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1. Don't release them

Do you have seizures? Chances are if you have this debilitating illness you are struggling to live alone. Many of you have frontal lobe damage or Organic brain syndrome. You most likely are on a long wait list for respite care. You are denied at least once before being accepted for ODSP.
You most likely need 24 hour respite care or at the very least Home care. You probably rely on friends and families for drives to appointments. Some medication cost a substantial amount of dollars you do not have, Your memory is disabled and your missing valuable appointments and not taking medication. Cooking is always a high risk for burns or fires. You have continuous falls that lead to broken bones. Your most likely depressed and feeling alone. Also many will loose jobs because of the high risk of injuries.
Seizures can happen at any time and cause several to be completely dependant on family. This means that they are losing jobs and homes so caring can be a possibility. It is a very demanding responsibility that no one person should be left to battle with alone. Many of us know and understand that our health care system denies many for care and if you are accepted places like Pathways to Independence, Robin Easy Center, Vista or home care can lead to long wait list.

2. Improve Quebec Health Care and Decrease Hospital Wait List Durations

Quebecers are in need of proper medical attention much sooner than when the services are available. Many students study health to become doctors and then work in other provinces for higher salaries.

This in addition to the lack of funding for health care and recent cutbacks in staff in hospitals, there are not enough health professionals to serve the health care needs of Quebecers.

3. Stop the Keystone Pipe Line

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada does not care about landowners:
They have coerced families into signing fraudulent contracts and used eminent domain to take their land by force.

The pipeline threatens our health:
Toxic tar sands are corrosive and spill more often than crude. Spills are too difficult to cleanup. TransCanada’s pipeline threats the health of millions.

Grandmother and Texas landowner, Susan Scott has fought TransCanada for 4 years. She was unable to make an informed decision on TransCanada’s contract, which falsely described the pipeline as transporting crude oil, and not diluted bitumen (toxic tar sands).

Susan was bullied into signing with TransCanada after threats of land seizure by eminent domain.

U.S. pipeline company Enbridge is responsible for the worst tar sands spill in North America--and its total cover-up. Despite the warning signs, Enbridge allowed about one million gallons of toxic tar sands to spill in the Kalamazoo river. Over 200 people became sick, and the river’s fish all died. Enbridge paid for people’s silence and literally buried the spill.

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada has no integrity: They lie to landowners, indigenous communities, and regulators. TransCanada is a corporation that cannot be trusted with our communities’ safety.

Tar sands extraction is the most destructive plan on Earth: It produces four-times the carbon emissions as compared to crude oil. It will destroy a forest the size of NY state.

TransCanada has repeatedly lied about the contents of their pipeline. They claim it will transport crude oil, but we know that it will contain toxic tar sands. The contents of TransCanada’s pipelines are kept secret, even to regulators after dozens of uncleaned toxic spills. TransCanada lies to indigenous communities, and tramples their land and burial grounds.

Lies from TransCanada:
Tar sands exploitation has already destroyed 170,000 acres of ancient forest in Canada. There is no hope for regrowth.

With tar sands, Canada has no plan to comply with the carbon reduction agreements they signed, and their emissions will only make our climate crisis much, much worse.

4. Stop cuts to Med's

GPs need to stop cutting medication for those who need it on a daily basis to cope with everyday life. Too many people who are not ill and are in fact "drug addicts" are relying on prescription drug's to bring them off illegal drugs. This needs to be addressed asap.

There are people with real problem's and are being took off medication they need it is not fair and will cause more suicide's -- FACT it is happening now please support this!

5. Petition to have "Lorraine" show an adequate feature on M.E. and not just an advert for the Lightning Process

Please watch this feature and understand why we as M.E. sufferers feel that they should have and should still include a REAL M.E. sufferer in their programme instead of making light of the fact we should just go to to have "Lightning therapy" and get over it.

I have e-mailed her the following and would appreciate the names and locations of people backing this:

Dear Lorraine,

I am absolutely astounded after watching the section you did on M.E. that you chose someone that didn't depict the illness at all. Hardly anyone with M.E. could just walk into the Lightning process and be absolutely cured. You didn't show a true representation of the illness at all and I am writing you to ask you to give us that chance. As a sufferer talking on behalf of many sufferers who have also watched your clip and have been seriously disheartened by the inadequate feature I feel I need to make you hear our cries. Not all of us have the ability to write an e-mail (the brain fog) or be able to get to you in person, but I could, given the chance, to do this for all of us and REALLY explain how it is to live with M.E.

I am 22 years of age, and I am 23 on Friday, I will not be able to celebrate my birthday as many other people do because I have had to live with M.E. for the last six years. I was forced to drop out of school just before my a-levels, leaving with no qualifications. Gaining 6 stone in weight and being unable to move around my bedroom some days let alone my house. I have a supportive boyfriend and a supportive Mother but that isn't enough, as much as I love them they can't just get me through this as you've misinformed the nation by showing the woman undergoing the Lightning process. It is features like this that help people look down on us as having "yuppie flu" and that it's so easy to get over. You should have gotten a severe sufferer of the illness to be aired even for 5 minutes to show people an accurate representation and to let us have our say.

I will say that most of what Dr Hilary said was fairly true, but I totally and utterly resent the way you made light of our illness with the woman featured who was clearly not suffering from full blown M.E.

I will be gathering the signatures of all of the M.E. sufferers I know who feel you should give us a chance to have our say and I hope that you reply to this e-mail and give us a chance to show people what it's really like and how more needs to be done. No matter when or where, I will push myself to make the trip, for the sakes of thousands of sufferers affected by your feature.

Thank you for your time, you will be hearing from me again soon.

Caroline Murphy

6. Petition for the continued Government support to Families suffering with Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression is a crippling Mental Health issue for many Mothers, new and experienced, across the Country.

The Government has pulled much of it's funding for the support and care of these struggling Women and their Families, including the tragic loss of Support Groups, Counselling, as well as a host of other services which NEED to be readily available when required.

7. Keep Mistletoe and other natural treatments on the NHS

Mistletoe has been used for many years in the support of the immune system for cancer patients. Many people benefit from its properties and it continues to be used today. It is primarily used in Germany in the fight against cancer. It is thought to help support the immune system and relieves the symptoms of chemotherapy.

Quote from Park Attwood clinic:

In Europe, mistletoe (Viscum Album) is the most commonly used complementary therapy in cancer care and is integrated into conventional cancer treatments.

Mistletoe therapy has been developed since 1917 and forms the backbone of medical care for cancer patients in anthroposophic medicine and at Park Attwood. In the UK this therapy is also available via the Homoeopathic Hospitals. There are several consultant-led clinics and hospitals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands that specialise in this therapy

Mistletoe preparations are usually used in addition to conventional cancer therapies. They improve and strengthen the natural defenses of the body through their effect on the immune system. Improving our immune competence increases wellbeing in body and in spirit and helps us cope with the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Mistletoe therapy can help in dealing with symptoms like fatigue, nausea, digestive problems and weight loss, sleeplessness, low mood, recurring infections and pain. The majority of trials show improvement of quality of life and overall outcomes. Although mistletoe is widely used and there is a growing body of supportive evidence, the merits are not widely accepted and many doctors find the available evidence insufficiently robust.

A recent and thorough review concludes that there is consistent evidence of improvement of quality of life with mistletoe therapy, and reduction of side -effects of conventional treatment*. Further information and research is available on request from Park Attwood as well as on the website (both German/English).

8. Support "Presumed Consent" Law for Organ Donation

Support "Presumed Consent" Law for Organ Donation.

A Petition for the Government to change Legislation to "Opt-out" and Save Lives

9. Start Borderline Personality Disorder Support Groups

There are no support groups for people or loved ones with Borderline Personality Disorder. I feel a support group is a necessary tool for Lifeways as many suffer from this condition and attend the wrong support groups.

Many people wonder through this illness with out any education of it. As well as family members are left with less resources to help their loved one cope with this illness.

10. Support Herbal Medicine


The Government wish to further regulate Herbalists by bringing them under state control, protecting both the function and title of a Herbalist. Alongside this regulation they wish to change the Herbal Medicine laws again to prevent anyone, other than a state regulated herbalist (or possibly other health professional), from prescribing herbs. This, coupled with a previous change to our herbal medicine laws, will take Herbal Medicine away from the people, with state regulated Herbalists and pharmaceutical companies claiming Herbal Medicine as their own.

The reasons given for state control of Herbalists are to ensure the public’s safety and in the EU, fair competition. The Government claims to regulate only where there is a proven risk, yet several requests to demonstrate the ‘risk’ that Herbalists pose have not resulted in any information being forthcoming. Indeed, it has been claimed that this proof is not available. However, there is plenty of evidence about the risk of modern regulated medical practice and regulated pharmaceutical drugs.

The majority of people have lost faith in the Government’s ability to act in an efficient, trustworthy and caring fashion. The overall impression of most people, is a government- created society, where economics and targets take precedence over morals, ethics, community and wellbeing. How can we trust our Government with our Ancient Indigenous Tradition, our health, our wellbeing and our environment?

I am a qualified Independent Herbalist who, alongside many others, opposes the current regulatory proposals. I trained with The School of Phytotherapy, over 10 years ago, to Honours degree level, and I left the National Institute of Medical Herbalists a few years ago due to their support for Statutory Regulation. I hope to be able to continue to practise Herbal Medicine in the true and respected manner of our predecessors, which has been safe and effective for countless generations. It is my belief that the current proposals are unacceptable and will do nothing to protect the public from what is already a safe medical model, only create a bureaucratic paper exercise costing considerable sums of money, while destroying the Traditional Medicine of the British Isles and Europe.

In summary, these are the problems that I foresee will result from Statutory Regulation:

1. There is no evidence that statutory regulation of health professionals ensures public safety. In fact there is a growing evidence base suggesting that the contrary is in fact true.
2. Herbal Medicine and Herbalists were and are, contrary to popular comment, regulated in many ways, mainly to ensure we are safe, honest and law abiding in our practises. Stories from the press, government and MHRA about problems with Herbal Medicine are blamed on lack of regulation, yet most, if not all the cases broke current laws. Regulation clearly does not stop those determined to break the law, as we so often see in our society.
3. Herbal Medicines will be increasingly made by modern, highly processed methods, often by the big national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, who will be able to fund the new licensing laws, unlike the small cottage industries which currently manufacture Herbal products. These preparations manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies are often non traditional, therefore do not have any traditional evidence of safety and are biased towards making profits, rather than peoples well being. The consequences of making Herbal preparations in this way and with profit as the main drive are likely to be dire for both the public and our environment. The Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive has already been put into UK law and is set to remove a number of valuable Herbal Medicines from our shelves in 2011 due to huge costs and arguably, unnecessary criteria. At a time when our environment needs serious consideration and respect, simple, traditional, indigenous Herbal Medicines can satisfy many needs effectively, having a much smaller footprint on the environment than other health treatments. We must not forsake our simple, locally grown, native, traditional Herbal preparations for fashionable “Wonder Herbs” that are highly processed, licensed at a huge cost and then sold for extortionate amounts. All Herbs are wonderful and effective in their simplest form when used wisely.
4. Statutory Regulation will increase the cost to the State Regulated Herbalist and therefore increase the cost to the patient.
5. Many experienced, highly qualified Herbalists are likely to refuse to become statutory regulated on moral grounds, either leading to a reduction in available experienced Herbalists or Herbalists being forced to work illegally.
6. A number of good, experienced Herbalists may be denied statutory regulation, not having undergone a course deemed acceptable to the regulatory body. Modern degree courses being currently offered by many universities do not necessarily equate with the best training, many becoming increasingly dominated by modern, mainstream medicine and science at the expense of our Traditional Knowledge.
7. An increased influence from modern, mainstream science and medicine, affecting our training, our practise and our development, has caused a reduction in real choice and diversity. This situation is likely to create an unnecessary complexity and fear of Herbal Medicine, much of which has been used for thousands of years, both as food and medicine, accessible to everyone, either via a Herbalist or by growing the Herbs oneself.
8. Any Herbalist who refuses or is refused statutory regulation will not legally be able to continue treating their patients, putting their patient’s health at risk and denying their patients the right to choose their own Herbalist.
9. An undermining of our Traditional Knowledge, which has been used effectively for thousands of years before the development of pharmaceuticals, has taken place. Currently in favour is ‘scientific’ research that is often bad science, misleading, funded by pharmaceutical companies and at best only a small insight into the use of Herbs.
10. Voluntary Self Regulation, as practised by certain bodies of Western Herbal practitioners, has been safe, effective and of minimum cost.

In my experience people choose to come and see a Herbalist for a variety of reasons; a) They wish to use natural medicines believing them to be less likely to do harm than pharmaceutical drugs b) Mainstream medicine cannot help them c) They have been harmed in some way by mainstream medicine and have lost all faith in it. d) Having used Herbal Medicine in the past and know that they are very effective e) The care and time that they receive from a Herbalist assists their path back to health f) Our alternative philosophy about health.

The process towards SR has had little input from the vast majority of Herbalists. A very small number of Herbalists lobbied Government for state regulation in the early ‘90’s, believing that it would increase our status and perhaps enable work within the NHS. Both in Europe and UK, the pharmaceutical giants have heavily influenced the regulation of Herbalists and Herbal Medicine.


The UK legislative provisions for herbal medicines are to be found in, the Medicines Act 1968, Section 12, paragraphs 1 & 2, and Section 56, paragraphs 1 & 2. Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (UK law introduced to follow EU Directive 2004/24/EC)

Section 12(1) specifies exemption for herbal medicines from licensing provided that they are supplied subsequent to private personal consultation. Section 12(2) exempts herbal medicines provided that they are produced according to standard traditional, non-industrial methods. It also specifies that no written claims may be made for the use of the remedy. Section 12(2) is set to be abolished in 2011, being replaced by the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (30.5.05)

Section 56 reiterates and expands upon the provisions of 12(1). In addition, Statutory Instrument 2130 1977 lists several herbs "in respect of which the exemptions conferred by section 56(2) do not have effect". This removed the herbs so identified from general sale and specified that they may only be prescribed on consultation, or supplied under the supervision of a pharmacist. This list also specifies maximum permitted doses and daily doses for those herbs.

Other laws that protect the public from unscrupulous practice are covered under relevant laws for example; Common Law, Herbalist’s Act 1542 (The Statutes Law Revision Act 1948), Prohibited Appellations – Misrepresentation Act 1967 and Trade Descriptions Act 1969. The Steering Group Report, May 2008

11. Support Mental Health Rights

Mental Health history is sad and unfortunate. Conditions are improving. People are still subjected to involuntary admissions, solitude, excess drugs, electrocution, and lack of factual disclosure of treatments.

Mental phenomena cannot be proven true or false, hallucinations, delusions and paranoia may be based on real experience, and need not be condemned.

12. Allow UK citizens to use Cannabis for medicinal reasons

We believe the population of the United Kingdom, should be allowed the right to use medicinal Cannabis for muscle spasms, pain relief and other medical conditions, where Cannabis is found to help people, without fear of prosecution.

I and many other UK citizens use Cannabis for medicinal reasons. Whether we use Cannabis to help with conditions like; cancer, pain, muscle spasms or other medical conditions where Cannabis is found to help.

We all use for one reason and one reason only, the NHS cannot control our medical condition’s but cannabis does!

We cannot all be wrong, we know we are right, because of cannabis we can now lead a better way of life.

We want to be legal to use Cannabis and help ourselves as the NHS has failed us all.

I and others have had a MP, Dr and a top pain consultant, write to the heads of heath requesting me to be able to get cannabis via the NHS. all application have failed.

Me and many other people, write to the government of the UK asking for the help we desperately need as the NHS has failed us, you never get a reply.

If you call the government you get hung up on. If you fax them you get no reply!

Why is the government of the UK leaving us to rot with medical complications which cannabis improves!

To top it all off with 10 Downing street, I applied for this petition to be placed along with there e-petitions. It got refused 3 times. I even placed a request to contact me via telephone if there was a problem listing it. I never even got a personal email back from the government.

This petition will be delivered to Downing Street on the 25th of June 2008 at 2pm. I’m going to personally guarantee that this petition will get to number 10. It will be hand delivered to prime ministers Gordon browns office in the above date. As the government won’t listen to individuals, we shall go by way of protests and let the government see how many people this law affects.

There are no victims when we smoke cannabis, how can it be a criminal offence!

Did you know, even thou Cannabis has been downgraded to a category c drug in the UK. You can still be jailed for up to 5 years, if you are caught with Cannabis. Even if it’s for personal medicinal use!

This UK Cannabis law is wrong, we all need help. We can help ourselves with Cannabis with miraculous results. But we can not do so without the fear of been prosecuted by the UK’s very own Criminal Prosecution Services!

A lot of people like I, have no choice but to take morphine etc from the NHS, as this is the best pain relief they can give you. Morphine only takes the edge off my neurological pain. Approximately 10% of my pain is reduced by morphine by the end of the day. After taking so much morphine you find yourself passing out hallucinating wildly due to the need of more and more pain relief/ morphine needed.

If I use cannabis for my chronic neurological pain, I feel great mentally, my pain gets reduces by approximately 65% and I’m able to get out of a bed ridden state.

Please come and show us your support at Protest London 2008. here you can find all the latest information about the protest.

Please don’t come to the London protest to support me. Yes, I am the head of the protest, I’m a voice of thousands of UK sufferers who are still lying in a bed ridden state. These people will not even try Cannabis for there medical conditions, because the UK laws forbid them do so!

These people like me can get some life back, if only they could get hold of and use medicinal cannabis at our own cost!

Cannabis is not suitable for all people, but the people it does help should have the legal rights to use a plant/ weed/ natural product, Cannabis. To treat there medical conditions!

Even if you don’t use cannabis medicinally at the moment, please still come. You may still require the rights to try cannabis legally in a few years time. Who can say who will come down with MS, cancer, neurological pain or even muscle spasms etc. over the next 10-20+ years!

I and others just want the right to be able to use Cannabis to help ourselves to achieve a better way of life. The NHS cannot control our discomforts and pain caused by our medical conditions, so we have to help ourselves with Cannabis.

Some people use cannabis just to sleep and de-stress after a hard days work. This is also classed as medicinal use. If Cannabis is used to help to give someone a better way of life, then they should be allowed the rights to self medicate legally!

All we want and are asking for is the support of the general public to exorcise our own human rights to self medicate using Cannabis, if there is no way the NHS can control our medical conditions.

Medical practitioners who recommend us trying cannabis to help our medical problems even let us know it’s against the law but it may be worth trying. They all cannot be wrong can they? They would back up a lot of medical users as they know how well Cannabis can help with M.S. and other conditions effecting the human body and mind..

Cannabis can be used as a cream as well as smoked, vaporized or eaten. its about time people found out the good medicinal sides of cannabis.

Allowing us to be able to use Cannabis to alleviate our symptoms, if backed up by a medical practitioner or specialist, would be great.

If we where allowed to use it legally we would not have to fund large gangs who grow, distribute and sell the Cannabis. Our local chemist could sell us Cannabis, if we had a license to use medicinal Cannabis legally.

The Cannabis we buy from the streets at extortionate prices, is heavily contaminated. Please even just let us be able to grow our own under license. We would save the NHS money and we would be able to control our symptoms at our own cost. The NHS could even control the sale of Cannabis and the profits made could clear all nhs debts over the following years.

Cannabis is a plant which is roughly grown the same way as tomatoes. It cost a minimal amount to grow and harvest. There is a lot of interest in buying clean cannabis in this country. There are a lot of people suffering because they cannot get out to meet dealers to buy medicinal cannabis

Cannabis costs little to grow and there are a lot of funds to be made for the inland revinue/ nhs, if we can get the medicinal Cannabis laws changed. If chemists where allowed to supply medicinal users if back up by medical professionals etc. then we would all lead a better way of life.

America, Canada, Holland etc. etc. allow people to use cannabis medicinally and allow them to buy it in licensed outlets. Why is the UK so behind with medical advances in cannabis use?

You know it makes sense and the government have ignored us for too long, we will not be ignored for any longer.

We have a medicinal Cannabis protest in London on the wed 25th June 2008, meeting up at Parliament Square london. At 11am.

Please visit if you would like to know more and even join out free forums and see for yourself how Cannabis changes people’s lives for the better.

Please help free medicinal Cannabis users from prosecution.

Please sign our petition which will be handed to our own prime minister of the UK, Mr. Gordon Brown, MP> on the day of the protest at 2pm. The protest is legal and all arranged with police and Downing Street. Full permissions have been acquired to run a legal protest in London’s scota area (high risk/security areas)

Please support us, if you cannot make London but you would still like to support us in some way, on the protest London website you can find links to download.

These consist of copies of our posters, advertising the protest. These can be put up in shop/car windows, local notice boards; hospitals etc. please obtain permission if needed to advertise. All hospitals in the UK need covering; this is where the people who could benefit from cannabis can be found. My local hospital has the posters up and the number of people with severer medical condition attending will be huge from just seeing posters in the outpatient wards etc.

We have a petition link under news, if you have somewhere you can place a hand written petition for people to sign. Please feel free to do print a few copies of and see if you can have a copy even in your corner shop.

Please visit there you will find out how you can help the protest by donating to our cause.

Protestlondon08 will be a peaceful protest, children and families welcome. Disabilities don’t only affect the people with the medical conditions. The whole family is affected if the medicinal cannabis user is in pain or discomfort! Thank you for all your time and support with medicinal Cannabis legalisation.

Regards Pinky
Head of
See me on the TV and newspapers soon; you cannot miss me I’m the one with the pink beard!

13. Proper Hospice Regulation

My grandfather died this year of starvation and respiratory distress because of an overload of narcotics. My grandfather had Parkinson's disease. That is a chronic illness but it does not kill a person. He had this disease for 10 years. Complications from Parkinson's kills a person such as pneumonia.

The death certificate stated he died of Parkinson's disease when in fact in order to diagnosis this, one must have an autopsy. He did not get an autopsy and was mobile/alert and oriented but confused at times. They starved him to death and gave him morphine/oxycodone in massive amounts when he would get pain relief from two extra strength tylenols.

14. Automatic Disability Living Allowance for People with Kidney Failure

A lot of people in this country suffer from Renal Failure (Kidney Failure). However when applying for disability money they are refused time and time again.

This petition is aimed to make kidney failure an automatic disability. Kidney failure in itself is a very disabling thing, your body cannot get rid of toxins and you stop passing urine so you have a build up of fluid.

It also causes anemia and hypertension. You are often weak and breathless and can barely do easy day to day tasks.

15. Fight Against Illegally Assisted-Suicide, Help Save Lives, Abolish Pro-Eating Disorder Websites

May 7, 2006

Each and every year, many women, of all ages, are killing themselves. These women and young girls are not committing suicide by hanging themselves or overdosing on pills. These women are suffering from anorexia nervosa. They are starving themselves to death.

However, these women are not doing it on their own; they are being aided in their slow suicide. This act of assisted suicide is illegal in 49 out of 50 states. With the help of pro-anorexia or, as they are more commonly called, "pro-ana" websites, visitors to these sites, usually young, female adolescents, looking to lose weight or who are already in the midst of an eating disorder, can obtain weight loss tips and tricks on how to hide their eating disorder from family and friends. These websites promote behaviors, which lead to osteoporosis, irregular heart beat, cardiac disease, seizures, nerve damage, heart attack and death.

Oregon is currently the only U.S. state, in which assisted-suicide is legal. Under the Death with Dignity Act, physicians are permitted to administer a lethal dose of medication to those suffering from a terminal illness. To qualify for physician-assisted suicide, one must meet a specific set of criterion. They must be at least 18 years of age, an Oregon resident, capable of making, as well as communicating health care decisions for themselves, and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness that will result in death in six month of less.

A terminal illness is an incurable disease, which is active, progressive and expected to lead to death. Anorexia is not a terminal illness. An anorectic showing up at an Oregon clinic wishing to receive assistance in ending her life, would be turned down, almost immediately, regardless of how much physical and emotional pain she was in, on the grounds that she did not meet the criteria of having a terminal illness. Though escaping from and living without an eating disorder may seem impossible to one who is suffering from an eating disorder, it is not impossible.

Anorexia can and has, many times, been cured. Though it is not easy to make a complete recovery, with the right treatment techniques and professionals, it is possible, even for those with the poorest of prognoses.

If suicide assisted by a physician is only legal in one state, and if anorexia does not meet the legal criteria, than the people who make these pro-ana websites, and those who offer these tips and tricks on "how to kill yourself", featured on these sites, have absolutely no right, legally, morally, or ethically, to be doing so. They are assisting others in suicide, which is something they have no right to be doing, seeing as we barely give medical doctors the right do so. Furthermore, to receive physician-assisted suicide, you must be of legal age to give consent.

Many of the girls who are visiting these websites are under the age of 18. They could not receive physician-assisted suicide if they were suffering from a terminal illness, therefore, it cannot possibly be legal for any stranger on the internet, who also may be under 18, to be assisting these young girls in their suicide attempts.

Research has shown that those who frequently visit pro-eating disorder websites spend more time in the hospital than those who do not visit these sites. These websites have very serious impacts on people. A young girl, thinking she is fat and needs to lose a few pounds, may stumble upon one of these websites. What happens next may be unthinkable. But, most likely she will look around the website, reading the various tips and tricks to drop weight quickly, but hide it from those around her. She will learn that you can eat whatever you want, but not gain a pound because you can purge yourself of the calories, using exercise, laxatives or vomiting. She will see pictures, or "thinspiration" of thin, rich, smiling, actresses and models.

What she will not see is pictures of emaciated bodies, with extremely dry skin and fine, laguno hair covering their bones. She will not see their eroding tooth enamel, or their ulcers, the dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. She will not see their thinning hair or heart arrhythmias. She will not see their hurt, their sadness and depression, or their broken hearts. She will not see their death. She will see the thin, glamorous models and actresses and wish to look like them. So, she will start to diet and lose weight, thinking she is in control of her actions. She will be recognized and praised for her weight loss, especially by the network of "friends" she has made through pro-ana websites.

They will encourage her to "keep up the good work" and not to "give in to the enemy (food) now". She will feel good about herself and think "I just want to lose five more pounds; Five more and then I will have the perfect body." However, she loses five more and the praise and positive comments and encouragement continue. Five turns into ten, ten into twenty, twenty into forty, forty into the hospital. All of a sudden, the young girl who just wanted to lose a few pounds and was in control of her diet, is now being controlled by her behaviors. She can't stop.

This is not one scenario, this is the course the majority of eating disorders take. This is the very reason why these websites need to be shut down. The rate of eating disorders is rising. The importance we place on beauty and our attitudes towards what we consider attractive, combined with websites such as these are contributing to the increasing prevalence of eating disorders. We must change our beauty ideal and shut down websites such as these, which are promoting self-starvation. Anorexia nervosa is a serious, life-threatening physical and an extremely emotionally painful disease that no one should ever have to experience.

Members of the pro-ana community may argue it is a violation of their rights to be censored. However, freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to help kill another person.

16. Release Akbar Ganji

This is a call on Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, to demand release of Akbar Ganji.

To: Mr Tony Blair, The British Prime Minister

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about the condition of Mr. Akbar Ganji, the Iranian investigative journalist and a prominent advocate of human rights and civil society who has been in prison for the past five years. Mr. Ganji was arrested on April 22, 2000 following his participation in an academic and cultural conference held at the Heinrich Böll Institute in Berlin, April 7-9, 2000. He was sentenced on January 13, 2001 to 10 years' imprisonment plus five years' internal exile.

On May 15, 2001 an appellate court reduced Ganji's sentence on appeal to six months' imprisonment and overturned his sentence of five years in exile. The Supreme Court, however, overturned the appellate court's decision and referred the case to a different appeals court. On July 16, 2001 Ganji was again sentenced to six years in prison on charges of collecting confidential information that harms national security and spreading propaganda against the Islamic regime by attending the Berlin conference.

As Ms. Shirin Ebadi, the 2003 Nobel Laureate and Mr. Ganji's attorney, reported Ganji started a hunger strike on May 19, 2005 and ended on May 25th in order to give the opportunity to authorities to respond to his concerns. Mr. Ganji has suffered from asthma for a few years and now shows serious symptoms of illness such as severe coughing. Mr. Ganji's illness is not responding to his old medications and he needs to be re-examined in short order. Ms. Ebadi has asked Judicial authorities several times, on his behalf, to allow him to be seen and treated by outside physicians, but unfortunately these requests have been all rejected. His health is now deteriorating and his return to another hunger strike that is reported by his wife will further jeopardize his life.

We express our astonishment that a person, who has served his country, has devoted his life to the improvement of civil society and has come to be known as one of the most vocal and respected journalists of his time should be treated in this way. Mr. Ganji is an honorable member of the PEN Canada and continues his work and writing even from inside the prison wards. It appears that major reason for keeping Ganji in prison might be due to a series of articles he had written as an investigative journalist implicating leading Iranian political figures in the 1998 murders of several dissidents and intellectuals.

We believe that Mr. Ganji is held in violation of his right to freedom of expression, as guaranteed by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution of the Islamic Republic.

We are very disturbed by the health and prison conditions of Mr. Ganji. We demand that Akbar Ganji be released immediately and unconditionally and charges against him dropped. In addition we urge you to ensure that he receives immediate and proper medical treatment while his release is being processed.

17. Stop Wasting Tax Dollars On BareBackers

Our newly elected Government, the Ontario Liberal Party, is currently in crisis due to a MAJOR Deficit left upon them by the former Government, The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. One of the Policies of the former Ontario Government, (The Conservatives), was to spend BILLIONS of Taxpayer's hard earned dollars funding Medications for Homosexuals to have WILFUL UNPROTECTED sexual intercourse thereby, BLATENTLY AND PURPOSELY perpetuating the spread of AIDS, which is a disease that affects ALL Human Beings be they Straight, Gay, Male, Female, Child, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or anyone else. AIDS has no race hangup-it will kill ANYONE it touches-PERIOD!

Now, why should we as hard working citizens be losing our hard earned Tax Dollars to allow this kind of "Disgusting" behaviour?
Our children go to school hungry, parents now have to PAY for their children's books and school supplies, classroom overcrowding, nurse shortages, Hospital waiting lists, a health care system in crisis, transit systems barely able to operate, roads/highways/bridges in need of repair, seniors and homeless needing shelter and medicines, youth needing job training, housing costs, rent controls, and the list just goes on and on and on......>

And yet, we fund BILLIONS of dollars a year for these sick individuals to continue their disgusting lifestyles.
Here is a quote from a site called ''-(this is just one of THOUSANDS of sites on the internet devoted to this topic of unsafe sex known as "BAREBACKING")

What you are about to read is EXTREMELY graphic and may offend some. BUT I feel it is necessary to show the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on. (And remember-OUR Tax dollars pay to let these guys behave this way!)!!!

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Now by the way, there are "Bug Hunters" as you may have noticed.
These are Men who are PURPOSELY trying to get infected so that they can go on Permanent Disability paid for by YOUR tax dollars so they don't have to work and can spend their lives having "Pig Sex" as often as they can while collecting YOUR hard earned money.

I say we put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour NOW and we lobby the New Premier of Ontario, The Honorable Dalton McGuinty to put an end to funding for the Medication of these people AND, if they are healthy enough then they should not be entitled to Disability until they are in a position where they can no longer work.

HIV is NOT a life threatening illness. Many people work knowing they have it, and MANY work for years without even knowing they have it. It is therefore NOT a Disiability and we could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if we just "Declassified" HIV as a life-threatening illness UNTIL it DOES become one. Many people live very healthy lives for years with HIV, they can therefore work and pay taxes and support their own medical expenses if they want to behave they way they do.

And on a final note, an HIV infected person having unprotected sexual contact with another person IS a Criminal Offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and they CAN be charged and even jailed for it.

18. Petition For Standard Referral To Local And/Or National Support Group At Time Of Diagnosis

I had a son who was diagnosed with multiple birth defects and who spent the first 10 months of his life in the hospital. The doctors gave me little information, and in terms that I didn't understand and they didn't refer my family to a support group or other knowledge bank. I felt alone and helpless. Most people who have been diagnosed with medical problems or people with family members who have been diagnosed with medical problems encountered the same problem that I did-- lack of information, no referrals for a support group, no one to turn to who could answer your questions. How many of you didn't find a support group until years later, if at all? How many of us stayed up until 3 a.m. searching the internet for information? How much difference would it have made in your child's care and outcome if you had that information and support? How much difference would it have made to your sanity if you knew that you weren't the only one going through all that you or your family member's medical problems has put you and your family?