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Most girls living in Nigeria have been constantly harassed and molested by traders in the Market place. In every 10 girls, 8 has a story to tell about the horrible molestation, insults and assaults we face every time we go to the market. The traders do not only insult and call us names, some of them go ahead and touch us indiscriminately. And sometimes when we try fighting back, we are overpowered, pushed, beaten and shamed. This has absolutely nothing to do with how we are dressed. Many of us have been experiencing this since we were teenagers in uniform!
Every lady who have ever been to Tejuosho, Balogun, Alaba, Tradefair and Yaba market can testify to this.
Our mothers can testify to this. It's been going on for so many years. It needs to stop! The traders need to stop harassing us. You can sell your wares without touching or calling us names. You can sell your wares without insulting and molesting us. No woman deserves to be tortured emotionally just for going to the market place.
Make our market safe for women and girls. Teenage girls are not excluded from this harassment. It needs to stop!

2. Fund the HPV Vaccine in Ontario for females up to the age of 26

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, “HPV infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease in Canada and the world. Most people will never know they have been infected because HPV often doesn’t cause any symptoms. This means you can get HPV and pass it along without ever knowing it.

A high-risk HPV infection can lead to changes in the cells of the cervix, which can develop into cervical cancer if they are not detected early and treated.

HPV infection causes almost 100% of all cervical cancers. HPV16 and HPV18 cause about 70% of cervical cancers. Other high-risk HPVs also cause cervical cancer, including HPV types 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58 and 59.”

According to, “There are more than 40 types of HPV that can affect the genital area, but 9 of them are known to cause the majority of HPV-related cancer and diseases. These are Types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58. GARDASIL®9 (Human Papillomavirus 9-valent Vaccine, Recombinant) helps protect girls and women ages 9 to 26 against cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and anal cancers and genital warts caused by 9 types of HPV. “

According to the Canadian Cancer Society:

An estimated 1,500 Canadian women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016. An estimated 400 will die from it.

The most recent incidence statistics for penile cancer are from 2013:

215 Canadian men were diagnosed with penile cancer.
The most recent mortality statistics for penile cancer are from 2012:

The number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer is 7x more than the number of men who were diagnosed with penile cancer!

The most recent incidence statistics for anal cancer are from 2010:

580 Canadians were diagnosed with anal cancer.
200 men were diagnosed with anal cancer.
380 women were diagnosed with anal cancer.

(Almost double the number of women to men were diagnosed with anal cancer!)

The most recent mortality statistics for anal cancer are from 2012:

99 Canadians died from anal cancer.
36 men died from anal cancer.
63 women died from anal cancer.

(Almost double the number of women to men died from anal cancer!)

According to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, "Starting in September 2016, the HPV vaccine was made available for free to men who have sex with men. Eligible individuals include those who are 26 years of age or younger and who identify as gay, bisexual, as well as other men who have sex with men, including some trans people."

The Gardasil-9 vaccine costs $200 CA/dose x 3 doses over the course of 6 months!

Cervical cancer is one of the MOST prevalent cancer types for females, while penile and anal cancers in men are much rarer as Canadian statistics prove, yet females up to the age of 26 are not covered in Ontario by the Gardasil-9 vaccine but LGBT males up to the same age are? This is UNJUST!

3. Should Girls Be Able To Play Football In High School

Okay, so im a girl, i want to play football; but the coaches dont seem to be agreeing with me. Please support my decision to play.

4. Protect the future education of women; Keep AWS all girls

Annie Wright School’s Board of Trustees announced January 4, 2017 that it will allow boys into the Upper School beginning with ninth grade in the Fall of 2017. As you know, Annie Wright’s upper school has been an all-girls educational and boarding program for 133 years. In 1881, Charles Wright outlined his vision for our school:
"The school will provide education for the rising generation of daughters of the
pioneers, children who will lay a firm foundation for the great state that is to
be, a state which will require them to have kind, not callous hearts; joyous, not pampered spirits; broad, not petty minds; refined, not tawdry tastes; direct, not shifting speech – women who will meet wealth with simplicity, and poverty with dignity, and face life with quiet strength – developing from strength to strength; contributing to the righteous up-building of this great country."

There are no comparable single-sex educational opportunities for girls in the Northwest region.
1. They are eliminating an important resource for the community
a. After this decision, there will be 1 all girls boarding high school per 7.062
million in Washington state and 21 all girls boarding high schools per 318.9
million in the United States. This means that Washington is only serving
7,062,000 of the population while the rest of the nation is serving
15,185,714.3; that’s less than half of the national average;
b. If this decision is carried out, then young women in Washington state will be
underserved in this area;
c. There are a multitude of educational options for boys in a private school
setting in Washington state
2. There is is tremendous benefit of an all-girls education, as documented in the

5. Sanitary Towels For Free

Growing up in rural areas can be difficult for many young girls. Most young girls find themselves surrounded by poverty, hardship and a lack of positive role models, causing them to end up sexually active at an early stage, falling pregnant and end up using drugs and alcohol to deal with their circumstances.

Growing up in rural Hammanskraal myself, I believe that with the right people caring and reaching out to young girls to motivate, encourage and mentor we can inspire them to believe in their dreams and to pursue their full potential. For many of us, buying sanitary pads is as easy as buying bread and milk. But this is not the case for millions of girls and women in South Africa. They are at a permanent disadvantage as they are forced to stay at home as they are unable to afford this basic necessity. Girls use unhygienic alternatives to sanitary pads, such as newspaper or even sand and leaves, or sitting on cow patties. Doing this puts them at a huge risk of infection. And, according to Barnes, of nine million girls aged between 13 and 19 years in South Africa, "80% of those were missing a week of school every month... That's just time you can't make up and it's affecting their education."

6. Stop Disrespecting Girls

A case was registered against the suspects at a Police station for raping a teenager girl and later on throwing her help less in the hotel's room. Where later her parents were called to pick her up.

This news wasn't spread nation wide because the people who raped the girl belonged from a political party and they had power over the police sector.

The Fact is this that there are a lot of such things going in our country Pakistan where girls and women are always suppressed to do things they don't want to. Now We want Our Government to make rules where women can stand side by side to men and can have secure future. This is our Request to the Government to make further more rules in this section so we can make our environment safe of People.

For Further news:

7. Save the Child Orphans of War

There are over 5 million orphans in Iraq alone! This statistic is over 3years old!

The recent persecution of minorities by ISIS has led to a new wave of refugees into Turkey. It is estimated that of the 500,000+ refugees there are at least 10,000 orphans!

If they can escape further persecution then they face a desperate existence, With no one to care for them!

The Spanish government have already agreed to save 100 children from this tragedy partnering with World in Harmony and have the procedures in place to extract these children.

Ireland must do something to concrete to answer this tragedy, especially now that a way has been made.

The reason I’m getting involved is I’m a father myself and I can’t imagine how anyone would ignore my kids if I were gone!

Ireland, is the country it is, based on what is important to us as individuals! I know we are a nation of decent people who at the end of the day want the right thing to be done!

This is our chance to be the Schindlers of our age!

Please sign so that as a nation we can do something great!

8. more pg anime shows for girls

I just think girls should be able to watch anime shows without it being to old for them or it being to boyish for them like "pokemon".

9. The Face of Surfers Paradise Tourism

The Surfers Paradise Metermaids have been a most recognised icon of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast for the past 49 years, celebrating all Surfers Paradise has to offer - its beaches, bikinis, sand sun surf and fun.

The peak body charged with the promotion of Surfers Paradise, the Surfers Paradise Alliance, do not believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids are relevant to the promotion of Surfers Paradise. In most cases planned events promoting Surfers Paradise do not involve the golden bikini girls.

So the question is, do you believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids should be involved in the marketing of Surfers Paradise and should they be the face of Surfers Paradise promotions?

10. Support motocross riding

I'm am tired of my neighbors telling Me and my other neighbors we cannot ride on our road back in the woods! The only thing I have every wanted to do in life is ride my dirt bike. Ever sense I was little all I was ever able to do was ride my dirt bike and since we lived in a neighborhood we moved out to the woods where we were allowed to ride our dirt bikes and be as loud as we want to.

What many people don't understand is that motocross is really expensive and it is not easy for my family to pay for food and every day finances like normal families have to. When you add on all the gas money for the truck and two bikes its a lot of money but when you add on all the money to pay for a race bike, maintenance, gear, oil, parts, and many other things to keep a rider safe while they ride its a whole lot of money! When you add on the going to a track to ride during the week when it is $20-35 per rider! It's a lot and not many people have that kind of money.

Motocross is a ride at your own risk sport. My little sister and I understand the dangers of motocross because we have been riding incee we where very little. We have had friends break bones, get knocked out, get a concussion, and even death has found a few of them unfortunately.

We have been told we cannot ride because we are in danger of hurting someone else or our selves while riding out in the woods on a gravel road where there is a speed limit. I am a licensed driver and I ride a dirt bike with my neighbors who stay close behind in case of a car.

11. Boycott Bratz

We are two female college undergraduates who are extremely concerned by the growing “overtly-sexualized” imagery presented to young girls, especially as embodied through Bratz dolls.

Bratz dolls embody a hyper-sexualized portrayal of young girls—big eyes, scantily clad, plumped limps, heavy makeup, long flowing hair, eyelash extensions.

The hyper-sexual Bratz dolls are problematic because:

1. Sexualization has been linked with the three most common mental health problems for girls and women: eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.

2. With the development new digital platforms, mass mediated images are being distributed on a much wider scale than ever before and the constant exposure to such images negatively affects the way in which young girls view themselves and the role they should occupy in society.

3. Such sexualized portrayals of girls has wider societal effects in the way that others, such as the adult shoppers, view girls –leading to increased sexual harassment and sexual violence as well as demands of child pornography (Report of the APA task force on the sexualization of girls, 2006).

We need strong girls who will grow into strong women – beaming with self-confidence, wit, intelligence, a sense of adventure, but most importantly a sense of self. Therefore, we should be demanding toys that promote such growth.

12. Maimuna Must Stay. Asylum Now, Not FGM!

Maimuna Must Stay!

Grant Asylum Now – FGM is torture – stop deporting women into the hands of their oppressors.

Maimuna Jawo, from The Gambia, is a committed fighter for women’s rights, and a leader in the Movement for Justice. Back home she is the next in line to follow her mother and grandmother in the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) – circumcision - after her mother died prematurely. Maimuna made the bold decision to leave the country because it was the only way she to make sure she could not be forced to carry out FGM on the girls and young women of her village. While Maimuna is gone, the village elders have no one to do FGM, and a long list of girls are being saved from the torture of being blindfolded, and fully conscious, while their gentials are cut away.

Stopped from going to school, she was given no choice about her future. For years she had to assist and witness cutting - it is a torture that she refuses to carry out.

The British government equalities minister speaking in July 2012 stated: 'Female Genital Mutilation is an abhorrent crime and we are very clear that those found to practice it should feel the full force of the law. As a government, we are also working with UK and international agencies to help prevent women and girls being subjected to this horrific practice.'
The Home Office website declares 'In the UK, it is estimated that up to 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are at risk of female genital mutilation.'

YET Maimuna – a would-be practitioner who is preventing FGM by refusing to do it – has been denied asylum, brushed off, and could soon be sent back, at the discretion of the British Home Office, to be forced to cut girls putting more lives at risk.

Maimuna has prevented FGM in the most effective way possible because she has removed the option of FGM and strengthened every woman who did not want FGM for themselves or their daughter. When Maimuna went to the UKBA to claim asylum they immediately detained her, rushed her case through on fast-track in a constant state of vulnerability without any realistic chance to gather evidence, and with no serious attention to the truth about FGM, or how it is done, or the society in which it is carried out, Maimuna’s case was refused in a month. The Judge at appeal referred to the clothes Maimuna wore in her passport photo as being proof against her while a letter of threat from the village elders demanding Maimuna return was dismissed.

The elders – the drivers of FGM are absolutely serious about protecting and continuing the practice in a changing world. For them to get women who have experienced the torture themselves to keep bringing their daughters forward, they must provide a practitioner who belongs and is accountable to the village and tribe, has trained for many years, and is therefore trusted by the mothers. Anything less would provide a reason to refuse FGM. Those who are ambivalent could firmly refuse FGM without invoking the problems they would face by objecting directly. Losing the confidence of the mothers in their practitioner endangers the practice itself.

Maimuna’s absence is a problem the elders have tried to solve by increasing threats of punishment and harassment of her family. If sent back to The Gambia she would have to face the elders again, and no police or state body would protect a defiant woman who has gone against her elders – this would undermine the system. The elders are the source of authority in the villages and tribes, they settle the disputes, they are the law, and if they cannot force her to give in, they could kill her.

13. Bring back Gully's Girls in their original form - no boys allowed!

We're not a bunch of Jimmy Savile's. We just want our enthusiastic, entertaining and good looking cheerleaders back.

It's just a bit of fun and adds to the matchday experience!

14. We want Barbie Girls back closed almost over a year ago, while fans and users were left devastated.

It closed: June 1st 2011.

15. Keep is shutting down on the 18th

16. Additional Panthers Vball Teams

We need a second Springboro Junior High Volleyball Team! Currently the Springboro Girls Panther Volleyball program has been extremely successful with over 200 girls enrolled this season.

There is only one 7th and 8th grade team, each team is comprised of only approximately 12 members, so there will be many girls who have been improving their volleyball skills but will not be able to play this sport they have come to love, for their own school system. Many of the other sports have 2 teams, and it seems that with so much interest and involvement there should be two volleyball teams for 7th and 8th grade as well.

Please help us petition to keep our girls playing this fantastic sport by putting a second team for 7th and 8th graders in place. It's clear there will be no shortage of girls trying out, based on the huge popularity of the current volleyball program.

Thanks for your support!

17. End the One Child Policy in China

The One Child Policy in China allows families to have only one child, with few exceptions, in an effort to control the population. For example, if a mother who already has a child gets pregnant and the government somehow becomes aware, the women will be whisked away for a forced abortion and likely sterilization.

There are many documented cases of pregnant mothers being kidnapped, imprisoned and beaten, then forced to abort, as late-term as up to nine months. The government should not be involved in family planning.

Below are some articles that give a clear picture of just what is going on: (Copy and paste)

The facts:

18. Stop Honor Killings

If a woman has committed a violation the point of view of her family, the family has the "right" to kill her in order to bring honor back to the family name. Not only does this happen in places such as South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa; It happens right in the United States.

As United States citizens, it is our right to know what is happening in our own country. This issue, however, is never spoken about. In 2008, 930 women and girls in the United States alone were killed by a family member in the name of honor. Did you know that?

19. Bring Back The Tennents Lager Girls

Surely it is time to bring a bit of fun back into the world and why not start with some lovely tennents girls on the side of an ice cold tinny.

20. We want Short Short Rights

To: The Administration of Rocky Heights Middle School

From: The students of Rocky Heights Middle School

The following petition is reflective of the desire of all students to be allowed to wear shorter shorts to school. We feel it is discriminatory that only girls are not allowed to wear shorts. We are experiencing record breaking heat and all we are allowed to wear are Bermuda shorts, which are too HOT!! Also, in this declining economy, it would be a hardship to have to buy new shorts. Bringing back short would help us all! Please reconsider your latest dress code decision.

21. Remove the OWHA Executive


- They have failed to operate within the current rules that govern them.

- They fail to treat their members with the respect that is due to all members.

- They have no vision for what is needed to lead the OWHA into the future.

- They fail to abide by the rules that govern hockey in Ontario.

- They fail to communicate effectively to their members in a timely and reasonable manner.

- They have become very vindictive with the way that they govern.

- They failed to protect the members of a league that they set up by not incorporating it.

- The OWHA allows paid employees to have a vote on the executive committee. These paid employees and should not be voting on any issues at all. The membership is paying them to run the OWHA, not to control everything.

- The OWHA really do not want to be members of the OHF nor Hockey Canada. See the agenda from the last couple of AGM meetings with the following words: The association at the discretion of the executive Committee is a member of the OHF and Hockey Canada.

22. Adoptees, The Forgotten Ones

We will present all World Leaders with the signatures plus the stories of adoptees to make them give every adoptee the right to know their heritage. Can you imagine looking in the mirror and not knowing who looks back at you or developing a serious illness and wondering if you had known your family history, it could have been treated earlier?

Can you imagine living your whole life asking who you are and being too scared to ask in case you offend someone? Help adoptees have the same human rights as any other human being - knowledge of their heritage.

Let's stop World Leaders brushing all this under the carpet and force them to change legislation that will help give adoptees back the lives they were born with.

We want sealed adoption files opened, lost information found in all countries and our heritage returned to us.

We want to stop being punished for something that was totally out of our control when we were babies. We accept no more guilt and ask that we be given open access to our documents and free DNA testing when it is asked for.

We want all these issues dealt with, but we need YOUR help. Please sign our petition so our plight can be brought to the attention of our World Leaders

23. Provide sanitary supplies for teen girls!

The anticipation and reality of transition into teenage years is challenging for girls. Research cites menstruation and its associated symptoms as the principal disadvantage of being a teenage girl.

Without proper sanitary products and care, the challenge is more prevalent and affects schooling and participation in sporting activities. Girls from less fortunate families are at risk of withdrawal and even could face infections.

24. Tokyo mew mew a la mode episodes

Okay well i started this petition so that Tokyo mew mew a la mode episodes can be made. I love Tokyo mew mew ad i have seen the episodes and i want more. I want to urge people to join my petition so that a second season can be made.

I mean who does not love Tokyo Mew Mew it is just so awesome. Tokyo mew mew is about 5 girls who get their dna mixed with rare species of animals. Google it if you do not know what it means.

25. You Are Beautiful. Young Girls Unite

On September 11 2001, Bianca Drummond Lost Her Father In The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks. She Lived Her Life Sad And Depressed. The More Popular Girls At School Joked Her, Called Her Names, Harassed Her, And Threatend To Kill Her. Everyday I Wittnessed Bianca Run Home Crying. Bianca Was A Pretty Girl, But She Felt Ugly.

One Day I Sat Her Down And Told Her "You're Beautiful No Matter What They Say, Words Can't Bring You Down". And Now She Resides In Collier Heights, Atlanta GA As An Aspiring Fashion Designer.

26. Real Men Don't Rape vs Kenneth Robert Klassen

**Thanks for your support. At Caleb's Hope, non-violence is an important mandate. To end violence around the world, we must address it on all levels: words, actions and thoughts. We are promoting a powerful peacefull petition - please do not leave messages of hate (ie death penalty, torture) as it takes away from the credibility of our campaign. We understand the emotions are high and we eternally thank-you for your passion and support however as Ghandi said, "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." We do not condone nor do we support any violent words & thoughts on the petition. They will be removed. Many thanks**.


Kenneth Robert Klassen, divorced father of 3, of Burnaby who videotaped himself sexually assaulting girls between the ages of 9 and 18 years young.

On Aug. 27, 2004, Canada Border Service Agency officers at YVR identified a suspicious parcel full of undeclared DVDs containing images of child pornography and bestiality.

The police seized in Klassen's home and a rented Vancouver storage locker 21 DVDs containing video clips of Klassen having sex with 92 girls in three countries. Police allege the DVDs contained images of Klassen sexually assaulting girls ranging in age from 9 to 18 years old. Read more here: Vancouver Sun Article

UPDATES: Friday May 21st:

Klassen pleaded GUILTY to 14 out of 30 plus charges. He thenn allegedly traveled to Mayne Island with his brother. He is deemed high risk to flee. We wonder if his bail supervisor was informed. Klassen owns property in New Mexico, Colombia (2 houses) and one undisclosed property in the Philippines.

Thursday, May 27th:
Mr. Klassen's bail has been granted. It was essentially granted before the hearing this morning. They are having another hearing this upcoming Tuesday.

Tuesday, June 1st, 9am:
The part two of the bail hearing - where they discuss how Mr. Klassen will be monitored and his terms. Amongst a list of appropriate conditions, one is a curfew of 6pm-6am. Sentencing hearing will be July 22-23.

Read more about this case and show your support here: Facebook Group & Hearing Details

Far too often, cases of violence against women and children are not taken seriously despite efforts by some members of the global community. An example of this is the UN's Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention on the Rights of the Child is a universal agreement of non-negotiable standards and obligations. Ie Human rights for children. If individuals like Mr. Klassen are not punished and also, then those rights will have been grossly violated.

It is our duty as mothers and fathers, siblings, teachers, caregivers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, as neighbours, as human beings to ensure that justice is served accordingly.

Please sign this petition and, if you are in Vancouver, come to these important hearings.

Please pass this information on.

If the judge sees that Canadians and citizens around the world care for their children and their right to grow safely, he might apply the full weight of the law to this case.

As Martin Luther King Jr said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Real Men Don't Rape

Join the Movement

27. Send District 113 Girl's Basketball to Arizona

Recently, Illinois school district 113 canceled a trip to Arizona for their girl's basketball team. Assistant Superintendent stated, "The trip “would not be aligned” with the school's “beliefs and values,” and later stated "Arizona is off-limits, at least until it’s more clear how the state’s new law, which makes it a crime to be in the country illegally, will be enforced." (This is actually an existing Federal law that Arizona has chosen to simply enforce, they did not create a new law stating it is a crime to be in the country illegally).

The Highland Park basketball team has worked hard to raise money for the trip by organizing bake sales. This is their first conference title in 26 years and are now being denied an opportunity to play. Without asking parents or taking a vote the school district has taken the matter into their own hands.

Lets' help these girl's get to Arizona so they can enjoy what they have accomplished and worked so hard for.

28. Require Body Image Education in B.C. Schools

Men and women everywhere are under pressure to measure up to a certain social and cultural ideals of beauty, which can lead to distorted body image.

Women and young girls are constantly bombarded with "Barbie Doll-like" images. By presenting an ideal that is so difficult to achieve and maintain, the cosmetic and diet product industries are assured of growth and profits. It's no accident that youth is increasingly promoted, along with thinness, as an essential criterion of beauty. The message we're hearing is either "all women need to lose weight" or that the natural aging process is a "disastrous" fate.

Images of female success and fashion portray the ideal woman as smart, popular, successful, beautiful and very thin (the average fashion model weights 25 percent less than the average woman). Pressure to measure up is great, and is constantly reinforced by family and friends, as well as advertising and popular media. Women still are taught that their looks will determine their success, and that thin equals beautiful.

Girls and women aren't the only ones with body image issues. Surveys show that increasing numbers of men and boys are also feeling unhappy with their bodies.

The ideal male look today, as shown on TV, in movies and in advertising, has become increasingly lean and muscular. Even the proportions of G.I. Joe and other action figures have changed dramatically over the years, from more normal male proportions to a physique far bigger and unrealistic.

Over the past two decades, the gender gap in media objectification has closed. Every bit as unattainable as Barbie-doll proportions and the heroin chic look are the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted, fat-free, and muscle-sheathed male physiques littering today’s media.

The affects of negative body image can be tragic in both men and women; often leading to a lifetime of depression, anxiety, reclusiveness, chronically low self-esteem, compulsive dieting or eating disorders. 25 percent -30 percent of people with eating disorders remain chronically ill, and 15 percent will die prematurely.

29. Change The Rules Of The Guiding Association

The background to this petition is to stop the scout and guiding association being sexist.

Point is that girls can go to scouts and do Quazar and paintballing e.t.c so why should girls in the guiding movement not be allowed to do it too? There is no difference. I say bring an end to the sexist behavior in the scouting and guiding movements.

30. Save Loretto High School

please help support the people who love loretto high school.