Honorable Sentator Anne Coole

My Name is Edward Goldstone. I am just one of many fathers who has had to say goodbye to their child. The last time I saw my son was July 9, 2000. This is due in large part to a court system that has large biases in custudy cases that give more rights to mothers as a parent. More often than not, the courts note only the father's income, rather than their ability to love and care for their child.

On December 22,1999, at the Abbotsford Courthouse, I was given legal visitation rights to see my son, and was required to pay a monthy child maintenance. Since then, in breach of the law, his mother has taken him and disappeared, denying me the right to see my boy, Austin. With the aid of private investigator, I have searched for my son's mother and grandmother with no success. I continue to pay monthly maintenance. Family Maintenance Program (which I volunteered to pay her through) knows where they are but doesn't have authorization to tell me.
Although she is deliberately breaking the law, the authorities can do nothing to stop her. This is due to the omission of a peace officer clause. Without this clause the police can't help me, essentially the court order means nothing. I am trying to get Dads' voices heard. Both parents should be given joint custody (providing the child is not in any danger) and a peace officer clause be included, to make the order inforceable.

I would like your help to put pressure on the Canadain Government to change these out-dated laws. You could help greatly by signing this petition. Its time for dads to have equal rights as parents!

Fathers are not treated fairly in the Canadian Court System. Children need their fathers and fathers need rights and access to their children. The Canadian Court System needs to be changed to enable this to occur. We, the undersigned, petition to change the laws to benefit fathers' rights to have access to their children.

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