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Many of Scotland's little monsters were extremely excited to see that Lady Gaga had announced her UK tour of Joanne! But, we weren't so excited that there unfortunately wouldn't be a Scottish date on a UK wide tour :( Many of my friends and I tried and failed to purchase tickets for other places like Manchester and London... Only to find out later on that ticket touts were selling them on for over £100 a ticket.... Most of us are students and some of us just generally don't have the money to pay such a fee! Above that there would be travel + accommodation! So, if like us, you want Lady Gaga to give her Scottish Monsters a chance to see her... then please sign this petition to bring her to Scotland again like she did on the Artrave tour!!! LADY GAGA SCOTLAND WANTS YOU SO BAD!!!!!!!!

2. Scrap the Home Report

Having bought a house based on a Home Report, the surveyor missed approx. £40k worth essential repairs, to make the house wind and water tight, and over valued the property £40,000.

We believe there are many similar cases of faulty or negligent Home Reports across Scotland and believe that the current system is failing house buyers and costing people thousands in unexpected repair bills, not to mention the stress and financial worry associated with a legal battle.

3. Investigate World Rugby Officiating

The International Rugby Board needs to investigate refereeing over the last two world cups, specifically the 2011 Quarter Final between South Africa and Australia along with the Final between New Zealand and France, and the 2015 quarter final between Scotland and Australia.

In all three cases the performance of the referee has played an overwhelming part in the outcome of the game. In two cases the same referee has been involved and in the other the referee in question quit his post after.

The fact that the same team (Australia) has benefited twice in two world cups at the same stage by a questionable officiating performance needs to be investigated.

4. Give Us Gaming Events In Scotland

In Scotland we have no gaming events. I want to appeal to gaming companys worldwide to help me to get some, they will most likely make profit and it will be fun.

5. Improved access for performing arts professional training for Scottish students

Each year around 20-30 dance and musical theatre students graduate from the Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow aged 16 - 18. Many of them wish to continue their professional training in ballet, modern dance and jazz and musical theatre at colleges in England and are successful in gaining places at these competitive colleges through audition.

Some of the courses are BA Honours degree courses over three years and some are Professional diplomas in dance or musical theatre also over three years. At present, only students on the BA Honours degree courses are able to apply for a student loan through SAAS.

The diploma courses are of a high standard (level 6 English qualifications framework, level 8 Scottish SQA framework), with external validation from Trinity college London, accreditation by the Council for Dance Education and Training, at institutions with excellent reputations in the industry and excellent employment records. Students on many of the diploma courses are able to opt to 'top up' their diploma to a BA Honours degree over one year by distance learning after graduation.

Some students on the diploma courses are able to access DaDa (Dance and Drama awards), though these scholarships are now strictly means tested and many students are not eligible for any help with fees or maintenance. Most institutions offer some scholarships for some students, but these are only for a minority of students and do not cover all fees and maintenance costs.

6. Bus Regulation in Scotland that puts passengers before profits

Buses are essential to community life, yet large swathes of our towns and cities are being left without a local bus service whilst operators wrangle over the most lucrative routes. In my own constituency, bus services have been cut because they were not considered to be commercially viable by operators.

At the moment, bus companies are paid to provide unprofitable but vital services to communities, but the terms of these arrangements are too one-way. Authorities get little say for their money in how these services are run, and when operators walk away with scant warning, communities lose out.

I believe it is time for the current market-driven set-up to change and so do many of the constituents, bus users and other stakeholders that I speak to. The Scottish Government needs to take action and change the law to ensure that bus services in Scotland put passengers before profits.

7. English MP's for English Issues

Now that Scotland is to be given more powers to govern itself should, England be given similar consideration by allowing MP's of English only constituencies to vote on English only issues.

8. Freedom 4 Scotland

The people of Scotland were promised additional powers if they voted No in the referendum.

These promises were reneged on hours after the vote was declared as a No campaign win.

I and the people of Scotland believe that we have been lied to and that these promises changed the outcome of a Yes vote win to a No vote win.

I urge everyone who thinks Scotland has been lied to and should be an independent country to sign this petition.

Show your support and let the Westminster government know that we will not go quietly into the night.

We will fight for the right to be free.

We are Scotland and we will be heard.

9. Recount the Yes and No Votes

Today 19/09/2014 we got a NO for Scottish independence.

This is a very sad time for nearly half of Scotland.

We all would like to believe it was a fair vote, but considering the lies that both sides YES and NO have said about each other, don't we think it would be responsible for there to be a RECOUNT of the votes? Can we say it was fair?
What if a man was seen on video who were suppose to be counting votes was seen looking about to see if anyone was looking then putting crosses on voting papers?

Isn't it fair to all to have the votes RECOUNTED?

What if there was mistakes?

What if there was a lady seen on video counting votes and took YES VOTE papers and placed them in a pile on the NO VOTE pile giving the no vote pile more counts?

What if someone just lost count but didn't restart?

There needs to be a RECOUNT of the YES OR NO VOTES so that we can all move on and know it was fair and that there was no rigging.

Sign this petition so that cameras record people recounting the votes?

10. A Scottish Referendum on EU Membership

Many Scots will turn up to vote in the Referendum and vote to decide Scotland's future.

It is right and proper that we should also all be consulted about our Nation's future as either:

1) An Independent Sovereign State, fully capable of making our own decisions.


2) A vassal state, a subservient partner, who has surrendered our sovereign liberty by joining the European Union, who will decide our fate!

The EU has a scandalous record, and they override the wishes of nation states, to impose their damaging and irrelevant elitist agenda.

The EU decides our minimum wage. It is no better than slavery!

Civil justice and human rights violations have become worryingly commonplace!

11. All Premiership Clubs must field at least five UK players every game

This is to try and make every Premier League club field a minimum of five UK players for every game as a minimum.

Until this is done we will never have national home sides able to compete at international competitions.

12. Scotland's Vote

It's only 100 days till Scotland's has its Independence vote, and I for one hope they stay with the rest of the UK.

I like millions of others in the UK and abroad have strong Scottish connections and ancestry, but I don't have a vote, and by living in England the outcome "Will" affect me.

My idea is non political and just to have a small say to the people in Scotland that for many reasons we would like them to stay with us.

13. Get The Arches back to Over 18s

Everybody has no doubt heard that The Arches nightclub has recently been changed from over 18s to over 21s.

This is because recently a young girl who was only 17 died by taking drugs inside. Changing the age restriction age will in no way tackle this matter it will only make promoters change venues and force people get ID from somebody older or buy fake ID's.

The ARCHES is loved by many young people in Glasgow and all over Scotland people go to have a good night with friends and enjoy music from DJs that come from all over the world to play in this great venue. Now this is being jeopardised by one incident.

14. Scottish government should investigate the matter of James Duff's estate

For an independent inquiry into the illegal court process that had taken my father, James Duff's estate which involved fake police reports, to prevent investigation and prosecutions.

15. Eliminate Corruption in Scotland

The justice minister Kenny MacAskill MSP stated “We know there is corruption within Scottish justice system” we find this is totally unacceptable.

The foundation of any democracy is its justice system and if parts of this system are corrupt, then we do not have real democracy.

Corruption undermines every aspect of our society and this campaign calls for compulsory random drug testing for anyone involved within the court system.

As in many other professions regular random drug testing is the norm in order to protect the public and the integrity of that profession, therefore we call for random drug testing to be introduced within specific sectors within the court system. This should include solicitors representing clients.

We believe that this will restore the public’s faith in the Scottish justice system. Therefore I hope you will sign our petition to introduce regular drug testing of those who work or earn their living from the Scottish legal system.

16. Stop a methadone clinic in Campbeltown

Campbeltown has a very minor problem with heroin, if this clinic goes ahead it will ruin the town which is improving all the time, it has new housing schemes, a new ferry service, new golf course, a new sea front.

The town has a very friendly attitude towards tourist's and it is also trying to make this more attractive for that very cause, which is badly needed. The town's people don't want all those things ruined with the problems that a clinic would bring. It would cause an influx of heroin user's, bring crime to the area, danger to health.

It has been proven in other town's in Argyll and Bute, so why cant NHS Highland take note and also listen to report's from police and the knowledge of the town's 6 local doctors and stop these clinics ruining Scotland's towns.

17. Save The Whithorn Trust

What closure would mean for Whithorn and the local area:-

Loss of 7 jobs.

Loss of spend in the local shops – the Whithorn Trust spends in the region of £2,500 in Whithorn shops annually with a further £2,500 at least spent in Dumfries and Galloway.

Loss of the only visitor facility in the Machars which advertises across the region and beyond. Consequential loss of visitors to the area.

Loss of a major visitor attraction open daily to visitors visiting the Machars

Loss of the museum which displays objects from Whithorn in Whithorn – these will be returned to Council and placed in store or returned to Edinburgh. Although the excavations were done by the Whithorn Trust the Council claimed the objects and these are loaned back to be displayed in Whithorn itself to bring visitors to the site.

Loss of 7,500 visitors per year and their associated spend in Whithorn as part of their visit.

Loss of over £500,000 to the local economy.

Loss of a museum which demonstrates the nation’s identity and diversity and display of a collection of international importance.

Loss of focus for local events and projects – Junior Tour Guides, Whithorn Events Group, art exhibitions.

Loss of meeting place for U3A, Whithorn Art and Crafts Trail, Whithorn and District Business Association.

Loss of visitor information point and café open all week.

Loss of funding raised for special projects – in 2011/12 the Trust raised £75,000 for the Machars Archaeology Project.

18. Stop goose devastation in Uist

Stop the devastation of reseeded and arable land in Uist.

Time to protect crops and to change the law regarding geese control and meat sales. There is a catastrophe unfolding and officialdom appears to have failed to recognise this and to take action.

19. Save Millie and her mum from deportation

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Scots schoolgirl will be forced to move 7500 miles to the other side of the world because her mum is being deported.

Millie Canales, who was born in the UK and has lived in Scotland since she was a baby, is being sent to South America.

The P3 pupil, who speaks with a broad Scots accent, now faces a life of poverty in an earthquake zone in Chile with her pregnant mum Francisca.

Millie has only made two short trips to Chile and speaks no Spanish, so will be unable to communicate with anyone there.

She has known no other life apart from her semi-detached home in Stirling and her circle of friends at the city’s Braehead Primary School.

Millie said yesterday: “If I lose all my friends, I’ll be very sad. That is what the baddies want to do.”

Francisca, 27, who first came to the UK as a student when she was 16, said of her daughter, whose full name is Millaray: “She would be lost if we had to go to Chile now.

“She is like any other wee Scots girl, with a Scots accent and Scots friends.

“She has only been to Chile twice on holiday to see her gran and cannot read or write Spanish.”

Francisca added: “Scotland is my home, and my daughter has known no other home, but I feel everything I’m trying to do for my family is being sabotaged at every turn.

“I’ve never tried to hide from the UK Border Agency. I’ve always had the right visas and always kept them informed.

“I’ve always worked, paid my taxes and I’ve always tried to do the right thing for my family.

“The Human Rights Act states that all children are a priority and should always be protected.”

The UK Border Agency’s bombshell means Millie will be forced to live with her mum and grandmum in a cramped flat in the Chilean city of Talca, which was virtually destroyed by a massive earthquake in 2010.

The family’s plight is made even worse by the fact that Francisca is five months pregnant.
Francisca was first told to leave the UK when she applied to extend her visa in June last year.

The Home Office based their decision on the fact that she was no longer living with Millie’s father, a Spanish national she met in the UK and who now plays no role in her daughter’s life.

Francisca claims she was given only days to quit the country but she then applied for permanent residence based on human rights laws.

This application was rejected in February and Millie now knows her fate and is terrified of losing her pals.

She said: “I don’t want to live in Chile because it is so far away.

“This is like goodies and baddies. We are the goodies but the baddies won’t put a stamp on my passport or my mum’s passport.”

Like most girls her age, Millie’s loves princesses. She’s got posters of princesses plastered over her bedroom walls and loves the book Princess Smartypants.

She also enjoys school, where her favourite subject is history and her favourite teacher is Mrs Muir.

Heartbroken Francisca said: “We didn’t plan this situation, it just happened.

“Millie was born in the UK, for goodness sake. We’ve not tried to bend the rules or cheat. We’ve always been honest and open.”

The UK Border Agency’s ruling that Francisca is in Scotland without permission has led to her being fired from her £17,500-a-year job in the insurance industry.

It means her family also face a financial struggle in the run-up to her baby’s birth.

Their last hope is an appeal tribunal hearing, due to be held on June 3.

Francisca said: “If I lose, I’ll need to return to live with my mum in Chile.

“I’ll have no choice but to take Millaray with me. That will be devastating.

“Chile is a foreign country to her, and I’ve not lived there since I was 16.”

20. Wales: Lower business rates for small firms, higher for supermarkets

Wales has the most expensive rates in the UK for small firms, while supermarkets are given the cheapest rates in the UK.

In Scotland, supermarkets pay more than small firms.

We want a similar and fairer two-tier business rate system and call for the devolving of business rates to Wales.

21. Keep Scotland part of the UK

The SNP want to stop Scotland being part of the UK - show Britain is still united.

22. Jail Woman Who Stole From Dying Girl

Olivia Downie was a 7 year old girl from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In January 2009, Olivia started complaining of severe backaches and tiredness, she looked very puffy and lethargic, she screamed in sheer agony for weeks and weeks.

We phoned NHS 24, paid numerous visits to the GP and outpatients department. Then we took Olivia to Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. They diagnosed cancer within 24 hours and then went onto diagnose Neuroblastoma Stage 4. We were shocked and horrified to the core, devastated..... how could our sweet innocent child have cancer??!

Doctors started Olivia on chemotherapy straight away to shrink the main tumour on her left adrenal gland. The treatments had horrible side effects, such as losing her beautiful blonde hair, violent sickness, loss of appetite, made her tired, confused and angry and gave her gastrionomitus. After chemotherapy, they operated to remove the tumour, which was the size of a grapefruit. Olivia had more chemotherapy to try to rid the bone marrow disease, and then high dose chemo, the hardest of all chemotherapies. Olivia remained unconscious over her 5th birthday on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2009. It was heartbreaking and soul destroying to watch our precious little girl go through all of this.

Her dad and I just wanted to take her pain and suffering away, do anything to stop it, but there was nothing we could do, except be there for her. Olivia then had radiotherapy and was sent home for a short break.

Through months of research, we discovered Immunotherapy, a new trial drug available to stop Neuroblastoma in its tracks. The survival rate for Neuroblastoma stands at a terrifying 20%. Unfortunately, Olivia was not eligible for the UK trial. With the help of Olivia's consultant, our local MP and sheer persistence, we got the ok to take Olivia to Germany for Immunotherapy. The local community came together through different fundraising ideas and raised money to help send Olivia for 6 cycles of treatment. All seemed well, until scans performed at Olivia's 4th cycle discovered 2 new tumours. This was a huge setback for Olivia.

Olivia's disease was stubborn, and although the treatment in Germany clearly helped Olivia, it progressed in other areas of her body. We were running out of options and our last real hope for a cure lay in Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy. Olivia was accepted onto a course of treatment at a clinic in Mexico, that has years of experience of helping children with Neuroblastoma, including UK children, but they didn't have enough funds to cover the costs. Olivia's disease has been stubborn, and although the treatment in Germany clearly helped Olivia, it has progressed in other areas of her body. Olivia arrived safely in Mexico after a difficult flight. Treatment began as soon as possible. Sadly Olivia took a turn for the worse early on in treatment and was transferred to a hospital near by. Olivia was now dying and we had to bring her home. Olivia managed to get back to a hospital in Scotland where she passed away peacefully.

While everyone was frantically raising money for treatment to save this little girls life. One woman decided to steal from the cause. She collected hundreds of pounds from Fraserburgh and surrounding areas telling them that she was doing a sponsored walk for Olivia's appeal. She never handed the money over or paid it into Olivia's Appeal.

Olivia's family wanted to press charges, they wanted the money paid into Logans Fund (a charity that helped Olivia) and this woman to be sentenced for theft and fraud. So the case was to be taken up in court until without reason the case was dropped with no charges pressed. This woman hasn't even been given a warning, she has been allowed to walk free and enjoy this money she stole from a dying child.

We need as many people as possible to stand up against this and say we want her taken to court and charged. The courts are sending out a message that its okay to steal from charities as this woman has not been made an example of.

23. Scotland should become Independent

Should Scotland become independent? Have your say!

24. End the British Monarchy

Britain is now in a Double-Dip recession. Now we have a four day weekend and many other bank holidays due to the royal family. This cannot be helping local businesses, and the economy will get worse.

If we ditch the monarchy perhaps we can focus our efforts on better things to boost the economy, for example we could sell the castles and royal homes as tourist attractions, or they could be used to shelter those who don't have homes in Britain at the moment, the royal family can get proper jobs to help or get the normal retirement money like everyone else.

In the 21st century we should not have "Royal" people, everyone is equal, most other monarchy's are now gone and they're probably doing a lot better than we are.

25. Bring forward Gateway Kintore: facilities needed now

Indicative plans have been drawn up for the Gateway Kintore development on site G60 adjoining the Broomhill junction on the A96 at Kintore.

These plans include a supermarket and filling station, along with hotel, restaurants, nursery, play barn, business and sports facilities, benefitting Kintore, Kemnay, Blackburn and other Garioch communities.

The plans include a proposal to upgrade the Broomhill roundabout, retaining direct access to Kintore for traffic from Aberdeen. Under the alternative plans, this traffic would be diverted.

Wherever you live, if you can see the benefit of Gateway Kintore, please sign the petition.

26. Equality in Business Rates for Pre-School Nurseries

Business Rates are supposed to be a Property Tax, however the evidence that we have collated shows that Rates Assessors have appeared to ignore this, for example Careshare who have a purpose built nursery in Dunfermline, registered for 89 spaces, are paying the equivalent of £811.80 per registered child place compare this to another Careshare nursery which is also purpose built located at Port Hamilton in Edinburgh in the heart of the Capital’s financial district which is registered for 90 spaces, who are only paying the equivalent of £550.00 per registered child place.

The above is exacerbated by the fact that Careshare in Edinburgh charges more per day than the Careshare in Dunfermline, which is understandable, however the affluent area of St Andrews which is the location of the purpose built Wonderyears Nursery registered for 127 spaces, also charges the same per day as Careshare in Edinburgh, but is charged less than half the amount of Business Rates per registered place. The property in St Andrews is particularly relevant as this property is currently up for sale for over a seven figure sum. If Business Rates are a property tax then the above 3 examples clearly show the current system does not work.

It would appear that the Rates Assessor has based their calculations on the rental information provided by the Tenants, however not all Tenants have provided this information and even when they have, the Rates Assessor does not have the manpower to check that the information supplied is correct.

In cases where no rental figure is provided, the assessor has to effectively guess what the rental figure should be, this has lead directly to a dramatic variance in Business Rates. For example the previously mentioned nursery located on the desirable waterfront at East Sands, St Andrews, is not only 80% bigger than the Building Blocks Nursery located in an Industrial Estate in Rosyth, but has a Rateable Value of £8,600.00 lower. In this case either a mistake has been made in the calculations to ascertain the Rateable Valuation of these two properties or incorrect information has been submitted by the businesses to the local rates assessors.

Companies who have invested in new property are being held at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to Business Rates. It appears that the policy of Rates Assessors is that nurseries operating from old converted houses pay 2/3rd and those operating from “portacabin”s pay 1/3rd of the business rates which a purpose built building pays.

This Policy will effectively put an end to the investment and development of new build nurseries, and will result in older stock properties being adapted, which will not always result in the best environment for children, as they will not have disabled or environmentally friendly features etc. Surely as a modern society we should be encouraging the development of high quality sustainable premises to help nurture future generations.

In summary Business Rates is a property tax, however the table below shows that is not the case as we have highlighted in the examples above. Six of the top ten Nurseries on the chart below are located in Dunfermline and the surrounding area, despite the fact that in a recent report from HBOS, Dunfermline along with Kettering in Northamptonshire has suffered the highest fall in property prices in the UK.

27. Let UK citizens vote in a Scotland Idependance Referendum

I believe this is the ideal opportunity to decide what United Kingdom citizens collectively wish to happen with regard to Scottish Independence.

It costs the UK billions every year to support Scotland. Similarly Scotland would be left with huge debt following separation.

The implications are serious for all UK citizens so it should be the decision of all United Kingdom citizens.

28. Please bring Celtic Thunder to Tasmania

The aim of this petition is to encourage Celtic Thunder's promoters to include Tasmania in their upcoming Australian tour.

Celtic Thunder are an international group of note that have toured widely but this is their first tour of Australia. The group and the music they play have many fans and many potential fans in Tasmania where their music is widely available.

It can be inconvenient and not within all of their fan's budgets to travel to the mainland for a show so please Celtic Thunder management consider a concert in Tasmania for those that support Celtic Thunder.

If you're one of them and don't want to be left out (or have the expense of travelling to the mainland) please sign our petition.

29. Recognise Irvine as a Former Medieval Administrative Centre

(Potted History & Video)

Irvine New Town and IDC

Between 1966 and 1985, the magnificent medieval history of Irvine was inexplicably erased upon the introduction and implementation of Scotland's New Town vision - a plan that saw the evocative title "Ancient Royal Burgh of Irvine" transformed into the much-maligned "Irvine New Town".

We now know that the former council-endorsed version of Irvine’s history has failed to properly communicate, incorporate or connect with numerous game-changing royal sources from the years 1128 to 1406. The result is tragic and heartbreaking; modern Irvinites have been told that Irvine launched itself as a settlement in the late 14th and early 15th centuries.

David I, John Balliol, Robert II & Robert III

Recent research by Morton Research Labs (2003-2009) has proven that Irvine began operating as an administrative centre for David I in the early 12th century, when he issued at least two charters (the primary hallmark of all medieval Scottish capitals) from his palace somewhere in the town (c.1128 & c.1138). Numerous subsequent charters were signed by the overlord of Irvine, the High Constable of Scotland, who had established his national HQ, or "military caput" (Military capital) somewhere in the town around the same time.

John Balliol, the legitimate Lord of Cunninghame, was feudal overlord of Irvine before and during his short reign as King of Scots in 1292-1296.

The first Stewarts, Kings Robert II and Robert III – descendants of the Dundonald-based High Stewards of Scotland - both issued numerous charters from Irvine between the 14th and 15th centuries.

Literature, Invention & Praise

In common with London and Edinburgh, and all other capital cities, Irvine in later years would help shape the minds and works of some of the world’s greatest historical characters; James Boswell was “quite comfortable” there. Daniel Defoe thought it one of the finest towns in one of the finest counties in the British Isles and was sore to leave it.

Like St. Andrews, Stirling, Edinburgh, Scone, and Glasgow – our more famous high status royal centres - Irvine culturally and economically outperformed almost every other settlement in Scotland for almost a thousand years.

The first Scots translation of the Bible was made in the Irvine valley. One of the oldest Syrian Gospels was discovered by twin sisters from Irvine. William Wallace is alleged to have gone fishing on the River Irvine and may even have been born in or around the town. Edgar Allan Poe may have attended school in Irvine’s kirkgate. The current deputy First Minister of Scotland, as well as the previous First Minister, were both born in Irvine.

A hotspot for local inventors, Irvine gave us the Pneumatic Tyre, water heated beds, a screw propeller and helped develop and enhance one of the first passenger railways in the world. A high speed suspension railway was invented and tested in Irvine shortly after the advent of train travel. A snow plough was devised. A tidal gauge, invented by a local man, was constructed at the coast. We could go on...


Four years ago architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff (The Guardian) called Irvine a “droopy port” that hadn’t “seen its heyday in a century or two”. He reckoned the main shopping precinct was “one of the worst in Scotland” and observed that while “dour estates” like Broomlands, Bourtreehill and Dreghorn offered genuine “new-town bargains”, they should still be considered “bleak” by today’s standards. Published nationwide and republished worldwide on the net, the added testimony of one unimpressed resident (“much of the town is the pits”) no doubt added sea-salt to the wound. After all, this was part of Dyckhoff’s “where no one goes” series.


The previous medieval history formally adopted by North Ayrshire Council is still promoted by the Irvine Burns Club. It states that medieval Irvine was "created a Royal Burgh in 1372 by Robert II" and "was a major West of Scotland seaport before the dredging of the Clyde".

That's all they have to say about medieval Irvine. The 12th to 13th centuries have been completely cut out. No Wallace. No Bruce. No Balliol. No David I. No Robert II. No Robert III. No High Constables. No High Stewards.

We need to replace - as soon as possible - all descriptions of medieval Irvine that begin (and end) with the misleading supposition that Robert II founded a Royal Burgh there in the late 14th century.


We want the Ancient Royal Burgh of Irvine to be recognised for its contribution to Scottish history as a centre of learning, technology, agriculture and medieval administration.

We want you to want it too.

To all those brilliant people who choose to sign this:
All signatures will appear on the "I Saved Irvine" page on our website.


See links for more information:
Royal Irvine:
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30. Keep ERS Racing as an official Ducati Service Centre

ERS Racing has been working hard to provide the Ducatista of Scotland with an alternative to Main dealer Servicing.

Surely the Ducati Fans in Scotland have the right to more than one option of where we can take our beloved Ducatis for a little TLC.