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Justice for Gaza (JFG) is a humanitarian organisation which strives to supply basic needs to the suffering children of Gaza. On the 5th of December, 2008, a big van loaded full of clothes and toys as Eid/Christmas gifts for the children in Gaza will depart from London and drive all the way to Gaza.

Previously, in August 2007, a JGF van containing medical supplies was denied entry into the Gaza strip by the Egyptian authorities. The van was stranded at the Rafah border for a month. Egyptian authorities presented many and varied bureaucratic excuses to justify their refusal to allow entrance of the medicine. The latest was that the medicine was not accounted for in an item by item list. As the medicine was donated by various generous supporters in the UK, Al Niss and Willis did not have one list with receipts to present to Egyptian authorities. Yet Egyptian authorities refused the suggestion to have a third party, like the Egyptian Red Crescent, unload and supervise the itemizing of the medical supplies.

We do not want a similar ridiculous situation to repeat itself. Please sign the petition below to enable the delivery of donated gifts to the children of Gaza.

For more information, please visit the JGF website:

We, the undersigned, strongly request the Egyptian government to allow the van from 'Justice for Gaza' to cross the Rafah border into Palestine.

As we understand, the van contains toys donated for the children of Gaza by the European people, in celebration of Eid-ul-Adha and Christmas.

We hope the Egyptian government will not deny the children their basic right to happiness on these joyous occasions, and thank you in advance for your actions."

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