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1. Equal States Movement in Nigeria

South East Geo-political zone in Nigeria is shortchanged in the creation of states and federal constituencies. This is creating political and economic marginalization of South East people. We are being unfairly forced to become minority in the polity.

North West has 7 States with 21 senate seats and 92 federal constituencies.
North East has 6 States with 18 senate seats and 48 federal constituencies.
North Central has 6 States plus Federal Capital with 19 senate seats and 51 federal constituencies.
South West has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 71 federal constituencies.
South South has 6 states with 18 senate seats and 55 federal constituencies.
South East has only 5 states with 15 senate seats and 43 federal constituencies.

By this arrangement, we are short of at least a State, 3 senate seats and at least 6 federal constituencies; we are also short of federal allocations of billions of naira per month; we are also short of state institutions and local governments. This inequality must stop.

2. Legalize Gay/Lesbian Marriage

In the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, it is stated:

Section 3. Definition of marriage
In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word 'marriage' means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word 'spouse' refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.

Yet, the Obama administration announced in 2011 that it had determined that Section 3 was unconstitutional and, though it would continue to enforce the law, it would no longer defend it in court.

Why should gay marriage be bound to a law that our own presidential administration states is unconstitutional? We fight for our freedoms. Some men and women in the military, and on our homefronts in the law enforcement, fire department, and EMS departments, are bi-sexual, lesbian, or gay.

3. Fairer discounts for right to acquire tenants

The Government has launched a “reinvigorated” Right to Buy scheme for public sector tenants that will provide £75,000 discounts to help social tenants into home ownership. This means that tenant will be given 35% discount and 1% for every year they have been a social housing tenant.

However, this does not include tenants who are under the right to aquire scheme, this scheme offers between £9000 and £16000 dependant on where they live. The government state there are currently no plans for a change in right to aquire discount policy.

So again why is one group of Tenants being treated differently from another group of Tenant. We all Public Sector Tenants.

4. Free Richard!

Richard Johnson, a graduate of Emory and Henry College in VA, USA, was arrested on a trumped up male rape charge for performing oral sex on another man. The ADA prosecuting this case seemed very homophobic, even so much to say that this was "every man's nightmare."

On December 14th, 2011 he was found guilty of this farce and sent to North Central Regional Jail. The jury that convicted him were very conservative, older ladies and men and grew up in a time when punishing someone simply for being a homosexual was not only accepted, but encouraged. He is currently facing 11 to 30 years in prison for the ignorance and homophobia of a community.

5. Equal Marriage

This is a petition by the Equality Network in support of our campaign for equal marriage in Scotland.

Please sign this petition if you agree that same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership should be legalised in Scotland.

This petition calls on the Scottish Parliament to:

1) Change the law to allow same-sex marriage and mixed-sex civil partnership.

2) Protect and extend freedom of religion and belief by allowing, but not requiring, religious and Humanist bodies to conduct same-sex marriages and/or register civil partnerships.

3) End the requirement for married transgender people to divorce before a full Gender Recognition Certificate can be issued.

For more information about the Equality Network campaign please visit:

6. Seek Justice and Equality for Actively Involved Parents

This petition is for the parents who play an active and vital role in their child or children’s lives. Unfortunately, for unmarried parents, the laws currently in place in Arkansas and states like it presumably assign one parent to be a “custodial parent” and the other as a “noncustodial parent”, without making a reasonable assessment to determining whether this is the best decision to make in regards to the child or children.

Therefore, this injustice causes an inequality for parents who are present in their child or children’s live by way of multiple levels of support. The laws possibly do this because traditionally one parent is the breadwinner while the other raises the child or children, but times change, and with the change of times comes a need for change of laws. Not all laws from yesteryear are applicable to today and the future, and that is why this petition urges lawmakers to revise statues such as “Arkansas Code of 1987 Title 9: Family Law (Subtitle 2: Domestic Relations).” to reflect the 21st century. If both parents play an equal role, then both parents should have equal parenting rights protected by the law, which leads this discussion to the concept of shared parenting.

Shared parenting refers to a collective agreement in child custody in which the care of the children is equal or substantially shared between the biological parents. More and more parents today are moving away from the traditional custody agreements that consist of a “custodial parent” and “noncustodial parent”. Instead, they are opting for shared parenting. In a shared (or joint) parenting agreement, both parents have almost equal physical custodial time with their children. Moreover, both parents are responsible for making the important decisions in their child's life. Shared parenting is a valiant attempt by both parents to be involved in their child's life for the benefit of the child. Shared parenting heavily involves both parents and does not mean that one parent has the kids almost all of the time with occasional visits to the other parent. This type of parenting is one of the best ways for unmarried parents to work together in the best interest of their child or children, especially when both parents are truly active in their child or children’s lives. Having both parents in a child’s life as true equals is in the best interest of the child. Out with the “Custodial/Noncustodial” and in with “Equal, Fair, and Balanced Parenting”. Shared parenting is more effective than ¾ parenting from one parent and ¼ parenting from the other and vice-versa. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule when one parent is inactive or significantly less active in a child’s life.

Shared parenting is great if both parents do it! Although, there has been a dark past of have the experience of one parent not being in their lives as much as they should or at times not being in their lives period. Those individuals most definitely do not need or deserve same rights as a true parent who is there day in and day out and actively present in their child’s life. Individuals who are not mature enough to be responsible parents make it difficult for those who are. This cause some of them fight back through use of the court system, but can end up being futile because the burden of proving that the other parent is “unfit” is left up to them to substantiate although the point of “fit” or “unfit” is not necessarily an issue. A hardworking parent who has a major part in their child’s life should not have to resort to such madness only to possibly secure their rights as a parent.

The law should be in the best interest of the child, and having both parents in a child’s life as true equals when both play pivotal roles in the child’s life is in the best interest of the child.

7. UK Disabled Community Against Welfare & Benefit Cuts

The UK Disabled Community needs to send a clear and unequivocal message in one unified voice to call on the Coalition Government to see us all as equal members of society and not treat us as a tool to steal our disability benefits and services to bail out the Country in this time of Financial Crisis.

Can we set a precedence to get 1 million signatures so that the Coalition Government will have no option but to take note of us and not just ignore or deflect our arguments & comments and to stop building this climate of hate against disabled people.

Please leave a question for your Local MP to pose to the Coalition Government, which we will add to the Petition when we deliver it to No.10.

8. I Support Marriage Equality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

9. PA Equality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

10. Equal Parental Leave in the UK

This is a petition to call for a system that represents the shared responsibilities, care and love involved in raising children. As it stands, most men do not qualify for statutory leave for when their child is born / adopted, and any statutory leave given can only amount to two weeks maximum.

This means that men are taken away from their newborns at a fundamental stage in their development as studies show that the first three months are crucial to a child’s character and interaction.

This also leaves women with the stigma attached to childcare in the workplace. Despite being illegal, it is estimated 30,000 women a year in the UK lose their jobs directly due to pregnancy and it is a well known fact that women of childbearing age (i.e. from puberty to the menopause) are discriminated in interviews for even the slightest possibility of becoming pregnant and therefore taking time off (even though the government reimburses employers for statutory maternity leave).

Introducing Parental Leave will relieve both women and men from their gender stereotypes and from making tough choices. In the case of Iceland, in 2004 Parental Leave was introduced where each parent received 3 months off work at 80% pay and then a further 3 months to divide accordingly. In Sweden, the allowance is 18 months at 80% pay (3 months reserved for the father). In both countries it is common to see fathers pushing prams and taking their children to day care leaving the UK living in the dark ages.

Equal Parental Leave also speaks volumes for economic recovery. For many households it makes sense for the mother to continue working as she may have a more financially viable job, yet as the father is not entitled to paid leave, it is he who must continue working. Financial recovery equates to productivity – and productivity is directly linked to employee morale. It is time politicians see that family is as the heart of our society and our involvement in the economy. Removing the stigma and endemic discrimination from women and childcare will keep their talents and skills within the economy – which will without a doubt, keep the economy healthy and recover faster.

But the main benefactor and most important aim of Parental Leave is the happiness and well being of the child. To have both parents present throughout the child’s first moments on the earth; to nurture the child, to teach the child, and to build a stable family environment for the child is what will make the child most happy and most healthy.

David Cameron and the Coalition Government forever talk to the British public about changing the structures of our society and economy to support and sustain a FAIRER Britain. This will not be achieved until the needs of the family unit as a whole are recognised by a structure that supports it. We advocate the introduction of gender neutral Parental Leave and the abolition of separate and distant maternal and paternal Leave.

11. Say NO to Anti-Human Rights Bill in Uganda


Do the right thing. Sign this petition and pass it on.

Uganda wants to introduce a new anti-gay bill. This bill allows for anyone who's been found HIV positive to be charged with the death penalty. I find this shocking coming from a country who's people have already suffered and have been tortured, enslaved, and persecuted in a 23 year long war with rebels.

This bill is being encouraged - pressured - to move forward by evangelical groups that are providing "aid":

'Human-rights groups, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have condemned the bill. They say it is a product of a campaign by evangelical churches and anti-gay groups that has led to death threats and physical assaults against Ugandans suspected of being gay.'

Caleb's Hope, along with countless other grassroots NGOs, works in Northern Uganda with women and children living with HIV/AIDS. This new bill could greatly impact the lives of those we are trying to assist.

Not only that, it's a fundamental human right to live free from persecution, violence and discrimination based on your sexual orientation.

To read more about the proposed bill:

The bill is hateful, shocking, disgusting and appalling. Stephen Lewis, former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa & head of the Stephen Lewis Foundation, puts it best:

In case anyone needs a refresher, here's the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (courtesy of the outstanding Human Rights Action Center). To read the declaration:

12. Abolish/Repeal The Felony Murder Rule

Jusin 5yrs 001

What’s Wrong With The Felony Murder Rule - Common Sense:

1. It is fundamentally unfair and in violation of basic principles of individual criminal culpability to hold one felon liable for the unseen and unagreed-to results of another felon’s action.

2. The felony murder rule operates as a matter of law upon proof of the intent to commit a felony to relieve the prosecution of its burden of proving intent to kill, which is a necessary element of murder.

3. The intention to commit a felony does not equal the intention to kill, nor is the intention to commit a felony, by itself, sufficient to establish a charge of murder.

4. The felony murder rule violates the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of due process, more specifically, equal protection of the law, because no defense is allowed on the charge of first-degree murder, only the underlying felony.

5. The purpose of creating degrees of murder is to punish with increased severity the more culpable forms of murder, but an accidental or unknown killing during the commission or attempted commission of a felony is punished more severely than all other murder charges with exception to first degree murder.

6. The felony murder rule erodes the relation between criminal liability and moral culpability in that it punishes all homicides in the commission, or attempted commission, of the proscribed felonies, whether intentional, unintentional, or accidental, without proving the relation between the homicide and the perpetrator’s state of mind.

7. Holding one or many criminally liable for the bad results of an act which differs greatly from the intended results is based on a concept of culpability which is totally at odds with the general principles of jurisprudence.

8. The basic rule of culpability is further violated when felony murder is categorized as first-degree murder because all other first-degree murders (carrying equal punishment) require a showing of premeditation, deliberation, and willfulness, while felony murder only requires a showing of intent to do the underlying felony.

9. While the felony murder rule survives in California, and other states, the numerous modifications and restrictions of it by some states courts and legislatures throughout the United States reflect dissatisfaction with the basic harshness and injustice of the doctrine and call into question its continued existence.

10. The felony murder rule can be used by prosecutors in a manner so as to cause grossly disproportionate sentencing, depending on the circumstances of each individual case.

11. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because the presumption of innocence is thrown out. The prosecutor must only prove intent to commit the original felony; once done, first degree murder attaches to the underlying felony even though intent, (mens rea,) to commit murder does not have to be proved.

12. The felony murder rule is unconstitutional because it violates the Eighth Amendment: cruel and unusual punishment, grossly disproportionate sentencing to the crime(s) actually committed.

13. The felony murder rule bears no rational relationship or equity in its two penalties, with the penalties of other California murder laws, including, at times, the charge of first-degree murder.

13. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

14. Child Support Organizations should not discriminate against Paying Non-custodial Fathers

15. Condemnation for the Brutal Killing of Mrs. Lilia de Vera's Family

We, the Filipinos residing in the Philippines and overseas, strongly condemn the brutal killing of Mrs. Lilia de Villa's husband and 7-year old daughter by policemen pursuing a robbery gang on Dec. 5, 2008 in Paranaque City. This wanton act of savagery and blatant disregard for "Rules of Engagement" by the very same policemen who are supposed to be the guardians of public safety show the ineptitude of our law enforcers and their utter disregard for human life.

According to the account of Mrs. de Vera "my husband's face was unrecognizable because he was shot in the head at close range while he was kneeling with his head bowed down. My daughter's young body was riddled with bullets, one hit her head, blowing her brains out, all from powerful guns and ammunition fired by the men in uniform on two innocent and defenseless persons." What was the only crime of the victims? They were mistaken for robbers while driving their SUV Crosswind in the vicinity of the shoot-out. Based on some eyewitness accounts, the police sprayed bullets on the van, despite the absence of any provocation from the van and in an effort to save their lives, Mr. De Vera grabbed his already bloodied daughter and run away from the van to seek cover from a parked jeepney. Nonetheless, he was shot at close range. How can one mistake a man clutching a bloodied girl for a robbery suspect? Or was this a case of eliminating the only witness who could pinpoint the killers of the girl?

As usual, after a few days in the news and as the victims are not well-known or influential persons in Philippine society, media stopped news coverage and the public is not aware whether the perpetrators of the crime have been brought to the bar of justice.

16. Change Jeffrey Bean's sentence

We, the family, friends and concerned citizens are asking the State of South Carolina, The 7th Circuit Solicitors Office and anyone who retains judicial authority to revaluate all the evidence in the case of Jeffrey Bean, thereby reducing his sentence eliminating substantial sentence disparities.

In this case, at 16 years old Jeffrey was intimidated into participating in a drive by shooting by two adults, his co-defendant 19, and a third suspect 22, they insisted his vehicle would be unknown. Providing statements at the same time they admitted their involvement, his codefendant confessed, he and some other friends planned to shoot at a long time rival’s car after he refused to fight, then they recruited the third suspect and his gun. Under the influence of drugs they never once anticipated actually hurting anyone, no one was thought to be inside the car.

Jeffrey is doing a mandatory 8 ½ years prison, with a impeccable record, he received his GED and is working in the prison industries. While the adults, the co-defendant who admitted being the mastermind is now on 3 years probation after completing just 8 ½ months in prison, and the third suspect remains uncharged.

Shocked, the victim’s family even expressed disgust in the unequal justice as they left the co-defendants sentencing hearing. As of September 2008, Jeffrey Bean has completed 20 months behind bars, already exceeding that of his co-defendant by over 11 months. This is inconsistent with precedents and demands fairness.

17. Enforce the Constitution with us ~ sign now and pass this on!

Be it known that WE THE PEOPLE as Legal Voting Citizens of a Sovereign United States of America, fully oppose any statute, rule, law, judgment, and act that is inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States of America.

18. Confirm your belief (SIGN TODAY) in the Constitution of the United States of America

Targets: The Office of The President of the United States, The United States Congress, all elected and appointed judges, government officers and officials, all law enforcement agencies and their personnel and all personnel of all courts of the United States of America.

Be it known that WE THE PEOPLE as Legal Voting Citizens of a Sovereign United States of America, fully oppose any statute, rule, law, judgment, and act that is inconsistent with the Constitution of the United States of America.

Discussion: If all men and women are created equal and have equal constitutional rights as assured by out founding fathers, we shall live and be governed by one set of laws, rules, and regulations, and one set of consequences thereof, instead of certain privileged individuals/persons, having influence over those laws, rules, statutes and regulations, to be constructed and/or applied differently for them or others seeking to have privileges that the Constitution does not afford them.

America shall once again become, and remain, the land of equal opportunity and equal rights regardless of one’s position and/or role in our society, and regardless of their: race, religion, age, sex, or financial standing.

19. Equal rights for white and black Australians

I am sick of the large gap between the two main cultures in Australia, the caucasions and the aboriginals.

I want laws changed so we all get equal rights.

20. Allow Males to have ear peircings in Humble I.S.D., in Texas.

In Humble I.S.D. it is not allowed for guys to have earrings, while girls may.

That is sexist, And must end.

21. Stop LB 1024

April 18, 2006

After the almost year long debate of the "One City, One School District" dispute between OPS and Millard/Ralston school districts, legislature passed the LB 1024 proposal that would seperate OPS into three school districts, based on location throughout the city.

LB 1024 splits OPS across at 72nd street, and down Dodge Street. There will be no more magnet schools, and "equal" funding will be presented to each district.

22. Revoke New Rules for Overseas Doctors in UK

Update: June 6, 2006

The online petition helped our protest movement a lot and attracted lots of attention. More than 5000 people signed the petition and it was submitted to the Department of Health. We are still awaiting the final result of our protest movement.

March 19, 2006

This petition has been started by Overseas Doctors Working in UK to appeal against the new unjust rules imposed on them by the United Kingdom authorities.

This online petition will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Health by April 15th, 2006 and complements the peaceful protest march scheduled to be held by overseas doctors in London as well as the paper petition being collected by various overseas doctors associations.

Ever since the inception of the National Health Service in UK, Overseas Doctors/ International Medical Graduates (IMGS) have contributed to it by their hard work and dedication. They filled a hard felt need for skilled doctors to provide the British public with quality health care. They came here as they were promised quality training and Equal Opportunities in job selection.

Now, the UK government has introduced new regulations effective from July 2006, which has effectively curtailed all training arrangements for overseas doctors in one go. Instead of Permit Free training, they will be required to have work permit for any post they apply.

Also, employers will have the right to preferentially employ UK/EU graduates in favour of non-EU doctors, irrespective of skills or qualification and irrespective of visa status. This effectively ends the Equal Opportunities policy and favours discrimination.

This policy was announced without any consultation or grace period and has left thousands of IMGs high and dry. While some form of manpower planning was definitely required in view of the job crisis facing junior doctors, the precipitate manner in which this has been done is highly objectionable. The implications are far reaching. These include:

·New doctors who have invested time and money to come to UK, believing the promise of Equal Opportunities find that their career is ruined.

·For those already here, they will have to stop their training here halfway and go out of UK or try for non-training posts, with no career progression.

·Those who are finishing their training will find that all their training and qualifications do not matter in job selection and they will never use their hard earned skills at Consultant level.

This petition is addressed to Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health requesting her to give this matter her urgent attention.

We request Ms. Hewitt to make an urgent solution to the immense disruption to career, personal and family life which overseas doctors are facing as a result of these new rules. Many of these doctors have been working hard in the NHS and serving the British public for several years.

This petition appeals to the good sense of the authorities to :

·Repeal these unjust rules.
·Reintroduce the Equal Opportunities Policy in medical job selection and end discrimination based on country of origin.
·Start a process of consultation for finalising a consensus.

23. Gender Equality - Fair Pay

March 15, 2006

• In 1987, the Center for Creative Leadership concluded that women as a group are kept from advancing not because of their individual abilities but because they are women.

• Some people think the glass ceiling from 1987 still exists, others think it has been shattered, and yet others think it is more a plastic ceiling; that you can never really break through, as in being taken seriously, but you can advance.

• Female athletes don't sign the multi-million dollar contracts men do,

• In American factories in the 19th century, men got paid $3 and women got paid $1 a week for the same hours.

• On March 7th, 1860, women workers at a shoe factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, went on strike, and wages rose that April.

• NOW (National Organization of Women) was formed in 1960, one of its goals being equal pay for the same job.

• In 1964, congress passed a civil rights amendment originally intended to gain the equality of black people.

o A senator from Virginia added "sex" to race, color and religion so it would look ridiculous and not pass.

o This addition was what made it pass, and under the amendment came the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

• Many employers exercise "tokenism." This is when an employer will hire women (etc.), in a number that the hiring of them is merely symbolic. This creates on-the-surface, but not true, integration.

• Where tokenism or integration isn't present, women mainly work in pink-collar ghettos.

o In service occupations, 7 million men and 10 million women.

o In elementary and high schools, 1.5 million men and 3.5 million women.
o As doctors, 715,000 men and 245,000 women, yet as nurses and lab technicians, 403,000 men and 2.4 million women.

• In 1997, Patty Abramson founded the Women's Growth Capital Fund to help women start their own business. However, out of 1,200 high risk business loans, only 30 were owned by women.

• Women seeking executive jobs know that companies like Reebok (executives are 44% women) will be the best to join.

• Out of 830 executives in the fortune 500 companies, 5 are women.

• The glass ceiling keeps women in pink-collar ghettos too. It affects women in non-traditional unskilled labor jobs.

• According to the U.S. Department of Labor, full-time working women receive 75-77 cents for every $1 earned by a full-time working man.

• Female university professors earn $6,500 less a year than male university professors.

• According to a worker at a consulting firm named "Pam," women are usually hired as assistants while males are usually hired as associates. Associates generally earn more money that assistants, which makes it seem fair.

• In the WNBA, stars earn $50,000 a year, while in the NBA stars can earn $20 million a year.

• Three quarters of women work in pick-collar ghettos with lower pay. These women are "firmly entrenched;" not receiving pension or life insurance in addition to being paid lower or being hired part-time or temporarily and being paid minimum wage.

o Good News for Working Women: More and better jobs in nearly every employment field; less discrimination in the mere hiring.

o Bad News for Working Women: What they find after being hired and while working. Fewer benefits, lower pay and slower promotions as compared to men.

• The toughest challenge can be balancing work and family. Women, stereotypically, have more family responsibility than men, so pursuing a career while having children can be seen as greedy for the woman, but not the man. Some women even quit their jobs to spend more time with their children.

• Many women face prejudice in jobs that require physical strength. Women may also face prejudice because they are assumed to be mentally weak, due to the assumptions that they are caring, kind and loving.

• There is just overall negativity against women that carries its way into the workplace. Men are called leaders, women are called bossy. While women are no less likely to get angry than men, the way women express anger is seen as too emotional, while the same behavior is perfectly acceptable for a man. (Banging a fist on the table while screaming).

• The glass ceiling has not become a cement ceiling. More women are breaking into traditionally male dominated jobs. Women receive perks and promotions and in some cases, in record numbers.

• The glass ceiling has not been shattered either. Tokenism is prominent in the hiring of women in traditionally male dominated fields. They are promoted slowly and seldom, they struggle to balance home and family, they do not receive equal pay for equal work, they are stuck in pink collar ghettos, they earn three quarters of what men earn.

• Thirty or forty years ago, the wage gap was excused as being a result of equal merit. Now, women have all but caught up with men in education and the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act have only helped them, but the pay gap has persisted. The reason for this is sex based discrimination.

24. Equal and Fair Child Support Laws

This Equal and Fair Child Support Laws Petition is so that working families who pay child support can have a voice.

25. Lower the Drinking Age in the USA

As an adult, I am angry at the way I am treated just because I am 19 years old. My main problem is the restrictions on alcohol. "Minors," as we are called when in the presence of alcohol, have the right to fight for this country and vote. And not only am I upset that I cannot even have one drink, it is also the restriction from just about everywhere that serves it. Limitations should not be put on adults simply based on their age.

Anyone under the age of 21 cannot walk into TGI Friday's, a simple restaurant over the hours of 10:00 PM. That same person though, can sit down for a meal at 2:00 in the afternoon with a table of 30-year-olds drinking margaritas at the next table. There are hardly any nightclubs that allow anyone under 21 just because they are in the presence of alcohol. Being denied access to a nightclub gives minors very little options of what to do during their weekends. Most of the time, this leads to staying at home, or going to a friend's house where they are out of the public's eye and are able to drink. This can become a problem because they hardly have the chance to learn to drink responsibly. Being in the comfort of someone's home allows him or her to drink too much because the opportunity to just stop and "crash" on the couch, is there.

A lot of minors do not even want to go to a nightclub to just drink. They want to dance and they hardly get the opportunity to. The music in the 18 and over club is very limited and it is wrong to assume that everyone in a certain age range wants to listen to one type of music. It is so insulting to be an adult who is able to take care of their own responsibilities, but yet is so limited as to what they can do.

An adult is an adult and to separate a group from another just because of age is discrimination. This is supposed to be a country of equal rights and if we are all equal between skin color and sex, then an adult should not be less privileged than another because of his or her age. If 18 to 20-year-olds are not meant to share the same privileges as others, then take away their adulthood altogether. The privileges to serve the country and vote should also be taken away. Everyone matures differently and there is no way you can assume every 18-year-old is not yet responsible to drink and that every 21-year-old is. Many claim that if the age limit is lowered to 18, then the demand to lower it even further will rise. These people seem to forget that the difference between an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old is the simple fact that you are legally an adult at the age of 18.

When one hits the age of 18, they are most likely still living at home with their parents. If you give these young adults the chance to go to a bar with their parents to have their first drink or two, you let them learn responsibly from their parents the way to handle alcohol. At the age of 21, many adults are out of their parents' homes and experience what is supposed to be their first drink without any supervision. They drink too fast without knowing their limit because no one is there to warn them.

To most who are banned from it, alcohol is a sort of "forbidden fruit." As Dr. Ruth Engs, a professor at Indiana University has stated, "Lowering the drinking age would help send the important message that drinking is, in itself, not evidence of maturity... that responsible consumption for those who choose to drink is evidence of maturity." Japan is a country with a 20-year-old age limit for alcohol, but is not strictly enforced. Many have easy access into clubs and bars and when you are used to this as a minor, drinking is not a huge deal. You are treated more respectfully and there is no need to go against the law. By going out at an early age, you learn to drink responsibly at an early age.

26. Abolish the BCS - Bowl Championship Series system !!

We the undersigned move to abolish the Bowl Championship Series system for choosing national champions in College Football. We believe the system is unfair and does not promote true competition. The system must be changed and made equal for all participants.

27. Equal Animal Rights Should Be Used

March 10, 2004

Animals should have equal rights.

If you test on animals, test on yourself instead!

28. End Impunity: Equal Rights for All Under the Law

In 1998, the United Nations finalized the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. The statute guarantees a court to deal with the most atrocious criminals on the planet: those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. Even recent events, such as the genocide killings in Rwanda, remind us of the importance of a standard, objective Court of Law. The International Court intends to assume jurisdiction only in countries that have ratified the treaty, and only for the most monstrous crimes. The Criminal Court is potentially the most important institution for human rights in half a century.

However, the United States of America have made it clear that they will not ratify the Rome Statute. In 2002, the United States government informed the United Nations that "the United States does not intend to become a party to the treaty." In fact, they are on a diplomatic mission to create impunity agreements for its nationals from the Criminal Court. Basically, these impunity agreements would prevent any United States national from facing the Criminal Court. It is unfair to give one nationality exemption from law which should be standard all over the world. It is neither the intention of the Court, nor the writers of this petition, to take away power or basic rights from United States citizens. Simply, the court was formed to provide equality under the law and this is impossible with the existence of impunity agreements.

29. Equal Rights for 6th grade students

This petition is being submitted to give the 6th grade students the right to participate in activites that they are told they can't do until they are in 7th grade. They are placed in a school with older children because the county and country says they can adapt to new grade structure but are told they can't join or participate in their school related functions until they get into 7th grade.

30. Allow bikes into Gwinnett County skateparks

There are currently no public skateparks in Gwinnett County that allow BMX bikes. With the growing rate of freestyle BMX in Gwinnett County, it would be safe to keep the participants off of the busy streets and into a healthy environment.