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1. Limit Employment tax to your own town/city for its overall budget

I believe this will allow each community to tackle its issues head on.

2. Improve Coverage of Cancer Drugs and Treatments in NL Medical Care Plan

~ More than 1 in 3 people in Canada will be diagnosed with cancer.

~ Cancer treatment is a financial burden on patients & their families.

~ Newer cancer drugs taken outside the hospital, which are usually the patient’s responsibility, cost an average of $73,000 per course of therapy.

~ New treatments & drugs are not always added to provincial drug coverage lists quickly enough.

~ Access to effective & affordable treatment, including drugs, devices, & therapies, is critical.

~ Government can help save more lives & improve the quality of life for cancer survivors by including these drugs and treatments in provincial drug plans.

~ This would be a cost-saving move over time, as more patients would be able to access drugs and treatments to improve their health, which would help to keep them out of hospitals and clinics.

3. Save Cheyenne Cinnamon

Since the coliseums of the Greek Empire, we the people, have demanded entertainment. We evolved socially from bloody violence, to witty humor.

Unfortunately, in the recent decade, the quality of humor in this great nation of ours has been compromised. And quality, piss-your-pants funny material has become increasingly rare. We deserve the right to choose what we do and don't watch, and what we do want to watch is now being withheld from us.

As free people, we must protect our liberties and demand that Adult Swim air Cheyenne Cinnamon.

4. FAIR CHANCE: Higher Education needs to become a Human Right

There are many issues in our society right now that need to be addressed such as the quality and cost of higher education because it affects many students.

Higher Education needs to become a human right. Students should not have to shatter their dream career just because they are financially unstable, therefore, higher education should not cost a foot and a leg.

Becasue of students’ lack of education, they are not up to par in the workforce, therefore, the jobs are being transferred overseas. According to Wall Street Journal, “thirty-five big U.S.-based multinational companies added jobs much faster than other U.S. employers in the past two years, but nearly three-fourths of those jobs were overseas”.

5. Protect ORPC Funds for Beachburg

Before the Amalgamation of Whitewater Township various communities all had a financial interest related to Ottawa River Power Corporation (ORPC Funds).

When this entity was sold some communities received a lump sum payout that they subsequently spent in their own communities for their own purposes. The Corporation of the Village of Beachburg decided to take perpetual annual payments rather than receive a lump sum payment. Before entering amalgamation the Corporation of the Village of Beachburg passed a Resolution on November 2, 2000 that required the new Corporation of the Township of Whitewater Region to amend their Articles of Incorporation to provide that these funds be held in a reserve fund by the Corporation of the Township of Whitewater Region for the exclusive benefit of the former Village of Beachburg for Recreation, Waterworks, Medical Centre, etc. in perpetuity.

This Resolution represented the wishes of all Village of Beachburg residents. Because the other communities had already spent their funds in their communities, this was a fair and equitable pre-condition for Beachburg to enter the amalgamated Whitewater Region.

View Resolution:

6. Democratise Nationwide Building Society

Despite the claim to be a mutual society the directors of the Nationwide Building Society ensure that members cannot exercise their legal right to present any resolutions that could stop the use of very undemocratic and biased voting procedures and they make it almost impossible for members to stand as candidates for the board.

The directors of this society seek to ensure complete control over all elections and resolutions through the use of various undemocratic devices that are not befitting of a genuinely mutual organisation.

The Building Societies Members Association is seeking nominees to support resolutions in an endeavour to overcome the obstacles the directors of the Nationwide Building Society present that deny members their legal rights.


Yanvar ayının 24-ü tarixinə Azərbaycanda 24 gəncin intiharı qeydə alınmışdır. Onların əksəriyyəti cinsi azlıq üzvləridir. LGBT aktivist İsa Şahmarlı tərəfindən baş tutan intihar isə cəmiyyətdə rezonans doğurdu. Bu intihar hadisəsi cəmiyyətə simvolik protest və mesaj idi. Cinsi azlıqlara qarşı azərbaycan cəmiyyətində tüğyan edən nifrət səbəbi ilə cinsi azlıqların psixoloji durumu getdikcə kədərli nəticələrə gətirib çıxarır.

*** *** ***

During 24 days of January, 2014, 24 young people committed suicide in Azerbaijan. Most of them are sexual minorities. A suicide committed by, LGBT activist, Isa Shahmarli was a symbolic protest and a message to the society. Hatred of Azerbaijani society against sexual minorities worsens psychological situations of the sexual minorities which leads to sad consequences.

8. Keselamatan Anak-anak Adalah Tanggungjawab Bersama

Tanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan anak-anak terletak di bahu ibubapa. Namun seringkali tanggungjawab ini seperti terlepas pandang oleh ibubapa sekaligus mendedahkan anak-anak kepada bahaya seperti diculik, hilang atau melarikan diri dari rumah.

Ibubapa perlu lebih peka dan prihatin terhadap isu keselamatan anak-anak agar kes-kes kehilangan kanak-kanak dapat dibendung.

Masyarakat umum juga dapat memainkan peranan penting. Jadilah masyarakat yang prihatin dan anda mampu mengubahnya.

9. Harsher Penalties for Animal Abuse and Abandonment/Neglect

The numbers of animal abuse, abandonment and neglect are increasing.

Pets are frequently bought without much thought into their welfare for the long run. These owners often abandon their pets when faced with unexpected difficulties (which are to be expected in any relationship).

This contributes to increasing numbers of strays who are vulnerable to abuse.

We also realise that the cases of abuse (especially for strays) are often neglected with little to no follow up simply because strays have little rights (without a human owner).

We propose that there should be harsher penalties for ALL cases of animal abuse, regardless of ownership, as well as harsher penalties for animal abandonment.
It is common knowledge that the way a society treats its animals reflect the way we treat each other.

Let us have more effective legislative structures in place to shape the way we care for one another to build a better society.

10. Get society to see what they are doing; time to transform society

Grades are getting low, the teens are getting high. That 12 year old is pregnant and her parents wonder why. A 1st grader is swearing, a 3rd grader has been raped. Just take a look around you, isn't the system great? Who isn't faded these days, teens are sending nudes, kids are getting beaten, the teachers see the bruises.

No calls for help are spoken, teens are smoking weed, young girls are cutting, this isn't what we need. The marks of taunt and yelling, parents are divorced. That 14 year old is drinking beer, this can't get any worse. A little girl has killed herself, nobody seems to care. Another kid has been expelled for a stupid dare. But it needs to change. Our world is officially broken. It's time to take a stand, your thoughts need to be

11. Work for Felons

This Petition is for Non-Violent felons to successfully reintegrate in society as productive citizens of their community.

Stop recidivism and boost the economy.

12. Consider Individuality in determining the legality of consensual Sex

The age of consent offers an abundance of protection to the world’s youth. However, certain aspects of what society means have been overlooked with this law; that is, individuality.

In order for the age of consent to be plausible in that applies to all persons, every individual would have to be of the same emotional, sexual, and intellectual maturity at the same age. Due to the prevalence of individuality in all of these facets, the age of consent can not be an equation of a certain age simply equalling said categories of maturity.

The remedy for this is to analyze each case regarding a violation of the age of consent and consider the individuals involved on a criterion of more than age. An under-aged person is not necessarily mature enough to consent to sexual activity with an adult, however, by the same token they are not necessary too immature to do so either.

People develop at various rates and it is therefore crucial to stop presumptuously entitling people who engage in sexual relationships with under-aged persons as predators or criminals. That is not to say these people do not exist, but rather to show that they do not exist in all cases.

Simply reaching the age of consent does not mean that a person is mature enough to consent to sexual activity, nor does not being the age of consent mean that one is not mature enough to consent to such activity. The purpose of this petition is not to lower the age of consent or abolish it by any means, but rather to change the law so it can permit the judicial system to look at the individuals in such cases as opposed to categorizing such relations as criminal because they fit one category. This category is age; it is the only factor of the individual being considered when such cases arise. All other facets of an individual are not allowed to be viewed in the law; maturity of the individual (be it sexual, emotional, or intellectual) is not of consideration despite its direct relevance.
It is for this reason that this petition is being proposed.

The law changes as society changes. Today, society is encouraging individuality as long as it does not harm another. Under the constitution, limiting one’s freedoms so they do not harm another is ‘reasonably justifiable’. However, it is not justifiable to simply assume that certain actions harm another based on age and age alone. The age of consent must not be a concrete determination of an individual’s maturity.

Therefore, this petition was created to reform the law into allowing people to analyze the individual and actually determine if such sexual engagements are in fact harmful.

13. Adjust Politicians' Pay Rates

PM $384,000 - $473,000
Deputy PM $287,000 - $369,000
Opposition Leader $259,000 - $333,000
Speaker $245,000 - $315,000
Deputy Opposition Leader $220,500 - $283,500

US President $A388,162
UK PM $A205,662
French President $A293,484
Canadian PM $A287,628
German Leader $A275,225
Japanese PM $A265,587

Departmental Secretaries have received a minimum payrise of 31% and yet the Public Services were only granted a 3% payrise, by this Tribunal, which did not even match the average of 4.1% for the Private Sector. So for these Senior staff they warranted a 10 times larger wage rise than their staff that do all the work in the Departments.

We insist that your first Coalition Government review this and have it amended to a more acceptable wage.

14. Stop Treating People With Disabilities Like Second Class Citizens

While growing up, Ias a disabled person, experienced quite a few 'differences' in my education because of my apparatus (a wheelchair & walker). I was treated like an outsider by my classmates and a bother by 2 or 3 of the faculty members . College was surprizingly similar...

I would like to propose a change in the way society looks at people with disabilities. We are not to be stared at by little children, forced to use entrances at the sides or back of buildings, or be labeled as mentally deficient or diseased.

I'd like to see an education system in which children are taught about disabilities and accept people with them.


Addressing an audience of diplomats in Geneva, US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called for the rights of gay people to be respected.

"Gay people are born into and belong to every society in the world," Mrs Clinton said.

"Being gay is not a Western invention. It is a human reality."Reacting angrily to Mrs Clinton's speech, Ugandan presidential adviser John Nagenda told the BBC: "That fellow [Mr Cameron] said the same thing. Now this woman [Clinton] is interfering.

"If the Americans think they can tell us what to do, they can go to hell."

Uganda is a staunch ally of the US, receiving military assistance to fight a local rebel group - the Lord's Resistance Army - and has sent troops to Somalia to fight the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group.

Mr Nagenda said Uganda would continue to co-operate with the US on security and other issues, but added: "If they are childish enough to take away aid, we'll see what we do [in response]."

16. Demand the labeling of palm oil in cosmetic products

The Sumatran orangutan society, have been very successful in campaigning to get palm oil labeled in all products who use it. They have recently won their clear labels, not forests campaign and it is now compulsory for all food products containing palm oil to be labeled in Europe and the UK. However this does not cover all products...cosmetics are not included in this campaign but i believe they should be.

The palm oil industry is responsible for destroying thousands of acres of deforestation in other countries. Currently 300 football fields are destroyed in south east Asia every hour for palm oil. And it's not just the vegetation that is being affected! The animals that rely on the forest (such as orangutans) are affected, many orangutans have no place to go when the forest is destroyed. 20 years ago their were more than 300,000 Bornean orangutans in the wild, now their are less than 45,000 in the wild. Orangutans only give birth once in 6 - 10 years therefore it is hard for them to breed as much as they are dying out due to deforestation.

Please go to for more information on orangutans.

But worst of all the industry does not even label palm oil! Most palm oil is labeled as vegetable oil, therefore many people are unaware that it is in their shopping products. This is taking away our freedom to know what exactly goes into our cosmetics, it takes away are choice of whether or not to use palm oil! This is wrong, they should label palm oil and deliberately point out if it is palm oil free!

17. Save Philosophy at the University of Northampton

We have recently started a campaign to stop the closure of the Philosophy department. So far we have started Facebook, Twitter and a society.

This is still a fairly new campaign but we have shown already to have massive support.

The first two days of a written petition saw well over 1000 signatures, I am hoping to have this much success with the online petition.!/search/realtime/%23savephilosophy

18. Support Traditional Marriage

Noting the following:

- that marriage is currently defined in the Marriage Act (1961) as being ‘... the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life,’ each element of which is essential to the integrity of marriage;

- that marriage is one of the great institutions on which our society is built;

- that marriage provides for a stable family life;

- that marriage is the structure under which children are nurtured and grow the best; and

- that marriage is worthy of protection and support.

19. Stop prejudice through education

I have learnt about prejudice before and I think that it is completely wrong. I am very hurt when people are prejudiced against me. I am very shocked to discover that only certain types of prejudice such as racism and sexism are illegal.

It is now time that everyone understood and recognised that there is good and bad in everything and that there is a difference between what people CAN do and what they WILL do. I am always very nervous of prejudice and no one deserves to be afraid of being harassed because of who or what they are. I know some people who are prejudiced against pit bull type dogs because they have had bad previous experiences with them. Even this I cannot understand. They should be better educated to know that there is good and bad in everything.

I have heard of others who have bad experiences with Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, and still hold nothing against them. Any dog of any breed can be trained to be nice, whatever their nature or original purpose. I once knew a border collie who wouldn't have known a sheep from a cow because she had never been trained to herd animals. Every day, I fear prejudice and I get even more strongly against it. I cannot understand nor tolerate ANY prejudice whatsoever. Children and young people should be better educated so that they grow up tolerating all religions, races, nationalities and types of people, as well as dog breeds. A better way of dealing with dog attacks on children would be to make socialization classes mandatory for all dog owners. This would also create more jobs as not everyone would be able to afford these classes so the government would have to set up their own classes and pay the people who own the places and those who run the classes. This would not be that hard to enforce because if enough signs and posters were placed regarding the importance of dog socialization the general public would report those who did not take their dogs.

Another idea would be to make it mandatory that children in primary schools are taught how to approach dogs properly. They should always ask the owner before touching a strange dog/s, and even if they let them stroke their dog/s, they should always put their hand out for the dog to sniff first. Never stare into a dog's eyes as this is a sign of aggression. Some dogs do not like to be petted on the head so unless you know the animal well you should never touch its head as it can appear to be frightening to the dog. If a dog chases you or growls at you, you should not run or scream because then he'll be more likely to chase you. The best thing to do is to just ignore him and, if possible, crouch down to show that you are not a threat.

Back onto the topic, how would YOU like it if people were hateful against your religion? Whoever said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" was talking out of his or her armpit. Words can and do hurt people. Black people do get offended when they are called "n*****" and foreigners do get offended when they are called "p****". Despite rumours and myths, most prisoners are not gypsies or travellers. Some of them are bad, some of them are good. Some of them steal, some don't. Some drop litter, some don't. No one should be judged by anything other than their own personal character.

Prejudice can be stopped, or at least reduced, by education!

20. Support New Reader Libraries

As our supporters will know, we believe a national public library service is vital to the democratic impulse which lead to the great Libraries Act of 1850.

There is some great work going on in the public library service, and we want to celebrate that (see Libraries We Love) , but change is needed.

Libraries could do much more to meet social and individual needs. New thinking and additional money needs to be brought so that libraries can reach out to the greatest and growing need.

Our own experience shows that shared reading can play a practical and important role in delivering outcomes in public health, employment and educational attainment and we want to further develop the reach of the library services to deliver these and other outcomes.

We want to work with library staff and local authorities to bring these great changes about.

21. Support a People's Constitution

1. Make a new people's constitution where all are accountable to the people;

2. A fully transparent system run by the people for the people with the environment taking the lead.

22. Real Development Approach to Govern

Our "free" democracy reached dead end. Proofs of it are all around us; if you examine any given problem closely you will find so much nonsense, that you won't be surprised "solutions" hardly work. Governments have tendency of appointing new agency or special commission for particular cases. It's not only clogging, slowing down proper development.

What is worse that kind of approach does not work on real causes,which are left alone and treated as constants. It won't work. Never. Our only possibility to deal with problems in our society is to treat them as we treat and understand ecosystems. And any kind of political correctness trying to blind us will not help. We have to step out of present illusion(we will anyway - why not now) of economy rules. It is not freedom, it is not even democracy - now marketing rules the world. We are humans, not employees. "Economically viable" and "right" are not synonymous. Sooner we realize it the better.

As problem is so complex I will give here only two examples:

1. Children Rising
At the moment we let "Money & Power" paradigm educate our children(and ourselves for that matter). It results in all sorts of trouble: from bed behaviour to alcohol abuse to overweight. Source of those is the same: we are leaving our kids alone and the don't know what is right or wrong. Their only dream is "to be famous".They are treating projection as reality and are unable to cope with their intellectual and emotional needs. Not even million commissions won't solve it if we do not address the source.

2. Drug Abuse
Similar really to the above. It is disorder of society which manifest in emotional problems of individuals. No agency or prohibition will work.

Accept it. It is pretty obvious truth. It is what we will do with it what matters.

23. Stop the government crucifying lone parents and the most vulnerable members of society

The recent announcement that the Irish Government has decided, that children over the age of 13, living with one Parent, are no longer entitled to any form of financial support is the final straw in their bag of dirty tricks.

We are now supposed to rear our teenagers, the future of this country on fresh air, or polluted air, as the case may be.

We also need to stop these Gangsters from terrorising our Pensioners, the fore-runners of this country, who have paid their dues and should be cherished, not kicked in the teeth.

24. Support the promotion of a cashless society

A future cashless society will have several benefits for the community. Firstly, it will increase the detection of crime and be a catalyst for its reduction. As a consequence, it will lower violence in the community.

Secondly, it will reduce the black market that is based on cash and promote the integrity of the income tax base. This will give governments the funds to implement social welfare programs, pay off debt, as well as increase spending on all forms of needed infrastructure.

Thirdly, it will promote greater efficiency in the economy by eliminating the costs of managing cash in terms of counting, securing, and transporting it to banks and other commercial establishments.

The privacy of all Australians is currently protected by national privacy laws. National privacy legislation can be strengthened if needed before the introduction of a cashless economy.

There is absolutely no need for any person or business to apply for any form of credit from any institution, in a proposed Australian cashless society, in order to execute day to day transactions. All Australians can currently apply for and obtain Eftpos Cards, Visa Debit Cards, or Mastercard Debit Cards from any bank or credit union.

The technology for cashless transactions for the visually impaired can and will be developed so that they are not left-out of the means to excecute cashless transactions.

The use of the internet and mobile phone to perform cashless transactions are with us already, or in the case of mobile phones, will be further developed in future using currently available technology called radio frequency identification (RFID).

Australia currently has the technology to become a cashless society. With future research, current cashless methods can be refined while new cashless methods of making purchases can be developed.

25. We Want The MS Society To Use Our Money To Fund CCSVI Research

I am confident that this could be a revolution for the research and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis ”— Dr. Paolo Zamboni.

If there is a possiblity that MS can be cured this procedure should be looked into. This experimental surgery Dr. Zamboni performed on his wife offers hope that MS, which afflicts 2.5 million people worldwide, can be cured and even largely prevented.

26. Make Pasadena Humane Society a NO KILL Shelter

The “No Kill” movement ensures all healthy and adoptable animals are given the opportunity to find a home. The Pasadena Humane Society and SPCA (“PHS”), despite having extensive resources of over $5.57 million in revenue in 2008, continues to be a kill shelter.

Many other shelters in the area and all over the country are “No Kill” and have less funding, such as San Gabriel and Glendale Humane Societies, as well as the cities of New York and San Francisco. Adoptable animals are being senselessly killed at PHS because of “space,” despite the extensive financial, volunteer and community resources of Pasadena and its surrounding areas.

Recently PHS won the licensing for the city of Glendale and consequently an even larger number of animals’ lives are at risk. By becoming “No Kill” PHS could potentially save the lives of many adoptable animals.

27. Stop Facebook's Poisonous Grasp on Society

Do you want to help STOP further ways for convicted criminals and hackers to intrude into our families & social circles?

The effects that something like Facebook has on all our societies, throughout many countries and their cultures, is of great importance.

When we consider major issues in our legal systems, communities & countries as a whole, we obtain an already gray picture that seems to continuously fade into black. This blackness represents our values, standards and human rights as a whole.

Facebook (as nieve as we all sometimes are) is damaging our lives from something as small as persistent messages and advertisment, right the way through to the biggest issues such as data protection, child abuse, rape & MURDER!

I'm not sure is you have noticed but this "ever growing" culture that insights all kinds of marriage/relationship break-ups and even bullying in our schools, is slowly taking over our general way of life. The schemes that facebook presents are most evil as they come in forms of entertainment and communication, very subtly sucking in our children, wives, husbands, fathers, & mothers to spend increasing amounts of time "stuck" the screen, presenting ever more tempting opportunities for people to indulge themselves in fantasies (good/bad) which have huge side affects. Boundaries according to cultural and sociological criteria shouldn't be broken by way of deliberately enticing people to do so just to line their own pockets.

I feel these affects need to be addressed and considered when deciding the functionality of something thats so easy to cease but can obtain uncontrollable amounts of power......I'm not 100% religiously inclined in any direction but I know...

If there is a Devil, Facebook would definitely be a useful tool for the destruction of society as we know it.

28. In Support the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan.

29. Eastenders make Heather a proud breastfeeding woman

We are proud of the way the BBC has taken a stand to reflect our society in all its diversity in the past . We feel this is the right time for the BBC to show a large portion of our society that has been ignored for pretty much the entire history of broadcasting.

Women have fed their babies the normal way for ever , yet the british culture has sadly portrayed bottle feeding in every single section of the media and entertainment for so very long that bottle is now veiwed as the norm . It is not. It is in fact recognised as the forth best method of feeding an infant.

We would request that you consider making Heather a breastfeeder ,we dont ask any story changes at all , you dont even need to show her feeding , in fact we would prefer no dramatic storylines as that isn't how breastfeeding happens, its just a natural choice .

You could have Heather say " I'm going to lie down and feed the baby ", just show that she isn't spending hours at the sink washing and making bottles, let her be able to leave the flat in a minutes notice as all she has to do is grab a spare nappy go - in short Please BBC - Make Heather Trott a proud breastfeeding woman

Thank you for your consideration.

30. Immigration Law Society at Wash U

The purpose of this petition is to gather enough signatures of currently enrolled law students at Washington University in St. Louis to formally create an Immigration Law Society at Wash U.

The Law School has never had an Immigration Law Society, yet St. Louis is the home of a surprisingly large population of new immigrants and refugees. Immigration is a topic commonly intertwined with employment and labor law, criminal law, health care, international law and foreign policy, among many other areas. The Immigration Law Society at Wash U would allow students to explore immigration law through direct community outreach, local and national speakers, fair-minded debates, contacts with employers and professional organizations, and advocacy and awareness events. Furthermore, the community outreach and volunteer aspect of the organization would provide students another avenue to obtain real-world legal experiences while in school, giving Wash U law students a competitive edge in the job market, even in areas other than immigration.

If you support the creation of this new organization, please help us by signing this petition. Under the Bylaws of the Student Bar Association, a new organization needs at least 10 registered members and twenty student signatures supporting the group’s formation, among other things. Please note in the space provided whether you would like to sign as a "Member" or "Supporter."

Thank you!