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We've all heard of the Postcode Lottery. The NHS struggles to cope with the budget afforded them by the Government. Dead patients don't cost the NHS a thing.

According to Channel 4 Dispatches programme, hospitals are being forced to delay operations to balance their books to save the Health Secretary's job.

Ambulances are being sent to Code Red 999 emergency calls with no paramedic on board simply because an ambulance has to reach the government target to be at the scene within 8 minutes, whether they can save a life or not. 15 year old Kayleigh died because of this. Another man choked to death because a paramedic didn't attend the 999 call.

The NHS funds tatoo removal but are allowing pensioners to go blind.

The government give the NHS targets to reduce waiting lists and balance their books and, in turn, the NHS are denying patients life-saving treatment and operations.

My husband was denied a life saving operation but I fought the NHS for 16 months and he's now fit and well.

The postcode lottery is costing the lives of many people, including children.

How can this be right?

More details are on my website

I wrote to Tony Blair but he didn't answer. Maybe with enough signatures he will have the courtesy to answer my letter instead of passing it to a minister who also didn't answer.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government to eliminate the Postcode Lottery. Government targets and NHS spending cuts are costing lives.

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