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1. Remove the Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square, London

Remove the statue of Nelson Mandela in Parliament Square as he has never been a British figure of note, a British patriot of a British hero.

2. Eric Knox Field

Eric Knox was a great coach, community member, and mentor.

His powerful beliefs in the potential of every kid helped mold many of our local youth.

3. Stop City Plan to Close Historic Brook Road at Broad Street

Brook Road is Richmond’s earliest toll road and the first Avenue in Virginia. Without consulting affected property owners and residents, the city developed a plan to close the first block of Brook, where it intersects with Broad Street, to accommodate a statue to a notable Richmonder that can easily fit on the existing plaza.

The street closure will negatively impact nearby residents, businesses and property values by eliminating street frontage and parking. Hazardous traffic and pedestrian conditions will result from large vehicles forced to maneuver onto an already congested Adams Street.

The closure of Brook Road at Broad Street will erase a part of Richmond history and destroy a unique triangular plaza with its magnificent live oak tree.

4. Get Scott Delaroc BACK ON FACEBOOK!

Our friend Scott who sadly passed away in April, has had his facebook account removed for a reason which we, as his friends and family, are totally unsure of.

Please sign this petition and help us get enough signatures so that his page is reinstated (with all the photos and things he wrote which mean so much to so many people).

We think it is terrible that a page which is now a memorial has been deleted and we want it back ASAP!

Thanks for listening and please do sign and get your friends to sign too.

Thank you.

5. A Permanent Vigil

At 0952hrs on Wednesday October 22 2014 a gunman shot and killed a Canadian Armed Forces Soldier who had been honoured by being given a vigil post at the National War Memorial Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Nathan Cirillo was standing guard at the War Memorial when he was shot and killed.

Photo source: facebook

6. Petition to allow Family Monument Photo

Okay, friends, I REALLY NEED your help. Working on my family tree is something that is very dear to my heart.

Recently, I went to 5 cemeteries taking pictures of family members' graves. I posted one of a family monument on a memorial that someone else had made (they are NOT related). She asked me to remove mine since she had one of his individual stone, but I told her I would like to leave it on, since mine was of the large monument with just the family name.

She actually contacted Findagrave and they took my picture off and disabled the Add a Picture function! They are not writing me back, I have sent several emails.

Their rules for photographs state: Any contributor can upload an appropriate photo to any memorial regardless of who manages the page. No permission from the memorial manager is needed. However, if there is already a photo of the headstone, a second similar photo should not be added unless the original is of poor quality and the new photo is dramatically better. This leaves room for photos of the deceased within the five-photo limit on unsponsored memorials. Please note that it is not appropriate to delete a page and substitute it with a new memorial that you have created just because you don't like a photo that someone else has added. If the photo is an appropriate addition to the page, it should be allowed to remain.

Amazingly, I am not allowed to post an entirely different picture of my own family member! I would like to get a petition started against Findagrave for not following their own rules and regulations.

7. Nicolas, Kesean and Kyus | Ardglen Memorial Site

The Wynn Family Properties have not done anything for the family of 59 Ardglen Drive, since the fire. Nor for the rest of the other townhouse complexes from 51-59 and 63-67. The owner of the properties doesn't even get to see the inside of the places. The landlord of building just shows the owner what they want him to see.

The properties are:

1. Run Down
2. Shortages in the wiring
3. Foundation cracking apart
4. Second hand appalinces
5. Mold in apartments ( coverd over by paint)
6. Foors not put in right they are put over old ones
7. Always cold in the winter, without plastic on the windows
8. Rain comes into the townhouses.

The web page for Wynn family is not even true for Ardglen Drive. The only thing that is true in it is the great neighborhood to live in. But the properties are not that way right now.

8. Stop Disrespect of our heroes and allow students to wear "Help for Heroes" wristbands

The Pingle School shows no respect to ex-pupil who was killed in the marines.

His niece wears a "Help for Heroes" wristband in memory and respect of her uncle but Pingle school wants her to remove it!

We as a family are totally disgusted with the actions of the school.

9. Bring back the Thomas Quinn and Thomas Henry Swinburne memorial to Gateshead

From the Gateshead Observer of 14 August 1886.

On Monday 9 August 1886 an affair of a melancholy and somewhat peculiar nature occurred at Gateshead.

From the particulars it appeared that at about half past five o'clock on Monday afternoon a boy named John Lennon, nine years of age, living at Coxon Terrace, Felling, was in company with two of his playmates near Messrs Allhusen's Chemical Works, South Shore, Gateshead, when he fell down a ventilating shaft of a drain, a distance of fifteen feet.

A man named Wm. Swinburn, aged 25, residing at 50 Frank Terrace, went to the rescue of the unfortunate boy, and succeeded in picking him up. and attempted to return, but when half way up the sewer gas overpowered him and he fell back to the bottom of the shaft. A man named Thomas Quinn then descended, to the aid of the two, but he only got down a few steps before the noxious vapour overpowered him and he also fell to the bottom.

After this, another man named Edward Scullion, obtained a protective mask and went down and attached ropes to the man, the lad and the boy, and they were brought up to the top.

Dr. Kay was immediately sent for, but the boy Lennon and Quinn were dead. Swinburn, however, the man who first attempted to render assistance, lingered until 11 o'clock on Tuesday night, when he died.

A memorial to Thomas Quinn and Thomas Henry Swinburne (not Wm. Swinburn as in the news report) was erected in Durham Road, Gateshead opposite the end of Whitehall Road. The memorial, which was removed about 1969, gave the date 10 August 1886, the date of Thomas Henry Swinburne's death.

Edward Scullion was later awarded the Albert Medal for his bravery.

10. Support a BCSS Memorial

On the morning of Saturday, May 27, 2017 the official unveiling of the memorial took place at BCSS.

The petition was given to Stacey Wilson, Principal of BCSS and Jeffrey deFreitis, Superintendent of Education during July 2012 by Lorna McCluskey accompanied by Pam (Read) Hand and Jennifer Mather Wright.

On May 28, 1975 a student of Brampton Centennial Secondary School entered the school with two rifles. He loaded the guns in the boys washroom on the lower level and shot three people in the washroom, killing one, before shooting ten to seventeen (reports vary) people and killed a teacher before he killed himself

11. War Dog National Memorial

Dogs along with many other species of animals have been serving faithfully and honorably in the united states military. These animals have been used for many different purposes throughout our nations military history.

During the vietnam war, war dogs were considered "expendable equipment" by the US military, and after the war many dogs were euthanized or given to allied forces. As a result of this policy of dogs being "expendable equipment," all war dogs that served in the Vietnam War never came home.

It is time we design, construct and dedicate a national memorial on the national mall in Washington dc to these brave and faithful companions that have served their country honorably.

12. Liberty Templemans Memorial Artwork

In 2010, Springbank School in Northland, New Zealand raised $3800 with an event to create an artwork for a local student who was murdered in 2008 (Liberty Templeman). The artwork was to be dedicated as a memorial for the young student. However the local community board has refused to let the artwork, (a beautiful oval glass art) to be placed in the local Public Library.

If no place is found in kerikeri for the memorial, then it will be sent either down to Auckland or to the UK Where Libby and her family came from.

We Students find this an unfair process as a lot of work was put in for this event and having the memorial sent away and is never seen by the local public because of a (So called) community board would be unfair.

This petition was designed to get the local community board to review and change its decision and keep the memorial in its right place. In Kerikeri.

13. Reinstate the Ambergate Street memorial for Daniel Duke

Daniel Duke was shot and killed on 3rd November 2009. A memorial was erected in his memory in Ambergate Street where he fell. It was removed within days of being put up and we would like it reinstated, so we can pay our respects.

This petition will be sent to our local Member of Parliament. Thank you Family and Friends of Daniel (Mimer) Duke.

14. Memorial to Henry Cooper on the Bellingham estate

The late Sir Henry Cooper OBE KSG held the British, Commonwealth and European heavyweight titles several times throughout his career, and unsuccessfully challenged Ali for the world heavyweight championship in 1966. []

He grew up on the Bellingham Estate in Lewisham, South London, and it would be a fitting tribute to mark the place with a permanent memorial of his contributions to sport, sportsmanship, British culture and anti-racism.

15. Honour our fallen SASR soldiers

The leaders of the Returned and Services League (RSL) have described Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) war widows, whose husbands' were killed in the line of duty, and want their dead husbands' names inscribed on the Western Australian State War Memorial at Kings Park, Perth as an 'interest group' and refuse to honour our fallen.

A bureaucratic battle has ensued where the RSL may decide at their State Congress on 26 November 2011, whether to change the existing 80-year-old protocol that says only servicemen and women who were born or enlisted in WA can be added to the war memorial. The protocol also says that names can only be added to the memorial at the end of a conflict, a stipulation that puts in limbo Diggers who served in conflicts like Afghanistan and Iraq where hostilities have no clear end.

One of our brave war widows has said: 'The SAS, unlike most regiments, they stay here. When you join the SAS you stay in the SAS and the families stay here and they become part of the local community. We are a part of WA'.

Young Diggers and the SAS Association believe the RSL's decision is a 'cop out' and the widows now have to wait at least another eight months for the issue to be resolved, if at all, because the RSL may not agree to change their protocol.

16. Support for a permanent memorial dedicated to the nurses who have delivered care on fields of conflict, in service of their country

This petition is for anyone who wants to show their support for nurses who have delivered care on fields of conflict, in service of their country. There is currently no dedicated memorial to the service of all nursing staff in the United Kingdom.

We are therefore calling on the Government of the United Kingdom to back the RCN’s campaign for a national monument, recognising the service of nursing staff in conflict zones.

From the work of Florence Nightingale on the Crimean battlefields to the modern day service in Afghanistan, nurses have served courageously in the heat of battle for generations.

More than 2,000 nurses gave their lives during the two world wars.

We believe it is now time for this unique service by nurses to be recognised.

17. Relocate Bomber Command Memorial

The memorial to Bomber Command has been given the go ahead for The Green Park, alongside Picadilly near Hyde Park Corner. Opponents are not against the notion of a memorial just that it not be in The Green Park.

This is heritage, ancient parkland and should not be built upon and mature trees threatened, despite assurances that new trees will be planted. Other more suitable sites are available and have been offered and declined by the Bomber Command Association. The Prime Minister and donors agreed to the notion of the memorial but not necessarily being aware of its size, location and inevitable devastation to The Green Park.

The proposed memorial is 85 meters in length (see artist's impression). Long ramps and steps will extend well into the park and major relandscaping of the area will be required to build up the ground level to that of Picadilly. Veterans have expressed the opinion that other sites are more appropriate where those who gave up their lives in WW2 could be remembered much closer to their comrades from Fighter Command.

18. Build The Cook County Peace Officers' Memorial In Cermak Woods

The Cook County Peace Officers Memorial has been in the planning stage for over nine years now without any progress.

We now need to apply pressure to those Cook County Commissioners and help educate the residents of cook county in seeing that the memorial becomes a reality.

We need to remember those 675 Peace Officers that gave their lives all while in the line of duty. This includes federal. state, county, area and city of Chicago officers.

19. Save The Green Park From Huge Monument

A planning application for a very large memorial monument in The Green Park threatens this natural open space.

The Green Park, which is unique, and for centuries a natural parkland, is threatened by a proposal to build a huge memorial in it, bordering Piccadilly. It would stretch for 85m from Hyde Park Corner, with a building half way down. It would mean the loss of natural habitat, the grassland, the hedge and some mature trees. It would change forever the precious separation between surrounding developments and that sense of escape, peace and calm in the park. The proposal contravenes many Planning Policies on Open Space, design and within ‘an area of too many memorials’ etc.

The memorial, which has gained very substantial financial and other support, would be to the 55,573 members of Bomber Command who died in the defence of the Nation in WW2 and are remembered in the RAF church of St Clement Danes in the Strand, and on many memorials all over the country. It is not right that this emotive cause should result in the destruction of some of this precious parkland. A possible and a preferred location in Central London would be on the Embankment near the Battle of Britain and the National RAF memorials.

If you feel as we do, that all London's open spaces, their trees and wildlife habitats must be protected against development, and The Green Park in particular, please register your objection to this Planning Application by signing this Petition. We will submit it to The Bomber Command Association, asking them to withdraw it; To Mike Gray, South Area Planning Officer at Westminster City Council (Ref: 10/00926/FULL) and also to the Prime Minister, who will have the final decision.

The Council will be making their first decision early in April so please act soon. Thank you for your help.

Photo available: here.

Bomber Command Memorial

20. No to another War Memorial in Stretton

Residents of Stretton who lost their lives at war are remembered by War Memorials in the form of a Roll of Honour in Stretton Church Lych Gate and a Memorial Window in the Church. Furthermore, a National Monument exists in the Arboretum at Alrewas, not too far away, yet Stretton Parish Council has agreed to spend more than £50,000 (fifty thousand pounds) of Stretton taxpayer’s money on a new War Memorial.

Stretton Parish Council intends to erect the War Memorial, opposite the Church, on the strip of land in front of Chilton Court known as the Millennium Garden.

The Children’s Monument that already exists on this strip of land is hardly 10 years old, but will probably be moved to the Village Green.

There has been no consultation with the people who live nearby to the monument site and the Council is unwilling to listen to the parishioners whose tax provides the money for projects within the village.

We deserve a say in how our money is spent, so if you don’t want your hard earned money to be used in this way, then please let your views known by signing the petition.

21. Improve Leland Point Pool Service

The pool at Leland Point has not been open regularly for the second year on time or consistently like it should be.

22. Keep Memorial Signs as Permanent
(Please Don't Drink & Drive in Memory of.....)

Kindle Smith was killed by a drunk driver on Feb 23, 2008. The following April a sign was placed at her crash site as part of The Memorial Sign Program by the Texas Department of Transportation at no cost to the tax payer. The sign simply states “Please Don’t Drink and Drive in Memory of Kindle Smith”.

These memorial signs are considered temporary by TXDOT and will be removed after one year. We believe these signs raise public awareness and remind motorist that driving under the influence can lead to fatal consequences.

Please help us change the law and make these signs permanent.

23. Cross Bones Graveyard heritage site

A shrine has been created at the gates to the site of a post-medieval burial ground in Redcross Way, Southwark. This outcasts’ graveyard was already regarded as ‘ancient’ in the 16th century, when it was known as ‘the Single Woman’s churchyard’ – a reference to the ‘Winchester Geese’, prostitutes licensed by the Bishop of Winchester to work in south London’s Liberty of the Clink.

By Victorian times it had become known as ‘Cross Bones’, the pauper’s burial ground. It was closed in 1853, described as being ‘completely overcharged with dead’.

In the early 1990s it was partly dug up during work on the Jubilee Line Extension. Museum of London archaeologists removed 148 skeletons, an estimated 1% of 15,000 burials.

The site has inspired many literary works, including 'The Southwark Mysteries', and festivals, including the annual 'Halloween of Cross Bones'. A vigil is held at the Memorial Gates on the 23rd of each month, where local people have created a shrine to honour 'the outcast dead'. Friends of Cross Bones are also campaigning for the establishment of a Memorial Garden and public park in the southernmost part of the site.

Cross Bones has enormous potential as a heritage site, the living embodiment of the extraordinary social history which attracts so many visitors to the area. The creation of a Memorial Garden would establish a pocket-park in an area in need of more green spaces. It would also be a shining beacon of social inclusion in an area which is currently undergoing massive changes and disruptions to the lives of some of its oldest inhabitants.

24. Fred Keenor Memorial

On the 23rd of April 1927, Fred Keenor climbed the famous Wembley steps to receive the FA Cup from the King. His team, Cardiff City, had become the first, and as yet the only, Welsh team to win the coveted trophy.

The victory was a momentous and much celebrated occasion in the history of Wales. That morning a Welsh newspaper had printed a picture of the Cardiff City captain knocking Lloyd George off a pedestal labelled `the most important man in Wales'.

The game made Keenor a Welsh national hero in a way that the rugby stars that preceded him had not been. South and north celebrated Cardiff City's achievement and Fred Keenor was at the centre of that triumph.

25. A Memorial Boat

I think it should be supported for a present friendship between our Nations.

Don't destroy this Submarine. It is a Memorial to all Sailors of the World War two.

26. Victoria Pool in Saratoga Spa State Park should open Memorial Day to labor Day once Again!

Save the Victoria Pool Society formed in 2003 pressured our elected and appointed NYS Officials to put $1.5 million of our taxpayer money into rehabilitating the Victoria Pool. This was completed in 2005 even though much more could be done if funding is found.

The Victoria Pool traditionally opened Memorial Day until its neglect of recent years. We wish to have the Victoria Pool open once again from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

27. Save Chennai trees

Several large, shade-giving old trees are being cut along Besant Avenue in Besantnagar in the name of decongestion of traffic. So far two trees outside Olcott Memorial School have been cut and one more gulmohar and two tamarind trees have been targeted by the Chennai Corporation to be cut in the coming days.

These trees are more than 20 years old and have been providing shade and safety for lot of commuters on the road as well as for the chidren of Olcott Memorial School.

So for whose convenience are they being cut ?

1. Besantnagar residents are fully aware of the location of these trees along and on the road and the majority have been adjusting to their presence. The trees are well indicated by large signs along the avenue. The warning signage can be further improved

2. These trees are more than 20 years old and have been providing shade and safety for lot of commuters on the road as well as for the chidren of Olcott Memorial School.

3. . Rash driving is rampant, particularly on Elliots Beach, 5 th Avenue and Besant Avenue and particularly on weekends. These trees provide a good check to rash driving. If they are removed and the roads are widened, instances of rash driving will only increase, making it difficult for local residents .

4. The shade provided by these trees makes the whole road very cool thus making it a favourite spot for early morning walkers and joggers especially senior citizens .

5. These trees are home to many birds and insects and we would be robbing them of their habitat if the trees are cut.

28. Designing a memorial in Alabama in honor of the activism and leadership of the women of the Montegomery Bus Boycott

Back in the 1950's public transporation transits were segregated leaving Blacks sitting in the rear of the bus.

Blacks had to pay at the front and walk off the bus to enter from the back, many times the bus driver will pull off before the Black person had a chance to enter the back of the bus.

29. Children's Memorial Garden

This petition is regarding the support for a community memorial garden in South Pasadena.

The petition is written by Lisa Yee (thank you, Lisa!)

30. YMCA Operating Hours

April 23, 2006

The members of the Jefferson City area YMCA have seen the facilities hours of operation be cut back the last two years.

We accepted the early closings between Memorial day and Labor day since the pool was open and staffed for use in the evening. The first cut was closing at 5:00 pm on the weekends from April 1st to October 31st. April, May, September, and October are times when the facility get a lot of late day use.

When the facility posted the head count spreadsheets, you could see the facility closed at a peak use time. These facility use tabulations are no longer posted. Starting this year the facilities are starting to close early on a week night.

We find this practice un-acceptable to the membership. The YMCA is a haven for youth to give them a place to go and play sports. It keeps children off the streets and gives them a positive recreational environment. This does not occur when the doors are locked.