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1. Shop Clothing rules at Essex Tech

This year at Essex Tech, students are prohibited from wearing hats and hooded sweatshirts in their CTE areas for safety concerns. Last year there were no problems with clothing, and no serious injuries or accidents occurred at the school due to these reasons.

2. CA Democratic Party Rules Change: Confilct of Interest Disclosure

Many Democrats within the California Democratic Party receive financial compensation to lobby or advocate on behalf of propositions and candidates.

Full disclosure of this fact will create transparency in this process so that when California Democrats receive communications from delegates, whether verbal or in writing, they are fully aware of any financial relationships that exist between the advocate and the campaign.

3. Bust the Filibuster!

The Senate of the United States of America is designed to represent all voices and opinions of senators voting on an issue. Debate is necessary to do this, and endless debate must surely be the ultimate way to do this.

Through this logic, we get what is called the filibuster, or a tool used in the Senate by senators to delay or block legislation by endlessly "debating". Most of the time, this open debate is not debate at all, but merely a distraction.

Because of the lax rules and regulations, whoever has the floor (the party majority in the Senate) can talk about or read anything. For example, from September 24 to September 25 2013, Senator Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours, even reading the popular children's book Green Eggs and Ham to protest a bill regarding Obamacare.

4. Stop Mesh Vests

These orange vests that the school is making us wear are a safety hazard and a health hazard,

1) Everyone knows what you're doing and that's singling a person out making someone feel uncomfortable just because they have to use the bathroom.

2) It can have different germs and bacteria even though it's mesh,and everyone goes to the bathroom in them.

3) Yes we have skippers but honestly if you're gonna skip a whole period or day you're either gonna leave campus or go somewhere where you won't get caught if we legit had an intruder with a gun the neon orange vest is a target.

5. DGS and SBS; Opposing Mobile Phone Ban

Mrs. R Warwick (Headteacher at DGS) would like to enforce a ban on mobile phones, ipods and any other electrical device on the school site.

This means they're not allowed out at lunchtimes or breaktimes, and means that students will not be able to communicate with each other or with parents/guardians.

This ban will be put in place as of September, and will extend to SBS. If you feel that the school rule system has been pushed too far, please sign below:

6. Concussion Education and Baseline Testing in Youth Sports

The Concussion Education and Prevention Agency is a comprehensive concussion education and testing firm created by athletes for athletes. Our aim is to bring awareness to the wider community on the devastating effects of concussions, not only in sports but in their degenerating effects on long term human health.

What is a Concussion? A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth. – 2013 Center of Disease Control

Concussion Safety and Preventative measures need to be implemented into Youth Sports; unfortunately, these important measures are often overlooked. Educating youth athletes, parents, trainers and coaches on concussions, specifically proper sideline management protocols is the first step we as a community can implement that will help protect our youth athletes of today and tomorrow.

Baseline Neurocognitive Testing is considered to be the cornerstone of future concussion management; without a baseline, athletes are at a high risk of returning to their respective sport too early which can lead to life altering consequences such as Second Impact Syndrome, Mild Cognitive Impairments, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and Post-Concussion Syndrome.

7. Say No to changes to Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy.

In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.


Judges and Attorneys Violate the Rules, Commit Fraud Upon the Court, and Corrupt the Legal Process.

Make People of Color aware for Equal Justice you call your United States of America and we can make the changes NOW by uniting together NOW as ONE NATIONWIDE.


Obstruction Of Justice concealing documents; Obstruction of Justice -- Conspiracy to Defraud United States 18 U.S.C. § 371; Subornation of Perjury Violation of 18 USC § 1001.

9. Modify LCB Proposed Marijuana Rules

WASAVP represents professionals in the field of substance abuse prevention which focuses on stopping the harm from legal marijuana before it starts. We remain concerned that without stronger restrictions and safeguards on the commercial marijuana marketplace during its infancy, that illegal diversion and “Big Marijuana” will flourish and unnecessarily harm youth and communities.

Without a “crystal ball” to predict vulnerabilities in the rules and given that the marketplace will rapidly evolve, we urge the Liquor Control Board to err initially on the side of caution. As we have learned from “Big Tobacco,” it is much easier to loosen ineffective regulations than to tighten them once precedent is set and reinforced by the marketplace.

The following modifications to the Proposed Rules will maximize and extend the protective measures in I-502 and help keep youth and communities as safe as possible in the emerging commercial marijuana marketplace.

10. Save the Balmain Australian Football Club

Balmain Australian Football Club is a founding club of the Sydney Football League in 1903 and is one of only three of the founding clubs still in existence.

We want the current board to stand down immediately from Balmain Dockers AFC and Drummoyne Sports Club.

Show your support by signing this online petition.

11. Stop AT&T From Controlling Unlimited Data Plan Usage

AT&T has decided to violate the U.S. Internet rules by limiting use of Apple Inc's FaceTime application to certain customers.

Other known public interest groups have filed complaints with the FCC about this (

AT&T should give all customers who pay for its mobile Internet service the option to use any Internet application they want to use regardless of which data plan they buy.


WE, the players, parents, coaches, facility operators, members and other patrons of the USTA, demand a voice in the structure and organization of junior tennis in our particular sections and at the national level.

Given that nearly no junior player, parent or coach was provided any notice at all of the "approved" changes, nor allowed an opportunity to have a discussion or provide suggestions for the upcoming rule changes and given that such changes will affect our players in a drastic and severe way, (including the expenditure of money for no real purpose and the restriction of players to have any incentive to keep playing the sport) we demand that the 2014 rules be amended or at the very least, suspended until there has been further study, comment, review and input from the very people who participate and spend money to be involved with the USTA.

We believe that the 2014 rule changes will have a "chilling effect" on junior tennis, in that relegating players to participate in only local events and not giving those players who might develop later in the sport or who might "catch fire" by seeing and competing in higher event categories, is certain to cause hundreds, if not thousands of juniors to quit the sport.

The rule changes will be so discouraging for those players just below the top ranked players and the middle of the pack players, they will quit the sport. In addition and most importantly, the stated rationale for approving the changes in order for the US to again have another top professional player by only allowing the "elite players to compete against the elite players" will not have the intended outcome as can be seen from undertaking statistical studies of the rule changes.

The upcoming 2014 rules changes will only deter players from continuing in the sport we all love and the changes will only encourage our jr. players to join other sports where opportunities are fair and extensive. We, the participants in the USTA, believe that inclusiveness is the way to find the next great US player, not exclusiveness. That, reducing tournaments and reducing draw sizes across the board will not encourage participation, but will instead, discourage participation. We demand that common sense, not elitism, should rule the day.

13. Allow Men to Compete in Ice Dance at OUA Competitions

The current structure of OUA Figure Skating competition does not give male figure skaters an equal opportunity to compete; each university is allowed a roster of 17 skaters: 16 female and 1 male. Of the 14 events at any OUA figure skating competition, only 2 events allow male competitors (the men's singles event and the team synchronized event).

Furthermore, while any one woman on a university team may compete in a maximum of four events, a man may only compete in a maximum of two events.

We would like men to have an equal opportunity to compete at OUA Figure Skating Competitions. Male ice dancers should be given the opportunity to skate in the pairs and fours ice dance events.

14. Make it harder for rich businessmen to take over football clubs

I am making this petition to persuade the FA to make it more difficult for wealthy businessmen to take over clubs and give them an unfair advantage.

A good example of this was the takeover of English club Manchester City FC by Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan in September 2008. The club have become a top club in the world signing some of the most skilled players in the game, such as Robinho, Carlos Tevez, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli and Samir Nasri.

Manchester City FC do not have a history of great success, whereas clubs such as Manchester Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal do. But Man City were just taken over and suddenly become one of the best teams.

Aston Villa used to be one of the most successful teams, winning the league, FA Cup and other competitions, but now they are less successful and normally slipping into the top half.

Please sign to stop football teams getting unfair advantages by takeover by rich businessmen and the signing of quality players.

15. Encourage & Maximize the use of Bicycles in South Australia

We should encourage and maximize the use of bicycles as a means of transport in South Australia.

- Wider bike lanes on major roads.
- Tougher laws for careless drivers.
- An "Own Choice" helmet law for over 21's.
- An increase of bike trails and tracks in outer suburbs further linking busier areas.

Not only would this decrease the State's carbon emissions, but it would also increase health within population, boost tourism, create cultural awareness and studies also show riding a bike is beneficial to mental health.

16. No Goal Tending

This rule would make so many game winning shots in league history that were "rimming" never again become relevant. How many game winners or around the rim spinning lay ups will future generations miss?;_ylt=AuXdPSXs1JwTvylpYQ.LIJ68vLYF?urn=nba-wp2222

17. Banishing the PDA Rule from STVM

Being restricted from showing the ones you care about affection is wrong. Human beings thrive on one another to survive, we need affection to live.

Having that taken away and not being given a legitimate excuse as to why it is being taken away, is a violation of our rights.

18. Stop Discrimination Against Wheelhair Users In Theatres

The Nottinghamshire Disability Support Team recently took a coach load of disabled young people (two of whom were dependant on wheelchairs) to the theatre on a trip so that they could have the chance to go out and have fun just like other people their age.

Due to an unforeseeable amount of traffic they arrived at the theatre after the show had begun and they were told that the people who could walk could go in but the wheelchair users would not be allowed in until the interval, as was 'theatre policy', meaning that all of the money that they spent was wasted.

19. Append the Usage Permissions for the Niles, MI Community Skate Park

Currently the usage rules for the Niles Community Skate Park prohibit the use of bicycles within the skate park. These rules effectively leave community BMX bicyclists with no venue to participate in their chosen sport; save for potential trespass and/or possible public property damage.

A preliminary conversation held with the Niles Board of Parks and Recreation yielded positive input and has lead to this formation of a public petition to address the request for a skate park rules change. Our effort is to allow rules to be changed to allow the use of bicycles within the skate park.

20. Rights for Everyone's Safety on the TTC

I was using the TTC on Sunday December 13th to get home. In the evenings (especially when it is this late, when I have bags to carry from work and when roads are slippery), I like to request the bus to pull into a quick stop between bus stops. Not only do I feel safer with my home in sight; I have shaved several minutes of walking. Usually, bus drivers are more than happy to do this, especially during the winter evenings regardless of my gender.

This time, I was abruptly reminded that this request stop was for "women only" and then the bus carried on driving (without stopping and only having one other passenger).

This is only the third time this has happened (the the driver rejected my request); however, I feel that incident should never have happened at all. I am writing to suggest that the "evening stop request" be made availble to all men, women and children travelling in the evening times and that every passenger's safety (especially in the winter time) be considered. The Toronto Transit Corporation has to believe that passengers will not abuse this opportunity; at the same time, should also believe that their employees can us their descretion whether to allow the stop or not (NOT based on gender). Being that Toronto has taken huge strides to become more inclusive and diverse in culture, ethnicity, abilities and sexuality/gender, this should be reflected in the transit system Toronto provides.

Not all women are more vulnerable to danger than men. Female riders do not pay extra fare to have their safety be protected (as people's safety should be protected for everyone). There are many individuals in Toronto who are transgendered as well. Being judged by the clothes we wear, the way we act and who we are should not be a factor in our safety when "Riding the Rocket".

With Toronto winning its bid for World Pride in 2014; I do not concede that we should take this matter lightly. For the days, weeks and months leading up to the event, Toronto will be home to many visitors from across the globe. The last thing I believe should ever happen would be for a man to be in a dire situation that could have been avoided by the opportunity to "request an evening stop".

21. End the Separation of Illustrators from Crafters at Anime North!

This petition is to put an end to the separation of illustrators from crafters at Anime North (an Anime Convention located in Toronto, Ontario). We are asking the staff at Anime North to please bring back Artists Alley and put an end to the Comic Market & Crafters Corner.

Several amateur artists have been forced to abandon one of their passions and make unnecessary compromises due to the strict new rules Anime North Staff has enforced.

Comic Market:
“Absolutely no merchandise that is considered craft or non-paper media with the exception of laminated paper magnets and mylar/paper buttons are allowed to be sold in the Comic Market. Examples of prohibited items include totebags, pillows, t-shirts and other apparel, jewellery, plushies, etc. Please refer to the Crafter’s Corner for the sale of craft merchandise.”

Crafters Corner:
“Absolutely no merchandise that is considered to be illustrated paper media is allowed for sale in the Crafters Corner. Examples include but are not limited to prints, magnets, buttons, and doujinshi. Please contact the Crafters Corner coordinator if you have any
questions about prohibited merchandise.”

This rule is far too strict, leaving no breathing space for multitalented artists. Artists Alley has been around for years and it's always been successful! It makes the convention less diverse and the quality was obvious compared to former years. Illustrators and crafters have always been able to unite until last year (2008). Anime North is the only convention with this rule and it makes absolutely no sense. You pay for the table, you should be able to decide what you want to sell there.

Let the staff at Anime North know you are unhappy with this decision!

Help us bring back Artists Alley!

22. Support Football Video Referees

This petition is a response to the injustice felt by the lifeblood of football, the people who support their club/nation, the people who sustain an industry with their tireless support, the people who own the game, the football fans.

We are seeking to eliminate the cheating which is blatantly obvious to the majority of people watching the game, but all too often goes unnoticed and unpunished by the referee and their assistants.

“Winning is without value if victory has been achieved unfairly or dishonestly”. This is an extract from the Fair Play Golden Rules, and does not seem to tally up with many examples of victories achieved unfairly and dishonestly such as; Thierry Henry handling the ball and leading to a goal which ultimately stopped the Republic of Ireland reaching the world cup - Rivaldo’s play acting which lead to the sending off of Hakan Unsal and a winning penalty scored by Rivaldo, and Ultimately winning the World Cup – Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ which knocked out England and ultimately led to Argentina winning the World Cup.

Surely a great deal of value was gained by France, Brazil and Argentina in the above instances of unfairness and dishonesty.

Players have a duty towards their own country/club and therefore can only be expected to do everything they can to win. If the option is there for them to make a split second decision to cheat in order to gain an advantage, it is inevitable that they will take the chance.

Something must be done to both deter and correct this.

23. BloodBowl 100% LRB5 compliant Classic Mode

English :
Obviously the purpose is not to begin an argument or upset anyone. It's just to prove to everyone how many disappointed players there are at the moment. There are a lot of people who believe there is a real gap between the marketing promises and the reality of the game. And finally, to demonstrate that most of the players do want a 100% faithful translation of the board game, its rules and its license.

Français :
Bien entendu, l'objectif n'est pas de causer du tort à qui que ce soit. Il s'agit simplement de prouver aux protagonistes qu'il y a énormément de joueurs déçus par la version actuelle. Que nombreux sont celles et ceux qui estiment qu'il y a un décalage entre ce qui est annoncé dans les communications et le produit final. Enfin, de démontrer qu'une majorité de joueurs souhaitent une traduction fidèle à 100% du jeu de plateau, de ses règles, de sa licence.

Espanol :
Obviamente, el objetivo no es res a causar de algien. Es solo para probar a todos que hay muchos jugadores quien se sienten decepcionados con la versión actual. Que mucho creen que hay una discrepancia entre lo que se anuncia en las comunicaciones y el producto final. Por último, para demostrar que la mayoría de los jugadores quieren una traducción fiel al 100% del juego de mesa, sus reglas, su licencia.

24. No Distinction Between Dog Breeds

Unfair judgment should not be passed on anyone or anything. The fact that someone owns an American Pit Bull Terrier does not automatically mean they are a reckless, inattentive, or careless person nor does the fact that a dog is a Miniature Pinscher mean that is a destructive, hyper, or aggressive animal.

The different breeds are not the problem, issue, or dilemma. The thoughtless, negligent, and uncommitted owners are. Please stop these unjust acts and help protect the animals we love so much. Prosecute the negligent, oblivious, or caustic people that train and teach them to be violent and hostile.

25. Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES

Petition for all to have RAMP CEROMONIES.

See also

26. Rights for Morgan County Students

We, the students, need room to make our mistakes these last years to adulthood. Its not right to pursue punishment for petty "crimes."

We aren't horrible misbehaved children. We need our chance to prove it.

27. Stop Police Harassment in Arcata Skate Park

I would like to make an amendment to the rules of the Arcata Skate Park. As it stands, freestyle-bikes are not permitted in the park, and everyone is supposed to wear a helmet. Though I am not a regular user of the park, I often stop in and observe the sport, amused and welcomed by the calm atmosphere. I feel safe there, with the people who come to use the park, as it builds community and camaraderie.

That is, however, until the police arrive. I feel that the restrictions as they stand only leave it open for police harassment, not for safety.

Freestyle-bikes are not transportation. They are a sport in it's own right, and they enjoy the same terrain as skateboarders. Often, these bikes don't have multiple gears or breaks, but neither do skate boards. Based on my observation, they are no more likely to cause harm than skateboards, and freestyle-bikers wear their helmets more often than skaters, regardless of age.

For regular bicycle laws, all persons under 18 are required to wear a helmet. The same should also be true for all users of the Arcata Skate Park. Adults should be advised to wear helmets, as they are adults and can make intelligible decisions for themselves and deal with the consequences. While it is a good idea to make sure that these rules are enforced, as it stands, the police harass the inhabitants of the park, forming a dynamic that causes resentment against, what should be, the good Arcata police force. This might increase tagging as a form of rebellion against the police, and other forms of vandalism. By "enforcing" the rules of the Arcata Skate Park as it stands today, really, it is only costing the City of Arcata more money.

The Arcata Skate Park is a community building, safe atmosphere for all ages. I often see youngsters 10 years of age and younger, skating around adults of 25 years of age, 30, and older. There is no bullying, and everyone is careful around the beginners, often encouraging to the youngsters, helping them improve their skills. I've observed the freestyle-bikers and they are just as courteous as the skaters. When a police car comes into view, the inhabitants of the park will yell "po-po" and everyone stops skating, scattering the once calm atmosphere into disarray and tension. Arcata is one of the friendliest communities I've ever lived in, but this is something that will tear the young community from the rest of it. This leads to increased aggression and dissatisfaction as a young Arcata citizen, thus leading to more crime.

If there can be a repair to this rift, via changing the rules slightly, we will have a better community for all.

28. Information about shared ip-Popmundo

We are two Turkish Popmundo Players living in Moldova Republic.
We are students and flatmates.
We live three guys in this house and share same static ip with three computers.
Two of us are Popmundo players.

Due to recent lightning occurences to people who share internet as well as us, we seized to fear and wanted to let you know we never use or share our accounts, everybody uses his own computer and never use two accounts in same computer.

You can watch the attached video as an evidence.

29. Five Ponds: Rules Enacted To Be Decided by Simple Majority

The Executive Board of the Villas at Five Ponds Community Association has enacted several rules that have been divisive in our community. For example: "Outdoor Holiday Lighting and Decorations" and "Facilities Rental" rules.

The Executive Board is inconsistent in calling for a vote on rules they plan to enact. For example, the Board called for a vote whether to drop plans for a security gate/"arm" at the entrance; and, whether to allow awnings (and what type). When a petition was duly signed requesting that bird feeders be responsibly allowed, the Board unilaterally overruled the petition that was signed by many VFP members. And when there was an outcry over the restrictions placed on outdoor holiday decorations, Board president Rick Rodgers first implied that the rule was repealed, and then the next week said that the rule was back in force and would be reconsidered "next year."

While we believe that it is among the power and the duties of the Executive Board to recommend to the members of the Association reasonable Rules and Regulations, we believe that these Rules and Regulations proposed must be put to a vote by secret ballot and that the decision to make operating Rules and Regulations should be adopted via a Resolution that reflects the true majority of the responses received by secret ballot.

30. Revisions to the Windermere Boulevard Elementary School Rules

Windermere Boulevard Elementary recently instituted a set of rules in its public school as outlined in its Parent Guide to Character Education.

Concurrent with the implementation of this set of rules, the school presented students and parents with a contract, which obligates students and parents to support the school rules.

We disagree with the idea that families are accountable to the public school system for the development of moral character in children.

Additionally, the nature of many of the rules and the methods of punishment which are being used to enforce them are unreasonable.