#Human Rights
Pinelawn Police Department
United States of America

Pinelawn police depart has a history of being filthy. Rodents and bugs share the cells with the visitors. Toilets are never cleaned and there is no hand soap to prevent diseases.

There are not enough cell bunk beds there for the number of visitors, so you are made to sleep on the floor with filth that has been building up over the years.

Males and females have to share restrooms and females have special needs monthly.

Most importantly, if an officer id not in a good mood you may not be able to take your medicine or get the proper medical attention needed.

We, the undersigned, call on Pinelawn police department to rebuild their police department.

We understand that if a crime is committed or a debt is owed to the Pinelawn police department, that you may be subject to be held over in their cells until you are bonded out or get a court date.

However, it is unnecessary to be tortured with the filth of the jail cells. It is very unhealthy and mind boggling to breathe in someone else's urine and bowel movement because toilets are never cleaned.

We are made to share our visit with trash, bugs and rodents. Men and women have to share a restroom, while women have a special need for a certain time of the month. Also, when there is not enough room, you are made to sleep on the filthy concrete floors.

People who need serious medical attention are not taken into consideration and sometimes not able to take their medicine at all depending the mood of the officers.

There has also been a history of officers pocketing bond money as no record is kept of some transactions. It is cruel and unusual to be treated with such unsanitary environment as a part of our punishment.

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