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1. Changing The New Logbook Laws

We need to try to change the law that took effect as of 1st July 2007. The new law states that anyone who renewed they're learner license or applied for it on or after 1st July 2007 has to complete 100 hours logbooked!

Changes for Queensland learner licence holders aged
under 25 years of age from 1 July 2007 include:

• lowering the minimum age of obtaining a learner
licence to 16 but lengthening the requirement to
hold a learner licence to 12 months. Learner
licences are now valid for 3 years.

• gaining 100 hours of supervised on-road driving
experience recorded and certified in a logbook,
including 10 hours of night driving experience.

The worst thing is you are exempt from this if you were 25 or over as of july 1st 2007. Every year after this date the age of exemption increases. eg:
-2008 is 26 years and over
-2009 is 27 years and over
so on and so forth.

The Government stuffed up. Had they actually thought this through properly, they would have realised it would be wise to make it as follows:

This law effects anyone who applies for their learners as of the 1st of July 2007 and people who already had their learners license at the time of this law coming into affect is exempt.

2. Substitute teachers should make at least 1/2 as much as regular teachers

Hi, I am a substitute teacher and am really enjoying what I do. However, I can’t help but feel that the job is seriously underpaid. I currently make between $70 - $80 dollars a day depending on the School District that I substitute for. I have some figures (they are only approximations).

Amount of education required for a Michigan teacher: 6 years

Average pay for a Michigan teacher: $56,000 a year.

Amount of education required for a Michigan substitute teacher: 4 years

Average yearly pay for a Michigan substitute teacher: $14,000

Lets say that a substitute teacher has roughly half the responsibilities of a real teacher. I think that is a fair assumption. A substitute does not have to grade papers or make up lesson plans (only teach them). So a substitute does not take their job home with them. A substitute is only working during school hours.

So a substitute has 2/3 the education of a real teacher, 1/2 the responsibility of a teacher
but gets paid less than 1/4 the pay of a real teacher? I personally think a substitute teacher is worth at least half of a real teacher. It’s no small wonder that there is a shortage of substitute teachers. The education to pay ratio for a substitute teacher has got to be the smallest of any job in this country.

I personally believe that every school district in Michigan (and this country) should be required to take the average of their teacher's salaries including benefits and then pay their substitute teachers exactly half that amount.

3. Voter approval required on all raises for the members of the Alabama State LEGISLATURE

WE demand that 70% of VOTER approval is required to enact ANY raises for the members of the Alabama State LEGISLATURE or ANY governing body in ALABAMA.

4. Foreign Language Courses in Corning-Painted Post School District

For years, only two foreign languages have been obtainable at the Corning-Painted Post School District, while in other districts in New York, as many as four may be offered. This is much to the dissent of the student populace.

Because of this, many of the students, only being able to choose French and Spanish, never get the chance to take a language they want so they quickly lose interest in it all together and many drop out after taking the Proficiency Exam that is required by New York State.

If a student were offered a language they would like, instead of being required to pick between two they do not like at all, they are more likely to stay in the class and therefore would have a higher chance of staying in the class and would lead to better understand among the younger generation of the United States and the world.

5. Stop government pension to suspected child killer

In 1969 an Ordinary Seaman serving in the Royal Australian Navy was arrested and charged with the mutilation and Murder of 12 year old victorian girl Yvonne Tuohy at Western Port Beach.

This Ordinary Seaman's name is Derek Percy. He is also suspected of several other mutilation murders of young children. At his trial the jury found that he was unfit to stand trial due to insanity.

Percy has been in Jail at the Governors pleasure since. He recently revealed that he had amassed over $177,000.00 due to receipt of a pension of $200.00 per fortnight paid to him by the Australian Government.

Request that the Department of Veterans Affairs review this pension entitlement with a view to having it stopped and recovering any monies already paid.

6. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

For more information visit

7. Clemency For Stray Dogs and Cats

July 31, 2006

It is hereby requested for the immediate consideration of the future of stray dogs and cats.

With stray dogs and cats' complete concern and welfare considered it is hereby requested for the state of Missouri to mandate for ALL person(s) to be required to be responsible for their pet(s). This to be accomplished by the following:

(1) To list on yearly personal property in each county the total number of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens. For each dog, puppy, cat, kitten spayed/neutered, personal property tax WILL BE EXEMPT. Each dog, puppy, cat, kitten NOT spayed/neutered will be assessed personal property tax of 5 per cent of total personal property.

NOTE: This tax will be placed in a special fund to be used by city pounds/county shelters/humane societies to spay/neuter their strays.

END RESULT - Future strays will not be born to end up alongside country roads to die or to breed with other strays. City Pounds, shelters/humane societies will not be overrun with these unwanted strays.


June 20, 2006

Bio Corporation, located in Alexandria, Minn., provides educators with "dissection models" which include cats, skinned cats, pregnant cats, mink, rabbits, fetal pigs, and a lot of other animals - some of them are even alive!!

Have a look for yourself:
Tell Bio Corp. that animal cruelty is NOT required for a student to learn - and that there are other more humane, more accurate, and more cost-efficient dissection alternatives availible to educate students.

9. Revoke New Rules for Overseas Doctors in UK

Update: June 6, 2006

The online petition helped our protest movement a lot and attracted lots of attention. More than 5000 people signed the petition and it was submitted to the Department of Health. We are still awaiting the final result of our protest movement.

March 19, 2006

This petition has been started by Overseas Doctors Working in UK to appeal against the new unjust rules imposed on them by the United Kingdom authorities.

This online petition will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Health by April 15th, 2006 and complements the peaceful protest march scheduled to be held by overseas doctors in London as well as the paper petition being collected by various overseas doctors associations.

Ever since the inception of the National Health Service in UK, Overseas Doctors/ International Medical Graduates (IMGS) have contributed to it by their hard work and dedication. They filled a hard felt need for skilled doctors to provide the British public with quality health care. They came here as they were promised quality training and Equal Opportunities in job selection.

Now, the UK government has introduced new regulations effective from July 2006, which has effectively curtailed all training arrangements for overseas doctors in one go. Instead of Permit Free training, they will be required to have work permit for any post they apply.

Also, employers will have the right to preferentially employ UK/EU graduates in favour of non-EU doctors, irrespective of skills or qualification and irrespective of visa status. This effectively ends the Equal Opportunities policy and favours discrimination.

This policy was announced without any consultation or grace period and has left thousands of IMGs high and dry. While some form of manpower planning was definitely required in view of the job crisis facing junior doctors, the precipitate manner in which this has been done is highly objectionable. The implications are far reaching. These include:

·New doctors who have invested time and money to come to UK, believing the promise of Equal Opportunities find that their career is ruined.

·For those already here, they will have to stop their training here halfway and go out of UK or try for non-training posts, with no career progression.

·Those who are finishing their training will find that all their training and qualifications do not matter in job selection and they will never use their hard earned skills at Consultant level.

This petition is addressed to Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health requesting her to give this matter her urgent attention.

We request Ms. Hewitt to make an urgent solution to the immense disruption to career, personal and family life which overseas doctors are facing as a result of these new rules. Many of these doctors have been working hard in the NHS and serving the British public for several years.

This petition appeals to the good sense of the authorities to :

·Repeal these unjust rules.
·Reintroduce the Equal Opportunities Policy in medical job selection and end discrimination based on country of origin.
·Start a process of consultation for finalising a consensus.

10. Stop SUNY Stony Brook's administration from favoring student athletes

As a freshman at SUNY Stony Brook, every student is required to take and pass a 101 level course within their undergraduate college. Also, during their second semester freshman are required to take a 102 level course within their undergraduate college. It has come to my attention that student athletes are not being required to take the 102 level courses. Such discrimination is appalling, especially when it is occurring at an institution that prides itself on academic excellence.

The argument for the exemption is that athletes have more duties outside the class room than the average student. This claim ignores the fact that athletes choose to take on those responsibilities. It also ignores the fact that all students have duties outside the class room. Unless the administration intends to review every student's additional obligations and determine on a case by case basis whether a student should be required to meet the 102 course requirement they can not stand by this exaggerated claim.

I am asking that you help change this policy, simply by signing the following petition. Either the 102 level courses should be made optional to all students or student athletes should be required to meet the same standards as the rest of us.

Keep in mind; more great accomplishments in history have been achieved through strength of mind than have been accomplished through strength of muscle.

11. The Miki Bill

In February of 2004 one of my dearest friends' daughter, Mikiala Martinez, was kidnapped from the streets of our hometown, Great Bend, Kansas. Mikiala was then taken to rural Barton County, where these 2 men admittedly beat, shot her and hid her body. Since this heinous crime against this mother of two, James Martinez (Mikis father) and I have been attempting to pass a new Kansas Law that will help us as the public to protect ourselves against these violent offenders.

We are very fortunate to have Representatives John Edmonds and Bob Bethel guiding us through the State House. We feel only military, law enforcement and legislators alike are bestowed with the authority, the ability and have undertaken the duty to protect. Other than this we must protect ourselves.

Public notification regarding the potential risk that accompanies these such violent offenders has been highly understated. Statistics prove the majority of these violent offenders violate parole, there for they violate another innocent being. Noone can protect themselves, their homes or their loved ones from potential danger if they are unaware of its presence.

We feel we have THE RIGHT TO KNOW when such violent offenders are released in our community and we hope you agree. There are several ways you can show your support: one short phone call, email or send postal mail to your state representatives, senators, governor, local law enforcement or even email to us, /

Or if you would like give James a call at 620-617-3421. We are grateful for any support any of you find the time to give.

God Bless Mikiala

12. Standardize Home School Regulation

Currently, home schooling is a state regulated system, the problem is states range from virtually no oversight to the education home schooled children receive to overregulation where parents have numerous beauracracy hoops to jump through just for them to ensure their child receives the education they desire for their children.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics 31% of homeschooled parents noted their reasons for doing so because of concern about the school environment, another 30% because they wanted their children to have religious or moral instruction. Parents who are committed to their children's education should be allowed to do so without being overwhelmed with forms and imposition.

I have put together a plan after researching the opinions of numerous homeschool parents, government concerns, opposition to homeschooling. From that I devised a plan that would seem to satisfy all concerns. Please sign the petition so children can all be guaranteed an education that adequately prepares them for the future.

My proposal is as follows:
Parents are required to submit an individualized home instruction plan or IHIP.
1. Included in the IHIP must be a list of courses to be taught.
2. The materials that will be used to conduct instruction.
3. The intended knowledge the child will gain through each course.
B. Parents are also required to submit quarterly portfolios to their school district. The portfolio should include
1. The course work completed by the child.
2. And a schedule documenting dates and times instruction was conducted.
C. Children must be exposed to a diversity of lifestyles.
1. In other words, a child should be allowed to make an informed decision about the type of lifestyle they choose. Children should not be mere extensions of their parents.
2. Children shall learn civic education.
a. Children should have knowledge of the rights entitled to them as a citizen of the United States.
b. Have a general knowledge of how policy comes about.
c. Conduct lessons in tolerance of different cultures etc.
D. Concessions for home schooling families. Parents are granted the opportunity to have access to public school textbooks, libraries, career counseling, purchasing power of the district, online courses, and extracurricular activities.

13. Politician 40 Hour work week

Politicians should be require to work in office a minimum 40 hour work week like every other American. In addition to the responsibility to the United States, they should be required to do their duties, such as voting on issues, signing laws, and have the time they are spending in the Captial Accounted for.

14. Protect Society--Teach gender roles at school!

Society today is weakened by the lack of gender roles. We must start teaching our children these roles. We must show girls that a woman's main role is keeper at home--a homemaker, and the man is the breadwinner.

I am calling for three things:

1. Universal Home Economics class--as a required course for high school and middle school for girls.
2. More strict dress codes at school--Thighs must be covered, and girls must wear skirts or dresses.
3. Gender-segregated physical education classes--to preserve the modesty of our children.

These things need to happen. We must create a strong future for America. We must reinstate these gender roles to make sure America does not continue to fail.

15. Raise Required Gas Milage on Cars

I Adam J. Smith am only 14. I care about current events and what is going on in the world. I just watched an Earth Day video stating that the required gas milage on a car is only 20 miles per-gallon. We have the technoligy to create cars that get 100 miles per gallon but we only average 27.4 miles.

If we could just raise the minimum requirement of milage per gallon we can stop using a lot of foreign fuel. We could save 1/4 of what we spend on gas if car companys would only raise the milage to 40 gallons per mile.

16. Yes to Safe Haven Laws

Safe Haven Laws were enacted to stop parents who have concealed their pregnancies from giving birth alone and from discarding the newborn in a dumpster or other dangerous place. There are many names for Safe Haven including Safe Place, Baby Moses Law, Safe Arms for Newborns, Safe Delivery, etc. The children who are abandoned have no way of learning their history when the parent drops them off as they are not required to leave their name or history. If you agree or disagree with this law, leave your name and comments on this difficult issue.

17. Objection to the Board of Directors, Galleon Condominium, regarding shutter ruling

The unit owners of the Galleon Condominium Apts. located at 4100 Galt Ocean Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida object to the Board of Directors passing a ruling that all unit owners are required to attached Hurricane Shutters to their units.

18. Save S.A.D.I. (Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc.)

Stroke And Disability Information (Hunter) Inc., known as S.A.D.I., originally commenced in 1988 as an advocacy and information service to strokees and their families and was then called Stroke Recovery Hunter Outreach Centre. Acceptance of a government grant required that we drop the Stroke Recovery from our name and include all disabilities. The funding allows us to employ one full-time Coordinator and one part-time Clerical Assistant. The Management Committee is a body of volunteers and we have 2 - 3 volunteers who work in the office as well as a small number of volunteers who work in the community organising localised Stroke Recovery Clubs. Our aim is to provide help and support to ALL people with disabilities, their carers and families, especially strokees. We currently have a clientele of 2000 individuals. Funding is in the order of $55,000/year. Our funding body, Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care in conjunction with Home and Community Care, is now planning to withdraw funding.

19. Give back our band name! Another Splint is not required !!

Splint have been called Splint since 1998. They have registered the name and copyrighted songs under that name. We have recently been informed that the band Strawhorse have changed their name over to Splint. This petition is to give us the right to have our name back.

20. Choice of Math Courses at Alberta Learning

Students are required to take a 30 level Math course to recieve a diploma. However, the requirement for Science courses is only 15 credits. After completing a 10 level Science course, students may choose to focus their education on physics, chemistry, or biology. This should be the same for Math. The curriculum contains so many formulas and calculations that the only reason someone would be required to know ALL of this is if they became a math teacher. Math courses should be seperated into smaller sectors or categories so that a student may enroll in the course that best fits their career plans. For example, a student aspiring to be a writer would not be required to learn the equations needed to become an engineer. Rather, they could take one of these specific category math courses (a basic math course for example that will teach only things to get you by in life) and be able to focus on their english or social social studies courses.

Many people go on to forget or not apply most of these teachings, unless their career choice involves math. Even still, those that require math for their careers only require knowledge of certain portions of the teachings, hardly ever all portions.

21. Stop requiring swim class for graduation at Burrell High School

A student attending Burrell High School, in Lower Burrell, PA, is required to attend and pass four semesters of "Swimming" for graduation. The class is designed to teach students several swimming techniques, strokes, and styles, as well as touch on survival information. The class presents this information well, but most students either already have this knowledge, or do not wish to learn to swim; as they would have taken it upon themselves to do it. Furthermore, the same material is presented over and over-again in each class, taken once per-year, and the final exam required to pass is nothing more than swimming lengths for an entire class, 24 for seniors. It is my personal opinion that this class should become an elective, and not a requirement for graduation; or at minimum, lower the requirement down to a single semester.

22. Hear Our Voices: FMS, CFS, CFIDS, CMPS, MCS

For those of us who live with these invisible illnesses (Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Chronic Myofascial Pain and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) this Petition is for you.

It is our hope that together we can make a difference in the education of the medical personnel; not only that these illnesses will be required teaching in their schools but also that courses are made available for current physicians and nurses in their Continued Education Requirements.

The medical community needs to know what these illnesses are, to realize they are very real and not just waste basket diagnoses or all in our heads. It's time for us to step up to the plate and demand that our voices be heard.

23. Save the Heart Unit at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Tony Clement has decided to close the Heart Unit at CHEO. All children requiring heart surgery, oxygen in their blood, or specialized bypasses will be required to go to Toronto.

Many children are not able to travel to Toronto, with the closure of the Children's Hospital of Western Ontario last year, all of Ontario's children requiring heart sugeries will be required to travel to Toronto. Many children do not have the time left to travel to Toronto and will die on the way. Keeping the Heart Unit in Ottawa will save many lives.

24. Stop Cruel Horse Slaughter

Each year, around 100,000 horses are exported from Central and Eastern Europe for slaughter in Italy, France and Belgium in what can fairly be described as one of the cruelest and least regulated aspects of Europe's live animal trade.

Poland is the biggest exporter of live horses for slaughter in Europe. Ten years ago there were one million horses in Poland but that number has now been reduced to 500,000. Nevertheless, each year, 87,000 leave Poland to be slaughtered for meat. 90 per cent go to Italy and 10 per cent to France and Belgium. Horses endure horrendously long journeys. One of the furthest destinations is Sardinia, a journey of 2500km (1500 miles) which may take as long as 95 hours. Roads are often extremely pot-holed and drivers usually travel too fast.

Where do the horses come from?

Horses of all shapes and sizes are sold for slaughter but the majority are heavy working horses, chestnut in colour and gentle in nature. Most horses are owned privately. There are also many racehorses and riding school horses. Often horses come from Lithuania and as far as Russia through Poland and on to Italy. Many horses are old, diseased, injured and even blind and because of the high demand, even fit and healthy horses, and youngsters are sold. Foals are thought to be a 'health food' so are highly sought after.

Who owns the trade?

The major registered horse traders in Poland are: Animex SA Warsaw (Owned by Smithfields Foods USA) and Cosmos Czestochowa. The average price a horse fetches is £250.

Why Polish horses?

Consumers in Italy demand vast amounts of horsemeat - thousands of tonnes. Italy's terrain is unsuitable for horses as much of it is mountainous. Polish horses pay the price as they are relatively cheap to buy and laws and regulations are easily broken. Polish drivers are told not to water their horses. Italians demand 'unsaturated meat' so drivers are told that watering the horses will give them colic. This has no scientific reasoning and is a complete fallacy. There is clearly no consideration for the welfare of the horses.

The Journey

The dangers the horses face include overcrowding, which can result in them falling and being trampled on. These dangers increase as the journey progresses because of the practice of loading additional horses en route through Poland.

There is a notorious lack of veterinary inspection, so by the time the horses reach the Czech border, they are often ill or injured. It is supposedly illegal to transport diseased or injured animals from Poland and these horses should be off loaded. Viva!'s investigation reveals however, that sick and injured horses are being transported and rest periods are being ignored. After just a three hour break - rather than 24 hours required by law - horses are reloaded onto the lorries to continue their last journey regardless of their condition.

From Cieszyn, the horses are trucked all the way to Slovenia through the Czech Republic and then onwards through Slovakia and Hungary. This circuitous route is to avoid the stricter veterinary controls presently in force in Austria. Although common this practice is illegal and prolongs the travelling time for many hours. The swaying trucks make it difficult for the horses to remain upright, especially when they are tightly tethered to the vehicle bars. This is carried out to stop them biting each other and is prohibited by law.

Often horses lose their balance inside the lorry and fall. Once down, they are likely to be trampled and wounded by their companions. For injured horses and smaller ponies and foals, this combination of overcrowding and lack of segregation by size can be deadly. Downed horses may be unable to rise again, resulting in their struggling desperately to regain their feet, being urinated and defecated on and stood on, often trampled to death.

Upon arrival at staging points, fallen horses are either dragged off the truck with chains or are subjected to violent treatment to induce them to stand. This can involve brutal kickings, beatings with heavy sticks or having an electric cattle prod inserted into their rectum. By the time horses reach Hungary, just half way through their journey, most are injured, exhausted and dehydrated. Some are already dying or dead.

Horses enter the EU at Goriozia in Northern Italy, on the Slovenian border, by which time increasing numbers are in an advanced stage of physical and mental deterioration or dead. Many still face long journeys - on to the west coast of Italy and onwards by ferry to Sardinia.

At the slaughterhouse

Arriving at the abattoir, horses are again brutally treated, driven are dragged into the killing factory. The normal process of slaughter is stunning - required by law - followed by throat cutting. The method of stunning is the captive bolt pistol, which drives a metal bolt into the forehead. All too often this process is ignored or done incompetently and the horses regain consciousness while their throats are being slit. Many are slaughtered in full view of their companions, which is a further contravention of the law.

25. NOS Prelude Plate Kit

Because of the DP nitrous kit being very hard to install on the Honda Prelude, there is a need for the plate kit. NOS has given infromation out about the kit, but has not yet out the kit into production. We are not sure if this is a fear of there not being enough demand or not, but if that is so, we need to prove them wrong, and show that there is a very large demand for the plate kit.

Please sign up if you would be insterested in buying the plate kit for your Honda Prelude, for infromation on the kit, please visit A group-buy may be required to show just how high the demand really is. If you are interested in the kit, please sign!