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Fed up with the way the country’s heading?

The current Labour government is out of touch with reality and opposition parties are not listening.

For too long public confidence has been worn out with the British criminal justice system allowing criminals to abuse human rights legalisation to avoid facing the consequences of their unlawful actions.

For too long juvenile delinquents have been simply slapped on the wrist for causing anti-social behaviour and nothing is done to prevent their despicable crimes.

For too long the government has been looking after the wrong people, locking up pensioners who cannot afford to pay their high Council Tax bills while allowing dangerous young thugs to freely prowl the streets.

For too long the government has prevaricated taking action to limit and control mass immigration, which has caused house prices to rocket meaning young British-born people cannot afford to get on to the housing ladder. The country is full and our public services are over-stretched.

For too long too long our hospitals have been hygienically neglected contributing to the significant rise in infections from our wards.

For too long there have been systematic problems with the NHS which overpaid NHS managers cover up to report a “all is well” message to Whitehall.

For too long too long our education system has been dubbed down and school discipline is almost non-existent leading to long-term social problems and leaving school leavers unequipped to deal with the world of work.

For too long the government has imposed high green taxes without using the proceeds to fund weaning the UK economy off oil. We need a long-term plan to change the UK’s oil-based economy into a Hydrogen one, so we will not have to rely on such an unstable part of the world for resources.

For too long the government has complicated regulation and taxes leaving our economy vulnerable when competing with the Far East.

If you want to make a difference, let your frustration out and send the politicians a clear message to get a grip on these serious issues then back the Save Britain Campaign’s petition.


A. Law, Order & Justice

1. End Labour’s early release scheme, which is responsible for a large amount of horrific crimes which should not have happened. Criminals should serve their sentences in full and even longer sentences for bad behaviour.

2. Criminal age of responsibility to be lowered to 8 years. Children’s detention centres until 12 years.

3. Trial of youths over 12 years in magistrate’s/crown courts not youth courts. Their crimes are just as serious.

4. Children/teenagers to receive equivalent prison sentences as adults.

5. Reintroduction of Borstals for 12-18 year olds with a focus on discipline, education, routine and authority. Careers in army to be offered to juveniles who are not likely to find employment after leaving Borstal.

6. Parents of young offenders to reimburse the state with the cost of legal aid, if youth is found guilty.

7. There have been incidents where young criminals are ‘invited’ to police stations for interview. All young offenders should be treated like adults and be properly arrested and questioned in police stations.

8. The justice system should never penalise people who stand up to anti-social behaviour. Am adult should have the right to use any force necessary to defend themselves against a delinquent youths’ behaviour.

9. End the over-use of community sentences, tagging offenders and cautions and adopt a ‘prison works’ attitude.

10. Give the public the right to impose a ‘vote of no confidence’ against lenient judges and have them sacked.

11. Allow the press to publicise the name of a juvenile found guilty of a crime.

12. Ban the press from revealing defendants’ names until proven guilty.

13. Allow defendants’ previous criminal convictions to be stated in court in order to illustrate a better nature of character.

14. A victim should have the option to have the offender absent from the court room when giving evidence.

15. A national DNA database should exist to clear up forensic detection when solving crimes. Also this would assist police in tracing burglars, a crime currently with low clear up rates.

16. Double the sentence for second-time offenders, triple the sentence for third-time offenders and a whole life sentence for the fourth offence. This will send a clear message to any criminal thinking of re-offending, while keeping repeated offenders away from the community for a very long time.

17. ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ approach to sentencing and criminal punishment.

18. A convicted serial criminal should be issued with a sentence that cumulates the total years of each separate crime, i.e. 5 x mugging offences should mean 5 x mugging sentences, meaning that judges cannot issue concurrent sentences.

19. All prisoners should be locked in their cells for 23 hours a day with one hour to wash and exercise.

20. Prisoners, including young offenders, should have no luxury food, no pool tables, no televisions or any other form of entertainment – only books to educate themselves.

21. Prisoners should be made to wear ovals, as in America.

22. Prisons should have a policy of bare minimal religious accommodation.

23. A programme of punishment first then rehabilitation should be implemented.

24. Prisoners should not be entitled to have any visitors in order to dramatically cut down drugs entering our prisons. Only communication with family should be via telephone.

25. Murderers should not serve 15 or 20 years in gaol but the entire duration of their life. Life for a life.

26. Give the Home Secretary back the power to impose whole life sentences on dangerous criminals and also impose whole life sentences on paedophiles that have been released and murderers released early.

27. Implement a mass prison building scheme to create more gaol places.

28. Change categories of offences against the person to ‘provoked’ or ‘unprovoked’, with racially aggravated falling in unprovoked. A White person’s life is not less than a non-White person’s life.

29. Whole life sentences for paedophiles. There is NO reason why they should be free in society, it is in there constitution to prey on children.

30. Overhaul of the use of the defence in court on grounds of mental health. Offenders that are a danger to the public should be detained.

31. There is no excuse for any crime and therefore excuses used by criminals for committing crimes should not be acknowledged in trials.

32. Make provisions for manslaughter to carry a maximum whole life sentence to ensure that murderers/dangerous drivers pleading guilty to manslaughter are not let off a life punishment for their actions.

33. Abolish the use of Police Community Support Officers and put local Police Constables on the beat. Each Constable should have their own small area to patrol and get to know the local area and trouble-makers.

34. Police Constables on the beat in their own small local patches will be able to swiftly respond to emergency calls.

35. Significantly cut the number of forms police need to complete to free up time patrolling the streets on foot.

36. Elected Chief Constables to ensure local people’s policing requirements are always being satisfied.

37. Repeal the Human Rights Act 1998 and replace with a Charter of Rights & Responsibilities, where a responsibility would need to be met before the entitlement of the right.

38. Criminals should not be entitled to any human right, as they have not met the responsibility of being law-abiding. This would include illegal immigrants not being entitled to any human rights, as they have broken the law entering the UK without permission.

39. Prisoners should never be entitled to any form of compensation as they should be compensating society by giving up their freedom in prison.

40. Imprisonment of drug users with cold turkey treatment. This is a much cheaper and more punishing method.

41. More investment in the Prison Service could be achieved by making criminals pay for it by taxing them more when they’re released, deductions from benefits and seizing more drug-barons’ assets.

42. Reinstating Cannabis as a Category B drug, as the current Category C gives out the wrong message. This drug has detrimental mental health consequences.

43. Applying a ‘traffic-light’ grading system on all areas where anti-social behaviour is rife. Red areas would be patrolled by armed police to restore order in no-go areas. Amber areas would have high police visibility with local trouble-making youths being targeted and prosecuted on the spot for causing anti-social behaviour. When the local community feel safe they can then elect for the area to be ‘green’.

44. Prosecute members of the Irish Travelling Community who cause anti-social behaviour and damage local areas with waste. Also create a Travellers’ licence to monitor the community, also devising a new Travellers’ tax charge to compensate council tax funds used to accommodate travellers.

45. An end to prosecuting pensioners who cannot afford to pay high Council Tax bills, when juvenile delinquents are free to prowl the streets.

46. Cruelty to animals should be treated with the utmost seriousness in courts, as psychological studies show that this behaviour can lead to carrying out violence on other people, even torture and murder.

47. Courts need to back shopkeepers and businesses more by sentencing shoplifters and ordering them to reimburse what they have stolen. Having proper police presence on High Streets would also act as a deterrent.

48. A person should have the right to use gross disproportionate against intruders to protect their property and family, and the intruder should not have the right to seek compensation for any injury caused by illegally entering the property.

49. British-born terrorists should be charged with high treason and goaled for the entire duration of their lives.

50. A law should be created, as in France, whereby a person can be tried in the UK for committing or conspiring to torture people abroad.

B. Mass Immigration & Europe

1. The only legitimate Asylum Seekers are those that enter the UK by raft or by aeroplane, as international law states that they must claim asylum in the first safe country. Therefore as the vast majority of asylum seekers have already crossed countries like France, their asylum application should be rejected.

2. Immigrants who enter the country illegally without permission should be imprisoned then deported as they are breaking the law.

3. A limit should be adopted for economic migration with an Australian-style points system.

4. All immigrants should have rigorous health checks, a high level of English and a completely clean criminal record before entering the UK.

5. Create a UK Border Police to put into operation the mass deportation of illegal immigrants living in the UK and to protect our borders from those seeking to undermine our country.

6. The UK should leave the European Union and implement common trade agreements similar with Europe to those of Norway and Iceland. Leaving the EU would restore sole sovereignty to the British government and the authority to control our borders.

C. Health

1. Consultant John Petri at his Norfolk hospital has more than doubled his work rate by introducing a French-style “production line” under which he carries out overlapping operations in different theatres. He operates on one patient while the next is prepared in a second theatre. Petri moves on to the second patient while leaving a junior to finish the first. By the time the second operation is nearing completion, a third patient is waiting for him in the original theatre. The result is that Petri can now operate on patients within two weeks of their first consultation. So, let’s introduce Petri’s dual-operating theatre method and cut waiting lists dramatically.

2. Let’s make Doctors’ and Nurses’ working lives hassle-free without having the pressure of centralised targets and the delay that bureaucracy causes.

3. Free-up hospital beds by giving patients increased amounts of oxygen and fluids after their operation, so they recover quicker, which a recent medical study has revealed.

4. Bring back Matron and let her reinstate discipline and organisation on our hospital wards.

5. Allow for dirty wards to be shut down to cut hospital bugs.

6. Discontinue the use of private cleaning firms in our hospitals and employ more cleaners to be under the instruction of Matron.

7. Cut out middle management and let frontline NHS staff take control of their working lives.

8. It is a disgrace that so many nurses have spent years training and now they are told they cannot work in the NHS. Sacking middle managers will free up funds to employ these much needed staff.

9. Overhaul of Dentists’ contracts with massive investment in NHS dentistry to ensure everyone can find a local NHS dentist.

10. Re-localise health services, so that patients do not need to travel far for their much needed treatment.

11. Give patients back the right to choose their local GP.

12. Create local boards of mixed local NHS staff and users of health services to ensure patient’s needs are always being met.

13. Free the NHS from politicisation.

14. Foreigners entering the UK should ensure they have private health insurance to fund any NHS treatment they require during their stay.

D. Education

1. Introduce an education system similar to the German one with more grammar schools to stretch the brightest pupils studying there GCSEs, vocational schools which could combine high-standard literacy/numeracy with a trade in the form of a diploma and army-style boot-camp boarding schools to enforce discipline in unruly pupils and offer them a career in the armed forces, so that they don’t lead a life of criminality, drugs and state benefit reliance after they leave school.

2. SAT exams scrapped at all ages. 11-Plus and 14-Plus exams to decide which educational route students should take.

3. Reform the ‘A’ Levels into a standard similar to that of the previous decades to ensure that the legacy qualification really is the gold-standard of British education.

4. Encourage foreign language learning at an early age so that future generations can do more business with Europe and the world.

5. Make bullying in our schools a criminal offence with criminal consequences to emphasise the seriousness of the behaviour.

6. Synthetic phonics should be taught to all primary school pupils to rapidly boost their reading skills.

7. Tough emphasis on spelling, grammar and punctuation in the English language GCSE and ‘A’ Level, with vocabulary boosting classes. Learning grammatical terms will ensure that pupils are technically competent in English.

8. University top-up fees to be scrapped.

9. Emphasis on discipline, routine and respect in all schools.

10. Give teacher’s the right to physically remove unruly pupils from lessons.

11. Every school to have a supervised detention room for disobedient pupils.

12. Cut teacher’s paper work to free up their time.

13. Free schools from town hall control and let them be independent, trusting professionals to do their job.

14. A flat rate of Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) should be available to ALL students.

15. An end to means-testing for university student loans and tuition fees. A set annual amount should be available to ALL students.

E. British Culture & Fairness

1. Abolish political correctness in all its excessive form, as Britain was the birth nation of freedom of speech. PC causes more problems and tension for minority groups, who the vast majority of which oppose politically correct measures.

2. Freedom of speech should be recognised by re-allowing protesters to protest in Parliament Square.

3. End the absurd politically correct view that it is racist to want limited and controlled immigration.

4. End the use of equal opportunities monitoring forms in recruitment, as EVERYONE is equal and an application should be based on a candidate’s ability.

5. End the use of health questionnaires in recruitment, as it is not fair for employers to discriminate against a candidate’s health.

6. It is currently legal in the UK to discriminate against gay and lesbian people by denying them goods, services, hotel rooms and access to licensed premises. A law should be created to ban such discrimination.

7. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) should seek to encourage British Muslim culture to be less oppressive to women and less hostile to gay and lesbian people by tackling homophobic and sexist views common in the British Muslim community. British Muslims are British and should all have the view that all British people are equal. It is a disgrace that the MCB upholds double standards by wanting equality for Muslims but opposed Civil Partnerships and an equal age of consent for gay and lesbian people.

8. British culture and history should be taught widely throughout the national curriculum.

9. The Union flag should be flown above every national and local government building, every school, every police station (including Northern Ireland), every religious building (including Mosques as British Muslims are British too) and in our town and city centres.

10. Councils should NOT refrain from funding Guy Fawkes night and Christmas events and NOT rename Christmas as the ‘Winter Festival’.

11. The Monarch is a symbol of British culture and heritage, which we should all be proud of.

12. Re-instate hereditary peers in the House of Lords by abolishing the House of Lords Act 1999, so that Bills can properly and objectively be scrutinised before becoming law. This would also ensure the cash-for-peerages scandal would never occur again.

13. Abolish the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and reinstate the use of the House of Lords and Privy Council as the final courts of appeal, as these institutions have been used for hundreds of years.

14. Increase women’s state retirement age to 65, as men and women should be treated equally.

15. Operate a ‘first come first serve’ policy for council house waiting lists, as opposed to a circumstantial and politically correct policy.

16. End plans to introduce a house price levy to replace council tax, which would see tax bills substantially rise due to house price inflation and councils using ‘Big Brother’ measures by forcing council officials to enter homes and give them powers to fine homeowners who do not co-operate.

17. Repeal the ban on fox hunting, as this has been a British tradition for hundreds of years.

18. Those who repeatedly show no signs of actively seeking employment should have their benefit stopped immediately.

19. Minimum jobseekers’ claimant age to be increased from 16 to 18 years. Also no claimant should be entitled to the benefit unless they have paid a minimum of 6 months national insurance contributions.

20. Overhaul disability assessment for state benefit qualification to ensure that those who fluke the system do not profit from the funds that should be directed to those who genuinely need support.

21. Teaching is a stressful job and teachers who have been sacked for suffering with depression should get the treatment they need and the encouragement back into the profession they’re dedicated to.

22. Teachers should have the right to bring criminal proceedings against pupils who make false allegations of abuse.

23. Re-open the mental health hospitals that were closed to accommodate the unstable mental health sufferers who struggle living in the community.

24. Local services for people with learning disabilities that have been cut should be made available again.

25. Restoration of disbanded armed forces regiments such as the Royal Irish Regiment, Royal Scots, Royal Scots Fusiliers, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Black Watch, the Highlanders Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders which have served British military interests for generations.

26. Increase defence spending and let’s strengthen our over-stretched navy, air force and army from the current thinned-down entities weakened by the Labour government.

27. End the ‘war’ on the motorist by abolishing plans for road tolls, reducing the amount of speed cameras and the unwarranted amount of parking fines issued. How can this government expect motorists to abandon use of their cars when public transport is the most expensive in Europe?

28. Scottish tax payers to fund the running of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish politicians’ wages.

29. Welsh tax payers to fund the running of the Welsh Assembly and Welsh politicians’ wages.

30. MPs excessive salaries should be slashed by 50% at least.

31. Slash public sector managers’ pay where excessive.

32. The Child Support Agency should be scrapped and replaced with a body that is fair and fast when dealing with separated parents, being tough with parents who do not pay maintenance for their children and thorough with particular patents who refuse to let the other parent see their child.

33. Children of parents who have abandoned them throughout their childhood should have the right to claim 18 years (21 years if attended university) of maintenance.

34. Parents should have the right to use childcare vouchers to pay Grandparents to care for children.

35. A comprehensive public enquiry should be conducted into the true reasons behind the Iraq war with deceitful politicians who proposed the conflict to be held to account. Just before the invasion commenced, the Iraqi government switched from selling oil in US dollars to Euros. If other oil countries followed suit, the US economy would have experienced a major, nearly irrevocable, depression dragging the UK with her. Once allied forces occupied Iraq, the Euro oil exchange was switch back to selling oil in US dollars.

36. A full and unbiased enquiry into the cash-for-peerages scandal with the Prime Minister being publicly held to account, as he has responsibility when appointing peers.

37. The British government should establish a tough foreign policy to deal with the current Zimbabwe situation and hold the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to account for his crimes against humanity. As Zimbabwe is an ex-colony, Britain has a moral duty to pursue such a proposal.

38. Political parties with links to terrorism should be banned from entering the Houses of Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and the Stormont and receive no public finances.

39. In the interests of national security, a law should be created whereby all MPs must have been born in the UK and have no dual nationality.

F. Environment & Climate Change

1. High investment backed by the government into hydrogen fuel cell technology research to speed up the full-scale arrival of hydrogen vehicles and energy plants.

2. A long-term plan to change Britain’s oil-based economy into a hydrogen one, so that we no longer need to rely for resources from such an unstable part of the world.

3. The Hydrogen economy plan should include the production of hydrogen and manufacturing of hydrogen technology in the UK to export abroad.

4. An international treaty lead by the UK to encourage the development of Hydrogen economies which involves the US, Europe, China and India at the heart of the programme.

5. A rigorous emphasis on recycling.

6. Green taxes to finance Hydrogen plan.

7. Availability of more open green public places.

G. Economic Competitiveness, Public Finances & Housing

1. Radically simplify regulation for business and the public sector by thinning and capping the amount of regulation, unifying areas of common ground, also applying a Dutch-style ‘one in – one out’ rule.

2. Simplify tax law and adopt a long term plan to lower and flatten direct taxes.

3. Long-term plan to cut small companies’ rate of Corporation Tax from 19% to 15% and main rate from 30% to 25%. Also increasing the number of years that companies can offset current trade losses against previous profits to claim back tax.

4. VAT should be scrapped and replaced with a simpler American-style Goods & Services Tax (GST).

5. Long-term Income Tax reform:
a. Increase personal allowance from £5,035 to £7,125 minimum.
b. Abolish starting rate of 10% (the personal allowance increase will make income at this level tax-free).
c. Increase dividend tax credit from 10% to 20%.
d. Increase basic dividend rate from 10% to 20% (net tax will be 0%).
e. Cut basic non-savings rate from 22% to 20%.
f. Increase higher dividend rate from 32.5% to 40% (net tax will be 20%, as opposed to the current 22.5%).

6. Re-instate Married Couple’s Allowance for all married couples and civil partners.

7. Allow private medical insurance to be a tax-free benefit or if paid by employee then allow for premiums to be a charge on income to gain tax relief.

8. Abolish the Gift Aid scheme and allow donations bestowed to charity to be a charge on income for greater Income Tax relief. Also allow all donations by companies to be expensed for Corporation Tax purposes.

9. Allow pension contributions to be treated as a charge on income to enhance Income Tax relief.

10. Every pensioner over 65 years should be entitled to a flat rate personal allowance of £10,000 minimum, which should not be tapered depending on income.

11. Re-instate a 20% dividend tax credit and abolish stamp duty for pension funds.

12. Set up a national pension fund insurance scheme to ensure that contributors are fully compensated for funds that go bust; this will restore confidence in pension funds.

13. Increase Inheritance Tax nil rate band to £500,000 and cut 40% rate.

14. Abolish the current system of tax credits and replace with a tax reducer system similar to Married Couple’s Allowance.

15. Allow a married or civil partner to transfer their tax-free personal allowance to their spouse, if one spouse decides to remain at home to spend more time with their family.

16. Write off tax credit overpayments, so that hard-up families do not endure anymore financial hardship.

17. Long-term plan to reduce Council Tax significantly and cut pensioners’ Council Tax bills by at least 50%.

18. Tax cuts should always be funded by economic growth and cuts in inefficient public sector areas such as excessive administration and middle management but NEVER from cutting frontline public sector staff and services.

19. Encourage high-class engineering with investment and tax-breaks in order to make certain the UK’s place in the manufacturing world which is being lost to the Far East.

20. Promote high-class engineering qualifications in schools, colleges and universities.

21. Scrap the useless New Deal programme and save circa £1 billion.

22. Thin down and simplify the welfare state but not to the detriment of those in genuine need.

23. Reform the benefits system to ensure that two-parent families are not penalised.

24. Encourage businesses to put into practice apprentice schemes so that leavers from education can be trained to succeed in a career the day they leave school, college or university.

25. Businesses should be encouraged to provide apprenticeships for mature adults who have to re-train in another field during their working life.

26. Cut excessive immigration to relax demand for housing.

27. Put into practice a mass council house building programme to increase supply of social housing, giving tenants the right to buy after 5 years and use the proceeds and rental income to fund further building.

28. A good economy has good infrastructure. Therefore the Department for Transport should endorse a mass road improvement programme, ensuring a good quality foundation of tarmac on our roads, bypasses where needed, extra lanes for busy motorways, rationalising our roads by cutting excessive road signs and placing pedestrian crossings in less interfering places.

29. A long-term plan to restore the four original rail companies, each owning their own track, with a rigorous punctuality arrangement including services for more regular trains.

30. Banning rail companies from charging double fares for peak journeys, as hard-working commuters should never be made to pay more just because they have to get to work.

31. Low budget airlines should not be taxed more; as such airlines are more efficient in filling up planes and making full use of capacity.

We, the undersigned, call on the British government and policital parties to recognise and take action on the 162 proposals detailed in the Save Britain Campaign petition.

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