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1. Petition to Legalise Euthanasia in Singapore

As a Schizophrenia patient I realise I have nothing and no one to live for.
My parents disown me and my brother used me as a person to loan money from, while he himself enjoy his life with his wife and child while I am not looking for partner due to not wanting to burden anyone. My parents side with him because they always praise him smart but end up he has lots of debt due to failure business.

In modern Singapore life everyone has to study and work with the purpose of having family and own a roof to stay, but it is unclear what is the true reason to seek this as because most marriage ends up failure and happy life is simply means having abundance of money, as if money is the sole reason for human to live for, as if there is no other reason to live for, as if everyone need to fight each other to gain money while betraying their conscience and told it off that it will be for their own happiness but the result is they will be in pain and remorse over their deed.

Let's petition Ministry of Health and SG government to legalise Euthanasia to end the life of people who suffers like us, so that we are no longer being sow discorded in school between students, at work between colleagues, just for the sake of better future, career and better position in company with Shareholder of companies and Government earning million benefiting from your remorse and peanut pays. While they earn millions you are pay peanuts and yet still a loyal dog to defend the corporate and government orders.


Please help us stop the euthanasia of thousands of Pit Bulls and dogs that even resemble Pit Bulls.

Statistics show that this kind of action does not help nor stop incidents from happening!

Knowledge and being a responsible pet owner is the key.

3. Oppose Physician Assisted Suicide in Ohio

We oppose physician-assisted suicide because it destroys the trust between the patient and doctor, Under the pretense of providing compassion, the physician is relieved of his or her primary responsibility to the patient — to safeguard life and to provide comfort to the suffering. It is the ultimate patient abandonment.

Physician-assisted suicide allegedly focuses on patient autonomy, but the focus should be on doing everything possible to improve care at the end of life. The right answer to the question is that the dying need competent medical treatment, and that is best accomplished by the learned and timely application of hospice care and palliative medicine.

We also oppose the use of MOLST (Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment or POLST) since this opens the door to conceal euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.

4. Canadian Re-Affirmation of the Right to Life

We, the undersigned, recognizing, embracing and upholding the historic Judaeo-Christian philosophies and moral principles of the supremacy of God, knowing that He alone is the giver of life, and that He holds the creation of life as sacred and precious as expressed throughout the gospel and upheld in the Queens own coronation oath; do condemn and renounce the recent judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada that have led to the devaluing of human life within Canadian society and the recent murder of an Alberta woman by two doctors and call for an immediate cessation to all so called “Right to Die or Physician Assisted Suicides, ” procedures and practices.

Therefore - with all urgency in order to save and protect lives - we the undersigned do call upon all Canadians everywhere to re-affirm and affirm the right of all Canadians and indeed all persons - to life and to condemn any practice or procedure that leads to the untimely and unnatural death of another.

We, the undersigned also recognize that because of the depravity of society and the ideological “cults of death” that have developed globally through out governments everywhere and also through the spread of terrorism, that society, by time, necessitates the taking of life through the act of war or policing to ensure the safety and protection of other lives - do (with that being stated) still re-affirm and affirm with all passion and conviction the right of all - to life.

5. Stop Euthanasia and Mass Killings of Innocent Animals

I am in Ontario Canada and recently the spca has siezed 21 pitbulls from an organized dog fighting ring. The Ontario SPCA has asked permission to euthanize all of these animals by March 10 2016 instead of reaching out to other organizations and shelters.

I'm proposing this petition to stop euthanasia in all Canadian SPCA, of all Healthy Adoptable Animals. What does S.P.C.A stand for? In case they have forgotten 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals'.

Pit Bulls are ALWAYS the first breed to be killed in Shelters, this needs to stop once and for all. We need to get all these Shelters to become a "No Kill " unless the animals are suffering and or terminally ill. However sadly they have been primary focusing on killing the breed Pit Bulls because of their breed. That sounds like Animal cruelty to me.

A civilized society does not accept or endorse these " Mass Killings" that is presently taking place across our nation, it's become an epidemic.

Shelters must begin to work with volunteers and outsource to different organizations or lift the Pitbull Ban in areas of this province in an effort to reduce the euthanizing of innocent animals.

This needs to be shared and signed so we can reach others with the same goals for these loving animals that cannot fight for themselves as they lay sad confused and lonely on that cold dreadful floor awaiting death.

These animals know one thing that's a given and that's true unconditional love anything different was taught by a bad owner, I know for I've raised this breed for years and Pit Bulls are loving compassionate companions. I understand there are attacks where Dogs bite a human, however there are way more incidents that surprisingly end in a dachshund, beagle or Jack Russell terrier bite then a pitbull bite. There are also more incidents that involve human on human violence than there is Dog on human violence, this applies to any breed. But we all know which one makes the 6 o'clock news don't we now.

We the People want them held accountable for euthanizing of healthy animals and a stop to it once and for all.

This will not change until animal advocates voice their feelings to their legislators and let them know they will be held accountable in the voting booth." After all; we are their constituents!

They cannot fight for themselves, we have to be their voice. Take a stance with me today to stop the slaughtering of healthy Dogs and Cats of all Breeds.

Thank you.

Alia Stepanchuk

6. Don't Legalize Assisted Suicide in Colorado

A Colorado lawmaker is proposing a bill to legalize assisted suicide in our state. Sadly, this practice targets the terminally ill, the disabled, and elderly with death as opposed to medical care.

Colorado should not turn doctors into killers!


When other nations have legalized assisted suicide, that has quickly turned into euthanasia. This is already happening in the Netherlands and Belgium where the mentally ill are being euthanized and even children.

In Oregon, depressed people have died by assisted suicide, and patients, who were denied medical treatment, were steered to assisted suicide by the state health plan. Oregon resident Jeanette Hall, who was terminally ill and wanted assisted suicide, is alive today because her doctor convinced her to try medical treatment.

We must stand up for life in Colorado and true dignity for the elderly, ill and disabled means rejecting assisted suicide!

After you have signed, PLEASE share on Facebook and tweet on Twitter!

7. Oppose euthanasia: it's dangerous to the powerless

We hear about euthanasia being a 'right' - we never hear of those forced into it.

We never hear of those who are voiceless who are killed. We never hear of the severe social problems which result.

8. Support for Euthanasia

I recently received a letter in the mail detailing that our MP Jim Hillyer intends to vote against legalizing euthanasia/assisted suicide. Being informed on this issue is of utmost importance as it will affect all, or at least most, Canadians at some point in our lives.

In the document mailed out Mr. Hillyer improperly defines euthanasia by claiming it is: “when someone other than the person to die makes the decision”. The person dying would often be a part of the decision-making process. Euthanasia should be defined as: a deliberate act undertaken by one person to relieve that person’s suffering where the act is the cause of death.

In Canada’s current system to allow a person to die we withhold treatment, meaning we take out the feeding tubes and hold the intravenous fluids until the infant or adult starves to death. This process can take days and the suffering endured is not to be taken lightly. There must be a more humane way to end a life; euthanasia must be made legal to assist with this process.

The emotional burden on the health care workers to witness a death like this, the economic burden on the health care system, as well as the suffering imposed upon those waiting for death to come are all immeasurable.

9. Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide in Florida

I support the right for a person to choose how they live and die. If a terminally ill person wants their last days to be happy and without pain then so be it.

Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont have taken the initiative to move forward with these rulings.

It is time for Florida to take the next step.

10. Prevent Abuse of the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP)

The Liverpool Care Pathway was first developed by specialists in palliative medicine to give compassionate care and respect to those facing death. Its stated aim was to enable patients ‘to live until they die’, free of pain. Extended to all NHS hospitals since the 1990s, this Pathway has become subject to major abuse.

Large numbers of patients not suffering from terminal illness, but whose quality of life is judged deficient or too costly to sustain, are routinely being put on the Pathway - often without the knowledge or consent of either themselves or their families. The Telegraph, before Christmas, famously reported that of the 130,000 patients placed on the Pathway in NHS hospitals every year, 57,000 last year were given no hint that their treatment had been stopped and measures put in place to hasten death.

What it means: For patients on this Pathway all treatment, broadly defined so as to include food and hydration, is withdrawn. This effectively means the patient is starved to death. The process is then helped along by the administration of massive doses of narcotics, which serve to sedate the patient, but even by themselves can be lethal.

People wrongly put on this Pathway, if removed in time, have gone on to make a full recovery. Sadly, many others - also wrongly put on this Pathway, but for whom help has come too late, - have died. We do not criticise right use of the Pathway for those in the end stages of clear and established terminal disease, but we wholly deplore wrongful extension of this Pathway to the chronically ill, or to those whose only deficiency is to be old.

11. Support the Right to Die Campaign

We are a group of year 10 students from Carshallton Girls, trying to raise awareness of the serious subject of Euthanasia.


I tried to think of something that would make people change their mind. But I don't have any numbers or facts that will sweep you off your feet. I only have one thing and that is my dog Teo who was rescued from Pakrac killing station.

Every single day when I look into his innocent eyes I remember all of his friends who are out there in Pakrac killing station waiting to be executed because human society gave up on them. This made me feel obliged to change something.Who ever says that dogs don't have feelings,that they don't know what is happening to them or around them should spend one single day with Teo. He is amazing dog, full of love, compassion, such a gentle giant he is and he is so caring and loving and very much aware of his terrible past.

Sometimes at night when he sleeps on his blanket I watch him and I can see he is dreaming of something and then I wonder is he perhaps dreaming of all the bad people and bad things that happened in his past. He can't tell. But I feel an obligation to be his voice and to help his friends who stayed out there in Pakrac killing station waiting on execution.

So please lets be their voice, sign this petition and lets make a change in our society. Many thanks from Teo and me.

13. Liverpool Care Pathway: A National Scandal

The Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) is flawed and dangerous. It was subject to a Review which, ostensibly, ordered it be withdrawn. It was not. It continues, in spirit and in form, under different names and guises.

The Daily Telegraph referred to it as the Death Pathway. The old are particularly vulnerable because many of the so-called signs that are looked for to put a patient on the death pathway, such as frailty and declining mobility, are symptomatic of old-age in any case. In fact, age is one of the factors also taken into consideration in putting the patient on the LCP! This petition is to call for its withdrawal in all its forms and guises. Every patient is an individual and deserves that individual consideration of their condition.

As it stands, anyone who falls into the clutches of the proponents of LCP and ticks all the boxes will be given assisted passage into the next world care of the NHS. This will apply particularly to the elderly who are, in any case, already suffering from that most terminal of all conditions - Old-Age!

According to Dr Peter Hargreaves, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, P. H. Millard, Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics University of London and others, in the year 2007-2008 alone, 16.5 per cent of deaths came about after terminal sedation through the blanket application of the Liverpool Care Pathway being rolled out across the NHS in the UK.

My mother was robbed of her life at Caterham Dene Hospital. The PCT were actually required to set in place new practices at the Dene in regard to analgesics and their use on ward.

Peter Millard Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics, warns that there is a risk that elderly people with chronic conditions and disorders may be easily dismissed as dying when that may not, indeed, be the case. Certain media have even compared the LCP with euthanasia. Euthanasia is still against the law in this land.

A culture of death is pervading the NHS in the UK. A dark shadow is stalking our hospitals and care homes. The right to death is becoming paramount over the right to life. The LCP is providing a newfound legitimacy and cover to an unspoken policy that has, actually, been in place for decades!

Outline of a script for a Monty Python sketch –

Scene: An elderly woman lies in her hospital bed. An EoLC nurse is talking to two young women, the elderly woman’s granddaughters. He is telling them their grandmother is dying and discussing the funeral arrangements. He is delicately asking them to consider how they are going to break the news to their daughters. The two young women are in distress, in denial. This cannot be… A voice intervenes: “Ooh, aren’t you lovely?” The elderly woman continues: “You’ve got lovely eyes.” She is flirting with the EoLC nurse.

Of course, this could not really happen. It’s surreal. It’s on a par with the ‘Parrot’ sketch.

But it did happen. The elderly lady, Kathleen Vine, is pictured here with her granddaughters, Helen and Alison, on BBC News Health –

It is surreal. It is bizarre. It happened.

If Kathleen had not woken when she did, she would have perished on the EoLC Pathway. She would have died, but that's okay because that is what they diagnosed would happen and that is what people tend to do on these EoLC Pathways. They die.

She would have died, but she was not dying. It would have been murder. They would have got away with murder. The perfect crime. What did happen, though, is surely an act of attempted murder...?

An afterword:
The Department of Health committed to investing 286 million pounds over the two years to 2011 to support implementation of this End of Life Care Strategy. That is 286 million pounds spent to assist people on their path to the next world while denying the necessary funding to keep them alive and well in this!

A Daily Mail on-line article outlines how we in the UK have the worst cancer survival rate in the western world. Doctors in our local surgeries, hospitals and health care centres are providing us with treatments based on our illness, our age, our families. The Daily Mail article explains how doctors tend to late-diagnose older patients or provide them with less beneficial treatments. The elderly are routinely denied surgery or drugs.

It is a duty incumbent upon every medical person to protect life and to do no harm. And yet, through the LCP, there is a policy set in place at Caterham Dene - and across the NHS - to make no great effort to intervene to preserve life, to let them go and even to help them on their way.

So much of the public purse to spend on death, so little to spend on life. There is something very wrong here. The elderly, suffering from the most terminal of all illnesses - OLD-AGE - are on the sharp end of this cutting-edge of end-of-life policies. A culture of death really is pervading the NHS in the UK. A dark shadow is stalking our hospitals and care homes. The right to death is becoming paramount over the right to life!

14. Make Euthanasia Legal in Texas

Euthanasia, either painlessly putting to death or failing to prevent death from natural causes in cases of terminal illness or irreversible coma. The term comes from the Greek expression for "good death."

Technological advances in medicine have made it possible to prolong life in patients with no hope of recovery, and the term negative euthanasia has arisen to classify the practice of withholding or withdrawing extraordinary means (e.g., intravenous feeding, respirators, and artificial kidney machines) to preserve life. Accordingly, the term positive euthanasia has come to refer to actions that actively cause death.

The term passive euthanasia is used when certain common methods of treatment, such as antibiotics, drugs, or surgery, are withheld or a large quantity of needed but ultimately lethal pain medication is supplied. By the end of the 20th cent. passive euthanasia was said to be a common practice among U.S. hospitals and physicians. With regard to euthanasia in animals, there are strict rules and guidelines that ensure ethical euthanasia and disposal.

Much debate has arisen in the United States among physicians, religious leaders, lawyers, and the general public over the question of what constitutes actively causing death and what constitutes merely allowing death to occur naturally. The physician is faced with deciding whether measures used to keep patients alive are extraordinary in individual situations, e.g., whether a respirator or artificial kidney machine should be withdrawn from a terminally ill patient.

The Supreme Court's decision in Cruzan v. Director, Missouri Dept. of Health set a precedent for the removal of life-support equipment from terminal cases.

15. Save Lives: Increase Los Angeles City Limits on Pet Ownership from 3 Dogs and 3 Cats to 5 Dogs and 5 Cats

We request that the Los Angeles City Council increase the current pet limits per household from 3 cats and 3 dogs to 5 cats and 5 dogs. We believe this will help decrease the number of animals that are euthanized in Los Angeles, which in 2009 included 19,547 cats and dogs.

Raising pet limits will help us save more lives by connecting homeless shelter animals to households who want them. Increasing pet limits will also generate badly needed revenue for Los Angeles Animal Services through registration fees.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl introduced a motion to the City Council June 5 to increase pet limits, and Councilmember Paul Koretz seconded the motion. Los Angeles Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette also strongly supports increasing pet limits from 3 dogs and cats to 5 dogs and cats. As of early December 2010, the motion remains in committee.

Many areas around the country do not have such strict restrictions on household pet ownership. For example, our neighbors in the city of Santa Monica have no limits on either cats or dogs. Riverside County allows nine cats before a kennel permit is required. San Diego County and Santa Barbara County have no cat limits.

For the last 10 years, the City of San Diego has not had a cat limit. The limit on dogs is 6. The Live Save rate for San Diego County Animal Services that covers both the City and the County is 82% for dogs and 54% for cats (Fiscal Year 2008-09 with intake of 48,878). During this same Fiscal Year 2008-09, the Live Save rate for Los Angeles is 73% for dogs and just under 39% for cats.

Councilmen Rosendahl wrote that “The current downturn in the economy has resulted in a higher rate of animal abandonment and has contributed to a 20% increase in the rate of impounds. To exacerbate the problem, over the past several years budget reductions in the Department of Animal Services have reduced the level of service provided to animals in the City’s shelters.”

PLEASE help get the word out! Do it for the animals who are counting on us. We must show the Council members that saying “Yes” to the increased pet limits is the right thing to do and is what the community wants.

16. Save Lives: Increase Los Angeles City Limits on Pet Ownership from 3 Cats and 3 Dogs to 5 Cats and 5 Dogs Per Household

We request that the Los Angeles City Council increase the current pet limits per household from 3 cats and 3 dogs to 5 cats and 5 dogs. We believe this will help decrease the number of animals that are euthanized in Los Angeles, which in 2009 included 19,547 cats and dogs.

Raising pet limits will help us save more lives by connecting homeless shelter animals to households who want them. Increasing pet limits will also generate badly needed revenue for Los Angeles Animal Services through registration fees.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl introduced a motion to the City Council June 5 to increase pet limits, and Councilmember Paul Koretz seconded the motion. Los Angeles Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette also strongly supports increasing pet limits from 3 dogs and cats to 5 dogs and cats. As of early December 2010, the motion remains in committee.

Many areas around the country do not have such strict restrictions on household pet ownership. For example, our neighbors in the city of Santa Monica have no limits on either cats or dogs. Riverside County allows nine cats before a kennel permit is required. San Diego County and Santa Barbara County have no cat limits.

For the last 10 years, the City of San Diego has not had a cat limit. The limit on dogs is 6. The Live Save rate for San Diego County Animal Services that covers both the City and the County is 82% for dogs and 54% for cats (Fiscal Year 2008-09 with intake of 48,878). During this same Fiscal Year 2008-09, the Live Save rate for Los Angeles is 73% for dogs and just under 39% for cats.

Councilmen Rosendahl wrote that “The current downturn in the economy has resulted in a higher rate of animal abandonment and has contributed to a 20% increase in the rate of impounds. To exacerbate the problem, over the past several years budget reductions in the Department of Animal Services have reduced the level of service provided to animals in the City’s shelters.”

PLEASE help get the word out! Do it for the animals who are counting on us. We must show the Council members that saying “Yes” to the increased pet limits is the right thing to do and is what the community wants.

17. Public Inquiry into The Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Many patients died needlessly at the Gosport Memorial Hospital and Redclyffe Annex between 1988-2001.

In the last 11 years their families have fought tirelessly for the truth as to why their parents and partners died before their time under the regime of Dr Jane Barton?

Why has no one been held accountable?

There has been:
• 4 police investigations
• An investigation by the Commissioner of Health Improvement
• A death audit conducted by Professor Richard Baker (a report which has yet to be released into the public domain)
• An inquest where the Coroner, Mr. Bradley, withheld vital evidence from the Jury even though they still found Dr Barton guilty of causing deaths
• A GMC hearing, found Dr Jane Barton guilty of professional misconduct to a criminal standard yet she was not struck from the register.
• A review of the GMC’s decision by the CHRE which only came to the same conclusion that as she is now retired it was not necessary to remove her from the register (even though she can still practice if she wishes).
• Three reviews by the CPS who still have not addressed the alleged murders of the victims at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Amid the Quango cover-ups and the amount of evidence still being withheld from the victim’s relatives, there is no hope for them to move on with their lives. It is only right and proper that they should have their answers. With the immense publicity surrounding this scandal for over 10 years, the people of Gosport should hear the truth. . giving closure to the families who continue to fight on.

It is their fundamental right!

18. Elsie's Law

Drugs used in the Liverpool Care Pathway have been under much speculation. Although an audit of Care of the Dying, by the Marie Curie and the Royal College of Physicians in 2009 found that nearly 4000 terminal patients found the framework to be of high quality, there is no doubt that some patients remain at risk.

There is room in current practice for elderly, vulnerable patients to be started on the LCP without their or their family’s consent; it is not good enough to assume that in all hospitals, hospices and care homes that conversations will take place and that patients and families will be kept informed.

The audit reveals that two thirds of the 3,893 patients whose deaths were assessed needed no continuous infusion of medication, and all by 4% only needed low doses of opiates. However, there have are cases where patients have been started on high doses of opiates and sedatives via infusion and died prematurely.

We shouldn’t have to fight for justice after death; the law should be there to protect us when we are alive.

19. Legalize Assisted Suicide

I.Assisted suicide is not murder.

A.Murder can be considered ending another person's life without consent, with forethought, with interference of the natural process of death, and with the intent to do harm.

B.Assisted suicide does not fit the definition of murder.
1.Assisted suicide requires consent and a fifteen-day waiting period and the prognosis must be six months in Oregon.
2.Forethought is present when conducting assisted suicide, but it is also present when withdrawing futile treatment.
3.Both assisted suicide and futile treatment interfere with the natural process of death, though one is passive and the other is active, both are forms of euthanasia.
a.Life support prolongs life.
b.Assisted suicide shortens life.
4.When conducting assisted suicide, good intentions of relieving pain are present.
5.Furthermore, the patient, not the doctor, ends the life.

II. Terminally ill patients should be given the option of assisted suicide.
A. Patients have a "natural right," granted in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prevents states from depriving "any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law." Autonomy is important to individuals in the U.S.
B. Preserving life, an interest of the state, is no longer an interest of a terminally ill patient who is in intense pain and wishes to die.
C. A quote from an opponent of assisted suicide, Justice Stevens: "In my judgment…it is clear that [the states'] so-called 'unqualified interest in the preservation of human life'…is not itself sufficient to outweigh the interest in liberty that may justify the only possible means of preserving a dying patient's dignity and alleviating her intolerable suffering."

Assisted suicide is not a bad thing, in fact, it is very good thing. Nobody should be forced to live or die against his or her individual will. I am not asking you to perform assisted suicide or to have assisted suicide performed on you. I am asking that you sign this petition so that someone who is terminally ill and desperately wants and needs to end his or her own life is not prevented from doing so. When you sign this petition, you will be taking part in the relief of an enormous amount of pain and suffering in the state of Illinois.

(credit to Phyllis Soibel)

20. Against killing of strays within the European Union

Please HELP prevent the European Union from implementing the mass killings of stray animals and the union-wide installation of killing shelters by signing this petition!

The problem:
The growing numbers of abandoned and free-roaming pets (especially dogs and cats) have become a problem in some European states. More and more we are confronted with horrific news about and pictures of animals that have been poisoned or otherwise killed and animals who have been subjected to terrible abuse. Animal welfare activists have been trying for many years to improve the situation for strays and have made great personal and financial efforts to do so. Within the affected countries the legal protection of pets is either missing, completely inadequate or rarely implemented.
In recent times throughout the world and in some European countries strays have been held responsible for the spread of rabies and other diseases. In some countries mass killings of roaming dogs and cats have already been undertaken under this pretence.

The legislators
In May 2008 the European Union published the “European Parliament resolution of 22 May 2008 on a new animal health strategy for the European Union 2007-2013 (2007/2260(INI)). Beside other aspects this strategy provides for a strong dependency on the “Draft guidelines on stray dog population control” of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) formulated by the Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission (Report October 2008). All member states of the EU are members of the OIE as well.

The solution of the stray dog problem in accordance with the OIE
The draft guidelines of the OIE have already accepted methods used by various non-European countries. The guidelines of OIE are strongly targeted on economic aspects. They define clearly the methods required for implementation of containment of rabies connected with the stray problem. The OIE, whose leading commissioners come from countries having problems with strays, naturally support the immediate elimination of the problem. The fastest solution for solving the stray problem according to the OIE guidelines is euthanasia of the animals - especially regarding monetary costs, infrastructure and "unsuitability“ of the animals.

The “humane” methods accepted by the OIE for eliminating stray populations range from the insertion of a captive bolt into the head followed by pithing prior to exsanguination - to death in gas chambers or electrocution.

According to the OIE the responsibility for the decision about the fate of strays living in a certain region is carried by the local authorities alone. Veterinarians and animal welfare organisations are degraded to 'gophers' of the local authorities and their politicians.

The consequences for Europe
This appalling document of the OIE means not only a sentence of death for stray dogs world-wide, it is also approved by the majority of the EU representatives according to the result of their voting on the “European Parliament resolution of 22 May 2008 on a new animal health strategy for the European Union 2007-2013 (2007/2260(INI))”.

However, no such legal frame has yet been passed.

But, because the EU is planning to apply for OIE membership and because all member states of the EU are members of the OIE as well, there exists the great danger that in Europe killing shelters and mass killings of stray animals will be established by law. Such killings will not be performed only in times of acute rabies in some regions. They can be conducted as well in cases where human beings feel bothered or harassed by faeces and noise, or when the animals are feared to be the cause of obstruction of traffic. A dog may be killed if it is said it was dangerous or if a town or a municipality has insufficient financial resources for vaccination or castration or to keep animals in a shelter for a longer period of time. We all know, what can happen if local authorities are the decision makers (see e.g. Serbia, Turkey, China, etc.)!

Instead of stopping the mass production of pets, the uncontrolled breeding and the mass import of kittens and puppies, the OIE allows such “breeders” to continue their business with impunity. The OIE wishes only that dog breeders and dealers should be encouraged to form or join an appropriate association. Euthanasia of our companion animals becomes a solution for a human-made problem that people are not willing to solve. To eliminate the stray problem people need to develop compassion or responsibility. But in fact people will be encouraged to act irresponsibly if the right to kill pets is handed to them.

The right to practise euthanasia in order to eliminate a self-created problem makes things easy for politicians and obviates the necessity of teaching their citizens to treat animals with respect. The high standards of animal welfare in Europe and the decades of efforts to produce better animal welfare of many persons will go for nothing. The brutalisation of humans towards their companion animals will be another consequence.

Some countries, where today an effective animal welfare exists, will have to get used to the legalised and arbitrary killing of their pets by local authority diktat. In the same manner animals will be increasingly treated as disposable by irresponsible people.

Our claims

With regard to animals that have been maltreated, abused and abandoned, we do have to protest against legislation that legalises the killing of pets and stray animals. This petition aims to prevent such legislation from coming into effect and make sure that the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals (Strasbourg, 13.XI.1987) will be improved.

This petition supports legislation that protects stray animals in Europe and does not hand them over to be killed by local authorities.

Our thanks go to all who sign this petition and fight to help the strays in Europe.

The petition will be closed latest May 3rd 2009!

Documentary reference:
Written declaration on the welfare of pets and stray animals pursuant to Rule 116 of the Rules of Procedure by Alain Hutchinson, David Hammerstein and Neil Parish on the welfare of pets and stray animals

European Parliament resolution of 22 May 2008 on a new animal health strategy for the European Union 2007-2013 (2007/2260(INI))

World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE); “DRAFT GUIDELINES ON STRAY DOG POPULATION CONTROL” Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission Report October 2008

Animal Health: prevention is better than cure

Written comments of the Community on the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code following the Terrestrial Animal Health Standard Commission meeting of October 2008 and prior to its next meeting in March 2009.
The new Animal Health Strategy - Strategy's progress

Paris, 2–6 March 2009

Comment of the petition’s author: This petition is linked IN NO CASE to any political party, organisation or association! - March, 12th 2009, Barbara Kowollik

Photo reference
Reschitz_-_La_Salas_01.jpg / PIXELIO'

Important note regarding the copyright:
Because this petition was partly copied and changed by unauthorized people I am forced to point out, that I hold the copyright of this petition in its whole!
Barbara Kowollik, July 22nd 2010

21. Federally Outlaw Euthanasia

My three main arguments against euthanasia are that it might created a slippery slope effect towards legalized murder, it has many moral issues tied to it, and creates many ethical concerns including the doctors Hippocratic oath and prohibition against killing.

22. Save Our Species

The attorney general, Micheal Bryant, banned pitbulls without seeking any advice or opinions from the Ontario Vet College, the Canadian Kennel Association, the S.P.C.A., no one.

Every single group tried to contact him to advise him against a breed specific ban. He, (who is supposed to be speaking 'for' the people) never even showed the courtesy of replying. The problem is NOT the breed, it's bad owners. I have owned 4 over the years, and they are wonderful, loving, GENTLE companions, not to mention very smart. It is a shame that we, as humans, ruined them by purposely breeding them for aggressive qualities, then rather than trying to fix what WE did to them, we just eradicate them.

Isn't it a little hyprocitic of us to 'save the whales' or whatever, but it's okay to kill these beautiful, proud animals without even bothering to try to rectify what we've done to them?

I agree that some have been trained or abused to the point where they are too far gone and have to be euthanized, but surely the young ones (if there are any left) are perfectly able to be totally suitable pets, provided they are socialized properly.

23. Stop Inhumane Euthanizing of Animals in Shelters

The mission of this petition is to stop the killing of adoptable animals in shelters. We are asking that every county in every state stop euthanizing adoptable animals in shelters. Every day there are thousands of animals that are dragged into gas chambers, stuck with heart sticks or euthanized by lethal injection. There are approximately 5 million dogs and puppies and many more millions of cats and kittens that are needlessly put to death every year in this country alone. America needs new and relatively obvious laws-- such as laws making it mandatory to spay and neuter every adopted pet and outlawing puppy mill breeding. These two changes would drastically reduce the huge numbers of animals being taken in to the shelters annually.

Most people care deeply for their pets and for animals in general, but they are unaware of how many are put to death--some by horrifically inhumane means every day. Please sign this petition to end the currently legal and inhumane killing of these loving animals--they are counting on us to save them! What an undertaking we are undertaking. But what a glorious feeling we will have when the impossible is achieved! And we can do it! It takes effort by everyone, to contact not just their friends, but their friends of friends! This grassroots effort could really give us the miracle these animals need. Thank you for signing this petition and for caring.

For those who cannot see past the enormity of the problem, and who is to blame, I completely agree that the numbers are astronomical and money is an issue, but, let's face it, we've had YEARS to start chipping away at the problem and the circumstances that created it. Yes, some owners SHOULD be more responsible, but really in the long run, does it matter? Mandatory spay and neuter clinics and a trust fund created at the local levels to help those who need help feeding and caring for their pets to draw upon are needed.

Additionally it costs taxpayers in the capital of California alone, approximately $308.00 per animal abandoned at the public shelters. There would be significant savings for tax-payers with an investment into subsidized spay/neuter programs, an infinitely more humane alternative to animal slaughter.There are more points to consider, but you see how we have to start somewhere, to bring enough people together ( power in numbers!) to effect changes once and for all! And as for the need to euthanize because of too many unwanted pets right now? Fine, but do it humanely at least. Gassing the sick, the elderly, the young, or the pregnant animals is illegal in most states because these animals cannot breathe in enough of the gas to kill them.

The entire process of gassing these animals can take as long as 40 minutes to complete. While the animals are in this gas chamber even before the gassing begins the animals can get very frightened and start to fight and as the gas starts to fill the chamber the animals start to howl for release. Even though these animals are unconscious within a couple of minutes, they slowly die from lack of oxygen. And heartsticks, and bashing and all the other violent means are sick and completely uncalled for.

Signing this petition shows our legislators that we are civilized and will no longer pay with our tax money for these atrocities. There is so much suffering in the world and so many innocents who suffer in silence that we are helpless to help. These innocents are within are power to help.

This is why I ask you to reconsider and sign this petition. Thank you!

24. Reform South Carolina Animal Euthanasia Laws

South Carolina Law Reads: Allowable methods of euthanasia.

(A) Only the following methods of euthanasia may be used to kill animals impounded or quarantined in animal shelters, and the procedure applicable to the method selected must be strictly followed:

(1) Barbituric acid derivatives:

(2) Carbon monoxide gas:

(a) dogs and cats, except animals under sixteen weeks of age, may be killed by bottled carbon monoxide gas administered in a tightly enclosed chamber. The chamber must be equipped with: (i) internal lighting and a window providing direct visual surveillance of the collapse and death of any animal within the chamber; (ii) the gas concentration process must be adequate to achieve a carbon monoxide gas concentration throughout the chamber of at least six percent within five minutes after any animal is placed in the chamber. The chamber must have a functioning gas concentration gauge attached to the chamber and a strong airtight seal must be maintained around the door; (iii) the unit shall include an exhaust fan connected by a gas-tight duct to the outdoors capable of completely evacuating the gas from the chamber before it is opened after each use, except that this provision does not apply to chambers located out-of-doors; (iv) animals must be left in the chamber for a period of no less than fifteen minutes from the time the gas concentration throughout the chamber reaches six percent.

(b) no person may euthanize an animal by gas emitted from any engine exhaust system.

(c) in all instances where a carbon monoxide chamber is used: (i) no incompatible or hostile animals, or animals of different species, may be placed in any chamber simultaneously; (ii) every chamber must be thoroughly cleaned after the completion of each full cycle. No live animals may be placed in the chamber with dead animals; (iii) all animals must be examined by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician to ensure they are dead upon removal from the chamber; (iv) all chambers must be inspected quarterly by an independent, qualified technician who is thoroughly knowledgeable with the operation and maintenance of the particular euthanasia chamber being used; (v) an operational guide and maintenance instructions must be displayed in the room with the euthanasia chamber.

(3) Shooting: Shooting may be used as a means of euthanasia only in an emergency situation to prevent extreme suffering or in which the safety of people or other animal life is threatened or where it is considered necessary by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to eliminate or control the population of feral animals.

Meaning Gassing is still legal in SC.
This is a very inhumane way of euthanizing an animal. This form needs to be eliminated completely. Euthanizing should only be an option when determined as the best solution for the animal by a licensed Veterinarian.

25. Allow Volunteers in the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter is a large kill shelter, with over 100 dogs and cats. The overcrowding causes many otherwise adoptable dogs to be killed to make space. This is inhumane and totally unacceptable and changes must be made.

Successful shelters allow volunteers; it is a proven fact. Volunteers help socialize shelter pets and become their advocate for adoption.

Long Islanders care about our shelter pets, and we want to help change this shelter into a no-kill shelter. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to allow caring volunteers to help in the mission of adoption - not euthanasia.

Euthanasia is only appropriate when it is in the best interest of an animal who is terminally ill and in pain, or has been so badly abused has become dangerous and cannot be rehabilitated.

26. Right to the suicide médicalement assisted

The euthanasia is liable in France 30 year old of prison for assassination. Let us heighten society's awareness of legal Assistance with suicide as accepted for extreme cases.

To avoid the therapeutic prolonging life by technological means to allow those which express the desire expressly of it to obtain a help activates to die by the vote of a law of de-penalization of the euthanasia.

Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, the State of Oregon, Australia, had courage to legislate to make it possible to finish its life in a human and worthy way.

For any being capable of understanding, let us prevent human beings suffering unnecessarily. Let us heighten society's awareness of a legal assistance for compassionate suicide.

No one is safe from suffering one day from an incurable disease or an unbearable handicap and, for this reason, to clearly wish to put an end to life. Many people fear to find themselves one day at the hospital, unconscious or in a despaired state, and then to be connected for one period prolonged with apparatuses which artificially maintain them in life. They fear also the useless operations and the ineffective medicamentous treatments. The spectrum of a medicine mechanized without heart frightens them. Not to be at this dehumanized medicine mercy,
there is a well-tried solution :
a declaration of will to die in dignity, recognized juridically. So that such a declaration be valid, it is necessary, on the one hand, that its text be written by experienced specialists, so that it be deprived of ambiguity and be of a constraining nature. In addition, it is necessary to make respect the Declaration of will, if necessary, against the opposition of others, by legalization.

To avoid the therapeutic eagerness to allow those which express the desire expressly of it to obtain a help activates to die by the vote of a law of de-penalization of the euthanasia.
Vincent Imbert in France asked for the choice of die. His mother “helped” him to shorten her sufferings by managing a lethal product to him. By denouncing the therapeutic eagerness and while protesting against the clandestinity of the practices which lead to medicalized death, the team of reanimation of the hospital of Berck disconnected the respirator artificial and publicly asserted the responsibility for his death. The right not envisaging, in France, the exception of euthanasia, they were continued and judged before a Court of Assizes.

The euthanasia is liable 30 years of imprisonment in France, for assassination. This out of date law, exceeded, must be re-examined and such acts must be dépénalised as in the Netherlands, in Belgium or Switzerland where “the assistance with the assisted suicide” is tolerated. The euthanasia must however be codified and framed to close the door with the drifts of a company in which the marchandisation is moving.

Inventory of fixtures of the assisted suicide:

In Switzerland, each year, some 300 people call upon the support of an association of assistance for the suicide to put an end to their day.
As regards assistance with the suicide, Switzerland makes legal figure of exception in the middle of Europe. Indeed, unlike the Netherlands or of Belgium, the Confederation did not unpenalised the active euthanasia.
On the other hand, in accordance with article 115 of the Penal code, it does not condemn the assistance to the suicide practiced “without egoistic reasons”.

But for that, associations must respect a certain number of criteria. For example capacity of understanding of the patients.

To avoid any unexpected increase, if this condition is met, these associations are authorized to provide to the candidate with the suicide a potion containing sodium pentobarbital, a barbiturate. But to avoid any unexpected increase which would make slip the assistance with the suicide in direct active euthanasia, prohibited in Switzerland, it is imperative that the patient takes itself the lethal beverage. In Switzerland, two associations – Exit and Dignitas – support, each one with its way, the candidates with the suicide.

Exit limits itself to assist people living in Switzerland and presenting physical diseases.

While Dignitas deals with people of all nationalities and agrees to give the fatal potion to patients suffering from psychic diseases. A request on two is refused. Associations affirm to refuse at least 50% of the requests for assistance to the suicide which are addressed to them. Two associations make a preliminary study of the medical file of the people who request their assistance. They generally claim time for consideration. As well as a written request of the patient in addition, they draw up a detailed protocol of the final phase of their intervention. All the documents are given to the authorities of police force after the death of the person.

27. Stop a vaccine that leads to wrongful euthanasia of cats

FIV is commonly classified into five different subtypes (A, B, C, D, and E). Subtypes A and B are the predominant subtypes in the United States.

Fel-O-Vax® FIV is an inactivated, dual subtype (based on strains of Petaluma subtype A and Shizuoka subtype D) feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) vaccine.

Currently available antibody-based FIV diagnostic tests (e.g., SNAP® Feline Combo, PetChek® FIV Ab plates, and Western blot) available in the United States and Europe cannot distinguish cats vaccinated with Fel-O-Vax® FIV from FIV-infected cats or from cats that are both vaccinated and infected. Most shelters and other facilities designed to house strays often euthanize cats with positive FIV test results, so previously vaccinated uninfected cats may needlessly undergo euthanasia.

28. Legalize Euthanasia in the USA

Euthanasia is not about giving rights to the person who dies but, instead, is about changing the law and public policy so that doctors, relatives and others can directly and intentionally end another person's life.

People do have the power to commit suicide.


Our animal contol facility is a "kill shelter". Iredell County kills more strays than any other county in our area of the country and does not give adoptable animals a chance at a loving home. Our method of euthanasia is inhumane. We need your support to lobby our county commissioners for new ordinances. Please sign our petition below. Thanks you for your loving support.

30. Ban the use of gas chambers in North Carolina Pounds

Killing With Kindness Campaign.

Dogs and cats that are taken to the pound in hopes of finding a new home are more likely to end up being put to death in a gas chamber, a cruel and outdated method of killing. Our shelter uses carbon monoxide poisoning as the primary method of destroying animals. The other more humane killing method, a sodium pentobarbital injection, is reserved for animals too sick, too young, too pregnant, or too injured to be effectively destroyed in the gas chamber. Less than 1% of the humane society shelters in the nation use this cruel and out-dated method and California, Florida, and Tennessee have prohibited its use on companion animals all together. Why then is it the main killing method at the Craven/Pamlico Animal Services Center in Craven County?

As long as it is deemed necessary to kill these unfortunate animals, the very least we can do is provide them with a more gentle way of dying. In an act of compassion, Pals for Paws is launching a "Killing With Kindness" campaign to stop the inhumane killing.

The fact that this is a horrific death and that these animals die in fear is well documented. When multiple animals are placed in a chamber at the same time and are gassed together, they injure themselves and each other in their terror. A crescendo of their mournful wails can be heard for up to 45 seconds. The last few moments of their lives are spent in a desperate attempt to get away from the deadly gas. After the allotted time, what is left is a pile of dead animals covered in feces and urine whose carcasses are then removed to provide space for the next batch.

A method of killing by lethal injection is much kinder to the animal. This takes two people. One person holds the animal while the other gently slips a needle into a vein. The collapse of the animal is almost instantaneous as the syringe is emptied. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) recommend an injection of sodium pentobarbital as the preferred method of euthanasia. When performed properly, this has been found to be the most humane, safest, least stressful and most rapid method of euthanasia of dogs and cats without causing fear and distress in the animals.

The "Killing With Kindness" campaign is a grassroots campaign being conducted by animal welfare and animal rights groups through out the nation and sponsored locally by Pals for Paws. This is your campaign-the taxpayers-for it is your taxes that fund the local shelter and your voice that can effect a change in the existing system. Whether this campaign lives or dies, whether companion animals die cruelly or compassionately will depend on your involvement.

We hope that every animal related individual or group in the area will support and participate with us in our efforts to urge our shelter to purge the use of the gas chamber as so many others in the country have done. We have prepared a petition to present to our local and state legislatures to make a federal law a reality to stop this method of killing. We hope that this campaign will set an example of how people can come together for the animals in our care. Please add your voice to ours by signing our petition and please promote and support every animal adoption resource so that we can put an end to the killing. Our shelter is killing over 5,000 animals a year. Sadly, most of these animals were healthy and would have made wonderful pets.