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I had a son who was diagnosed with multiple birth defects and who spent the first 10 months of his life in the hospital. The doctors gave me little information, and in terms that I didn't understand and they didn't refer my family to a support group or other knowledge bank. I felt alone and helpless. Most people who have been diagnosed with medical problems or people with family members who have been diagnosed with medical problems encountered the same problem that I did-- lack of information, no referrals for a support group, no one to turn to who could answer your questions. How many of you didn't find a support group until years later, if at all? How many of us stayed up until 3 a.m. searching the internet for information? How much difference would it have made in your child's care and outcome if you had that information and support? How much difference would it have made to your sanity if you knew that you weren't the only one going through all that you or your family member's medical problems has put you and your family?

You or someone you love has been diagnosed with a devastating illness. Someone on the medical staff knows that there is a support group for this illness. Do they have to tell you about it or refer you for emotional support and/or information? No. Instead, if you are seeking help and knowledge, you must spend countless hours in a medical library or searching the internet - or your family must go through this alone, thinking that no one else could possibly understand what you are going through. Why would a support group help? Better knowledge equals better medical care and better emotional well-being. We the undersigned petition for standard referral to Local And/Or National Support Groups at the time of diagnosis of a devasting illness.

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