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1. Advocate for Educational Change in Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at Canadian post-secondary institutions are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, post-secondary institutions have been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so have failed to comply with how education is defined.


Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced a new tiered tax system for motorcycles on 20 Feb 2017. Under the new system, the 15% Additional Registration Fee (ARF) will stay for motorcycles with an OMV of up to S$5000. The subsequent S$5000 of its OMV will incur an ARF of 50%, and the remaining OMV above S$10000 will come with an ARF of 100%.

What is the rational behind this move?
If Singapore's goal is to curb road congestion shouldn't we encourage mode of transport such as motorcycling by reducing the taxes?
Motorcycles do not contribute as much to congestion as cars so why are motorcyclist subjected to the same tax amount as cars?

3. Visible Skill Ranking Playlists for Halo 4

This petition is to allow the voice of Halo fans who would like to see a return of visible skill ranks to the upcoming Halo 4 multiplayer.

Fans who would like to be matched and teamed up with players of similar skill in competitive playlists should sign this petition in order to lobby 343 Industries in returning this feature back into Halo 4.

Recent comments from Frank O'Connor has stated that while there will be a ranking system it will not be visible. This petition is in favor of having visible skill ranks on competitive playlists as it encourages a more intense and enjoyable experience while maintaining a continuing player base.

This petition also acknowledges the issues in previous games with regards to "boosters". We have full faith that 343 Industries will do everything in their power to tackle this but it is a risk we, as Halo fans, are willing to take.

4. Oppose the abolition of the Chief Coroner

Please join CRY’s campaign for justice for families of fit and healthy young people who are dying from undiagnosed but inherited heart conditions.

Every week in the UK, 12 young people (under 35 years) die from undiagnosed heart conditions and CRY believe there are hundreds more ‘broken hearts’ which are not being sent to heart specialists for proper examination due to short-comings in the coroners’ system.

This means other family members are at risk if a genetic heart defect is present; and bereaved families suffer even more heartache from not knowing the true cause of death.

To stop these short-comings, a Chief Coroner must be at the heart of the coroners’ system.

A Bill is going through Parliament NOW which proposes to abolish the role of Chief Coroner for England and Wales and this needs to be stopped.

5. Don't Encrypt The OPP System

There have been many times when the O.P.P has called for tow trucks to assist in situations where there is danger to the public due to a traffic hazard, whether it be broken down vehicle or an accident.

During those times, the Tow Truck Drivers are depended upon to remove any vehicles off the road to a safe location so the safety of the public is the first to be taken into consideration.

To get the drivers that drink and drive off the road before any casualties are caused, these individuals (Tow Truck Drivers) dedicate themselves to help the police find the impaired drivers and make our highways safe for the rest of the public.

6. Reduction of Prison Sentence for Robert Graham

In 1981, Robert Graham was convicted of a murder crime in his hometown of Lake Providence, La. He was given a life sentence and is still serving time in the Angola State Prison System in the state of Louisiana. The evidence was shabby, but Robert was arrested and convicted, because he and the victim were in a previous altercation the night of the victim's death, at a local night club.

In addition, Robert pleaded guilty, because he believed that he might have stabbed the victim during the public altercation in the night club. He presented the weapon to the police.

Law enforcement accepted his word and therefore no investigation was done. Robert Graham's mother is requesting his release for time served or a transfer to a minimum security facility, closer to home. His mother is a senior citizen and no longer able to travel to visit him in his present location.

7. Help Save Rowland Elementary School

By now, we have all heard the distressing news of Rowland Elementary School being added to the list of possible school closings, due to a $115 million deficit in the DeKalb County School System.

At this time we are asking our Rowland community to come together to save Rowland. The community depends on this school to be there for the parents and our main focus-the children. For the past 43 years Rowland has provided quality education to our students, teachers that go beyond the point of duty, resource programs for parents, quality care and training for our special needs children cultural events to join for our Rowland family and the community together, among many other services our school has to offer.

We cannot allow for this to happen to our children and even future attendees of this area. Please join us in fighting for Rowland. Our children are worth this fight; your child’s education journey starts here. Everyday here at Rowland we are laying the foundation for intelligence, dependability, honesty, citizenship, independence, self-esteem, and so many character and educational traits they will need not just for learning, but for life.

We as parents are not happy with closing down Rowland because of many different reasons. To name a few, where will our children be forced to attend school, how close will the new school be, are we as parents comfortable with the distance the children will have to ride the bus to school? Also, what will happen to our physical school building if left unattended? What will the community become of then?

8. Parental Alienation Awareness Day Proclamation - April 25, 2010


WHEREAS: Parental alienation is often found in high conflict separations, divorces and custody disputes,
and takes advantage of the dependency and responsibility of a child; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation deprives a child of their right to a loving relationship with both parents,
and interfers with a child’s mental & emotional development; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation can be mild or to the extreme, conscious or unconscious, and can
manipulate and undermine a parent’s role in a child’s life; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation behaviors such as denigrating the target parent, interfering with communication and visitation, confiding inappropriate adult information with a child; such as the details of the marriage breakdown, court proceedings and financial matters are considered harmful to the child’s mental wellbeing; and

WHEREAS: Medical professionals agree the problem of parental alienation exists and can cause mental and emotional harm to a child; and can affect them as adults with tragic consequences; and

WHEREAS; With awareness, we can educate parents to act in their child’s best interest, and gain education, understanding, and knowledge to prevent the abuse of the innocent victims involved in high conflict separations.

9. Stop Mental Health Ignorance

The Education System
•Increased Character Education

Children's Aid Society (Child Protective Services)
•protect children physically/mentally & emotionally
•recognize & educated on the signs of parental alienation
•children need mental health protection to be acknowledged and protected from mental & emotional abuse.

Family Court System
•enforce court orders when mental health issues are being ignored
•enforce doctors recommendations for counselling when there is a family history of mental illness
•oversee the office of the children's lawyer: to work in the best interests of the children they are representing, follow through with mental health assessments
•give a doctors diagnosis the respect it deserves, and consider the recommendations
•give the education system the respect it deserves, and consider their recommendations
•enforce court orders

10. Optional Recall of Nokia N97 handsets

A large amount of Nokia N97 handsets, sold through both Optus and outright have been failing constantly, software errors occur, photo management issues, as well as system restarts.

Because of this, we believe that an optional recall for Nokia N97 handsets with these issues be considered so the phones are either fixed, or refunded.

11. Prevent Conjugal Visits in the US prison system

Conjugal visits provide the possibility for pregnancies that are often unwanted and in some cases not only are the mothers unable but are unwilling to care for the newborn. This results in more and more single parent children and a greater burden on society’s already thinly stretched resources.

Another reason would be the fact that the reason these people are in prison now is for punishment. They already have access to free schooling, libraries, TV and other things that some of us on the outside can’t afford to have for ourselves but we have to pay for these people to have the things that we ourselves cannot afford. That is in addition to the cost of having to maintain them for food and board.

12. Change the invite system in MW2 back to the one in CoD4!

The current invite system clogs up the inbox with silly messages and inviting a party takes longer than an actual game.

13. No Uniforms for Schools in the Bay County District School System

I am actively working on efforts to gain support within the Bay County Community to show our School Board that a vote to require that all students grades K-12 wear uniforms to Public School.

Not only is the cost unattainable to some low-income families, but changing from the very lenient dress code that is currently in place to one that is far more strict will be a change that will meet much resistance.

Please keep up with my blog as i will let you know about Petition efforts, Public Hearings where your support would be greatly appreciated, and ways in which you can voice your own concerns to your School Board before they vote on August 4, 2009.

14. Max Payne 3 : We want a "Noir" movie

The Max Payne license has been built around a dark captivating universe inspired by “noir” movies with tortured heros. For example the hero Max Payne is inspired by Humphrey Bogart.

The success of the Max Payne game is based on it’s originality. The game was able to propose an original universe and a captivating gameplay (bullet time).

Rockstar Vancouver studio is destroying the Max Payne license and convert it into a classic action game. We have now a classic bald and muscular hero directly imported from Die Hard 4. The scene takes place in San Andreas… hum Sao Polo.

The hero who was full of personality and hypnotizing dark has lost all his charisma. Now it’s just another gunslinger action hero.

The combat system loses its originality through the cover system present in all action games today.

As fans for the first hour we must do something to change all of this…

15. Say No to "Cash for Clunkers" Bill

This program is completely voluntary. but the salvage yards will not be able to sell Engines, and Transmissions that could be used to maintain an older car.

Currently there's a bill called "Cash for Clunkers" which the government will proposed federal program that would encourage consumers to trade in gas-guzzlers or older cars for new cars that get better fuel economy, and that new cars are safer then the older cars.

The government will pay $2000 dollars to $4000 depending on the fuel economy of the new car compared to the older car, when the trade is made the older car will be crushed as well with the Engine and transmission and not be sold again! the Engines and transmissions will be crushed. which people can use in current cars of the same make and model that need engines or transmissions for their cars to run.

The government will send the money to the dealer via electronic voucher...

16. One-To-One Education Support

In early 2008, Gordon Brown pledged to help 300,000 children in primary schools through one-to-one support. One-to-one support is mainly for those children who have difficulty keeping up in class. An additional teacher will help them out in doing so and making sure they understand it properly as a class teacher is often very busy.

However, by June 2009, research has shown that instead of being close to helping the 300,000 children that were promised help, this figure has only risen to 3,500 on average in the whole of the UK. This is not even half of what was pledged.

Ministers have talked for years about introducing better and more accesible one-to-one support. But nothing has ever been done. Only a tiny fraction of children in need of this support actually recieve it, and this is after being 'looked over' by a group of 'professional educationalists'.

484 schools IN ENGLAND have joined the one-to-one tuition programme, but little progress has been made. And what about Scotland? Where is our help?

Schools are becoming more and more accessible for disabled children (through ramps, elevators, etc), but schools seem to fail to help these children educationally when in a mainstream school.

Is this really acceptable in modern day society?

17. Information Freedom Leads to a Better World - System 3 Company

Restricting the ways we can distribute and receive information restricts the way we can create new information.

18. Demanding change in our education system

I am writing as a concerned parent of a student who is to be attending kindergarten in the year 09/10. I currently live in Clintondale which is Porter township. I was supposed to register my daughter for kindergarten this year and I am struggling with the fact that the KCSD is purely being run by power and money. Here is my story: My daughters designated school is Robb elementary. Now I am sure all of you who don't know about the "policies" are wondering why Robb when this family lives in Clintondale. Yes, I thought the same thing. So I called to get answers. And like we all know nobody ever has any. I do not want my daughter to go to Robb for the fact that it is so big. It has three kindergarten classes and Lamar Township only has 12 students in their kindergarten. This is pure ludicrous. Not only that but the fact I am going to pass three yes that's right three other elementary schools before I get to Robb. So many students are falling between the cracks of the education system and the district is allowing this to happen. I want my daughter to go to a school where to is going to get the attention that every student deserves. Next year so far there is only 25 students going to Mill Hall elementary in the kindergarten class.

Now also attending Lamar Township is a little girl who her designated school was Robb but she is being allowed to go to Lamar for the simple fact that her mother went to a board meeting and said I live in Porter Township and if my daughter goes to Robb then she will make friends in Lock Haven and I will have to drive her to Lock Haven to play with her friends. So they passed it and allowed her to go to Lamar Township.... and you call this justification. Absolutely not....I want to send my daughter to a school where I know she is going to get the education she deserves and we are going to put social power over that. Where does it end??

That's my question to you? When are we as citizens going to stand up and say ya know this mother has a point. There was a study done by a group of people who were concerned about the education system over the entire country. Whether your going to the suburbs of San Fransisco or a small town like Mill Hall/ Lock Haven results all came out pretty much the same and the results will blow you socks right off.

It was a study on students who have dropped out of school and we currently have about 30% of students dropping out and 45% of those students said that they dropped out in high school because during their elementary education years they were simply not prepared to handle the knowledge at the high school level. WHAT?!?!? That is what is going on here folks. That is what is going on. When I called the attendance office, transportation office, and the superintendents office and said all I am asking is for justification for my child going to a school that is in Lock Haven when I have an elementary school 2 miles from my house they all said the same thing....that is what the board passed. Blows me away. So in closing here is what my conclusion is.

My daughters education will be determined my a handful of people who all have political power and a better social status than John Doe down the street. Is that really justification? And at the end of the day who are we??? It is a question that we as citizens need to really think about. This is a serious situation and I am sure I am not the only mother or parent for that matter who has the same concerns. Let's come together as a community and make our education system what it needs to be. Or we will just be another statistic?

19. Support the Montmartre First Responders

Montmartre First Responders Dispatch System

Please support the Montmartre First Responders.

20. Full MSN For Macintosh

For years, Mac users have been promised to have a full version of MSN featuring Nudges, Winks, Webcams and everything you would expect with a normal Windows MSN.

Mac users are aware that there is a current version of MSN, however this is the most basic version you could expect as this has no Winks, Nudges, Webcams, Voice Clips, Background images and everything else.

21. Equal Opportunities for Young People in State Care

From 1 July 2007 the Queensland Government introduced a new graduated licensing system to reduce fatalities on our roads, particularly among young motorists. Young drivers aged 17-24 are twice as likely to be involved in fatal crashes than drivers aged between 25-59. That is why the Queensland Government introduced new laws to change the licensing system for young drivers.

The new changes introduced by Queensland Transport included the introduction of a logbook system to ensure learners get a good balance of experience before they drive solo on the road. Learner drivers are required to complete 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience.

The extension of the learner period to 12 months and the completion of 100 hours of driving experience will expose learners to driving in various road conditions. During this time, they gain valuable experience, including driving at night. The requirement to accumulate 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience before undertaking a practical driving assessment highlights the importance of the learner licence stage and ensures the learner accumulates extensive driving experience under a range of driving conditions before applying for a provisional licence.

Since the changes in law, many young people in state care face many barriers when trying to obtain their driving licence, such as foster carers not having enough time, residentials not having insurance for young people to drive company or youth worker owned cars and the average driving lesson costing $47 an hour and the likelihood of the Department of Child Safety providing an average of $4700 for each young person wanting to access there licence isn't high either.

22. Florida Probation System Reform

The probation system in the State of Florida is unfair and corrupt. The State of Florida Department of Corrections passes out Probation for just about every crime that is committed in Florida... including 1st time offenders. I cannot find any other state with such a high degree of Probation output.

I am a believer that the punishment should fit the crime. Giving probation to a first time offender on a misdemeanor crime or even a 3rd degree felony is wrong, in my opinion. That is also the opinion of most states of the US.

The Florida Probation system is also a system that sets you up to fail with its ZERO TOLERANCE policy. I know 100s of people who have had their Probation Violated for the littlest technical thing such as not being able to do their community hours or not being able to make their appointments because they did not have transportation....even tho these people called their PO to let them know ahead of time.

In Hillsborough county alone they must arrest over 5000 people per month just for VOPs. Most of these people are poor or working class too. Probation is suppose to be a way to reform people to become better citizens. It does not do that however. Instead, the Florida Probation system is designed to make the offenders fail with its ZERO TOLERANCE policy and then get put back on Probation longer in order to make the DOC and the State even more money. These issues are morally wrong and need to be reformed.

here are some articles to read regarding this issue and related issues as well.

23. Equal rights for Biological and Non Biological Parents

Currently, at least in Florida, non biological parents have no rights to their children.

In today's day and age we cannot still hold the preconception of the conventional definition of a parent. That definition being that the title of father or mother is assigned solely by the contributors of the child's genes.

There are many situations today when a male will impregnate a girl and then disappear. This girl then goes on with her life and hopefully keeps and has the child. There are also many situations where that mother will meet someone during pregnancy or shortly after that not only becomes a mate and a support for her but bonds and because the parent for that child.

In many of these situations the mother and her suitor might decide that he would be the child's dad and place him on the child's birth certificate and he would in every way raise that child.

Of course in such - the father bonds to that child. What I'm seeking to change is that mans rights if something were to happen that he is separated from the child's mother. He is as much, if not more, of a father than the biological father and in some cases the biological mother and that child sees him as his daddy. In the current system the man has no choice but to have his child, that he has raised, supported and most importantly has loved from before day one, completely taken out of his life and he is powerless to stop it. This must change.

The Dad who has spent his time, finances and most importantly his heart with that child should not have the child removed from him completely any more than the biological parent should. In as much the child loses in this system as well because that child has spent his life recognizes this person as his daddy - all to have him taken away.

I myself was raised by my uncle and Aunt because my biological parents were unfit at the time due to alcohol and drug habits. My DNA contributors are my biological mother and father, however, my aunt and uncle are my Mom and Dad.

24. Revolving door - Monsters on the loose in America

CHILD ABUSE: Each week, child protective services (CPS) agencies throughout the United States receive more than 50,000 reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. In 2002, 2.6 million reports concerning the welfare of approximately 4.5 million children were made.

In approximately two-thirds (67 percent) of these cases, the information provided in the report was sufficient to prompt an assessment or investigation. As a result of these investigations, approximately 896,000 children were found to have been victims of abuse or neglect—an average of more than 2,450 children per day.
More than half (60 percent) of victims experienced neglect, meaning a caretaker failed to provide for the child's basic needs. Fewer victims experienced physical abuse (nearly 20 percent) or sexual abuse (10 percent), though these cases are typically more likely to be publicized. An average of nearly four children die every day as a result of child abuse or neglect (1,400 in 2002). Children of all ages experience abuse and neglect, but the youngest children are most vulnerable. Children younger than 1 year old accounted for 41 percent of all abuse-related deaths reported in 2002; three-quarters (76 percent) of those killed were younger than 4.

RAPE: Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. Rape is a serious problem in the United States today. The United States has the highest rape rate among countries which report such statistics. It is 4 times higher than that of Germany, 13 times higher than that of England and 20 times higher than that of Japan. 7.6 % of women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape. Of these, 21.6% were younger than age 12 when they were first raped, and 32.4% were between the ages of 12 and 17. (Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women, Findings from the National Violence Against Women Survey, November, 2000) The FBI estimates that only 37% of all rapes are reported to the police. U.S. Justice Department statistics are even lower, with only 26% of all rapes or attempted rapes being reported to law enforcement officials. The National College Women Sexual Victimization Study estimated that between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 college women experience completed or attempted rape during their college years (Fisher 2000). One out of every six American women have been the victims of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

Murder: Crime in the United States is characterized by relatively high levels of gun violence and homicide, compared to other developed countries.In 2005, 24% of the incidents of violent crime, a weapon was present.

Offenders had or used a weapon in 48% of all robberies, compared with 22% of all aggravated assaults and 7% of all rapes/sexual assaults in 2005.

Homicides are most often committed with guns, especially handguns. In 2005, 55% of homicides were committed with handguns, 16% with other guns, 14% with knives, 5% with blunt objects, and 11% with other weapons. # Per every 1,000 persons in that racial group, 32 blacks, 23 whites and 18 persons of other races sustained a violent crime.

In 2006 —-
* Per every 1,000 persons in that racial group, 32 blacks, 23 whites and 18 persons of other races sustained a violent crime.
* Black, white, and other races experienced one per 1,000 person rates of rape/sexual assault.

There is a reported 90 guns for every 100 people in the U.S. Out of the 875 million known guns in the world, the U.S. owns 270 million of them.

Within 3 years of being released 67% of the ex-prisoners are rearrested and 52% are actually re-incarcerated.

In 1995 the government allocated 5.1 billion dollars for new prison space. Every $100 million spend in construction will cost $1.6 billion in finance and operational costs over the next 3 decades.[12] Taxpayers spend $60 billion a year for prisons.

25. Bring GameTap to Trinidad and Tobago and other countries

Finally, a gaming alternative has arrived on the Internet where anyone can find their favourite console and PCs games and play them on their computer and online. The only problem is: It's only available to users in the united States and Canada.

Does it ever occur to you that when you put GameTap on the Internet, everyone around the world using it will want to play? Where is your determination for bringing games to the masses and your foresight in this franchaise?

Not only should you bring it to other countries, but you should make a bulletin board detailing all the respective release dates and other vital information so we, the Internet community as a whole can play games just as much as the U.S.A. and Canada.

26. Petition to Lionhead - RE: The Instant Respawning Death System of Fable 2

Fable 2 is supposedly introducing a death system whereby death means you collapse to the ground and lose some experience points gathered. You then get back up again immediately with full health.

Many of us are concerned this will remove any feeling of challenge within the game.

You can see the feature in two videos at these links:

27. Students for Healthy School Options

One of the worst problems facing America today is it's increasing levels of overweight and obesity. "A recent report published by a research team at Johns Hopkins University predicts that if current trends continue, by the year 2015, 75 percent of all Americans, including 24 percent of all children and adolescents, will be overweight or obese" (PCRM).

These numbers are astonishingly high, so health has become a key issue. One main focus has grown on the influence of American schools.

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP), established in 1946, is one of five federally funded child nutrition programs which provide meals to children across the country daily. "Schools participating in the NSLP receive cash subsidies and commodity foods for each meal served and bonus commodities, as they are available from agricultural surplus. In return, schools must serve lunches that meet federal nutrition requirements" (PCRM).

Unfortunately, there are many factors, including financial constraints and outdated federal requirements, which permit schools to serve unhealthful food.

"One of the most significant roadblocks to change is the USDA’s commodity system. Each year, the USDA purchases hundreds of millions of pounds of pork, beef, and other animal products, primarily as an economic benefit to agricultural interests, and donates them to the NSLP and other food assistance programs. Unfortunately, these “entitlement foods” are almost all unhealthful foods. This system makes it easy and inexpensive for food service directors to choose chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and other high-cholesterol, high-fat foods" (PCRM).

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's (PCRM) "Healthy School Lunch Campaign was established in 2001 to help protect children’s health and to reduce childhood obesity rates by increasing the availability of healthful plant-based foods in schools" (PCRM). "To earn a high grade on PCRM’s School Lunch Report Card, school districts must go above and beyond USDA requirements, which many nutrition experts believe are inadequate" (PCRM).

Since the induction of the Healthy School Lunch Campaign, many school districts have begun to increase the availability of healthy vegetarian and vegan entrées. And while a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is an entirely acceptable vegan option, some schools have even begun to offer more creative and tasteful options, such as veggie burgers and extended salad bars. These advances have been highly praised and are the initial steps which will lead today's generations into a more healthy, productive future.

These are changes that we hope to be seen in our own schools and community. We hope that Murrieta Valley High School may take the lead in providing healthful food options which may promote a more successful, healthy future for it’s students. We know that a productive life begins with a positive diet. For those who already choose to eat healthfully, as well as those who have not been given the option, we are for the better availability of food which is nourishing for both our bodies and minds.

28. Benazir Bhutto Assassination Inquiry by United Nations

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Freedom, Peace and Justice loving people around the globe demand United Nations to order independent investigation into the brutal assassination of Former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s in Pakistan.

His Excellency
Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General United Nations
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Honorable Benazir Bhutto - twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, first woman ever elected head of a nation in the Muslim world and the Chairperson of Pakistan’s largest grassroots’ political party “Pakistan Peoples Party” (AKA-PPP) was mysteriously and savagely assassinated after her addressing a huge public rally in “Liaqat Park” Rawal-Pindi (Pakistan) at 4.16 p.m. on December 27, 2007 standing through the sunroof of her armored land-cruiser License No- BF-7772 waving to the cheering crowed.

Benazir Bhutto was undoubtedly a peoples' princess, she loved people and people loved her. She had a strong conviction in democracy, rule of law and supremacy of constitution. She was much larger than life and a charismatic icon loved by millions around the globe. All her life she struggled and fought for the rights of poor masses of Pakistan, for equal opportunity, social and economic justice, hope and a secure future. She was a passionate Advocate and an avid preacher of Islamic cherished values of tolerance, compassion, universal brotherhood and love.

She spoke with courage, resolve and determination against injustice, extremism, terror and fanaticism. Feudal lords, extremists and political mafia in Pakistan did not like her liberating the people from poverty and ignorance and her popularity was potential threat to the ruling party and hate mongers who took her life.

29. The Cookham Plan proposal for a road across Poundfield

The Cookham Plan 2008 proposes the construction of a new road across Poundfield to Terrys Lane linking up with the Pound to create a one-way gyratory system.

30. Bellefonte grading system needs to change!

Bellefonte is the only school district in centre county that goes by a different grading system making it harder for BHS graduates to get into good colleges.