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1. Help My Boys come home

07/26/2017 CPS removed my 2 loving boys from their home saying that I failed a drug screen. That could not be true I have not used any Drugs. I've been taking a medication called "Phentermine" It has been known for people to fail a drug screen for other than what Dr's claimed. I explained to the caseworker that I have not been using any drugs and she looked at me and said that I was lying. I am so heartbroken I am being accused of something that I did not do... Please Share my Story with others. I know I am not the first person that has took this drug and been screened for something else.. Please Help by signing this Petition your help is very appreciated..

2. Justice for Jakob and Bradyn

The families of both Jakob and Bradyn voiced their concerns to the A.C.T Care and Protection System of the danger their sons were in. They feared the boys were in physical and mental danger. All pleas were ignored. Both boys are now dead due to the failure of the A.C.T Care and Protection System.

You can watch the full story on:-

Please support the petition to save others.

3. Stop CP's from abusing their power

So many kids are ripped from their families all the time all the lawyers and judges are in bed together. And they always find one reason or another, twist the fax because 9 times out of 10 you can't prove it and they do not give them back. It's legal kidnapping and there's nothing you can do about it. Pretty communist if you ask me.

This is America. These things should not be happening.

Please show your support and sign my petition. Someone needs to help the kids as they have no voice. I want to be that voice. Because the kids are the victims in this.

4. End racial, income & education bias in the child welfare system! Reunite Ms. Carolyn Hill with her Nieces

Defend the Hill family from racial, income, gender & education bias in the child welfare system! Sign the petition demanding DHS return two girls unjustly taken from their aunt who was their full time caregiver.

Not being a high school grad or having a GED must not used as a reason to remove children from their caregiver!

5. Stop DFS Lies

DFS lies and provides false allegations to the court system to obtain and keep children in foster care away from their homes and families.

Each year children are abused, neglected and even die in foster care.

6. Police officers should be subject to Polygraphs and Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations per request

So many police officers are embellishing in their police reports and also conjuring with other officers, which is against the law.

Police officers are sworn in to protect and serve, not to be the KGB and NOT to abuse their authority and break the law, to harass or to be above the law. Police officers should be mandated to proving their reports truthful if the suspect in the case requests so.

So many persons are suffering the tattoos of crimes due to police being stressed to busting persons with more then one crime in order that the suspects be forced into accepting at least one crime punishable by law. This is NOT American!

If the country continues to move in a socialist way, soon we will all be criminals so as the government will have an identity and a way to remove the freedoms that we are to enjoy as Americans. Please sign the petition that all members Police be subject to prove themselves without error or prejudice so to protect US Citizens of Entrapment, harassment, etc...

7. Foster Children should not be released for overnight, unsupervised visits to parents convicted of child endangerment

After almost three years in foster care, I was awarded custody of my great niece and nephew. At ages 1 and 2, they were left alone in a filthy house while their mother went out to buy drugs. When the police arrived, they found the kids very dirty, in diapers only - alone in a house that was filthy with feces and trash everywhere. There were swords and knives within their reach as well.

The oldest child had already been a victim of a tragic accident while in their care, suffering 3rd degree burns over more than 10% of his body including the entire left side of his face and neck. He is still receiving care for this today.

The mother was convicted of two felony counts of child endangerment and is currently on probation. She was released from jail July 2011. Now the judge will sign an order releasing the children to the parents for unsupervised, overnight, weekend visits. The court order states: The court finds that appointment of a parent as managing conservator of the children is not in the best interest of the children because the appointment would significantly impair the emotional development and physical health of the children.

8. Change Central Registry for child abuse and neglect

For years CPS/DHS has been in control of a database called Central Registry for Abused and Neglect. Before 1992 people were placed on this registry only for obtaining services and were never notified of the registry or the fact they were placed on it.

The rule was you would be removed after your child turned 18 or 10 years after whichever was the later. In 2004 it was put into an amended law that CPS had to notify the person placed on this registry via certified restricted mail, however the postal service will allow anyone in the household to sign for it. Also any case which happened before 1992 even though a hearing is in front of an administrative law judge the Director of DHS must have final say.

An audit done in Michigan on September 2010 came up with this conclusion:

"DHS had not established effective internal control to help ensure that it always added the substantiated perpetrators of CA/N to the Central Registry that DHS identified during CPSinvestigations (Finding 1).

DHS had not established effective internalcontrol to ensure that it completed and reviewed CPS investigations timely (Finding 2).

DHS had not established effective internal control to help DHS ensure that it prevented the improper expungement of perpetrator records from the Central Registry (Finding 3)."

"DHS had not established effective internal control over system access for users with the capability to edit key Central Registry perpetrator identifying information fields. In addition, DHS had not established effective internal control over the monitoring of edits made to Central Registry perpetrator information (Finding 7)."

9. Grandparents and Kinship Carers In All Australian States To Get The Same Support As Foster Carers

I have cared for my 5 grandchildren for 12 years with very little help from the state for the children that were in my care.


Many children sit in FOSTERCARE unjustly. Family members and family friends are being denied custody of the children, because CPS wont let the children go. CPS makes a profit by keeping children in FOSTERCARE and therefore children are being held against their rights. CPS destroys more children and kills more children every year than the assumed abusive parents do.

Many times false allegations are placed against parents and the children enter into FOSTERCARE HELL. Let`s fight back for our children and make them a #1 priority again. They are our future and if we dont protect them, we are not protecting our futures. Thank you!

11. Stop CPS/OCS corruptition and civil rights violations

The plot thickens against CPS/OCS….. here’s how it works:

A false and unsubstantiated claim or “tip” of sexual assault, child neglect, drug abuse or child abuse is made against you or a family member repeatedly by an off duty “OCS employee” to build a case file on you and your family.

These “false tips” is then followed up several times by an OCS field agent and a state trooper at your door, they come into your home and take your statements & children with the threat of force, “against your will or approval” and inform you that you must give them hair and urine samples within “24 hours” or they will take the children by force of the state troopers, again “against your will and under duress” you concede to these violations against your civil rights, to keep your children!

Once they have these “statements and samples” from you, they “falsify” the documents and samples to get custody of your children in a court of law and are usually successful!

From what I can determine it is all based on money not the children’s welfare, the state OCS agency, foster care, mental, drug and family consolers, are all awarded financially by the system for years to come! Thus the motive for this conspiracy is nothing more than “job security” for all involved.

If you feel you’re a victim of this, please join us @ to make your claim…we can have these cases overturned and you may be awarded financially for the mental duress and financial burdens accrued by these “illegal actions” caused by the office child services (OCS). Lets make them accountable and bring these bad apples to justice once and for all. IT MUST STOP NOW!

Parents Against Corrupt Child Services

Our goal is simple,

1. To stop the corruption, illegal and unjust actions of child services in the state of Alaska.

2. To make all state child service agents accountable for their actions on and off the job.

3. To institute random drug testing of any and all child service agents.

4. To ensure that all cases receive due process according to the Alaska state laws as written.

Email: ak.paccs

12. Mandatory Licensing of all Social Workers in British Columbia

Social Workers in the Province of British Columbia presently have no licensing requirements. Anyone who holds a degree in Social Work may be employed as a social worker, without a license.

If the College of Social Workers were to have Mandatory Licensing and registration of social workers, it would hold social workers accountable for their actions in the scope of their employment as a social worker.

By licensing social workers, members of the public would not only be able to hold social workers accountable for their actions, but there would be remedies available to the public when a social worker acts unethically.

By licensing social workers in the Province it will ensure that Social Workers, follow the Social Work code of ethics, and will eliminate social workers whom do not conduct their work in an ethical manner.

13. Request for a public inquiry into Child and Family Services Authority

Workers within all branches of Child and Family Services Authority in Alberta have been maliciously abusing their powers and misinterpreting their mandates. The Minister responsible for those branches is as guilty as the workers for blatantly closing her eyes on the partial list of the following issues:

usage of threats,
usage of coercion,
intimidation tactics,
fabrication of evidence,
dismissing complaints,
breach of human rights,
breach of constitutional rights,
breach of laws,
inadequate investigations,
not following their own protocols,
various forms of discriminations,
direct harassment,
internal and external collusions,
parading children to adoption candidate prior to Court procedures,

14. Stop Unfair Practices in the Department of CPS

1. Case worker in Dallas, TX, CPS office made a number of incorrect and untrue statements in reports.

2. Case worker; DA; lied to get parents to sign their parental rights away.

3. Children being placed in foster homes that are no better for the children emotionally and in some cases physically, than the homes they were taken from.

4. They play families against each other.

15. Public Inquiry into The Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Many patients died needlessly at the Gosport Memorial Hospital and Redclyffe Annex between 1988-2001.

In the last 11 years their families have fought tirelessly for the truth as to why their parents and partners died before their time under the regime of Dr Jane Barton?

Why has no one been held accountable?

There has been:
• 4 police investigations
• An investigation by the Commissioner of Health Improvement
• A death audit conducted by Professor Richard Baker (a report which has yet to be released into the public domain)
• An inquest where the Coroner, Mr. Bradley, withheld vital evidence from the Jury even though they still found Dr Barton guilty of causing deaths
• A GMC hearing, found Dr Jane Barton guilty of professional misconduct to a criminal standard yet she was not struck from the register.
• A review of the GMC’s decision by the CHRE which only came to the same conclusion that as she is now retired it was not necessary to remove her from the register (even though she can still practice if she wishes).
• Three reviews by the CPS who still have not addressed the alleged murders of the victims at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

Amid the Quango cover-ups and the amount of evidence still being withheld from the victim’s relatives, there is no hope for them to move on with their lives. It is only right and proper that they should have their answers. With the immense publicity surrounding this scandal for over 10 years, the people of Gosport should hear the truth. . giving closure to the families who continue to fight on.

It is their fundamental right!

16. Putting Children and Family Services in their Place

Nationwide, there are State run agencies who are supposed to be protecting abused children in dangerous situations. Each State has many different titles for them. All of them are main stapled as CPS (Child Protective Services). For example, in Texas they're known as DFPS. (Department of Family and Protective Services)

While there is an important need to find abused children and to protect them, the current system is only finding a small percentage of those truly abused children. The rest of their statistics that guarantee a high departmental income are from families who never abused their children. Where they get this income and the sources of information will be posted after the next paragraph.

I am not calling for an abolishment of CPS. What I am petitioning for is an overhaul and restructure to bring them in line with lawful investigation practices, to maintain Constitutional Rights and proper training for Agents who never had children, and psychological evaluations to find and replace the Agents who were themselves abused as Children and see abuse in every home regardless of the situation. This is not, I repeat, not a rare occurrence. I will supply statistics to support this and how this has escalated. I will also supply the sources.

Departmental income has become more important to CPS and their offices than actually finding abused children and protecting them. Each and every time they remove a child from the home, they get paid from the Federal Government. Here they are:
1. Public Law 93-247 known as the Mondale Act of 1974.
2. Public Law 96-272 known as the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980
3. Social Security Title IV-E funds.

The ASFA- Public Law 105-89 known as American Safe Families Act of 1997 is one of the most horrific laws on the books today. While it sounds nice in the title, when you get through the legal jargon, what this means is so wrong. If you ever had a child removed from your house by CPS, even UNFOUNDED and you are innocent, they will take that child in minutes after the child is born! Babies are highly adoptable and the Federal Government pays out $6,000 to the CPS office who conducts the legal kidnapping and gets them adopted quickly without regards to the biological Mother and her family. Since she was investigated once, they do this in the "best interests of the child" as she is a "potential" abuser. The largest targeted types of families are folks with low incomes, children on SSI and are minorities. If you even have one of those three issues, you are a target for CPS to illegally investigate you. While these things are a surefire magnet, they have been known to do illegal investigations against families if they were reported falsely with malicious intent. Example is an ex-wife wants to get even with her ex-husband and his new family; she could report them and put them through Hell.

Why are the reasons CPS Agents actually find so little true abuse?
1. Agents who never had children and don't understand that a few toys in the corner of the room is not a hazardous mess.
2. Agents are not trained in real evidence recognition. In fact, no Agent in CPS has any training in evidence, the Constitution or criminal justice. They are given anywhere from 3 to 6 months of training, being taught that it is ok to break into a Home without probable cause or exigent circumstances.
3. Agents are trained to use subjective speculation and not objective factual reporting.
4. The Agents do not get psychological evaluations. A number of Agents who were abused as a child themselves see abuse in every home they go into, even if it's not there.
5. Most States do not require Agents to have a degree in Social Sciences. Any degree will do, doesn't even have to be related to the field.
6. The Agency has no checks and balances. A field Agent can lie to a judge or police officer with absolutely no proof and have it entered as factual evidence in a court of law!
7. Agents are trained to believe they are immune from the authority of the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment. They violate this in every investigation done nationwide.

17. Reform WV Child Protection Services Reporting Laws

Although there is a law in WV now making it possible to prosecute those making numerous false reports to Child Protective Services (CPS), they are able to escape prosecution by saying “I want to remain anonymous.” Anyone making a report of abuse or neglect to CPS should have to give their name and address. Their information should be protected only if the report is true.

Those making false reports are inflicting mental abuse upon children who otherwise are not being abused or neglected.

18. Rescue Baby R from Foster Care

Baby R is the minor child of M. T. and R.S. He was born 6-7-06 in Fresno County. Baby R survived a fatal car accident while in utero, was born prematurely, and stayed in the hospital for 7 days. He lived with his mother, maternal Aunt Kimberly Fraser and her family for the first 10 months of his life. He was well loved and cared for in his first home. Baby R moved to Crescent City, CA with his mother and joined his father when he was almost 1 year of age. On November 23, 2007 Baby R was taken into custody of CPS. He has since been in a foster home.

Baby R is soon to be adopted. Kimberly Fraser has petitioned to have Baby R placed back into her home since December 2007. Even though her home has been approved by CPS in Del Norte they have yet to place Baby R in her care.

CPS and Arcata State Adoptions have REFUSED to follow state regulations and family codes. BOTH parents have requested to sign designated relinquishments to me and my husband (Kimberly & Patrick Fraser) and have an APPROVED adoptive home study done. Baby R should be in our home by now!!!!!! CPS & State Adoptions have an agenda here and are dragging their feet!!!!
Please sign if you support Baby R being given back HIS entire biological family. He has 3 siblings that want a relationship with him, he has 10 cousins who want to know him, he has aunts, uncles, great aunts & uncles, second cousins, and a GREAT GREAT Aunt who ALL want to know him. He has a right to know them ALL. It is time to STOP this nonsense and bring him home!

AT the very least any family member, who has the courage & love to care for a child in foster care, they should be treated fairly and given priority over strangers. The love of a biological family is strong;)

19. Improve Child Protective Services in Ohio

My stepdaughter recenty told her councelor that her biological father forcibly held her down while his wife tried repeircing her already closed ears with another earing.

So the councelor called CPS who failed to call him back for a week. So when he got a caseworker on the phone the councelor told the caseworker what my stepdaughter told him. Well a week later without getting the coucelors records or talking to my stepdaughter they said they would not be investigating and they would put it on file.

This is an outrage and thousands of people around the country have had similar cases.

20. Tell the Government to Make Safer Streets a Priority

This weekend (3/29/08) the 20th Chicago Public School student fell victim to gun violence this school year. This comes after the record and heartbreaking number of students that were killed last year.

Every election cycle safer streets is a major issue yet major legislation or programs aimed at reducing crime rarely ever come up for a vote.

Politics can not be allowed to get in the way of protecting our children.

21. Petition to Bring Home Joel, David and Sammy!


I am starting this petition to help bring our 3 boys back home !! They were removed from our home by the Department of CPS and DSS on January 23, 2008. CPS has made allegations against my wife and I claiming child abuse from a bruise David ( our 2 1/2 year old ) had on his side?

Those of you that know us will know that this is not even possible and completely ridiculous !!! These boys were with us for 13 months and we want to adopt them into our home.

Joel, David and Sammy must come back home where they belong. We love them and miss them terribly !! Our hearts are broken and we worry all day and night about them, I can only hope that they understand that Mommy and Daddy are doing everything in our power to bring them back home, and we will not stop until we do so !!!

So I ask everyone to please sign this petition and support our effort to bring our boys home where they belong !!!!

22. Put “Checks and Balances” Back in Child Protective Services

The checks and balances that other government departments embrace have eroded within the Department of Children Services.

In the state of California and many other states professionals who report child abuse have “absolute immunity” to any prosecution. This means that a professional who is responsible for giving an accurate, unbiased report confirming child abuse to the court can fabricate the report in part or in whole and can give false testimony without fear of any accountability or prosecution.

Absolute immunity was meant to protect initial child abuse reporters to insure that child abuse would be reported. Unfortunately the law never made a distinction between initial reporters reporting suspected child abuse and those reporters responsible for confirming child abuse by giving an accurate, unbiased assessment to the Department of Children Services and the court.

Many children are needlessly separated from their families temporarily or permanently because of professionals reporting falsely. These families suffer severe emotional damage, as well as significant living and legal expenses, and county incurred fees that will never be reimbursed. If professionals responsible for confirming child abuse were held accountable they would inevitably report more accurately. Far fewer families would be devastated.

If an innocent family did suffer due to a fabricated report reparations through civil prosecution would at least help alleviate the financial ruin incurred and help support the emotional healing.