, care homes, post offices, warehouses and factories, just to name a few.

In addition to changing working patterns, increasing parental employment and changes in cultural and social attitudes highlight the issues of work-life balance, bringing increasing demand for non-standard hours childcare provisions to the fore.

at the heart of this new workforce:61% of working families contain parents employed outside regular 9-5 hours (DFEE2000),managing shifts,and working during early mornings,evenings, nights, and weekends.A study by the Daycare Trust (2000) also suggests 34% of working families contain a parent who worked long hours, and 22% of working families contain a parent who worked shifts. So the need for non-standard hour childcare is great.

What exactly are our politicians doing for the community? No, this does not include holding up a can of peas smiling ear to ear for the news team photographer on how they donated lots of can goods!

Many families would rather work for their food than collect food-stamps contrary to popular opinion. When needs aren't realized,that is a failure on our leaders part for not asking the right questions. When needs are brought to our leaders attentions, that not only must be addressed,but goes ignored,that is OPPRESSION of the people by our leaders!