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1. hospital wanted in leighton buzzard

hospital needed in leighton buzzard

2. Save Historical Hotel Colorado

The hotel Colorado was established by Walter Deavor out in 1893.

The hotel quickly became a popular summer retreat, earning the nickname of "the little White House of the West" after extended visits by Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft . The Teddy Bear was invented during President Roosevelt's 1905 visit when the hotel's maids presented him with a stuffed bear pieced together with scraps of fine material.

In 1942, the hotel was leased to the United States Navy for use as a hospital. The U.S. Naval Convalescent Hospital was commissioned on July 5, 1943 and served over 6,500 patients by the end of 1945. The hospital was decommissioned in 1946.

The National Trust's Historic Hotels of America added the Hotel Colorado to its list in April 2007. (So why are they gutting it)?

3. Sultanah Aminah Hospital Fire Incident; Demand For Independent Investigation

As of 25 October 2016, six patients have been killed in a fire that broke out at the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Sultanah Aminah Hospital in Johor Baharu, Malaysia.
Hundreds of patients were evacuated to other wards after the fire broke out at 9am. The Fire and Rescue Department confirmed in a tweet that seven people had been trapped in the building, and that six of those had perished in the blaze.

How long the government is going to throw the blame on machines and technologies? It's human responsibility to ensure machines and technologies are in safe conditions to be utilized. Crisis Management Team (CMT), along continuity management team should designed continuity plan for the critical machineries and processes in the ICU Units. Not only depending on National rescue team.

4. Help 7 years old ERIC fight Cancer! Send a few words of Comfort to him!

Help 7 years old ERIC fight Cancer!! Send few words of Comfort to him!

On the 25 of August 2016 at 08:00 in the morning, I got to know that my neighbour's 7 years old son Eric has cancer. Eric sent his father to let me know that he wanted me to visit him at the hospital and I did and will continue to do so. While at the hospital I realized just what kind of life Eric has just entered into and how brave this 7 year old is. I knew I had to let him know that he will not be alone in this new journey. I had to let him that people care and I'm therefore reaching out to you to send a few encouraging words of comfort and recovery to this brave child.

Let us make Eric know that he is not alone. Send your words now!! and I will take them to him. Please make sure you add your name to your words and where you are!

5. ER, acute care services to be suspended at Preeceville hospital, starting June 1

Sunrise agreed on June 2015 when placed on temporary bypass that they would bring Preeceville Hospital back up to standing once another Dr was secured by Jan 2016.

A full year has passed and nothing, Sunrise are making 6 more Long term care beds and four are for palliative care and IV therapy. Those are our 10 acute beds. And no ER services.
Our Hospital & long term care facility is newly built with over a million dollars worth of funds raised to ensure the communities surrounding Preeceville would be cared for.

6. Keep Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The petition of Bayside, Kingston and surrounding area community members draws to the attention of Member of Parliament and decision makers that we wish for the Sandringham Hospital Emergency Department to remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7. Medway Hospital Staff Minibus

So, as of 18 months ago medway maritime hospital set up a scheme for staff to park at the dockside with a shuttle bus to the hospital at a much reduced rate of only £2 a month.

Great idea!

Many of us, being the selfless, caring kind thought "yes, I'll do that, I'll give up my staff parking space, with the aim to reduce the massive volumes of traffic at the hospital caused by lack of visitor parking, hoping to help our patients and their visitors."

Did any of us! We happily added atleast 20 minutes onto the beginning and end of our (already very long) days! The journey to the hospital has always been a quick and painless thing, having 2 buses from 7am ensuring that at the busy, shift changeover time staff were transported into work quickly and efficiently.

However, getting home is a different story, having to wait up to 20 minutes (sometimes longer) for a bus back to the dockside. At the night time shift changeover time (anywhere between 7.30-9pm) there is only one bus running and, I for one, have been left wondering what on earth made someone think that was a good idea.

Recently, as new staff are now only being given the option of a dockside parking permit, the bus is getting busier and busier leaving it over occupied time after time.

The last 2 nights in particular, 5 members of staff (all nurses or students, who have already worked atleast a 12.5 hour shift) have had to wait another 20 minutes for the bus to do its round trip again, when they had already waited more than long enough!

Speaking to the driver at the time they informed me that, despite all of the minibus drivers asking for a second bus to run at that time in the evening, they had been told by their manager "No, it was absolutely not going to happen, ever!"

Gee, thanks, not even an ounce of consideration, just outright no! So after journeying back to the dockside with a very enraged group of colleagues, I am keeping my word and starting this petition for you all to sign!

Fingers crossed it works!

8. Save Lightburn

A leaked health board paper has revealed that this important community facility has once again been earmarked for closure due to budget cuts in the NHS.

9. Keep Ysbyty Gwynedd maternity services Cadw gwasanaethau mamolaeth

Rydym ni, yr isod, yn gwrthwynebu unrhyw fwriad i is-raddio gwasanaethau mamolaeth yn Ysbyty Gwynedd.

Byddai hyn yn golygu trosglwyddo cannoedd o famau beichiog o Wynedd a Mon i Ysbyty Glan Clwyd ac ymhellach.

Galwn ar Fwrdd Iechyd Betsi Cadwaladr a Llywodraeth Cymru i sicrhau gwasanaeth mamolaeth gyflawn yn y tri ysbyty cyffredinol ar draws y Gogledd.

We, the undersigned, oppose any proposal to close consultant-led maternity services at Ysbyty Gwynedd.

The proposal would mean transferring hundreds of expectant mothers to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and beyond.

We call on Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board to retain comprehensive maternity services at all three district hospitals.

10. Save Wrexham hospital maternity services / Cadwch gwasanaethau mamolaeth ysbyty Wrecsam

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is proposing to close consultant-led maternity services in Wrexham Maelor Hospital as one of four options in a consultation starting on August 24.

The proposal would mean transferring 1,000 births to Chester and a further 1,100 births to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd with just 600 remaining in Wrexham.

11. Stop the Suspension and or closure of Murwillumbah District Labour and Birthing Suite

Small rural maternity units can provide safe birthing services; mothers and babies are placed at risk when these services are not available locally.

Closing rural maternity services doesn’t make economic sense for families, the health care system or regional development. It also reduces the opportunities for midwives and procedural doctors to train and up skill in small townships and remote areas. This exacerbates the workforce shortages that often lead to these closures in the first place. Modest re-investment can reverse this downward spiral.

In a township such as Murwillumbah where we are seeing ongoing development and an increase in population it would be a great loss to see the closure of the Maternity and Birthing unit at the Murwillumbah District Hospital.

12. Save QEQM accident and emergency department

There are talks about potentially closing the accident and emergency unit at the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother hospital in Margate, Kent.

This will mean the 140,000 residents of Thanet will have to travel to Canterbury to use the nearest facilities. Our hospital has slowly been stripped back and soon we won't have a hospital at all.

The hospitals in surrounding areas are all ready under enough strain without having having to accommodate for the whole of Thanet as well.

Please fight for our A&E by signing today.

13. Carle Health Care: Streamline your Billing Procedure and Invoices

Since the inclusion of the Hoopeston Regional Community Health Center, Carle Foundation Hospital has lacked the best practices and services that earned it a place in our community.

It's agents have become increasingly rude (even hostile), while its billing/invoicing practices require an advanced degree just to navigate. Accuracy and thoroughness have been abandoned while customers are often at the mercy of Accounts Receivable, and their decision of which accounts to credit.

To this end, I have created, and am asking you to sign, the petition accompanying this Preamble, in the hopes that Carle Foundation Hospital comes to the realization that its services to its customers and community (she) serves has become substandard, and subpar when compared to the quality of other health care entities in this community.

We seek not to humiliate, nor harass, only to bring to light the issues customers have experienced by apathetic and rude Customer Service Agents, and the invoices they seek to collect.

14. 3eme Section La Vallee de Bainet; La route de Carrefour Zabriko a Bainet par Begin



PETITION AU NOM DES GENS DE LA VALLEE DE BAINET, 3eme section communale de Bainet


A Son Excellence, le Président Joseph Michel Martelly, et à l’Honorable Premier ministre, Evans Paul.

Nous vous adressons cette lettre pour donner lieu à une pétition concernant la situation économique et sociale de la 3eme section communale La Vallée de Bainet, Haïti. Au nom de la population de la section, nous vous invitons à en prendre connaissance dans l’esprit de coopération et de progrès qui anime votre politique générale.

Nous croyons, fermement, que l’objet de notre pétition ne saurait, en aucun cas, contredire le sens de votre action largement appréciée, mais, plutôt, devra y trouver sa place légitime, vu l’état dégradant et impitoyable de notre région située non loin de Cote de Fer et de La Vallée de Jacmel.

La Vallée de Bainet d’Haïti est un atout alimentaire viable et précieux pour Haïti. Considérant les avantages socio-économiques qu’il peut offrir à tout le pays, sa situation mérite une attention spéciale et une prise en charge immédiate de la part de votre gouvernement. Une telle action ne ferait que favoriser notre indépendance budgétaire et faciliter le financement des projets publiques.

• La Vallée de Bainet a besoin d’encadrement pour relancer sa production agricole et rentabiliser ses activités d’élevage.

• La Vallée de Bainet ne peut pas continuer à végéter dans la désolation et l’insalubrité. Nous croyons que votre gouvernement de changement pourra marquer la différence et prendra, immédiatement, les mesures nécessaires pour mener, à terme, l’action que nous proposons.

L’action proposée…………

Au nom de la population de La Vallée de Bainet, nous demandons à votre gouvernement la mise en œuvre des projets suivants:

•.l’encadrement des paysans pour faire avancer l’agriculture et le reboisement
• La construction de la route reliant Blockauss à Bainet par La Petite Plaine jusqu’à Cote de Fer, ainsi qu'a Haut Grandou.
• La construction d’un Marché a Blockauss.
• La construction d’un Hôpital polyvalent dans la region situee entre la ville de Bainet et La Vallee de Jacmel, en réseau avec des cliniques de santé installées dans d’ autres régions de la section.
• La construction d’une école polyvalente à vocation technique à Begin et des écoles à section primaire et secondaire dans les toutes les régions de la zone.
• Le reboisement des bassins versants contournant la 3eme section.
• Le relancement de l’agriculture et de l’élevage dans la région

En espérant que dans la foi et la paix du developement, notre demande trouvera diligence au sein de votre esprit de coopération et de progrès, nous vous exprimons, Son Excellence, Joseph Michel Martelly et l’Honorable, Evans Paul, nos salutations distinguées.

Rédigée à La Valle de Bainet, Sud ’Est, Haïti le 15 Novembre 2014,



Envoyez vos commentaires à l’adresse e-mail: Molver Fieffe,
Ou Dr. Emile Longor,

15. Save La Trobe Private Hospital

This is a petition to appeal to La Trobe University to reconsider their descision to close La Trobe Private Hospital as a surgical hospital.

La Trobe is a community hospital that provides surgical expertise in orthopaedic, ophthalmology, gynaecological, general surgery, urology, plastics, endoscopy, ENT, colorectal, and orthodontic.

The financial state of Healthecare (the company that we are currently held by) is not dire and still operating throughout Victoria and Australia.

This company has decided to break it’s contract and has decided to make all positions at this site redundant so as to sell the contract to another hospital chain who will in due course create a Psychiatric Hospital.

The other hospital chain (Healthscope) have put forward a large sum of money to the University (who own the building) to secure the site without a complete plan for 2014.

Until the past week, St Vincent’s Private were also in the competitive process of bidding for the contract for La Trobe Private Hospital to continue running the reputable Surgical Hospital we love and would have enabled most of the current staff to remain employed.

Unfortunately, because of the large sum of money demanded by the university, (which is government owned) Healthscope won the bidding with no regard to the loss of employment and the loss of much needed surgical beds in the community.

I would like to highlight to you the loss of approximately 150 jobs for local workers in the Bundoora area and surrounds due to this closure.

Also to stress the question of what happens to the 500 surgeries a month performed and 10 Transitional Care Beds leased by the Northern Hospital? Warringal; although another reputable and great Private Hospital is at maximum capacity and North Park have neither the resources nor the room to accompany our magnificent surgeons.

A pharmacist will go bankrupt due to mortgaging his own house to buy his business just a short time ago. This hospital is an asset to the community and it is critical to the community that something is done to rectify the situation immediately.

We are appealing to you to give us a voice in the community and stand by our lovely hospital. It is right and it is just that we be given a chance to reach our full potential and continue as the wonderful hospital we are.

16. Florida doctors are legally getting away with murder! Change the wrongful death act 768.16-768.26

The statute gives only doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers virtual immunity for negligently killing some of the most defenseless members of our society!

According to the Florida Wrongful Death Act, Doctors can commit malpractice and not be liable. The State of Florida's Wrongful Death Act states that if you are over 60 and have no dependents under the age of 25 and you are not married, your life is worthless. A doctor could essentially kill you through gross negligence/medical malpractice and you/your family, etc. do not have right to sue for malpractice! The doctor is not held liable for his negligent actions!

This needs to change immediately to protect Florida's Residents! Our seniors are most affected by this statute! We all have mothers, fathers, grandparents, let's prevent them from becoming "guinea pigs" of the medical industry and put value back into their lives! This began when a dear friend's mother died at Morton Plant due to gross negligence and malpractice on behalf of the doctor and surgeon. She went in for a routine/elective heart surgery. She was on blood thinners and a weight loss medication and any surgeon NEVER should have operated on her while on those medications. The hospital and surgeon were aware of the medications! To make matters worse, an expert medical opinion suggests that the surgery was unnecessary anyway and the minor heart murmur would have went away simply by taking her off the weight loss medication. The surgeon was young and inexperienced and should have been given guidance by the hospitals cardiac division. She should be alive today! Help protect the rest of our Florida seniors by changing this statue so doctors will be held accountable for malpractice!

In fact, ANYONE who has no dependents under the age of 25, is under-employed, disabled, or otherwise a defensless memeber of society, and is a victim of medical malpractice or negligence, Florida law deems them worthless and cannot bring a medical malpractice suit!! This is wrong that Florida Law gives doctors, hospitals, health care providers, etc. immunity from being held accountable for their negligent actions!! How can a statute make killing someone through malpractice legal?!

Florida's hospitals are full of unmarried adults with no children under 25, and full of retired people without spouses. Young people are putting off marriage longer than they used to and we have a huge elderly population who have lost a spouse, divorced, or never married. Why does Florida law allow them to be killed by medical negligence without recourse? The answer is simple. It's because the medical, hospital, and insurance industries in Florida are very politically powerful. They lobby and they donate and they are given what they want in the name of "tort reform" and the false battle cry of eliminating frivolous lawsuits. As with most so-called "tort reforms," such legislation is not really aimed at "frivolous" cases but at legitimate cases.

Keep in mind these discriminatory provisions only apply to medical malpractice cases and not other types of negligently caused deaths. For example, if that same 60 year old described above were killed by a negligent driver, her children (even though over 24 years old) would be allowed to bring a claim to recover for their emotional damages. And the parents of that 25 year old unmarried child could recover for their emotional damages if he was run down by a motorist. You might think of it this way: if someone like you were to accidentally cause the death of someone in these socio-economic categories you could be held responsible for these types of damages to the family of the deceased person. The statute elevates only doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to this exalted status of having virtual immunity for negligently killing some of the most defenseless members of our society, i.e., the elderly, the disabled, and the underemployed!!! Help us change this statute!

We have started a petition and a foundation after Norma Cook, The Norma Cook Foundation for anyone who would like to support this cause. ALL donations will be used to picket, petition, and change this statute to protect Florida Seniors. The Norma Cook Foundation c/o Mike Perez 24701 US HWY 19 N Ste. 102 Clearwater, FL 33763. Please call Mike Perez @ 727-639-1918 if you have any questions.

17. Help Save More Lives: Add A Second Bridge

Yesterday afternoon there was an accident on the only bridge that is the access to the Hospital. This closed the bridge for well over an hour, leaving people stranded on both sides of the river.

18. Fair Hospital Treatment During Pregnancy

After several weeks of problems my midwife told me out right that anyone before 20 weeks gestation are not cared for or even cared about, due to lack of hospital and government funding. That is why women will have one appointment at 16 weeks, this is only an admin appointment where they take your details. Your next appointment to see the hospital will be between 23-24 weeks.

If you have problems before 20 weeks gestation then they claim it as an act of mother nature so women are sent to General Emergency and have to wait for hours with no privacy or support. They also believe that it is no need for special treatment as it would cost to much money to give women and their partners the care and respect they deserve.

19. Extend B13 Bus to Woodhull Hospital

When the B13 bus was cut back to Wyckoff Hospital in 2010, B13 riders that wanted Woodhull Hospital but couldn't or didn't want to use the M train were screwed in the process.

This is a chance to make trips for numerous commuters more convenient.

This is how the extension would look like:

20. Changes need to be made to ALL Parking facilities at the ROYAL BELFAST HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN

The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children is the only hospital in Northern Ireland dedicated specifically to the care of children. It has 107 beds, and provides general hospital care for children living in Belfast, as well as providing most of the paediatric regional specialities for children throughout Northern Ireland.

The RBHSC provides No 1 care for all children, including those with life limiting illness diseases and conditions, along with a long list of other specialities.

So with that you would think with all the above criteria, that the hospital would have proper or enough car park facilities.... But they do not they don't have adequate disabled car park spaces or normal spaces in the children car park.

As a group for parents that have disabled children throughout NI, who's children attend the RBHSC, we would like to start a petition to see if we can get the conditions of car parking improved.

Many of our parents including myself have spent between 30 mins to 1hr30 mins waiting in queues to get into the car parks so that we can attend appointments for our children etc, and I can confirm that we are 8-10 times late for appointments due to the waiting time getting into the inadequate car park for the children's hospital, we have children with special needs both physical and mental, including children who are oxygen dependant children, so this is not acceptable to be waiting for long periods of time, with children in the car.......

I am speaking on behalf of myself (who has mobility problems) and many other parents, who also face the difficulty when we arrive to park in the disabled access at the side of the children's hospital, as we have to vacate our car and leave our children unattended to gain access to the car park via the intercom service, which is situated on the opposite side of the road, this is an unacceptable situation and needs to be changed to accommodate easier access.

The hospital recently opened a car park beside the children hospital which would have been ideal and made things a lot easier for our families, but it is now open as a staff car park, which is not even used to its capacity, so to drive past many free spaces to go and wait for hours in the other car park for a space, is so disheartening and wrong, it would have made more sense to free more spaces up for the children hospital which are needed so badly.

Recently we have been alerted to builders parking in 4 disabled spaces with their vans and skips, apparently they got permission for 1 vehicle from the hospital but surely this is unfair, surely no one should park in a disabled spot if there're not disabled . Period.

I was also promised in 2011 that a few disabled spaces where to be made available at the back of the disabled car park at the side of the hospital, which was successful, but during my correspondents with the RBHSC I was told that the front of the children hospital would also be changed, as lots of people would illegally park and leave their cars at the entrance, due to long waits at the children hospital, therefore making it impossible to even reach the disabled car park at times..... But this has not been addressed as yet, so this also has to be changed.

We would love your support by signing then sharing our petition so that changes will be made NOW.. It's unacceptable as a parent of a disabled child to have to put up with the lack of facilities in the RBHSC. So please help us to make a change. Thanking you in advance.

21. Reroute the 700 bus

The local Lib Dem FOCUS team want to make getting to the hospital easier for people. That’s why we’re campaigning to get the 700 ‘Sunderland Connect’ bus re-routed so it goes through the hospital grounds between Chester Road and Kayll Road.

This will take people right to the hospital door - and hopefully reduce pressure on car parking at the hospital.

We want to show Nexus that local people back this idea. Whether you’re a patient who’d use the bus, or a resident who wants to see fewer cars parked around the hospital, sign our petition today!”

22. Justice For Jan

Our mother was admitted to a local hospital on June 13th 2013. her main complaint was vomiting and pain in her lower belly. Within 36 hours the hospital told us our mother was brain dead. No tests were done to confirm this. We were told "let her go because she can't walk in the park like you or me." We as a family didn't agree and decided to give Mom a chance to prove to them that she was still there, and she did!

She was getting better, but Mom was not able to get a life saving operation for a kidney stone because somehow both of her legs were broken in the hospital. On top of that, mom had both kneecaps broken, her ankle shattered, her left shoulder dislocated and broken, her left shin broken, and a spiral fracture on her right arm; at one point a trach that they placed migrated out of her neck, and mom was deprived oxygen for 11 minutes and 30 seconds. The medical examiner in St Louis County, Dr Mary case signed off without an autopsy on Moms' death certificate saying our mom died from MS and complications from MS. All the evidence, both video and pictures, we have were ignored.

We are urging the medical examiner to look further into this case. We are urging the public to help us by calling the medical examiner's office and asking her to conduct a further, more in depth investigation including an autopsy.

On top of signing the petition we're asking the public to call the medical examiner's office at 314-522-1038, and ask her to please investigate this case. This could happen to your love one also.

23. Save Ysbyty Glan Clwyd acute and specialist services

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is currently reviewing its services. Among the options are to reduce the number of district general hospitals providing acute and specialist services to one or two centres. That would mean Glan Clwyd, Gwynedd or Wrexham losing acute and specialist services.

We want to keep all three hospitals as centres of excellence and believe the health board should re-think its plans, putting patients first and listening to staff and the wider community.

24. Save the Wrexham Maelor Hospital's acute and emergency services

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is currently reviewing its services. Among the options are to reduce the number of district general hospitals providing acute and specialist services to one or two centres. That would mean Glan Clwyd, Gwynedd or Wrexham losing acute and specialist services.

We want to keep all three hospitals as centres of excellence and believe the health board should re-think its plans, putting patients first and listening to staff and the wider community.

25. Save Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Welsh Government-backed cuts to the Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant could stop treating the most serious accident and emergency cases as part of a major NHS shake-up in south Wales.

The plans involve removing from the Royal Glamorgan:

Consultant-led maternity care (obstetrics)
Specialist baby care (neonatal)
Specialist children's care (paediatrics)
Emergency medicine (A&E)

26. Spouse/Support person should be allowed in room during entire ultrasound procedure

We were very excited to have our first ultrasound of our baby done. We booked at the hospital and was already to go. We were in disbelief when we were told that my spouse was not allowed into the room for the whole procedure! My spouse was only allowed in for the last 2 minutes.

The reason for this I was told was because they don't want to have to be the one to inform both parents if something is not right they leave that up to the mother to face alone. This doesn't seem to be the "rule" or "policy" in all Hospitals or ultrasound places. So why take someone's right away?

Everyone should be allowed at least one person to be there by their side through all types of ultrasounds!

27. Create a Tongue-Tie Service for South Warwickshire

We are a group of parents in South Warwickshire with children who have had issues with tongue-ties. You can contact us via our Support Group on Facebook:

Please note this petition can only be signed by those who live in the Warwick District Council and the Stratford-On-Avon District Council areas.

For further information on Tongue-Tie, here is a link to NHS Choices and a link to the NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines:

28. Keep The Angliss Hospital Emergency Department open from 9pm

Eastern Health is proposing to shut down The Angliss Hospital Emergency Department from 9pm to 9am.

This will mean the residents in the outer eastern suburbs will be expected to drive an extra 30mins to the nearest hospital being Maroondah, which will then increase the influx of patients, filling beds quicker and then creating longer waiting times.

We will lose valuable and much needed care in an emergency.

29. Save breast cancer surgery at Llandudno

Promises to maintain and enhance the breast cancer surgery at Llandudno by previous health minister Edwina Hart have been broken.

The centre at Llandudno hospital provides an excellent service and cutting surgery will see a reduction in the services available.

Over time, we fear it will lead to the centralisation of local health services away from our community.

30. Appoint a Urologist to Temple Street

Currently the patients of Temple Street Children's Hospital do not have access to a paediatric urologist.

Many children are having their overall renal care neglected due to the fact that the HSE has not prioritised the appointment of a urologist despite promises to do so.

Our children and their parents should not need to fight for basic renal care.

UPDATE: February 2015

We, the parents of children with spina bifida In Ireland, regret that once again we have to share this petition and ask you to sign it. This petition was set up on 2012 to ask the government to appoint someone to the urologist position in Temple Street Children's Hospital. This has still not been done and our children are still suffering.

The kidney issues that our children suffer are preventable. Our children are mainly born with perfect kidneys, but the lack of appropriate care is causing huge problems for them, including kidney failure.

This needs to be addressed now before any more children suffer. Please sign our petition and discuss this issue with our local government representatives.