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1. Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch

President Trump campaigned on nominating a well-qualified, conservative jurist to replace the late Justice Scalia. He has fulfilled that promise with the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch is well credentialed and has a proven record. In 2006, the Senate unanimously confirmed him as a judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Democrats led by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are committed to obstructing the nomination because they don’t want a proven conservative on the court. They will stop at nothing.

The nomination of Judge Gorsuch is an important step forward in restoring a judicial philosophy on the Supreme Court that embraces the Constitution and the rule of law.

The Senate must act to confirm him without delay.

2. Prosecute Obama for War Crimes in Syria, Libya, Iraq and elsewhere

We, the people of the world, want justice for the war crimes that the US has committed in the Middle East.

That is why we want to see the President of the United States of America, Obama, in an international criminal court for war crimes, to have a tribunal hearing for the thousands of lives that were unnecessarily lost under his mandate, on his orders.

3. Canadian Re-Affirmation of the Right to Life

We, the undersigned, recognizing, embracing and upholding the historic Judaeo-Christian philosophies and moral principles of the supremacy of God, knowing that He alone is the giver of life, and that He holds the creation of life as sacred and precious as expressed throughout the gospel and upheld in the Queens own coronation oath; do condemn and renounce the recent judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada that have led to the devaluing of human life within Canadian society and the recent murder of an Alberta woman by two doctors and call for an immediate cessation to all so called “Right to Die or Physician Assisted Suicides, ” procedures and practices.

Therefore - with all urgency in order to save and protect lives - we the undersigned do call upon all Canadians everywhere to re-affirm and affirm the right of all Canadians and indeed all persons - to life and to condemn any practice or procedure that leads to the untimely and unnatural death of another.

We, the undersigned also recognize that because of the depravity of society and the ideological “cults of death” that have developed globally through out governments everywhere and also through the spread of terrorism, that society, by time, necessitates the taking of life through the act of war or policing to ensure the safety and protection of other lives - do (with that being stated) still re-affirm and affirm with all passion and conviction the right of all - to life.

4. Reconsider the "Dallas Buyers Club LLC v iiNet Limited [2015] FCA 317" Court Ruling

On the date 7th April 2015, the Honourable Justice Perram J in Sydney ruled an order that allowed Dallas Buyers Club LLC and Voltage Pictures LLC to attain the private information of customers that it requests from iiNet and various smaller ISPs. Justice Perram also did not put a monetary cap on the amount that can be compensated by Dallas Buyers Club, thus allowing individual customers to be charged highly damaging amounts.

All the above is felt to be a violation of the privacy policy users agreed to when signing the contract between the ISP and customer and furthermore unfairly puts users at risk of being charged unfairly high compensation amounts by Dallas Buyers Club LLC.

The ruling can also be considered unreasonable as owners of shared PC's could be sent warning letters about actions they have not done. Public or unlocked or hacked wireless networks also fall under this category where the wrong people may be charged or warned.

5. Petition Against Consensual Sex For 12 To 15 Year Olds

As it stands the Sexual Offences Act considers consensual sex below the age of 16 to be an offence. The Amendment to the Sexual Offences Act seeks to reduce this age to 12.We consider this amendment to be absurd for the following reasons:

1. Psychologically under 16’s are not mature enough to make sexual decisions or understand the consequences thereof.

2. It exposes under 16’s to the risks of HIV/Aids and other STDs, prostitutions, statutory rape, abortion and child pornography.

3. It places an unfair burden on parents by taking away their rights to restrain their children from sexual activity. Children will be free to make their own decisions regarding sex.

4. School communities will become platforms for sexual activity for learners. Education staff will be unable to contend with sexually unruly and chaotic learners.

5. It will lead to an increase in teenage pregnancies. School drop-out will increase and unemployment and other socio-economic problems in the country will soar.

6. It violates the Child Protection Act because it will be “exposing or subjecting a child to behaviour that may harm the child psychologically or emotionally”.

7. It will encourage the growth of child pornography as an industry and other crimes in South Africa. International black-market demands will be made on SA since sex with under 16’s is illegal in other nations.

8. It will permit under 16’s to undertake abortions without the presence of parents or adult guardians.

Other nations, including the United States, do not promulgate consensual sex for under 16’s. If this amendment is successful it will make South Africa the most liberal nations in the world with regard to the age of sexual consent!

The authority to decide the destiny of minor children should lie with their parents/ guardians. As responsible citizens of South Africa we must prevent laws that expose our children to harm. The rights of our children are cannot be violated. The rights of children must be secured at all costs.

As parents, guardians and responsible citizens I sign this petition and thereby express my disapproval of the amendment to give under 16’s consent to engage in sexual activity.

6. Join in the call for a War Crimes Court for Liberia

The Liberian Civil War was a conflict that killed over 250,000 people and eventually led to the involvement of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and of the United Nations. The civil war, which was one of Africa's bloodiest, claimed the lives of more than 250,000 Liberians and further displaced a million others into refugee camps in neighboring countries.

Entire villages were emptied as people fled. as fighters, on all sides of the conflict under the commands of their superiors, committed atrocities, raping and murdering people of all ages.

The civil war claimed the lives of one out of every 17 people in the country, uprooted most of the rest, and destroyed a once-viable economic infrastructure. Putting an end to the culture of impunity will set a new agenda for the Country's future.

It's time to give justice to the families of those murdered in the war by holding the perpetrators accountable through the Due process.

7. Abolish the Offender Levy Cash Grab

The Offender Levy is an extra payment you are required to pay if you plea guilty in court. This cash grab was introduced in August, 2012. The government has supposedly introduced the levy to help pay for the cost of law enforcement and administration.

You are not able to appeal the imposition of the levy however the levy will be removed if all convictions relating to the sentencing event are overturned on appeal.

This levy can be increased 'at will' by the Queensland government.

8. Scottish government should investigate the matter of James Duff's estate

For an independent inquiry into the illegal court process that had taken my father, James Duff's estate which involved fake police reports, to prevent investigation and prosecutions.

9. Reactivate

Isohunt is a free website that has been providing free movies and games to people through torrents for over a decade.

Imagine being able to download the newest movies on your computer for free and enjoying their entertainment as many times as you would like, but having that taken away by 'a US federal court' has all of a sudden which decided that torrents take too much money away from the already wealthy corporations so not only have they shut down, but charged the creator with a 110 million dollar fine to compensate to the bloated businesses who already have more money than they could count to in a lifetime.

This is just another way how ordinary people have to submit to more state control and get the shaft of the US federal courts telling them they cant enjoy anything without paying big corporations 'what belongs to them'

10. Give Back Our Kids!

Give Back Our Kids!

We are a family from Hungary seeking help.

Our two beloved children were taken away by authorities in 2010 when we collapsed. Our life was reorganized by 2011, but our children have not yet been given back even now. Our two little sons (5 and 3,5), who want to come home, are still away. We are allowed to meet them just once a week, despite the fact that our third child, who was born in 2012, lives with us.

We have never hurt or beaten our children. They have known no hunger or cold. We have not been alcoholics. We have not used drogs. We have not divorced. Our children were happy by us and they are happy when they are on visitations at home.

At the guardians our older son has behavioral disorders (fit of anger), and the younger cannot speak at all at the age of 3 and a half.

The guardians are the grandparents of the mother side. The guardian-grandparents do not want us to get back our sons. They have reported us, the other grandmother and our lawyer to courts and police.

Lots os psychologic and psychiatric experts, the child wellfare service and the family on the father's side are on our opinion that all of our children should live with us.

But this autumn the court of first instance sentenced our sons to stay under guardianship for long.

Many newspaper articles and even the televison have dealt with our case in Hungary, but our sons are still away. Have a look at the TV riport:

You can see in it our children-friendly home, happy third child and our love towards the other two. We have a Hungarian website with many documents too:
and you can find videos about us on Youtube under the name of Gépész Betti.

We want to protest against the court sentence by canvassing for signitures from all over the world.

(Our Hungarian petition with about 300 signitures is also available at: ).

11. Return Pastor Hamblin's Reptiles and Acknowledge His Constitutional Right of Seperation of Church and State

The highest law in our land is the U.S. Constitution, which has some amendments, known as the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that the government can never deprive people in the U.S. of certain fundamental rights including the right to freedom of religion.

The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment gives you the right to worship or not as you choose. The government can't penalize you because of your religious beliefs.


Judges and Attorneys Violate the Rules, Commit Fraud Upon the Court, and Corrupt the Legal Process.

Make People of Color aware for Equal Justice you call your United States of America and we can make the changes NOW by uniting together NOW as ONE NATIONWIDE.


Obstruction Of Justice concealing documents; Obstruction of Justice -- Conspiracy to Defraud United States 18 U.S.C. § 371; Subornation of Perjury Violation of 18 USC § 1001.

13. Help Prove that SlLK is NOT a vicious dog

On June 1, 2013 a neighbor accused me of harboring a vicious animal. She was 75 feet away from me and Silk, and drew a gun on me and threatened to shoot me and my dog.

Although I called the police, they would not do anything because "she has a permit to carry a concealed weapon." The police advised me to file a restraining order against her. I did, but THE JUDGE REFUSED TO SIGN IT because, "She only threatened you once."

Now I must appear in court for the 3rd time, facing up to 6 months in jail and $500 fine. Silk nor I did anything wrong! Please sign the petition to ask for the charges to be dropped.

14. Make judges more accountable

To make Judges, Justices, and Masters accountable for their actions, and make them non-exempt from prosecutorial misconduct.

Also to allow Polygraph exams admissible in the legal system.

15. Justice for Breanna Ritchie

This petition is so that justice can be severed for Breanna Ritchie who was killed in a car wreck with the driver being RYAN Pirrello was driving twice the speed limit at estimated speed of 75 mph on a road posted 45.

He lost control in a curve killing Breanna Ritchie, 16 years old. He had trace amounts of drugs in his system but wasn't high enough to be charged with a greater charger so the max sentence he can receive is 5 years in prison. The least is probation. His lawyer is trying to get him the least.

By signing this petition you are asking that he receive the max sentence in prison of 5 years with no parole.

This is a small price to pay for taking a life !

16. Uphold Ghana's Constitution

The president of Ghana John Atta Mills announced the week of may 21st 2012 that he will overturn a supreme court decision in the Jake Obetsebi lamptey bungalow case.

Do you think in a democratically elected president should be able to overturn a supreme court decision?

Cast your let your voice be heard.

17. Re-unite the Appiah family

Mr and Mrs Appiah came from Ghana to study and work, they were here on visa's and there came a time when the visa was denied for the whole family.

Leeds City Council have the children without the parents having faced any criminal charges.

Mr and Mrs Appiah are due to be deported.

It is my understanding that a family is a group and that the taking of children and moving them from one group to another is prohibited by UK and International Law, this is evidenced by the provision in UK Statute Law -
“International Criminal Court Act 2001 – Schedule 8 – Article 6 – Genocide (e) forcible transferring children of the group to another group”

18. Upright U.S.A. mission

As a Christian constitutional father, engineer, author, and theoretical physicist, back bitten by our government, economy and society during a lifetime of 'family' court abuse, the author of Seventy Times American discovers the problems within these systems, and the corruptions that they have caused.

And he now has the solutions to solve these and many other problems on a national scale to save the next generation from there known consequences.

19. Support the demand of REZA PAHLAVI to prosecute KHAMENEI for Crimes against Iranian People and Humanity


20. End the long process to bad renter evictions in Florida

In Florida, renters have too many rights. Rights that extend above the landlord. The eviction process should only take 1-2 weeks if the renter does not pay. They should not be allowed to stay in a property for free until the courts decide whether or not to evict them.

Presently, to delay matters, renters only need to respond without paying any money to stay longer in a home. Where is the justice in this? A simple response to the court can delay getting them out for another few weeks. Meanwhile, they can do as much damage to your property as they like and not be responsible. Again, where is the justice in this? Florida courts need to be more proactive in the eviction process.

Fort Myers courts, in general need to listen to landlords when they show up to court on time and the renter does not. In other states when a renter does not show up for court they are evicted and not given a second chance. Why is it in Flroida they are given a second chance?

21. Recall/Repeal KRS-403.270

KRS-403.270 is a 6 month de-facto custodian law for miner children 3 years old and younger. Once in court this can be postponed monthly for the full 6 months resulting in loss of child. This law promotes illegal adoption.

This is what happened to me and my daughter the day before Thanksgiving 1999. This is bad for Kentucky families.

22. Keep "Law and Order: Criminal Intent"

The series finale of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" will be airing Sunday, June 26, 2011. The ratings are gradually getting better. The return of Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe has returned "CI" to it's early glory days. We can't let the best "Law and Order" go away.

23. No F%*kin' Lockout!

Dear NFL Owners/Players:

We, the fans of the National Football League (NFL), are demanding that the pending NFL Lockout come to an immediate END. As fans, we are disappointed that you have taken America's favorite sport and turned it into a NASTY business! Football Sundays mean tailgate parties, screaming at the refs, wearing our favorite jersey(s), and most of importantly; it means FAMILY. For generations, people have passed on their love for a team from their grandparents, parents and even down to their own kids.

In 2011, we want to continue to go to the stadium, to the couch or to our favorite sports bar to watch our favorite tams win the game!

24. VIU Student Petition to End Faculty Strike

On Thursday 10 March 2011, the Faculty Association of
Vancouver Island University (VIU) commenced a strike in
relation to their collective bargain agreement with the
university. As a result, students have been unable to
attend classes and finish their semester. The process of
mediation with the parties has not been successful to date.

The student body of constitutes over 19,000 members
with over 8000 enrolled in full-time studies. The cessation
of classes against their will affects them collaterally in
terms of damage.

The student body contribute significant funds to the
university through tuition, and are the purpose of the
institution's function. While not an immediate party
involved in the dispute, they are a party holding a primary
interest in the dispute and their position should be
considered paramount.

25. Prosecution of Muammar Gaddafi for war crimes against Libya

For the sake of humanity, stop unarmed civilians being slaughtered.

26. Outlaw Outsourcing (Offshoring)

Please sign this petition to stop our Jobs being OUTSOURCED. These are vital help stop poverty and keep our jobs in our own community.

You will be surprised that major Companies are using our private information and giving it to other countries! I.e.: India, Philippines etc. Some even are suppose to be regulated by the CRTC. How can CRTC regulate overseas?

27. Support South Carolina Family Court Reform

South Carolina Family Courts do not serve the purpose they were intended to serve.

Who ever has the most money wins and children, mother's, and father's are suffering while attorneys, guardian ad litems, and judges are making a lot of money by pitting the parties against each other.

28. No to Melton Mowbray Magistrates' Court closure

The Coalition Government are consulting on a proposal to close the Melton Mowbray Magistrates' Court and to move all cases to Loughborough. This will

Make access to justice for the public more difficult and expensive.

Waste more police time as they will have to travel to Loughborough to give evidence

Cost more in solictors fees as they spend time travelling

Lead to the eventual closure of the county court in Melton

Make reporting of Melton cases more difficult

29. Verizon DSL Internet Service to John Wolford Road Waterford, VA 20197

Residents living on John Wolford Road Waterford, Virginia, currently have no access to high speed internet services other that "dial-up" or sattellite internet.

Our modern lives now require us to access and use the internet for school, work, or leisure.

Without high speed internet at low prices, we are unable to use the many benefits that the internet has to offer.

30. Reforms In Intermediate Public Transport (Auto Rickshaws)

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and transport commissioner Shri R K Verma

With regard to the problems commuters face with auto rickshaw drivers (ARD), such as overcharging and unruly behaviour, we wish to bring your attention to the following facts.

Out of the two types of autorickshaw drivers, 80 per cent are renter-drivers, renting autos from contractors who own multiple vehicles. They pay Rs 250-300 for 10-12 hours and earn the same amount in profit: half their daily taking goes on rent and CNG. Owner-drivers own their machines, although “owner” is misleading as most are repaying huge loans to auto-financiers from whom they purchased the rickshaw and the required permit. Monthly payments are Rs 9,000-15,000.

Two decisions have strengthened the auto-financiers’ hands. In 1997, the Supreme Court capped the number of autos, trying to cut emissions. No new auto-permits would be issued; nor could they be sold. Delhi’s size and population grew, but the number of autos did not. Consequently, the permit price rocketed and a black market emerged. Only auto-financiers won; their existing stock of auto-permits appreciated. In the late ’90s, a new rickshaw with permit cost just over a lakh. Today, after a decade of black-market inflation, the same package costs Rs 4-4.5 lakh: Rs 1.45 lakh for the auto, Rs 3 lakh for the permit. Meanwhile, demand for rented autos rose with new migrants, but supply froze, allowing contractors to hike rents.

Then, in 1998, the Supreme Court ordered public transport vehicles to convert to CNG by 2002. Owner-drivers had to pay Rs 30,000 each. In 2000, Delhi had 83,000 autorickshaws. In 2002, there were 55,000. The average owner-driver could not afford it; thousands had to sell their autos and valid permits cheaply to financiers. Others had their permits voided and were left unable to legally drive their autorickshaws: selling them to a financier was the only option. By cancelling and hoarding permits, financiers and the Transport Department managed to get rid of over a third of Delhi’s autos, sending permit prices spiralling.

Financiers now hold most of Delhi’s auto-permits — but in the names of the original owners (not the financiers), who sold their vehicles years ago. When a driver pays Rs 4-4.5 lakh for the auto-permit package, the permit will be transferred in his name only when the loan is repaid. Until then he drives “illegally”. Renter-drivers have the same problem: the auto-permit is in the contractor’s name, or a false name to cover the contractor’s activities.

Other methods exist to retain control. The financier will make the driver — frequently a new migrant to Delhi — sign several blank loan contracts. This gives him power to raise interest rates and deny the driver ownership even when the loan is fully repaid. It also allows him to charge extortionate “penalty charges”. Many of Delhi’s owner-drivers have been repaying loans for many years due to compound interest and “late payment penalties” of up to Rs 30,000. The contract maximises the financier’s ability to repossess the autorickshaw. Once snatched back, it can be sold to the next driver. Many vehicles have been “sold” and repossessed five or six times.

The over-regulatory regime demands Auto-drivers to carry around 16 documents with them at all times, “available” from the transport department on application. However, each application requires an absurdly long list of supporting documents: a 50-year-old Bihari driver may be asked for his old school certificates and Delhi ID and ration cards. Impossible requirements, of course, lead to bribes being offered.
Is it surprising, then, that in this distorted market, auto-drivers can’t rely on the meter? Somehow, in the midst of all these repayments, rents, bribes and challans, the autowallahs must feed their families.

Yet auto rickshaws are a vital part of Delhi’s infrastructure: they are efficient, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly — and iconic. They cannot be scrapped. Instead, the whole auto rickshaw sector must be reformed, starting with the issuance of new permits. To become a “world-class city” Delhi needs a bigger, better fleet of intermediate public transport vehicles that provide convenient public transport to residents respecting right to livelihood of the drivers.

The apex court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority in January this year cited the freeze ordered by the apex court on the number of autos at 55,000 in the city as the main reason for the financier mafia selling autos at an escalated cost.