Wyre Forest, Worcestershire and surrounding area
United Kingdom

Update October 2007

Nigel says: "We now have 5,500 paper signatures.


Update August 2007

Nigel says: "We now have over 4,500 paper signatures on the petition collected at Street Stalls throughout Wyre Forest."

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Nigel Knowles is running a campaign and a petition to have a Radiotherapy Unit placed at Kidderminster Hospital.

Nigel says “This Radiotherapy Unit could cost £2.5 million with the obvious on-going costs of operation. Cancer patients in Wyre Forest have to travel over 20 miles to New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton for their radiotherapy treatment. That is a very difficult journey for them to make many times for their treatment.

Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust is currently looking at the possibility of providing a Radiotherapy Unit in Worcestershire, within the Three Counties Cancer Network. Kidderminster Hospital would be a great place to have it! We have the wonderful Millbrook Suite currently providing chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients and the Radiotherapy Unit would be a great extra provision for patients.

I think with Worcester Royal and the Redditch Hospitals being so busy, Kidderminster Hospital would be the best place. There is a great tradition of community support for Kidderminster Hospital and I’m certain the Radiotherapy Unit would be greatly welcomed by the people of Wyre Forest who have endured a difficult period of time in the transition between the transfer of A&E Services and the opening of our brilliant £26 million Treatment Centre in 2004”.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Worcestershire Primary Care Trust and Worcestershire Acute Hospital Trust to commission a Radiotherapy Unit to be
provided at Kidderminster Hospital.

We strongly urge that the extra new funding provided to the Trusts by the Labour Government be invested into this vital service for cancer patients in Wyre Forest, Worcestershire and elsewhere.

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