The Coalition Government
United Kingdom

The public are unhappy with the current voting system and the proposed AV system is too complicated and of little interest to the majority of the public as will be shown by today's low turn out. The public have become disenfranchised with politics and our patriotism has been shaken.

Many other countries with excellent governments and economies use Proportional Representation voting systems such as Party List Voting, e.g. Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. It can be implemented simply with little if no additional costs. Other PR systems are still in use in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Germany on of the strongest economies in Europe. Voting turn out is getting lower and lower every election, the public are not happy with the current situation and revolts will become more common.

The public need to know and SEE their votes and opinions count, AV is not enough and people think you are not listening to them. They need honest politics where a coalition works together and is honest when they dislike or like the others policies. Please give us a referendum on PR so we can show you how we feel and listen to the results so we know you have our interests at heart.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government (Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition), in particular David Cameron and Nick Clegg, to allow the public of the United Kingdom a Referendum on the introduction of Proportional Representation as our election system for MPs in the House of Commons.

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