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1. Stop the Excessive Funding of the Military and Wars

The excessive funding of wars is what has left America trailing behind other countries when it comes to education and healthcare. More funding needs to be used in these areas instead of the military and war areas. More important things such as these need more funding in order to improve and become on par with other countries.

2. The impeachment of President Trump

President Trump openly attacked Syria killing and injuring thousand of families and civilians. Some of which were innocent woman and children, who had there lives ripped away for no reason.

3. Stop U.S. saber-rattling against Russia

There is everything to lose and nothing to gain by antagonizing Russia. We, the undersigned, call on the Congress and the Administrative Branch of the United States Government to cease and desist from all threats of war, sanctions, covert or overt actions and/or provocations against the Russian Republic and it's peoples immediately. These threats shall include waging a cyber war; continued sanctions; over-arming the Eastern European nations via NATO; support of the Ukraine regime; and, all subversive actions taken in the Syrian conflict.

There are 218,959,000 eligible voters in the United States who do not want their government to speak for them in regards to friendships with the world community - without prior approval from the populace. By signing this petition, each eligible voter, 'en masse', has the opportunity to show Washington D.C. their individual disapproval of saber-rattling towards Russia.

This is not a petition to advocate certain activities one would wish our government to pursue; rather, it is a simple cease and desist order served upon our elected officials. Additional separate petitions could, and should, address issues in respect to a future relationship with Russia.

4. The Call to Locate/Recover Our U.S. Missing In Action is Now

Over 80,000 Brave Americans Lost Their Lives During Three World Wars.

Yet today, many remain Missing In Action in these same countries such as the former ETO and PTO. This also includes North Korea, China, Russia and Vietnam.

Today, the U.S. Dept. of Defense is holding back these same Joint Field Reports that can confirm whether of not the former wartime Vietnam POW campsite and cemeteries are holding these same brave U.S. remains of captured pilots.

These are the same Americans that were beaten at the hands of the prison guards to include the Cuban interrogation - Hanoi approved program.

Yet today, the Dept. of Defense refuses to release these reports as well.

Then we have a U.S. based NGO known as the National League of Families POW/MIA who have overstepped their boundaries by blocking the FOIA efforts to include a revised resolution pertaining to the largest U.S. veterans organization known as the American Legion.


Nós, os abaixo-assinados, académicos ligados a Moçambique através da cidadania ou devido ao trabalho académico, pretendemos realçar o estado alarmante e o recrudescimento do conflito militar em Moçambique, a rápida militarização da sociedade moçambicana, e a crise económica parcialmente causada pela situação acima mencionada.

Nós clamamos que ambos os partidos do conflito cessem as hostilidades como uma questão urgente, que se engajem em negociações sérias e no processo de reconciliação. Pedimos ainda que outros actores nacionais, regionais e internacionais apoiem a paz em Moçambique.


We, the undersigned, who are academics connected with Mozambique through citizenship or due to our academic work, aim to highlight the alarming status of escalating military conflict in Mozambique, the rapid militarization of Mozambican society and the economic crisis partially caused by the aforementioned situation.

We demand that both parties to the conflict end hostilities as a matter of urgency and that both parties engage in serious negotiations and in the reconciliation process. And other national, regional and international actors should support Mozambique's peace.

6. Support Al Carroll's "A Proposed New Constitution"

If it were up to the American public, the following solutions would have become law many decades, even half a century or more, before today:

1. Abolishing the Electoral College.

2. Ending the buying of elections.

3. Limiting election campaigns to three months.

4. Ending wars quickly in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Each war continued over half a decade after the American public wanted to get out.

5. Reforming the office of vice president, widely regarded with contempt by most, and producing candidates that even most voters of the same party as the presidential candidate did not want.

6. Ending corporate welfare and other wasteful spending.

7. Ending most foreign military aid, and support for tyrants and dictators around the world.

8. Limiting the power of the Supreme Court.

9. Ending the political monopoly of wealthy elites.

10. Guaranteeing privacy from government intrusion.

Each of these proposals have widespread bipartisan support and are hugely popular across the political spectrum by great majorities. But none of these proposals have majority support among elected political elites, economic elites, or the leadership of either party.

The constitution itself is the biggest barrier to solving these problems. Not one of these problems have been, or ever could have been, quickly solved, precisely because the constitution makes it difficult. Most of these problems require a constitutional amendment, something made deliberately long and difficult by the founders. A few of these could be solved temporarily by ordinary laws, which could then be easily overturned next election.

So why not go to the root of these problems? Why not a new constitution? Support history professor Al Carroll's A Proposed New Constitution at

7. Yoga Community Petition: To replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”

I have been doing yoga for about 12 years now. Because of yoga and other self-improvement experiences, my awareness levels are at the highest they’ve ever been. When people have heightened awareness they know thoughts, words, images and actions all have either positive (+) or negative (-) energies and rarely a neutral charge.

This is the reason politicians and much of our society use words with negative imagery like: fight, battle & war to elicit the most visceral emotional reactions, even when just debating each other. Instilling fear and anger is a primitive yet effective, natural technique to gain support for a cause. Because humans have been embroiled in conflict and war since our existence, we have been conditioned to perpetuate conflict and war. Thoughts, words, images and actions are what society’s use to continue the tradition of violence or create a new and more positive present & future.

Evolve 4 World Peace now calls upon the global yoga community to increase our own self-awareness by realizing one of the most used words of negative (-) imagery in many yoga classes is “Warrior”. There’s Warrior 1, 2, 3, humble etc. Even Peaceful Warrior is a contradiction. A person either creates peace or war. Just as it is impossible for mind to have 2 thoughts at the exact same time, so too is it impossible for peace and war to exist at the same place and time.

The imagery of a Warrior is usually associated with the glorification of war, death, weaponry and violence. The Sanskrit name of the pose, Virabhadrasana is name after the Hindi mythological warrior and horrifying mass murder, Virabhadra.

A greater awareness means we know thoughts, words, images and actions all create mental impressions on the human mind. A greater awareness means we have a choice of what those impressions are. We can choose the negative (-) impression of the word “Warrior” or we choose the positive (+) impression associated with our own albites to create a more peaceful, loving, inspirational, abundant, compassionate world: We choose to be a “Creator”.

This global yoga community petition is to replace the word “Warrior” with “Creator”, defined as a person or thing that brings something into existence.

As each yogi shares this awareness with others the ripple effect becomes global. That means other positive (+) words will fill our collective vocabulary much more often. Eckhart Tolle, author of “A New Earth” has said “yoga will be a great part of the awakening of humanity”. This new collective awareness in the yoga community will accelerate his prediction.

Then, even our world leaders and politicians will be speaking in terms of positivity and optimism. This is one component to Create world peace.

Love you all,
Evolve 4 World Peace

8. Stop David Cameron Bombing Syria

We have to stop this before it goes any further. We cannot stand by and watch a man authorise the slaughter of thousands of innocent people.

It's time to make a stand as a nation and tell our government what we want. We don't want war.

You have crossed the line David Cameron and it's time you heard the voice of the U.K.

9. Revocation of Nobel Peace Prize awarded to FW de Klerk

Since 1994, South Africa is embroiled in a dispute between the ANC, and the EFF later, and the country's white citizens. Whites face violent deaths and torture in farm attacks, while the general murder rate exceeds road deaths and is in the top 3 in the world. Our YEARLY murder rate approaches the total amount of people killed in 25 years of the Gaza conflict, and violent deaths in South Africa exceeds warzones.

FW de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize after a fraudulent referendum, during which South Africans had to vote either YES or No, based on premises set for either the YES or No vote by FW de Klerk. If one studies the premises, you will find that FW de Klerk won the YES vote, but fraudulently delivered the premises he assigned to what would happen with the No vote.

The result is a violent country at war with itself, with civillian casualties exceeding warzones. Every day we face violent protests, and on average 50 people are murdered every day. The ANC was a terror organisation, listed as such, and with the ANC being put in control, the legacy of human rights abuses at the ANC's Camp Quattro lives on in our daily lives. Furthermore, a majority of 10 to 1, is using race laws to protect the many against the few, thus oppressing the minority white population.

10. We are against Reservation on Caste Basis

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” – Anonymous

All human-beings are equal in the eyes of God. The human-beings have only created the caste system. There are good and bad people in both high caste as well as low caste. Reservation is diving & ruining India, and ofcourse lives of meritorious people. There should be social equality and unity. I am totally against reservations and if reservations are given then it should be on the basis of economic condition not on what your ancestors caste was.

I think its enough to understand....don't want to write more kyuki aaj ki janta bahut samjhdar hai. हम सभी अच्छे तरीके से जानते हैं के ये आरक्षण इतनी आसानी से नहीं हटने वाला, इसके पीछे बहुत नेता हैं जो जातिगत वोट की राजनीती करते आये हैं और हमे बांटते गए. अब भी समय है दोस्तों जग जाओ नहीं तो आने वाला कल और भयावह होगा.


11. Tell Congress to Allow Middle Eastern Chirstians to come here

On June 4, 1939 Jewish refugee ship turned away from Florida coast carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees fleeing the oppression of Nazi Germany. After World War 2, The USA said never again. For generations we have allowed Refugees from other nations to come here, they are men, women and children fleeing war, persecution and political upheaval.

Well Never again is NOW!

Christians in the Middle East are being sought after, and murdered because of their faith. Children are being crucified; women and young girls from ages 7 and up are being sold as sex slaves or murdered while the men are beheaded, or brutally murdered.

Our Congress and the President will not allow these Christians to come here... and there not telling us why.

Let’s tell congress and the White House together that we will not stand silent no more and we want to help the Christians in the Middle East escape death and persecution. We want them here, where they are free to Worship Lord Jesus Christ without the worry of being hunted down and/or murdered.

Our country was built on religious freedom… And the Christian people in the Middle East deserve it as well.

12. Hold engineers of the Iraq/Afgan wars acountable for crimes against humanity

13. Color scheme the Vietnam memorial to indicate degree of enemy fire

I recently visited the Vietnam War Memorial. I was able to identify a number of those who I served with in Vietnam from January 69 through April of 69. In those months of engagement, our Company killed a dozen or more confirmed enemy, and found blood trails that indicated many others were out of action.

Recently I have been studying Vietnam battles; and came across a number of battles that just stand out as real blood letting. I would like to ask the military that on the Vietnam War memorial they indicate by color scheme, those names on the memorial, who died in great show or arms like La Drang Valley, Ke San, and Hamburger Hill, along with all other engagements, which are around a dozen; the areas where they were killed. Example; La Drang Valley would have all those killed in that battle with their names in a color. While all those who died in another area of Vietnam in another color scheme.

The cost of this is un-estimated, but the knowledge of it could honor those who were put through the honor of passing through enemy fire.

14. Petition Congress to End the Escalation in Iraq & Syria

Congress must use its constitutional powers under the War Powers Resolution to place limits on the unauthorized US military intervention in Iraq and Syria. By executive orderalone, our government is plunging into a deepening sectarian war. Congressional debate can shed light on this new war, and a Congressional vote can allow American citizens to hold our elected representatives accountable in 2016. While pledging "no US ground troops", the administration has dispatched 3,000 American troops as advisers and to provide close air support in combat zones, where they will come under fire. The bombing campaign cost $580 million through mid-October, and the president is asking for a down payment of $5 billion for a war projected to last three years.

Starting with serious public debate, a new peace movement is needed to stop the drift towards quagmire.

Led by a handful ofdissenters, Congressional opposition was critical in ending the Vietnam War, and in bringing the most recent Iraq War to a formal ending. The checks andbalances which were imposed by Congress on the powers of the presidency andintelligence agencies in the 1970s have fallen away.

Since the presidentsays there is no military solution, the Congress should vote no against another war in the Middle East. Should Congress vote in favor, crucial amendments are need to prevent another open-ended war. The "enemy" must be narrowly defined. The pledge of "no American ground troops" must be codified. A sunset must be placed on the authorization so that Congress is compelled to vote again before 2016. Independent reporting on taxpayer costs and civilian casualties must be assured. A political settlement that protects disenfranchised and oppressed Sunnis from the US-sponsored Shiite regime inBaghdad must be assured.

Many Americans rightly oppose the shocking religious extremism of the Islamic State and embrace our military action. Forgotten in the rush to war is the fact that we have been at this abyss before. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 preceded the growth of Al Qaeda there. ISIS became its malignant offshoot in Sunni regions repressed by our client state in Baghdad. Is this not a case where the military medicineworsens the disease? The last Iraq War led to long-terms costs in thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars wasted which should have been spent on the environment, education and jobs. We simply cannot afford to repeat the past.

15. A Permanent Vigil

At 0952hrs on Wednesday October 22 2014 a gunman shot and killed a Canadian Armed Forces Soldier who had been honoured by being given a vigil post at the National War Memorial Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Nathan Cirillo was standing guard at the War Memorial when he was shot and killed.

Photo source: facebook

16. Stop British involvement in world wars

Please sign this petition to demand that David Cameron and the current UK government from being involved in world wars and preventing any threat to our country.

I think that many of the UK people will agree that our involve my will only escalate the threat to our country. Leave war well alone Mr Cameron and our country will be safe.

The British people do not wish to instigate World War 3 and feel that your interference could possibly cause this.

Please consider your children and the children and grandchildren of your people in England.

17. Retake Gaza

Given the discovery that all Gaza tunnels where going to be used in one night to inject thousands of Hamas militants disguised as IDF soldiers in the cities of the South to massively kidnap and murder our inhabitants in order to paralyze our army;

Given the fact that they are still firing rockets after a month of warfare and that there a more than a hundred tunnels left and deep underground bases (see US satellite info);

Given the fact that Hezbollah has the same thing by a factor of 10;

Given the fact that the US President accepted the new CIA geostrategic report for our region explicitly stating there will be no more jewish State but just a jewish protectorate under the Great Califate-in-the-making (see the ISIS army that sprung to the fore from nowhere..);

Given the Knesset report proving the costs of israeli administration of Gaza were far lower than the costs incurred since the retreat (and that didn't include the cost 100.000$ per Iron dome anti-missile);

Given the fact that some long tunnels have been found in the Hebron area as well, given the fact that even the Left in Israel demands to enforce through the army a sustainable solution and refuses ceasefires,

Given the fact that but our Government covered-up for 2 years the intelligence reports regarding those tunnels and is now bent on forgoing the strategic victory to the Hamas in order to advance the PLO-based Palestinian State, and

Given the many civilian casualties and given the unceasing warfare originating from Gaza:

18. Stop Disrespect of our heroes and allow students to wear "Help for Heroes" wristbands

The Pingle School shows no respect to ex-pupil who was killed in the marines.

His niece wears a "Help for Heroes" wristband in memory and respect of her uncle but Pingle school wants her to remove it!

We as a family are totally disgusted with the actions of the school.

19. Stop WAR! Talk! Petition for more peace & togetherness in the world

International conflicts and aggressions are increasing all over the world and are at the verge of escalating. Ukraine, North Corea, Iran, Afghanistan ... just to cite some of them.

Actually unrests are going to increase to open conflicts between USA, Russia and Europe, between the continents, between economic power authorities.

If you don't believe the mass-media and look behind the facade in most of the cases the main reason for those conflicts are not human rights or bad presidents loosing it, mostly it's about oil, gas, money and strategic important territory.

Ask your neighbour, if he wants to have war, he will say "no". If anybody in the world asks any neighbour in the whole world, all of them will give the same answer: "no".

That means: Humans don't want to have war and aggression, humans want to have peace and harmony. But the people who fight about oil and gas, are not the ones who are standing at the front line of a war. At the end, the people who are fighting at the front, are the people who don't want war and will never have oil, even if they survive.

If everybody in the world wants to have peace and harmony, it should be possible to find a way of living together in a nice way, even if cultures and races are different. For saving and caring about our interests we have presidents and authorities, so we think, they should do it and work out a way for peace and togetherness.

With our bavarian flashmob in India (watch at, where hundreds of people from all over the world spontaneously started dancing together an bavarian song (nobody could understand anything at all), we prooved one fact:

"All nationalities can dance together, even if they sometimes don't understand each other".

War is the result of fear ...
- fear of loosing territories
- fear of loosing influence
- fear of loosing richness and prosperity 
- fear of loosing privelegs.
In short ... it's all about materialism and "being better or better situated than others".

Since thousands of years the concept is "getting more and being better than somebody else" neglecting the fact, that true richness and satisfaction is harmony and togetherness.

The main problem: The world population is growing, resources and energies are getting less. So every nation tries to get as much influence as possible, to save and raise their economic standards (fear of Looping).

But imagine an international alliance of all nations, which works on a way of togetherness on the whole earth, which creates worldwide peace-contracts and concepts for equality and global collaboration.

Imagine if all people on earth would take all the money, which is actually invested into armament (around 1500!! billions US$ per year!!!) and militaries, and work together on solutions for new sustainable energies, for making uninhabitable land inhabitable, for living together in harmony...

The earth would have enough sustainable resources for the whole population.

We think, in the 21th century - after thousand of years of "against" - it's time to recap the past, to reconsider and to start changing the system into "with each other", because that's what you and your neighbours want (if you neglect the fear of loosing something).

Media, authorities and presidents all over the world are promoting fear and the "against"-concept by forwarding unilateral story lines furthering the own nationalistic idea. Of course they do this, otherwise the folks, which don't want war, would not share the idea and authorities without the people behind them would not have any power.

But do we need political power to live together in peace and harmony? If we continue following the "against"-idea: Yes!
... If we start to change something and work on the "together" idea: No!

We know, that changing this will not be easy and for sure it will take a long time, but it's worth starting and trying to change the concept of thinking now.

Its time to make a concept not only on behalf of some people in the world, but in everyones interest all over world. Even a small change is a beginning!

Please sign this petition and share our


20. Demand President Obama Stop The Drone Program

More than 2,400 people, many of them innocent unintended targets of women & children have been killed in Obamas secret drone war since taking office in 2009. Yet despite this disastrous start the Obama administration markedly stepped up the use of drones.

Since Obama’s inauguration in 2009, the CIA has launched 330 strikes on Pakistan – his predecessor, President George Bush, conducted 51 strikes in four years. And in Yemen, Obama has opened a new front in the secret drone war.

21. Stop War In Ukraine

Ukraine is going through difficult times fighting for its freedom. Canada hosts the world's third-largest Ukrainian population behind Ukraine and a lot of them still have families in Ukraine.

The conflict between Russian- & Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians are artificially created and is sustained by forces which do not want to see Ukraine as an independent country. Ukrainians DON'T want war! They want to leave in a country free of corruption. Being privileged with having so much, for one, the West should come to realize, once and for all, that rhetoric may not be enough to handle the crisis. As Brian Bonner stated: If the West is going to ride to Ukraine's rescue, now is the time to do it.

Ukrainians are justifiably proud of the heroism they displayed over the last three months. But they will have to rise to a level of heroism now that perhaps they never imagined. In this struggle, democratic nations need to be at their side. This is one battle in which victory will require a united effort.

Please, SUPPORT Ukraine with ACTIONS!

22. Say No to changes to Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The new U.S.-Afghanistan security agreement adds restrictions on already bureaucratic rules of engagement for American troops by making Afghan dwellings virtual safe havens for the enemy, combat veterans say.

The rules of engagement place the burden on U.S. air and ground troops to confirm with certainty that a Taliban fighter is armed before they can fire — even if they are 100 percent sure the target is the enemy.

In some cases, aerial gunships have been denied permission to fire even though they reported that targets on the move were armed.

23. Condemnation of Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus and its on-going occupation of the North of the island

On the 20th of July 1974, Turkish troops invaded the Republic of Cyprus. Since then, 37% of the island is under Turkish occupation, with almost 200,000 Greeks of the island being displaced from their homes and 1508 people still missing. The on-going division of the island was reinforced by the 1983 illegal declaration of the occupied North of Cyprus as an independent state, the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, a pseudo-state only recognised by Turkey.

Part of Turkey’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Cyprus and create a Turkish protectorate in the North of the island was, and still is, the demographic alteration of the occupied North by bringing thousands of settlers from Turkey to Cyprus, a war crime they are trying to legitimise through the negotiations between the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the so called “TRNC”.

Στις 20 Ιουλίου 1974, Τουρκικά στρατεύματα εισέβαλαν στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία. Από τότε, το 37% της νήσου είναι υπό Τουρκική κατοχή, με σχεδόν 200,000 Έλληνες της Κύπρου να εκτοπίζονται από τα σπίτια τους και 1508 να είναι ακόμα αγνοούμενοι. Η συνεχιζόμενη διχοτόμηση του νησιού ενισχύθηκε το 1983 με την παράνομη ανακήρυξη των κατεχομένων εδαφών ως ανεξάρτητο κράτος, την λεγόμενη «Τουρκική Δημοκρατία της Βόρειας Κύπρου», ένα ψευδοκράτος αναγνωρισμένο μόνο από την Τουρκία.

Μέρος της προσπάθειας της Τουρκίας για εθνοκάθαρση της Κύπρου και την δημιουργεία Τουρκικού προτεκτοράτου στον Βορρά ήταν και είναι η δημογραφική αλλοίωση των κατεχoμένων με την μεταφορά χιλιάδων παράνομων εποίκων από την Τουρκία στην Κύπρο, ένα έγκλημα πολέμου το οποίο στοχεύουν να νομιμοποιήσουν μέσω των συνομιλιών μεταξύ της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας και των ηγετών του ψευδοκράτους.

24. Sgt Lee Davidson memorial garden

We would like the proposed "peace garden" that is currently to be renovated in Thorne Park to be dedicated to Sgt Lee Davidson who got killed by an IED in Afghanistan Sept 2012.

SGT Lee Davidson was a Thorne resident all his life and was loved by many.

I think this would be a lovely way to remember Thorne's fallen hero

25. Stop military advances on Syria - Texas

The US government, along with the United Kingdom, are advancing a naval strikeforce and other military equipment and personnel towards Syria, in anticipation of a military engagement and this, regardless of international laws or any United Nations decree.


The US government lied that Saddam Hussein had chemical weapons and attacked Iraq, today thousands and thousands of Iraqis are killed every year because of that lie.

The US supported Islamists rebels that killed Kadaffi, today, Libyans are being killed everyday at a level where there is no solution to bring back peace. Today, the US is using the same strategy to attack Syria, and nobody is there to say no.

This petition is to ask President Putin and the Russia Government to enter and protect Syrian government if the US tries to attack Syria. President Putin is the only person that can stop this crazy Obama's Idea. Do not let Syrian people down.

27. No to Palestine!

28. Syrian Crisis : Stop the war - Save Syria's Children

The Syrian Crisis as reported by the United Nations confirms the appalling abuses of children in this escalating conflict and this underlines the urgent need for a resolution to this crisis and for humanitarian access to those children still trapped in the country.

It is a sad indictment of the international community's failure on Syria that children continue to be killed, injured and maimed by artillery and crossfire. There are said to be approximately 6,500 (likely to be a huge underestimate, as two thirds of all recorded deaths, the UN reports, do not include an age) children killed so far in this 27 month conflict.

29. No to arms like toys

تؤثر الألعاب التي تشبه الأسلحة في زيادة العنف في المجتمع وتساهم في إنحراف الأطفال والصبيان بإتجاه الفظاظة والشدة وتشجع على إختيار السلاح كحل أساسي لمشاكلهم في حياتهم. ومن المهم التوقف عن تشجبع إستخدام هذه الألعاب ومنع إستيرادها و تداولها بشكل قاطع من المجتمع والحكومة

30. Save the lives of Ukrainians held in Libya

On June 4, 2012 a Libyan Military court heard a case of Ukrainian citizens arrested in August 2011 by revolutionary brigade "Al-Kaakaa". The court recognised all group members guilty of assistance to Kaddafi forces and sentenced 23 people to 10 years of imprisonment and 1 person to life imprisonment.

It is a group of the civil technicians who arrived in Libya under civil contracts. Instead of that they were captured by Kaddafi forces and enforced under pain of death to perform a little time works on military technical equipment repair. They did not participate in military operations, did not take weapon in their hands, and did not battle for any fighting parties! They are hostages of a current situation!

Especially it is necessary to notice that these people arrived in Libya under lawful contracts of the international cooperation, and they are citizens of the countries, which had diplomatic relations with Libya.