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1. Save Ludlow Hospital

Ludlow Community Hospital MUST stay.

Its accessible high quality health care is essential for Ludlow town and the South West Shropshire area.

Our community strongly opposes the current threats to hospital inpatient beds, Ludlow Minor Injuries Unit, and Ludlow Maternity Unit.

2. Make Binders Readily Available on the NHS

The trans community have suffered a lot over generations, and one of the issues is the price and accessibility of binders. Binders are usually sourced online at a high price rate because of the shipping and manufacturing, as well as most of them being made in America. This makes it significantly difficult for working class or unemployed trans men to find a cheaper alternative for their wellbeing. Binders are sold on Amazon and Ebay at lower prices, however in my experience, they are not very reliable and well made. I believe that as a gender non-conforming individual who uses binders myself, we should not have to pay for something that helps us feel more comfortable and helps with d***horia. Waiting lists for surgery for the trans community is very long and can take up to a certain amount of years. Surely, there should be a free service that helps until the surgery is finalised. Some trans people choose not to have surgery and that is completely their choice, but they should have access to good quality, free binders on the NHS that they can use everyday and feel themselves. If they can fund sexual health, then they can fund mental health. I believe that giving this opportunity to the trans and non-binary community will promote intersectionality, benefit mental health, and may even save lives.

3. Keep Morriston hospital physiotherapist department open

A person I know will have to pay privately because by the time he can get an appointment the department he needs to go to will be closed by July.
Not great news if someone in your family or yourself needs support in local area.You may find yourself paying after paying national insurance all your life.

4. Save Lightburn

A leaked health board paper has revealed that this important community facility has once again been earmarked for closure due to budget cuts in the NHS.

5. Fund Needed Life Saving Cancer Drugs

Thousands of Cancer patients to be denied treatment. Common drugs for breast, bowel, pancreatic and blood cancer will no longer be funded by the NHS because of cutbacks.

17 cancer drugs for 25 different indications will no longer be paid for.

6. Fund Music Therapy, Book Therapy and Animal Therapy through the NHS

Benefits of Music Therapy. It can help people reduce their stress levels. It encourages the relaxation response. It may lower blood pressure and is being used to treat hypertension. Those individuals who are dealing with depression can benefit from a lessening of their symptoms. Music may help to protect the heart. It can help improve communication abilities for people with autism. It can help people deal better with anxiety.

Music can create a meditative state in the listener. This is because when music has a strong beat, brain waves will become stimulated and fall into sync. Listening to music with a fast beat can improve concentration levels. It can five the body’s immune system a boost. It therefore promotes healing and helps the body ward off illness. It can be useful for reducing muscle tension. Listening to music can help people who are suffering from chronic pain. It reduces feelings of loneliness. It can help people dealing with Alzheimer’s/dementia disease. It can help people overcome an addiction and can be a useful tool in recovery
Employers should take note: one in three workers revealed that they are less likely to take sick days if the place in which they work plays background music.

According to estimates made by the Confederation of British Industry, around 2.1 million working days are lost to illegitimate absences each year. This means that if managers allowed workers to listen to their favourite artist in the workplace, the UK economy could save a total of £764 million every year.

Book Therapy. Addressing the Behavioural, Social, and Emotional Needs of Children. Encourage learning, developing and growing knowledge.This is a tool to put you in touch with books that are helpful to read when facing certain problems. We believe that the point of reading is therapeutic: we read in order to live better and to approach death more wisely.

Animal Therapy. Pets as Therapy is a national charity founded in 1983. It is a community based charity providing therapeutic visits to hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other establishments from volunteers with their pet dogs and cats. Today there are over 4,500 active PAT dogs & a smaller number of PAT cats working throughout the UK. Every week visiting PAT teams bring comfort and companionship to 1,000’s of people, both young and old, by giving them the opportunity to stroke, hold and talk to one of these calm and friendly dogs and cats.

7. Save our NHS before it's too late!


I wrote an article 20yrs ago ..which was printed in the Evening Times -Glasgow..
with regards to the state of the NHS. Nothing seems to have changed! If anything it's worse than ever!! Basically, I was saying that nurses were over-worked, underpaid, under-staffed while the so called 'Fat Cats' balanced the books ie tried to run the NHS as a business , forgetting about the needs of the patients & all staff concerned with their welfare.

I organised a written petition & circulated it all over Glasgow with the intent to send it to Mr Major at 10 Downing Street. Sadly, it never came to fruition as it was all leg work back then. Now we have instantaneous links with social media etc therefore we can make things happen & get results immediately.

Please sign the petition to save our NHS before it's too late! After all,
it's for the benefit of us, our children & our children's children!

The article I wrote was published in the Evening Times (Glasgow) in the column -First Person (for use by the general public to express their views on any topic)
The date of publication was Thursday, August 31st.1995 by Jean Leitch, Medical supplies Manager -Titled- Stand up and be counted over NHS.
20yrs later nothing's changed!As I said..f anything things are worse!

I qualified as a nurse in 1974 (nursed for 13yrs) & continued to be connected for over 20 yrs with the NHS.

I wrote the above mentioned article because I saw the unrest between doctors & nurses. They were in a ridiculous situation so I felt the need to put my thought in writing. AGAIN PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION....TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you for your time in this matter.

Jean Douglas (formerly Leitch)

8. Increase the number of IVF / fertility treatments available on the NHS

Infertility. As if the diagnosis isn't hard enough to handle, you have no idea how you're going to pay for your treatments.

To a young woman, becoming a mom seems normal and, perhaps, inevitable. Yet here you sit, physically unable to get pregnant on your own, and financially unable to do anything about it.

Having a baby is a gift money should not have to buy! And instead can cost anywhere between £3000 and £8000 in the UK and that's an average.

Please help by signing. I know it's hard to imagine what it feels like but please put yourself in the situation many of these couples/single people have worked so hard in life and now cannot achieve the most rewarding natural greatest pleasure and honour in life. Many thanks.

9. Reopen our NHS Walk In Centers

Why are we not able to actually use NHS Walk in Centers any longer? Have you had this problem out of surgery hours? Everyone now has to call 111 whereby a virtual inexperienced call handler asks a multitude of questions and based on your response decides whether or not you can talk to a professional!

I have recently experienced this when my Granddaughter was poorly. All we wanted was some re-assurance and advice to be told someone would call back in an hour!!!! We waited for 2 and a half hours! We could have taken her to a Walk in Center and waited. Instead we had to take her to A & E which was full of parents with extremely distraught children and babies desperate for help!

This was putting extra pressure on the hospital and their staff!! How can this help anyone? Please please sign my petition to enable this to be debated in the House of Commons.

10. Better care of the elderly in NHS care - Save Barnet Hospital!

Please sign this petition for better care of the elderly in NHS care. Save Barnet Hospital More funding!! More Nurses! More Lives Saved!!

11. Make Tai Chi and Qigong available to all via the NHS

Tai chi and Qigong can alleviate the problems that will arise from an increasingly complex and difficult world coinciding with an aging population. People of all ages can learn to relax and release nervous tension to mitigate the effects of the disease of the modern age: stress.

Tai chi is a form of self-healing in Chinese medicine. For millennia tai chi has existed as a sophisticated form of movement therapy that has helped hundreds of millions of people live longer, reduce and even reverse the effects of aging, maintaining their energy levels well into old age and feel good.

These hugely beneficial arts should be available to all and widely practiced throughout all stages of life , as we all know prevention is better than a cure.


Practicing 15-30 minutes a day can have dramatic health benefits.

Tai chi and Qigong use gentle, low-impact movements that don’t generate the potentially damaging shock, trauma and injuries often associated with high-impact exercise/sports. So these arts can be practiced by virtually anyone—regardless of their age or current state of health.

Stress has been linked to numerous illnesses and many of us live in a constant state of tension that shreds our nervous systems. If you want to take charge of your health through preventative practices, then you need a practice that directly alleviates stress.

Although humankind has achieved major technological advances, very little attention has been devoted to how we can interact with these technologies in ways that support our quality of life. Computers, cell phones, invasive advertising and the general pace of modern life take their toll on our bodies.

It is time that the population of our country is educated about our bodies and minds as a truly viable alternative to relying on an over stretched health service that currently relies heavily on invasive surgery and pharmaceutical drugs.

12. Every woman has the right to be a mother

This petition is to get the UK Government to review its policy on NHS funded IVF for women without children. Every woman has the right to be a mother and denying anybody this right for any reason quite simply is wrong and must be changed.

I am writing this petition on behalf of my partner, I am a 32 year old former RAF Airman and my partner is a 30 year old former Royal Navy Wren. I have a child with a former partner and recently my current partner of 3 years has been diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis. In addition to this her fallopian tubes are damaged to the point where natural conception is impossible.

Upon approaching the NHS regarding the options available to us we were informed that NHS funded IVF was unavailable as I have a child already and there are no grounds for appeal. The fact that my partner has no children is not even a consideration, something which is completely wrong. My having a child (who is not even resident with us) should have no bearing what so ever on her right to be a mother (something which she desires more than anything in the world). For both of us to have served our country and to be refused this help is completely unacceptable and is something which needs to be changed not just for us but for all women within the UK who have not been fortunate enough to have had children.

This may not affect you personally but it could affect people you know. This is not a cause or a quest it is the right for all women in the UK who do not have children to be supported by the health care mechanism that we all pay for to be there in our time of need.

SHARE this page and support the childless women of this country.

13. Therapeutic Massage is a low cost therapy free of side effects and should be provided by the National Health Service and Private Health Companies

We regard Therapeutic Massage as a cost effective and often cost saving therapy for many diseases and disorders in the UK today.

As a low cost and side-effect free therapy that activates the body's own healing process and reduces both physical pain and emotional suffering, it should be widely available and provided by the National Health Service and Private Health Companies.

Massage is not a luxury for an elite few, it has a valuable role to play in reducing absenteeism from work, improving mental health and reducing the financial burden on the NHS of repeat prescriptions, consultations and surgical procedures.

This petition was created by Gill Tree, founder of the UK’s leading School of Massage and Sports Massage, Essentials for Health.

Please share this petition via social media with friends, colleagues and family.

14. Keep Our Local Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Public

The NHS is under attack from privateering pirates. History (Hitchingbrooke, Cambridgeshire) shows local services being run into the ground and then the private sector picking over the carcass, whilst still hoovering up massive tax payer subsidies.

Beverley Hospital is vulnerable due to a poor report from the Care Quality Commission. Patient safety was compromised by the Management not providing the right staff training.

15. Hand over two recordings

Update: January 2015

They still will not hand over the recording of the conversation where they allege I made the threats.

This petition still needs your signatures. The police backed down and and agreed to give me their recording of the allegations soon after the Petition started but have never assisted in a full disclosure.

When the petition was growing at it's fastest at the start of September 2013 they retracted their prosecution and this cancelled my conviction and cancelled the arrest warrant. But at the exact same time mental health issued a letter stating they needed to talk to me.

So I still face what was initially why I ran. Indefinite detention and brain damage.
The criminal convictions were always just a way of eliciting the use of police resources in finding me and the cancellation of the ridiculous and unjustifiable manhunt for me does not mean I am safe.

I need those two recordings where everyone can see them in the court of public opinion and even then I won't feel totally safe but it will be a safe situation than now.

So please, for goodness sakes, sign the petition.

CQC have refused point blank to hand over the recording and are pretending they have not been asked for any other inforamtion. I have asked for all information they hold which relates to myself. I have repeated this request for EVERYTHING in all correspondence.

The ICO (Information Comissioner's Office) are as bent as a nine bob note and maintain there is no need for CQC to hand it over. Only a huge show of contempt will make them budge.

Here is the original description of this petition...


If you read the petition text, it is clear what I am asking for is a perfectly reasonable request.

I am asking for two recordings.

The recording of a police interview where an officer says what I am supposed to have said in a phone conversation. They say I threatened to randomly attack members of the public. They also say I threatened to walk into a government building with explosives strapped to my body and then blow myself up.

The recording of the phone conversation. A complaint call containing nothing remotely resembling the accusations and where I actually complain about similar false allegations in another call.

I already have one page on my website which is convincing people to sign my original petition. It gives people evidence of a lie being perpetrated against me...

This incident confuses people and I want the recordings necessary to give people a page to look at featuring a less confusing even more ridiculous invented terrorist style attack.

The background to these two items of evidence is described in the following two webpages...

I also ask for other information to be released but these two recordings are the principal reason for creating this petition.

Simply asking the government to listen to the recordings will achieve nothing.

Firstly they will ignore such requests as they don't see a need to check their facts.

Secondly (if forced to sit and listen to them) they will continue to squirm either by pretending they don't see the significance of them or by just plain lieinng about what they hear.

These recordings must be passed to me so I can upload them to my website and place them where you the public can hear them.

If I am guilty then these will nail my coffin shut.
If I am innocent then they will vindicate what I have been screaming from the rooftops since two months before this particular example of lieing by government employees.

I say these prove one instance of lieing where there have been a mass of other instances very similar in nature.

Whatever these recordings say, let's have them where you can hear them so you can make an informed decision on whether their is something horribly wrong in my case.

I beg you to sign the petition for what it's worth.

I can't guarantee they will hand the recordings over if you sign. I can guarantee they won't hand the recordings over if you don't sign.

I have had to live in hiding since August 2012 a year ago at the time of writing this. The public have to hide me in safehouses because while this problem is not addressed I can be the victim of further invented terrorist style accusations with the impunity thus far demonstrated by local government.

By stalling me all this time they have proven to you that I need this petition and that they will not do this willingly. CQC have acknowledged I have fulfilled all legal requirements for a subject access request but then have refused point blank to hand over the recording and will not discuss why this is. Lancashire Constabulary are asking for ID I do not possess and refusing to discuss the matter with me.

The whole thing could have been brought to a halt in August 2012 (when I first accused them of lieing) by listening to these two recordings if our government was not a bunch of crooks in charge of a lot of other crooks.

With the evidence I am presenting at the moment the odd person is sufficiently interested and convinced. They sign and share the post but often there is nobody among those who see their shared post who is sufficiently interested and convinced and the chain of signing and sharing is broken.

The perjury_1 page mentions suicide and people are confused by that (in their minds, it means I am mad). It also makes me sound like a scrounger and that is another reason to ignore my plight.

I need a page that interests and convinces a sufficiently high percentage of the people who see it. Thus, it will keep getting shared and go viral.

The invented bomb threat out of the mouth of a police officer with the innocent complaint phone call will leave enough people "sufficiently interested and convinced".

It's a mathematical problem and my solution is a mathematical solution.

16. Minimize Restraints in the NHS

The use of physical restraints in the Niagara Health System is an issue of growing concern due to the goal of patient-focused primary care.

Typically, physical restraints are implemented as a cost-effective method of ensuring staff and patient safety (Harmers, 2005; Lewis, Heitkemper, & Dirksen, 2010; Potter & Perry, 2010). Until recently, the use of restraints has been viewed in an ambivalent light; although they deter patient autonomy, ultimately, they were presumed to result in the “greater good” for all involved.

However, recent research has demonstrated that restraint usage is associated with detrimental effects for both the patient and the health care system (Bradas, Sandhu & Mion, 2011; Eaton, 2000; Evans, Wood, & Lambert, 2003; Sandu et al., 2010). The use of physical restraints has been linked to risk of physically and emotionally maladaptive processes.

Such processes include:
- Increased infection
- Increased falls
- Increased social isolation
- Increased functional/physical deterioration
- Increased injury/pressure ulcers
- Increased death.

Thus, restraint usage result in billions of dollars of expenditures in wages and supplies needed to manage these sequelae.

This petition proposes that the Niagara Health System investigates cost-effective alternatives to restraint usage (i.e., employing patient-watch personnel, placing mattresses on the floor near the bed of those who wander). Further, the process of restraint application should be minimized, with efficient screening to ensure all other options are exhausted prior to their usage.

The use of restraints minimizes patient autonomy, health, and emotional well-being. Taking measures to minimize their usage can promote cost-effective, patient-centered care.

Bradas, C. M., Sandhu, S. K., & Mion, L. C. (2011). Physical Restraints and Side Rails in Acute and Critical Care Settings. Evidence-Based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice, 229.
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17. Don't privatise NHS services in Kingston

Clinical Commissioning Groups are boards of local GPs who have power over the local NHS budget. They have the power to commission NHS services to private providers - effectively privatising the NHS.

We're calling on Kingston CCG to keep all NHS services in public ownership.

18. To all GPs in The Forest of Dean: Stop Privatisation of the NHS

The newly drafted rules governing GP-led clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), say that
contracts can be awarded to "a single provider without advertising an intention to seek offers from providers". In such cases, the rules add, "the relevant body [must be] satisfied that the services to which the contract relates are capable of being provided only by that provider".

Many residents of the Forest of Dean share the concern of others across the country that these rules open the door to competition because in the vast majority of cases there will be more than one organisation, including private firms, that are "capable" of providing the service.

So, the new rules are crafted in such a way to require the CCGs’ to include private providers in the process of tendering.

If, under the draft rules, a private provider can deliver the service at a lower cost than the NHS, then the CCGs are required to grant them the contract. Thus the regulations carry a huge risk of ripping the NHS wide open to private providers and load the dice in their favour by making cost the only factor. As private providers will not be bound by the fair, national wage structures that NHS providers must adhere to, they will be free to cut wages, staff and resources in order to enhance profits while undercutting NHS providers.

We are concerned that this will have serious adverse effects on the quality of healthcare we will all receive.

19. Create a Tongue-Tie Service for South Warwickshire

We are a group of parents in South Warwickshire with children who have had issues with tongue-ties. You can contact us via our Support Group on Facebook:

Please note this petition can only be signed by those who live in the Warwick District Council and the Stratford-On-Avon District Council areas.

For further information on Tongue-Tie, here is a link to NHS Choices and a link to the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines:

20. Get Byron James justice

Following Byron's PCT report into his death, we believe it to be a cover up of Medical Negligance. Byron was sent home from a Medical centre by a Senior Nurse who has 13 years experience in practising with Calpol and his mum told he had Chickenpox. Later that day Byron was rushed into the LGI with Meningitis. He lost his life that night at 20 months old.

Byron was rushed out of his consultation and his mum assured he had Chickenpox.

21. Stop government violation of medical records privacy

NHS proposals to compel GPs to discloses patient medical records to a centralised database without patient consent are illegal under existing legislation and should be abandoned without delay.

ECHR : Article 8: Right to privacy

Everyone has the right for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence.

There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.

22. Save Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital

There is concern from new figures which show that the number of people waiting longer than four hours for a bed in A&E at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals has soared in the past year.

Despite a fall in admissions, the number of people waiting more than four hours for a bed once they were admitted has more than doubled in a year.

The arguments for retaining the hospital remain overwhelming.

If they close Chase Farm then Barnet Hospital will not be able to cope and people’s health will be jeopardized.

The new figures for Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Hospital Trust show that 1,092 people had to wait more than four hours for a bed between January 1 and July 1 2012.

This compares to just 492 people in the same time period during 2011.

This increase in waiting times has come at a time when admissions have actually fallen.

In the first six months of 2012, 14,443 people were admitted to the A&Es compared to 15,754 in the first half of 2011.

The new figures from England NHS Hospital Trusts place Barnet and Chase Farm in the top ten per cent worst performing trusts in England for A&E waiting times.

23. Stop the Sell-off and Cuts at the Whittington Hospital

The Board of the Whittington NHS Trust has recently decided to sell off £17 million of hospital buildings. They want to move much of their provision out of the hospital and into the community services that they now run. They want to make cuts so that their finances look rosy for their application for Foundation Trust status. Further details on the Capital Estates Strategy on

The Whittington Hospital serves the populations of Camden, Islington and Haringey. There is no NHS hospital in Haringey. The outcome of the sell-of means that the numbers of maternity patients will be slashed to 4,000, wards for the elderly will be closed and there will be no staff accommodation. All this will have a devastating impact on the provision of acute and other health services for this population.

We recognise that this massive cut is in line with the dreadful NHS cuts, closures and privatisation that are occurring across the country – an outcome of this Government’s attack on the NHS and welfare provision, in addition to the consequences of PFI on health budgets.

Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition stopped the closure of its Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Paediatrics and Maternity departments in 2010. We have always opposed the current Health and Social Care legislation.

We aim to stop this massive attack on our health services.

24. Give sacked nurse her registration back

North-east nurse, Nicola Cheyne, has launched a legal battle after she was sacked for picking up an apparently abandoned child off the street.

She has also been suspended from the entire nursing profession after she found the youngster running about on a busy road while she was on duty.

She decided to take the little boy – who had been jumping in and out of a parked car – to her next appointment and left a note on the windscreen to let his parents know he was safe.

Miss Cheyne, a mother-of-three from Aberdeen, who had been working at the city’s Garthdee Medical Practice, was later sacked from her post and an investigation by nursing watchdogs was launched.

But she said she had only done what any other caring person would have in her position.

Following a flood of support from the public – including from a local doctor and politicians – Miss Cheyne has vowed she will not give up “without a fight” in her bid to win back her registration.

“They said it was gross misconduct. They said I hadn’t taken the child into account,” she said. “But as far as I was concerned I did the right thing for the little one.”

Dozens of messages of support have been voiced for the nurse, slating the “heavy-handed” punishment handed out.

To support Nicola as she fights to win back her registration, please take the time to sign this petition.

25. Investigation regarding University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Joshua Titcombe died in 2008 as a result of failures at the maternity unit of University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. There have been at least 7 deaths there recently.

Whilst there has subsequently been an investigation by the Care Quality Commission and currently there is a police investigation, information has emerged which shows various official bodies knew of serious and systemic failures at the trust, wider than maternity services, and did little or nothing about them. The trust was awarded NHS Foundation status in spite of this and information has been suppressed. This comes AFTER Mid Staffordshire.

It is vital that lessons are learnt about failures in the CURRENT system of regulation to protect patients in the future.

Action against Medical Accidents ("AvMA" - the charity for patient safety & justice) supported the Titcombe family with Joshua's inquest and continues to work with them to campaign for an independent investigation into the wider issues concerning the trust.

26. Save Our Local NHS

Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust are shutting 300 beds and ten wards. This includes the specialist cardiac Ward at Castle Hill plus ending of Neuro emergency beds at Hull Royal which has been condemned as "dangerous" by Prof. John Cleland, Head of Cardiology at Castle Hill.

Neurologists wrote the following this month. "We have voiced our concerns on numerous occasions at managerial meetings and our opinions and concerns have been disregarded and a dictatorial approach has been taken, with new changes to our service implemented against our advice."

27. Save Hammersmith hospital

NHS North West London is reorganising hospital services and is proposing closing four of the nine A&E centres in the area.

The ill-thought-out proposals would mean downgrading Hammersmith hospital by closing its A&E department.

Please also sign our 'Save Charing Cross hospital' petition.

28. Save Charing Cross hospital

NHS North West London is reorganising hospital services and is proposing closing four of the nine A&E centres in the area.

The proposals would mean closure of A&E services at Charing Cross and downgrading it to a 'local' hospital.

Please also sign our 'Save Hammersmith hospital' petition.

29. Petition to repeal the Health & Social Care Act ('NHS Act')

When the Health and Social Care Act was still a parliamentary bill, Dr Kailash Chand OBE (@kailashchandOBE on Twitter) started an e-petition on the government site demanding that the bill be abandoned.

The site's rules state that any petition reaching 100,000 signatures or more must be considered for Parliamentary debate. The petition easily exceeded 100,000 signatures, at times averaging 1000 signatures per hour - a clear sign of the wishes of the British people.

The petition was closed, and the discussion never happened. The government - as it is technically entitled to do - let the motion disappear into a parliamentary black hole.

I believe we have to maintain the assault on all possible fronts, so I've started another petition.

However, while I've submitted the petition to the government site in case people look there, I'm setting up the main petition here on, for the reasons below:

1) The government site is likely to block the petition from even appearing on their site.

2) Even if it goes ahead, once it reaches 100,000 signatures, they close it. I believe that far more than 100k people will sign the petition - potentially in the millions - sending a far clearer and harder-to-ignore message to the government that we will not tolerate the selling-off of our most treasured national possession.

If you agree that the government's actions and plans are unacceptable, please sign the petition below - and get everyone you know to do the same.

(If you want to send an even bigger message, sign this petition too, for a motion of no-confidence in the coalition government

Thank you.

Steve Walker
Twitter ID: @skwalker1964

30. Behind Mr. Taylor We Stand

Newberg School District's choral director Jason Taylor was arrested on Monday, May 21st, 2012 for alegedy supplying a 19 year old ex-student with alcohol. His 200+ students, as well as many other Newberg citizens believe otherwise.

Mr. Taylor is at risk of losing his job, as well as destroying Newberg's best choir in history.

Stand up for him with me to help keep our choir program, as well as to help keep the love for music in our students' hearts.