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Being a mum of 2, my firstborn son was born by elective caesarean due to lack of midwifery support. He was breech from 30 weeks+ and it was left too late for an ECV (turning of the baby) to work.
It was due to this midwifes late referal that the ECV failed, and the caesarean was pushed upon me.

There should be more support for women to labour naturally, even if caesarean is needed the woman should at least go into labour first. Breech births are heard of and is possible yet i was practically forced to make the caesarean choice.

We need supportive midwifes who listen and support. Not that bully and force us into making decisions we dont want to make.

We also need midwifes who do their job on time, ie not leave it to the last minute when action needs to be taken.

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