#Human Rights
Disarm Education Fund

For more than 45 years, this illegal and immoral policy has achieved the sole function of harming hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, by preventing ready access to food, medicine and other essential goods.

Not only does the embargo indiscriminately punish the Cuban people by:

* Barring the delivery of the newest, most effective medicines, medical equipment, and medical information;
* Discouraging foreign companies from sending goods to Cuban ports;
* Blocking the shipment of water treatment equipment that prevents the spread of water-borne disease;
* Causing life-threatening nutritional deficiencies in pregnant women and children.

The embargo also stifles individual American freedoms and the free exchange of values and ideas by:

* Denying our right to free travel;
* Refusing all visits to extended family in Cuba;
* Forbidding more than one visit every three years to a close family member in Cuba (even if sick or dying);
* Prohibiting the free exchange of values and ideas;
* Restricting the exchange of students and scholars;
* Forbidding professionals from academic, scientific and cultural conferences sponsored by U.S. or Cuban institutions.

Now more than ever, we must challenge an immoral policy that denies women, children, the elderly and the sick essential food and medicine.

And we must continue to struggle for our right to free trade and travel, as well as the unrestricted exchange of information and ideas.

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