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1. Use of medical marijuana

It should be a law because there are lots of people that it helps and that need it.

2. Help make Idaho medical marijuana legal

Medical marijuana should be legalized for its massive health benefits, and nearly nonexistent side effect list. Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in indica strains of the marijuana plant, is a nonintoxicating, nonlethal alternative to pharmaceutical medications, which often have side effects such as seizures, stroke, or death. Pharmaceutical medications also have a high substance abuse rate compared to CBD. Yes, you may need more marijuana to have the same effects, but it is humanly impossible to overdose on marijuana. Another reason marijuana should be legalized is because the brain contains cannabinoid receptors from birth. Breast milk contains cannabinoids naturally. Pharmaceutical medications are designed to block specific receptors, and may not always be effective. Marijuana neutralizes those same receptors by telling the brain to shut them down. Marijuana can also activate receptors pertaining to mental illness or other ailments, but only with sativa strains. Please, help end injuries caused by pharmaceutical medications.

3. Save Medical Cannabis in Washington state

We are a local Medical Marijuana dispensary residing in Bellingham Washington part of Whatcom county. With current law changes in the state small medical marijuana businesses like ourselves are struggling to stay open. With over 1,300 patients relying on our survival through the changes in the state. We are very worried about the well-being of our patients and the future of their medicine.

As a company who from the beginning has charged sales tax on our products while from the beginning being zoned correctly we are confused on why we have not gotten our 502 retail license. We are interested in getting our medical endorsement as well to continue to serve our patients. We are asking to receive our license, we pay our taxes and we have our business license. We have had our business license from the beginning proving we are ahead of the game and deserving of being able to serve our community.

We are here to fight for our patients, over the years of being open we have seen our fair share of success stories in the state. Being one of the leading states on patients rights for medical cannabis access. People from all over the country and even world have settled in to embrace the medicine and its god given potential. Sadly the example we were leading has diminished and unfortunately the states current laws take a decent amount, if not most of patient's rights away. From children with epilepsy going seizure free for extended periods, to multiple patients cancer being abolished.

We know there is something we are doing right to help people find the products needed for their survival. Call us Crazy, but we love to see these types of success stories. It brings joy to our hearts to see a little girl who knows nothing but suffering, 150+ seizure free days and counting. It makes our problems not seem so big when we are able to see a woman clear up tumors on her lungs, or to see a man walk in the door a week later when his leg was suppose to be amputated do to cancer. To even success stories of our own.

If we are forced to do so, we will begin our transformation into a recreational style store, while serving medical patients. We want to stick around to help all aspects of the field and assure that someone around still cares about patient rights. Sign the petition to not only keep us going, but to fight for the rights of patients everywhere.

Cannabis is a natural plant found naturally around the world, it is a right that we have our medicine, not someone's decision sitting behind a desk. It all starts with Grass Roots movements, will you be able to say you were there to see it all blow up? Or will you be there to say damn, if only i would have spoke up?

4. Request to remove ODD BATCH in MBBS

Students who failed in the 1st year MBBS examination (June-July) at their first attempt are allowed to appear for an exam in the month of December. Those who pass in this exam, will be considered in an ODD BATCH for the next 4 years (A batch of few students who are most likely neglected). This will affect their career tremendously in this noble profession.

They are not allowed to attend classes and hence will lose 6 months of Training. As per the rules of MCI, a student has to undergo teaching and training for 18 months to appear for the 2nd year examination. Hence this was done to prepare the student for the 2nd year examination.

Since the batch of 2014 was the first one to have digital evaluation, due to some issues the results were announced late (9th October, 2015) hence it is advisable to implement a new supplementary system like any other medical universities (Kasturba Medical College, Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Andhra Pradesh NTR Medical University, etc.) which can allow students to join the regular batch. As per MCI rules, Supplementary exam can be conducted and reports say that they are reducing teaching staff from next year. So we need this implemented from the Batch of 2014 itself as students will be lagging behind by 3 months i.e., from mid-October to mid-January (around 60-70 working days). Special classes can be taken only in the 2nd year and can continue with the regular batch later, instead of keeping these students in this additional batch for all the years.

This will provide a better atmosphere for the students to successfully complete this long course of MBBS and enter PG Course much earlier than expected.

One should keep in mind that the main goal is to prepare students to study medicine effectively. One should love to learn and not feel it like a burden.

5. Bring HB 3785 to a vote - Texas Needs Medicine

For the first time ever, there is comprehensive medical marijuana legislation in Texas. HB 3785 was recently heard in the House Public Health Committee where dozens of severely ill patients, veterans with PTSD, and doctors testified in support.

The fate of hundreds of thousands of patients in Texas are in the hands of Rep Myra Crownover and the Public Health Committee she chairs. The facts about the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana are known to her Committee. The only unknown facts are the ones that are influencing her decision to delay HB 3785.

The bill will allow patients with cancer, seizure disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other debilitating conditions to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. And it would establish a tightly regulated system of licensed marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries to qualified applicants.

Thousands of patients in Texas are needlessly suffering because they have no access medical marijuana. Right now patients face fleeing the state or participating in the criminal market to simply access the medicine that works for them. It’s cruel and it’s time for reform.

We can’t do it without you. Stand with seriously ill Texans and urge your legislators to approve safe and legal access to medical marijuana.

Please contact Rep. Crownover today and ask her to bring the bill to a vote!

6. X-ray licensing class at East Los Angeles Occupational Center

There are students who take dental assisting classes at East Los Angeles Occupational Center in the state of California.

The program is very affordable for students who live in different areas of the. Los Angeles county.

The students want to continue their education and be able to become registered dental assistants through the x-ray licensing class.

7. Podržavam znanstvenicu Luciju Tomljenović u apelu za ukidanje prisilnog cijepljenja

Trebalo bi biti svima jasno da uistinu dobrom proizvodu nisu potrebne totalitarne i radikalne mjere da bi se pučanstvo tobože “uvjerilo” u njihovu “neupitnu” dobit.

Argument prisilnog cijepljenja uz prijetnju novčane kazne nema nikakvu znanstvenu ni etičku bazu.

8. Proširenje rang liste medicinskog fakulteta u Nišu

Zbog ovogodišnjeg povećanog interesovanja za studiranje na ovom fakultetu, podignutog praga za prijem na budžet za čitavih 10 poena u odnosu na prethodni petogodišnji period, decimalne razlike u broju poena kandidata kao i nepostojanja samofinansirajućeg statusa, tražimo da se proširi konačna rang lista na Integrisanim akademskim studijama medicine za 5-10% u odnosu na akreditaciju (9-18 mesta) i to u obliku samofinansiranja jer smatramo da su kandidati svojim uspehom i rezultatima na prijemnom ispitu to zaslužili.

9. Down with Animal Testing

Animal testing is a cruel and barbaric practice that should be banned. Animals do not want to be tortured, locked up, neglected and abused any more than we do, so why should we do it to them?

Myth 1# "Animal testing is vital to save lives".

Animal testing actually kills more people than it saves because of the fact that animals have different bodies and genetic systems from us. Even animals that are very similar to us in terms of DNA, such as pigs and monkeys, are still too different for every result from tests on them to be entirely accurate. For instance, chimpanzees are immune to HIV, Malaria and hepatitis. Aspirin causes birth defects in most lab animals, but it doesn't do this to people. Paracetamol is toxic to cats and grapes and raisins can cause kidney damage in dogs.

In fact, most so-called "medical" experiments that are done on animals are actually done with money in mind, not people. That is one of the main reasons why these misleading experiments are still performed. If a drug is passed as safe due to animal tests, it is then often given to people. If a drug passes as dangerous and unsafe due to animal tests, it is often given to people anyway because even the drug companies often know that animals have different bodies and genetic systems from us. If a person takes it and then gets any really bad side effects, the company cannot be sued because they did do the safety tests.

Myth 2# "Lab animals are always treated kindly and looked after properly".

Although some may well be treated with kindness and cared for properly, many of them are not. In fact, during investigations, animal defenders have filmed horrifying scenes that should disgust us all. Lab animals are often shot at, held against red hot metal plates, have boiling water poured over them, force-fed dangerous chemicals, cut open, gassed, have their brains damaged with severe blows to their heads, starved, locked up and have their skin irritated by various different substances. Lab animals are also sometimes abused outside of the experiments. Laboratory workers have been filmed punching, slapping and shaking animals before.

Myth 3# "Animals do not feel pain, have emotions or help others".

This is probably one of the biggest lies/misunderstandings of the century. Animals definitely DO feel pain, have emotions and help others. Anyone who believes that animals do not feel pain should go and kick a dog and then watch what happens. If animals could not feel pain or fear, how do you think they would survive out in the wild?

Animals definitely do have emotions. When you tell a dog off, they will often cower away because they know that you are angry with them. Anyone who has ever had or even stayed with a cat before will know that cats are definitely more likely to scratch and bite at certain points in time than others. How else can this be explained other than in the fact that they have moods like people do?

Also, time and time again have dogs been known to pine for their owners after they have died. Hachiko carried on going to wait at the train station for his master's return until about ten years after his master had died and Greyfriar's Bobby waited by his master's grave for at least ten years before he himself died, apparently of the same illness that had killed his master.

Dogs have even been known to pine for their people when they have only gone to work or gone out for a little while. Dog behaviourists and experts often call this, separation anxiety, but a lot of it is really just loneliness and boredom. How else do you explain the scenario of a person leaving for a while and returning to get complaints from his or her neighbours about his or her dog's barking and howling and then finding broken items and chewed up furniture all over their home?

Even wild animals have been known to help others of their own species, even if they are not directly related to them. Lionesses have been known to adopt baby antelopes, wild birds will often try to save their mates' lives and even vampire bats have been adopt other members of their own species. Chimpanzees have been known to save ducklings and at least one baby boy has been rescued by a gorilla before.

If these animals really did not care, why do you think they did these sorts of things? Why did they bother to help out here?

Myth 4# "There is no alternative to animal testing."

There are, nowadays, so many alternatives to animal testing that it need not be used any longer. Fake skin and organs, donated cells and body parts, studies of living people and computer models can all now be used, and these can produce results that are far more relevant and useful than those optioned through animal tests.

10. Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd - Legalise Medical Cannabis, Australia

Legalise the use of Cannabis for medical purposes. Stop the Zero Tolerance of Pain and Suffering!


11. Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd - Legalise Medical Cannabis, NSW

Legalise the use of Cannabis for medical purposes. Stop the Zero Tolerance of Pain and Suffering!


12. Enact: The Moorehead Family Humanity in Healthcare Act of Georgia

This bill is about the reduction of risks and building of trust; it has been written as a means to ensure that Medical Professionals receive crisis management and anger management training.

This bill will also mandate that medical professionals take a Hippocratic Oath once a year, as to combat the often callous nature of some people who work in medicine. This bill also mandates a few other things like: the use of treatment plans, and using respectful language with patients. Our daughter recently lost her life, and most of the medical staff surrounding her at her death were panicked, angry or callous. They had forgotten their medical training because they were not trained on how to handle themselves emotionally in a crisis.

I can't say if she would have lived if her medical staff would have been emotionally in control of themselves, but I can say her odds would have been better. The entire bill can be found online at:

13. Appoint a Urologist to Temple Street

Currently the patients of Temple Street Children's Hospital do not have access to a paediatric urologist.

Many children are having their overall renal care neglected due to the fact that the HSE has not prioritised the appointment of a urologist despite promises to do so.

Our children and their parents should not need to fight for basic renal care.

UPDATE: February 2015

We, the parents of children with spina bifida In Ireland, regret that once again we have to share this petition and ask you to sign it. This petition was set up on 2012 to ask the government to appoint someone to the urologist position in Temple Street Children's Hospital. This has still not been done and our children are still suffering.

The kidney issues that our children suffer are preventable. Our children are mainly born with perfect kidneys, but the lack of appropriate care is causing huge problems for them, including kidney failure.

This needs to be addressed now before any more children suffer. Please sign our petition and discuss this issue with our local government representatives.

14. Ban Artificial Colours in Childrens' Medicine

In 2007 a study from Southampton University linked six artificial colours to hyperactivity in children.

In 2008 the Food Standards Agency recommended a ban.

These E Numbers are banned in many other Countries
Yet E104 - Quinine Yellow and E124 Ponceau 4R are used in penicillin medicines for our kids. Why? Do the medicines really need to be bright yellow or red? And if so there are plenty of natural and safe alternatives.

15. Save Natural Healthcare

This petition aims to positively influence the approach the European Commission is taking in its efforts to regulate Complementary and Alternative Medicine across the 27 Member States of Europe.

Disproportionate, poorly thought-through legislation represents the single greatest threat to natural health care in the European Union.

Standards of education and training being proposed.
by the European Commission in its efforts to regulate Complementary and Alternative Medicine across the 27 Member States of Europe

The threshold entry route to the register will be through a Bachelor degree with Honours which is comparable to the majority of other medical professions.

Entry to the register may also be possible through possession of an appropriate Masters degree; this is consistent with other professions including physiotherapy, radiography and occupational therapy.
Overseas qualifications will need to be considered separately

We agree that some standards of training and practice should be applied, but to demand that a hairdresser, who is giving an Indian Head Massage must have Bachelor degree with Honours as a minimum qualification to do so is ludicrous.

EU Medicines Directive

“The loaded gun that can turn foods and supplements into illegal drugs”

Official reference: Directive 2001/83/EC, as amended, including Directive 2004/27/EC
30 April 2011, the EU’s Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) came into force

EU Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation
“The greatest infringement on freedom of speech on foods - ever?”
Official reference: Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, and amending acts

This is a legal framework for health claims that bans all general function claims on commercial foods. Covers claims in all media, including the written and spoken word, websites, pictorial representations and video
other than those approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

There has never been a more important time for you to let your elected representatives,
both in the European Parliament and your own local politicians, know just how you feel.

Together We Can Save Natural Healthcare

Sign the petition now so that the Irish Government, European Commission and the European governments, are able to Hear how you feel about your rights to natural healthcare.

16. Suspend TPPA and EU-Malaysia FTA talks

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a free trade agreement under negotiation among nine countries, including the US and Malaysia.

The problem is the agreement deals with other non-trade issues, like investor rights, which affect how foreign companies do business, and patent rights, which affect access to affordable medicines. To make matters worse, the agreement is being negotiated in secrecy. And the countries hope to sign the agreement by the end of the year.

The EU-Malaysia Free Trade Agreement is another free trade agreement being negotiated between Malaysia and the 27 member states of the European Union. Similar to the TPPA, there are elements in the agreement that governs patent rights, which could harm access to cheap medicines. Although the negotiations are top secret as well, we are already seeing the destructive effects of such an agreement in India.

For more information, go to

Perjanjian Kerjasama Trans-Pasifik (TPPA) ialah perjanjian perdagangan bebas yang sedang dirundingkan antara sembilan negara-negara, termasuklah Amerika Syarikat dan Malaysia.

Perjanjian ini malangnya, juga merundingkan isu-isu yang tidak berkenaan dengan perdagangan, seperti hak pelabur yang memberi kesan kepada cara syarikat-syarikat luar negara menjalankan perniagaan mereka di negara lain, dan hak paten yang membawa impak kepada ubat-ubatan yang dijual pada harga yang berpatutan. Selain itu, perjanjian ini juga dirundingkan secara rahsia. Hal ini merumitkan lagi keadaan dan negara-negara yang meyertai perjanjian ini ingin menandatangani perjanjian ini sebelum hujung tahun ini.

Perjanjian Perdagangan Bebas antara Kesatuan Eropah (EU) dengan Malaysia ialah satu lagi perjanjian perdagangan bebas yang sedang dirundingkan antara Malaysia dengan 27 ahli Kesatuan Eropah. Sama seperti TPPA, perjanjian ini juga mempunyai elemen-elemen hak paten yang boleh menghalang akses kepada ubat-ubatan yang murah. Walaupun rundingan-rundingan tersebut dijalankan secara rahsia, impak-impak negatif perjanjian ini boleh disaksikan di India.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari

17. Support the Syrian people with emergency medicines

Every day hundreds of Syrian people die because of the Syrian regime.. and the ER doctors are doing their best in treating the patients.. but not enough surgical procedures or medicine like antibiotics and pain killers are available.

That's why we need this petition to call for donations for those heroes.

18. Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

The reason for outrageous medical cost in America is simple: Prohibitive Regulation = Prohibitive Cost.

Severe licensing restrictions orchestrated by doctors and enacted by legislators to limit competition have created a critical artificial shortage of doctors; and additional ludicrous, stifling regulation of all aspects of the medical industry has pushed the cost of medical services well beyond the financial means of much of the population.

19. Medical Negligence should be a Criminal Act Applied to Medical Professionals

Do you know that if a Doctor seriously injures or kills a patient through neglect of duty that they are exempt from facing criminal charges? The Medical Negligence laws in Australia protect those butchers who maim or kill our loved ones in public hospitals.

How is it acceptable that medical professionals who are entrusted with our loved ones lives as well as our own lives can escape being made accountable for permanent injury or death and cannot be made to front a Court of Law for their actions due to medical inaction or error?

They are being protected by the Australian Govt to avoid lawsuits by the countless victims who have suffered due to medical negligence and dereliction of duty to those they claim to serve.

Stop this now! Don't let Australia's public hospitals become human abattoirs by making medical negligence a criminal act! We can't afford to let these butchers continue to work in our health system!

We make our laws, not chunky overpaid bureaucrats who act in the best interests of their political party instead of the people!

20. Concern, Compassion & Un-Common Sense for Canada

The Marihuana Medical Access Division of the Canadian Government is archaic, wasteful, inefficient, and incapable of serving those who depend on it. Police have shut down Compassion Clubs in every province outside BC. They provided OUR ONLY SOURCE for a SELECTION of high quality, safe, effective, organic, medicinal cannabis products ~ the government DOES NOT!

MMAR applications are long, complicated, multi-part paper forms which have to be filed and re-filed ANNUALLY! Most patients who obtain a license WILL NEVER BE ANY BETTER! Why complicate and bog down an already horrendous process by repeating the unnecessary? Do they assume if you don’t re-apply that you have died? The doctor provides a prescription, the onus should be on him to modify it, if required, or stop it. Once approved, additional “paperwork” should be the exception – NOT THE RULE!

Patients and growers apply – AND WAIT – for months, or years! Many forms are returned for reasons that neither the patient NOR the doctor can figure out…they tell you there is a problem, not what it is. The BEST case scenario today is a 3 month MINIMUM before you can even ask about the status of your application. If you make an “inquiry” before the 10-12 week window they quote, you are told that IT WILL BE DELAYED!

Our government PRODUCES & DISPENSES SUB-STANDARD MEDICATION. Cannabis replaces MANY different medications and relieves 200 ailments and symptoms. They offer only “cigarettes” or seeds; one Grade (B); one strain (Indica); process it like tobacco to further reduce its efficacy; and sell it to us. They sell a lower grade product for about the same price as the “criminals” on the street offer.

Imagine the government closing pharmacies, making you apply for your medicine, making you wait AT LEAST 3 MONTHS to see whether or not you can have it, if you ask about it before then IT WILL BE DELAYED, and IF they let you have anything it will only be aspirin and YOU HAVE TO BUY THE STUFF THEY MAKE!

This absurd situation has precipitated the ABSOLUTE NEED for Compassion Clubs. If there is a problem with ONE NEW outlet, raid them. The more established, responsible clubs require letters from doctors – verified. They do not allow non-members inside or loitering outside. They dispense only what is allowed and no more than 2 weeks supply. They keep records and conduct business in an ethical manner.

The government approves licenses if you provide the correct form, sworn to, that you have a medical problem but can’t get a doctor to fill out their form. Is that so different from a notary? That problem is the person lying or the notary swearing to it >>NOT THE COMPASSION CLUBS!

The Canadian Government does not know what it is doing. They should ask for help from the network of Compassion Clubs, growers, and patients. We possess the first-hand knowledge, experience, skills, and insight needed to make this right. WE WANT TO HELP – JUST ASK!

21. Stop the Black Market Sales of AIDS Medicine

To U.S. Congress, the Attorney General in each state as well as the United States Attorney General Office

On May 9th, 2010 The New York Times published an article titled Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart.

WHEREAS, one of the reasons the war on AIDS is falling apart is because of corruption within the Federal Government and the Black Market over Inflated Sales of AIDS and HIV Drugs In Africa and around the world. On Dec 1, 2009 an email was leaked that was sent from Africa by which CPF stated

"there is a major black market scam being worked on the $30 million a year in HIV AIDS drugs we finance... I could easily name the in-house folks but my lips are sealed."

CPF is an Administrative Employee of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Presidential Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR).

Thousands of people are losing their lives every month because of the Black Market Sales of HIV/AIDS drugs which make the drugs unaffordable and sometimes the Black Market Retailers thin out the medicine with water and other chemicals and cause it to become toxic.

WHEREAS, Samuel A. Weems, who was elected as one of the one hundred delegates to rewrite the Arkansas Constitution and once held the office of prosecuting attorney has written a widely published article condemning CFF's support of violent activities and terrorists. Among his many statements to CPF which he forwarded to numerous politicians and published many places, he said "CPF, by your agency giving $15 million US tax dollars Your action is nothing more than the total support for a regime that is guilty of ethnic cleansing."

THEREFORE, it is concluded that CPF's finances all over the world warrant a full investigation.

FURTHER, the United States government has allowed, and is continuing to allow, CPF to benefit and/or direct the American people's tax money.

THEREFORE, it is up to the American people to exercise their rights and hold CPF accountable for financial irregularities which may or may not lead to CPF
revealing the names of in-house US Federal Government people involved in the Black Market over-Inflated Sales of AIDS and HIV Drugs In Africa.

CONSEQUENTLY, the people of the United States of America declare the following,

TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, we, the people of the United States, declare that we are grieved over the actions of CPF and hereby petition the United States government to take immediate action to cease funding CPF with any taxes from the United States of America in any way, manner of form until CPF's finances receive a full financial investigation. This includes past, current and future finances in the USA, France, Berlin and worldwide.

22. Healthcare proposals should include and enable traditional forms of medicine

The purpose of medicine is to deal with and treat the cause, a basic principle behind all forms of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is proactive and preventive as well in treating the cause of illness, and maintaining health, in combination with allopathic medicine, which is meant to treat the physical body, injury and trauma or traumatic injury, and typically addresses the symptoms with prescription medication while ignoring the cause and failing to provide proactive and preventive care.

Traditional medicine is not meant to replace conventional allopathic medicine, instead meant to accompany and augment while offering an alternative to prescription medication, for those who seek an alternative to prescription medications and are presently being treated by traditional forms of medicine. Most developed countries recognize both branches of medicine, allopathic (western) medicine along with traditional forms of medicine, and the traditional medicine practitioner in most cases has completed apprenticeship and education equivalent comparatively to that of any allopathic (western) doctor, including internships and residencies, and is a DOCTOR, qualified to provide medical treatment (MIND= mental/psychological, emotional (astral), BODY=physical, ENERGY (etheric/bioplasmic), and SPIRIT.

We understand peoples initial trepidations with supposed ‘Christian faith healings’ or the ‘ laying of hands’, where the practitioner uses the method taught by St. Francis of Asisi, invoking to be an instrument of divine healing, and in some cases where the supposed power of Jesus is used to supposedly heal people. While this is an area that contains many opportunities for fraud, and we wouldn't want fake healers treating patients just to scam people and insurance companies, the method taught by St. Francis of Asisi , and based on scientific principles, is valid and legitimate.

While people have extraordinary abilities and skills as instruments of our creator with which to help people heal, ONLY CREATOR, and the patient themselves being receptive to divine healing and willing to make the necessary changes in their environment and lifestyle, can heal a person/patient. NO PERSON CAN HEAL ANOTHER PERSON/PATIENT or BE A HEALER, a practitioner or ‘doctor’ of traditional medicine can only serve as an instrument of creator’s divine will, intention, agenda , and action, to stimulate the being; mind, body, energy, and soul (spirit) to heal itself naturally, with creators blessing and energy, invoked, guided and focused by the ‘doctor’ (practitioner). This is a basic principle behind all forms of traditional medicine, from the simple Christian laying of hands to more advanced forms and methods, used by peoples all over the Earth for over 40,000 years at least, if not ages.

Why would anyone limit the resources available to people in need, while at the same time refusing to recognize and compensate valid legitimate traditional forms of medicine and those who provide service?

23. Support April Terry (a.k.a. "Box") & FHS Sports Medicine

On May 8, 2009, Ms. April Terry (a.k.a. "Box") was informed she would no longer be teaching sports medicine classes at Flathead High School. FHS Administration's reason: "to make room for a coach/teacher". Athletics over Academics?!

Many FHS students, parents & staff are disconcerted about this turn of events, because without Ms. Terry's valued leadership, the sports medicine classes at FHS will most likely be discontinued. However, Ms. Terry is being allowed to continue teaching sports medicine classes at Glacier H.S.
Glacier over Flathead?

The sports medicine curriculum taught by Ms. Terry serves as an excellent stepping stone for students interested in pursuing a medical professions career. Many students taking her class, say they like going to her class because "Box makes learning fun". Ms. Terry also assists FHS athletic trainer Mike Graf provide quality, medical care to FHS students.

24. Support Herbal Medicine


The Government wish to further regulate Herbalists by bringing them under state control, protecting both the function and title of a Herbalist. Alongside this regulation they wish to change the Herbal Medicine laws again to prevent anyone, other than a state regulated herbalist (or possibly other health professional), from prescribing herbs. This, coupled with a previous change to our herbal medicine laws, will take Herbal Medicine away from the people, with state regulated Herbalists and pharmaceutical companies claiming Herbal Medicine as their own.

The reasons given for state control of Herbalists are to ensure the public’s safety and in the EU, fair competition. The Government claims to regulate only where there is a proven risk, yet several requests to demonstrate the ‘risk’ that Herbalists pose have not resulted in any information being forthcoming. Indeed, it has been claimed that this proof is not available. However, there is plenty of evidence about the risk of modern regulated medical practice and regulated pharmaceutical drugs.

The majority of people have lost faith in the Government’s ability to act in an efficient, trustworthy and caring fashion. The overall impression of most people, is a government- created society, where economics and targets take precedence over morals, ethics, community and wellbeing. How can we trust our Government with our Ancient Indigenous Tradition, our health, our wellbeing and our environment?

I am a qualified Independent Herbalist who, alongside many others, opposes the current regulatory proposals. I trained with The School of Phytotherapy, over 10 years ago, to Honours degree level, and I left the National Institute of Medical Herbalists a few years ago due to their support for Statutory Regulation. I hope to be able to continue to practise Herbal Medicine in the true and respected manner of our predecessors, which has been safe and effective for countless generations. It is my belief that the current proposals are unacceptable and will do nothing to protect the public from what is already a safe medical model, only create a bureaucratic paper exercise costing considerable sums of money, while destroying the Traditional Medicine of the British Isles and Europe.

In summary, these are the problems that I foresee will result from Statutory Regulation:

1. There is no evidence that statutory regulation of health professionals ensures public safety. In fact there is a growing evidence base suggesting that the contrary is in fact true.
2. Herbal Medicine and Herbalists were and are, contrary to popular comment, regulated in many ways, mainly to ensure we are safe, honest and law abiding in our practises. Stories from the press, government and MHRA about problems with Herbal Medicine are blamed on lack of regulation, yet most, if not all the cases broke current laws. Regulation clearly does not stop those determined to break the law, as we so often see in our society.
3. Herbal Medicines will be increasingly made by modern, highly processed methods, often by the big national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, who will be able to fund the new licensing laws, unlike the small cottage industries which currently manufacture Herbal products. These preparations manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies are often non traditional, therefore do not have any traditional evidence of safety and are biased towards making profits, rather than peoples well being. The consequences of making Herbal preparations in this way and with profit as the main drive are likely to be dire for both the public and our environment. The Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive has already been put into UK law and is set to remove a number of valuable Herbal Medicines from our shelves in 2011 due to huge costs and arguably, unnecessary criteria. At a time when our environment needs serious consideration and respect, simple, traditional, indigenous Herbal Medicines can satisfy many needs effectively, having a much smaller footprint on the environment than other health treatments. We must not forsake our simple, locally grown, native, traditional Herbal preparations for fashionable “Wonder Herbs” that are highly processed, licensed at a huge cost and then sold for extortionate amounts. All Herbs are wonderful and effective in their simplest form when used wisely.
4. Statutory Regulation will increase the cost to the State Regulated Herbalist and therefore increase the cost to the patient.
5. Many experienced, highly qualified Herbalists are likely to refuse to become statutory regulated on moral grounds, either leading to a reduction in available experienced Herbalists or Herbalists being forced to work illegally.
6. A number of good, experienced Herbalists may be denied statutory regulation, not having undergone a course deemed acceptable to the regulatory body. Modern degree courses being currently offered by many universities do not necessarily equate with the best training, many becoming increasingly dominated by modern, mainstream medicine and science at the expense of our Traditional Knowledge.
7. An increased influence from modern, mainstream science and medicine, affecting our training, our practise and our development, has caused a reduction in real choice and diversity. This situation is likely to create an unnecessary complexity and fear of Herbal Medicine, much of which has been used for thousands of years, both as food and medicine, accessible to everyone, either via a Herbalist or by growing the Herbs oneself.
8. Any Herbalist who refuses or is refused statutory regulation will not legally be able to continue treating their patients, putting their patient’s health at risk and denying their patients the right to choose their own Herbalist.
9. An undermining of our Traditional Knowledge, which has been used effectively for thousands of years before the development of pharmaceuticals, has taken place. Currently in favour is ‘scientific’ research that is often bad science, misleading, funded by pharmaceutical companies and at best only a small insight into the use of Herbs.
10. Voluntary Self Regulation, as practised by certain bodies of Western Herbal practitioners, has been safe, effective and of minimum cost.

In my experience people choose to come and see a Herbalist for a variety of reasons; a) They wish to use natural medicines believing them to be less likely to do harm than pharmaceutical drugs b) Mainstream medicine cannot help them c) They have been harmed in some way by mainstream medicine and have lost all faith in it. d) Having used Herbal Medicine in the past and know that they are very effective e) The care and time that they receive from a Herbalist assists their path back to health f) Our alternative philosophy about health.

The process towards SR has had little input from the vast majority of Herbalists. A very small number of Herbalists lobbied Government for state regulation in the early ‘90’s, believing that it would increase our status and perhaps enable work within the NHS. Both in Europe and UK, the pharmaceutical giants have heavily influenced the regulation of Herbalists and Herbal Medicine.


The UK legislative provisions for herbal medicines are to be found in, the Medicines Act 1968, Section 12, paragraphs 1 & 2, and Section 56, paragraphs 1 & 2. Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (UK law introduced to follow EU Directive 2004/24/EC)

Section 12(1) specifies exemption for herbal medicines from licensing provided that they are supplied subsequent to private personal consultation. Section 12(2) exempts herbal medicines provided that they are produced according to standard traditional, non-industrial methods. It also specifies that no written claims may be made for the use of the remedy. Section 12(2) is set to be abolished in 2011, being replaced by the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (30.5.05)

Section 56 reiterates and expands upon the provisions of 12(1). In addition, Statutory Instrument 2130 1977 lists several herbs "in respect of which the exemptions conferred by section 56(2) do not have effect". This removed the herbs so identified from general sale and specified that they may only be prescribed on consultation, or supplied under the supervision of a pharmacist. This list also specifies maximum permitted doses and daily doses for those herbs.

Other laws that protect the public from unscrupulous practice are covered under relevant laws for example; Common Law, Herbalist’s Act 1542 (The Statutes Law Revision Act 1948), Prohibited Appellations – Misrepresentation Act 1967 and Trade Descriptions Act 1969. The Steering Group Report, May 2008

25. Lobby Against 3rd Year Exam

As you may know, the Faculty of Medicine is currently planning to introduce a major exam into 3rd year medical school, in addition to the other exams we write in our 2nd and 4th years.

This is disadvantageous for the following reasons:

1. 3rd year is already EXTREMELY busy, and there is not adequate time for another exam.

2. The focus of clerkship should be on rotations and electives.

3. Many students are away on electives at different points of their 3rd year.

4. U of A students preform very well on the final exams in 4th year.

This petition will be passed to all four medical classes as it is important that we all support each other in maintaining a strong medical school.

Please note that there is an "Anonymous" option should you choose.

26. Allow Eid/Christmas Gifts for Children of Gaza

Justice for Gaza (JFG) is a humanitarian organisation which strives to supply basic needs to the suffering children of Gaza. On the 5th of December, 2008, a big van loaded full of clothes and toys as Eid/Christmas gifts for the children in Gaza will depart from London and drive all the way to Gaza.

Previously, in August 2007, a JGF van containing medical supplies was denied entry into the Gaza strip by the Egyptian authorities. The van was stranded at the Rafah border for a month. Egyptian authorities presented many and varied bureaucratic excuses to justify their refusal to allow entrance of the medicine. The latest was that the medicine was not accounted for in an item by item list. As the medicine was donated by various generous supporters in the UK, Al Niss and Willis did not have one list with receipts to present to Egyptian authorities. Yet Egyptian authorities refused the suggestion to have a third party, like the Egyptian Red Crescent, unload and supervise the itemizing of the medical supplies.

We do not want a similar ridiculous situation to repeat itself. Please sign the petition below to enable the delivery of donated gifts to the children of Gaza.

For more information, please visit the JGF website:

27. Comprehensive Medicare cover for complementary and integrative healthcare

The introduction of mental health plans and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) under Medicare have been great steps forward in public health.

Currently, only some healthcare providers (dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and podiatrists) are able to register as allied health professionals to provide a limited number of treatments as part of an Enhanced Primary Care plan provided by a GP.

People who are chronically ill tend to be the ones who benefit most from complementary healthcare, but can least afford it.

Wellbeing should not be reserved for the well-off.

Australia could become a world leader in public wellbeing by not only providing dental health cover, but also complementary and integrative healthcare under Medicare.

28. Clean up Pinelawn Police Department

Pinelawn police depart has a history of being filthy. Rodents and bugs share the cells with the visitors. Toilets are never cleaned and there is no hand soap to prevent diseases.

There are not enough cell bunk beds there for the number of visitors, so you are made to sleep on the floor with filth that has been building up over the years.

Males and females have to share restrooms and females have special needs monthly.

Most importantly, if an officer id not in a good mood you may not be able to take your medicine or get the proper medical attention needed.

29. Edinburgh MBChB Graduation

The University of Edinburgh has shown this year's cohort of Medicine graduates complete disrespect regarding our graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was initially moved from it's own slot in July to one on 28th June, instantly clashing with our shadowing week which we all need to undertake as a requirement for our jobs.

The ceremony was alotted to a time on 28th June when many other graduates of other courses will too be graduating, in the same session, unfairly limiting ticket availability for both those graduates of Medicine and the other graduates from the School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Divinity and School of Health in Social Science in attendance that afternoon. Two tickets per person is simply unacceptable. The event is likely to resemble something of a cattle market with so many graduates in attendance for one ceremony.

To add insult to injury, the university has "special" ceremonies set aside for graduates of Veterinary Medicine and Law. Graduates for these ceremonies get a minimum of 4 tickets per graduand and a ceremony solely for those graduates. We do not believe as graduates of Medicine we are in any way superior to a graduate of any other degree. We believe that graduation from any degree is a signficant achievement. We believe graduates of all courses should be treated the same.

We do not understand why of all degrees undertaken, if Medicine is not to be regarded as a degree that confers signficant acheivment or in need of a "special" ceremony of it's own, why Veterinary Medicine and Law continue to be treated as such. Medicine in Edinburgh has a far greater heriatage than that of any other degree taught at the university - Medicine has been taught in Edinburgh since the early sixteenth century, Veterinary Medicine only since the early nineteenth century.

We believe that two tickets per graduate is simply insufficent in recognising the conferment of a degree. We believe this fact is made more insulting by the moving of our ceremony to an inconvenient date and by the "special" ceremonies set aside for Law and Veterinary Medicine.

30. Introduce properly qualified MD medical teachers in Indian medical colleges

British Medical Journal last year, highlighted the deplorable situation of most private medical colleges in india as medical teachers are MSc people with very poor medical education standards. most of indias 187 medical colleges do not have proper or adequate infrastructure, qualified MD staff, or facilities, while at the same time charged heavy capitation. most of the professors, associate professors and lecturers shown by the colleges worked on part-time basis -as if medical study is done by distance education.

The report also depicted a shortage in skilled non-teaching staff, such as essential laboratory support staff This was coupled with a deficient physical infrastructure and shortage of equipment in almost all the colleges and sharing or instruments between medical colleges as in medical colleges at chennai. Most obvious deficiencies were in the number of beds available for teaching and in clinical materials.

Many colleges flouted the norms of recognition set up by the Medical Council of India (MCI) that has always reiterated staff shortages to be not more than 5 per cent. However, it is worth noting that these same colleges were recognised yearly by the MCI and ministry of health.