#Human Rights
United Kingdom

Many patients died needlessly at the Gosport Memorial Hospital and Redclyffe Annex between 1988-2001.

In the last 11 years their families have fought tirelessly for the truth as to why their parents and partners died before their time under the regime of Dr Jane Barton?

Why has no one been held accountable?

There has been:
• 4 police investigations
• An investigation by the Commissioner of Health Improvement
• A death audit conducted by Professor Richard Baker (a report which has yet to be released into the public domain)
• An inquest where the Coroner, Mr. Bradley, withheld vital evidence from the Jury even though they still found Dr Barton guilty of causing deaths
• A GMC hearing, found Dr Jane Barton guilty of professional misconduct to a criminal standard yet she was not struck from the register.
• A review of the GMC’s decision by the CHRE which only came to the same conclusion that as she is now retired it was not necessary to remove her from the register (even though she can still practice if she wishes).
• Three reviews by the CPS who still have not addressed the alleged murders of the victims at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Amid the Quango cover-ups and the amount of evidence still being withheld from the victim’s relatives, there is no hope for them to move on with their lives. It is only right and proper that they should have their answers. With the immense publicity surrounding this scandal for over 10 years, the people of Gosport should hear the truth. . giving closure to the families who continue to fight on.

It is their fundamental right!

Therefore we the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to open a Public Inquiry into the 100’s of deaths at the Redcliffe Annex and the Gosport War Memorial Hospital “between” 1988–2001. Without a pubic inquiry, there will be many more Dr Shipmans and Bartons who would see it as being given the green light to purposely end the lives of the vulnerable and frail.

Without an Inquiry, the current government will be accepting back door involuntary euthanasia. The current situation of unaccountability cannot be acceptable in any modern democracy with an interest in protecting the Human Rights of vulnerable members of the public.

The truth must be revealed with a full, open and transparent “Public Inquiry”.

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