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Update: GREAT NEWS ! From 1st October 2007, a six month Pilot Scheme will provide an URGENT CARE CENTRE at Kidderminster Hospital with Consultant supervision and a Doctor - led team with Emergency Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Support as an integral part of the Minor Injury Unit. The Minor Injury Unit is open 24 hours and the Doctors will be in the Urgent Care Centre Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm from October until March 2008.
Labour fully supports this excellent new service and it becoming permanent.


Labour Government is establishing Urgent Care Centres throughout the country - 25 in February 2007, in Liverpool, London, Edinburgh, Maidstone and elsewhere.
Urgent Care Centres are not A&E Departments, but build upon services provided at Minor Injuries Units and other Walk- in-Centres.

What advantage would an Urgent Care Centre provide for patients presenting to Kidderminster Hospital?

Firstly, there is a small percentage of current patients who have to be transferred to Worcester Royal – 2%. With a Doctor and other extra medical professionals on hand, that figure could be reduced.

Secondly, about 5,000 patients a year present at Worcester Royal A&E when many should be treated at Kidderminster Minor Injuries Unit.

Thirdly, Worcester Royal is extremely busy, and an Urgent Care Centre at Kidderminster would help relieve pressure and help patients living near Kidderminster.

Therefore, I fully support the establishment of an Urgent Care Centre at Kidderminster Hospital, (including the first step of a pilot scheme this autumn entailing a Doctor being based at Kidderminster’s Minor Injuries Unit)

I urge everyone to sign my petition below for an Urgent Care Centre to be placed at Kidderminster Hospital.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Worcestershire Primary Care Trust and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to provide an URGENT CARE CENTRE at Kidderminster Hospital.

We strongly urge that the extra new NHS funding provided to the Trusts by the Labour Government be invested into this vital service for patients in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire and elsewhere.

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