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1. Sign the Sympathy Card to Manchester Arena (Ariana Grande Concert) Attack

The "Manchester Terror Attack" that just happened on Monday evening 22 May 2017 in Manchester Arena at Ariana Grande's Concert. Hundreds and many unknown innocents were injured. This is the second suicide attack after London Westminster Bridge attack in just under two months.


2. Close Yeovil College Somerset

Yeovil College is a disgustingly failed establishment.
All they are is just a Foundation Learning Dump and whilst all the real educational foundings were failing, they considered it cool to go ahead and suddenly grab themselves a Spanish A-Level, almost just to say "See, we are OK" ???!!!

There is also a University Centre which takes up valuable space and time, giving gullible hormonal teens fake degrees!

Proving this is indeed an extremely valid Petition and that closing down Yeovil College is urgent! So come on folks, lets rally up!

3. Close all immigrant detention centres

There are about 3,700 detainees in 13 "immigrant removal centres" in the UK. Detention costs UK taxpayers about £100 per detainee per day. There is no limit on the period of detention, even if the detainee has committed no crime (other than an immigration infraction). The system is absurd, inhumane and could be replaced by electronic monitoring at a fraction of the cost.

4. Make Jennifer Juan the next UK Poet Laureate

Jennifer Juan should be the next poet laureate to continue the work of those before her, in raising awareness of the great art of poetry, and celebrating the beauty of British culture through literature.

Jennifer has a large following of young fans, and while she could exploit them for profit, instead she has focused on teaching them about poetry, and making poetry accessible to young people.

She writes about all kinds of things, such as mental health, poverty, relationships, world affairs and history.

At a time when we have a female prime minister, a female ruler, why couldn't we have a second female poet laureate and prove that poetry isn't a men's club. Jennifer would also be the first biracial poet laureate, finally bringing more diversity to the role.

Jennifer would be a great successor to Carol Ann Duffy, and would continue her legacy, while also adding her own.

5. Pledge 2 Boycott - companies leaving the UK

Since the UK referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 and number of international, global or even British companies have suggested that they might abandon the UK.

This could have massively detrimental effects on our economy just when we need all the help that we can get. We might want to remember their lack of loyalty when they want to return when it doesn't work out.

These companies are from a variety of sectors including manufacturing, financial and transport businesses. They will potentially disregard job losses nationally.

They don't consider the costs that they could face if we as consumers stopped using them. They might live to regret it if the European Economy collapses as we emerge as a leading economy.

They consider that they will face additional costs due the so called 'Brexit'. Together we can let them know that they also face massive costs if they dessert us.

Together we can pledge to boycott them now and in the future. We can refuse to buy their products and use their services. We can remember that when they want to come back to us, that they stabbed us in the back!

6. No to 2nd EU Referendum - STICK TO THE WINNING RESULT

We recently voted to leave the EU.

This was a fair vote and the outcome should be treated with respect.

If you didn't vote when you had the opportunity, that isn't anybody's problem. There was the opportunity to vote via post if you were too busy to get down to the polling station.

Saying that the vote was unfair on the younger generation as 75% voted to remain isn't a good enough response, what about the 15% that wanted to leave? Also, these figures are not correct. The vote is anonymous.

Signing the petition for a re-vote will only strike up anger within UK and this will be an endless battle of petitions and re-votes no matter what the outcome.


I was unable to vote in the EU referendum because I am 17, not 18.

Nonetheless, I don’t understand why my peers and I, the future of this country shouldn’t be deciding on said future. I don’t believe it’s fair and I am absolutely shocked at the turnout this referendum has received. The people who have voted clearly hold a grudge against the government, something that we, as the young representatives of the country, aren’t exposed to. In fact, the 18-24 age group voted at 64% supporting remain, and so would have the rest of us, if we were allowed to share our belief. And by the way the average number of years that the 18-24 age group would have to live in this non EU UK is 69 compared to the 16 years the 65+ age group, that voted at 58% in favour of leave, would have to stick around for.

At schools we are educated in a way that let’s us determine and decide on our own political views. From the age of 13 we are able to make decisions, as we select GCSEs that define our future as members of the community, yet we cannot decide on the future of the country we will continue living in. At 16 we make an even bigger decision as our A level choices are determined, yet still, we cannot vote. And at 17 when we choose our degree and apply for university, still, you guessed it, we cannot vote. Each person votes for their own belief so who’s voting in terms of education and young peoples rights? We should be, as it is our concern. The vote was split by just a little over a million, but there are over 6 million of us who didn’t get to choose, and out of the entire population we will be the most affected by this change. We are the future university goers and we are the future workforce, how are we different to any adult, when most don’t even have A level qualifications. We are an ambitious and passionate generation and we will not stand for the changes made against our will.

My peers and I are strongly remain and as we watched the turnout, the night of the 23rd of June, we were saddened by the result and angry to see how little influence we had over the decision.

So I blame the government, I don’t blame the EU or the people, because the government is there to do its job, and that is to convince the general public to decide on what is better for them and that goal hasn’t been achieved, in fact the remain campaign seemed so confident in its victory that it was much weaker than that of leave. It must have been anticipated that the community supporting leave would do so, with much more enthusiasm and much more spirit. Change is more exciting and people supporting it are more excited than those who simply want things as they are. So I believe the remain campaign should have been much stronger, especially since we have the higher ground.

I have no idea how, in this day of technology, travel and constant import and export as well as a generally volatile economy in this part of the world, Britain will survive without the EU or how in fact the EU will survive without Britain. The elderly who are supporting the way Britain was previous to 1974 aren’t reflecting on how the world has changed since then. The pound has fallen lower than it’s been ever since 1985, so even the financial crash of 2008 didn’t affect our currency this significantly.

The United Kingdom has just regained confidence in Scotland’s loyalty to Britain after the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014. And now Scotland is once again questioning their position within the UK that has been in place since 1707. So the government is not doing such a great job keeping the nation together, which at this tough moment, I believe must be the priority.

I am writing on behalf of my generation and we need for our young voices to be heard, now!

8. A voice for UK citizens living in the EU

Why don't over 2 million British Citizens have the right to vote in the forthcoming UK referendum on membership of the European Union?

We are fed up with the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of people like Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and also the British media, mainly the written press, about how bad Europe has been for the United Kingdom.

Ex-pats should join together and voice their opinions on how bad it would be for them if the UK should decide to leave the EU.

9. Lev home for Christmas

Christmas is Jordan's favourtie time of the year, let's make sure he's home for it!

10. Petition for a Skate Park in Southway

As Youth Workers we have been working with young people in Southway, Plymouth for over four years. The Youth Work Team carried out consultation with Young People in 2011. (The short film that accompanies the consultation is available at - ) The short consultation paper is available upon request from the Youth Centre. (We have also carried out consultation in Whitleigh - and Tamerton Foliot - details are available from The Southway Youth Centre.

One of the key themes that came to light was the lack of social spaces for Young People in the area. Emphasized by the fact that Southway was located on the edge of the city, and the costs involved in accessing any young people resources in the city was prohibitive. Through this consultation a Skate Park for the area was highlighted as one of the top priorities by the young people.

After the initial completion of the consultation, the young people presented the findings to Local Councilors, Police, Plymouth City Council Officials and the Lord Mayor (see - for photos)

After the presentation, and with the help of local councilors, we secured funding to purchase skate ramps to be used inside the Youth Centre (see - Following on from this we visited other skate parks in Portland and Dorchester – (see - and

We have continued to provide a safe space for young people to participate in Urban Sports whilst we have simultaneously secured funds for a static skate park in the area of Southway, for the Young People. To date we have managed to secure an area of land, with Funds secured to the amount of £55, 000. This will need to be followed by further fundraising as an additional £85,000 will need to be secured to build a skate park.

We are aware that areas of Southway are potentially up for further housing development. We are also aware that we are still within a recession and that there is an ever present risk that the provision of services for young people in the area may decline.

In working with the young people of Southway we have seen a drastic decrease in ASB, and reports of ASB in regards to Young People. We have identified that the energy and talents of young people should be embraced, specifically more so if they are engaging in a physical activity that stimulates the growth of positive friendship groups.

We are asking for your support. Support to enable us to provide young people in the area with more things to do, we are asking you to support us and sign this petition for a skate park in Southway.

Thank you.

11. UK Judicial Review of Fatal Airline Crash

During a year-long effort by citizens to improve airline passenger safety in Britain's tiny Overseas Territory of Montserrat, a shocking chronicle has emerged regarding how British officials had suppressed Air Traffic Controllers' reports of an aircraft's repeated engine failures, how these same officials continue to obscure the identify of a plane involved in a near-fatal in-flight engine failure, and how for 2 years, have covered-up the final report on the inevitable fatal crash of the same aircraft.

While whistle-blowers and an investigation by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had uncovered a horrific series of incidents and airline behaviour, much more information has come to light since February when a Caribbean-based news agency,, started publishing details of the incidents and the public claims and counter-claims made by citizens, Foreign Office officials and the CAA's wholly-owned subsidiary, Air Safety Support International (ASSI).

The details are shocking. ASSI has confirmed any Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MOR) of engine-failure filed by Air Traffic Controllers prior to the crash would never have been published in order to protect the identity of the airline. The aviation authority has also attempted to obscure the identity of the aircraft involved in the earlier in-flight engine failure which, according to the news agency, has been identified as the same plane involved in the repeated ground failures and the fatal crash.

Links to relevant articles and press statements:

Senseless Airline Crash

The British Governor's Defence and News Agency Comment

The UK Regulator's Press Statement and News Agency Comment

12. Ban the burka and niqab in the UK

Why should the Burka be banned in the UK?

• CCTV is invalid for criminals wearing the burka/niqab as you cannot see in CCTV the face or appearance of anyone wearing one;

• Criminals can use the burka/niqab as a disguise to stop police from recognising them and arresting them;

• If a motorcyclist enters a petrol station rushing to pay for their petrol to get to a loved one in an emergency at hospital they are asked to remove their helmet before they enter and pay, the burka/niqab is allowed to stay on whilst in the building, what's the difference?

• Terrorists can walk freely around the streets covering their face in a burka/niqab without the police knowing if they are following the right person when in a crowd as they could easily be mixed up;

• It is not a religious obligation if you do not wear the burka/niqab;

• Can you trust s person that you cannot fully see the face of?

• Public places should not allow the burka/niqab as it can make people feel uneasy and scared wondering who the person under the burka/niqab could be e.g a murderers, rapists and paedophiles etc;

• Why should we risk our own safety for other individuals to be given freedom?

• Why should they be at less risk if commiting crimes?

• Why should they be able to hide away?

• Why waste all that money on security?

Bring back public safety and bring the risk of crime down more! It's for your own sake and your families sake.

• £515,000,000 spent on CCTV by councils alone before February 2012 which is coming out of tax payers pockets without public houses, sports facilities etc forking out thousands for them to be installed.

13. Total Abolition Of The Tv Licence Fee UK

The Tv Licence Resistance on Facebook actively supports and assists everyone to resist this unlawful stealth tax.

14. Free Iranian-British Student Roya Saberi Negad Nobakht, Sentenced To 7 YEARS For Criticizing Regime On Facebook

UPDATE AUGUST 25 2016-- A British woman initially sentenced to 20 years and later reduced to 7 years in prison in Iran for posting an anti-government comment on Facebook. Roya Saberinejad Nobakht, 49, is a British-Iranian citizen who has been in prison in Iran since October 2013. She has been subjected to physical and psychological torture.

The Tehran Revolutionary Court, in another illegal action, sentenced 8 men and women, active on Facebook to more than 123 years of imprisonment.

Since the authorities have been unable to have any influence on society in trying to ban Facebook, with this action, they seem to be trying to create panic among social network users, and are using this to create and influence an atmosphere of oppression in cyber-space.

According to the opposition site Kaleme, these people who were arrested last year and were interrogated at the IRGC Ward 2-A in Evin prison, were tried and sentenced collectively to more than 123 years of imprisonment in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Moghayeseh,.

The sentences issued by lower court are as follows:

1- Roya Saberinejad Nobakht; 20 years of imprisonment

2- Masoud Ghasem Khani; 19 years and 91 days of imprisonment

3- Fariborz Kardarfar; 18 years and 91 days of imprisonment

4- Sayd Masoud Sayed Talebi; 15 years and one day of imprisonment

5- Amin (Farid) Akramipour; 13 years of imprisonment

6- Naghmeh Shahi Savandi Shirazi; 7 years and 91 days of imprisonment

These 8 people were charged with assembly and collusion against the national security, insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting the authorities, propaganda against the regime, blasphemy, and spreading lies and disturbing the public’s peace.

The Revolutionary Court, based on Article 134 of the new Islamic Republic’s Penal Code has issued these sentences, giving them more than half of the maximum penalty. But, according to this same Article, only the sentence for the charge with the highest maximum penalty is enforceable. In this case, that would be the charge of assembly and collusion against the national security, which carries 7 1/2 years of imprisonment.

While the issue of free access to the Internet has become one of the main challenges between the hardliner Judiciary and the administration of Hassan Rouhani and considering the inability of the hardliners to influence the cyber space activities of the people, they have resorted to giving these heavy sentences to make an example and to create an atmosphere of fear in order to stop the people from online activities.

Kaleme had previously reported regarding the IRGC’s scenario and arresting of cyber activists in the summer and fall of 2013. Those people were arrested in Tehran, Shiraz and Sari. They were all held at IRGC’s Ward 2-A in Evin prison where they were interrogated and tortured. Currently they are being held in Evin prison and Gharchak prison for women in Varamin.

Despite the fact that the IRGC interrogators have charged these 8 people with various false charges, that the Court used to convict them, Kaleme’s reporter investigations showed that activities of these 8 people were limited to criticism of the ruling establishment’s policies, poems and songs of protest, spreading the news of the events of post-2009 presidential election and political-social satires.

These activists, under pressure by the interrogators and with false promises of leniency, gave false confessions on national TV, apologizing for their actions, voicing regret for their Facebook activities, and warned about the ill effects of these social networking sites.
Source (in Farsi): Kaleme

Translation by Persian Banoo:

A student visiting family in Iran has been locked up for five months after writing on Facebook that the country 'was too Islamic' during a family trip.

Roya Saberi Negad Nobakht, from Stockport, was arrested as she stepped off a plane in the provincial city of Shiraz and accused of being a spy, said her husband Daryoush Taghipoor.

Daryoush said his 47-year-old wife has been detained at Evin, a prison in the capital Tehran, on suspicion of plotting to commit crimes against security and insulting Islam.

He claims her arrest was over comments she made on an internet chat forum and to friends on Facebook about the Iranian government being too controlling and ‘too Islamic’.

Part-time chef Daryoush and Roya, an English student at Stockport College, have lived in Heald Green for six years and are naturalized British citizens.

Daryoush, 47, said his wife had done nothing wrong and feared for her life.

Speaking from Iran, he added: 'It’s a very bad situation. We don’t know what’s going on.

'Roya is not well at all. She has lost three stone and is frightened. She is scared that the government will kill her.'

Roya travelled to Tehran to see family last October.

About two weeks into the trip, she flew to Shiraz to visit a friend and was arrested at the airport.

It is understood she is being remanded in Evin prison while she awaits a trial.

Family friend Nasser Homayoun-Fekri, from Offerton, has written to his MP Andrew Stunell, asking him to put pressure on our government to intervene.

Mr Fekri said: 'Roya is not a political activist in any way. She is just a normal citizen.

'The authorities don’t clarify why she has been arrested and Daryoush insists the charges are based on a confession extracted from Roya under duress.

'The government needs to do all that is feasible to get the release of this innocent British citizen.'

The British Embassy in Tehran is closed but Ajay Sharma, head of the Iran department at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), is acting as a diplomat between the two countries.

Mr Stunell, Hazel Grove MP, said: 'I am concerned about this arbitrary arrest and am urgently asking the FCO to make inquiries.'

15. Eliminate Corruption in Scotland

The justice minister Kenny MacAskill MSP stated “We know there is corruption within Scottish justice system” we find this is totally unacceptable.

The foundation of any democracy is its justice system and if parts of this system are corrupt, then we do not have real democracy.

Corruption undermines every aspect of our society and this campaign calls for compulsory random drug testing for anyone involved within the court system.

As in many other professions regular random drug testing is the norm in order to protect the public and the integrity of that profession, therefore we call for random drug testing to be introduced within specific sectors within the court system. This should include solicitors representing clients.

We believe that this will restore the public’s faith in the Scottish justice system. Therefore I hope you will sign our petition to introduce regular drug testing of those who work or earn their living from the Scottish legal system.

16. UK Government to rid British Land of non-British citizens!

I believe Britain is being over-run with people from different countries. I'm not preaching racist hate, and I'm not in any way saying non British are bad people but i believe we need to make britian, BRITIAN again.

Bring back UK peoples jobs! Bring back English rights and make britain british once again!

Please listen to our thoughts and act as appropriate or the british public will be forced to take action and stand to be counted to stop the influx of crime, and the government caring more for other countries and not ours! Act now!!

17. Stop First Kernow's Price Hikes

From 2008 - 2014, The price of an all-day ticket on First buses in Cornwall has risen from £5.50 to £10.00, an increase of 81%. Travel Shops have been closed and others had their hours reduced.

Many bus services have been reduced or axed completely, leaving the consumer with less buses, less customer service, and less choice.

Cornwall is one of the poorest counties in the UK, with some of the highest property values and utility bills. The increase imposed by first kernow will only serve to make traveling around the county more unaffordable, and will subsequently make life more difficult for the residents of Cornwall.

What Cornwall needs is an affordable bus service that provides the consumer with affordable travel to the rural areas the need it the most.

18. Meningitis B Vaccine to be available for ALL children

This E petition is to try and put some pressure on the Government to routinely vaccinate ALL of our children as part of the childhood immunisation program against the lethal Meningitis B.

Our children are NOT vaccinated against this at the moment. The vaccination has just became available and will cost £75 per dose for children who aren't deemed high risk.

This should be FREE for every child and EVERY child should be immunised.

Can you imagine if your child caught meningitis and you hadn't PAID to have them vaccinated?

Meningitis KILLS in only 4 hours and can leave your child severely disabled. It is a terrible illness but it is within our power for a relatively small cost to wipe this out in our country.

Please consider signing this petition to encourage the government to add this to the immunisation program. Sharing this on social media would be great too.

Thank you.

19. Support Fracking in the UK

80% of residential properties use gas for heating! to avoid being reliant on foreign countries! we need our own resources! including gas.

Fracking can provide a safe and environmentally solution to the UK's energy needs and needs to be encouraged. It would be impossible to convert all residential properties to electricity and the powers network could not handle the increase, even if we could.

We have the gas infra structure all we need is the gas fracking can provide at a reasonable cost. Back it now!

20. Ban the Super Puma From the UK Oil and Gas Industry

All confidence in the Eurocopter Super Puma helicopter has been lost within the UK oil and gas sector. Accident investigators have questioned the air safety regulator's stance in ruling out technical issues as the cause of the latest tragic accident.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which regulates aviation in the UK, issued a statement on August 30th saying it did not believe that the accident was caused by an "airworthiness or technical problem", based on the information available. But the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB), which is leading the probe into the crash,responded to the statment saying it "can't figure out" why it arrived at that verdict.

Some people are not telling the truth about what is going on here, and they are gambling with the lives of workers. Lets put a stop to this.

21. Stop military advances on Syria - Texas

The US government, along with the United Kingdom, are advancing a naval strikeforce and other military equipment and personnel towards Syria, in anticipation of a military engagement and this, regardless of international laws or any United Nations decree.

22. Takeshi's Castle UK DVD

Takeshi's Castle first began airing in the UK in November 2002. Ever since then fans have been asking for a DVD release. Over a decade later it still hasn't happened. We want to fix that!

We have planned out a three disc DVD set to show just what would, hopefully, be possible to produce. This includes three brand new episodes produced exclusively for the DVD. We didn't get all the unseen episodes on Challenge TV, but here's our chance to finally get them made. And even better, done properly (unlike Challenge TV and Rebooted), with Craig Charles providing the voice-over!

If you're a fan of Takeshi's Castle and would like to see a UK DVD release, please take a minute to sign the petition. With enough support behind it we can show that there's more than enough interest to warrant a release.

For more information on our suggested DVD content please visit this page:

23. Establish a CANZUK political & defence alliance and free trade zone by 2020

In recognition of the reality that the UK will almost certainly recast its relationship with the EU to avoid falling into an inevitable supranational federation;

And in respect of the fact that the UK values its freedom and political independence as much as Canada, Australia and New Zealand (CANZ) does—nations that share a common language, common values, common law, common institutions, a common political culture, a common military heritage, a common history and a common head of state, HM the Queen;

And in recognition of the fact that the individual nations of CANZUK require a vision for the 21st century that is cooperative and global in nature, one that is able to leverage its values and strengths in order to best compete with the emerging giants of the world who may not share those values;

And in acknowledgement of the fact that much could be gained for the prosperity, mobility, protection and freedom of our citizens if our nations, for example:

- Established a free trade zone
- Created a dedicated channel for arrival and departure at all ports of entry to allow subjects of Her Majesty’s realms to enter with appropriate decorum and not as “foreigners”
- Increased sharing of embassies and missions around the world to build on the agreements that have already and recently been made to better protect our citizens abroad
- Pooled procurement in defence spending and other large government procurement items to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs on taxpayers
- Caucused in the UN as a geopolitical group (as much as CANZ currently does) and rotated chairmanship of the UK’s permanent seat on the UN Security Council

24. Syrian Crisis : Stop the war - Save Syria's Children

The Syrian Crisis as reported by the United Nations confirms the appalling abuses of children in this escalating conflict and this underlines the urgent need for a resolution to this crisis and for humanitarian access to those children still trapped in the country.

It is a sad indictment of the international community's failure on Syria that children continue to be killed, injured and maimed by artillery and crossfire. There are said to be approximately 6,500 (likely to be a huge underestimate, as two thirds of all recorded deaths, the UN reports, do not include an age) children killed so far in this 27 month conflict.

25. Lower University fees

Over the past few years university fees have been rising swiftly. In this year of 2012 many universitys have instituted fees up too £9,000 a year. Whereas in 2011, Universitys could only charge £3,290.


26. Bring back Deadliest Warrior for season 4

Deadliest Warrior, a show Aired ny Spike TV, is a documentary television show where historical or modern warriors and their weapons are used to determine which of them is the "deadliest" based upon tests performed during each episode.

The show first aired in April 2009 for its first season and was later followed by another two other seasons. In 2012 Geoff Desmoulin, one of the hosts alongside Dr Armand Dorian and Max Geiger ( later replaced by Richard "Mack" Machowitz) announced via twitter that spike had cancelled the series.

27. Stop Prosecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan

I am Ahmadi, a minority Muslim group, that is being prosecuted and victimized by masses and state in Pakistan.

I seek asylum but face difficulty in proving my case as we cannot provide excessive documentation in support of our cases and UKBA could deport us that could result in systematic target killing of us.

Recently EU Court of Justice has also recognized our miseries. I request all kind hearted people in UK to support my cause to let my family stay in UK to avoid prosecution.

28. Get SA Human Rights Commission involved!

Thousands of children are being removed from their loving parents and forcibly adopted under very suspicious circumstances by the secret family courts in the UK.

There is more evidence of very corrupt cases in the media every day and more and more people are becoming aware of the unfairness and detrimental effect the UK Social Services are having on loving and innocent families. Foreign families seem to be targeted.

Yesterday MP John Hemming appealed to parliament that this process needs to be revised and to use the Courtnage case as example of extreme corruption. The Slovak government has now become openly involved in helping their citizens in the UK, and we now appeal to the SA government to do the same to stop the forcible adoption of two young South African boys.

29. Keep Scotland part of the UK

The SNP want to stop Scotland being part of the UK - show Britain is still united.

30. Stop Fluoride in water and toothpste

Reasons Why Sodium Fluoride is Bad for Human Consumption

Calcium Fluoride appears naturally in underground water sources and even seawater. Whereas:
Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, aluminium, and phosphate fertilizer industries. This fluoride has an amazing capacity to combine and increase the potency of other toxic materials.

The sodium fluoride obtained from industrial waste and added to water supplies is also already contaminated with lead, aluminum, and cadmium. It damages the liver and kidneys, weakens the immune system, possibly leading to cancer, creates symptoms that mimic fibromyalgia, and performs as a Trojan Horse to carry aluminum across the blood brain barrier. The latter is recognized as a source of the notorious “dumbing down” with lower IQ’s and Alzheimer’s effects of fluoride. Various permutations of Sodium Fluoride are also in many insecticides for homes and pesticides for crops. Sometimes it is even added to baby foods and bottled waters.

If you live in a water fluoridated area, purchase commercially grown fruits, especially grapes, and vegetables that are chemically sprayed and grown areas irrigated by fluoridated water, you are getting a triple whammy! Better skip that fluoridated toothpaste as it contains 1200ppm! Poisoning our water supply is an act of terrorism and this, needs to stop Now! A lot of people are oblivious to these acts, and it has been going on for far too long. I want to see a radicle change ASAP so this is why I am starting this petition. I think all toothpaste companies and water companies should get sued, Sodium Fluoride is not good for your teeth and is a superficial myth. It actually causes damage to your teeth.

There is a health warning on Toothpaste saying do not consume because it is poisonous and this is a small pea size amount, Yet we are drinking this contaminated substance everyday causing irreversible damage to our health and Pineal Gland.

This needs to stop now!