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1. AbolishFuckingCreditScores

Credit scores are bullshit. For such a heavily weighted measure of individuals finances the system has too many flaws. A file of someone with the same name as you might get mixed up with your file. This shouldn't be possible period. Then they're are mistakes that financial institutions make on your behalf that are not your fault yet you get penalised. If your a new migrant you automatically have a bad credit score. But if you apply for lots and lots of lines of credit guess what you'll increase you're score! Yay!
Bullshit! Abolish credit scores they are not a true evaluation of peoples financial capacities! Everyone has just gone along with the credit score trap because there is no choice! There is no freedom of choice in a free world? We need to stand together, in numbers to have this system removed. Why is the credit score only for North Americans? If hundreds of other countries don't need it to measure its citizens financial positions why the hell does North America? They're are too many financially sound people who are punished for one mistake or external error who don't deserve the credit score the "system" gave them. Abolish it!

2. Let's Help the Good Lady of The Castle to keep Richard Stanley in Montségur

Just read this POST from facebook by Richard Stanley:

Empire down - I regret to communicate I was given verbal notice this afternoon that I have to vacate the premises currently occupied by Shadow Theatre HQ by the end of April 2018. The landlord announced this afternoon that the building is to be gutted and refurbished as modern tourist accommodation. It would seem I have stuck my neck out one too many times and now the wheels are seriously in motion to dislodge me from the mountain. I have six months to find alternative accommodation or risk being exiled from the Zone, prematurely ending my nine year mission here. As the 'nothing', the environmental despoliation threatened by the Imerys group, bears down on the valley of Montségur, the future of this place and the kingdom it commands has never looked less certain. I pray to the Good Lady and all the gods there be that a solution presents itself. In the meantime I have my work cut out for me...

3. Vatican apology to atheists for dark ages

Due to the rising tension between anarchists(such as antifa) and Christian extremists (such as unite the right) it is time to make peace before world war three starts and an apology for the dark ages is what would make peace.

This concerns me because of the rising tension between not just anarchists but also outher forms of atheist extremism such as communism are becoming note dangerous. I am referring the the tension between the USA and North Korea.

I thank anyone signing this petition on many sides.

4. An appeal for Kenya's political leaders to exercise restraint and maturity and refrain from inciting our country to disunity and violence.

The leaders of all of the Kenyan Quaker yearly meetings met for a retreat in Nakuru to discern about the future of the Quaker movement in our region. During our meeting, we felt strongly led by the Holy Spirit to speak to our political leaders with a Scriptural word of warning about the threat to national unity and peace contained in their rhetoric in the lead-up to the 17 October presidential election. We invite all Kenyan Friends to join us in this prophetic message by adding their names to this statement.

5. Re-vitalize and Re-Construct the Nightlife of Buffalo, NY (716)

Buffalo NY, has long lived up to its legacy as a bleeding rustbelt city, pause, that was the case...however it is becoming increasingly noted for being a major attraction for "millennials" that being said, the environment in Buffalo has a long way to go before it maximizes the conducive properties it has that makes it a "millennial" magnet. This means the needs AND desires of this generation need to be taken into account and guess what...we like to get schwifty! This means there will be an active nightlife around the city. If this is true it is imperative we make sure that the scene promoted by the businesses that compose the profit of that nightlife is not only positive and healthy but doesn't negatively influence the culture in the city...sadly this is not the case in fact I turned twenty-one only thirty days ago and have already witnessed and been exposed to some off the after hour atrocities these "bars" commit...for instance, "hey are you guys (or gals) into not treating women with respect or even levregeing her certain "liberties" because they have a pretty face and one more pair of lips than us men...also are you into being a sexist piece of shit that sorts and organizes the dichotomy of gender and the respect one receives from the gender they come off as, not even what they identify with. People like this make me fucking sick man they're usually for the most part bald huge piles of shit that can't stand up off the stool they sit on while they are bouncing at frizzy's (140 Allen St. Buffalo, NY). I ran into a dirty lump of shit like this one outside of this said establishment after trying to go out drinking with my girlfriend and her two gal pals. When we got there he let my girlfriend and her other white friend walk in after giving the ol "one two up and down these girls like they could bring a crowd round" then when my black roommate tried to walk in he put his arm in front of her blocking the door and made her show ID...when it was my "turn" to go into the establishment I brought out my papers aka my birth certificate, this might sound corny (it is) but regardless it is a federally recognized document for obtaining federal benefits (like the benefit of enjoying the business of vendors that pay federal taxes), or joining the military, and even applying for a passport so I guess I can use this piece of paper for serving my country and going half way across the globe but I can't get into a bar with it after the bouncer just let in my 24 year old girl friend who looks like a dumb little 12 year old ...that's not ish though the ish is how many women has this guy pick and choose to let in with out id because of a pretty face when in fact it didn't matter if she had ID with her face or not in fact when a girl hands him a ID he prolly puts his thumb over the picture and glances are the "stats" and if he sees what he likes checks out the age and then memorizes the address, fucking pervert...I read all these articles about Buffalo being a millennial magnet however we can't maintain a positive club/bar/night environment...this isn't the first experience if had with poor security management at bars n shit the boys at thirsty buffalo told me to get out of the way because I was making a scene after I was directing traffic in front their bar in my socks after I ran out of my shoes after hearing a drunk driving accident...changing the last call time ain't gonna do a damn thing man you gotta promote a health party culture that is not choosing who comes in and out by a sexist mysogisnistic dirt bags." that is the raw unedited review I left at the bar known as Frizzy's (140 Allen St)...this is the kind of behavior that businesses are accepting. PLEASE HELP MY GOAL IS TO IMPEDE THE CASH FLOW OF THESE VENUES UNTIL THEY COLLAPSE IF YOU KNOW ANY OTHER PLACES THAT FAIL TO TREAT HUMANS CORRECTLY I WILL ATTACK THEIR CASH FLOW TO0 HELP START A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT START A DISCUSSION ABOUT PARTY POLITICS



We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.


AfricaRastasMovement Letter to the {Africa Religious peoples}
(Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Sabbatarians).

We invite you to come and join us {Spiritual people}, in Worshipping of (JAH,God,Allah) in Truth and Spirit.

We testified that JAH is only One worthy to be Worshipped.
We believe in all Allah prophets.
We accept Jesus son of blessed Mary to be Christ (the Messiah), spoken by all the Prophets.

We believe in God first.
Africa second, and Religion last.
We deposes every political and Religious orders that permits Black against Black DISCRIMINATION.

It will be of good interest for our Community (African) that you accept our invitation.
Allah loves Community that love one another.
Know that we (Rastas) are true believers of Oneness of JAH.

Ras Dominic Chima Ntodonke.
-servant of JAH-apostle of Christ Jesus-Emperor Selassie1 frontline Battle Commander-5*.🇪🇹 ~17/04/2017.
On behalf of AfricaRastasMovement.

8. Say yes to peace in Ukraine!

Stop European Parliament from using disinformation and attacking Minsk II agreement

A vast majority of MEPs in the European parliament elected to be responsible for relations to the Ukrainian parliament have used their position to spread disinformation and attack the Minsk II agreement. It is of utmost importance for building peace that different actors do not deny facts on the ground trying to falsely blame the opponent for acts committed by the side in the conflict EU supports. It is also of great importance that diplomatic efforts to end the conflict and human suffering be honoured. The Minsk II agreement is endorsed by the UN Security Council, i.e. at highest possible international level. Attacks against the Minsk II agreement by the vast majority of MEPs given the responsibility for addressing the Ukrainian conflict is unacceptable.

We demand that the constituencies in the European parliament immediately address the concern this creates for EU as a democratic community basing its decision on facts and not disinformation, a community willing to say yes to peace and support diplomatic efforts endorsed by the UN.

Europe needs peace now. The greatest humanitarian catastrophe in Europe which is threatening the health and life of millions of people in Eastern Ukraine must be solved. The way the West says that Russia is the only actor who must follow the Minsk II agreement is creating passivity and prolonged human suffering. On the ground, the Ukrainian forces and the volunteer battalions have advanced in what is labelled as a ”creeping offensive”. This means that the Ukrainian forces are advancing into the grey zone and this is in breach of the Minsk II agreement.

On the ground Ukrainian ultra nationalist also have since January illegally blocked the railway transport between Ukraine and Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics in order to totally break the economies of Donbass and Ukraine apart. This economic blockade is in breach of the Minsk II agreement and a threat to the economy of both the Ukraine and DPR and LPR who are tied together by treade iun cola and ore for power stations and steel mills. President Poroshenko strongly oppose the illegal blockade but cannot force the ultranationalist to follow the law.

During a session in the European Parliament on the 14th of February 2017, the situation was presented in an erroneous way by Anna Maria Corozza Bildt, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, Rebecca Harms, Dariusz Rosati, Sandra Kalniete, and several others in the European Parliament’s Ukraine delegation. They explicitly tried to undermine the Minsk II agreement by using false statements about the ongoing escalation of the conflict to avoid criticism against the aggressor that currently is Ukraine. A country responsible for a creeping offensive unable or not willing any longer to maintain law and order and thus letting ultra nationalists enforce an economic blockader against the Minsk II agreement.

9. Mr. Zuckerberg, Tear Down The Political Filter Bubble's Wall!

The Filter Bubble term was coined by internet activist Eli Pariser in his book by the same name; according to Pariser, users get less exposure to conflicting viewpoints and are isolated intellectually in their own informational bubble.
The existence of The Filter Bubble "closes us off to new ideas, subjects, and important information" and "creates the impression that our narrow self-interest is all that exists". The invisible algorithmic editing of our Facebook Newsfeeds limits our exposure to new information and narrow our outlook. According to Pariser, the detrimental effects of filter bubbles include harm to the general society in the sense that it has the possibility of "undermining civic discourse" and making people more vulnerable to "propaganda and manipulation".
He wrote: "A world constructed from the familiar is a world in which there’s nothing to learn ... (since there is) invisible autopropaganda, indoctrinating us with our own ideas."
— Eli Pariser in The Economist, 2011
The Facebook algorithm divided us up into sub-groups of like-minded people who become insulated within their own online community and fail to get exposure to different views.
Today like never before we need to narrow the divide between liberals and conservatives - we have no platform to even get to know each other, Facebook has a unique chance to become The Bridge we need in America.

10. State of Emergency Against Crime & Violence #SendOutTheTroops

Over the past few months crime and violence has increased in our communities. We simply cannot stand by while criminals roam free and kill just about anyone.
No one is safe, we have seen an increase violence against babies, children, women and even the elderly. The police force needs help; they are unable to maintain order by themselves. We have an army (JDF), put them to work as well, send out extra help, declare a state of emergency if needed.

11. Diaspora Jews Join Israelis in a Partnership to End the Occupation

SISO (Save Israel Stop Occupation) is a new initiative of prominent Israeli individuals and organizations who have joined with Jewish leaders from around the world in a sense of urgency about Israel's future.

June 2017 will mark 50 years that the Israeli democracy maintains military rule over millions of Palestinians. This situation is disastrous not just for Palestinians but for Israelis as well. The prolonged military occupation poses a very real threat to their safety and well-being, and undermines the moral and democratic fabric of Israel and its standing in the community of nations.

500 of Israel's leading artists, intellectuals and public figures have issued a call to the Diaspora to work with us to end the occupation. SISO is organizing a response to this call and requests your support to build a movement for the end of the occupation in its fiftieth year.

12. Support the Teen Dating Violence Policy Petition

Teen dating violence is a serious issue that affects us all. As friends and relatives of victims, we cope with the loss of our dearest ones. As classmates of victims, we feel unsafe and have a hard time performing our best at school. As observers of teen dating violence, we watch as violence becomes a normalized component of our culture. As victims, we are impacted in the most gruesome way possible. Teen dating violence needs to be addressed immediately.

On September 30th, 2011, Cindi Santana, a 17 year-old student at South East High School in South Gate, California was stabbed to death on school grounds by her former boyfriend, Abraham Lopez. Prior to the incident, Lopez was arrested and subsequently released on bail after threatening Cindi. Santana’s mother notified her daughter’s school of Lopez’s threatening behavior and presented a restraining order regarding Santana’s safety. However, the school did not undertake the proper measures to follow it, and on September 30th, Lopez approached Cindi at the school courtyard during lunch and stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.

Before the Cindi Santana case, the violence prevention non-profit, Peace Over Violence and other youth-groups and community partners, had been working with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for ten years to implement a policy advocating healthy relationships and teen dating violence prevention. In previous years, when POV presented the policy to the LAUSD board, it was repudiated, but in light of Cindi’s death, the policy was passed on October 11th, 2011 with an unanimous vote.

However, it still has not been effectuated by LAUSD due to a clause concerning funds. The clause allows the policy to be delayed as long as funds are not sufficient to support said policy. Many more acts of violence have occurred since then, and still, the policy has not been implemented.

The best way to prevent further acts of teen dating violence is by effectuating this policy which will:
- Establish a Prevention Coordinator and Prevention Liaisons to coordinate the dissemination of prevention methods, intervention techniques, and curricula addressing adolescent dating abuse.
- Provide prevention education to students on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Provide ongoing professional development to school staff on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Provide parent/caregiver engagement opportunities to educate parents on topics of healthy relationships and dating abuse.
- Coordinate appropriate intervention and response to incidents or complaints of dating abuse.
- Establish ongoing tools to monitor and assess dating abuse prevention activities and intervention techniques.
- Provide annual written notice to parents/caregivers and students of the school teen dating violence policy.

We must implement this policy to prevent another serious tragedy. Violence not only affects the victim physically and mentally, but also his/her ability to perform well in school, live a healthy lifestyle, and his/her family and friends. To support this policy, please sign below.

13. Edhi Award for Humanitarian Services

As Wikipedia says and I quote,

''Abdul Sattar Edhi, (1 January 1928 – 8 July 2016) was a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, and humanitarian. He was the founder and head of the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan and ran the organization for the better part of six decades. He was known as 'Angel of Mercy' and was considered Pakistan's "most respected" and legendary figure.In 2013, The Huffington Post said that he might be "The World's Greatest Living Humanitarian."

As a Muslim, I can really feel these words...
‪#‎inna‬ lilahe wa Inna elaihe rajioon...
The man who lived his life on lines of Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad(s.a.w) has passed Away on July 9, 2016.
May ALLAH,(& only You),can bless us with such extraordinary humans. We need such men and women. To me, Edhi is not just a name, He was a phenomenon.


Nós, os abaixo-assinados, académicos ligados a Moçambique através da cidadania ou devido ao trabalho académico, pretendemos realçar o estado alarmante e o recrudescimento do conflito militar em Moçambique, a rápida militarização da sociedade moçambicana, e a crise económica parcialmente causada pela situação acima mencionada.

Nós clamamos que ambos os partidos do conflito cessem as hostilidades como uma questão urgente, que se engajem em negociações sérias e no processo de reconciliação. Pedimos ainda que outros actores nacionais, regionais e internacionais apoiem a paz em Moçambique.


We, the undersigned, who are academics connected with Mozambique through citizenship or due to our academic work, aim to highlight the alarming status of escalating military conflict in Mozambique, the rapid militarization of Mozambican society and the economic crisis partially caused by the aforementioned situation.

We demand that both parties to the conflict end hostilities as a matter of urgency and that both parties engage in serious negotiations and in the reconciliation process. And other national, regional and international actors should support Mozambique's peace.

15. #obama2016 - President Obama for another Term

It is time we the people, the future of this world take a stand for the right change.

Time we use our power as the nations of the world to keep the greatest president and friend to all nations in the White House for another term.


Let's be the difference. Let's be the world peace. Let's be the people of the world.

16. Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

The self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, also known as ISIS, is a malevolent, well-armed group of extremists responsible for killing over 1,700 people in 23 countries, not counting the higher death toll in Iraq and Syria or the millions forced to flee their country.

All nations must work together toward lasting peace and bringing an effective end to this global calamity. Therefore, the formation of a multinational peacekeeping humanitarian ground force is called for under the terms of Chapter VII of the United Nations charter.

This contingent shall fulfill solely the purpose of dismantling ISIS and providing much needed aid to civilians in conflict-stricken Iraq and Syria, with strict adherence to international law and the directives of the UN Security Council.

You may also sign the petition at the White House web page.

17. End all wars!

Wars are killing peope, animals and the environment.

They need to stop!

If we don't put an end to wars, they will put an end to us.

18. Join Desmond Tutu & Noam Chomsky's Statement of Principle for Peace Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Civil Society Statement of Principle for Peace Between Iran and Saudi Arabia (Initial co-signers: Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Professor Noam Chomsky)

We the undersigned hereby seek the support of all who desire genuine peace, joining all efforts to help move the increasingly volatile Middle East away from the brink of even deeper disasters. Through this statement of principled peace, we express our deep worry about the prospects of further escalations (especially in sectarian and ethnic realms) in the chronically conflicted relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

We condemn vigorously both the unjustifiable recent execution in Saudi Arabia of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr, and the equally shocking attack (claimed by the perpetrators to be a “spontaneous emotional reaction” to the execution) that damaged substantially the Saudi Arabian embassy/consulate buildings in Iran. We believe that embassies are ultimate refuges for peace, so they should remain inviolable at all times. So we share the view that this anti-diplomatic act of un-Islamic violence has not only shifted the blame (as to whose actions sparked the latest crisis) from Saudi Arabia to Iran, but also it is foundationally contrary to the spirit of nonviolence that characterized the civil struggles of Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr.

We believe strongly that Saudi-Iranian collaboration toward peace, rather than deepening hostility, is most critically needed--particularly at this dangerous juncture in the history of our interconnected planet. Thus, we advocate and hope for such a collaboration, if for no other reason than struggling successfully against the horrific war crimes and terrorism committed around the world by the entity that self-righteously calls itself the “Islamic” State. So we urge all parties to the conflict to take immediate and longer-term healing actions (not mere gestures), while exercising maximum good will, restraint, and patience, and we extend our principled support, especially to the efforts by the Iranian and Saudi Arabian governments to reduce the temperature of this increasingly worrisome crisis.

Given the above, we support Iran's President Hassan Rouhani in his request of the country's judiciary to “immediately process” the court cases of those who actually attacked the Saudi Arabian embassy/consulate buildings, and to meaningfully pursue and prosecute those who ordered and orchestrated the perpetrators; so as to result in visible and just “punishments for [such] obvious crimes...[hence] preventing similar outrages” in the future, as Mr. Rouhani has stated accurately.

And we urge the government of Saudi Arabia to reciprocate such Iranian good will efforts by taking meaningful immediate steps toward restoration of mutual diplomatic relations (and economic, religious/cultural, tourism, sports, etc. ties) which were not severed by Iran, even after the horrible "Hajj/Mina stampede" of September 2015--in which 1/5th of the victims were Shiite Iranian pilgrims. We believe that given the region's profoundly interconnected destiny, Iran's role as a substantial power (and partner for peace) needs to be recognized and utilized, especially by Saudi Arabia.

In closing, we wholeheartedly invite all caring people around our distressed planet to sign this critical plea for principled peace--and please do kindly spread its word far and wide. We thank you.

Authored Jan. 8, 2016 by: Moji Agha (Mojtaba Aghamohammadi)
Iranian-American sufi monk and civility activist; Founder, Mossadegh Legacy Institute and its independently functioning initiative, the Circles of Nonviolence/Community Collaboratives -- Please see:
Info/Contact: moji.agha [at]

19. Yoga Community Petition: To replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”

I have been doing yoga for about 12 years now. Because of yoga and other self-improvement experiences, my awareness levels are at the highest they’ve ever been. When people have heightened awareness they know thoughts, words, images and actions all have either positive (+) or negative (-) energies and rarely a neutral charge.

This is the reason politicians and much of our society use words with negative imagery like: fight, battle & war to elicit the most visceral emotional reactions, even when just debating each other. Instilling fear and anger is a primitive yet effective, natural technique to gain support for a cause. Because humans have been embroiled in conflict and war since our existence, we have been conditioned to perpetuate conflict and war. Thoughts, words, images and actions are what society’s use to continue the tradition of violence or create a new and more positive present & future.

Evolve 4 World Peace now calls upon the global yoga community to increase our own self-awareness by realizing one of the most used words of negative (-) imagery in many yoga classes is “Warrior”. There’s Warrior 1, 2, 3, humble etc. Even Peaceful Warrior is a contradiction. A person either creates peace or war. Just as it is impossible for mind to have 2 thoughts at the exact same time, so too is it impossible for peace and war to exist at the same place and time.

The imagery of a Warrior is usually associated with the glorification of war, death, weaponry and violence. The Sanskrit name of the pose, Virabhadrasana is name after the Hindi mythological warrior and horrifying mass murder, Virabhadra.

A greater awareness means we know thoughts, words, images and actions all create mental impressions on the human mind. A greater awareness means we have a choice of what those impressions are. We can choose the negative (-) impression of the word “Warrior” or we choose the positive (+) impression associated with our own albites to create a more peaceful, loving, inspirational, abundant, compassionate world: We choose to be a “Creator”.

This global yoga community petition is to replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”, defined as a person or thing that brings something into existence.

As each yogi shares this awareness with others the ripple effect becomes global. That means other positive (+) words will fill our collective vocabulary much more often. Eckhart Tolle, author of “A New Earth” has said “yoga will be a great part of the awakening of humanity”. This new collective awareness in the yoga community will accelerate his prediction.

Then, even our world leaders and politicians will be speaking in terms of positivity and optimism. This is one component to Create world peace.

Love you all,
Evolve 4 World Peace

20. Make Your Life and Other Peoples' More Peaceful

Peace is an important topic. If we have it, we will save lives. The only problem is, we don't, and signing this petition means that you want to try make your lives and other people's lives more peaceful.

Not only does conflict ruin and destroy lives but it can make people bitter.

Peace means freedom and it resolves disturbances.

21. Urge Facebook to launch a peace sign profile picture filter

In light of recent events, Facebook made the decision to launch a profile picture filter of a French flag to allow people to support those affected by the attacks in Paris. The terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris were of course a tragedy, however, far more tragedies take place across the world due to terrorist attacks and acts of war that Facebook never launches filters for. For example, why wasn't there an option to apply a profile picture filter of the Lebanese flag a week ago when suicide bombings there killed dozens?

It could be suggested to Facebook to launch a countries flag as a filter any time a tragedy occurs in a country, but there is a much simpler solution: if the option was given to people to apply a profile picture filter of the well-known peace sign, this would allow people to support the global intolerance of violence/terrorism/acts of war and get behind not just one country, but the entire world in support of global peace.

Please sign the petition and share if you agree, thanks.

 photo peace-clip-art-yckMp9McE_zpsaof7vms3.png

22. WA-ZO-BIA - One Peaceful, Harmonious and Prosperous Nigeria

For many years, since the late sixties running through the fields of poverty and strife as like a little child running through high corn fields with no way to see ahead / future, the fields are too high as the fields of poverty and strife.

Nigerian youths and generations have been pawns in the hands of divide and rule Nigerian Lords who stop at nothing to achieve selfish aims while committing treasonable felonies such as sabotage, religious incitements, malicious propaganda and militancy in all forms, inclusive of religious fanaticism, sectional secession threats and resources control agitations. Thereby, wasting valuable human lives, time and resources with the same repetitive cycle at the behest of the Lords of Nigeria.

Yes, there may be genuine grievances here and there just as there are many root causes for these problems. We only just voted in a new Government from an opposition party against a sadly inept ruling party of 16 of our new democracy.

Let us behave responsibly and patriotic and while we wait in patience and support of the new Government we must learn how to seek constructive solutions and redress to our collective issues. Violence is not the way! One Nigeria! No to Boko Haram! No to Biafra!

23. A petition to the UN calling for an immediate cease fire in Yemen and peace negotiations

Unfortunately it’s more than 6 months that Yemen has been invaded by Saudi Arabia.

While both sides claim to be the just ones, the whole world sees women and children die every day and no righteous soul can stand assaults against civilian targets (mainly women and children) seeing the use of prohibited weapons.

24. America's Police Should Be Required To Wear Working Body Cameras

Throughout the years and not to mention recent news we have been seeing a spike of police related killings and beating across the nation. And in mostly every case the officer or officers are not even charged or is exonerated because of the "It's our officer's word over the criminal's word."

The sad part is that every victim ISN'T a criminal. Police are SUPPOSED to PROTECT and SERVE. That isn't the case for most. When will enough be enough?When it hits home?Or next door? Is this what all these taxpayers are working hard for? To have friends and family gunned down, beat down, framed, and etc? When will WE as a nation say "Enough is enough!".

When will we as the PEOPLE of the proclaimed "Land of The Free" actually be free of this murderous and cowardly hold that they have over us. This isn't a race thing.I am fighting for US, the people of America.Will I fight alone, Yes I Will! Is this what we want for our children? Our grandchildren? Our future? YOU'RE future? We fight for issues that hold no relevance in our lives. NOW let's fight FOR our lives! Our CHILDREN lives!

25. The G20: Save the Planet

Our National “leaders”, represented by the G20, no longer represent the voice or the will of the majority of their people and the World’s people. They appear to only see short-term economic gains while the global economic system runs on the assumption that nature can continually provide us with infinite resources. Simultaneously, the growing threats to the human future of Nuclear War and Global Climate Change now severely threaten our future and all life on Earth.

In addition:

• Our growing human ‘ecological footprint’ is now in the process of damaging the natural world and much of the biodiversity on the planet.

• Just 1 percent of the World’s population owns and controls the vast majority of the World’s wealth (Oxfam International). In monetary terms, 1 percent of people on Earth are worth $110 trillion while the remaining 99% are worth much less in terms of collective wealth.

• The Health system in many nations is in crisis as Big Pharma is only concerned about profits. In the meantime, the altered environment creates outbreaks of uncontrollable diseases like Ebola. The biggest problems in the world are hunger, health and illiteracy, yet health and education have to be paid for by those who cannot afford to in many countries in the developing world and developed world. Economics is permanently viewed by our “leaders” as more important than human welfare.

• Our value system is adrift and our society is replete with control mechanisms on people such as government surveillance, media and educational “brainwashing” so the population hears what they are told to hear and are taught what is important for the transnational businesses which truly rule the world, especially Big Banks and Big Oil.As a result, the public becomes more and more stressed and chronic illnesses increase as our food is altered by pesticides and genetic modification.

• The People do not want war and do not want to kill each other. The basis of human interaction is the Family which has at its core the values of nurturing and love. Despite our closeness as the Human Family, Humanity as a whole is fractured by economic considerations, belief systems and cultural differences which belie the basis of Community which is based on loving kindness and connectedness.

• We, the People of the World, are essentially brainwashed by the systems which control and manipulate us,and by“leaders”and the compliant mainstream media who continue to lead us to incessant wars and human degradation in the face of rapidly escalating Global Climate Change and other severe threats to our continued survival today.

26. Stop #RussellBrand's biggest joke

Comedian Russell Brand is considering a position in UK Politics.

Hopefully, this is nothing more than another joke from Russell...

For years, Russell has made us laugh with his witty, though often rude humour.

Sadly, we are now seeing yet another intelligent but misinformed person, blinded by blatant (though easily-debunked) lies about Israel/Palestine, that are so slickly and effectively advanced by the pro-Palestine propaganda machine, and repeated so often that they are believed and promoted as ‘truth’ by ill-informed masses and even by supposedly well-informed scholars (ref: Goebbels).

Brand supports a cause that can never lead to peace or justice for Palestinians, Jews, or anyone.

The Palestinian leaders, e.g. Hamas, call (in whichever way is most effective with each particular audience) for worldwide support in the achievement of their stated goals, which include ethnically cleansing the Middle East of Jews.

This and other goals are explicitly defined in the Hamas Covenant or Charter (1988), and is current today.
(See:; main points:

Hamas holds power and influence in leading and directing the Palestinian people, with little or no consideration for individual Palestinians' wishes or welfare, or for anyone’s wishes and efforts for peace and safety.

We ask everyone, especially those people in the UK Government, to take appropriate action to prevent Russell's latest joke from becoming a frightening reality.

Such extreme and dangerously misinformed views and misguided support, held by anyone in a position of power and influence, is a serious threat to us all.

Please sign for peace, justice and the human rights of all people - including all children, who will inherit the legacy of our social conscience and fabric.
The Palestinian leaders, e.g. Hamas, call (in whichever way is most effective with each particular audience) for worldwide support in the achievement of their stated goals, which include ethnically cleansing the Middle East of Jews.

This and other goals are explicitly defined in Hamas’ Charter, written in 1988 and current today.
(See:; main points:

Hamas holds power and influence in leading and directing the Palestinian people, with little or no consideration for individual Palestinians' wishes or welfare, or for anyone’s wishes and efforts for peace and safety.

We ask everyone, especially those people in the UK Government, to take appropriate action to prevent Russell's latest joke from becoming a frightening reality.

Such extreme and dangerously misinformed views and misguided support, held by anyone in a position of power and influence, is a serious threat to us all.

Please sign for peace, justice and the human rights of all people - including all children, who will inherit the legacy of our social conscience and fabric.

Thank you.

27. Say no to Western Australia fuelling the Nuclear Industry. No Uranium Mines.

Australia holds approximately 40% of the world's uranium deposits and a pro nuclear government gives uranium mining corporates like Cameco and Toro Energy a clear path to exploit land and affected Indigenous communities. Western Australia's uranium is considered high grade and well sought after. It is vital that we stop fuelling a toxic industry that is subject to human error and natural disasters as well as the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

These uranium mines have been pre-approved based on incomplete Environmental Management Reports (EMR) submitted by the mining corporates and all regulations are based on scientific assessment outside of the proposed project areas at Wiluna - Lake Maitland and Kintyre. 

These companies are also allowed to submit incomplete reports that neglect the rehabilitation and clean up and Toro has made the decision to store millions of tonnes of radioactive tailings across two lake beds subjected to extreme weather, which will inevitably contaminate our land and people and future generations forever more.

In other news, Toro has released a scoping document for an expansion of the Wiluna uranium proposal – the proposal is now for 4 mines across two lake systems. We are most concerned that the EPA is assessing the one project as two separate projects instead of looking at the total regional impact of this scattered mine across a 100km stretch.


28. Reconciliation to end the suffering of the Palestinian and Israeli People

Wasatia advocates the promotion of a culture of moderation, peace, justice, reconciliation, tolerance, and coexistence through dialogue, voluntarism, charity, and social cooperation to undermine the escalation of enmity, fear, violence and extremism.

We invite the Palestinians and Israelis and the International Community to join us in our efforts and not to remain bystanders to create a community of reconciliation, our objective is together a community that believes in reconciliation between both communities and acknowledges the suffering of the other.

In order to participate in the Wasatia community, join us at:

29. Peace In Ukraine And The World

Peace - Diplomacy - Resolution without force in Ukraine!

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The goal of this petition is to express the movement of people globally against ANY and ALL military operations in Ukraine.

For All world leaders - including but not limited to USA, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, UN, NATO to engage and encourage each other to use all of the best diplomatic skills and assets to influence interim government in Kiev to withdraw from use of military force and negotiate with the federalist opposition.

Immediately stop and prevent military aggression by any military forces whether Ukrainian, NATO, Russian or any other!

In this day and age it is shameful for the leaders to call on military force to put down protesters without any attempts of negotiations.

30. Stop WAR! Talk! Petition for more peace & togetherness in the world

International conflicts and aggressions are increasing all over the world and are at the verge of escalating. Ukraine, North Corea, Iran, Afghanistan ... just to cite some of them.

Actually unrests are going to increase to open conflicts between USA, Russia and Europe, between the continents, between economic power authorities.

If you don't believe the mass-media and look behind the facade in most of the cases the main reason for those conflicts are not human rights or bad presidents loosing it, mostly it's about oil, gas, money and strategic important territory.

Ask your neighbour, if he wants to have war, he will say "no". If anybody in the world asks any neighbour in the whole world, all of them will give the same answer: "no".

That means: Humans don't want to have war and aggression, humans want to have peace and harmony. But the people who fight about oil and gas, are not the ones who are standing at the front line of a war. At the end, the people who are fighting at the front, are the people who don't want war and will never have oil, even if they survive.

If everybody in the world wants to have peace and harmony, it should be possible to find a way of living together in a nice way, even if cultures and races are different. For saving and caring about our interests we have presidents and authorities, so we think, they should do it and work out a way for peace and togetherness.

With our bavarian flashmob in India (watch at, where hundreds of people from all over the world spontaneously started dancing together an bavarian song (nobody could understand anything at all), we prooved one fact:

"All nationalities can dance together, even if they sometimes don't understand each other".

War is the result of fear ...
- fear of loosing territories
- fear of loosing influence
- fear of loosing richness and prosperity 
- fear of loosing privelegs.
In short ... it's all about materialism and "being better or better situated than others".

Since thousands of years the concept is "getting more and being better than somebody else" neglecting the fact, that true richness and satisfaction is harmony and togetherness.

The main problem: The world population is growing, resources and energies are getting less. So every nation tries to get as much influence as possible, to save and raise their economic standards (fear of Looping).

But imagine an international alliance of all nations, which works on a way of togetherness on the whole earth, which creates worldwide peace-contracts and concepts for equality and global collaboration.

Imagine if all people on earth would take all the money, which is actually invested into armament (around 1500!! billions US$ per year!!!) and militaries, and work together on solutions for new sustainable energies, for making uninhabitable land inhabitable, for living together in harmony...

The earth would have enough sustainable resources for the whole population.

We think, in the 21th century - after thousand of years of "against" - it's time to recap the past, to reconsider and to start changing the system into "with each other", because that's what you and your neighbours want (if you neglect the fear of loosing something).

Media, authorities and presidents all over the world are promoting fear and the "against"-concept by forwarding unilateral story lines furthering the own nationalistic idea. Of course they do this, otherwise the folks, which don't want war, would not share the idea and authorities without the people behind them would not have any power.

But do we need political power to live together in peace and harmony? If we continue following the "against"-idea: Yes!
... If we start to change something and work on the "together" idea: No!

We know, that changing this will not be easy and for sure it will take a long time, but it's worth starting and trying to change the concept of thinking now.

Its time to make a concept not only on behalf of some people in the world, but in everyones interest all over world. Even a small change is a beginning!

Please sign this petition and share our