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1. Consider Individuality in determining the legality of consensual Sex

The age of consent offers an abundance of protection to the world’s youth. However, certain aspects of what society means have been overlooked with this law; that is, individuality.

In order for the age of consent to be plausible in that applies to all persons, every individual would have to be of the same emotional, sexual, and intellectual maturity at the same age. Due to the prevalence of individuality in all of these facets, the age of consent can not be an equation of a certain age simply equalling said categories of maturity.

The remedy for this is to analyze each case regarding a violation of the age of consent and consider the individuals involved on a criterion of more than age. An under-aged person is not necessarily mature enough to consent to sexual activity with an adult, however, by the same token they are not necessary too immature to do so either.

People develop at various rates and it is therefore crucial to stop presumptuously entitling people who engage in sexual relationships with under-aged persons as predators or criminals. That is not to say these people do not exist, but rather to show that they do not exist in all cases.

Simply reaching the age of consent does not mean that a person is mature enough to consent to sexual activity, nor does not being the age of consent mean that one is not mature enough to consent to such activity. The purpose of this petition is not to lower the age of consent or abolish it by any means, but rather to change the law so it can permit the judicial system to look at the individuals in such cases as opposed to categorizing such relations as criminal because they fit one category. This category is age; it is the only factor of the individual being considered when such cases arise. All other facets of an individual are not allowed to be viewed in the law; maturity of the individual (be it sexual, emotional, or intellectual) is not of consideration despite its direct relevance.
It is for this reason that this petition is being proposed.

The law changes as society changes. Today, society is encouraging individuality as long as it does not harm another. Under the constitution, limiting one’s freedoms so they do not harm another is ‘reasonably justifiable’. However, it is not justifiable to simply assume that certain actions harm another based on age and age alone. The age of consent must not be a concrete determination of an individual’s maturity.

Therefore, this petition was created to reform the law into allowing people to analyze the individual and actually determine if such sexual engagements are in fact harmful.

2. Parental Alienation Awareness Day Proclamation - April 25, 2010


WHEREAS: Parental alienation is often found in high conflict separations, divorces and custody disputes,
and takes advantage of the dependency and responsibility of a child; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation deprives a child of their right to a loving relationship with both parents,
and interfers with a child’s mental & emotional development; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation can be mild or to the extreme, conscious or unconscious, and can
manipulate and undermine a parent’s role in a child’s life; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation behaviors such as denigrating the target parent, interfering with communication and visitation, confiding inappropriate adult information with a child; such as the details of the marriage breakdown, court proceedings and financial matters are considered harmful to the child’s mental wellbeing; and

WHEREAS: Medical professionals agree the problem of parental alienation exists and can cause mental and emotional harm to a child; and can affect them as adults with tragic consequences; and

WHEREAS; With awareness, we can educate parents to act in their child’s best interest, and gain education, understanding, and knowledge to prevent the abuse of the innocent victims involved in high conflict separations.


Good news are uplifting and inspiring while bad news are demoralizing and paralyzing.

For the benefit of everyone's spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being, we ought to have more good news and less bad news in the media. Please support this petition!

Please tell your friends too..

4. Petition to stop the abuse of patients who are under the care of Psychiatrists/Psychotherapists

This petition has emerged as a consequence of the multiplicity of cases involving psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counsellors who have subjected their patients to sexual, psychological, emotional, exploitative and other forms of abuse.

The position of such practitioners has often meant that these people are often regarded as being beyond reproach by the governing and regulatory bodies under which they work.

People who have the courage to submit complaints are either marginalised, stigmatised or blamed in an attempt to protect both the reputation and livelihood of the practitioner. This has to stop!

5. Incorporate Emotional Classes into Elementary Schools

From eating disorders, to suicides, to kids bringing guns to school, emotional problems have plagued our children for far too long. Children are in desperate need for an emotional class to help them develop the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills they need to become successful and revive society as it is now.

6. Tennessee RSDS Patients Need Your Help

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy is a long, never pain free, disableing disease. We need your support, and all the State of Tennessee, to help me, help others like myself who have (RSD).

Note the Proclamation of Governor Phil Bredesen, In A State Of Tennessee Proclamation, the following:

Whereas, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome(RSD)is an extremely painful neuromuscular disease which affects more than six million people in the United States; and

Whereas, RSD results from injury or trauma to a leg or an arm and can simultaneously affect the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, skin. joints and bonds in progressivly severe stages; and

Whereas estimates indicate that 5 percent of all injuries or trauma may result in progressively sever stages; and

Whereas,the cause and cure of this disorder are unknown, although RSD is treatable with prescripton drugs, physical therapy, occupational therapy and emotional therpy; and

Whereas, early detection and treatment are vital to preventing the diabling effects of RSD, which in its most severe stages can result in total dysfuction of an extremity and treatment can reduce the physical, the entair body; and

Whereas, with increased medical awareness and greater understanding of RSD, early detection and treatment can reduce the phsical, and emotional and financial effects on its victims, NOW THEREFORE,I Phil Bredesen, Governor of the State of Tennessee, do hereby proclam the month of September 2003, REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY SYNDROME MONTH.

So in Tennessee, and encourage all citizens to join me in this worthy observance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hearunto set my hand and caused the official seal of the State of Tennessee to be affixed at Nashville in this 18th day of August 2003.

Phil Bredesen

Being used by Margaret L. Downing, as stated by Governor Phil Bredesen.

7. Stop the blatant lies about Greyhound Racing

Many people become excited and emotional about Greyhound racing as a sport. They do so to the extend that they do not care if they tell half truths and blatant lies, to support their case. Of course, if you have a case, the TRUE FACTS will support it and no lieing will be neccesary.

I get sick to the stomach when I see, so-called civilised people not afraid to bend and twist the truth for their own emotional and sometimes evil agendas.

8. Petition For Standard Referral To Local And/Or National Support Group At Time Of Diagnosis

I had a son who was diagnosed with multiple birth defects and who spent the first 10 months of his life in the hospital. The doctors gave me little information, and in terms that I didn't understand and they didn't refer my family to a support group or other knowledge bank. I felt alone and helpless. Most people who have been diagnosed with medical problems or people with family members who have been diagnosed with medical problems encountered the same problem that I did-- lack of information, no referrals for a support group, no one to turn to who could answer your questions. How many of you didn't find a support group until years later, if at all? How many of us stayed up until 3 a.m. searching the internet for information? How much difference would it have made in your child's care and outcome if you had that information and support? How much difference would it have made to your sanity if you knew that you weren't the only one going through all that you or your family member's medical problems has put you and your family?