United States Secretary of Education
United States of America

Society today is weakened by the lack of gender roles. We must start teaching our children these roles. We must show girls that a woman's main role is keeper at home--a homemaker, and the man is the breadwinner.

I am calling for three things:

1. Universal Home Economics class--as a required course for high school and middle school for girls.
2. More strict dress codes at school--Thighs must be covered, and girls must wear skirts or dresses.
3. Gender-segregated physical education classes--to preserve the modesty of our children.

These things need to happen. We must create a strong future for America. We must reinstate these gender roles to make sure America does not continue to fail.

We, the undersigned, demand that the government board of education instate stricter rules for education. These rules include:

1. Home economics as a required course for all 7-12th grade girls. The classes become increasingly more challenging and cover the basics of keeping a house, including, but not limited to, cleaning, cooking, and child care.
2. More strict dress codes from Preschool through public college. The dress codes would require that all girls wear skirts, dresses, or jumpers (Culliottes are also acceptable for Physical Education), and that the thighs be covered up to the knee at all times.
3. Gender segregated Physical Education classes. These classes must be taught by a teacher of the same sex as the class. Dress code rules will not be alleviated. Girls are not required to play football, soccer, or any other contact sport, or with boys.

These things we demand for the betterment of our children.

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