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Mercury Exposure provides consumer information about exposure to the toxin mercury in dentistry, medicine, products and the environment.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin that is not addressed in medicine, dentistry and health insurance. The lack of medical and dental education, diagnostics, treatment and documentation does not support consumer health issues.

Mercury is regarded an environmental problem, whilst medical, dental and household use of mercury is allowed to continue with exemptions.

Medical records have not itemized all exposures to mercury, from dental amalgams placed, vaccines given and other sources of mercury. The amount of mercury received and the onset of chronic conditions is statistically challenged.

Those at a greater risk of mercury exposure are the same groups being targeted with mercury containing vaccines.

The advances in diagnostics and treatment of mercury exposure need to be embraced by general medical education, practitioners and medical specialists.

The industrial and medicinal use of mercury goes well beyond acute occupational exposures, chronic mercury exposure and the increase of chronic disease requires statistical performance science documentation of patient exposure from continued use of small and large quantities of mercury in medicine, vaccines and dentistry.

We, the undersigned, petition for:

Mercury to be removed from all health
practices, vaccines and dentistry;

Health questionnaires to gather
mercury science statistics;

Healthcare education and courses on
diagnosis and treatment plans for
chronic to acute mercury exposed

Patient access to accurate mercury
diagnostics and treatment plans within
general healthcare or referral to a

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