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1. Defend Council Housing in Bolton Say No to the Stock Transfer

Bolton Defend Council Housing
Say No to Stock Transfer

Council housing is worth defending against privatisation. There is concern that tenants are not being given full information on the case against transfer. The alternative of direct investment should be given and the risks of privatisation highlighted.

These risks include loss of secure tenancies, higher rents and charges, loss of accountability, and problems of debt and borrowing. These risks also include financial crises, job losses, pay cuts, mergers and takeovers.

2. To Get Barack Obama to change his Mind about Michael Jackson

I am a UK citizen who is outraged about the fact Barack Obama will not consider giving Michael Jackson His Legacy title.

Even though 1993 was a tough time for Michael after the Chandler made false allegations about Michael i do believe the innocence from children is exceptional, and is solely and purely seen by alot of people and Michael loved these attributes gave "he loves the innocence in their playful smiles and wanted to bring healing in to this harsh and awful world we live in" Yet people still try to deceive their way in to Michael's Life and even in his death trying to claim the rights to something that they have no right to - Michael's property, dignity, pride, innocence, love and pure soul of which they had eventually destroyed a very gentle man.

In 2005 the same happened again only this time Michael was given the best gift any person could give him - Freedom from all haters and Bullshiters (tabloids) and found himself cleared of all charges despite a 40 years within the entertainment industry, and his good works as a fabulous humanitarian, Michael is still being betrayed and he should not have to endure such filth and ignorance from his fellow country men and people from all over the world too.

3. Lowering the Drinking age to 18

The current United States legal drinking age is 21. Many United States citizens disagree with this age. Many believe that the age to legally be able to purchase, consume or possess alcohol should be 18.

A United States Citizen is allowed to vote when they are 18 years of age. 18 year old males are forced to join the Selective Service, for possible drafting. This means that 18-year old males can go to war. At age 18, a citizen is also inclined to jury duty. So, an 18-year old is given the responsibilities of voting, being selected for jury duty, and possibly being drafted for war.

If an 18-year old citizen is to be given these responsibilities, why is the legal drinking age 21? Does the U.S. Government not trust those of us under 21? They trust us with their votes, yet they cannot treat us like full adults for another 3 years!

4. Religious Discrimination by US Department of Transportation

Source: New Britain Herald

Ad Id: 14145954

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by the Bureau of Finance and Administration 2800 Berlin Turnpike Newington Connecticut on Friday May 8 2009 at 10:00 a.m. in Conference Room B on Docket No. 0811-N-181-L for the application of Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation. Pursuant to the provisions of Sections 13b-103 and 4-177 through 182 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) Ajmal Mehdi DBA Medics Transportation seeks authorization to operate four (4) motor vehicles having a passenger seating capacity of ten (10) adults or less in general livery service between all points in Connecticut from headquarters in Bristol. Parties and interveners requiring an interpreter (translator) for this public hearing may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Administrative Law Unit at (860) 594-2875 at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing.

Deaf and hearing impaired persons wishing to attend this public hearing or requiring an interpreter may make arrangements by contacting the Department of Transportation 's Office of Communications at (860) 594-3062 (VOICE ONLY) at least five (5) working days prior to the hearing. If the hearing is postponed due to inclement weather the hearing will be rescheduled for the next available date. For any questions regarding postponements please call (860) 594-2875. CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Linda Dillon Secretary Bureau of Finance and Administration

5. Keep Mrs. Linda Dysart Teaching

On May 11, 2009 Mrs. Linda Dysart's class was informed that she would not be returning as she was being let go. Holding back tears she explained to the class how all of her classes had been redistributed to other teachers or completely taken off the available classes. Classes like drama, speech, and psychology were all given to other teachers to instruct. Classes like creative writing were gotten rid of.

She also coached both flags and show choir; she herself has not been informed of what is to come of those and is not even sure if she will be allowed to continue coaching them. Linda Dysart is an exceptional teacher and lady. If she is let go so many people will be let down. All the students taking, or planning to take, her prior mentioned classes will not be able to experience what an amazing teacher she is. If let go students in drama, psychology, speech, flags, and show choir will all be let down as they will not have the teaching of Mrs. Linda Dysart behind them.

She is an exceptional role model for Delta High School students and is one of the best we've seen in communicating, sympathizing, and directing students.

6. Add Alexis Grace to the Tour

Alexis Grace was treated the worst this season, and arguably worse than any other idol in the history of the show because:

1) the judges singled her out and gave her "advice" to "dirty herself up", which painted negative picture of her character in the minds of some voters, thus costing her some popularity. ONLY she had to deal with this. This "dirty" emphasis is the most likely cause of Alexis' elimination at country week. So their failures not only attached a stigma to her character in the minds of some voters but it likely cost her the tour and much longer and deserved AI run. (see my other blog post)

2). The save was made for a situation just like Alexis': a talented performer who picks a "bad" song and gets surprisingly eliminated, has lots of potential and would shine the following week, and has something as significant as the tour at stake. In addition, they should have saved her based on principle; their mistakes most likely led to her elimination and at the very least attached a stigma to her character. So they had the chance to own up to their mistakes and give her the save that she deserved. But instead they chose to deny her of the tour and let this amazing talent fade into obscurity with an unjust elimination, and a lingering stigma on her character (from the "dirty" emphasis). At the same time, they were generous to others with the wildcard picks (ie Megan, Jasmine, Matt (bringing him back after he bombed the top 36 and then giving him another chance after the top 7). Arguably it was because she didn't sing her swan song well enough, but then they save Matt even though he sang his swan song worse than the night before, even though he has "no chance of winning what so ever" (Simon) and even though he had already been given a second chance after not getting enough votes due to a bad top 36. Not to mention that he (and everyone else this season) did not have to deal with a perceived character flaw that stemmed from judges' failures).

3) To make matters worse, to kick more dust into her eyes, they (Kara) then LIE about her AI run in attempt to make Alexis seem worse then she actually was. They did this to justify their mistake of not saving her and in doing so they unjustly reaped away all her deserved credit... they made it seem like all of her performances were "bad song choices" (a total lie).

I think in Alexis' case, aside from the fact that the judges singled out only Alexis with their poor advice that cost her some popularity and added a stigma to her character in some peoples' minds that will now linger on even after her stint on idol, aside from the fact that their mistakes were the most likely cause of her shocking, premature elimination, aside from the fact that they chose not to save her even though the save was meant to be used for her type of situation... the most disgusting act was totally misrepresenting her AI run with blatant lies in an attempt to justify not saving her... to say (lie) that she picked bad songs throughout her entire AI run totally reaps away ALL of the credit she had earned throughout her short run. It's the biggest insult i have ever seen towards a contestant in AI history and it spoke volumes about Kara's integrity and lack of class. Instead of leaving with a legacy of good performances, she now leaves with the stigma of being the "dirty girl who didn't stay true to herself... the dirty young, single mom" who picked "bad" songs for basically her entire AI run. That is totally unacceptable.

For the two full arguments:
1) "why the judges mistakes were the most likely cause of Alexis' unjust and early elimination and 2) Why AI should Add Alexis Grace to the tour; why she has been treated more unfairly than anyone else in AI history. see:

7. Fighting For Public Justice & Common Sense

After hearing about the death of Mr. Gary Newlove, and the fact we ourselves are fighting the youths. That are allowed to run amok and cause fear, and dismay. These young people are constantly getting away with crime, violence and anti social behaviour and murder on a daily basis.

WHY are they being allowed to run around the country do as they please?

It is because the out of touch Judges and Magistrates and the Courts and ineffective and useless MP's and City Councillors and other "Do Gooders" who instead of helping the victims of crime.

See it more important to protect the rights of the scumbags and little toe rags who terrorise our streets and neighbourhoods around the UK.

8. Hockey For Free

Hockey is Canada's Game and the greatest game on the earth, and I believe it should be given to the only real hockey market in North America.

We get a couple of games each week, but for this sport to grow and compete with the other major sports in North America, it has to be given to us for free.

No Pay Channels, no special circumstances, Just Hockey...the Channel.

9. Re-arrange timetable to give at least 1 more week for Finals revision

Browsing through the final year handbook during Christmas holidays (as you do trying to avoid IPL essay) it has come to the notice of a few of us final years that we only have two weeks revision before our Finals this year (this includes time for clinical lectures if they decide to put them on).

This is in comparison to this years accelerated students who were given 5 weeks revision time directly leading up to their exams (including 1 weeks of clinical lectures - different to the week scheduled for us).. They all passed!

We also believe previous years have been given 4 weeks revision time running up to their finals.

Given that we're only scheduled to have between 1/2 and 2/5 of the revision time allocated to previous final years.. We're more than a tad worried! is anyone else?

10. (Fans Urge) Warner Home Video To Create Milestone in Television Animation DVD Releases

When the Paramount company released for the first time to a new public Charles Schulz’s well-remembered and beloved “Peanuts” animations on DVD media, they were not able to explore the technology options that were available to them. These include music-only tracks (without dialogue) that could spotlight the imaginative work of composer and jazz pianist, Vince Guaraldi, a highly unique and valuable contributor to American culture, who helped shape this legacy for many generations of viewers and listeners here and abroad, and whose true artistic range traversing traditional jazz to rock and electronic styles from the 1960’s through 1970’s is not yet fully appreciated.

We also call attention to the fact that in the past Fantasy/Concord Music Group, who is the holder for Mr. Guaraldi’s “Peanuts” recordings, was unable to secure original master tapes that could make a satisfactory release of Mr. Guaraldi’s early animation music as a CD (even though an abridged release did eventually come about).

We know, that the search for master tapes for the "Peanuts" shows such as "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is of high interest to everyone, and we are also of the belief that such materials may be located and secured for use in these new DVD's, if a wide initiative is made by Warner Home Video.

11. Virginia Tech outraged with Security on Campus, Inc complaint

"A complaint filed to the Department of Education requests a review into the actions of a University during a security situation to ensure the safety of its students. The Clery Act, passed by congress in 1990, was spearheaded by the SOC Inc. founders after the loss of their daughter, Jeanne Clery, who was raped and murdered in her dorm room Lehigh University in 1986.
If Virginia Tech is proven to be negligent in their safety precautions during the events of April 16, the university could be fined up to $27,500 and be barred from federal financial aid in the future.
According to the Virginia Tech website, over 60% of students use some form of financial aid, including aid opportunities given by the Department of Education.
Federal financial aid accounts for more than $80 million a year to 14 million applicants".- The Collegiate Times

This is a petition that will be given to SOC Inc. for their senseless act of filing a complaint against Virginia Tech.

We know as a community and institution that our university has investigated their security measures and has taken action to prevent future incidents.

As you can read above, this organization would rather prevent the operation of our school and see us suffer more than provide support.

12. Stop ruthless Insurance Law

Insurance agents are given dreams by the insurance companies. More than 95 % lose their agency before the expiry of the 5 years mandatory service as an agent. And there is no renewal commission for these 95%.

There is a simple strategy being adopted by the insurance companies of "Hire and Fire" and get business and make huge profits by not paying the renewal commission.

No one seems to take notice.

Is it justice??

13. Pivot Point International to go over exams given with students

Pivot Point Internationals Instructors, are not reviewing exams given to students. It is a proven fact that reviewing an exam will help students learn what they have answered incorrectly and learn the correct answer.

Students who do not review their exams are much less likely to realize their errors and may continue in the belief that their knowledge in the given subject is correct.

14. Stop Torture - Guantanamo Bay Detainee Jumah Al-Dossari

In June 2006, it was reported that three men at Guantanamo Bay were found
dead in their cells from apparent suicides. This action was described by the
camp commander as "asymmetrical warfare," and an attempt to gain public
sympathy. However, FBI reports indicate that inmates have been subjected to
cruel and inhumane conditions while at Guantanamo Bay. Furthermore, their
state of indefinite detention, while being stripped of the writ of Habeas Corpus,
leaves them without recourse to any judicial process to challenge their

Bahraini national Jumah al-Dossari has been at the camp for over five years. He
claims he has been tortured in custody. This has included beatings and death
threats, prolonged isolation, exposure to extreme cold, and sexual assaults.

Amnesty International published a handwritten account by Jumah Al-Dossari in
2005, where he described "the revolting torture and those vile attacks which
were a humiliation and will continue to be a vile stain on history, memories that
whenever I look back on them, I wonder how my soft heart could bear them,
how my body could bear the pain of the torture and how my mind could bear all
that stress. How I wish my memories and my thoughts could be forgotten…"

Read Jumah Al-Dossari's full account of his imprisonment here.

On 15 October 2005, Jumah al-Dossari attempted to hang himself after going
into the toilet during an interview with his lawyer. In November 2005 he told
his lawyer that he had wanted to kill himself so that he could send a message to
the world that the conditions at Guantánamo are intolerable. He added that he
had tried to do it in a public way so that the military could not cover it up and
his death would not be anonymous. This suicide attempt left him with a broken
vertebra and fourteen stitches in his right arm.

Al-Dossari writes of feeling hopeless, of awakening screaming due to flashbacks
and nightmares, and fearing that he is losing his mind--all of which are
indicators of severe trauma. He attempted suicide again in March 2006 for
what is believed to be the 12th time.

He is currently in a state of indefinite detention, and no plans either to bring
him to trial or release him have been indicated. Several detainees have already
been released or repatriated for trial due to individual campaigns. The following
petition is an attempt to alleviate his situation and urge authorities to afford
him the basic rights that are required for detainees everywhere, in war or in
peace, under the provisions of international law.

15. English as the official language of the United States

I believe the US should have and official language, that being English. I do not believe that businesses should be catering to other languages.

Businesses putting their product language in spanish is just catering to Spanish speaking people. If a person comes to America to live, they should learn the official language of America - America should not cater to them. If I went to Mexico to live, I would learn Spanish.

In Mexico, it is a given that everyone speaks spanish, why is it not a given here that everyone speak English? I am an American, not a Mexican or Asian, I speak English and so should everyone who lives here.

16. keep JROTC in SF

JROTC has been a part of the San Francisco high schools for about 90 years, but as of November 14, 2006, the school board has decided to take it away from the high schools. The main concerns against JROTC is about the war and how JROTC is related to the ARMY. However, what people lack is knowledge and experience in the program.

Although JROTC is based on the ARMY, JROTC is a totally different program than what is learned in the ARMY and ROTC in college. It is true that we march, drill, and learn some ARMY values, but this is by no means a place of recruitment.

There is commitment like any other sports team, responsibility like a summer job, leadership like student government, community service like a volunteer club, first aid and CPR. Most importantly, there is a sense of family-- a bringing of everyone together.

"JROTC has been more than just a place of leadership, teamwork, camarderie, skill, safety, etc... This is what I'm good at. This program makes me want to be responsible, want to be a leader, and want to care for others. JROTC is for me. NOT THE MILITARY." (Vienna Luu)

For the SF school board to take away JROTC from SF high schools in the future would be ripping our family apart. There is no other program of my knowledge that has all of these features combined.

"Our opponents cling to 15 year old statements and glittering generalities as evidence, while we have over one and half thousand current tales, and literally piles of books and documentation in our favor. Yet these few attackers, most of whom have no connection with the educations system, are given equal credibilty." (Daniel Chin and David Ziman)

17. Stop Oppressive School Rules

Throughout history students have fought for a way to express themselves. In the past few years rules in the school systems, and currently our FJR High School, have begun to say that we do not have these rights.

Even showing friendly affection has become a vile idea, and we could be given office referrals for it.

The contracts we sign at the beginning of the year are not legally binding either. Most all students were under eighteen when they sign the rules "contract".

The fact is that the only way to change problems like these are to fight against it, and this is what we are proposing.

18. ASFCME - stop the current addendum vote

On Friday September 29, 2006, a union vote took place concerning modifications in the Driver and Monitor Contract. Many union members feel that they were not properly notified or given accurate information concerning the vote.

Specifically, members were not notified in a timely manner to make arrangements or allocations of their time to participate in the vote. Some members were notified the very day of the vote and some were not notified at all. The preferred current ASCME communication style is to put paper flyers in the transportation building lounge. This style operates under the assumption that all drivers and monitors visit the lounge, which is not true.

Additionally, the amendments to the contract were not given to each union member in a timely manner to develop an opinion of good or evil. Only two pieces of paper that were confusing to some lay next to the vote box for drivers and monitors to make a very quick decision to vote yes or no. Furthermore, union members were not provided their own personal copy

19. JamKat are ruining Big Brother Australia

June 15, 2006

Many people feel that Jamie and Katie are receiving preferential treatment from Big Brother Australia, and that they have been behaving quite childishly in recent days.

In particular:

a) Too much air-time is dedicated to them.

b) Too much of the web streaming is dedicated to them.

c) BB has not shown the extent of their immature reactions to being nominated.

d) Katie was given a better birthday party for her 20th than poor John was given for his 21st. Katie's birthday party is the only one so far that has featured music and the use of the Rewards Room.

e) There has been much collusion and nominations talk between the two which has gone unpunished. Jamie has received 4 fines for nominations talk but no strikes, even though it is an evictorial offence. They are believed to have written messages to each other in toothpaste under the doona.

f) Although Katie has been caught out lying by her housemates, this has not been aired by Big Brother. The lies pertain to a top given to her by Danni, and not having an expensive top of Claire's when she did.

20. Keep Running Heist

April 16, 2006

On March 2006 NBC network started airing a great new action and drama show named Heist.

Due to bad scheduling of this new intelligent and exiciting show it recived lower than expected Ratings.

As Intelligent and interesting shows are very few we demand the show is given another chance - it was expected to be a mini series so let it end as it was planned from the start.

Changing the airing schedule so the Heist won't compete with Lost or any other Mega popular shows.

21. Animal distress in Romania

March 13, 2006

This petition is mostly about animals right to live! Dogs in Romania, Bucharest aren't given that right and that is not fair!!!

They say that dogs are man's best friend... but we are his worst enemy!

Basescu, president of romania is a total scum and he is has a very mean heart!!!

p.s. trimiteti-mi un mail daca doriti sa va traduc !!!

22. Investigate disappearance of Ruth Sharon Hoffman

February 11, 2006

A daughter's plea

Ruth Sharon Hoffman disappeared from River Rouge, Michigan, nearly TWENTY years ago.

Her only daughter,Debbie, has NEVER given up trying to find her.

We are now asking the State Attorney General of Michigan to open an COMPLETE investigation.

23. John Lennon Tribute for Fair Parole Consideration and Human Rights

December 24, 2005

John Lennon Human Rights Memorial Tribute for Prisoner Rights and fair objective consideration.

Being that one of the few people in the world who has been introduced to John Lennon, and then later also meeting Mark David Chapman, and have had for a long time had a memorial to John Lennon online I have strong interest in anything related to both.

Upon reading the petition to keep Mark David Chapman off of parole, and in prison/s that are called correctional institutions I thought it was bizarre and a travesty that John Lennon's name was invoked in the manner it was against Mark David Chapman, considering that John was such a strong avid believer of civil, human, Native American, and prisoner etc rights.

WHEREAS Imagining John Winston Lennon developing as the rough young man who some would of once considered a roughneck greaser hoodlum punk, into a decent loving husband, peace loving father and enlightened person he was distinguished from the person he was once thought of early in life:

WHEREAS the land of John Lennon's England and Wales, ended capital punishment ended in 1965, has taken a view that differs from the punitive one in America we as enlightening people like Mr. Lennon must consider that in regard to the punishment of Mark David Chapman who had been sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for his murder of John Lennon upon confession to the bizarre crime.

WHEREAS incarceration in the instance of Mark David Chapman's should serve as punishment for some rehabilitative corrective purpose, not a punitive one in retribution that defined ultimately as cruel and unusual punishment that is forbidden under the US constitution prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.

WHEREAS we take notice that Mr. Lennon of beloved memory had made numerous efforts in support of justice, peace, freedom as a progressive person; and,

WHEREAS, in this instance we would think it is bizarre to have John Lennon remembered as the pretext for reactionary actions that seem to go against everything Mr. Lennon believed; and

WHEREAS, being that already since incarceration December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman has served twenty-five years, and now has been eligible for parole for approximately five years, and has been turned down twice for parole, we petition as follows:

24. Blondie for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alot of people don't know this, especially those who don't keep up with or don't care much for music or Blondie, but Blondie isn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Can you believe that! Blondie, not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

When I first heard of this tavesty I was shocked. How is it that this legendary group led by one of the most beautiful women alive not be inducted into the rock hall of fame? Do they not meet the criteria needed? Their contemporaries surely did,so why shouldn't they? and is there even any criteria to be met? If so, I find it hard to believe they couldn't, given there long history of hardships and success,which in my opinion is all the criteria needed.

I can't readily give any biographical or career information needed for the doubting Thomas, but I will recommend a website that can ( And to all the Blondie fans that read this, I'm definitely counting on you to be some of the first to sign, to show your love and support for them.For those of you who've never heard/heard of give them a listen if you can.

And for those of you who've never given them the time of day, do so, and see why it is important for such a legendary group to get the respect, accolades, and recognition they deserve.

What good is an honor or accolade or recogntion if awarded post-humorously? It would be a travesty if Blondie's deserved recognition and respect came post-humorously, as did so many other pioneers in different fields (e.i. Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, etc.)

25. Tiger

TO: The Honourable Dr. Philippe Couillard, Quebec Minister of Health Services and Social Services

TO: Madame Nicole Malo, Public Curator

cc. The Honourable Mme Carole Théberge, Quebec Minister of Family, Seniors and the Status of Women

We, the undersigned, believe that the rights of the intellectually disabled young man, presently under tutorship of the Quebec public curator, and known by the alias of "Tiger" [documentation with his real identity already in possession of your office] have been and continue to be violated by establishments mandated under the Act respecting health services and social services to provide him with adequate care.

We believe that he has been, throughout his life, deprived of specific rights granted to all citizens and to which he was and is entitled under Quebec, Canadian and international law. Attached are specific rights, which we believe that Tiger was and is entitled to and has not been granted via the following:
* United Nations, Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Canada in 1991
* United Nations, Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty, (1990),
* Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms;
* Quebec Charter Of Human Rights And Freedoms;
* Quebec, Youth Protection Act ;
* Quebec, Civil Code
* Quebec, An Act respecting health services and social services;
* Quebec, Public Curator Act;

We believe most notably that he has and continues to be deprived of the "personalised services" to which he has always been entitled to by the following article contained in the AHSSS:
"5. Every person is entitled to receive, with continuity and in a personalized manner, health services and social services which are scientifically, humanly and socially appropriate."

Fundamentally, we believe that not only has Tiger been deprived of his rights as stated above, but also that he has been mistreated, misdiagnosed, misplaced, neglected, abused, punished and persecuted all under the guise of "care" aimed at meeting his needs and interests.

Given that the Quebec Human Rights commission ruled in the year 2000, that Tiger's rights and specifically those related to his right to health, social and educational services granted under article 8 of the Youth Protection Act were violated and given that adequate measures have not been taken since this date to remedy his situation, we therefore request the following:

* There be an immediate stop to all forms of punitive behaviour toward Tiger;
* The Ministry conduct a complete and transparent investigation into the health services and social services that Tiger has received from the age of 2, when he first came to the attention of social services, to the present;
* The Ministry in conjunction with the Public Curator provide a full guarantee, as of now, that Tiger will receive services of the highest professional calibre, to be treated at all times with dignity and with respect for his rights;
* the Ministry in conjunction with the Public Curator actively work to remove all prejudice and bias which has been created as a result of the mismanagement of Tiger and his situation;
* Given the multitude of social and health services which have been involved in depriving Tiger of adequate services, the Ministry itself assume the full responsibility for the development and implementation of a comprehensive and long term plan. That Tiger, a representative from the Public Curator's office and person(s) selected by Tiger to assist him, participate in the development of such plan. This plan must of necessity include resources that would ensure Tiger's ongoing positive development, social adjustment and his becoming a fully contributing member of our society;
* An independent body be mandated to provide an assessment to determine how much, if any, financial compensation Tiger should receive in view of the serious negligence and harm that he has suffered by the health and social services establishments.

26. Rescind deportation order against Rabia Benhmida

Please show your support for our friend, Rabia Benhmida, and sign this online petition demanding that the motion for her deportation be rescinded and that she be allowed to be in the U.S., be given permanent resident status, green cards and the right to apply for US citizenship.

Then we ask you to pass this petition on to your family and friends.

27. Allow Ali to remain in the UK

March 02, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.

August 19, 2005

Petition to Tony McNulty, Minister for Immigration, requesting he allows Ali Reza Fakourpoor to remain in the UK.

Home Office reference F1021561

We ask that you allow Ali Reza Fakourpoor, an Iranian man to stay in Britain with his wife Jenifer, who is a British Citizen.

Ali met Jenifer in Glasgow and they married in 2002. An application was submitted but this was refused in February 2005. An appeal is now pending.

The Home Office want to remove Ali to Iran but this would result in the couple's forced separation. There are several insurmountable obstacles that would prevent them living together in Iran. Iran does not recognise dual nationality. It is likely that Jenifer's British passport is confiscated. In order for the Iranian authorities to recognise their marriage Jenifer would be forced to convert to Islam. Jenifer has no knowledge of Iran's language or culture and it is very unlikely she would find employment in her current field.

It is also uncertain what would happen to Ali on his return especially given the current political climate, his political views and previous opposition to the government. We believe that a forced separation would be unjust and inhumane.

In spite of the stress he is under Ali has remained an active and widely respected member of the community. He has learned English and updated his skills in carpentry and furniture making. He is not permitted to work so volunteers at his local Oxfam shop on a weekly basis.

28. Oust PAPD Officers Michael Kan and Craig Lee

On July 13, 2003, at 10:34 p.m., Palo
Alto Police Department (PAPD) rookie
Craig Lee drove his police car up to
59-year-old Albert Hopkins, who was
sitting in his parked car on Oxford
Avenue near the intersection of the El
Camino Real in Palo Alto. Lee asked
Mr. Hopkins for identification. Mr.
Hopkins did not initially give his
name, but later confirmed his identity
and his Palo Alto address.

When PAPD rookie Michael Kan stopped
his police car nearby, Lee spoke to
Kan. Kan walked over and ordered Mr.
Hopkins out of his car, and tried to
pull him out. Kan and Lee repeatedly
hit Mr. Hopkins with their batons,
while Mr. Hopkins tried to ward off
blows. Kan and Lee also doused him
extensively with pepper spray. Mr.
Hopkins was overcome, temporarily
blinded, handcuffed, and transported
to the hospital where he was treated
for body injuries, and a swelling near
his eye.

PAPD launched an immediate
investigation, which culminated in Kan
and Lee being charged with felony
assault and misdemeanor battery by a
Peace Officer. During the criminal
trial, all of the senior officers
that arrived on the scene that night
testified that they were concerned
that Kan and Lee could not provide a
reason for arresting Mr. Hopkins, and
so there seemed to be no justification
for use of force.

Presented with a strong case against
the two rookies, 8 jurors were certain
Kan and Lee were guilty: a 2-1 margin
favoring conviction. Despite all this,
Kan and Lee are being returned to
their jobs (after a plea deal let them
off with a mere $250 fine), and we are
told: "it's time to put it to rest and
move on".

We say there can be no rest until our
leaders realize it's time for Kan and
Lee to move on.

This petition arises not from malice
but the desire to safeguard the
community, as we strongly believe:

1. They are not fit for the job. As a
result of their beating of Albert
Hopkins on July 13 2003, and despite
the shocking deal that drastically
reduced the charges, the fact remains
that Officers Kan and Lee each pleaded
'no contest' to a criminal charge of
an act of illegal public violence
while on duty.

Yet, we have not seen Officers Kan and
Lee publicly take responsibility for
their misconduct. Instead, their court
testimony blamed the victim of their
criminal violence - who was not
arrested for any crime - while
belittling the response of their
supervisors that night. Does this
behavior reflect the discipline and
respect for the law that is
fundamentally required of law
enforcement officers? Or does it
indicate a profound employment
mismatch - that cannot be overcome
with any amount of retraining?

2. They cannot serve the interests of
the Palo Alto community. As reflected
in our budget, the safety of the
community is Palo Alto's highest
priority. As the locus of Silicon
Valley and home of Stanford
University, Palo Alto's community
includes guests welcomed from around
the world, that expect and are
entitled to the universal human right
and Constitutional protection) of
freedom from arbitrary arrest or
detention and unreasonable use of

Given its profound authority, our
police force must not include those
who trample the rights of those they
serve, while rejecting the good
judgment of those they serve under.

3. Continuing their employment poses
unacceptable risks. Studies on police
misconduct, such as the Christopher
Commission report (an examination of
LAPD four months after the King
beating), have found that the heart of
the problem is failure to act upon the
few officers using excessive force.
Those officers frequently then go on
to become repeat offenders, who are
responsible for many of the cases that
cost the city in civil suits.

Palo Alto has already paid a $250,000
settlement for Kan and Lee's use of
force. How much would a jury penalize
the city in the next claim that may
result from their use of force, given
that the city was aware of the risk
and chose to ignore it? With budget
revenue rapidly shrinking, how are
such expenses justified?

Therefore, we call on the City Manager
to immediately take this step toward
freeing Palo Alto from the risks and
stigma of brutal injustice that we
believe Officers Kan and Lee's tenure
here has brought us, and begin
restoring Palo Alto as a community
united in its concern for public
safety and human rights.

29. Fire Kathy Jonas

Ever since Kathy Jonas has taken over Camp Kingswood, it has lost all of the charm that made the camp so special and close to our hearts. Every fewer campers return because the camp that they loved has changed so much.

It is time for Kingswood to return to its tradition, and not this new, stricter, boot camp version that Kathy Jonas runs.

30. Free Access to Swimming Pools for Children in Bolton

This Petition is to ask that Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council allow all children who are resident in the Bolton Borough to have FREE access to all Swimming Pools that are controlled by Bolton MBC.

We the signed below want the Council to allow this provision to take place so that children throughout this borough are given unlimited access in a similar way that that Wigan MBC have just introduced.

This will allow children across the borough to keep fit and active and give them a good start in life.